What can catch you? What can take you out? Proverbs 7 tells the story of a foolish young man who was drawn into adultery. We need discernment. We need a sense of what could capture us and take us. Strong men are slain by flattery and seduction. Let’s take heed to wisdom and its warnings for wisdom is a good and understanding sister. Proverbs 7

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11967
6:30 PM on 10/4/2020

P. Schaller –

I heard P. Stan
Collins just flew in and he’s over here. P. Lange from Hungary and P. Post from Nepal. Anyone
else came in from abroad? We want to welcome you. Welcome P. Stan.

P. Stan –

I just want to say what a pleasure it is. I was here in March and right before our
quarantine started in Argentina. It still isn’t over but I snuck away. I wanted to say that when I
was here in March, I was here and Marlboro and in P. Doug and Beth’s and P. John and Nancy’s
house and the grace in those homes is remarkable. I was in the Westera home and the grace. I
was with the Ecuadorian young people. They call themselves the “equadorks.” That was their
idea. The grace that you have makes you so attractive. The grace we have as the people of God
that we have received and received. I have been appreciating so much P. Schaller’s messages
especially not just on being takers but if we don’t receive, we have nothing to give. This is the
interesting thing I wanted to say about Argentina and Buenos Aires. I want to say this about the
Argentines, it’s remarkable.

They are giving. They are giving. They are ministering because they
are receiving grace. They are like you. It’s so of course I want to be with you because of the
grace that you have. Some people in the world don’t have any grace. Some people it seems that
some don’t want it. What we are doing is looking for the ones that want it. We are finding
people that want grace. There is nothing better than that to find people that want grace. That
are starving for grace and will eat it. They will become gracious people. They become full of
grace. It is pleasant to be with them. Just as it’s unpleasant to be – I had two plane rides in the
last 24 hours and sitting beside a guy but no grace.

The first one the woman started out like get your foot off of my side but during the 9.5-hour plane ride to Miami, we had some conversations. In the morning before we got off the plane, she said I want to say I’m sorry for
the foot thing! She has some grace. If you have some grace, you can say I’m sorry. If you can say
I’m sorry, you are fun to be with. If you can’t say I’m sorry, you are not fun to be with. It’s so
special to be together. We are so grateful Karen and I. Karen is like we called her the unsung
hero for a while but we sing a lot about here so she’s not unsung any more. She’s the sung
hero. I want to say this last thing; am I supposed to pray then? There’s a lot of grace here. I
want to say this: come and help us in Latin America. Come and help us teach the people to have
grace. They are getting it. Come and help us.

P. Schaller –

They did a great job, didn’t they? How many were able to hear P. Love’s message
this morning at 9:00? One of the illustrations he gave was about the tiger, the small kitten
maybe. Cub? P. Love, do you want to explain that? Go ahead. If it goes into preaching a whole
message. How much time do I have? I think we mentioned how people get those kinds of pets.
One woman got a pet tiger, cute, adorable and she loved it and slept with it and like any tiger it
began to grow. It continued to grow and was living in her home. At one point it’s a killer by
nature it turned on her and took her life. The point we made is it’s the innocent things, the
seemingly alright things we allow in our lives and thoughts in our minds and practices we allow
in our hearts when we are younger and we don’t realize how potentially dangerous they can become but in time, they begin to grow and turn on you and can do great damage and harm.
That was the point.

Can you give one example? I would but it would be too revealing of myself. I
don’t want anyone to know me after the flesh! I’m trying to think of somebody else I know!
Yeah, like, I’ll give this illustration. I was very young and we had a pond in our town. Back then
people would throw their cigarettes on the ground in the sand. We were 12 or 13 and would
pick them up and get matches and whatever was left, we smoked them. Don’t do that today.
You’ll be a statistic. Because we did that and then able to get someone to purchase cigarettes
and before you know it, it became a habit and eventually had to be broken because it was a
potential danger. It was innocent at first and people would laugh but eventually became

P. Schaller –

Turn to Proverbs 22. I don’t know how much it will happen tonight. In principle, it’s on
my heart to teach about exhortation and the importance of receiving exhortation in the church.
I heard about another church somewhere I think it was Presbyterian and in the church a
marriage was falling apart. A couple of the elders went to the family and sat down and had a
serious talk with the husband and wife. They were intervening in the family situation to try and
save the marriage. As I thought about that story, I thought about how much God could
intervene in my life because sometimes I take a little pussy cat – cuddly, warm little cat – and I
bring it into bed with me and fed him and he’s my pet and I don’t realize what I am preparing
for my life in the future. This proverb says the same thing.

Proverbs 22:3 prudent means he is understanding something. He is prudent, smart, kind of predicting, anticipating the future and he sees the evil coming. It says that about Noah in chapter 11 in Hebrews. I never heard a
message on it this way. Noah moved with fear built an ark. I never really got ahold of that in my
mind or my spirit but I think it raises questions. What was he afraid of? It would be easy to say
God showed him the flood was coming. God showed him the judgment that was coming and it
frightened him in a good way and he was moved with fear. Maybe that’s why we evangelize.
Maybe we are moved by fear that that man or woman may go to hell and I’m moved by that.
That’s important in our world view in our doctrinal understanding. Some are concerned about
America; the United States of America and we are moved by fear of what can happen in this
country. And we were moved in D.C. for prayer and more than 100,000 went and many on the

Many Christians are moved by fear. The prudent man sees the evil coming. Look at the
verse. Chapter 22:3. I have six words that many of us understand these words. They are
common words that kind of describe people in general. 1) People are guilty, some more than
others. 2) wandering. The list isn’t my message but the list can help you follow me in the
message. Wandering. My heart is prone to wander. I am a wanderer. I am by nature. It’s easy. I
can wander. I can go off and be in a mood. But something happened in my life that changed me
and it was a hiding place, Proverbs 22:3. What does the prudent man do? He sees the evil coming
and he hides himself. If you are a wanderer, the best thing for you would be in a hiding place. If
you are guilty, the best thing for you and I would be in a hiding place. Through the years, we
heard messages on the hiding place, Psalm 90:1.

We are hid with Christ in God. Colossians 3:3, I believe that God has helped us so much by having a hiding place. It’s a different kind of hiding place. Without a hiding place, you end up in the casino, proud, arrogant, wandering. 3) tempted. 4) Afflicted. People are afflicted. The boss mistreated them. Their dad mistreated them. At school,
they were afflicted somehow. They carry their affliction. They have a disability. Maybe they
were born with some handicap. They’re afflicted. Maybe they were married a couple times and
hurt by their family being broken. It’s normal to live this life and be afflicted. What is needed is
a hiding place. Elijah got afraid of Jezebel and ran away and hid in the cave. Bible teachers say it
was the same place Moses hid in the cleft of the rock where the glory of God passed by. Elijah
went to the same place and hid there in a hiding place designed by God for the afflicted. David
in the cave when he ran away from Saul. Mistreated by the king.

The highest authority in the country is against me. David would say I have a hiding place. I am hurt but I found a hiding place. The prudent man sees the evil coming and he hides. It’s more than hiding from the evil
coming. It’s hiding from my own self. My wandering heart, my foolishness, my emptiness, my
loneliness, my guilt, my fears. There is a hiding place for us. It’s amazing. 5) discouraged. How
much that happens. 6) lonely. My message is not this but leads us to it. I want to show you
about a young man who falls into trouble by a woman in the street in Proverbs 7. Follow that with
me. I want to say tonight that the point of the message and many messages we hear through
the year is prepare our heart so we will enjoy life. That’s a good word. We will enjoy life. It will
be simple. Like today the sun is shining in the parking lot and enjoy life. We had donuts because
of Ryan and his team and Scott’s son Phil is here.

Scott Dubay is to enjoy life. You and I are to enjoy life. You can look at this life and I would be enjoying life but because of number 4 or 3 or 2. I’m prone to wander. That happens a lot in this life that we are living. I cannot believe it but I’m so thankful for the miracle of grace in my life. I have to say to the businessmen here. I have
such honor for businessmen that can run a good business. I could not do that. I can’t believe if
you raised a family and it’s been a blessed family and you got a beautiful family and I say I could
not do that. I’m not wise enough, smart enough, gracious enough but it happened to me. I want
to say in my heart I’m a simple person. I don’t know anything. I don’t know anything except
what I want to say here now. I don’t know how it is I found a hiding place where it was grace
and peace and love. I found a hiding place where God would teach me wisdom when I’m
tempted. I made a lot of stupid decisions but made enough right ones.

I’ve enjoyed life a lot. Yesterday we had a family wedding in New Jersey. My niece got married and the sun was
shining and with my sisters and a lot of people. I don’t know who they are. P. Bailey preached. I
was on the hayride and I’m saying God how did this happen. I’m enjoying it so much. I don’t
hate anyone. I don’t fear anyone. I’m simple. I’m dumb in a good way. I saw the evil coming in
life. If you leave me to myself to this stuff on the board, if you let that stuff govern my life, I
don’t know where I’d end up so I hide and so do you. In that hiding place, there is exhortation.
This is an important word. I beseech you. I implore you. I beg of you. I need your attention. I
want you to be serious. I beseech you. I exhort you. Do not do that. Knock it off. Wise up. Grow
up. Get it from God. Find god. Be in a hiding place from God. Take the rebuke.

Receive it. Do not despise prophesying. Do you know that a lot of believers and all the group of 100 believers
and there are believers get exhorted by the Holy Spirit’s gift to build them up in the hiding place God has provided for us and those that don’t have it? They walked away from it or wandered
from it. They don’t want to be around people. They don’t want to read their Bible so much.
They don’t want to be serious about their faith. They can manage. They got the ability. I don’t
have the control over those six things on the board. I need Jesus Christ to do this. I need Christ
to do this, help me, be my life, guide me and lead me and deliver me from the woman of Proverbs
7. Let’s take a pause. Selah. Think that over. Proverbs 7:1-2 I don’t know how to get this across to
people. You might say I don’t love the Bible that much. I want to say to everyone, it grows little
by little. It’s the opposite of the pussy cat, the tiger in the house.

This little thing that grows isn’t going to devour you. It’s going to save you. It’s not going to suddenly take you out but gradually lead you. You’ll say how did that happen. I don’t have the skill, the power, the energy, the
interest but I’m on fire for God. This is his nature. It is slow. It takes time. It grows. Vs. 3-4. Can
you say that? Say unto wisdom thou art my sister? I don’t have any sister. Yes, wisdom is my
sister. Vs. 4. What does that mean? Wisdom is like my hiding place, my sister. But there is a
woman on the street that wants to seduce me. She is in contrast to the woman in my house
that is my sister. The wisdom that will deliver me is my sister. It’s not seduction. It’s wisdom. It’s
not emotional. It’s insightful, personal. In our family we are in a family of wisdom, of

We are relating to each other. Vs. 5-7. What was this boy? What was it with this
boy? That was the story of this boy up on the screen. Any variation of those words. Was the boy
lonely? Maybe. Was he wandering? Yeah. Goofing around? Yeah. Kitty, cat, tiger I brought in
my house was it fluffy and nice and cuddly? Did he have any idea where it was going to go? Did
this young man realize his life was on the line? Did he realize where this was going to lead him?
I know this has a sexual connotation but get it in another angle. The sexual thing is a profile of
how these influences and powers affect an emotional, suggestive person. I’m going to be drawn
to it. An empty soul is an empty soul. Wait! He’s not an empty soul. He’s filled with this. That’s
who he is. He doesn’t know the evil that is coming. He doesn’t know the danger he is in. He
doesn’t know where it will take him.

Where in a university classroom would someone hear a message like this one? What family is teaching about a hiding place that would keep me from the woman that would take me out? P. Love mentioned cigarettes. Proverbs 9:17 says…stolen waters are sweet. Bread eaten in secret is pleasant. Those proverbs mean when you steal
something, there is something exciting about it. It’s sweet. An addiction maybe like stolen
water or bread eaten in secret. There is an adrenaline rush. Maybe I’m tempted but give into
the temptation and I find a kind of pleasure, Proverbs 20:17. Afterwards, I have gravel in my mouth.
This story goes this way, Proverbs 7:8. I don’t know I just went into her house. My feet took me
there. I don’t know why I did it. It just happened. I’m so sorry. I don’t know how I got into this
mess. What happened? You’re not prepared. You don’t have a hiding place. You don’t know
where to go with the temptation.

You don’t have a preparation in your soul. Many of us look back on life and say it is amazing to follow Jesus. It is amazing to get this book in your heart and spirit. It is amazing to have good friends and have the spirit like P. Stan said like grace and edification in a household. For a family to have grace and edification and not gossiping and
arrogance but low status of servanthood and love and grace and faith and godliness. The
woman is there but I don’t pay much attention. How did you do that? I don’t know. I got into a hiding place and it grew in me. God had the authority over my feet. I knew where I was going. I
was steadfast in my direction. I wasn’t lonely. I wasn’t searching. God fulfilling his word and
saying I will guide you and you are hid with me in Christ. Your life is the evidence of that. It’s
awesome. Vs. 9. P. Brian used to say nothing good happened after midnight. He modified it. I
though it was 10! Nothing good happens after 10!

That’s a good word. No sleepovers. That’s your call as a parent. Nothing good happens after 10:00. In the twilight, the woman looks good. Guys ever notice that? In the twilight the woman looks good. In the shadows. The reason you can talk about those things is because you have authority over it. You have found the hiding
place. Vs. 10-11. Nothing to get you stimulated like a proud, loud woman who is confident and
able to take you and lead you like a horse led by a bridle. Something that is small and cuddly in
the beginning but will bite like a viper. I don’t care about the alcohol thing. I don’t care about it
at all. I’m an enemy of it. I have nothing to do with it. It’s like a little pussy cat in the beginning
but will take you out, put you in jail, a car accident. It will destroy your marriage. I made my
decisions and I’m richer by it, happier by it. I do not need it.

Do not look at the wine while it is in  the cup. Proverbs 22. Did you guys ever memorize that? Proverbs 7:12-13. She caught him. What is catching people today out of that list? What will catch you? Your guilt, wandering, affliction,
discouragement, loneliness will catch you. But you foresee it. You foresee it and figure it out.
You know what it is. If that cat is in your house. I don’t mean domestic cats! Don’t talk that way
about my cat! Jesus would come in the house and say get the cat out of here. I mean the tiger,
not little Spotty! Get that cat out of here. It will take you out. Get the magazines or the pictures
on the computer. Get the alcohol out of here. C. Zola dumped hundreds of dollars of alcohol
down the toilet. Hundreds of dollars down the drain laughing. It’s out of here. It’s gone. I don’t
care about it. It’s going. I found a hiding place.

Should we end there? Vs. 13-14. She could say I am religious. I believe in Jesus. I got peace offerings with me. I went to mass today. I paid my vows. I’m a good person. I’ve done my duty. Come and sleep with me. Vs. 14-15. I like you. You are handsome. You smell good. You’re the kind of man I am looking for. What if you heart is an
empty heart. This woman is awesome. Is she? At the end of the chapter it says she has cast
down many wounded. Vs. 26. Many strong men have been slain by her. Who is at fault? The
strong men. They were too strong. They weren’t weak. They weren’t depending on Jesus. They
were famous men, good men, honorable men and it’s over. The shame will not be removed.
That’s Proverbs 6:33. This is adultery. His reproach shall not be wiped away. I asked Dr. Stevens
that question. It says an adulterer his reproach will not be wiped away. I thought through Jesus’
blood all our sin and guilt are wiped away.

He said that’s true but it also says that. That man who commits adultery is carrying it and it should be wiped away through the finished work of Christ, no doubt about it. This is not a small thing. Adultery is a horrible thing. It’s a terrible thing. It should never happen. Exhortation is part of the Christian life. You should get it to that
degree that sometimes you are restless in your seat. I may not like it. Other times I love it. I
need it. The world is suffering because I said this morning two things love and instruction are
missing in people’s lives. Love and instruction. This is the instruction part now. I’m saying these
things and maybe it’s enough. Is it? Vs. 15-16. The linens are from that guy on TV. My pillow. I
brought the linens from Egypt. The linens are amazing. The perfume is incredible. Vs. 17. Would  you get used to looking at life see through the perfume and smell the garbage. Look past the
beauty and see the ugliness.

Get past the temptation and see where it takes you. I see the filling of the Spirit. I see the gifts of the Spirit. I see the vision for the state of Maryland. We don’t need to go to the other parts of the world. We can’t anyway. Why not go to the next town, reach our relatives, go into our neighborhoods and share the message of Jesus. A lot of
people are in trouble and we are not by God’s grace. We come here with joy and a hungry heart
and listening ears and anticipation and preparation for the future. We know the terror of the
Lord in 2 Corinthians 5:11 at the judgment seat of the bema. And we are getting prepared for it. Vs. 18.
Let’s relax in each other’s arms. Let’s have a kind of thing we get released and relax in this love
in my bed and the perfume and the whole thing going on. Yeah! Yeah! Look at the list. He’s
going to go. He doesn’t have any power.

Nothing else is happening in his heart. I got Christ. Why aren’t you wandering? I got Christ. Why aren’t you goofing around? Why aren’t you wasting time, idle time and say lion in the street and not doing anything? I got Jesus in my
heart. I got faith. I got too much to do. We have to go to D.C. and get all the liberals converted…
that’s what we are doing. We don’t have time for this foolishness. Vs. 19. Is that her husband? I
was in Hungary in the prostitution section and there was a prostitute on the street. I go over to
her and the pimp is in the Mercedes watching the whole thing. I find out that’s the woman’s
husband. I go to him is that your wife? He said, yes. I go, are you kidding me? Are you kidding
me? The guy could be dangerous but I could care less. Good rebuke to him. You need Jesus in
your life. We need money for our family. Don’t give me the family thing. Your kid is starving. No
macaroni so you have to sell your wife. You have to sell your car.

The good man is on a journey and taking a bunch of money with him. She threw that in there. That’s the way people talk to empty people. They have the words they drop. They are fishing. He’s got a bag of money. We
have money. You got money. Wow. What a story. God wrote that story. Did God put that in
there? Is God real? Does God have something to say to us? Shame on you that man in the
street with his car and his wife. Shame on you. I’m not here to be a judge but a minister of
Christ. We are here to share a message. The evil in the world is a lot worse than you and I
realize. This world is in a lot of trouble with God. It is. Don’t be part of that. No. vs. 20-22, he is
going to the slaughter. He doesn’t know it. He is going to the slaughter. Vs. 23. If you go into a
place like New York City, you should know where you are going and go there and get out. If you
go on the internet, know where you are going and get out. If you have any wandering in you,
get out.

When I go to the grocery store, oh I need that. Why did I come in here? Look at that!
It’s on sale. I have to be in my car in the parking lot praying. I’m in and out of there. I ‘m going in
and out and don’t bother me. I’m on a mission. If you want to be a happy, Spirit filled, blessed
person, we are not living by law but living in a hiding place of grace and power and truth. This
church is part of that. I need it. I need it. To those at home, God bless you. But come on. You’re
welcome and be part of it. We need it.



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