Faith must be in the most important Person imaginable — Jesus. David carried the head of Goliath, the giant he slew. Jesus carried victory death in His resurrection life. David lived with an inner life of conviction rather than in ego as King Saul did. (1 Samuel 7:57-8:9)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Cedric Tanksley

Sermon 12386
11:00 AM on 10/9/2022

Cedrick –

Good morning. I do want to start off by telling you guys a little personal story. Once upon a time I had this prisoner
in my custody, and we got called to the scene. The gentlemen had did something to his friend,
and then we got called to the scene and the gentlemen was being belligerent and still cursing
and yelling and things of that nature.

When I got to the scene, I tried to calm him down and let him know, hey, everything is going to
be okay. At that moment, he really wasn’t still trying to hear me. He was like, you know, calling
me obscenities and cursing me out. So, I asked my chief, I said, hey, is it alright if I can let him
ride with me? And he said, yeah, go ahead. So, as I got in my vehicle and as we proceeded to go
to our destination, I had an opportunity to either become combative with him or take the
opportunity to be able to speak to him what I was taught. And I said to myself as he’s still
yelling obscenities, I said, hey man, listen, I’m not that guy. I’m not that guy. I don’t want you in
my vehicle spitting and yelling and whatever else you want to do thinking that you control the
situation. That’s not going to happen.

So, God said, why don’t you share the gospel with him? So, I started to share the gospel with
him. And as I started to share the gospel with him, his attitude went from here to down here.
And I started to say, give me a way, God to connect with this gentlemen. Give me a way that he
understands that his best interests are in mind. I don’t want him thinking that because he sees
the uniform that I’m on some certain side. I just wanted to connect with this gentlemen.
I started to ask him about his father. I said, hey man, how was it growing up with your father?
Do you have any siblings, anybody that you call on when you go through hard times? Obviously,
because I calmed the situation, he opened up to me and he started talking to me and when we
got to our destination which we would call our processing DOC, when we got there, they were
going through a shift change so I had to wait an additional thirty minutes. That gave me more
time to connect with this gentlemen. I want you to hear that word again. Connect with this

As I’m talking to him, he started to open up more and I started to hear things and just silently
pray for him. However, by the end of our conversation and it was time for us to go in and
process this gentlemen, this gentlemen said to me, is there a number I can get from you?
Because of the connection I made with him, he said is there a number I can get from you so
that way you can be my mentor? I said, wow man! Yeah, that’s a round of applause, right?
That’s a round of applause. I said of course you can. And to this day – that was a couple years
ago – and to this day we still talk. I call it investment.

The reason I say that is sometimes as officers we look at what you may think to be a stat, right?
I got this lockup. It’s a stat. It gives me a number. I look good. Kudos. By my knowledge and
training and experience and as many years I’ve been in law enforcement field, I look at every opportunity as a new opportunity for me to be able to share something to provoke a mind, to
be able to open somebody’s mind to see something different. It wasn’t always like that. Their
mind got that way because of whatever the history may be. Whatever they went through as a
kid, maybe growing up, maybe a teenager, maybe when you were a young adult. I don’t know,
right? But my job is to share the word and that’s what I did. And what you saw was him
changing his whole attitude because it wasn’t me. It was what was in me that came out to be
able to connect with him. Did you see that? It wasn’t me. It was what was in me. I want to say
that again. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t the uniform. It was what was in me that came out to be able
to connect with him.

And today I just want to talk to you guys about new things. Is that okay? If you turn to Isaiah 43
with me really quick. Turn to Isaiah 43 really quick. We’ll get to that in a moment. We all like
new things. You guys would agree with that, right? We all like new things. Like wearing new
clothes. New clothes make you feel a certain way. Would you agree? New clothes. They say the
way that you dress is the way that you feel. How about that new car, right? You buy that new
car. You wash it all the time. Even in the first week, you wash it two or three times, right? You
don’t want no dust on it. You want everybody to know that you got this new car, right? If you’re
like me, you wax it. I want it to shine. I want it to smell so good cause there’s something about
that new car smell. That new car smell, right?

Or what about the purchase of a new home. When you purchase a new home, there’s a lot of
details that go into that. There’s a lot of design I like to say. You get new paint on the walls, new
appliances, new furniture. Things of that nature. It’s kind of like our walk with God, right? It’s
the best decision any of us can make in our lives is to walk with God. It’s to walk with God.
There’s a lot of details that come with that. Excuse me. But our walk with God is new to us. It
wasn’t something that we always did, and when we made that choice to walk with God, it was
brand new and fresh.

If you turn to Isaiah 45:18. I like that. Why do I like that? Because all of those old things that I
used to do from henceforth I should no longer do. Is it going to happen overnight? It’s not going
to happen overnight but what he’s saying is I don’t want to think of those things that hold me in
bondage. So, the Israelites were held in bondage by the Babylonians, right? I don’t want to be
held captive. I don’t want to be held captive to myself and vs. 19 says, “behold, I will do a new
thing.” Let’s talk about that for a moment.

I will do a new thing. See, we all have a past and fall short of God’s glory every day. We all have
a past. But our job is to accept and receive God’s forgiveness and look forward to the new
things he will do in our lives. I’m going to say that again. Our job is to accept and receive God’s
forgiveness and look forward to the new things he will do in our lives. 2 Corinthians 5:17, he is a what?
He is a what? A new creation. That means again anything I have done in my past no longer holds to me bondage. My job is to trust in God, accept his forgiveness and allow him to work in
me and through me. So, I see something new, right?

And although we fall short of the glory of God, none of us are perfect. God is always there. He
has never left us, never forsaken us. None of that. God wants to give us a new breath, a new
opportunity, a new season, new possibilities. Every day is new and I can prove it to you. Turn to
Lam. 3:23. We are not consumed because his compassions fail not. Vs. 23b. Great is thy
faithfulness, right? That means that God’s mercies are new every morning. Every morning is a
new opportunity for you to draw closer to God. Every morning.

Sometimes we get so caught up into pouring into other people we forget about pouring into
ourselves. But God is saying I want to do something new in your life and every day that you get
on this earth is hope from God to say I’m not finished with you. I’m not done. I want to do
something new in your life because God loves you, right?

There’s three things that God wants to give you. You can write these down if you wish. The first
thing that God does when you walk with God is God wants to give you a new frame of mind.
Listen to that. He wants to give you a new frame of mind. The second thing he wants to give
you, he wants to give you a new heart. You’ll view things totally different. You’ll view things
totally different.

But the third thing is what I really want you to catch onto. See, when we walk with God and we
take on that free gift of salvation, God wants to give you a new perspective on life, for life. Let
me say it again. God wants to give you a new perspective on life for life. Meaning you will never
think the same because he just told us all things are passed away; behold, all things have
become new. Not to dwell on those former things but everything he is going to do in us is going
to be fresh and new. All I ask you to do is to allow God to come in and walk with you. Allow God
to love you so you can experience the new things he has for you. Can you guys receive that?
Thank you.

P. Schaller –

Okay. Would you stand with me please? Stand up and what kind of attitude do you
have today? Do you have a good attitude today? Are you Spirit filled? We’re Spirit filled, amen!
We love the music, huh? That was amazing. So, with your good attitude turn to your neighbor
and say you’re looking pretty good today. God bless you. Thank you for being here. Okay. You
may be seated.

Through the morning service at 9, I noticed a lot of new people in the café and I met a few of
them. I was so happy. And I see here also there are new folks who are so welcome and very
glad you are here. It’s very exciting when the Holy Spirit really wakes us up and we hear and
respond and are encouraged in the inner man. We have an outer life and we have an inner life.
You and I should know the difference between how circumstances on the outside and people and troubles can govern your life. But don’t let that happen. You have an inner life through
Christ. Christ dwells in you and you have the Spirit of Christ in you. That’s what you want to
follow, what Jesus is saying, who he is and how he leads you. You have to be led by another.
Not you. Don’t follow your own heart. Turn to your neighbor and just say, don’t follow your
own heart. Hey! Don’t follow your own heart. Okay. No, I cannot follow my own heart.

Who do we follow? How does that work? We follow Jesus and what Jesus says. What he says
and who he is. A week ago, we were in Hungary. We were there for a week in Budapest where
we used to live for many years. We visited the churches and we saw people and decided that
Eurocon will be in Budapest in March when we all gather in Europe. I say that so you can pray
about it. Maybe you want to go. We are there for five days. We meet the brothers and sisters
from about 30 or 40 different countries. We worship and we have good time. Thanks for your
prayers for that.

The last two days we were up in the woods in Pennsylvania. Do any of you know that there’s
woods up in Pennsylvania? There’s bars up there, too. We were with pastors, 160 and us – Los
Vegas, Miami, Chicago, up in Maine. We came together and we had two days together. Rich
time. I want to share with you a brief message that we shared one of those evenings with the
pastors. It is from 1 Samuel 17. It is a message that will relate to you as we explain it.
I want to welcome Dustin here. Dustin is with us. Wow. He was missing in action for a while in a
way. We knew where he was but now he’s back. Dustin, good to have you here. Yeah. I think
there’s some others too I noticed in the crowd but I think we can just go right to the message.

Do you want God in your life? You can talk back to me. Hey! Hey! Hey! Quiet down. Quiet
down! Do you want God in your life? I appreciated the Faith in Blue video and the effort that
our society is making because we want law and order. They said faith, faith, faith. But what is it
that they didn’t say? God. I didn’t hear the word God. Why can’t we say the word God? Why
can’t we fear God, respect God and talk about God? Faith. Because it may not be politically
correct to say it, but we’re saying it. So, they do their work and we appreciate it. We are behind
our police because we want law and order, but problems are everywhere of course and we
need not only faith but we need faith in God in Jesus Christ. So, okay.

When Christ came, he overcame death. And in a way, death is in his hand. It says that the keys
to death and hell are in his hand in Revelation 1. I want you to think about Jesus overcoming death,
being raised from the dead, and having all authority in heaven and in earth. I want you to know
you are relating to the most important person ever imaginable, God. We need God. We want to
know what is in his hand. What he overcame. This relates to this story where David defeated

If you recall the story, Goliath was a big giant of a man. He had weapons. He was the Philistines
hero. Little David was Jewish, with God. God was with David. With his sling and a stone, he took
the giant down. And after he went down, what did David do? He went over to the body of the
giant and he cut off his head. What did he do with the head? He put it on a pole! No, we don’t
read that but it’s not a bad idea. He carried it around. He carried it from that valley where he
killed him up to where the king was, he carried the head. This is in chapter 17:57. That’s
important to think about.

When you’re enemy is defeated and you can carry his head in your hand, it represents
something. It happened with Jesus. In a way, Jesus has death – he overcome it and it’s if he
could hold it in his hand and show it to you. I overcame death. I overcame the devil. I overcame
sin. That’s what David did. He’s talking to the king and he has this.

I think it also relates to your life. Have you overcome an enemy? Have you overcome maybe a
bad divorce, a broken heart, a child in prison, an estrangement from a friend and you are not
bitter. You’re not depressed. You’re not a quitter. You’re not afraid. You’re not withdrawing.
You have your enemy that you’ve overcome and in a sense it’s a sign of something bigger than

When David was able to do this he’s saying God did this. God is bigger than my problem, bigger
than my failure, bigger than me. It was God that put my enemy in my hand. That’s like our lives.
Have you felt it in your heart? Have you overcome some pornography or drug addiction or a
fear? Have you overcome your enemies? It’s amazing. Cause the enemies we are talking about
you cannot defeat them by nature. The outer man cannot overcome these enemies. It’s the
inner life. It’s the life of Christ in us. It’s what is written in the epistles, Romans 6, Romans 7,
Romans 8.

So, this story that I want to share with you from these verses, we will go through chapter 18
and maybe vs. 9. Let’s read the text here. 1 Samuel 17:58, there’s something about that that
caught my attention the other day. It’s not a lot of words. When you read this, he just said
when you have your enemy in your hand and you’re standing there, you don’t have to talk a lot.
My life is defined by the fact that in my hand is my enemy. I’m not bitter, angry, revengeful,
jealous. I don’t have big issues in my heart, in my life. I’m just a simple guy. My name is David.
I’m a Bethlehemite. My father’s name is Jesse.

That’s all that’s written there. It was enough for someone standing in the group to listen and
say my heart is with that guy. My heart is with David. You don’t have to talk a lot. You don’t
have to sell yourself. You just have victory. You got something going on in your heart.
It’s kind of like Officer Cedrick who picks up a criminal, puts him in the back seat and starts to
care about him. Wants to talk to the guy. Calm him down. Bring him off the ledge. Minister to the guy. Identify with him. Because Officer Sedrick has something in his heart, in his life that is
bigger than him. It’s Jesus.

Chapter 18:1, when David was done talking, the guy standing in the group was Jonathan, Saul’s
son. He was to be the next king, but Jonathan when he heard David and he saw. For sure it
wasn’t only hearing David but seeing the head of the enemy in his hand, he’s just saying my
soul is your soul. My heart is your heart. It happened to us when we saw Jesus Christ on the
cross and raised from the dead. When we saw Jesus Christ, we decided my heart, I want to be
with you. I want to be with you. I want you in my life. I want this to be real. I want Jesus Christ
in my life. I believe my life will be better if you are in my life. I believe that if I could hang out
with you, if you could be in my heart, my life, your words, your spirit, your purpose, your
relationships, your relationship with the father. If have this in my life, my life will be better. It
will just be better. I don’t know exactly how it goes, but I believe that you are awesome. And I
need what you got. I want it.

Have you felt that way? Is that how it is with you? Do you want Jesus in your life? Is your soul
knit to his by the new birth? It is. We have his heart. We’ve been given his Spirit. It is. That’s
why we gather here to listen to God’s Word and drink the same spirit. We want what he’s got.
Jesus what you got I want to be with you. I want what you got. That’s what happened.
Chapter 18:2, let’s go to vs. 1 again and read it again. Vs. 1, Saul who apparently was in the
crowd. Ever had – well it happened in marriage. If you got married, that’s what it is. What God
has put together, let no man divide asunder. When Jonathan and David are brought together in
a spiritual way, then this relationship is to last a long time. It’s to go on and on.

Like Billy Graham in his 90s with George Beverly Shea in his 90s and Christy Wilson in his 90s
and there was one other one in that group of four. They all got old serving God 60 or 70 years
together because these relationships are not to be broken. They’re not to be broken. We are
not to be ripped apart for each other. The relationships in the Body of Christ they are to last
with the love of God that endures all things, believes all things. This is good for us. This is what’s
happening. Jonathan loved him as his own soul.

Vs. 2. Saul is thinking – now notice something in the story. It would be good Sunday afternoon
Bible reading to read chapter 18 a few times and you’ll get a lot out of it. And probably if you
do, you’ll go to 19 and on maybe read it and reread it and think about it. Let me show you
something simply.

Saul and David, their relationship was something like this. They came close but that was
different from this one where they come and they are knit together, Jonathan and David are
knit together. This one if you rip it apart it’s painful. This one is never really one. It’s the way it is
at work or maybe a group of friends or even relatives. You may know each other and so on and Saul said I need David around me. I want David to be part of my life but it wasn’t like they were
spiritually connected because of the ego of King Saul. He became jealous of him. He tried to kill
him actually. So, this chapter is about this distinction between knowing someone this way
versus really being knit together this way.

There are people that believe in God this way. I believe in God, I believe in God and I know that
he exists or I believe he exists and so on, but that’s a different thing from being born again.
When you are born again and you are in him and he is in you, when the Spirit of God has knit
your heart together, you have the same mind and heart. That’s an organic union.
We have two people here. One is Saul is outward. One is Jonathan and it’s inward. The inner
life. So, go to vs. 4. The robe means his office, his honor as a prince. Jonathan is the next king.
He took off the robe and also gave it to David with his armor, vs. 4. Military equipment. I give it
to him. My robe, my office as a prince. I give it to David. That’s what happens when we meet

When we meet Jesus, we end up giving him the most precious things that we have in our lives.
Zacchaeus was in a tree and after lunch with Jesus he said I give half of my money away to the
poor. I’ll pay back people four times if I ever stole from them or was dishonest. I will pay back
cause I met him. I met him. The woman at the well. Blind Bartimaeus. Nicodemus at night. The
blind man in John 9. Mary who broke the box of ointment. There was no stopping people when
the find Christ. They give to him their heart. They open their heart.

We’ve got to say that there are many people that are very hard. The external life makes people
hard. Sometimes we are looking for to get through the shell to find inside the heart that can be
touched by love. It look like it when we see God’s method of hanging on a cross that he’s trying
to melt our heart. That he’s not angry, revengeful, militaristic, dictatorial. He’s a weak, suffering
Messiah that’s trying to touch our heart and say my enemies are in my hand. Three days later,
I’ve overcome death and believe me, I love you. I want to touch your heart.

I read a story of a little boy. His sister had a blood disease and rare blood and the only match
they could find for a transfusion was the brother. And the brother was young and a little guy.
They said your sister needs a transfusion. Could you give your blood to her? And he said yes. He
thought about it for minute and he said yes. So, they went to the hospital. They went through
the procedure. He’s lying in bed and the sister next to him and they are doing the blood work
and transfusion. And then he said to the doctor, when do I die? What he was saying was he was
so young and he didn’t understand that when you give your blood, they don’t mean that you
give all your blood so you die. He thought he was giving all his blood to his sister and he would
die. And he said, when will I die? That’s sweet.

A story like that from a little boy who would give his life for his sister. That’s what he had
thought. I’ll give my life for my sister. It touches the heart. It touches us. I think David was the
kind of man that if you got to know him, his life would touch your heart. Jesus is the Son of
David and they’re very similar. God actually said David is the man after my own heart. David is
the man that will work to touch your heart. David is the kind of person you want to hang out
with. David will not be the one that is provoking you to anger but David will be the one that will
make the effort to say that is not about me. It’s about him and his grace and his love and care
for you. He was a good pastor, Psalm 78 caring for the sheep and Jesus is the pastor, the shepherd,
the Great Shepherd, the Good Shepherd, the Chief Shepherd that cares for us.

So, now comes a little bit of the bad part here. This is vs. 5-8. Again, the external life. The
external life that disturbs people. He is greater than you are. He has killed more enemies than
you have killed. That David, we actually like David a lot. Maybe more than you. Does that
irritate you or bother you? Yes, unless I am strong in grace. My inner life builds me up. It
doesn’t matter. Actually, it does matter. I’m so glad that David has killed ten thousands cause
we need somebody like him around here. We need a hero. We need a warrior. We need
somebody who can stand. We need somebody who has conviction. We need this guy. I’m glad
you are here David. I’m glad you are here.

Do you get the idea? But instead, my ego. My selfishness, my small world, my mind is sensitive.
My ego is offended. I don’t like it that somebody has more than me or somebody is more
famous or more important. Sometimes our pride is easily offended.

I wrote this little piece. People, when they are rebuked, they are provoked in their pride when
they are corrected. You did not do a good job in school in the area of mathematics. You are not
good in spelling or reading. Oh, you are offending me. You are offending me. Yes, you should
get used to it. You should understand that somebody better than you will be your blessing. I
want to play tennis with somebody who’s better than me in tennis. Then I don’t have to be
chasing the ball as much. I want to be with somebody who is better in mathematics than me so
then I can learn something. If somebody is physically fit, I’d like to follow their example and if
they rebuke me or teach me how to become better in my lifestyle.

Also, in my words. If I am hanging around people that are swearing and cursing, it is not a
blessing to me. I want to be around people that are wise. They have a better vocabulary. They
have deeper thoughts. They have something more profound to say. Their worldview is big
enough to include God. God is the one in their heart and in their life and they have wisdom that
will come from God. They have conviction that will keep me off the street. Conviction that will
keep me away from crime and criminality and anger and jealousy.

But King Saul is like this with David and when David is greater then him, King Saul is, ahh! I will
kill him! I will kill him. That’s how I deal with it. If you are greater than me, then I will throw my javelin at you. That’s what he did twice. He didn’t even know his own heart. He had the outer
life. He had the emotions of the outer life. He got offended because of the outer life. And he
could not process it because there was no depth in his spirit and his heart.

That’s why you come to church. You want to hear something so you can learn how to process
the trouble that is on the outside by the love that is on the inside. By the mind of Christ. By
being like David who has his enemy in his hand like this. You could just see him in front of
everybody and everybody is looking at him. And David’s got the head of Goliath like this. He
doesn’t talk much because you don’t have to. You just stand there. Any questions? Anybody
have any question about who I am? This is who I am. God did it by the grace of God. I’m not
angry. I am not provoked to jealousy. I’m not envious. I’m not hateful. I’m not looking for
revenge. I got a victory. Jesus is in my heart.

I want to hang out with those kind of people who have a spiritual orientation and have said in
their hearts God is good to us. God did it. I think when we live like this like Sedrick in the police
car and somehow that man, that criminal in the back seat, that guy has somehow met
somebody who can talk to him and be a mentor. He said to him, I want your number. You could
be my mentor. That’s what he said got him. I need somebody like you.

Now you are that person. Grow in it. You are that person. You’re going to have trouble but
grow in your trouble. You are that person. You have a ministry to people. You are that person.
God has something for you in the future. He has something for you in the present. You are that
person. You are a tool of God. You are indwelt by the Spirit of God. You have a ministry from
God. You have words for people. You have something to say. You have something going on. But
don’t be like Saul. And we’ll finish, with that.

Vs. 8. By the way, don’t get angry with us. You can but come and talk to us. We can sort it out
and figure it out. We can walk together. Be careful. Don’t be angry with people that correct
you. Or people that are standing there in front with the enemy in the hand. Just say, wow.
That’s good. And if I’m angry, – Saul should have said, I’m angry about it. They’re singing about
David and I think they like David more than me and I’m angry about it. Wait a minute. It’s a
good thing that there’s somebody better than you in this picture. It’s okay.

Nobody actually is better in one sense. We all have the same grace. We’re all blessed with all
spiritual blessings. You’re jealous of somebody? Say they got what I got. They’ve got God. I’ve
got God. They’ve got great victories. I’ve got great victories. They’ve got God’s wisdom. I got
God’s wisdom. They have God’s grace. I have God’s grace. Isn’t that a good thing? Isn’t that the
way it is? They have eternal life and the forgiveness of sin. I’ve got eternal life and the
forgiveness of sin.

Saul didn’t see it that way, so he said in vs. 8. One way of processing that is that he can have the
kingdom. That’s okay. The kingdom is God’s kingdom. Not mine. If I’m out of the picture, I want
to be out of the picture with Jesus. I got Jesus. I got everything. That’s how it goes. How about
us that are getting older and finding our physical body, maybe mental powers, decreasing. And
we will decrease and young people will take our places. We can say that’s okay. It’s not about
me. This is not my kingdom. It’s God’s kingdom. And if you use me for five minutes, halleluiah!
That’s five minutes more than a lot of people have. Thank you, God. If he has blessed me, he
has blessed me. If I am decreasing, God’s kingdom will be victorious continually all the time,
and he can use anybody he wants to.

Vs. 9. You shouldn’t have targeted him. You should have prayed for him. You should have
appreciated him. You should have said he’s the future. You should have said, if he’s the king,
then he needs my prayers because it’s tough being king. He should have changed. He should
have been more like Jesus.

But he’s an example to us of how nasty we can be. He’s an example to us of how we live on the
outside because we don’t have anything on the inside. The Holy Spirit authority and mind that
we actually have but let’s use it.

It would be like somebody has a car and he’s walking all the time. He’s walking and he doesn’t
use the car. If we have the kingdom in us, let’s walk in it. Let’s use it. If we have a bank account
full of money – there was a story about a woman up in New York and she lived on one hot dog
and one Coca-Cola every day. That’s how she lived. She was one of these shopping cart people
on the street. A homeless person or she had alittle place. That’s right. She had a little room in
New York City and lived one hot dog and one Coca-Cola. When she died, the police went to her
apartment and they found in her mattress something like $800,000 that was stuffed in her

Christians live like that. They have, they got frozen in something weird. They got frozen in some
way of thinking because they don’t hang out with the people that got the enemy in their hand
and say you and I, we are overcomers. We have a word for you. We have a word in season. We
have the kingdom. We have Christ in our midst. We have the gospel. We have the parables of
Jesus. We have the healing of Jesus. We have the authority of Jesus.

Why would I live like a pauper when I can operate in the kingdom of God on a regular basis?
And I do not mean this monetarily primarily but to illustrate spiritual riches. Who are my
friends? What prayer do I pray? King Saul could have prayed, God, your hand is on David. I can
see it. This guy is remarkable. I pray for him. In his temptations, please deliver him. Cover him
with your covering. Help him. And if he is to be the next king, please honor and bless him in
Jesus’ name. That kind of prayer. Do you see what I’m saying?

But instead, destroy him. Take him down. Destroy him. I am jealous of him. I am angry about it.
It’s not right. No. Can’t do that. Okay. Amen. Would you pray with me.


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