God’s hand is in all the details of our lives. He chose us and crafted His purpose for us before the foundation of the world. Let us be receivers of His purpose. (2 Timothy 1:9; 2 Timothy 3:10)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Steve Scibelli
Sermon # 11419
7:30 PM on 2/14/2018


P. Schaller

(De 33) Is it Valentine’s Day? How many of you guys missed it?! Some of them.

De. 33 is about going up on the high places.

vs. 29. Enemies will be found liars. In my life, there are doors. What happens when I don’t have doors? What do doors mean? You go in and out. Opportunity, a way to go. These doors can be very important. On this level, there are doors. But Jesus said I AM the door. This is spiritual. What happens is I have the doors here in my life but when they are closed or I get in trouble with these doors, God is with me and he says to me I AM the door. This is a door that is so important in my life. This is THE DOOR. When Jesus shows me who he is, I go up on a high place and I look at the doors that were closed or caused trouble for me and I tread on the high places. I have found the real answer for my life. I found life. I found God. When the Jews came out of Egypt they had a lot of enemies. They were thirsty, hungry, other tribes against them and they found life difficult in the wilderness.

The Lord is speaking in De 33 saying your enemies will be put out in front of you and you will know. You will know. The wilderness cannot destroy you because I am God. This is a thing in our lives that we get so much occupied here – “He didn’t pay me. I worked hard. He stole from me.” “The girl I fell in love with she has nothing to do with me and my heart is broken.” “I got a doctor’s report today and it’s not good news.” On and on it goes. I believe that God wants to show himself to us to be God. Not just somebody far away. I will show you that those things cannot really take you out because I have put you in a place where I am your God and I will lead you in and out and I will show you. Those things are real but I am touched very deeply by the fact I have joy, life, hope. That boss of mine that didn’t pay me I pity him because he has a tough life when he’s a thief and dishonest. He needs my prayers. The young lady that broke my heart. If it’s not God’s plan for me and her, God bless her because God has a good plan. God will heal me and help me and lead me. Jesus said I am the way, the door, the bread, the Christ, the answer. I am what you need. Your enemies shall be found what? Liars. They cannot have authority over you. They cannot be that important. They would like to tear us down and throw us away. It’s like a small thing from this point of view. It hurts at the time but we have found God. You shall tread upon their high places. It goes even more. These are like demons. Stay down there. You are nobody. What right do you have? You are a victim and you’re not going to get out of it. You see Jesus and worship him and he puts you up here. You look down and go wow, that’s amazing.



P. Scibelli

(2 Tim.) Bible school is amazing. The students are incredible. Philippe is a great leader in the Bible school. He owes me a visit to Africa.

2 Tim. 1:9 not only does God save us but there is something further God wants to do in our lives. Three words have stuck in my brain: according to “his own purpose.” Your salvation and calling and purpose was given to you before the world began. Do I think about that when I’m facing situations in our lives? There goes worry, fear, doubt, human reason.

2 Tim 3: 10. Jesus saved me, called me and gave me his own purpose before the world began. The second verse I want to illustrate. P. Eugene, isn’t he a great man of God? How does his own purpose become my purpose? That’s the thought tonight. Obviously it’s by grace and it’s eternal. It’s given. We are then given grace in the purpose. I want a purpose to receive grace. You have fully known my purpose. Fully known is you walk right next to me. PARAAKULATEUO (sp?). Following near together. You have fully known my purpose. How does his own purpose become my purpose? I can get caught up in the who, what, and where of the Christian life. Does God have this for me or that for me? Where does he want me to live? Is it being a student in college? A doctor, lawyer, pastor, missionary? We get so caught up in those things and we can miss the key. God’s purpose is to love me. Happy Valentines’ Day! God’s purpose is to give me mercy, grace, his word, and his promises. What I’m doing and where I’m going is secondary. In some measure it is important but if I knew where to go and where to be and I didn’t have his love and purpose and mercy and grace and wasn’t fellowshipping with God, what good would the secondary things be? They would be devoid of God. First is be a person who receives from the purpose of J.C. It was eternal and given before the world began. I receive this purpose from God. Purpose means where you’ve been placed. Where I’m been position. In the Father and his plan, in the Son and in the Spirit and in the Body by the ministry of the Holy Spirit rather than think of the secondary things, so occupied mentally I have a spiritual nervous breakdown. I don’t know what to do. What does that matter? From 71 to 80 I have a certain thing I want to do and then 80 to 90 if I tarry. I had this thought about in 1976, after I got saved, I was very confused for one year in life. I was born again but didn’t have any idea what to do. Many don’t know the purpose of God because they are not in a church that knows God’s purpose. I will flounder trying to find the purpose of God. To glorify God, make disciples, love people, and raise people in a Christian school and a Bible school. When you are in a church with a purpose, it’s very simple. Say amen on a Wed. night.

After being saved, I was wandering for a year. Then on the right side of the road on a Thursday one year later in January I had the radio on and a voice came on the radio, Telephone Time. I heard a man speaking. Who is this? After I heard it I called my brother. We were saved the same week and didn’t know it. We never even heard the word “born again” but it was God. God came in and saved us. Wandering about the both of us for a year or so until we heard a voice on the radio. I said to my brother, we’re going to find that voice. We hunted it down to Day Street. Bible study taught by P. Tom Stewart. He was in Greece for many years. It began to unfold in our lives the particulars of the purpose of God when we came into the Bible Speaks.

1 Sam 25:22-26, Tom Stewart preached a message in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1982, my life is bound up with a living bundle with the Lord my God and he will cast out my enemies. I’m in the purpose of God and bound to him and God is bound to me.

I love it because when you connect it to Acts 20:22, Paul says I go bound in the Spirit unto Jerusalem not knowing the things that await me there or befall me there. In every city I go, bonds and afflictions await me. Here is the H.S. witness. Every city you go into you will have trouble. Imagine if God said that to you. I’ve had an interesting week with situations and people overseas. He said because he knows the purpose of God, God has finished the work, is merciful to you, kind to you, faithful to you, Paul. None of these things move me. P. Stevens said what will it take to move you? I was frightened by that question. I wasn’t going to say like Peter, I’ll never quit. You’ll deny the Lord with a six fold denial. My life is not important to me. Isn’t that contrary to the world system? Live your life to the fullest baby. Say to yourselves, don’t quit. Not thinking my life is dear and not going to quit. Paul was bound by the Spirit to the purpose of God. That’s what God wants to do in all of our lives.

You’re up in NY State, and this baby boy is born named Tom Schaller. There are millions in New York and God has a hand on this young boy, this family, this father, this mother. Your sister is here, right? God has his hand on this young boy.

Rom 8:28 God has an eternal purpose. He’s going to save this man and call him. He’s already had it figured out. I can’t believe what I’m doing today. God already knew that. No surprises. God is in 2018. God isn’t surprised we fail. This person can go through things and then meets P. Stevens and goes to Bible school and God raises him up as an amazing pastor. God has an eternal purpose. His own purpose becomes my own purpose. Now I’m in a place of receiving from God.

Ezra 4:5, they hired counselors to frustrate the purpose. The devil and his ambassadors hired counselors to nullify, make void, and frustrate the purpose of God. Swedish men over there. Say amen! There are hired counselors against us to frustrate Ezra and Nehemiah from glorifying God and building the temple and the wall for the people’s safety and security.

“Why would you want to go to Bible school? You’ve already been to engineering school…are you sick in the head?” Is your brain gone? For what? What are you going to do?” Get to know God. You go to Bible school to get to know God. When you get to know God, you are something already. God has a purpose for Abraham, Joseph. There are things that happened to us that are allowed by God to fulfill a purpose we might know nothing about.

David Livingstone was a 12 year old boy and he was up in the choir loft and Robert Moffat came to preach in that church. He preached Prov 8:4 and there wasn’t a man in the audience. It was a whole church of women. I call unto you sons of men. He went away and you know who was in the choir loft? David Livingstone. He walked 36,000 miles by foot. No BA for him, British Air. No cars. It was footwork. God had a purpose for that little boy.

That’s why we love Christian schools. If you are sewing clothes and your name is Tabitha or Dorcas, they will say look what she did in the Body. The thing we do in the Body is what counts. Giving offerings. Supporting and praying for the church. She was the only N.T. woman called a disciple. A seamstress.

Don’t evaluate what you think the purpose should be and beat yourself up and condemn yourself. God has an eternal purpose to know him, glorify him, receive from him and let God lead and work it all out. Purpose for Jeremiah, Ruth, David, for P. Steve Merullo. I said you’re not going to figure out God’s purpose by talking to your cat! I get it all the time from people, you don’t like animals do you? You don’t know what you’re talking about. We have an eternal purpose. It’s his own purpose. We get manifold wisdom and manifold grace in the purpose of God. Trials and tests will only enhance fellowshipping in the purpose of God. I want his own purpose to be my purpose. I’m not looking to the world to find my purpose. I’m not looking to be educated into a purpose. I’m not looking outside the Holy Spirit, the word of God and God’s life. It was given to me before the world began and it’s awesome to be a part of it. To know the purpose of God. The early church and you came to the church and found God’s purpose. Many churches do not know the purpose of God. They think they are there to be something that happens on Sunday morning. We can live in such temporal things. When we live in the temporal realm, everything troubles us. “That’s my seat.” “Why are you in my parking space?” It’s amazing how the enemy comes in and tries to get us occupied with so many things that take us away from the purpose of God. God’s purpose is to love you, give you grace, be merciful to me and you. For you to be blessed in the church.

This church has 651 voluntary affiliate churches throughout the world. 35,000 people come to church. 3500 to 4000 Bible college students. How? The church is in the purpose of God. I wouldn’t want to be any place else than be in a church that has an eternal purpose. Being people you hear a situation in missions or needs and you run to the cry to help people because you know the purpose of God. Thank you for being who you are. You’re an awesome church. Someone said something to me and I said stop right now. I don’t want to hear anything. I want to hear the truth in Christ. This is a ministry with a purpose and we are a people with a purpose. We are to grow to 1000 churches, a great target. Let’s be receivers in God’s purpose.

Job 33:17, enemy will try to withdraw men from God’s purpose disgusting him with his own self-sufficiency. I can’t fulfill anything. It’s only living in God’s purpose that glorifies him and gives me peace in my life.



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