Jesus Christ came in grace to bring grace to us to save us. The woman in Luke 7, she came to kiss His feet. She washed them with her tears and dried them with her hair, anointed them will oil. Grace does that. Some are like Absalom, grace is lost to them. But sinners are saved by grace, the grace of Jesus. (1 Timothy 1:15)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11952
7:00 PM on 9/9/2020

P. Schaller –

Just a short word. Good to see you P. Barry. What a good job he’s doing with the day school. It’s amazing. How
many great people the Lord has given to the Body of Christ, and how many not so great people
have become great people, and how many not so great people are just here. That’s awesome.
We grow in grace. I want you to see a couple short things. 2 Samuel 14:28, when David kisses
Absalom in chapter 14:33. I got to get my glasses here. Maybe you know the story. Vs. 28. This
happens in families divided and the dad is saying I don’t want to see my son. That happened
with David. I don’t want to see Absalom. Absalom moved to Jerusalem to see his dad. Absalom
had murdered his step brother, one of David’s sons, and David had a problem.

He had a very hard time with this. If you read from vs. 28-33, Absalom was trying very hard to get his dad’s
attention, to get an audience with his dad. He worked very hard to get an audience with his
dad. When David finally gave in and he saw his son, it didn’t look like there was any real
spiritual conversion. There wasn’t any real change. There wasn’t any real forgiveness maybe or
bringing the issue and putting it on the table and finding Absalom guilty of murder. A court of
law would maybe have worked good to bring Absalom to a court of law, but it isn’t always like
that in life. So David has a problem because he can’t connect with his son, and why not? I think
this is a great story. It’s not our message tonight. It’s something to think about. How many
families have problems. How many families cannot forgive.

How many families are not talking to each other, how much estrangement. How difficult it is. This happens in life. When David saw Absalom, Absalom came in vs. 33. It was an expression outwardly but what you and I have
found is something much deeper and it’s the spiritual fellowship between God and you, God
and me. God is in us. We are in fellowship in the light. We are walking in the light and we have
fellowship. This meeting was falling short of something spiritual and something godly and
powerful and life changing. Why do we know that it felt short? Absalom took his arrogance, his
dad’s kiss, and he built a little platform for his next move which was in his heart. That’s chapter
15:1. In other words, you got a Cadillac, you got security guards, you got a bank account, you
got the king’s signature, you got empowered. He got empowered.

That’s what it means. The king kissed him, met him, and he was ready to roll. I bring that up just as a meditation and
something to think about because you folks are really, really you are growing. You are learning.
You are spiritually minded. You are interested. Things are going. God is with us in these
important times. It’s because of something different. That’s Luke 7. This is so good. I could
preach the whole message on this. Maybe that’s what it is. This is the whole message. Luke
7:37, she wants to see Jesus. Absalom wants to see his father. Absalom wants to see his father
because his father is the gateway to his future. The woman wants to see Jesus but it’s different.
She’s converted. She’s changed and she wants to worship him. The difference is big. That’s
what has happened to you and I by God’s grace, the Spirit in us. We are like this woman who
has an alabaster box and she was a sinner. Vs. 38.

That’s a forgiven sinner. This is the difference in the stories. Absalom may not even realize his sin and nothing about forgiveness, nothing about grace, nothing about his guilt. It’s kind of washed over and he’s kissed. But this woman is
a sinner and she’s converted. She’s a worshiper and it’s real. This woman you cannot stop her
because she is growing in grace. One thing about growing in grace, grace doesn’t grow. Grace isn’t growing. You are growing in the grace. There is a moving going on. In this woman’s life, she
is realizing grace and grace means she didn’t deserve it. God loves her. She’s walking by faith.
She’s a worshiper and the Spirit is moving. I would love to take a minute and say the names of
people that are in this church that through this whole year 2020 and everything we have gone
through are like this woman. There is nothing that can stop her. She has found God and God
has found her. She’s just growing in it. 2 Peter 3 it says that.

That’s the part I wanted to share tonight, growing in grace. We can see the difference. Absalom is not growing in anything except his own selfishness and his dad didn’t know how to handle it. His dad stayed away because he
knew. That happens to us too. I think with God. God knows I cannot deal with sinners. They are
very hard to deal with. Their hearts are deceitful and desperately wicked and it’s hard to catch
one. It’s hard for me to get one. I have to hang on a cross to draw them to me and then maybe
somebody and this is of course my human way of expressing the fact that don’t blame David
because he had a family problem. Those things can happen to anyone, even Jesus with Judas
who also kissed him and it was over. Judas went because he was not converted. When we are
ministering the gospel, the great work of grace, this is the only way a person will get saved is by

It’s the only message that can save a person and the only thing in life worth growing in.
It’s the only thing that can really change my life is the grace of God. The only thing that brings
us together as brothers and sisters is the grace of God. Remember the man who had two sons,
the prodigal son and the elder son, and when the prodigal came the father ran and when the
elder son wouldn’t come in the house, the father just walked out the back door into the garden.
It is not fun to meet Absalom. It’s not fun to hang out with Judas. It’s not fun to try and
persuade the elder brother. You may not win. You may not win. David did not win. Judas was
not saved, and Saul was not changed but grace can do it. If we realize who we are and what is
happening in the world and we can humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and we
can grow in this grace.

That’s the introduction. Praise the Lord! I want us to love each other
very much. Philippians 4:1, dearly beloved, I long for you. I’m sure P. Scibelli longs for the folks in
Africa. Longing for brothers and sisters. My joy and my crown. Do you love Absalom? I love
Absalom but not really. I love him. He’s unsaved. I love him. I have a ministry to him but he’s
not the same at the woman with the alabaster box. When you and I have brothers and sisters
like that, they are dearly beloved, they are longed for, they are our joy, they are our crown.
They are precious. P. David Haines was one of those. He’s with the Lord. P. Taggart is going to
come up now and say a few words about him. Thanks for being out tonight. This is such a
church on fire. I love this church. This church is amazing. It is. It’s amazing. I was on the phone
with P. Matti who is up in Lapland. This is a couple hundred miles north of the arctic circle in the
woods up there.

They have a facility and the Finns are going up there. It’s in Finland. It’s on the
border of Norway and Finland, up at the very top. He said that the Spirit is moving, and they are
gathering. They have done it a few times this summer. There is another group coming this
weekend. P. Yuha is the guest speaker. He told me just how much God is answering prayer, how
much he is meeting people, how many people are coming to the facility. You know the reindeer
people, the Sami people, it’s a people group and they have reindeer. It’s how they live up there.
There are those, too. It will come back to my mind some of the things he shared I think. 1 Timothy 1, thanks for the youth teachers that are teaching tonight, the junior church. That’s amazing.
Then the love we have and the Spirit that we have as a Body. 1 Timothy 1:14, this is a great verse.
The grace of the Lord was exceeding abundant towards the apostle Paul. Great grace towards
Paul. Not judging Paul based on his sin but giving him grace and loving him. We come to the
very important statement in vs. 15.

This is a saying that they would say in the early church. This is a saying that sticks in us as we explain it tonight. It’s to be recognized. It’s to be repeated. It’s to be understood. It’s to be diagnosed, evaluated, embraced and understood. And it is this, vs. 15. Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners. He came into the world to save sinners. What is a sinner? But a person who is absolutely opposed to God. Not simply passively but
actively in rebellion against God. A sinner. Unclean, defiled, the woman that we read about and
Absalom too. And Absalom too a sinner. Paul a sinner. And the woman in Luke 7, a sinner, and
you and I. Recently we sent the Robbins’s back to Turkey to picked up where they left off after
covid started and they’ve been gone. They go back to see Jesus save sinners. The world doesn’t
know the word very well. They don’t like the word “sinner.” They don’t know what sin is. They
don’t talk about it every day.

They don’t talk about it in the hospital. They don’t talk about it in the courtroom. What is a sinner? But the church does. We know when we see Absalom he’s very handsome and a very good-looking guy. He’s the son of a king. You scratch the surface and you find a sinner. He’s in the king’s palace. He’s in the pool room. He’s on the street. He’s in the university. He’s everywhere. We are sinners. It’s powerful. It destroys us, our sin. Our sin is the
problem. It’s not our money or lack of it. It’s not our environment. It’s not our society. It’s not
our family. It’s me. I am the problem I am a sinner and Christ Jesus came to save us. Everything
man can do – he can do this, but Jesus Christ saves sinners. There is no way. What could wash
away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. Though you take much soap and much alkaline
and much acid, I cannot get the damn spot out. Remember Shakespeare in Macbeth wrote,
“out damn spot.”

He had murdered a king and the blood was on his hands and he couldn’t get
the spot out. He said, “out damn spot.” Out. It doesn’t come out. My sin is forever with me. I
cannot get rid of it. But this is a saying, an incredible, worthy, incredible, powerful statement
that God so loved the world that he gave his Son so that sinners would be saved, changed, born
again. Our sins washed away. Our name in the book. Made righteous like God. Forgiven.
Anointed. Indwelt by the Holy Spirit with exceeding great and precious promises in 2 Peter 1:4.
Let’s read it. vs. 15. Save. A good word. Drowning in the lake. Ever happen to anyone here?
Drowning the lake. When you are going down the third time and your lungs are filled with
water, there is no way you’re going to live unless some one saves you. Save. To be saved. There
is no way. Man cannot save himself.

An unclean man cannot make himself clean. A sinner cannot change himself. There is no way a sinner can be changed. He can be morally improved, cosmetically changed but his heart, his spirit he is like Absalom looking for a kiss but not a changed life. No, it can’t happen. Nothing can change Absalom except Jesus Christ. And when
Jesus Christ saves us, we are saved. We are changed, 2 Corinthians 5:17. You know the verse. It’s a
miracle. It’s a work of grace. Sometimes we think my Christian life is about me. My life, my
disciples, my effort. And I know in our sanctification it is, like we understand these things and
some of the laws and rules of life. We may forget what it really is. It is God when I was a sinner God came and saved me and he gave me grace. Every morning of the day when you and I get
up, it’s the grace of God. Every time we are in communion with our heavenly Father, it is a
communion of grace. It is God saying you are standing in my grace.

I want you to learn who I am. I want you to know how much l love you, how much I am for you. The woman took the
alabaster box of ointment and goes in and it’s a picture of the love that happens because of
salvation. It’s a picture of what grace does in changing my hard heart and learning to love,
learning worship, learning to serve others, learning not to judge people, learning to be thankful,
learning to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. That happens with us. We
start giving grace in our family. We start talking grace to each other. We start overlooking sin
because it says love covers a multitude of sins. Ever hung out with people who are so gracious,
and edifying and they cover a multitude of sins just by the way they think and talk, and I think
that’s like God. I think God looks at us and says I want you to know me as the God of all grace. I
want you to grow in the grace.

I want you to learn what grace is. I think during this time these last months as we have walked by faith in God we have learned how to relate to God and not so much live in the fear of our circumstances because our live is changed inwardly so we can be very bold outwardly. Absalom’s inward life wasn’t changed so he was so attracted to outward
things. Our inward life is changed so we are not attracted to the outward things. We are
attracted to the invisible. We are attracted to the spiritual. We are attracted to prayer. We are
attracted to love. We are attracted to giving grace. We are attracted to faith. The freshness of
it. Look at it again and we’ll finish up here. 1 Timothy 1:15, that’s why we need to be careful in our
ministry that we always hit the point. Have you been saved? Do you know about salvation?
Have you heard what the Bible says about you? Have you heard about the grace of God? Has
the Spirit of God drawn you? Are you hungry and thirsty?

Yes, yes, but my marriage. That’s how people talk which is okay, but I want to make a point. But my finances, but my marriage, but my children. Maybe those things are in your life so they would draw you to God, that you would
realize the primary thing in life is salvation. That when you receive Christ into your life and are
born of the Spirit now you have fellowship with God and grow in the grace of God and the
knowledge of God. They go together. When you know Jesus, you will know grace. When you
grow in grace – by the way, we have all grace now that we stand in. We have all grace now, but
I need to grow in the grace that is now. I want to grow in it. Grow? Grow. I want to be changed.
I want to grow like a plant grows. It changes. It grows down and grows up. I want to grow in
grace down and I want to grow in grace up. I want to grow in grace wide.

I want to learn about not being a bitter, angry man. I want to learn about grace and the grace that saved me like the
woman in that story. Notice in the story there was a Pharisee standing there. I like to think of
him with his arms folded and he’s saying, this woman if he was prophet he would know this
woman is a sinner. He was wrong in the whole thing. He was wrong about the woman and
wrong about Jesus. He was a Pharisee and he’s wrong. We said some time ago on that text that
these three people are in me. I have the Pharisee in me. I have the woman who is a sinner in
me, and I have Jesus in me and the three are in me. Sometimes I listen to the Pharisee and he’s
wrong. The Pharisee in me makes my life hard. The Pharisee in me misses the Gospel, and the
Pharisee in me is not the kind of minister that Jesus has made the woman. The woman is a minister. The woman could go to Turkey. The woman could go to Africa.

The woman could go to an island. The woman could go to Latin America. The woman could minister. She is a minister because she has love and she’s growing in grace and learning grace and knowledge. Don’t fall
from your own steadfastness, 2 Peter 3:16 or 17, the error of the wicked and fall from your own
steadfastness. This is for believers. That believers would not fall from their steadfastness. You
know how a gyroscope falls? By stopping. The gyroscope stops and it falls. If the wheel is going
on, it stands. Don’t fall from your steadfastness by the error of the wicked but grow or be
moving in a spiritual way. Be moving in faith. Be moving and growing in grace. Keep giving
grace. Give grace to yourself. Give grace to others. Grow in the grace and knowledge and then
you will not fall from you own steadfastness. Years ago in the ministry, God gave us a lot of
grace and sinners a lot of them.

A lot of sinners. We’re saved by the grace of God. They go to sleep at night with peace and joy in their hearts. They would come back and keep coming to the church and God would speak to them. They went to India. They went to Africa. They went to Latin America. Those works and Chile and Argentina and these places and wants happening.
This is what P. Matti said. He goes, it’s happening. He said I met an older man who owns a
store. I met this Sami guy, this native of the area. He said when I was a little boy and we were
playing; some little boys came to me and he said they came out of the blue. Three or four said
to the little boy who is now a man, we want your mother to teach us Sunday school. This is way
up in Lapland. We want your mother. He said come with me. So the little boys went to the
mother and he said could you teach us Sunday school. She said, yes. Now this man is 60 years
old or whatever and P. Matti said I believe that this guy was one of these little boys and it was
God. God is doing so many things in this world. God is saving sinners. God is doing so many
things everywhere. Little boys.

Missionaries. Teenagers. Pastors. Ministers. God’s grace. God is saving sinners and we are growing in the grace. That’s important. Growing in it. Learning it. Thinking about it. Talking about it. Worshiping God. Then I ask the Body all of us let’s pray this semester in Bible college it would be awesome. I feel it. It’s anointed. It’s awesome. It’s God’s
will. Then one day we lay hands on some of these people and they go out in the world and they
preach, and sinners get saved. That’s how it goes. It’s unbelievable. It’s the primary thing that
God is doing in the world today. Churches are not fighting with each other, not judging or
comparing. We’re not living in some kind of arrogance, indifference, passivity. We’re not
shutting down, shutting up, closing up shop, backing off, afraid. No. We are growing. Maybe the
hard times are ahead of us. This is what my expectation is.

That’s okay if we are growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. It will be fun. It will be a ride. It’s a way to live. And with the Gospel. God is in the Gospel. God wants the Gospel preached. God wants to save
sinners. He wants them to walk forward. He wants them to pray the prayer. He wants them to
live by faith, and he saves them. He changes them. He gives them a new heart and a new spirit,
and they are filled with the Spirit. If they are walking by faith in him, they will be filled with the
Holy Spirit. This is the work of God’s grace. Grace is everywhere. He is the God of all grace.
There is no sin he cannot forgive. There is no person he cannot save. We know also Absalom is
not hearing. Absalom is not saved. That’s fine. That’s God’s work but this woman is saved.



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