Our justification in Christ has given us peace. We are ordinary, but relevant, small, but mighty in God. We stand in peace. We have access by grace. We rejoice in the midst of the noise.              (1 Samuel 17:23-25, 42-42; Romans 5:1-2)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11910
11:00 AM on 6/28/2020

P. Schaller –

Before you sit down, welcome your neighbor behind and in front of you. Welcome them to the service. I
want to give a special shout out to P. Gary Groenewald and the great job they have done as a
team in the month of June, I don’t think I’ve seen more people motivated, put into service,
doing children’s crafts, music, teaching, basketball, counseling, getting in the car and going. In
the area three or four elementary schools and other places. Coach Lynch and his family. Putting
a basketball hoop in the back of the pickup truck and driving down to Parkville and putting it in
a parking lot, basketball court. Yesterday we had four basketball hoops and fifty or sixty kids.
500 people were fed hamburgers and hot dogs free of charge right down here in our parking

Many salvations. After the outside basketball, they went inside the gym and had games in
there. Kids love basketball. That’s what we found out. It’s sowing seed. Before Jesus came, John
the Baptist came. Why did John the Baptist come before Jesus? To prepare the way. What does
that mean? It’s kind of like wake up! Someone is coming. Wait a minute. What if he didn’t
come? What if John the Baptist didn’t come? We wouldn’t be here today Woe! Couldn’t Jesus
have done it by himself? Couldn’t Jesus just have come and raised the dead and healed the
lepers and the whole thing? Yes, he could have but he didn’t. Why didn’t he? He is saying to us,
you may not get immediate results. It might be somebody needs to prepare the way and stir up
that person’s heart towards God.

Did John the Baptist save people? No. Did he baptize people? Yes, to prepare their mind and heart for what God is doing. Christ is coming and people need to be prepared to receive him. Isn’t that good? It’s simple. What about our country right now? Turn to your neighbor and say, what about our country right now? No, wait a minute. Second
thought. Hold it! Okay. What about our country right now? Have you noticed? What’s going on?
Have you noticed any trouble? Have you seen any news? Have you heard of COVID19? What
are you talking about? How many people have died worldwide from COVID19? They say a half a
million people. Wow. How many people have been infected? 10 million worldwide. That’s a lot
of people. Have you noticed?

There’s been riots, anger. Let’s put down a word “events.” People
that are occupied with events. Sometimes they are troubled. They are troubled. It’s a good
word in our New Testament. Herod when he killed John the Baptist he beheaded him and heard
about Jesus. He thought that John the Baptist had come back alive. It says he was perplexed,
troubled. If you live you life only with events – a riot here or there, a direction the country goes
in, an election coming up, only events and news – it’s very possible that you in a similar way – it
says in Esther 3:15, I looked up that word and one meaning is they don’t know where to go. I
have a problem and I don’t know where to go. I don’t know how to solve it. I don’t know what
to do. I’m stuck. I’m perplexed.

That happens if you are a person that only lives on the basis of
events. What is happening on the street, in our culture, by the work of the world? The world by
the way is very poor in giving a message. The world lives like moment to moment, event to
event. Sometimes when it’s good they have a party. When it’s bad, they are perplexed. How do
you live? There are two more words I want to share with you. Use an event I want to teach in
the Bible. These two words are “God” and “human nature.” Do you know about human nature?
I don’t understand what that means. Temperament? Personality? No, what does God say about
human beings? What does God say about us? What’s God’s mind on us? When you go through the layers, the way we live and the way we are.

The world says man is basically good. What does God say? He isn’t. Of course, he is. Look at the civilization. If you scratch the surface of a civilization, what do you find? Betrayal, lust, dishonesty, deceit, pride, selfishness. It’s our
nature. Where is that written in the Bible? We are students of human nature. We understand
people in a different way. When we study the Bible, we begin to understand our need. I am a
sinner. I have a need. I have something in my heart that is not right. God will show me and
speak to us about ourselves. We start with ourselves. When you see an event out there, you
can say I understand that. I know a little bit about me. I know what anger is, jealousy, fear,
violence, hatred. I know what is in my heart and what I’m capable of. Mark 7:21-22. Human
nature. I also want to be a student of God. I’d like to know who is God.

Then we have events here. If you are a student of events here, you are going to be perplexed. If you are a student of
human nature and God, then you will have what I’m going to show you today. I want to teach
you something that is so amazing. According to the Bible, that’s objective truth what God has
done for you and given you from Roman 5. I want to show you an event in the Bible that had a lot
of people upset and troubled. 1 Samuel 17. What’s the story about? Wait a minute. I think you are
all listening really well. I think this is very good. We are going in a good direction and the Spirit
is going to speak to your heart and mine. Turn to your neighbor and explain to them what I just
said for the first five minutes. Do it briefly. How many of you remember the message in the
parking lot about the two compasses?

The ship in the sea years ago because the ship haul was made of metal and there is an electric current from the earth that can affect the magnetism of the haul. The compass on the deck can be misleading. So to kind of have safeguard because the ship in different parts of the sea can have a different effect I was told by a sailor and I read this illustration, they would put the compass on high at the mast away from the steel haul. The
compass that was more dependable was the one up higher. They could depend on that to get a
true reading of which direction they were going. This illustrates our lives. That if we live in a low
level, our life can be misled. I can react to a broken heart. My girlfriend left me. I have a broken
heart. So I move away to Arizona. Why are you going to Arizona?

My compass tells me. But your compass is messed up because of your broken heart. You have a broken heart. So you make a decision based on a broken heart. I need another compass, not a broken heart. I need
the Holy Spirit and Word of God to lead me. Events in life happen. Things happen that upset
people. Based on being upset and perplexed or troubled, they do things. I had a friend who was
married, and his first wife was very talkative. She would talk day and night. She talked all the
time. I don’t remember what happened, but the marriage broke up. He married a second time.
You know who he married? A deaf person who didn’t talk. I don’t know if that was God’s will,
but I couldn’t help but think – I may be wrong and I’m saying it in a light hearted way – I might
make a decision as a reaction to something that has happened or has happened to me. That’s
not a good way to live.

You and I have to get rooted and grounded in the study of God and the
nature of God. It’s amazing. And the Spirit of God, the mind of God and understand human
nature. Our illustration of this is from the story of Goliath and David. There are three parties.
One is a big guy. His name is Goliath. One is a little guy. His name is David. Then there are a
bunch of people and we’ll call them normal people. Normal guys. Who are they? The army. Goliath has to put it succinctly, a big mouth. He’s loud. He’s threatening. He’s talking about.
He’s defying the armies. Have you heard any of that lately? Have you heard the loud voices in
our culture that mock and ridicule God, righteousness, truth? This is an event. This is an event.
Wow. But to David, his life is more than an event.

He doesn’t have to be there. When he was there, his world was bigger than the two that were there. This man, his world and these guys, what’s their state? 1 Samuel 17:24 This is Goliath. Nine-foot-tall and big powerful man. Have you seen any of that? Could we say this is happening in our country today? There is a big, powerful
strong man who has a loud voice. Could we say it’s the news stations? Maybe the philosophies
of the universities, maybe politicians and government, maybe movies, ungodliness, maybe
organizations that are loud and threatening and vocal and powerful. Maybe they have huge
amounts of money. Maybe military power. Maybe you could take a snapshot of that story and
put it in different times in history and say that happened in Germany back in 1930’s.

There was a big powerful Goliath that rose up called the Nazi party. Maybe this happened in different
times, different hours. The world has a big mouth but where are they going? Who are they?
What’s their message? In our world, I’m looking for – by the way, Martin Luther King Jr. is one
of my heroes in the Lord. Not a perfect man but I loved his character and message and what he
was saying. It was character in him as a person. He was against violence, rioting, hatred. He was
for Christ. He was for what he learned from his grandfather the pastor and his father the pastor
and he was a pastor. Wow. Beautiful. Those messages are needed. Yes, that’s true. But we also
see there is confusion. There is fear.

We could call it the giant COV19 if we wanted. It’s for real. It’s an event. It’s been happening for some months. Four mounts or six months or whatever it’s been. We don’t really know but it’s there. Some are like we don’t know what to do. Let’s say a financial collapse. We don’t know what to do. We are afraid. Why is David not afraid? Why is
David kind of solid and he’s a little guy and he doesn’t have a big mouth. He just has deep inside
trust, God, wisdom, faith, love. He’s one of the silent guys that knows what’s going on. He
doesn’t live in fear in good days or bad days. It’s the same to him. If he’s watching the sheep
and there is no lion or bear, it’s okay. If he’s watching the sheep and there is a lion and a bear,
it’s okay. Because he’s got something going on inside like you do.

You have the Holy Spirit and the finished work of Christ and what I want to share with you right now. 1 Samuel 17:43, he had a big mouth. Cursed. Revelation 13:5 it says the Antichrist has a big mouth. That little phrase “big
mouth” was given to me some months ago, and I say it in conversation sometimes about the
world and what’s going on. Not really watching the news that much. Some of the things they
say are good. You and I are students of human nature. What has happened has happened
before. If you are student of history and you should be because the Bible is all about history.
After the Bible, we have history that is repeating what we read in the Bible. It’s awesome.

I can sit in Europe at a time trying to understand what this king said, or this army did or what the
issue of the day was. It’s the same. It’s the same human nature that murdered. Cain murdered
Abel. I’m studying that and I’m finding some new things in there. I’ll share one of them with
you. It says when Cain was unhappy because his offering was unaccepted, that’s where the
seed of the devil came into his heart. God warned Cain before he murdered his brother, he’s
unhappy because his worship is not working. He’s not free. That’s going to happen to you here today. I’ll show it to you. The Lord said why are you in this state? Sin is crouching at the door.
You have to have authority over it. That’s what it says. It’s ready to pounce on you. What was
that sin? Murder. Murdering his brother. That’s what I think it was.

You have to have authority over that animal at the door. Animals crouch. Lions crouch. That sin is crouching at the door and you have to have authority over it. Then it says Cain said to Abel, let’s go out in the field.
Let’s go for a walk out in the field. What was in Cain’s heart? What was crouching at the door?
The sin of murder was ready to pounce on Cain that would lead him to go for a walk in the field
where he would murder his brother. That’s a message. What does it mean? In this picture, not
to confuse you, but one reason why David is ready to roll, – if this was David, David would offer
up his offering and it would be accepted. He’d have authority. There is nothing at the door. If he
goes to the door, the animal runs away.

He had authority over the devil. He has authority over Goliath. Goliath, who are you? What are you doing? Shut up. I’m here. God is here. It’s not me. God. God saved me. God loves me. I’m here. In Jesus’ name. I’m here. That’s where you are today. Go to Romans 5. The Antichrist will be having a big mouth, Revelation 13:5-6. Goebbels had a
big mouth for Hitler and propagandized the country. He devastated the country. A whole
generation of people wiped out. We got to know what we are doing. We got to know what is
going on. Come on. We got to show up. We got to have something going on in our heart and
spirit. Sin is crouching at the door. It will get you. You don’t have any authority over it. God said
to Cain, you have to have authority over it. But he didn’t. That’s how I read it. Jesus had.

Romans 5:1, there are so many things to say, sometimes I wonder if we say enough to the
church. You guys are great listeners, but there is so much we need to learn. So much is needed
to do good warfare. There is a falling away. Just Goliath shouting day and night on Fox news or
CNN or any other news network. Goliath shouting and all the movies and the shouting and he’s
shouting down God. He’s shouting down God. That’s what he does day and night directly or
indirectly. There are believers, I’ll show you what I think. Pray for us we can do a good job
pastoring people. Pray for us for our church and churches everywhere that we would not live in
worry or fear. Come on. Are you kidding me? Here’s how it goes. Romans 5:1

Justification in short means that God has made a decision in himself about you. How do I think about myself? Here’s
me and myself. This is me. Here’s God and his world. What does he say about me? He says I’m
justified. That means in his mind it’s the same as if I have never, ever committed any sin, not
one. I’m justified. I have never, ever, not even one time ever sinned. I’m justified. Have I
sinned? Yes, but in God’s mind I haven’t. I’m justified. I’ve been declared righteous by God.
Legally that happened, objectively, outside of me. But I live around here wandering around in
the street outside of the palace and I feel I am detached from my family. I’ve lost everything. I
don’t pray enough. I don’t evangelize. I don’t believe all the time. I’m troubled or worried or
depressed. That’s all subjective. Is that real? Yeah.

That’s my sin nature. We are students of our
nature. We understand this about us. That’s not what we are talking about. The guy out on the
street feeling like he’s nothing. God has decided in himself that he made a declaration about
you that you have never sinned. Not once. You are justified. Jesus Christ became sin for us that
we might be made the righteousness of God in him. How did I become righteous? I believed.
The moment I believed, he declared me righteous (Romans 3:24-25). That means you are saved.

That means you are accepted in the beloved (Ephesians 1:6). You have a name in the Book of Life. You
are in the family. Without anything you have done even if you continue in the foolishness of
unbelief, it still cannot change what God has decided in his own heart and mind about you. You
belong to him. You are righteous. You are accepted. Nothing you would ever do could change
that. You’ve been sealed by the Holy Spirit. You’ve been guaranteed by the promises of God.
None of them can fall to the ground. Nothing I could ever do could cancel out the power of the
blood. The blood of Jesus has atoned for our sin and justified us in Romans 5:9. When we were
enemies to God, he made us righteous.

Romans 5:10 he declared us righteous. Romans 5:19 we have
eternal life. John 3:16, John 5:24. We were in the kingdom of darkness translated into the kingdom
of his dear Son by a decision he made in himself because he gave his Son, Romans 8:32. It’s
important. It’s important. I’m not worried at all about what is going on. We are called into the
battle. You got to get rooted and grounded in your heart and mind about life, about what is
going on. A soft answer will break the bone. What kind? A true answer. Politics is a word. All
God would have to do is say, “let there be light.” What happens? Take up your bed and walk
and what happens? What does it mean when he says words of life or he says to us. This is
important teaching.

Objective truth. That’s what you want to know. Subjective. We live too
much in subjectivity. You go back to this picture. These people are living in their subjectivity.
They’re not big enough. He’s 9 feet tall. I’m five feet tall. What are they saying? I haven’t
trained enough with my sword. My arm hurts. I can’t go up against him. You don’t understand
how I am feeling. I have a fever. I just vomited yesterday. Nobody can do that. Have you ever
heard these kinds of phrases? “Nobody. Never. Everybody.” Have you heard those kinds of
words used just to kind of like subjectively put a blanket thing over the whole thing? A man of
God or woman of God listening to God doesn’t go with the crowd. They have a message. They
are in the family. They have been invited off the street and invited in the family. We have a
series of words here.

You are justified means you are made righteous. I’ll put here 100%. Not
99.9%. No, it’s 100%. Do you know that? You are 100% declared by Jesus Christ, by God
Almighty that you are a righteous person in the eyes of God. Habakkuk. 1:13 he cannot look upon
iniquity. We would never make it to heaven. We would never go there if we had any sin in our
lives. And we have, but we don’t. We’ve been justified. That’s objective. I don’t want to hear
about – you confess your sin. I understand that. We confess our sin and walk in the light. As we
walk in the light, the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all unrighteous. That’s called sanctification.
Justification is instantaneous and it’s 100%. Over and done. It’s a game changer. You are born of
God, born again and the Spirit of God is in you. Vs. 1.

Peace with God. I might not have peace with myself. I might not have peace with my wife, my boss, the IRS. I might not have peace with my medical doctor or my best friend, my life. I might not have peace with what happened to
me in my life. I might not have peace with all of the things that are here in this world. I might
not have peace but guess what? I’ve got peace with God. Wait a minute. I don’t feel it. It isn’t a
peace like that. It’s peace and again objectively God decided in himself that he has peace with
me. He took me from being an enemy and I mean enemy. Please get this straight about human
nature. You say people are nice and gifted and have good intentions and they are sincere and
pure and awesome people. I understand what you’re saying. But you don’t know. You scratch the surface and that civilized person can become an animal.

Take away their lunch a few weeks and their disposition changes. You fire them from a job, and they go to bed at night thinking revenge. You break their heart and they hate you. You take their money away from them and
they become an enemy. Human beings are funny. They are the greatest things going in the
world and the most dangerous things in the world. Because God says they are my enemies. You
say, no. They are nice people. They are enemies of God. That’s not passive indifference. That’s
taking a weapon and using it against God as much as possible. An enemy of God. Are you
surprised to see what can happen on the street? Are you surprised to see how a country could
fall apart? Are you surprised to see how much hate there could be? Are you surprised to see
injustice? Are you surprised to see problems in our world? I’m not. I’m not surprised.

I realize what is going on because of the nature of man. They are only skin deep from being uncivilized,
barbaric, murderers and killers. Aren’t we students of human nature? Don’t we know Abel had
a nice brother, Cain. He was a nice guy. But there was something crouching at the door that he
didn’t have authority over because he didn’t have God. If he had God, he had authority over the
sin. Without God , I don’t have that authority and it goes into my heart and we go for a walk
with my nice brother and soon there is blood on the ground. All this to say, God changed things
by saying you are my enemies but now you and I have peace. In my mind, I decided the
unrighteous becomes righteous and you are my friends. I made you my friends. Go to the third
word there. Vs. 2. Access.

This word means like it does mean access in English, a way into. To
get to. It also has this meaning of being introduced to, like having the audience be able to go
before a king or queen. I heard about a rich business man who had a lot of telephones on his
desk but on his desk one phone only one person had that number and that was his daughter.
His daughter had that phone number and whenever the phone rang, if that one rang, he
answered it first. That was his daughter. She had special access to him. You might feel you are
out on the street without a family. No, you are accepted by God and he has peace with you.
You have peace with God. You might not have peace with anybody else, but God says I have
peace with you. I gave my son so I can be reconciled to you.

Now you have access to me. Vs. 2. Put the word “grace” here and “we stand.” It means solidly, firmly, not moving, staying there. I stand. Where? In grace. We stand. What does the grace mean? God and I are together. Do you
understand when Goliath is shouting he wants you to be afraid. He wants you to go away. He
wants to frighten you and intimidate you and say you have nothing. I have power over you. You
have nothing. God is saying, no. That’s not true. I am your father. You are in my family. I have
established you. You are standing in grace. Don’t move away from that grace. Stand there. You
are righteous. I made you righteous. I need you on the earth to stand in my place. Jesus is gone
but you are here in his stead (2 Corinthians 5). We are here in his place. We are not people that fear
what the loud mouth is saying, but we are submitted to the still small voice of the Spirit
speaking from doctrine, from the word.

Last one. We rejoice in hope. We haven’t yet seen all that it means but we are rejoicing in the reality of it which I haven’t yet gotten my hands on totally, but I can feel it in my spirit and my heart. God has made us his children and we have a mission and we have a ministry here against the lies that are being said in this world. Believers
must get rooted and grounded in the finished work. All of this is objective truth. The objective

truth is giving me my identity. In my spirit and in my heart I’m understanding who I am. If you
go back to the illustration of David you see simply by this, you ask David who are you? You are a
little man. You are a young boy. Who are you? They wanted to know before and then after.
Who are you? If you read the story. What we are saying this morning is that you are that little
guy, David. You would say in answer to the question, I am the one. I am not much. God decided
in his own mind that I would be in his family. I would be accepted. I would have access to God.
What about Goliath? I don’t care about him. I have God. What about Covid19? I know about it.
That is what it is. Oh, grave, where is your victory?

Oh, death, where is your victory? Oh grave, where is your sting? It’s too much for me. No, it’s fun. It’s a joy. I’m rejoicing in my hope. I have a feeling in my heart. The spirit is saying to me. Don’t you know what they are saying in the world and about the religion and the church and everything. Here is a side piece. I want to say
this. The church, the world, in the world the church is kind of two ways. It’s kind of shy and
timid and doesn’t have much to say. Ever notice that? You go to a church and it’s kind of polite,
shy, timid. Behave. We need a good testimony. Shh. The other way, the world is kind of
ceremonial and gaudy and impractical and ceremonial and a version of – be careful. Don’t
touch that. What do we see with David? You know what the church really is? It’s ordinary. It’s
real. It’s relevant. It is quietly powerful. It’s not afraid.

Do you know who David was? Just a kid. Was he relevant? He was in your face. He was in your face Goliath. He said he was going to take your head off and he did, Goliath. He was in your face. Do you know what I’m hungry for?
Relevance, reality, Christ walking on the sea. I want Christ to raise the dead and heal the leper. I
want Christ to tell me about the end times. I want Christ to fill my heart for the hour I am now
living. That we are not people that are afraid. We are people that have a message. Okay,
Goliath. Give it your best shot. My God is the God over COVID19. My God is present in the
problems we have in our country. My God cares about the little guys down the street. They
want to play basketball and we had hundreds of little kids from ages 7 or 8 to 20 years of age
having a great time.

My God cares about the kids in our neighborhood. It’s not some shy
language that is ceremonial. “We can’t do anything. We can’t do anything. We can’t do
anything.” I need somebody that is going to say God will overcome drug addiction, alcohol
addiction. I need someone to say God is a real God. I need God to show up in the prison. I need
God to show up in the hospital room, in the counseling room, in the marriage counseling room.
We need God to be relevant to us in our life. That’s what David is about, and you and I are like
him. That’s what I want to say. Some of you don’t believe me. You say you guys maybe, but you
don’t know me. I just told you who you are. Do I have to say it again? I will tonight at 6:30. You
simply believe what God says about you and God will show you the big mouth out there in this
whole world system has nothing on you and I. We got it, hallelujah! And we are prepared by
God’s grace.


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