Moses brought water from the Rock when the people thirsted and chided with him. But there is another story of unity and triumph. Moses was set above the battle, with his hands in the air, helped by Aaron and Hur, to carry Israel to victory over the enemy Amalek. This is the story of the community and our fellowship. We stand together, praising Him who is our Rock and the Spirit is upon us. (Exodus 17, Numbers 11)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12264
7:00 PM on 3/9/2022

P. Steve Andrulonis –

Just to sort of give you a little introduction or run down of the things we heard this morning which were
amazing about the wisdom or being wise unto salvation from 2 Timothy 3:15. This is a very
important thing to understand. A couple of things. Pessimism. We shouldn’t be pessimistic,
right? Yes, we should about our own capacities. We should be very pessimistic about our own
capacity to give, to do things before the Lord. We are depraved beings. That’s an old term that
goes back to the Reformation, like the depravity of man. Is there any good thing that dwells in
us? What’s the wisdom of the Bible on that? No, there isn’t any good thing that dwells in us.
But God wants to put himself in us. He knocks at the door. If you open the door, I will come in
and sup with you.

It's really kind of interesting. I will tell you something, alright? John Calvin was a great
theologian, a great theologian, very powerful in how he analyzed the Scriptures. You should
know that. Maybe you’ve heard something other about him. But as a man of God and a pastor
and an exegeter of Scripture, he was amazing. Maybe you don’t know this but the coat of arms
that Mr. Calvin had for himself, featured his hand offering his heart to the Lord. That was his
idea. For every other thing you’ve heard about his doctrine, his coat of arms was a hand with a
heart in it and he says I offer my heart to the Lord.

That’s really something that happens to us at that moment when we believe as Jesus defined it
for Nicodemus in John. 3. “You must be born again or you cannot see the kingdom of God.” And
how does that happen? It happens with something going on in the heart by the Holy Spirit. And
when the Holy Spirit does that in our hearts, then we respond. We take the cup of salvation.
We give our heart to God. And something eternal happens.

P. Schaller was reading through that list. There’s a list that P. Stevens circulated and there’s a
book, “What Happened at Salvation?” Ninety-five different things and it tells us the wisdom of
our salvation. If we could learn those things because there is an atmosphere and a circulating
flood of information about our inadequacy and our – what is it? – our identity that we shouldn’t
embrace. We should embrace these identities about being chosen in him before the foundation
of the world, never able to be separated from the love of God in Christ. That is the wisdom unto

And that is a word that people are looking for. They are looking for people who are wise about
who they are. Have you noticed that? There seems to be a great exponential increasing of
people having crises about who they are. If we go and we look through the Scriptures, we will
find again and again God coming back to the truth that you are mine and no one can ever
separate you from me. Never, ever, ever!

I made my home in your heart. It’s mine. I’m not moving out. You belong to me. Yes, you might
do some things wrong. There might be some chastisement. There might be some discipline. You
might have some difficulty but come back to the thing, to the words of God, to the Bible that
can make you wise about your salvation all over again. Learn it all over again. That’s why
people, that’s why a lot of people stay in Bible college for 30, 31, 34, 37, 41 years because we
need to learn it all over again. Some of us have the privilege of teaching it, so we’re always
teaching it all over again.

Thursday nights, we’re listening to P. Stevens speak into our hearts all over again. It’s like we
hear it and we need to be wise unto salvation. If we aren’t wise unto salvation, there’s no other
plan. I’m sorry. God doesn’t have another plan. We are his people. We were born for this time.
We have the wisdom of salvation from the Bible. We have the Holy Spirit in us. We are the only
hope for the world. We have the gospel message. That’s not an elevated status. That’s the way
it is. Jesus said you do this. You do this. You do this. He said it to the disciples and he says it to
us every time we open those pages.

So, let’s be wise unto salvation, understand who we are, understand who He is that he will never leave us or forsake us and we will be most effective people. We’re heavenly minded and that makes us really, really earthly good. Cause we know what’s coming. We know whatever happens to this place called earth God will reign and he will
reign in a beautiful place. It will be the bride of Christ and it will be with all of us in it together.
That’s an amazing thing. Okay. Will you welcome P. Schaller now!

P. Schaller –

Wow, that was good. wasn’t it? I just want to pray for the offering and introduce P.
Scibelli who is going to be our speaker. He’s been gone in Africa for 34 days. He’s preached 48
messages. He’s been in five conferences, five countries. He’s had nine covid tests, 13 border
crossings and some few thousand people that have been listening to him. So, he’ll be sharing
with us from his heart tonight. Isn’t that cool? That’s great. We love P. Scibelli. (Prayer).

P. Scibelli –

P. Steve said it’s great you can come to church and hear somebody that sounds like
Bob Dylan. I think they are even better. I think he’s an amateur compared to them! They have
an anointing, amen!

Stand with me and turn to Genesis 17. It’s really great to be here. Say it to your neighbor. It’s great
to be here. It’s really great to be here. I’ve been in a lot of places but it’s really great, great to
be here. It’s great to be here. Genesis 17. I got such a small Bible I can’t even read it. Wow. I should
have P. Steve come up and read it for me. I have to find the chapter first, 17:1. That’s a Bible I
can’t even read. I brought the wrong Bible to church. Genesis 17:1, 2 Corinthians 12:9. You may be seated. I
put the Bible away cause I can’t read it. My wife should have told me to bring a Bible I can read.
I’m not blaming – What did you say? She’s supposed to help me! I can’t see! Use my iPad! I
don’t even use a telephone.

The last time I used a telephone, it aggravated me so much I took hedge clippers and cut it in half. Just like that! I don’t care how much it cost. It was aggravating. That’s how I deal with aggravating machines, not people. You learn to live and love people that would aggravate you.

This is a great two Scriptures here. I’m sure you’ve seen them, known them many times. Many
things that happened up to this point in the life of Abraham – the call of God. Genesis 11-12, what
happened with Lot. His father taking him to Haran when he should have gone to the Ur of the
Chaldees. He went half way only. I would say he was having a little bit of a struggle with the
sufficiency of God. Genesis 15, God came to him again and said I am your shield and your exceeding
great reward. Many things happened with Hagar, Ishmael and what not. It seems like this
particular point God came to him and said, I am Almighty God.

I am El Shaddai. Can you say that? El Shaddai. I am your sufficiency and I am your strength. I am both your sufficiency and your strength. Now, walk before me and be perfect. In other words, I will be the source of your
perfect walk. I will be the source of you walking with God. I am Almighty God. Abraham, do you
get it? I am Almighty God. Walk before me. Walk by me. Walk through me. Walk as a result of
what I am doing. Walk before me and be perfect.

Then you see the same principle mentioned in 2 Corinthians 12:9 when after Paul from 11:18, 2 Corinthians
11:18 up until 12:8 in that range, he talked about 35 things he was in. All kinds of trouble,
infirmities, reproaches, persecutions, suffering, in the wilderness, in the deep. All the things he
was in. Then he made this great statement in 2 Corinthians 12:9 which we all know and love. He said
unto me and by the way, in the Greek language it is interesting. He has said with finality. Stop
talking about all the things you are going through. He has said with finality, my grace is
sufficient for you. My strength is made prefect in your weakness. Then he said I’m going to be
very glad about my infirmities, my weaknesses, my reproaches and everything that is
happening to me. God has told me he is sufficient for me. The sufficiency of God in our personal
lives as individual believers.

#1. The churches – I met with 100 church leaders in West Africa. We have 167 Greater Grace
churches in the west of Africa, 79 in East Africa and 18 in Southern Africa, 278 churches in
Africa because of great men of God like P. Renaldo, P. Ben, P. Alfred who has lived here and
been here; P. Paul in Togo, P. Bamouni. Just some incredible men. P. Sam Muhima, P. Daniel
Saruma, P. Chris Arman who I talked to today. Just amazing amount of pastors that have done a
great work. But that’s not possible without you.

I want to thank you. Because without this church, there would be no GGWO in Africa. Are you
listening? I mean that. Without this church, this church sent people to Africa. This church
supported Africa for 36 years. Thirty-six years you as a ministry and the leadership of the church
– P. Stevens, P. Schaller, and everybody involved in the leadership the elders – have gotten
behind the mission in Africa l think like no other place. I’m sure other people would disagree with that and say they got behind us, too. But it’s amazing what’s taken place because of this
church. Because of Jesus Christ using this church, and this church having a vision. I can only say
thank you. They say thank you to you. They say tell people in Baltimore we love them, we’re
watching them, and we’re so thankful we are part of the ministry and we’re so thankful for
them walking with God, serving God, praying for us and supporting the ministry.

Halleluiah! You are the reason it is even going on. And down through the years. I think that’s incredible. That’s
incredible. Yes, Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ uses people. And that’s amazing. He uses
churches. He’s the Head of the body which is his church. His church. And that’s incredible
what’s going on there. Against all kinds of things.

I never heard the word “covid” when I was over there. It was like covid? We have things that
can kill us in one day. They weren’t making light of it. I don’t want to make light of it because
there’s people who have been hurt by it and passed from it. I understand that. But the mindset
there never talks so much about disease or war. We have operated as a ministry in countries, E.
Africa alone has had 6 million people die in East Africa. Six million people have been killed in
genocides whether it’s Sudan, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, and Burundi and other places. Yet God
has used things like this to bring people to a place of saying yes to himself. God is sufficient. The
sufficiency of God.

Abraham had to understand that. I am Almighty God. I am El Shaddai. I am the one who is not
only your sufficiency but I am your strength. Do I realize that in my life? I’m talking to you. Do I
realize that in my life? Does Woody realize that? Yes, he does. He’s looking at me like this. Do I
realize that in my life? Sometimes if I try to operate in my own strength, I get worn out really
quick. Really quick. Worn out. I am not sufficient for anything. Who is sufficient for these
things? Paul said. The sufficiency of God. Whatever is taking place, whether it’s in a personal
walk with God, whether it’s going to Bible school and finishing; whether it has something to do
with my health, my marriage, where I am operating as far as my place of work. I can go in there
and there can be all kinds of opposition, all kinds of weird ideas, all kinds of strange people in
there, but God has made me a promise that he is going to be my sufficiency and my strength.
Hallelujah. He’s going to be my sufficiency and my strength.

Somebody said to me on the airplane coming back, how old are you? I said, none of your
business. He said, come on! I’m just asking you a question. I was telling him things that went on.
I talked to him about Christ, then salvation, and the things that went on. I said, it doesn’t
matter. I’m somewhere in the 70 range. Between 70 and 80. By the way, I plan on doing this
until I drop dead. That’s how it’s going to be. You think I’m going to go out easy sitting in a
rocking chair drooling from the mouth? That’s not happening. That ain’t happening. My wife is
going to talk to me later at home. This is our life as a church and as a ministry. God is sufficient.
My mother was driving around in a car at 93 years old. I’m not even close to that yet. I’m not
even year that. I have another 18 years to go and I think I can surpass her too if God permits.

God is our sufficiency in whatever is taking place in my personal walk with God. How can I
follow God? How can I obey God? If I try to do it through self-sufficiency, I’m finished. Maybe it
goes for a while. By the way, the enemy makes things happen to make me think that it’s me
that’s doing it. You’ll do something in your own strength and it’s all the enemy giving the results
just to get me to continue on in my own self-sufficiency rather than the sufficiency of God.

In our friendships, there’s a sufficiency that comes from God. Halleluiah. Look at the person
next to you and say, God is sufficient for our friendship, even if they are not your friend. They
should be your friend. The Lynches, you better say that to each other. Sufficiency is of God. Our
relationships derive their sufficiency and strength from God. Otherwise, how do they exist?

I said to someone recently I am not an easy person to like. I’m easy to love – watch out those
comments! I’m easy to love but I don’t know. I don’t know about liking. I don’t know if P.
Manny likes me. I know he loves me. I don’t know if he likes me. A couple times I left him. He
said, where are you going with that luggage? You’re only going for a week to some place. You
have two huge bags. I said, I got good news and bad news. Good news, you’re the pastor. Bad
news, I’m leaving. And I just left him in S. Africa without a warning. He could really not like me
for that. I understand that.

But God is our sufficiency in our relationships. God is our sufficiency financially. God is our
sufficiency with our health. God is our sufficiency when we are in trouble or in a test. This is
really so important. Look what Paul went through before he said, “my grace is sufficient for
you. My strength is made perfect.” God said that to him. My grace is sufficient for you. My
strength is made perfect not without your weakness. In your weakness. I want to get rid of this
weakness, get rid of this problem, get rid of this person, get rid of this test, get rid of this trial.
God says, no. No. I’m going to meet you in it. Are you with me? You’re not too happy about that
statement, are you? I’ll meet you in it. “I want out!” God says, I want in! “I want out!”

I remember I was in a jail cell with my wife. Was that Yugoslavia? Huh? You didn’t say it loud
enough. Okay. We were in a cell together in Yugoslavia and I thought at least I got her. I got
Jesus and I got her. What more could you want? Being locked up with your wife. Hello? Take it
easy now. God is sufficient. I thought wow. God has done a miracle. He has given me my wife.
Some of you would say wouldn’t it be better if she was out? She could try to help you get out.
No. We are in this together to the end. I want out but God says I’m in with you. Really it’s so
important to understand that. I want out. God says stay in. I’m in there with you. I’m calling you
into the furnace. You Hebrew boys I’m going to meet you in it. And then when you try to get
out of situations, you get out and find he’s not there.

He lives within you but his with abiding presence is not there. It’s in the trouble. Its in the problem. It’s in the furnace. It’s in the difficulty. Hello? Now a lot of Americans don’t like these kinds of messages.
In Africa, they know exactly what you are talking about because it’s just like everywhere you
turn is trouble. 2 Corinthians 4:7-8, trouble on every side. It doesn’t matter what’s going on. In Togo,
they have a dictator. He controls the country. You can’t breathe without his permission. It’s
unbelievable. Poverty is incredible. It really is something to see it. It’s the poorest country in
Africa. And you know what? You meet our church there, on Sunday morning we had 900 people
in church in the pandemic.

That’s academic in the pandemic! I said to the pastors, what’s going on? What do you mean what’s going on? Hasn’t the government issued something that says you shouldn’t meet more than 150? Yeah. I said well, what about it? What of it? We’re under the government of God. I’m not saying people should do that. I’m just giving you an example.
We had such an amazing conference there with people that were so excited. They’re so excited
that people come and visit them. I’m sure they are going to be excited in Poland, right? It’s
going to be amazing. You can go to Poland and visit them in Poland. Somebody says, what
about this – you have to take a covid test. I had nine of those things up my nose. What are you
talking about? I asked one guy, I said can I see one of those things. I said put your head back.
I’m going to show you what you have done to me.

He goes, I don’t need a covid test. I said,
you’re going to take one or else I’m going to pray something about your life! No, don’t pray. Go
ahead. Whatever! I could feel it come out of my ear, the stick. Then I said, his grace is sufficient
for me. His strength is made perfect in my weakness.

What does Paul say? Look at three things Paul says. In Philippians 1:6 he says this, “being confident of
this very thing that he who began a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus
Christ.” Amen! God’s going to do it all the way. Come on now! All the way to 96, to 100. Huh? “I
don’t feel good.” I ain’t saying that. I don’t want to give the devil any fuel to run back at me
with demons. Being confident of this one thing, this very thing, that he who has begun a good
work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. He is talking about the church there, by
the way. Not just personal only. He’s talking about the Philippians church.

Then he says this. I love this verse. Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ which
strengthens me.” Are you with me? How many things? Oh, come on. That doesn’t really mean
it, does it? Really? You mean you can love your wife through Christ who strengthens you? You
can love your husband? You can evangelize people who are lost. You can be a disciple. You can
read your Bible. You can pray. All these different things. I can do all things through Christ. And
that strengthens me because I’m doing it through him.

When I went to Africa in 1986, God gave me two verses. John. 15:5, “without me, you can do
nothing.” And the other one was Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ which
strengthens me.” Those are the two verses I had written on my Bible on the cover. Those are
the two verses God said this is what is going to be what happens, and you’re going to relate to these two verses as you go not just to one country but to many countries. And we’ve had the
great privilege, I think I’ve been in 35 African countries. It’s been awesome. It’s been amazing.
What people said you can’t do, yeah, you’re right.

People can’t do it. I can’t do that. I know you can’t. What’s the problem? Imagine – one of the things I fear because I used to be a teacher, standing in a classroom with 30 students maybe like the 5 th or 6th grade. That scares me. That’s
more dangerous than a mission in one of these countries. Those kids! I thought to myself, I
can’t do this. I can’t do this. I can’t do this. God said, you can do this. You can do this. I can do
all things through Christ which strengthens me.

Sometimes we get all these things that come at us. Maybe the Holy Spirit even initiates what
we should do, what decisions we should make. And we say I can’t. It’s because you are thinking
about it without God doing it. God can do anything and everything. Amen. Can Jesus do
anything? Anything and everything. I said, God, I want an upgrade on this flight. I’m tired. The
guy said to me, guess what? You’re going to first class. I said, oh really? I said, I already knew
that. Jesus told me. Really? When did he tell you that? Just before I came to you. I can do all
things through Christ which strengthens me.

I was calculating it today. I like calculating things. 587 airplane flights. I’ve been on 587
airplanes. Do you know how many up and downs that is? What about your ears? My ears are
perfect! Up/down, up/down, up/down, up/down. Prepare for landing. Buckle your seatbelt.
Buckle your seatbelt. We’re preparing to take off. I’m like I can’t do another one of these. When
I landed in Washington, D.C. a few days ago, I said that’s it. I’m not flying. The next day, when
are we leaving? I was thinking I can’t do this anymore. I can’t do this anymore. You start
bringing in all the natural thinking. I’m in my mid-70’s. I can’t do this. Healthwise. I can’t do
this. I can do all things through Christ. Say that. I can do all things through Christ. Oh, yeah. Are
you with me?

Listen. This message is of no value if it stays here. If this message stays on this pulpit, it goes
nowhere. This message has to be received. It’s the Word of God. It has to be received, and
whatever in my personal life I am facing, I can do all things through Christ which what?
Strengths me. I can do it. I’m not going to live – I love that song they have in Liberia, When I was
there they sang it. “I know no defeat. I know no defeat. Jesus is my Captain and I know no
defeat.” That’s the whole song. That’s it. I don’t know defeat. I know victory. I can do all things
through Christ which strengthens me.

P. Alfred is there in Liberia and we have 30 churches in Liberia and we had a convention. It was
amazing. 580 people at the convention, 30 churches. Some couldn’t make it because they
couldn’t cross some territories. They couldn’t get there per se. But it was incredible the time we
had there. P. Alfred came from a refugee camp. He came from a refugee camp with 5,000
Liberian refugees and no water and they and to find their own food and no electricity. One day
the Holy Spirit told us to go there, and I went there and I met him along with P. Morley and a few others. You know what? He came out of that place, went to Bible school, became a pastor,
and is overseeing 30 churches in Liberia from a refugee camp. How can you do that? I can do

All things through Christ which strengthens me. some of my pastors here, my friends were up in a restaurant in Springfield called Red Rose. Red Rose. One of the best pizzas going. I remember when that restaurant had five people, five little tables. It was nothing. In fact, they couldn’t even open the restaurant until they got permission
from our family to open it. You weren’t opening any restaurant near my grandfather’s
restaurant otherwise you had no restaurant unless you got permission. I thought to myself,
wow. I went one day and said, I think they can make good pizza there. It’s amazing. To see what
can take place. We have witnessed to those people so many times, the people that run the
place and what not. Here’s the thing. I can do. You can look at a business and say I’m having
such a struggle and maybe we have this mentality where we say, I can’t do this. But I can do all
things through Christ which strengthens me.

You know business people, if you are a business person, start really believing God in giving. Not
just a tithe but even beyond that. This is must my exhortation and watch what God will do with
your business. Watch what God will do with your life. I have never seen – we spend $40,000 a
month in Africa. Half a million a year. That’s just us. I don’t know where it comes from. It comes
from everywhere. You know why? Cause God can do it. Amen. If you try to do it, you got
trouble. But God can do it. I can do all things. God can make you an amazing woman of God, a
great man of God. God can develop a pastor. P. Stevens said to me one time, God’s calling you
to pastor. I said I never trusted you anyway.

I said that to his face. I don’t trust your discernment. I said it right to him. God’s calling you to be a pastor. I said I like evangelizing. Forget this pastor stuff. This pastor stuff is for other people. No. He just looked at me and went,
yeah! I was looking at myself. When you look at yourself through the prism of your own
evaluation naturally, what ends up happening is you can’t do anything. But I can do all things
through Christ which what? Strengthens me. I can evangelize somebody. I can pray and it will
have an effect. I can give. I can minister in the Body of Christ and love them. I can’t do it
through my own ability or through self. I can do it through Christ.

We had a message one time called, “Three Great Enemies.” If I can remember what they were.
Self-analysis, satanic accusation and world evaluation. If you analyze yourself or let the world
evaluate you or you receive accusations from the devil, we’re finished. I say no to all of those.
Amen. I don’t analyze myself. I let God show me who I am. The world has nothing to tell me
about who I am. And the devil, certainly I need to reject anything he says cause he’s an idiot.
Right? How do you like that? I like to call Satan names cause he’s stupid. Just the way it is.
“You’re just asking for trouble.” I know. Listen. I can do all things through what? Through Christ
which strengthens me.

The second great statement he made is this: My God. I like how personal that is. He’s my God.
Say it. He’s my God. He’s my God. My God. My God shall supply all of your need according to his
riches in glory. Not only will he do things, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,
but I’m going to supply all of your need. Any need you have. Any need you don’t even know you
have a need for. I can supply your need. I can supply your need. That’s amazing. All your need.
Not some of your need. Your spiritual need, your personal need, your practical needs.

Whatever it may be. I’ll supply all of your needs. Just trust me. Trust and obey. I love it. Trust
and obey. For there’s no other way. To be happy in Jesus, is to trust and obey. I had another
half of that song, a rendition that people that have no doctrine use. Rust it's okay. Let your life
slip away. To be happy in Satan, is to rust and decay! That just came! I should have been a song
writer! I’m only joking! It was probably horrible. That’s okay. Listen. I’ll supply all of your need.
Sometimes we can find ourselves trying to supply all of our needs. I’ll make this happen. I’ll do

God is saying, why don’t you just sit back and watch me bring – I read this. Listen to this. In the
wilderness, there was 2.5 million people. In 40 years, they received 73 billion meals and 73
billion quarts of water. Two quarts a day and two meals a day. God did that! God supplied that!
Have you ever looked at that? Two and a half million people for forty years? And manna came
from heaven and water came from rocks. “That was then P. Scibelli.” I know. Jesus Christ is
different yesterday, today, forever. Jesus Christ the what? The same, yesterday, today, and
forever. 73 billion meals and 73 billion quarts of water in 40 years for 2.5 million people.
Calculate it tonight when you go home so you don’t call me a liar from your seat. That’s
amazing. That’s amazing.

In John. 6, God feeds 5,000 people. He’s walking on water. He’s supplying. The Holy Spirit comes
in Acts 2 and supplies – can you imagine? Eleven Galileans are one of the reasons we are sitting
here tonight. Eleven simple Galileans. They called them ignorant and unlearned. How did that
happen? God supplied their needs. God did everything through the eleven and God supplied
the needs of the eleven and they became a foundation for the gospel. That’s amazing. What
can happen in places we have gone and seen people get saved. What can take place. It's
incredible. God will supply the needs of every believer. Is he not able?

They provoked God in Psalm 78:19. They said, Can God provide a table in the wilderness? Question
mark. I hate question marks. I don’t even like the way it looks. It’s like a circle and then down
and a dot. I do not like them. Of course, if God asks them, it’s okay. Can God supply all these
people, – can God provide a table in your wilderness. Can God take care of you in a trial? That’s
only one! Can God take care of you in a trial? Hallelujah! Can God be there for any test you go
through? Is his presence with you? Yes, hallelujah. Not only does he live in you because you
have the Holy Spirit but his with abiding presence is there. Amen. He’s a provider. He’s Yahweh

Jireh, the Lord who sees and the Lord who provides in Genesis 22:1-2. That’s his name. He supplies
my needs and he does it from the beginning to the end.
Think of how God kept you before you got saved so you could get saved. Hello? How many
years God kept us. God kept me. Then from salvation from 1976 for me personally all the way
to 2022. God’s what? You heard it this morning in an amazing message. God’s kept us. He’s
kept us. That’s incredible. He will supply all of our needs. Don’t doubt him. Don’t live with
human reason. Don’t be anxious. Don’t live in fear.

I’m going to supply all of your need according to what? His riches in glory, and there’s a lot of riches in glory. As we close, two things tonight. I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. I can do all things. And
he will supply all of my need. All of my need.



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