We get trashed — by people, by life. Still, we are not forsaken. God knows the blessing that is in us. He sends His Word and rescues us from the garbage. We believe, we learn, we rejoice, we see. (Psalm 19:7-8; Isaiah 65:8-10)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11249
11:00 AM on 4/23/2017

P. Schaller

Let’s get happy a little bit and jump up and down. They do it at the Raven’s game. I believe it! (words from the song).

Isaiah 65. This is the same text we shared Wed. night. The same message on intercession. It’s in my heart. I know when it came to me on Tuesday I’ve been thinking about prayer and the Lord gave this verse to me in my heart. I didn’t know where it was but looked it up and preached on it on Wed. night. Usually we don’t re-preach our messages. We do in one sense, but we ask the Spirit to give it to us.

This is our prayer that the Spirit will speak to us from vs. 8-10. Who is the seed? Christ. He’s is coming out of the cluster of grapes. You want to throw the cluster away but God says don’t destroy it because in it is a blessing. My people that have sought me. Good word. Say that with me. Two more times. Let’s jump around a bit in our Scripture before we begin.

1 Tim 4:1 in the latter times some believers will depart from the faith.

vs. 2. Someone gave me a book called The Faith of the Fatherless. It’s a psychological book about atheism. The writer is a Christian and psychologist. He makes a connection between the dysfunctional homes of young men who become bitter and angry and it affects their world view. Some of them are great proponents of atheism. He goes through 20 bios or reviews and tells their personal story. This goes back four or five hundred years. Some became writers and philosophers, such as Voltaire, Sartre, Richard Dawkins, and Hitchens in the new age. Hypocrisy is a very real thing in the heart of people. What on the surface I project to you and what I actually am on the inside.

2 Tim 4:2. It is a joy to teach the Bible and if you are a teacher of the Bible, you are a very blessed person. Preach the Word and share the Word. Reprove, exhort, rebuke, encourage, instruct, guide people in the faith. It will happen in the end times people will not tolerate it.

vs. 3. The time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine. We would have a hard time defining whether a little boy is a girl or a boy is a girl and where our world is going. There are issues in our culture that are important. They have to do with family and health and the future of our nation and the mission we are on. To be hijacked because of foolishness. Here’s an interesting point: we have 6,000 years of history behind us. They say the amount of K that the human race has appropriated in this period of time is now reproduced in two days. We are doubling our K in a two day period because of all the K that is gathered up on the internet and allowed worldwide.

Da 12: 4 says K will increase and people will go to and fro. A lot of travel. Airplanes are packed. The flight industry is increasing all the time. Travel and K but because K increases, it doesn’t mean wisdom increases. Because we know a lot more, we are not any smarter in terms of real application.

vs. 3. Can’t handle it. We can be wrong. We are not perfect. We are prophesying, teaching the bible and it’s not complete. Love is perfect. The Spirit of God is perfect. Our K is in part. We are limited. We are not embracing all things and accurate in all ways. We have an open Bible, listening to doctrine and learning and growing in faith. If you like my message, praise God! You eat the chicken and spit out the bones. You eat what the Spirit is saying to you. We labor seriously to give to you a spiritual message from the Bible. You are to have you own Bible, study your Bible, grow in your faith and not be as what is happening in our culture.

In a culture you have good things. What is good in our culture? Freedom. Neutral things in our culture. Riding a bike, taking a car or subway. And then evil things in our culture. What are evil things? Drugs, prostitution, pornography, stealing, lying, cheating, and deceiving. They are in our culture and all cultures. In America we do it like this but I’m an American but I don’t do it like this. People might get to a place they can’t endure sound doctrine because it challenges their personal life. Or “we are modern” or “that is old fashioned or tradition”. I would like to have a walk with God. You and I are here because we want to have a walk with God.

vs. 3. They go their own way, find their own life. We have done that as Christians, too. I do windsurfing as a sport. I was at Gun Powder and one wind surfer said I come out here because God is out here. I experience God on the water. I loved to hear him say that. A few years later as I was with him I said God is here but God is also in the church where the Bible is being taught. When I’m in trouble, my windsurfing might not be enough to help me. The Word of God is able to do a great job in my heart and mind. And instruct me in the way to go.

vs. 3-4. The Bible has a lot to say about deception and delusion and about being deceived. One of the marks of the times we live in is deception. It can be defined I am wrong and don’t know it. I believe it is right but it’s wrong. Eating chocolate covered poison. I could be deceived in life.

Here’s a few things Chuck Coulson mentions in one of his commentaries. Political correct television, how to define family values, an article called Virgins Speak Out. It’s about women who don’t want to be abused but would like to find a faithful man who would make a vow and say I would like you to be my wife. This moral reaction to this immoral direction of our culture.

Then Beating Up On Dad, another article. The way the culture downplays father. Father is in the TV shows and he’s either nonexistent or fat and dumb and watching TV and could care less. All of that degrading images.

Then he has an article on Father Hunger. Young people are hungry for a father. They want someone who will be there and can instruct them and love them and care for them.

There’s another one called Family Time Famine. These are short articles that raise to the surface the kind of world our young people are growing up in and kind of calling normal.

We are changing our way and we as born again Christians have the Spirit of God in us. We are looking and caring and wanting God in our lives and would like to learn how it goes. K is not enough. There has to be wisdom.

Ps 19 we see where it comes from.

vs. 7. There are six phrases here for the law of the Lord. Where does the W come from? But from the Word of the Lord, the law of the Lord, the testimony of the Lord.

vs. 7-8. I’m going to point out four things the Word of God does. If you want to memorize this, I’ll help you by writing on the screen a little diagram you could learn in Sunday school.

When a person is converted, changed, so that they are not the same. This is what happened to you when you believed in Christ. How did it happen? The law of the Lord did it. The Bible did it. The teaching of the Bible, the reading of the Bible. I asked one brother, how did you get saved? He said I was reading the Bible over and over and knew it was true. I asked an Algerian Muslim how he got saved. He was a doctor. He had a French Bible in his library and a voice told me to look at it. He said I didn’t understand the table of contents except the word “Proverbs.” Immediately I understood this is the Word of God and I believe he said. They would go in the mountains and worship. As he shared he said in Algeria many are coming to Christ by the Bible. That’s verse 7.

Next step is this one. The person has a scholar cap on with a little tassel. First he is converted and then wise. How? The Bible made him wise. He has something going on in his heart he didn’t have before. He is able to take K and apply it. He is able to get things done.

James 3 wisdom from above is different from W from below. When you gain wisdom, you have gained something. The only one wise is God and the only way we can ever be wise is from God. It has to come from God. You might say I’m pretty smart and capable. Fine, you can get a paycheck and live you life but are you really a wise person? God would say no. Wisdom is from this book. Wisdom comes from listening to the book, by meditating on the book, by talking with the book. The Bible is the Word.

Next one is the guy now has a smile on his face. He has joy. He’s rejoicing. Where did it come from? The Bible gave him the joy. You say, pastor, I have wounds from my past and the abuse of my family and the country I came from. Some of these are real things. We have immigrants from Africa who came here from civil war. One brother lost his who family to the machete.

Some wounds are incurable, Jer 30:9, but there is another way that happens that is greater. The law of the Spirit of life has set me free from the law of sin and death that is working in my body, my memory, and my background.

Enlightening the eyes in vs. 8. Here’s the guy he’s wise, has joy and his eyes are big! Enlightenment. He can see further down the road. He sees where it is going. There is a Greek word for that, SUNESIS. It’s K coming together. It’s like A plus B equals C. You have a sense of where it is going. You are not living for the moment but for God. You are able to see something further down the road. The R sees the evil and hides himself. Christ was not dumb. He was not an idiot or naïve. He had the Bible. He said man must not live by bread only. We can add by the internet, K, and a lot of information. Just because I have a lot of information, doesn’t mean I have a high quality life. Life is about God transcending this world. Too much of life is lived in the circumstances when we are called to that which is higher, the Spirit of God, the way of God. God goes dumpster diving.

Is 65:8. I have a relative who was homeless for years and I talked to him. He said sometimes behind a pizza restaurant in a dumpster was a good meal.

Is 65:8 there is a cluster and there is the grapes that are old or moldy and you want to throw away the whole thing. My wife does that sometimes and I go in the trash and dig out my lunch! When I shared at the 9 a.m. service, a lady said to me the wife threw out the celery. It was wilted and floppy. The husband pulled it out, waved it in front of her and said, put it under cold water!!

God is saying about Israel, Israel has gone away from me. Idolatrous. Jeremiah says every man is neighing like a horse well fed is neighing after his neighbor’s wife. When horses are fed, then the next thing is sex. Animals in general feed and are healthy and then the next thing is sex. People could say I have all I need. Next thing is sex. God is saying that’s like Israel. Men are going after their neighbor’s wife. Look around our country and you see those ideas.

God says about Israel, don’t destroy it. In the cluster is Christ. Christ is in there. He is the seed of David. Christ is in the cluster. Same with the 12 disciples, the 11. They were all Jews in the cluster. How would we have what we have today if we had thrown it out? He brushes it off and says in it is the seed that will be the ultimate answer. The answer for the world before you throw something out, check with God. I don’t mean food in a frigerator. I mean a big item like a friend. Check it out with God. He might say destroy it not. There is a blessing in it. That friend could be an important part of your life. How about your job? You could say I’m going to throw it out. It might be good to wait, to check. What about prayer? What about my life is in trouble and God is leading me in intercession, seeking God.

In the cluster are those that seek me. They want to find me. I feel like that is what is happening in many of our lives. We came to a problem and wanted to get rid of it and wanted to throw it out. Then I learned wisdom. This guy getting a diet of the Bible is learning how to process life.

As our culture is feeding people in sin, that means there will be great needs in our culture. Sin is devastating poison. It leaves people lonely and empty. Don’t destroy it. Let’s find a blessing in it. When people are confused about their sexuality as strange as it sounds, there is going to be damage. God is love. It says destroy it not. Pray. Ask me. I will give an answer. I will bring a blessing out of the country. I will bring revival into the country, the family. It might take some time. I am able to do it because I am God.

Chuck Coulson wrote an article, Family Time Famine. We know the Wileczek family. There’s a Wileczek there, there’s another Wileczek there! There are ten of them. There’s a Wileczek sitting over there. Another one is coming to Bible College. Jennifer is the last one. I’m sure the family sits in Tennessee together. They just talk. We know the family.

When I was in Finland in 1977, one woman came to me and said there is an American TV show I watched when I was a child. My family was dysfunctional. When I watched it, I had hope. I felt that’s the way a family should be. She said it was Father Knows Best. She was hungry for that idea.

I think I can’t be a dad without this. I don’t think I could ever get this way on my own. I think I need you, the Body, the Spirit of God, this book, counsel.

When you are home at the dinner table and there is no perfect world. When they say throw the cluster out, God says don’t destroy the cluster. There is a blessing in it. When everything is upside down is when God wants to show up and answer our prayer. God says I can do it. I can bring a blessing in. We have wounds and disappointments, and heartaches. There is something way beyond us. Our healer, our Father, our God, and makes us different from the way the world may go. We have differences but they are rooted in love and wisdom. They are not rooted in legalism. We actually care. We can sit and wait on God. Love each other. Laugh a lot.

God is a dumpster diver. He gets in there and comes out and says I got Christ out of a wicked nation. My Son is the Savior of the world and brings my Spirit into all the world. He brings wisdom into the hearts of men and women. Even little boys and young girls can get wisdom and be the salt of the earth. And business men and moms and dads can get wisdom. I can live in my wound or my fear or failure, but I’m not so happy there at the end of the day. There is hypocrisy in me. “I am right.” “Doesn’t matter what you say.” And when you ultimately lie down in your bed at night and the Lord searches your heart, say to him I am wrong and you are right. I want your way. I will lose something. Pluck out my right eye so I can see. Cut off my right arm. I’d rather have one arm with God blessing me than two and go to hell. I’d rather have one eye and I have God and he is my eyes. I’d rather have one eyeball and be with God than have two eyes and go to hell.

The applause is fantastic! (He’s joking. It was faint). I think it hit the record!


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