The Church is our mother showing us that the way of believers is to reveal Christ, the greatest Person. He has given us the greatest purpose to live by the greatest Word to work great things in a great life with great people. 1 Corinthians 13:13

Speaker(s): Steven Scibelli, Eugene Davis
Sermon 12298
11:00 AM on 5/8/2022


P. Eugene Davis –

Good morning, everyone. To all the mothers, Happy Mother’s Day! It’s a great day. First of all, before
we get to the mothers, if this is your first time at a Greater Grace Church service, we want to
welcome you. We’re not going to ask you to stand up, but we’re going to ask, if you don’t mind,
for you to raise your hand. If that is you, and it’s your first time at a Greater Grace service, we
want to recognize you. Do you mind raising your hand? Is there one? Thank you, sir. Thank you,
sir. Awesome. Is there anyone else? Anyone else? We’re so excited you’re here. After service, in
our welcome center, we have something for you. Come again. Keep coming. We love having
you here.

And then, this is Mother’s Day. We’re going to ask all the moms to stand so we can recognize
you. Congratulations. Wow. The mothers can sit down. If you are a grandmother, stay standing.
Awesome. If you are a great grandmother, stay standing. Great grandmother. If you’re a great
grandmother, stay standing. If you are a great, great, grandmother, stay standing. Wow.
Awesome. Thank God for mothers. I think sons can tell. I know daughters can tell stories, but I
think sons can tell stories about mothers. Right, P. Scibelli? For all the mothers, we have for you
some lemonade and just to thank you for being mothers. If you can look to the screen for me,
we have some announcements.

Just for an introduction this morning, I was thinking about Mother’s Day of course and thinking
about my mom this morning. Just the sacrifices of my mom and how much she has labored
night and day and early night and late night and deep night for me as her son. I was just
thinking about it, and it made me realize how much God loved me to give me the mother he

In first Samuel, it talks about this woman. Her name is Hannah. Hannah has no children. Hannah
is in an interesting situation where she is in a household with another woman who has children
and the pain Hannah is going through being mocked by her adversary because she doesn’t have
children. Hannah begins to pray. What’s interesting is the man of God sees her praying and
thinks she’s actually drunk and begins to upbraid her and reprimanded her. She says, no. I’m
not a daughter of Belial. I have a sorrowful spirit. What’s so beautiful about this woman is that
her prayer touched God. It touched a man of God. He said the Lord grant your petition. Hannah
conceives and she doesn’t just stop there. She goes further. She makes a vow to God, if you
give me a man child, I will give him to you all the days of his life.

I was thinking how longsuffering and patient the love of God is towards us. There’s a verse in
Jeremiah 7:13. It ministered to me. I thought of this. God wants to be the first person to tell me every
morning how much he loves me. He rises up early. If you’ve had a mother and many of us have
like moms before the day began she would prepare everything and then just come and gently
tap you on the shoulder and wake you up. You’re like, mom, I don’t want to get up. She just
tenderly – this is God’s love.

Now, some of you moms maybe you are like, you have to shake that kid! I understand. I
understand. Come on. Get out of bed! Throw some water on him. Start throwing things at him,
but nevertheless, mom’s love and that is God’s love.

Think of this verse with me, this thought. One time someone had a cup and it said, “Nothing is
lost until mom can’t find it.” This is a child toward their mother. It’s not lost until mom can’t
find it. But then I thought about this, Luke 19:10. It says, “the Son of man came to save that
which was lost” which maybe sometimes can be your mom. For a kid, it’s like mom is in that
category. This is what is love even more, a mother that points their child to the love of God.
That says, sweetie, love is not in me. I go to God with my pain. I go to God with my issues. I go
to God when there is nothing on the table. I go to God when there’s problems in the
neighborhood. I go to God when I don’t know if you are coming or going.

See, moms are awesome, but the God of mom is even more awesome. It’s the God of mom. It’s
the God of grandma. It’s the God that – but mom’s on her knees day in and day out. A child kind
of looks at mom and what they realize is there’s something more to mom. There’s mom’s God.
That’s what moms want to impart to their children, spiritual moms. Get to know my Savior
cause that’s the one that’s going to carry you. Get to know the love of God.

As we heard, who is like the Lord our God, compassionate and full of mercy? Who compares to
his great love? There’s none in all the earth. There’s no one like our God. No one loves like our
God. No one is longsuffering like our God. So, Mother’s Day is so amazing cause it’s mom and
God who is behind a mom. It’s mom or grandma and God who is behind a grandma. It’s great
grandma and God who is behind great grandma. It’s great, great grandma and God who is
behind great, great grandma. It’s generational. And that’s the stability in families. It’s God. It’s
the love of God.

This one thought in closing. Think of this. Think of these verse with me. Ephesians 2:4, his great love.
John. 15:13, 1 Corinthians 13:13. Great, greater, greatest. The love of God, nothing like it. You know what
is so amazing? Everyone can receive it. It doesn’t exclude. It includes. Anyone whether you are
poor or rich, whether you have nothing or you have everything, whether you are locked up or
you are “set free,” you can receive the love of God. And so, this is the greatest gift for anyone is
the love of God. This is awesome. That thought as we consider God’s great love.
This is the offering. We give. Why? Cause of the love of God. Romans 5:5, it’s shed abroad in our
hearts. 1 Corinthians  8, it motivates us. We’re motivated by the love of God like moms are to labor
without thanks, without gratitude, without honor but with great love. Labors for our family.
Labors for your household because the love of God is her motivation. With that thought this
morning, let’s give a great offering because of the great love from our great God.

P. Scibelli –

John. 3:16, 1 Corinthians 13:13, Blessed Mother’s Day again. Halleluiah. Blessed Mother’s
Day. I’m not going to tell any stories about my mother. Maybe. He thinks his mother went
through something. I was thinking of my mom this morning. Her faithfulness. I was thinking of
my great grandmother and my grandmother and my mother and my wife and my daughter and
my granddaughter. Seven generations. My great grandmother was interesting. I think I’ve told
this story, but she would come in and kneel at the bedside of me and my brother and she would
pray. God’s going to use you two boys. I thought, she’s nuts! I sat there like a little respect for
her cause I didn’t like her punishments. I thought something was wrong with her. Why is she
always praying for me and my brother? As I said before, he went to China as a pastor and I went
to Africa. I think God heard her prayers, amen! I think God really heard her prayers.

I was thinking about this word today “great” but then “greatest.” That word struck me since
yesterday, the word “greatest.” Solomon in Ecclesiastes uses the word “great” quite a bit. He
talks about the great vineyards he had planted. The great works he had done. The great
pleasure that he had. The great authority he had. The great power he thought he had inwardly.
The great amount of women that he married. The great wisdom and knowledge as I said.
He made a statement a little bit later which was kind of interesting. He said, “and I was great.”
Unfortunately, and that maybe can be the trend in society today is people are maybe moving in
that direction. I think it kind of reflects on Is. 14:14 when the enemy said this, “I will be like the
most High.” Well, sorry about that sucker.

You can’t be like the most High. You cannot be like the most High. You have nothing to do with the most High. You have nothing to do with God. Solomon and his greatness and as he perceived it. Many people look at being great in the eyes
of the world and how the world sees greatness. It sees it so different from maybe we should
see it. Great or greatness or we ought to as spiritual people see greatness in a whole other way,
whole other level, whole other power. Really to see the greatness of Jesus Christ himself and
having that be something that is in the forefront of our minds and elevated in our life and not
just in our life but in our life decisions. The decisions that we make in life.

I was thinking about Jesus being the greatest person who has ever lived and ever been. In all of
eternity, the greatest person who there can ever be. And how unique. When the Bible says he’s
the only begotten Son, the word “only begotten” is “mongenes,” Can you say that word? that’s
good Greek today. Monogenes – he’s the one, he’s the only one, he’s the unique one. There is a
uniqueness about Jesus Christ that there can never be anyone like him ever, at all. Because he
was not just perfect God. He was perfect man. He was the God man. In that realm even of the
Trinity, not that he’s above the Father or above the Spirit, but the Father and the Spirit did not
become the perfect man. It was the Son. That’s why every knee shall bow and every tongue
shall exalt his name. Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
Are you with me? Halleluiah! I confess today that he is Lord of all. He’s King of Kings. He’s the
greatest person, the greatest person that has ever lived.

I looked at John 1 alone. If you have a chance today or later in the week, read John chapter 1
and you’ll see 27 descriptions of Jesus in John 1 alone. Twenty seven descriptions of Jesus like
light and life, only begotten, Son of God, Son of man. It’s really amazing how the Scriptures and
if you read the Scriptures we see in the Scriptures that he said to the Pharisees a couple of
times that you search the Scriptures and in them you think you have eternal life, but you won’t
come to me. “Lo, I come in the volume of the book it is written of me I delight to do thy will”
(Psalm 40:7-8). It’s amazing that you find Jesus Christ in the Bible, in the book.

I think there’s many people that have read the Bible that never found Jesus in the Bible. That’s
really interesting to me. They’ve looked at it as a knowledgeable book or maybe even they
believe it’s the book of God but they have never seen the person of Christ in the Scriptures. The
person of Christ. This is so important. This is the one that we exalt on high. This is the one that
we look to for each and every thing that has to do with our lives. The supremacy of Christ that
Christ in Colossians 3:11 is all and in all. Amen. He is all and he’s in all.

I was talking with somebody this morning. They called me at one of those wonderful hours
around 4ish or so. They just wanted to tell me they didn’t get a money gram that was sent for
the children. By the way, this pastor I won’t name him cause he’s a very interesting man of God.
When I met him, his wife had come to church service in a certain country. She said, well, my
husband is not going to come to church. He went to Bible school. He went to church. He went
to Bible school, and he got so put off by it because of the wrong teachings and the strange
things that went on. He said he will never set foot in a church again. Neither will he open the
Bible again. I said, let’s go. Where is he? She told me he’s out with a machete cutting down
shrubs and things in the jungle.

I said, let’s go. I went out there with her and I met him. He looked at her and said, who is he and what’s he doing here? I said, I’m just here to invite you to church. He said to me, excuse this language, go to hell. I’ll never set foot in a church, open the Bible or believe in what you believe in. I said, really? That’s interesting.
Today, he overseas five churches. He’s a pastor, went to Bible school. He has 74 orphans that
he takes care of. That’s amazing, 74 he takes care of. Five churches he oversees. I was talking to
him this morning. It’s just amazing to just listen to him and his unbelievable faith in God. I
remember he said to me my mother and father are two very difficult characters.

By the way, a wonderfully difficult person named P. Duane led his father to Christ. This man had
70 children, eleven wives and he got saved. P. Duane led him to Christ and there was a real
salvation, a real repentance. Then his mother came to Christ. I thought what a glorious event.
What has taken place in this family! And now, his ten children are all Christian. It’s amazing
what they are doing in Uganda, the country. It’s phenomenal what’s taking place there. But
what happened? He met the greatest person that has ever lived, amen! And when you meet
the greatest person that has ever lived, our lives are changed. Our lives are changed.

I remember when I first started to hear about Jesus Christ from a Franciscan priest. He would
tell me about Christ. I would just look at him knowing religion and that whole scene and the
whole system. I’m thinking this is ridiculous, you know? But he was talking to me about the
greatest person who has ever lived, amen? And that will ever live. Isn’t it great that he lives to
ever make intercession for us, hallelujah! It’s the greatest person that has ever lived. It’s
amazing. Even there are some Christian movements and places that play it down. They talk
more about the church or what man does or what man can do or how to self-improve or
whatever. All this religiosity that’s out there or the movement or the denomination and what
happened to Jesus? What ever happened to Jesus in some of these things?

I said to a man one time he preached a message and there were like 600 people in the church.
It wasn’t a Greater Grace church. He asked me on the way out, what did you think of the
message? I said, nothing! I thought nothing of your message cause I didn’t see Christ in your
message. All you talked about was all kinds of problems and the church and how to handle
social issues and all these things that are going on in your life and what not but you never
talked about the greatest person that ever lived. If I be lifted up, I will what? Draw all men to
me. Maybe that’s the reason why people don’t come to church, some churches. Because they
are not lifting up Christ. They are not exalting who he is. They’re not lifting up the person of
Christ. Hallelujah in this ministry we are lifting up the person of Christ. We might be weak. We
might be frail. We’re growing, but oh God help us to always lift up the person of Christ.

Having had many encounters with demonic forces, there’s only one word that works: Jesus.
They’re out of there. They’re gone. They’re gone. By the way, did you ever notice why nobody
wants anybody to mention that name? Don’t mention him at work. We know you’re a Christian.
A man told me that one time when I went to take a job in 1979. He says, I know you’re a
Christian. I got to tell you that on this job with all these people and with these contractors, you
can’t mention that name. We have a lot of Jewish people and they don’t like that name. So, my
first encounter with the Grotsky brothers who were Jewish and they had this huge company
and they were giving us a two million dollar contract. I said I thank God that Jesus was a Jew like
you! My boss was not happy. We got the contract. He said, I’m not even going to have anybody
bid against you in the contract. You got it. You’ve got it. I looked at my boss and I said, Jesus.
Jesus. Jesus. It’s the greatest person that ever lived, Amen! Hallelujah!

We all talk about great people that are around. We used to have this fight. We’d always say I
am the greatest. No, you’re the “leastest.” I am the greatest. I am the greatest. Whatever.
Whatever. I know that we in the Bible we can do great things. Nehemiah said it in Nehemiah. 2. I’m
doing a great work. But Nehemiah is not the greatest, amen. Are you with me? David is not the
greatest. Solomon is not the greatest. Isaiah is not the greatest. Hello? Abraham is not the
greatest. They can be great, but they are not the greatest. -Est is the thing we have to have
which can only be seen with Jesus Christ. They are only great cause God is in them, but they are
still sinners saved by grace. But he’s the greatest, amen? I look to the greatest.

Where do you get peace from? Peace from the greatest, amen! Where do I find my joy? I find it
in the greatest. Where do I get victory? I get victory in the greatest. What are you looking for?
I’m not against counseling at all. I ran a counseling center and in the counseling center, I told
people about the greatest. I got a problem with this, this and this. I said the greatest. The
greatest is seen in the Bible. The greatest will deliver you. O, come on. It’s not that easy. Oh, yes
it is. It is. My yoke is easy. My burden is light. We promote the greatest. Talk about the greatest.
You want to see people get delivered from addictions, alcohol? Let them get in touch with the
greatest. You want to get delivered from narcotics? See the greatest. You want to get delivered
from lust for money, recognition, power, and what the world has to offer? Get in touch with the
greatest. Get in touch with the greatest. That’s it. I could end the message right here.

You’re going through a little struggle in your life? We all are. Look to who? The greatest. The
greatest person that has ever lived. I know our mothers are great. I had a great mother. I loved
her. She covered a multitude of sins and let me tell you there were plenty! I’ll tell you the time I
got arrested and they handcuffed me in the house. They said your son is under arrest. I think I
was 14 for grand larceny, breaking and entry and a lot of other things. My mother says, he
didn’t do it. We got the evidence in your car from what he took from that place. She goes,
somebody put it there. She said we got his photo. She said, it’s somebody that looks like him.
She said fingerprints. She says people can even make copies of those. He didn’t do it. My faither
said, jail him! My mother said, not my Steven. He would never do that as they took me away!
She was the greatest mother. I’ll tell you. She was a great mother.

Covered a multitude. I had this brother of mine who never did one thing wrong. I’m like, I said to my mother how
come he never says a wrong word? She goes, he saw you and what happened and he decided
to go in another direction. Hallelujah for him. Right? Wasn’t Josie the greatest, your mother?
The greatest. She was great, not the greatest. Jesus is the greatest person. Thank you God we
can receive the greatest in our lives. We can follow the greatest. We can pursue the greatest.
We can live in the greatest.

Not only is he the greatest person, he had the greatest purpose. The greatest person has to
have the greatest purpose. That was to love you and me, amen! The greatest purpose, 1 Corinthians
13:13, Ephesians 2:4, John. 15:13 and on and on it goes with the love of God. The greatest purpose is to
love us. The greatest purpose we could have is to receive his love and to love him with his love.
To love ourselves with his love, to love our neighbors as ourselves and to love. It’s the greatest

How many people are trying to figure out the greatest purpose in life. I want my children to do
this. I want my children to do that. Yeah, you’re sending them in that direction and that
direction and that direction when you should be doing this in this direction. The greatest
purpose any child, any student, any teenager, any adult could have is to be loved by God and love God. Not to be king, president, dictator. Huh? But to just let God love you. Haven’t we
heard that for years? Just let God love you. The greatest person gives me the greatest purpose
to love me and to create a capacity in me to respond to him by loving him. What greater
purpose is there than that?

Have you been trying to figure out your – I meet people all the time trying to figure out my
purpose in life. Duh? Trying to figure out your purpose in life? First of all, go back, to the
fundamentals. Let God love you and then love God. Why would God tell you your purpose
when you have missed that one? Hello? Am I ringing home a bell anywhere? What’s my
purpose in life? What’s my purpose? What am I supposed to do in life? What am I supposed to
be doing? Who am I? What should I do? Come on. Aren’t you confused. Aren’t you mentally ill?
These things can take over and can make you ill. The illness of the mind does something in the
body, too. The greatest purpose is for God to love me. Why did Jesus say in John. 21:15-17, Peter,
Peter. Do you love me? Why did he say that? First words out of his mouth after the
resurrection. Do you love me? And what was that going to prove? That he received love from
God to love God with.

Amen. Do you love me? You can’t feed my sheep if you don’t love me.
How can you feed the shepherd’s sheep if you don’t love the shepherd. Hello?
A lot of people in Christianity today even people in pulpits and people teaching the Bible and
what not, the most important thing is what is their relationship to a loving God? Amen. My
relationship to you or to people comes after that, doesn’t it? If I don’t have a walk with God, a
relationship with God, what am I going to do for you? Nothing, but put dictates on your life or
get you to live a life that I don’t live. Hello? Right? “Well, I’m concerned about what you’re
going to do with your life.” Oh, really? You’re concerned about what your children are going to

I know there’s a measure of love in that. I understand that. But the greatest work – and I think
it’s amazing. The greatest work that has ever taken place is the work of the cross. So despised
by man. You talk about the cross today and they look at you. The intellectual, philosophical,
psychiatric, satanically, seductive people. Tell them about the cross. Tell your psychologist
about the cross. Tell your teacher in an institution that’s non-Christian about the cross. “What
are you talking about? Oh, you’re into that nonsense? That foolish thing? That religion?” It’s the
greatest work that has ever taken place in the history of eternity.

You know what else we got? We got the greatest Word, amen? The Bible is the greatest Word. I
don’t read other books. Somebody said to me you ought to read things about Hindus and
Buddhists so you know how to defend the gospel. I don’t need to read those books. I read the
Bible and I’m set for the defense of the gospel. I got the Word of God. The Word of God will
show me what is alive, quick. I don’t need to go into all these religious movements and study
them. Somebody told me, did you ever study what the J.W.’s believe? For what? For what?

Nonsense. Sorry bout that. It’s the greatest Word that has ever been written. And I got to find
my direction in life, I go to the what? The greatest Word. The greatest truth. Please, we find so
many books. There’s so many books but those given from one shepherd. This is the greatest
Word that has ever been in the history of eternity. Love this book. David said in Psalm 119:197, “O
how I love thy law!” Oh! I love your doctrine. It’s my meditation day and night.

A lot of Christianity doesn’t even look at the Bible anymore. They’re looking into all of these
philosophical, psychological things. They’ll go and hear a sermon but look at the Bible. “Thy
Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” “Man shall not live by bread alone but
by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” “Study to shew thyself approved unto
God a workmen needeth not to be ashamed; rightly dividing the Word of truth.” “Continue in
the things that you’ve learned.” The Bible. The Word. It’s the greatest Book that has ever been
written. It’s the greatest Word on planet Earth and in heaven. “Thy Word O Lord is settled
forever in heaven.”

What am I going to find when I get to heaven? The Bible. The Book. The living Book. The written
Book. By the way, the living Word used the written Word to preach. Matthew 4, Jesus quoted the
Bible. He was quoting the greatest book that has ever been written. Don’t spend your time –
you can get so confused with television and book and magazines and what not. I don’t want all
of this stuff going into my little brainy! It hurts it. It prevents it or it shields it from the truth.
Hallelujah! It’s the greatest Word.

Guess what? The message of the greatest Word, the gospel, is given to the greatest number of
people. Everyone, everywhere and every time. The gospel message, the Word of God, is for
everyone. The greatest number of people. It’s for everyone. It’s for the child. It’s for the
Chinese, the Buddhist. It’s for the Indian, the Russian, the South American. It’s for the Central
American, the American, the Canadian, the African, the greatest number of people. God wants
to reach the greatest number of people. It’s amazing.

You know what he does when they receive it? He makes them the greatest people. The Body of
Christ are the greatest people. Say that. We’re the greatest. I don’t hear you. We’re the
greatest. We’re the greatest. It’s not this group or that group or this level of people or this
intellectual crowd or these rich people. We’re the greatest. The Body of Christ are the greatest
people. There’s no one like them. They’re his Body. The fullness of him that filleth all in all. This
is a great message. It’s the greatest message! It’s the greatest message!

And finally, #7. We can live the greatest life. Amen. The greatest person, the greatest purpose,
the greatest work, the greatest Word, the greatest number of people that receive it, making us
the greatest people and we have a great life. Oh, how’s it going? “Not so good.” Oh, knock it
off! We have the greatest life, amen! Our life has purpose to it. It exalts a person. This is the
greatest life. Some of you are saying – 20 year old’s and what not. You know what? As elderly people – I didn’t say old – as elderly people right? This is the greatest life. This is the greatest
life you could ever have? This is ZOE life. I don’t want to see you exalt BIOS life. I want to exalt
ZOE life, life that comes from God. What a life we have. You want me to prove it with one great
verse here? “What shall it profit a man if he gained the whole world and lose his soul?” You can
have everything in BIOS life and have nothing.

Some of these men that have accumulated riches and honor and power, you should go to their
death bed and see what they have to say as they are sinking into hell. This is the greatest life. I
don’t care what’s going on in your BIOS life. You might have trials, test, trouble, difficulties,
family things going on. You might even think that you are half insane. I think that about myself
sometimes. Are you okay? Huh? This is the greatest life, amen! Right, P. Cooper? We got the
greatest life. You got a great wife! Greatest for you, right? It’s a great life.

Are there going to be trials, tests, difficulties? Of course. Are there going to be valleys? What
did you expect? “Yeah, thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil.”
Why? Because you are with me. It’s the greatest life. “What about the tragic things that happen
and the difficulties and look at the news.” You look at the news. I’ll look at the good news,
hallelujah! I’ll look at the good news. This is the greatest life. I wouldn’t want to live any other
life, any other way. This is it. The greatest. Say it. The greatest. The greatest person. Say it.
Greatest purpose. Greatest work. Greatest Word. Greatest number of people. Greatest people,
the Body. Greatest life. We’re going to have a great day. We’re going to have a great day today.

Solomon looked at everything and he said I hate life. He talked about all the great things he had
and then he said he hated life. Those great things did nothing for him. The greatness of the
world, the greatness of the old sin nature, humanity, is nothing. We have the greatest. Never
trade in the greatest for something less. We want to receive from the greatest. (Prayer).


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