We can, like David, find ourselves in Ziklag moments. All is gone and all are against us. When we fall down, we get up. We do not lay still like a dead tree. We need an expectation. Desire in the Lord will bring delight. Just a little while and He will show us the full reality of His Kingdom. There’s no a lot of time. Return again and again to the recognition of the glory of God’s Grace. (Ecclesiastes 11:3: Psalm 37:5-6; 1 Samuel 30:1-23)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor John Love, Pastor Stephan Stein, Pastor Gururajan Narayanan, Pastor Steve Andrulonis
Sermon # 11699
6:30 PM on 6/17/2019




P. Steve Andrulonis

I’m going to talk about fathers in particular. I like what Scott said cleaning up our place. Giving honor to this place that we are as a ministry and as the headquarters for all these places and people coming.

In France a couple weeks ago I spent a couple weeks in France, not just soaking up the sun. We talked through the Ten Commandments and there is a commandment with promise. Do you know which commandment it is? Honor what? Your father. Oh, and your mother. It’s a dual thing there. Honor your father and your mother. How? That your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you. Ex. 20. This is an important element. I want you to think about a group of people who never had to make a decision, really. Because pretty much when you are a slave, your schedule is dictated to you. And when the people of God came out of Egypt, they had never really learned how to decide for themselves. First thing God told them was to have no gods before him and before that he introduced himself and said I am the Lord your God who has delivered you. And now I’m giving you a series of statements and if you listen to them, and you apply them in your life, life would be very good. This is one of them. Honor your father and your mother and this is really about where did you come from.

Like P. Schaller said this morning that he has a little bit of a problem with Adam and Eve. We do. We have an origin and it goes all the way back to the beginning. I read in a book that there is a sign on all of us. Some of us don’t have this for some reason or another, but there is a sign on every one of us that points to our origin and connection. Do you know what it is? Your belly button! Your belly button shows you were connected to someone else at some point in the past. Right? It’s true. I’ve been told by a couple people that they don’t have a belly button. I was told by a woman in France that some have lost their belly buttons but they recreated because the sense of connection that that body image has without it is lost. Do you believe that? It’s true.

The mind is an amazingly scary place without the Holy Spirit leading it in the right direction. Honor your father and mother. Honor is important. Ps. 8 tells us something about the significance of motherhood and fatherhood in general. In Ps. 8 it talks about the weapon that is the cry of an infant. You can read it there. I won’t turn there but you can read it in Psalm 8. It says that every birth, the cry of babes and sucklings are the terror to the one that denies he has a origin. This is Satan. He too was made. In a sense, he has the same father that we have. God made him and put him into order wherever he was supposed to be. This idea of honoring father and mother is really important to God, honoring our origins, where we came from and being fruitful and multiplying. This is an important thing and this is why it’s so contended against. Every birth that happens, every cry of a baby sends a terror into hell. Because angels are a closed class. They can’t multiply. They can’t make any more of themselves. They can’t do that but every time we reproduce, we have a direct affront to the kingdom of Satan.

That’s why we honor these commandments. We honor mother and father because they produce the weapons that are most effective in the warfare God has declared on this planet. Adam and Eve, be fruitful and multiply. Why? Because the devils can’t. That’s not implied there but the devil knows this. It’s really all the reason for the opposition to birth itself, to marriage in the right context. All of these are because of a denial of this. Honor your father and mother. Be fruitful. Multiply. It’s what we are here for. That’s why a day like this and a day like mother’s day are important. Our children are weapons. Think of that when you change a diaper the next time. This is a weapon in the hand of God and it’s speaking to the devil. That baby is speaking to the devil. He can’t multiply. He can’t make any more of his minions. He denies. He’s living in denial and alienation and he can’t deny the fact that he too was made by someone bigger, powerful and all-knowing. He is none of those things. We honor the father because he has made us to be fruitful, to be multiplying in terms of people and also spiritually. This is the way I think of father’s day. That’s what God has given us to be. To be people who reproduce and multiply. It’s important to the kingdom and the victory God will ultimately win.


P. Schaller

The name of the group is “Landmark.” Where is that coming from? In Proverbs. Don’t remove the old landmarks. What kind? Old. They were young, right?

Thank you so much. Country music. P. Steve’s message was profound. The birth of a baby. Out of the mouth of babes have I perfected strength against your enemies. When a baby is born, it’s God saying, hello? Can you take two human cells and put them together and they divide billions of times. We make kidney cells, liver cells, bone cells, blood vessel cells, and eye tissue. How does that work? God. God speaks through babies. How about if you ever had a baby, a young child 3, 4, 5, – ever have you tell something from God? God can use a baby to speak. Honor your father and your mother and I feel very honored today being here with our heavenly Father honoring us and we honor him. We have a lot of respect for God and that’s so beautiful.

I sat with my mother this afternoon. She’s 97. My sister Cynthia is taking care of her. She’d dedicated to her. My mom saw me and didn’t recognize me right away. If I say Tom, she recognized my name and it is turning on a light bulb. When you get old, what do you appreciate? I don’t know yet! Everything. How about family. How about friends. How about the Last Supper when Jesus is leaving and has a dinner for his friends. David was dying and listed his 37 mighty men in the Bible, 2 Sam 23. We appreciate deep things, real things, and godly things.

Our Convention is starting. Tonight! Convention is starting. When Scott Dubay makes an announcement like that, you know something is going on. We are going to do evangelism in Federal Hill. We’ll have some fellowship and a time in Havre Grace with P. Wright. We’ll be handing out tracts and singing and fellowshipping on the promenade. Wednesday we have our Leadership Seminar starting in classroom 2. I want to piggy back on what Scott says. How many young guys would like to handle a paint brush, broom, etc.? You want to do that, stand up. How about over 40? Thank you so much.

Just before service, I went down and asked a couple brothers to give greetings from India and P. Stephan from Berlin. I put them on the spot. P. Guru is from southern India, a disciple of P. Brian in Bangalore. He is the only guru I will listen to!


P. Guru

Good evening. I was telling P. Anil that he must have to sweat to get over jet lag and when P. Schaller met me, I started sweating!

Greetings from Bangalore. I moved from Bangalore to [?] two years ago for a church planting work. My wife and I and two daughters are doing great in a place called [?]. You can pray for that. It’s been two years there. P. Schaller was coming to Bangalore in the month of May. A guy who came to our church recently I was praying he could get to come to the conference in Bangalore. I came to the ministry through a conference in 2003. I was praying for two months this new believer would come to the conference in May. A lot of hindrances and then he came. I was very happy. He attended the conference and we were back to our place and the following Sunday – we have two services. The first one is in English and then the second in the local language. I did the two series and went to the fellowship hall and was doing raps. They were asking many questions. Towards the end, I was a little tired and felt very dry. I was telling this man who came to the conference, I am very dry. You know what he said? P. Schaller said in the conference come to ground zero. That’s a great answer.

We can come to ground zero. He said think of your salvation. I’ve been doing that for quite some time. Coming to ground zero is very important. When he said that, I was overflowing.

Ec. 11:3, the entire chapter is speaking about sowing by faith. God is making a comparison with something lifeless. Clouds. And displaying life. It’s full. Then the other one is something that has a life, the tree connected to a root. Suddenly, it is lifeless. It is down. In the morning you see it fallen down to the north and go to the evening and it is still there because it is fallen down. I was thinking from the tree condition, where it falls, it lies there. It takes just a second for us to go to the tree condition to the cloud. Just come to ground zero. God has invested a lot in our lives. It’s really great we can be full all the time and pouring down whatever God has filled in us. That’s our salvation. The joy of the Lord is our strength. David prayed for it. It’s amazing we are saved and thankful to the Lord.

Thank you so much. You people are great people. A lot of people are praying for years to come to the Convention. We are listening and watching and very close to you in our hearts. Thank you so much.


P. Schaller

I never thought of it like that. I want to repeat it. I’m excited about it. Can you put that proverb up again, Ec. 11:3? Why does it stay there? Because it’s dead. How does that relate to people? When people fall down, do they stay there? Prov. 16:24, when the wicked fall, they fall into wicked. It gets worse. The righteous falls seven times and gets up and keeps going. For us, it doesn’t stop. For a tree, it does. When we fall down, we get up and get going. Maybe it’s better than ever before. Human beings don’t stop. That’s amazing. That’s a good word.

Next speaker is from Berlin, P. Stephan Stein.


P. Stephan

Good evening. Good to be here. Greetings from Berlin, Germany. I just found out P. Schaller’s forefathers stole the horses from my family. I have to talk to you about that later!

It’s good to be here for this week before Convention, even to have this opportunity. I thought about what it means to come and the expectation we can have. We can also not have expectation because we are so used to certain things. What has encouraged me is a lady from my church and her daughter coming for the first time to Convention. To see their excitement and the questions. I’m thinking the way I say it is because I need to have an expectation rather than be in a habit and think nothing great about it.

When you see how the Jews went down to the feasts in Jerusalem, how they prepared and spent and made sacrifices to go, it shows what the priorities were and the expectation. This is something we can do together. Most of you live here and most of you probably come to the Convention, but it is a time that is so special and a time that is so refreshing for us. I’m so blessed I can be here.

Jenny was here from Berlin last year for Bible college. She was so blessed. We were blessed by her growth here. I had no doubt this was going to happen. Her dad came for the graduation ceremony and he also was so blessed. It reminds you of the ground zero time. This is how it is and was and always should be. This accommodating spirit where we feel so welcome and loved. Of course I want to come. I’m loved here.

One thought from the book of Proverbs. I have thought about these verses this past week.

Prov. 37:1, Sometimes especially in this century it’s so easy to be intimidated and think of how the things that happen in the world can affect us. To think about the little time we have. This is just for a little while.

vs. 3. We should trust in the Lord and do good. Delight yourself also in the Lord and he shall give you the desires of your heart. We desire God. God, I need you. God, I am nothing. You are everything for me. I’m so dependent on you and your work in my life. It tells us to commit your way to the Lord and trust in him. We give him our lives, our troubles, and the worries we can have. It says he shall bring forth the righteous as the light and justice as the new day. Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him. Sometimes we have a hard time to wait and even less to wait patiently. The Bible tells us to not fret or be anxious, not be angry but to think about the fact that God is with us and delight in him. That is what we have come to do here. Delight in him, his word, his people, and missions. We want to be encouraged in missions. We want to learn to be patient. It’s just a short time and God will restore righteousness. He will bring about, show us the end of things and send his Son back to this earth. This is what we are expecting. This is what we are here for. I want to thank you for having us. For being faithful and patient and waiting on God and delighting in him and being such an important aspect in our lives.

Your prayers and encouragement means so much to us.


P. Schaller

After the service tonight P. Scibelli has helped us and we have these prayer meetings up through to the Convention. Instead of a rap, we have a prayer meeting in here, maybe for a half hour at the end of the service.

I can identify with P. Stephan being a missionary and coming home. Did I say hi to Evi? How about Carolyn? Anyone else? You guys are awesome.

Being a missionary and coming home and being prayed for and loved up and encouraged and listening and the Spirit speaking. I believe this is going to be the best and whatever that means God knows. I love what P. Stephan said about we don’t have a lot of time. When is Jesus coming? Maybe some don’t want to hear that but a lot of us do. We are ready to go. In any case, it’s going to happen one day and I’m excited about it.


P. Love

1 Sam 30, this familiar story to many of us in a good sense when David and his mighty men returned after doing battle with one of their enemies, the Philistines. They returned to Ziglag and only to discover another one of their enemies, the Amalekites have invaded from the south, smitten the city and burned it with fire and took the women captives, carried them away and went on their way. You can imagine what that was like for David and his men after returning from battle. You think of coming home to loved ones and you find the city burned. You look for wives and children and can’t find them. This is distressing to say the least. The people with David vs. 2, 6. –

This is the great turning point in the passage. David encouraged himself in the Lord. How grateful are we for the Body of Christ and what is coming up in the next two weeks for Convention. The courage is going to be poured into our souls morning, noon, and night and late into the night. Lots of encouragement. How grateful to be around people that encourage us. There will be times to look for those people to encourage us and for one reason or another they are not there. Those are the moments we learn to encourage ourselves, to build ourselves up in the most holy faith. To remind us of the God who is for us and the grace available to all of us.

David encouraged himself in the Lord, called for the priest, prayed, inquired of the Lord and asked God, should we pursue? He must have always known what to do. He didn’t know what do to. He had to seek God like we do. He prayed and asked God should we pursue them? The Lord said yes. Pursue them and you will recover all without fail. David gathered his 600 men and they came to the brook Besor where those left behind stayed. David pursued with 200 men. vs. 10. Only 400 men. Two-hundred stayed behind because they were too faint. They had just returned from battling the Philistines. They were already worn out warriors. I can’t imagine to come home from battle and see the devastation and mount back out on our horses and do battle again if we are going to find our wives and children. Four hundred went and 200 stayed behind. They must have been so worn out they couldn’t go on. I often wondered when David and the 400 men and you know how the story unfolds. They come across an Egyptian servant and they left him behind. David’s men come across him and he informs them to where the Amalekites are. Can you lead us to them? David said no worries. They recover everything. The 200 men are back at the brook. David comes back with the 400 and the wives and children. I wonder what those wives thought of their husbands that didn’t come to get them. They were too tired. I’m sure they were on the verge of collapsing. But you still have to explain to your wife why you were too tired to come and rescue her and the children.

When they returned, David came to the 200 men in vs. 21-23. David realized we weren’t the ones that got it. God gave it to us. That’s the principle of the grace of God. When you recognize God has given you something freely, you realize you have to do for others. We turn around and give it to those just as undeserving as we were and still are. They are going to share in the spoil just as if they go into battle. They that tarry partake alike. It reminds us of the work of the son of David at the cross of Calvary. The work of Calvary doesn’t just benefit the strong in the Body of Christ. It doesn’t prevail just for those that consider themselves worthy or more deserving or more effective. It’s for everybody. It’s for the weak, the strong, young, old, and feeble. It’s for everybody. It prevails for all of us. It’s not withheld from any. It was the wicked men.

In a matter of days this chapel will be filled every day and night. Every person in this chapel partakes of all the blessings that come as a result of the finished work. It doesn’t matter how weak or feeble or worn out they feel. They benefit just as much as those serving, loving, giving, and caring. Everyone partakes of the blessing of Calvary. I love that about the grace of God. Somebody could come in here walking with God 50 years and see a man who got saved last week. You could think they shouldn’t receive the blessings I have. They should be on probation for another 49 years until they become like me. They are just as much seated in heavenly places as we are. They are just as much accepted in the Son as we are.

I think that’s why there will be so much celebrating here in the next two week. Not because we are looking at each other and what we are able to do. It’s because Christ did it for us at the cross. A celebration of his work, his life; a celebration of his grace and mercy. I love the way David took matters in his hand. You’re making a good point. They stayed behind sitting in their lounge chairs dipping their feet in the water. Their wives are have an extra rolling pin? David said no, we didn’t do anything. We were led by God and he gave us more grace to get our enemies. It’s all grace and everybody who is a part of this camp and everyone who is a part of this Body all share alike in the blessings, in the spoil of Calvary.

We are all the righteousness of God, complete in him. We are altogether God’s Body. There is no distinction.

There is going to be so much celebrating here in the days to come.



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