Much could be said theologically about the unchangeable way of the Lord. Yet, He is personal and relational. He talks to us, and He listens to us. He can be swayed; the Scriptures tell us so for He is merciful and just. (Isaiah 38:1-2; 2 Samuel 12:14-16)

Speaker(s):  Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11327
7:30 PM on 9/6/2017


P. Schaller

Aren’t the young people in our church inspirational, edifying, Spirit filled, encouraging. Wow. Beautiful. Do you know the names of these ladies that sang?

Did you believe the story that P. Love told? Somehow I didn’t believe it but it was funny.

We spoke about spiritual disciplines of a Bible college student in our chapel. We went over four disciplines. First one is God conscious, Spirit-filled. Approaching a challenge with God. Being Spirit-filled. We are back in our fall schedule and there is a hurricane coming. So Debbie and Rene Villeneuve live down there. What are we doing about it? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I called P. Ken Fryers and said what can we do? He said we have been through this many times. Keep us in prayer. He had a great attitude. Prayer and love and everything we approach if we can walk in life with God consciousness. Being Spirit filled.

Acts 1:8. What does it mean to be Spirit filled in a few words?

P. Love: Under the complete control of the H.S.

P. Scibelli: He took my answer. What’s your name? If you are Spirit-filled in Col 3 and then Word of God filled in Eph 5, I’m under the control of the Spirit. Led by the Spirit. The Spirit is helping me make decisions. The Spirit wrote the Bible, so I would be learning to love the Bible.

P. Steve: To be Spirit filled is to be like a child before the Lord. Appreciating the wonder of God and his Word.

Recognizing we need him for all W at all times. We can ask him. It’s free. If we are not Spirit- filled it’s because we don’t ask. What do we do with jealousy, hatred, guilt, confusion? David’s pattern was make a song out of it. Make your complaint know to the Lord. Only one being can handle all our stuff and it’s him. I believe he is the initiator. God is the primary initiator and we respond.

We have a Finnish missionary here. We have Jacob. Would you stand? He’s from Ethiopia. He is here in the church. He told me a Finnish missionary has been living in Ethiopia 53 years and is visiting Maryland. This is her. Her story is amazing. Her parents when she was 3 years old had a vision to be missionaries in Ethiopia. They moved to Canada to make money and save money so they could go there as missionaries. Her parents were evangelists. They handed out tracts and went from village to village. They lived in Canada 7 years. She was 10 when she left Canada. They went village to village preaching. When she was 16, she got the idea to have an orphanage. So she started one. 480 children have been through her orphanage. A few of them live here in Maryland and invited her to come. They are grown up and adults and invited her. This is Malachi and he is a pastor. Were you in her orphanage? He was an orphan boy in her orphanage. They are here tonight. Isn’t it a beautiful story? At the rap today, we had them share and after the service we will do the same in the café.

What happens when we are Spirit-filled? What happens when God is the initiator and we respond and walk with him? The Lord speaks to our hearts from this book. I want to say when we are taught the Bible and we respond to God in our heart, the H.S. anoints us and we are God’s anointed. We have courage and faith. I think a Finnish family saying we are going to Canada making money to move to Ethiopia to evangelize is pretty remarkable. Nobody here is able to do what God wants us to do. It is the H.S. that has us live this new life. It’s the Holy Spirit that has us in our faith to be stirred up in faith response to God. Responding in our heart to God and what he says. Being Spirit taught and edified. We also said at lunch time.

The Ethiopian brother said thousands have come to Christ through these people. In their history in Ethiopia, there was Communism. They persecuted Christians. And we had an Ethiopian sister in Sweden, a refugee and a great believer. It’s growing and the Spirit is moving.

What happens to all of us when we don’t have Bible teaching? We become legalistic. We become Christians in our flesh. We do our duty and live our life but we lack joy and love and grace. It is the H.S. that brings the grace of God and love of God in our hearts. We need to be fed and edified and realize the nature of God. God is love.

Say to yourself God loves me. Say it out loud. Turn to your neighbor and say God loves you. I can understand God loving me but can hardly believe God would love you! But he does! God loves me and is for me and God loves us.

God loves the people in Ethiopia. God has a plan. We are Spirit filled. He initiates Truth towards us, love, and wisdom. He initiates to us and we respond. And walk with him.

I remember Dr. Stevens said in the first year of Bible college, wake up and quote Jn 3:16 not just mechanically but in your heart and in faith. For God so loved and stop there. God. God so loved. God is love. God loves. God so loved the world. Everyone in the world. Everyone on the earth. Every person. He said walk around in your room and become God conscious. Put all your stuff away and make a big deal about God. God, you love so much you gave your Son. Let me be involved in that. Fill me with your Spirit. Whoever believes in him – evangelism. Will not perish but have everlasting life. Salvations. People coming. People being filled with the Spirit. People growing in faith and turning to Christ.

We have this prayer for our church to increase and have depth and a lot of love. Our church to have faith and to know the character of God.

We can change God’s mind. I can’t do a good job with it tonight because the IPad and the list of what God does to change and immutable and on the other side of the list God changes. Theologically it’s a great lesson. God doesn’t change regarding Israel and his covenant but does when it comes to mercy and taking judgment away.

Jer 15:6 he said I’m even tired of all my repenting. I’m going to be short and choppy but you can follow it. God is tired of changing and repenting. He’s going to judge them and they say their prayers and plead with God and he changes. They turn to God and he changes. He does change. You say he can’t change. He knows the end from the beginning. I understand but listen to what I’m saying for a change! God changes. I love it. God changes.

Hezekiah, Is. 38:1b-2 God changed his mind. God says turn around and go back and tell him I’ll give him another 15 years. Stop your belly aching. This means a lot to me, to you. I love it.

You cannot figure it out in your systematic theology. He does not change regarding his covenant. He does use the word in Hebrew, he is changing, repented he made the human race in Ge 6. He said to Moses I’m going to destroy the Jews and make a new nation around you. Moses said you cannot do that and he changed his mind. Yes, he changed his mind. That means a lot to me.

People think of the world as billiard balls on a pool table and it’s all mechanical and mathematical. Predestination and all the mechanical thinking about it. People that say it cannot change. The hurricane is coming to Florida. Are you sure? What if God said the hurricane will go to Florida and you say you can change God’s mind. You can.

Syrophoenician woman. Mt. 15:21-26.

The hurricane is coming up through Florida. That’s the way it is can’t do anything about it. I have problems in my finances; can’t do anything about it. Muslims say what it is the will of Allah. Period. Not in our faith. You can do something about it. Sister and brother you can do something about it. We are talking about God. It’s not a mechanical Swiss watch or clock. It’s a person who can change his mind. The more you know him, the clearer it is. He doesn’t change and he changes. You cannot figure it out but have to get more flexible in your thinking. When we have a living God like a person you can have influence with. It’s a lot of fun. You can do business with God. You are going to die today. No God. He cried a lot. Lord said ok. 15 more years. You wimpy little God you! That’s how people think about it. I’m not blaspheming him. I’m respectful. But some people say the strength of a military general is more appealing to them. Those people are easy to get. It’s a function of temperament and personality. I don’t care about that. I care about a reality that is in tune with the heart of God.

God is a merciful God. He loves mercy. He loves to give mercy. This woman who said I don’t care what you call me. I’ll take the scraps off the bottom of the table. Throw me a bone. I know who you are. We are doing business with God. We have been here long enough to know this is not the last point!

2 Sam 12:14 David has sinned with Bathsheba. If you have problems with adultery or sexuality, you are in a good place in this church. As you listen, God will fill you with his Spirit. When you are broken and hear from God he will set you free. You have a future with our God. Our God is forgiving and merciful and gracious. We learn to break bad habits. We cannot shake them in our flesh but in the Spirit we are set free. In the finished work we are liberated. Through the cross of Christ we are set free from death to life. You can become an excellent student by the Holy Spirit. P. Hadley wasn’t a good student. Oops! Should I say that? Many of us weren’t good students. The Spirit affected our study and concentration. We started to read this and get divine focus and concentration on God’s presence.

A lot of times the presence of God takes the back seat to all our distractions. Bad habits are broken with God. David sins with Bathsheba. Shouldn’t have done it. He was a sinner and so are you. This sin could be committed by you. God keep me from such horrendous pain. Protect me from these sins of shame and debilitation. I’m purposing to respond to God and he will deliver me.

Is Ed here? I need you to stand up for a second. You want to turn around for a second. He said when he got in some trouble, he turned to God. He didn’t know what to do so he started praying. Every couple seconds through the day. Please say it’s true! Every couple minutes! See how stories change. Soon it will be every few decades! He prayed every couple minutes. He wasn’t in a church. He went to God. The guy is an amazing brother. God helped him. The C. life is not hard. Pray every couple minutes and say God help me. God teach me to pray. Every couple minutes say a prayer. Pray without ceasing. Learn to be thankful in everything. The Lord brought him here. Then his sister came. Which is the greatest?! God brought this family. It’s not hard but it is necessary that we trust in God in our lives.

David was on the roof top and saw a beautiful woman bathing. I think she was involved in the whole thing too, according to P. Ben’s opinion. God said to David you will not die.

vs. 14. 2 Sam 12:14. The baby born will die is what God said. What did David say?

vs. 16. I thought God said he would die. David said I know he said that but I know him. I can change his mind. I can pray. God is not a cold hearted guy. God is a God of judgment but that is only part of the story. If you say God do you know he is a personal God? Loving, forgiving, and the child will surely die. I know he said that but I can get a hold of God. I haven’t been walking with him from the adultery to the present, but he has corrected me and I know who he is. Believe me he can answer. If he wants to do that he can do it. I’m not going to give up.

vs. 16-18. God said he would die and he died. I know but do you get the point? In between that point and time he said it and died I had a window of opportunity and I could go to God because I know the nature of God. I could pray and fast and ask God and after the child is dead, I’m not ashamed because I know who God is.

vs. 18. He would not hearken unto your voice.

I’m not saying the hurricane is not coming through Florida. Maybe a bad illustration. You get the idea. Against all odds we are talking about God. He can change the heart of a king, of a person, of an unbeliever. God can make a saint out of a sinner. He can change the history of the world. He says come unto me and ask. Knock and it shall be opened. Do business with me. But to be honest, I have a lot of people who are pushovers. They are not getting ahold of me through the Spirit. They are not in tune with me and taking ahold of me.

Come unto me and believe me and we can get it done. That’s a good message.



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