We are hope machines. Hope is what we run on. We want to hear well done. Grace appeared to all men. This bought salvation. We look back at what Christ has done and we see ahead to what He will do. He is doing a work in us. (Titus 2:11-15; Hebrews 11:27)

Speaker(s): Pastor Justin Schaller, Pastor Matt Gerhet
Sermon # 11716
7:00 PM on 7/17/2019




P. Matt Gehret

Welcome to Wednesday night church. This is Federal Hill night. P. Justin is over here and that was our worship band. They are awesome. They provide an anointing week in and week out and we love them.

Ec. 10:2, there’s this great chapter in the book of Matthew I’m going to try and relate this verse to. In Mt. 25, you have two parables. I’m going to go through them really quick, 46 verses, and I’ll give you a quick rundown. We’ll see how we can talk about (this verse). Mt. 25 five virgins are wise and five are not so wise but are fools. There is a reason why. It goes on to say the five wise brought extra oil to meet the bridegroom. No one knows when the bridegroom will come. Five are prepared for the bridegroom and five are like it’s okay. No big deal.

Another parable is the Lord and the talents he gives us. There is one servant who receives five and another receives two and a final receives one talent. What caught my attention is the one servant takes the one talent and buries it. You’ll see what he says about it. He has a misconception about his master. I don’t want your talent. I’m going to bury it. vs. 31-46. You have the certainty. Not a parable anymore. Christ is coming back to judge the wicked and the righteous. vs. 31. Think of this verse in Ecclesiastes. Solomon in this verse is talking about God and who the wise ones are and who the fools are, who the sheep are and who the goats are.

If you think of all those stories together, you have a common theme here. That’s the difference between the wise and the fool. What is the difference in that chapter? The sheep on the right have received something but the goats have rejected or are unprepared. Five virgins were prepared and wanted to be ready for the bridegroom. Jesus is coming back and wants us to be prepared. We can only be that way if we receive his love, grace and salvation. It’s nothing we can do. We aren’t like the other five that say we’ll be fine. The five fools went to buy the oil and it was too late. The door was shut to them in Mt. 25:10, cast into outer darkness. If you go to the parable of the talents and the master who gives the talent, everyone received at least one talent. They all received at least one. We all have this opportunity. We all have something called free will that allows us to take what God has given us and use it to his glory. Not for ourselves but to further the kingdom. The one with five grew five more.

Jn 14:16-18 Jesus says I’ll send a Comforter, the Holy Spirit to you and in Jn 15 or 16 the Holy Spirit has come for a purpose. He’s come to reprove the world of sin and unrighteousness, but also to deposit eternal life in those who receive it. Eph. 1:13, 4:39, if you receive it, you are sealed with it. Jn 10:28-30 nothing can take you out of the Father’s hand. That one talent is super important. We get caught up with everything else. We are like the servant in the chapter. Mt 25:24, so many people look at God and Ps. 14:1 a fool says there is no God. Even if there is a God, I don’t want that God. He’s full of wrath. This servant is saying the same thing. I don’t want your talent. Take it back. Little does our deceiving heart know that’s what God has given us. That’s what we have that we can cash in for eternal life, to put it in language today. We have free will, justification from our sins in Rom 4:5 with that one talent. With the H.S., we have a chance to respond in Rom 10:9-10. Jesus dying for the world in 1 Jn 2:2 and the reconciliation of God in that one talent. He became sin, 2 Cor 5:21. We look at that talent and think I don’t want it. I’ll give it back to the master when he comes. If I look at it in the light of that story and this verse, that’s all we ever needed from God is his Holy Spirit and his presence.

Let’s not take God’s presence for granted in our lives. When we have, it says the Spirit will give severely to whoever he will to everyone in 1 Cor 12:7. He gives gifts according to God’s own will. If we have just the Holy Spirit, we have everything that we need. Let’s ask God for his presence every day and be thankful for that. We don’t have to bury it but live with it and enjoy and grow in it.



P. Justin Schaller

Good evening. How are we on this wet Wednesday evening? Did they do a great job? Beautiful. It’s Fed Hill night tonight. Thanks for coming out, not that you wouldn’t come out anyway. We are recognizing sister churches. Are we doing this through the month? Just Fed Hill night. I like it. We have been ministering there for 5 years. Sowing the seed and Bible study and church services. I’m supposed to say that I know, but I mean it deep down that God is doing an amazing work.

Twenty of us went up to Marlboro. We had a praise and worship night Saturday and Sunday we were there for the service. We had a few new people come on the trip. It was so refreshing. A lot of times we hear people’s testimony and we’re like that’s good, but when you don’t experience it hitting the road and being in a car and on a mission and then when in it, you get refreshed in it. One girl said I never experienced anything like this. She said it was so relaxing. I felt like I was with my family, so much joy and life. I feel our church will be built on those types of things; the word of God preached so we walk in the will of the Lord but also Body life. Body life is not just specific to Greater Grace, but we have an emphasis on it. When you are part of Body life, it’s refreshing. I told the girl what would squash a beautiful time would be a group of people jealous, angry or filled with pride, all the characteristics I have in me that I could squash. That time when we are being led by the Spirit and walking in the Spirit, it’s beautiful there is unity and simplicity and joy. I don’t know how to explain it because it was so refreshing from God. We have a vision moving forward.

A huge thing we’ve done is a Bible study for 5 years…it doesn’t matter (the number of people in attendance). I always leave and I’m almost thinking like I can’t even believe what we are doing. We are so privileged to be doing what we are doing. People are coming in and hearing the gospel and lives are being changed. A man 67 and has never been to church and came about 1.5 years ago. He texted my uncle and said can you talk to me about how I can have a personal relationship with God? You can think maybe you are slow moving in that church. We give the gospel and it’s up to God and his work. When you hear those things and if this whole thing is about that guy or that girl or that family.

President Franklin said it’s better to hear “well done” than “well said.” As a preacher, that hits home because we say a lot, but the life has to follow what you are saying. This ministry is about saying let’s hear from the Lord well done rather than sit around and sound good. By the grace of God, that is what we are walking in. I want to rejoice with you guys. Stand up for a moment.

Titus 2:11 I won’t be long but it’s something from the Word. Vs. 11-15. Vs. 11 follow this with me. I know Wed. night our attention can be going here and there but let’s focus for a few moments on this passage. Vs. 11. The grace of God that is in eternity past was there. The grace of God in the Old Testament was heard of the prophets, appeared through J.C. When he came and appeared to all men, the grace of God took a physical form. The grace of God brought salvation. To make a point right off the bat, salvation, saved from what? When we give the gospel, we can say, do you want to be saved? Saved from what? We can say from your sin, from hell, and they can say I don’t believe in a God that would send people to hell…People could say, I don’t like the God of the Old Testament but the New Testament God. Salvation is that God is angry with our sin. The wrath of God was poured out in Noah’s generation with the flood. God repented in the sense that he was thinking was it the right thing to create mankind? Their thoughts are continually evil, they have gone their own way, rebelling and full of themselves, a little god. The Old Testament God is the same God of the New Testament. How can you explain all the things he did? That was done in justice. Everything done in the Old Testament was justice. Wicked sinners, gone against their Creator, Adam and Eve who were given everything, and they turned back on God and went their own way.

The New Testament is that he brought salvation. Thank God. I think as believers as we grow in our relationship with Christ, the miracle I find so fascinating is I desire to love God more. I have more understanding of how wicked I am and full of myself. We all are. Vs. 12. This grace, this salvation that appeared to all men is teaching us. The Greek word is training us to deny ungodliness. The word for “deny” – listen to these words, disregard, reject, refuse, resist, push away, spit out. The grace of God that has appeared to us and brought salvation is teaching us to hurl off, disapprove, deny ungodliness and worldly lust. Lust is a strong desire we can have. A longing, a carnal desire. Before you were saved, that’s all you desired. You and I desire one thing and that was to fulfill the carnal desires in our flesh. That’s amazing. Sometimes people can say that a Christian loves his sin too much. I do too. You do, too. We all love our sin and we know what it means to be drawn and pulled by our carnal desires.

This salvation that has appeared to us is teaching us to deny that, push it off, get rid of it, kill it, leave it behind. We are thinking the lust in me is strong but rather this salvation is teaching me to live soberly and righteously, of a sound mind and righteousness meaning I have a desire to obey God, to open his word and obey what his word is telling me to do. I have a desire to do that. In vs 13, this is where I want to go. It says looking for that blessed hope and glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ in vs 11. It says we have seen the appearing of the grace of God and in vs. 13, it says we are looking forward for the blessed hope or expectation. Sandwiched in between those verses it is saying deny ungodliness and worldly lusts and live soberly and righteously. Paul, the way he writes his letter, he makes a statement and supports it with the next verse. He has a supporting argument in what he is trying to say. When we are reading the Scripture based on grace, we can see what Paul is trying to say. If you take vs. 12 out of context and say deny your sin and be righteous and godly and leave out what Paul is following up with, we can fall in the trap of doing it on our own and say we need to deny my sin.

Look for the meaning to expect, to have an expectation, to be waiting and looking in the future and saying there is something there in the future I am expecting will make me blessed. Mt 5, beatitudes, happy is the man. Paul is saying the way you are going to deny ungodliness is you look back at the salvation of what Christ has done and looking forward to what he is saying will happen in the future. We have both of them. I look at the cross and my redemption and at the future. I see the full fruition of the redemption. Vs. 13. We are hope machines. We live on hope. We have expectation. If you tell me there is something amazing will happen next week, it could be that hope gets me through this week to the point I receive that hope. He is saying you have full confidence it will happen. Glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ who gave himself for us that he might redeem. Might redeem. He has redeemed, Eph 1:13, he has put a down payment on you. If he started a work in you, he is going to complete it.

1 Jn 3 it says when we see him, we will be like him. As he is holy, we shall be holy. As he his righteous, we shall be righteous. As he is pure, we shall be fully pure. Do we see it? No, it’s our blessed hope, the grace that will meet us in the future. He is going to redeem us of all iniquity, the sin that so easily besets you, so easily trips me up. Insecurity, fear, anxiety, pride, anger, – you name it. The iniquity Christ has paid for and redeemed me. In this present age, it is still tripping me up. Listen, Titus, tell the whole church this. Let’s look forward to the blessed hope. That sin so easily trips you up will no longer do it.

Here’s the beautiful thing in this verse. That iniquity that trips you up, knowing the full redemption of who you will be in the future, will purify unto himself peculiar people. We think we are peculiar. It means we are special. Greek word means living in abundance, super abundant. You are extremely valuable to one’s own possession. Christ has bought you, paid for you, redeemed you, finished work, already done, walking in time and space in this present age…If you look for the future, all of a sudden you will have this power in you that gives you this ability to deny worldly lusts. That’s how it works. Eph 3:16, you will be strengthened with might in the inner man. Why does it need to be strengthened? Gal. 5 it is fighting a war against your flesh on a daily basis. Your sin is pulling you back to the world every day. By God’s grace, it has sealed you and keeping you and doing a work in you so you can deny ungodliness. That is the work of the Holy Spirit in us. If he started that work, he is going to bring it to completion. They need to look for the future glory. When they see how they are in the future in Christ, it gives present hope to walk through this ungodly wicked world. We are pure in representing the holiness of Christ by the working of this Spirit.

How did Moses deny the pleasures of Egypt? Heb. 11 he says in vs. 27. He has all those worldly passions pulling him. Think he was any different than you and me? No way. Do you think a spiritual person is any different and doesn’t feel the spiritual impulses of sin? The question is are we submitted…so we can walk in the power of the Spirit and walk through it. By faith, he forsook Egypt. You can tell someone all day long forsake your sin, but if they don’t know who they are in Christ, they will go back to that sin…sin gives hope. If you just do this thing, it will build up your pride and fix the brokenness of who you are. They try and try and are rejected and even more broken. We can go back to our sin and think that will fix us. It will not fix us. What fixes us is realizing we are already fixed. He has already redeemed me. I have a blessed hope and future. I’m complete in Christ. It’s a new disposition in you. It might be like a little child or baby that needs to grow. The work of the Spirit is to separate you from your sin, so you walk in holiness.

The more we live in the obedience of the word and directed by the Holy Spirit, the more freedom we find in life. Our eyes start looking up and we see Christ. When we see Christ, we see who we are and walk as healthy people. Moses in vs 27 he forsook Egypt not fearing the wrath of the king. How did he do it? He endured seeing him who is invisible. He was looking for tomorrow’s grace, next week’s grace, future glory, heavenly reward. That gave him in Eph 3, and this is my verse of the year, vs. 16. You will be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man. How is that done? Col. 3:16 let the word of Christ dwell in me richly. How can I know the will of the Spirit if I don’t have the word? The more word, the more the Spirit has control in me in every facet of my life. The fruit of the Spirit is the ability to have patience. When my desire and impulse is to go that way, the fruit of the Spirit gives me self-control…. when I make that decision, I have a strength to deny myself and follow and obey Christ. When I do that, I go, how did that happen? That wasn’t me.

Paul says I labor harder than all of them, not I but the grace of God in me. That’s confusing. What does that mean Paul? I make a volitional choice to either follow the Spirit or go after the flesh. I sow to the flesh and reap the flesh. We hear all these things Christ has done, and we are not experiencing it in my life. I’m sinning and sinning and habitually fall into the same sin. You need to know you are a peculiar person, a special person. Look to the cross…. make that unbelieving atonement for you…. don’t go back into the world but rather he has ordained for you to walk in the holiness of who he is in his righteousness and set you free from your sin and walk a victorious life in this present world. When we do that it becomes a habit, a way of life I can say. I’ve tasted and I’ve seen the Lord is good. I have a desire all of a sudden. Can I fall and go back in the flesh? Absolutely, but I see another thing working in my members in Rom 7. There is a law of God that I find pleasure in obeying Christ. Stop it! It is my pleasure to follow Christ. Paul is saying I know it’s so good but the way to do it, I don’t know. But it says in Rom. 8:1, get your eyes up and get in the word, on your knees, and Lord teach me to walk in the Spirit and obey your word because that’s where freedom is.

Jesus’ gate is narrow and after is very wide. Jesus didn’t come here to put rules and regulations on us. We can have live pastures and amazing things in our life, and we can say as testimonies here on Wed night – I’m saying this for edification. We are peculiar people. If you’ve been beating yourself up – I said at the Bible study, if you want to take a long walk in the woods to figure out your problem, I guarantee you’ll come out more confused. We’ve all tried to obey God and do works and be approved by God and men, too. The finished work message is so freeing. Nothing to do with my efforts or strength. I come to the foot of the cross and realize his love for me. I look at the future hope and I say is that true, Lord? Can you teach me that? I find in me in my days I have this inner working of this strength, little strength or great strength. To say I don’t need that anymore.

I have the Holy Spirit and the word of God. Don’t beat yourselves up. Get built up. Know who you are and receive grace and the strength of the H.S. that will never run out. I’ll run out of gas, but he won’t. Amen.






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