The Lord spoke Creation into being and then in humility submitted to its nature and died on the Cross. Satan could not comprehend this. This devil shall be put in his place, reduced and confined to the pit. (Hebrews 2:5-7; Isaiah 14:15-17)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12192
7:00 PM on 11/3/2021

P. Schaller –

Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! We gather together in the name of Jesus Christ on the day of prayer for the
ministry. Wednesday we do this. We had a beautiful day today of worship and faith. Thank you,
God. We are gathered now in his name.

Christmas season is coming, and I have this on my mind tonight to turn to Job 38, so how many
of you are anticipating the Christmas season? The great feast, the Christmas feast is the
Incarnation. Christ coming into the world, amen! Wow! What a miracle! What a miracle! If we
were to – let’s have a prayer for our thoughts. (Prayer). Praise the Lord! Wow! It’s great.
If we could look at Christmas and back up and look at the universe. Where did the universe
come from? What is happening in the universe? Where is it going? I like this meditation
because there’s a lot of elements to it.

The first one is Job. 38:5-7. God is talking to Job and talking about the foundations of the earth
in vs. 4. Where were you when I did this, when I created the earth? We could say the universe
cause they go together. Our solar system and the Milky Way and the universe. Where were
you? vs. 5. He is asking Job to give these answers which no one knows so therefore making
Job find his place as a little man in the universe. You are a little man. We are little people. What
do we know? What do we actually know? I mean in light of this.

Then he says in vs. 6. Then this is the part, vs. 7. Morning stars. Now, in the book of
Deuteronomy and the Psalms, there are references to the stars singing. And them being
associated with angels. So it looks like the universe is populated by stars and planets and so on
and that the angels are singing. Before the world was created, the angels were made. God
made the angels first and then he so to speak flung out the stars and the skies and the cosmos
and made the universe, and the angels saw it and they sang. What do you think they sang?
Actually in Revelation it tells us the angels say how awesome God is as the Creator. He is the
Creator of the universe.

They saw it. You see you can’t sing about anything that you haven’t
been through. When you go through the Red Sea, they sang. When Hannah had a son by the
grace of God, she sang. When Mary was pregnant with Christ, she sang. Elizabeth sang. And
we sing a new song. What we have been through we are able to sing about it. The angels saw
creation. What do you think they saw when they saw that? What part of God did they see?
When they saw God do this and it must have been absolutely of course incredible. There is no
universe and then suddenly there is and they sang. What do you think?

My words are they saw his wisdom and they saw his power. But what is it that they didn’t see in
that particular – it was there but they didn’t see it? What was it when God created the universe
that they didn’t see or recognize about God in that particular? They didn’t see his humility. Why
do I say that? Because he is humble.

It says in Psalm 113 he humbles himself to behold the heavens and earth. He is humbled to
look at the heavens and the earth. My understanding is that when he looks at the heavens and
earth, he cares about it. He cares about everything in it. He cares about everything, every law,
every function, every insect, every bit of gravity, every bit of cosmic fallout, every thing. The
temperature of the sun, the moon, the gravitational pulls. All of it he cares about it because he is
God and holding it together. But it doesn’t prove his humility. It shows his power and I’ll put here
the word “reign” as authority. The reign. Who made it? God. Who rules over it? God. What do
you see? You see power and you see his wisdom. Who else saw it? Who was one of the angels
that saw the power and the reign? Yes, Lucifer. He was there and he saw it. What was it that
Lucifer didn’t see?

In my thought here tonight and we’ll look at the Scripture here in a minute, but my thought here
tonight is that Lucifer didn’t really know God. Though he was there and in every way you would
say he would know God or he knew God but I’m not sure. I don’t know. Who knew God really well? Jesus.

The Son of God who is God who knows God. Knows God as power but knows God
as humble. Jesus. He knows God and is God.
And when he came into the world at Bethlehem, Christmas celebration of the most incredible
manifestation of the character of God the angels could ever see and they sang when they saw
it. They were shocked. It was unbelievable that God would become a man. Wow! God would
become a man and be humble and be with us. Because when he looks at the heaven and the
earth, he not only loves it he made it. He has a plan for it, but he made us in his image not as
the angels. We were not there when the world was made. We were born on our birthdays and
came into the world. We never existed before.

By the miracle of grace, he separated us from
our mother’s womb and gave us his grace and he saved us. Called us by his name and we have
a new life.

We are understanding some of these things by reading the Scripture by Jesus talking to us
because Jesus is humble. Jesus can be here with us even in our sin, even in our failure and our
foolishness. He is here with us, never to leave us or forsake us. Wow!

Now turn to Heb. 2 with me, please. vs. 5. “The world to come,” that phrase. I have a list of the
descriptive words in the Millennial reign. Many of you know the Scriptures well and understand
when I say “Millennial reign.” It’s the thousand year reign of Christ on the earth without yet a
perfect earth but a very good one. When God made the world in the beginning it was good.
When he made man it was very good. But it wasn’t perfect. The world is going, we are looking at
that world that is coming in the eternal age which is perfect. That’s coming. We read it in the
book of Revelation. Before the perfect one, we have a better one which is called the Millennial
reign of Christ. God has not put the angels in charge.

And by the way, today the angels are not in charge of planet earth. A fallen angel is. A fallen
angel has been given authority here on the earth, but he’s not the only one in authority. But he is
the god of this world and he does his work and we see it in Isaiah 14 and 2 Corinthians 4. But look
again. There is another kingdom. There is the kingdom of God or the reign of God on the earth
through humble people, through born-again people who have found Christ. Through Christ who
is on the earth is the head of the Body and that Spirit of Christ is in us and we can see. We are
learning. We are growing and we are part of this word here, this reign. It’s a big word in our
Bible. The reign.

It’s like you can have a man but with the man there is the power or the authority. Christ is that
one. If with my finger I cast out demons then no doubt the kingdom of God has come nigh unto
you. That same authority is with us. It’s been given to us. We are anticipating the world to come.
There is a world coming. We will be raptured maybe soon. Some of us it doesn’t matter cause
we’re at the end anyway. We’re going to go. Whether it’s the rapture or the other way, we’re on
our way out of here. But it’s soon.

And all the believers in heaven – listen to that – all the believers in heaven and earth, okay. This
is Ephesians 2. The believers in heaven and earth. Numbers 3:20. Heaven and earth. So we are the
believers on the earth and there are the believers that are in heaven and God is the Father of
both groups and we are one Body, one flock, one fold, one Shepherd and with one kingdom.
And Jesus said in Luke 19 the kingdom of heaven is like a man, a farmer, who owned a farm
and went away and he gave responsibility to his servants. He gave them one pound. One fourth
of a salary of an agricultural worker. One fourth of the wage.

About $10,000 perhaps we could say. He gave to each and he said I will return. While he was away, there was a rebellion. We will not have this man reign over us in vs. 14. That spirit of rebellion is in this world from the
rebel Lucifer who fell from heaven and is Satan, the god of this world. We have been in his
kingdom, Ephesians  2:2. We were dead in our sin. We walked according to the course of this world,
the prince of the power of the air. We were subject to him. We were operating in his kingdom,
naive, foolish, blind, tempted, lying, evil people with evil in our hearts though good morally and
civilized. Though good with a conscience that hurt us at times but without covenant, without

Christ, and without promise in Ephesians 2:12. But we were – but God who was rich in mercy. But God saved us by his grace. But God translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son. God is faithful who has called us into the
fellowship of his dear Son (1 Corinthians 1:9). Now we are indwelt by him. Many times we have a
connection. We’re very alive to God. We love God. Many times in our hearts just being on the
earth we have a love in our heart for God. We’re drawn to God. We love God. We want to hear
from God. He reigns. He reigns. “Let God arise and his enemies be scattered” (Psalm 68:1). He
is real. He is God. He made the universe and he made us like him. Oh, wow! “Out of the mouths
he has perfected strength” (Psalm 8:2).

What is man that you are mindful of him or the son of
man that you would visit him? Oh God! You visit us. You call us by your name. We have found
your word and did eat it and it was the joy and the rejoicing of my heart for I am called by thy
name O God. Wow!

This world have you noticed? It’s covered with dirt and water, but you know what is in that dirt?
What’s in the dirt? There’s gold, silver, uranium, titanium. What’s in the air? What gases? What
do we have? Helium, oxygen. What do we have? Hydrogen. What’s in the air? Why on this
planet? Why? Why on this planet do we have fossil fuel? Why? Why do we have water?
Oceans, miles deep. Why on planet earth is this planet this way and all the others are dirt and
gas and heat and cold? Why here? Because God did not give this planet to the angels. He gave
it to man.

Look at vs. 5. He did not give it to angels. Angels don’t need the water. Angels don’t need the
gold and the silver. Angels don’t need it. I don’t know what’s on the other planets, but I know that
this one is packed full of insects, fish, birds, animals, and people. It’s packed full and here we
are. Born of God and amazed at God. We are amazed at God.

We have seen not only his wisdom and his power but we have seen his humility. We have seen
him on a cross in Galatians 3:2. We have seen him come to us when I’m miserable and lousy and
unbecoming human being. Depressed and cranky and cursing and hating and jealous and rip
you to pieces. He has come to me to love me, to forgive me, to save me, to visit me, to say I
love you. I am for you. I forgive you.

Remember when the man came down through the roof? He was paralyzed. The first thing Jesus
said to him was – he didn’t say do you repent? Do you repent of your sin? He didn’t say it at all.
He said straight up your sins are forgiven you. That’s called grace. That’s not I repented and
then he forgave me. That’s he forgave me and that changed my life and ever since I’ve been
sensitive to God in my heart cause I love him and I want to do the right thing. And when I do the
wrong thing, it affects me in my heart. I don’t like it. That’s a beautiful definition for repentance,
isn’t it? Okay.

Chapter 2:6. Get rid of the whole thing God. Throw it all away. No big deal. You don’t lose a
thing. You’re infinitely glorious always. Nothing can change you. You cannot lose anything. You
cannot gain anything. There’s nothing in this except your own mind and if you’ve decided to
show us your love and to show the angels and to manifest yourself to us forever and ever this
way, then here we are. We’re game. We are amazed. Heaven starts here for us. We see God
now in this life, don’t we? So here it says, vs. 7.

It looks like man is the crown of God’s creation. This little sketch that goes like this: God’s got a
tomato plant. Below that, he’s got bacteria. He makes insects. He makes mammals. That’s like
here. Low quality mammal. Higher quality. Finally, you get a horse. And then where’s man on
the list? He is, how much more is he. Opposable thumbs. Nobody has that but us. And a man
like our minds and our thoughts our feelings our affections, our hurts, our wounds, our
disappointments, our awareness of the past, the present and the future. Who made us and we
are made for him. We live and move and have our being in him in Acts 17.

And he didn’t make the angels like us. The angels are high. We didn’t put that on our little
sketch here. They are higher than us for a while, for a while they are higher. Why? Because they don’t have a mortal body. Because they have never sinned. Cause they are holy and
perfect. We for a while are lower but look out. We’re coming. We’re coming. We’re being raised
out of the dust. Wait a minute. Angels, we’re coming. I don’t mean we are leaving our body and
going to heaven. That is coming too. Look out! Even our mortal body will be glorified and we will
be above the angels. We are a little lower now and Jesus was a little lower than the angels in
that sense of being a man. He was never lower as God of course. He was as high as God is
and that cannot higher be; for in the Son of God we are as high as he.

So, I love this because when we step back from what we look at in the world, we just saw a
governorship election in Virginia and New Jersey, right? That was pretty incredible. What’s
going on? You know, who wants to reign over Virginia? Who wants the power over the United
States? Who wants the power over the whole world? You know who. But you know who it
belongs to. It doesn’t belong to the devil. It’s not his. He’s here. God has granted him that but
look at what God is doing. He has us. He sent his Son. He came. He has us. It’s almost
incredible to think about it. I cannot even put it in words. It’s absolutely unbelievable. It’s
unspeakable actually. It’s beyond our capacity. It blows our mind to think of it in reality. To talk
about it like it is reality. To think about it and meditate on where it is going and what it is that we
are part of.

Jesus is with his disciples. There were two of them and wanted to sit on his right and left hand
and he said it’s not for me to give, but I’m telling you, it’s for real. My Father will give that to who
he wants to. You mean it really is? Oh, yes. There are thrones. There is a kingdom. There’s
actually people ruling in the Millennial reign. There actually is a kingdom coming. Christ is
actually coming in Revelation 19. But not without him first getting married. Married? What does that
got to do with it? Married. This is a mystery, Ephesians 5:32. That the church is married to Christ one
day. Now we are betrothed, Hosea 2:18-19. We are engaged. We have the engagement ring so
to speak by the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, sealing us. We are sealed. We belong to him. But we
have not yet been purified for the wedding. We have not yet left our body. We haven’t left our
sin. We haven’t left our mortality.

We haven’t been without spot, without wrinkle. That day is coming. We will be raptured and meet him in the air without spot and without wrinkle. And we will forever be with the Lord as his bride. When we come back on the earth,
where will Satan go? He will go into the bottomless pit.

Turn with me to Revelation 20 and we will finish in a few minutes here. Rev. 20:1. I hope that chain is
big enough. We don’t want any mess-ups. He’s got to be apprehended and chained and put in
the bottomless pit. vs. 2. He’s a powerful angel whoever he was. He got a hold of him which is
the devil and Satan and bound him a thousand years. The world is going to change because
he’s not here as he is today.

He is here today. Have you seen him? Have you heard him? Have you seen what he’s doing?
Do you see what is happening in the world? He is the one that makes the nations tremble. Is
this the one?

Let’s turn to Isaiah 14 and read that please. Are you guys with me? Okay. Yes. Isaiah 14, the “I
will’s” in vs. 12. We have five “I will’s” and I believe they have a lot to do with what he saw when
he saw God create the universe and he understood God’s reign. He wants the reign. He wants
the authority. Just like someone wants the governorship of a state or to be the president or to be
a world leader or world ruler. But much more. On a greater magnitude. On steriods he wants it. I
want it.

So he says, “I will, I will, I will.” Five times. Cause he wants it. He wants the reign. And here
there is something in there where he was able to see the Messiah. He was able to see the
future and he wanted it. He wanted it but what was it that Lucifer didn’t have that Christ has?
Humility. Christ got it by his humility, by his submission to the Father. The Father would not give
this to Lucifer. Lucifer would want it but never be able to understand the nature of God, the
nature of what it is, what it is to be ruling and reigning.

It has nothing to do with that kind of power. Like in the world with mortal men. With armies and
bloodshed and lying and cheating and stealing. It’s to be a different kingdom. This is to be one
that you can’t even imagine the true nature of it. The humility of it, the love of it, the nature of it
and that nature and character glory be to God sisters and brothers. Imagine the nature of God is
in us. Have you seen it? I have.

Sometimes I meet a brother or sister and I see them and I’m just saying thank you, Jesus. I
know your kingdom is real. Many of us missionaries we have seen it in third world countries.
People that don’t know our language and don’t know anything about our background but
miraculously out of their heart comes this amazing humility, this amazing love, this amazing
oneness. I believe in the kingdom of God because I have seen the church of God, the nature of
God in the believers and all through history you read about it, don’t we?

Okay. So, this one part I wanted you to notice. When we realize when he is brought down to
hell, vs. 15. When this happens, they that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee. Now, I’ve
never looked that word up in the Hebrew. Does anyone have it? Narrowly. That word “narrowly.”
Anyone have it? Sharply. Study it. Yeah.

There will be an opportunity when we will realize this liar, this creature from the deep, this rebel,
this one, this – even we could say just an empty, he’s filled with evil but we will realize. Look at
the verse. vs. 16. Are you the one that dwelt in the Antichrist and brought the earth to near
destruction? Are you the one that has stolen children? You are the one that has destroyed
nations and people groups. Are you the one? Are you the evil one? Are you the one?

It’s unbelievable to think – it doesn’t say this but I’m trying to say something. You little small little
person you. Are you the one? Are you the one? You liar. You evil creature. You nobody. You
wanted that. You are such a destroyer and a nobody. Yeah.

Remember like in the Wizard of Oz when the dog, Toto, pulled back the curtain and realized
that the Wizard of Oz, the great wizard is a nobody? A paranoid, schizophrenic, old man? How
about these tyrants when you find out where they are? Empty people. Miserable. Nobody’s but
so destructive.

So let’s finish it. vs. 17. You would never let a prisoner out. You would never relieve a person of
their pain. You would never care about a child without a dad or a mom. You would never care
about a poor person. You’d never help anybody. You’d never do a thing in that system of Satan
in the minds of fallen, unregenerated people is what’s leading our nations and affecting our

So we are praying and we are in the world and we are different. Enjoy the difference. Enjoy the
difference. Walk upon his high places. Do not bow down to a lie. Do not compromise with error
and evil. Do not play part of his game. Be kind. Be loving. Be forgiving. Do not be revengeful.
Do not look for revenge. Do not live in jealousy. Do not make your world small by the lust of
your own heart and the fallen nature of your own sinful self for all of us.

No, we are bigger than that. I am not my sin. I am redeemed. I am not driven by that. I am led
by the Spirit. I am not alone. I am with my Heavenly Father. He made the universe and he put
us here and it’s going somewhere. And one day we will see more clearly. Now we see through
a glass darkly but we see Jesus raised from the dead. We see Jesus on the throne. We see
Jesus in our personal life. We see Jesus and the Holy Spirit showing us and leading us and
giving us understanding about the world to come cause it’s coming.

So, this short list. It’s pretty long actually, but I’m going to run through it. Peace in the Millennial.
He removes the curse in the Millennial. Sickness is removed. Healing of the deformed.
Protection. I have all Bible verses coming from Dwight Pentecost, “Things to Come.” No
immaturity. Reproduction by the living peoples. Labor will be in the Millennium.

Economic prosperity. Increase of light. Unified language. Unified worship. Manifest presence of God. The
fullness of the Spirit like we have never seen before. The earth will be filled with the Spirit of
God, and the people – there will be no evil manifestation. There will be the mortal people, mortal
bodies and people living and reproducing the population on the earth for a thousand years but
there will be peace on earth like we have never seen. There will not be death like we see today.
There will not be any pandemic. There will not be any murder. There will not be any stealing. It
will be a world that is coming.

We will see what this world will be like when God is here in fuller strength and Satan is put in the
bottomless pit. When we see that, we will be amazed that he caused these world wars, these
diseases and sicknesses and these murders. He caused the pain that is happening in this world
and even tonight. We will say that is incredible. That is rebellion against the Holy God.
Our God is the only wise God. There aren’t any others. Our God is a living God, the one that
really cares about people and humbles himself to look at heaven and earth and cares about
your life in a very personal way. He is your Heavenly Father. He hears your cry. He knows your
need. He sent the Comforter and also the teachers. We have teachers that stand in front of us
and we hear a voice behind us saying Isaiah 30:20. God gave us teachers and pastor-teachers
so our Bible would be opened up and the Holy Spirit would speak to the church. Hear what the
Spirit says to the church.

Seven times it’s repeated in Revelation  2 and 3. We need the church life, a church life, a spiritual life, a motivated life, a desire for godliness, a personal life of sanctity, a life of devotion, a life of faith as you go about your day. I know you
work very hard many of you. You work very hard. You’re very busy. You come here for this hour
to be together and you go home and just collapse on the couch. You eat ice cream and go to
bed! I know that that’s how you and I respect that. Why not?

A book of remembrance is written. There are things that I heard 40 years ago that I remember
tonight. There are things that I heard in the church through decades that comes back to your
mind in prayer, in faith and God speaks to you, gives you the word and you have it and it’s not in

So in closing, this great image of Nebuchadnezzar, great image of this great statue, Daniel saw
it. He interpreted the dream and then he said I saw a small stone not made with man’s hands. I
saw a stone. Daniel 7, not made with man’s hands and it smote the image and it fell over. And
the wind blew and it became chaff. That little stone became a great mountain and it filled the
whole earth. That’s us. That little stone is Christ. That little stone.

Don’t underestimate. Devil, we’re talking to you. Let’s talk to him right now. Hey, devil, pay
attention! We’re talking to you. That little stone, that resurrected Christ, that kingdom becomes a
great mountain and fills all the earth and you are out of it. You are gone.

You are in the bottomless pit and after that is done, you are released for a short time and then
you go to hell to the lake of fire forever and ever. And so do the people, Mark 9:43, 45, 47. it’s
better to cut your hand off than to have both hands go to hell where there is consuming fire and
it is never quenched. What a message to people.




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