Man lost his secure status in God at the Fall. Only by Spirit and Truth can we worship Him. We need liberation from our false self. No need to pretend. He loves and values us. (2 Corinthians 3:17-18; John 4:22-23)

Speaker(s): John Love, Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12431
7:00 PM on 12/21/2022

P. Schaller –

I’d like to lead you in prayer for a few moments. Alright. So here we are at the end of the year and anticipating
God. God is our expectation. I’d like you to turn to John 4:24. True worshippers. vs. 23. We have
that phrase “true worshippers” and vs. 22 you have “worship but you don’t know what.” “You
worship you know not what.” How many people worship but we don’t know what, right? That’s
very – what’s missing is content. What’s missing is, another word “doctrine.” Doctrine defines for
us God. I love to read the Bible and find verses where it’s like a tender word from God. I read
one today.

Turn to Isaiah 43. I want to point it out to you. Yes, Isaiah 43:22. This is God speaking. You have not
called upon me, O Jacob. How many people are ending the year and they are weary and
troubled and ending the year a little bit disenchanted maybe. Maybe afraid. They’re ending the
year and the Lord said, “you have not called upon me, O Jacob.” Jacob is that tender name God
had for Isarel. Jacob wrestled with God and God said your name shall be Israel for you have
power with God. But when he talks to Israel as deceitful or broken or very human, he calls
Israel, “Jacob.” You are tired of me, O Israel. You have been weary of me. You’re tired of me.

I thought how many people are tired of going to work every day. How many are weary of
physical exercise. You joined a gym and do it for a while and you get tired of it. How many get
tired of a relationship, of a friend maybe. How many get tired even of going to church maybe or
tired of doing the good thing or doing the right thing. How many get tired of God. God says this.
It’s kind of touching to me when I read that today. You have been weary of me. How could you
be weary of me? How could you be weary of God? Your God is too small. Your God is too angry.
Your God is too much of a judge. Your God is so boring. You are weary of God. You cannot be
weary of God. If you are, you are worshipping but don’t know what you worship. You may be
wrong in what you worship.

That’s why the Holy Spirit has been sent into our lives so that we would be guided in truth. Go
back to the woman at the well in John 4. This is just a few words of encouragement for us. John
4:23. The hour comes. What does that mean? There’s a time coming. Woman at the well.
There’s a time coming and it is now for you. It’s happening right here at the well. It’s for you. The
hour is coming and it is now. vs. 24. Let’s stop there and just think about this. How do you get up
in the morning? How do you pray? How do you in the middle of the afternoon? How do you live
when you are driving your car? How do you relate to life in the evening? Before you go to bed,
how are you thinking? How are you, how do you live? How do you relate to God? You are a true
worshipper. Then, how does that work?

Two things: True worshippers worship in the Spirit. This isn’t working. Okay. It’s not working.
Two words: Spirit and the other word is truth. So, one of the life-changing things that happened

in my life, I even remember where I was. I remember Dr. Stevens taught it in Woolwich-
Wiscasset church. How it was said I don’t remember that part of it, but I just started to think you

can say John 3:16 a couple ways. John 3:16. You don’t need to know a lot. But John 3:16,
worship in Spirit and truth are true worshippers.

Not everybody is a true worshipper. They may be sincere but they are limited in their life
because they are so much oriented to themselves. They have their life. It’s like this. Here’s the
person and they have their life and this is – they worship, the content is them. The Spirit is really
not the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is some interest in myself. The spirit of the world or my culture or
the discouragement or disappointment or so on. But you are true worshippers.

This is what it means. It goes, here I am in my life and we have that life but I go beyond my life
by the Holy Spirit by faith obedience. Faith. By surrender. By truth. The truth, the two go
together. We can say it like this: I get up in the morning and I’m a little discouraged or empty or
[noise]. Okay. God so loved the world. I could start right there. God so loved the world. God.
Stop right there. Worship God. The real God. The Creator of the heavens and the earth.

How fast – we went around the sun. How long did it take us to go around the sun this past year?
Three hundred sixty five and a quarter days. How fast was the planet traveling? How fast are we
moving right now through space? I think it’s 17,000 miles an hour. How fast are we turning on
the axis? I think it’s 800 miles an hour. How accurate is it? It is accurate. Is it always the same
route? No, because it’s always changing. The universe is moving. Isn’t that amazing? Why are
we alive tonight? God. It’s God that made it. God that is real. You are a worshipper of God the

But wait a minute. God so loved. You love me. You love me. Why are you weary of me, O
Jacob? Why are you tired of me? What’s the problem? Don’t you know who I am. Who I am. I
am God, right? God so loved. He loves you. God loves you. God can take care of you. God will
answer prayers. God will guide your footsteps. God will speak to you in your heart. God will
comfort you. God will take care of you.

God so loved the world, the world. Everybody. All sinners. Everybody. The worst. Murderers.
Child abusers. Liars. Deceitful. Proud. Arrogant. He so loved the world that he gave his unique
Son, the one and only. Just take that in the morning. What are you doing? You’re taking
objective truth – it’s not about you. It’s about doctrine. It’s about faith. It’s about getting eyes off
of what we see. It’s the invisible. It’s drawing in faith. It’s worshipping God and being in the Spirit
of God. They that worship God worship him in Spirit and in truth. This is life changing.

So then I thought about it as I learned that and started to do it in the morning. I got the idea. I
worked in a factory. I had a little Bible behind an electrical conduit pipe. I was doing my job and
memorizing the Bible. I had very bad days in the factory. I was so tired. I was so negative. Guys
were cursing and didn’t like being there. And everybody is complaining all the time. I just
decided I’m going to try something else. I’m going to start quoting Bible verses. I’m going to start
memorizing the Bible. I was in 22 months at that job or 24 months. I memorized a lot of Bible
verses. It changed my life. It changed the Spirit of my heart. It changed my life. It changed my
life. It was powerful. It changed my life. It changed my life. I can’t believe it.

I’m like everyone else except me, you and I, we have found and we are finding the value of
worship. True worshippers. They know what they worship. They hear from him. They are
encouraged. After eight hours of work, I was filled with energy. Honestly. I don’t want to talk so
much about myself but I got to give a testimony about it. It’s a reality. Life can change for you
and I. It’s about God. It’s about God cares about you.

You don’t get weary of God. You don’t get weary of church. You don’t get weary of your faith.
You don’t get weary in your relationships. You don’t get weary in everyday living. You don’t get
weary at the end of the year. But instead, we have our expectation is God as worshippers of
God. Isn’t that a good lesson?

I hope you hear – I’m saying it to encourage you. I know the Holy Spirit wants to say these kinds
of things to us. I know they are true. You take a Bible verse, mix faith with it, work on it in your
heart, be encouraged in it. I don’t intend it to be mechanical. I don’t intend this to sound like a
mechanical thing. It isn’t. It’s just something you are capable of by faith. Okay. Amen. Would you
pray with me? (Prayer).

Thanks for giving in the offering tonight. God bless you in the offering. Thank you so much for
your lives. Today, we had a focus meeting for our college dorm project, Grace Hall dormitory.
We want to build a building on our property here for Bible college students from abroad and in
the States that can come and live on our campus. So, that’s Pete Westera is going to lead the
focus group. We have a great team of people. Ten or fifteen people. We want to raise money for
it. We want to think about it, pray for it. All of us are involved. Just like the entry way project, we
want to put that out in front of you and ask you to be thinking and praying about it.

We’re going to have a good New Year’s Eve service here. That’s Saturday night. It will be a
great time. There will be two parts to that night. The front end is our service, a message,
communion, some video. Then a break. We’ll have some food in the family center and a good
time. The second part coming back in with some of our – a special type of program up until the
countdown unto the new year. Nine, eight, seven. What’s the next word, number?! Six, five. And
we’ll go into, what year is it? 2023. So, that will be on Saturday night.

Sunday morning, there will be a service not at 9 but at 11. We’ll put the two groups together at
11 and then an evening service. Thanks for your love and your prayers. Amen.

P. Love –

Okay. Good evening everybody. I want to thank my brother who cheered for me when
I came up here! Only a family member could do that. I’m just kidding. He’s not here. Let’s pray.
(Prayer). If you’d open your Bible to 2 Corinthians 3. I think a familiar verse for all of us in a good sense
and as we turn there, also think of in the book of James in the first chapter, James talks about
not being hearers only of the Word of God but doers. He said to simply be a hearer is like
looking in the mirror and then walking away and then forgetting the image that you looked at.
When you become a doer of the Word of God and what does that mean but you mix faith with
what you hear, well then you live a fruitful life.

Our mirror as he described it in the book of James the first chapter the 25th verse, he described
our mirror as the perfect law of liberty. That’s what we look into. The perfect law of liberty.
Another way of saying that is finished work doctrine. Finished work truth is what we are to be
looking at all the time. And here in 2 Corinthians 3, Paul says in vs. 17-18. I love that he uses those
words “but we all.” Because earlier in this chapter, he was describing how Moses alone by
himself saw the glory of God. That was something that only he himself was able to do. When he
went up into that mountain and God gave him a glimpse of his glory, he wasn’t accompanied by
a group of men. He was alone. It was just Moses that saw the glory of God.

But here the Apostle Paul says what was once just reserved for Moses is now available to all of
us. And he uses that word “us all.” vs. 18. P. Schaller just used that word a few times,
“changed.” Changed. And it’s the same word here. Paul used this word. It’s the same word
that’s used to describe Christ on the Mt. of Transfiguration. Because Christ was subject to a
transfiguration which was, it was the glory that he posssessed inwardly on that mount that was
manifested outwardly. In other words, when Jesus was on the Mt. of Transfiguration, it wasn’t
glory that came down upon him. What he did was he kind of pulled back the veil of his flesh and
revealed the inherent glory that he always possessed.

And I know the word “transformed” is used. We read about that in Romans 12. “Be transformed by
the renewing of your mind.” Same word. METAMORPHOMAI which means a change that
happens on the inside and manifests itself on the outside. That change that we experience, it’s
not a mere outward transformation. We’re not comforming to some kind of Christian rules or
regulations or somebody’s standard of what our lives should look like. It’s God changing us on
the inside. And what does that? Nothing like the Word of God has the power to do that. It’s like
what P. Schaller just shared with us. You know, studying the Bible that way. Memorizing the
Bible that way. Quoting and speaking the Bible that way changed him. And that same word
changed us. And still has the power to change us.

We’ve heard that old adage, you can’t teach old dogs new tricks. We still have a lot of old dogs
in our church and we’re still learning new tricks all the time because we’re still being changed.
Amen. We’re still being transformed on the inside. Imagine. If we try to find out who we were
based on the messages that have been given to us in our own sphere of influence, maybe
parents or friends or associates, classmates, people we work beside. Imagine if that’s how we
derived our identity or found out who we were based on their evaluations. If you do that, you are
bound to be deceived because they don’t know you like God knows you. Nobody knows us like
God knows us.

Think about it. All of their evaluations, all of their judgments, and of course I like to believe that
everybody had wonderful parents and they always said the best possible things they could say
to you. And they always loved you. They never had a harsh word. They were never angry. They
never had to discipline you because you were a perfect child. We know that’s not true! So
maybe they said some things that – I can remember some statements that my parents made
especially when I came home and announced that I was a Christian. I think my mother said, I
think you need to see a psychiatrist. And she thought that maybe I had lost my mind.

I’ll never forget the time I was out in the backyard, a beautiful sunny day getting some sun in a
lounge chair. I put P. Steven’s message on, “Last thoughts, last words, last Looks.” And she and
I didn’t know that she was in the pantry window and she was listening. And of course, pastor
kind of got worked up in that message if you recall. And he is just screaming away. I’m out there
just smiling and my mother just started saying, shut that off! Shut that off! What are you listening
to? And I said just Last looks, last thoughts, last words. That’s madness, she said. Shut that off!
You’re going to lose your mind. I’m sure of it. And if I had the sense back then to say, no. But my
mind is going to be changed, transformed. They didn’t have the capacity.

We always didn’t get the best of – I know we say nobody knew us like our parents. But did they
know everything about you? No. I mean I remember when I did sit down with my parents at the
kitchen table and I said you know that I accepted Christ as my Savior and I got saved, they
looked at me like what are you talking about? My mother I think was a little offended because
she’s thinking did I raise a child that needed to get saved? Where did we go wrong? And I had
to begin to explain to them so many of the things that I did not know about my life.

So many things that were not pretty and I started to share some of those things. And at some point they
said, okay. Fine. We don’t want to hear anymore! Almost as if to say, obviously you needed to
be saved. Because they didn’t know everything. That’s the nature of our parents, our friends, the
people that we associate with in our sphere of influence. Their evaluation of us is incomplete.
Why? Because they don’t know us on the inside. They don’t know who we really are. And if we
want to know who we really are, we have to get that discovery from someone who knows us
inside and out.

Listen to this statement. A gentlemen by the name of Robert McGee said this. It says, “one of
the tragic implications of the fall is that man lost his secure status with God and began to
struggle with feelings of arrogance, inadequacy, and despair turning instead to value the
opinions of others more than the truth about God.” That happened at the Fall to all of us and we
started to live our lives before salvation you know just having those feelings of arrogance,
inadequacy, despair and then we began to look for our value in the eyes and evaluations of
other people.

But it would never be enough. And the only mirror that we have that can really show us who we
really are is the Word of God. I love the verse found in the book of Jonah. It’s chapter 2, verse 8.
Jonah said, “they who observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy.” What are the lying
vanities? We know that they are lies, empty lies. And the world is filled with empty lies. And
when you begin to listen to those empty lies, and if you begin to place a premium on the
evaluation of another person on who you are, that’s an empty lie. You’re not going to find out the
truth from them. You’re only going to discover it from God. And sometimes you know when we
do that and we look into God’s mirror, that can be tough. Because typically, it starts out by the
Word of God revealing just how sinful we are. But with the Bible, we get not only God’s
diagnosis but we get God’s cure. Amen. So it starts out and it can be a little bit difficult. It’s tough
for some people.

I was in Boston this past weekend with my family, and we drove down Main Street, the city we
grew up in in Woburn. My grandchildren were in the car, and I pointed out to them the old
YMCA. P. Glen Cannon knows where that is. I said that’s where I got saved. My granddaughter
said, did you get kidnapped? It was a great opportunity to tell her all about salvation. She
thought that that’s what it meant. No, it was something far worse than that actually. But we can
afford – here’s the beautiful thing about looking into the mirror of God’s Word. We can afford to

be honest with God. Because an honest evaluation in the sight of God does not mean we will
end up rejected. On the contrary, an honest evaluation in the sight of God means we will find
acceptance and love in his presence.

If we conceal who we really are, Proverbs 28:13 says concealing cancels prosperity. And too many
believers, you know, concealing, hiding, covering, protecting themselves. It’s kind of like it’s the
same passage that P. Schaller referred to. The woman at the well. I mean, I can’t imagine how
overwhelming that must have been when Jesus said to her, why don’t you get your husband. I
don’t have a husband. She’s thinking in her mind, that’s the truth. And then Jesus said, I know.
You’ve had five husbands and the man you are living with doesn’t even want to put a ring on
your finger. And she was like, I think you’re a prophet, right?

Why would he do that? Was Jesus out to shame her, embarrass her, turn her away? On the
contrary. Sometimes if we are gut wrenching honest in the presence of God, there are things,
some things he has to reveal to our hearts. We have to see it. We have to acknowledge it.
Recently, someone came up to me and they said a profound statement. They said, you know, I
don’t do anything wrong. It’s everybody else. And I thought to myself, do you really think that
way? Do you really believe that? Because if you do, it’s going to lead to self-destruction
because you’re not facing the truth and the reality of who you really are. And the sad part about
it is when you do face that truth and that reality, you will not be turned away by God. You will be
embraced. You will be loved. You’ll be accepted. You’ll find a new identity. You’ll find
forgiveness. You’ll find healing. You’ll find deliverance.

But they don’t think so, so they conceal. But when we stare into the mirror of God’s Word, yeah
we do. We notice our sinfulness. But to get a revelation of that is a great blessing, isn’t it? For
me it was. For me it was. For some people I know it can be, it’s like earth shattering. It shakes
them to the core. I just think we are so delivered. We are so set free when we can finally come
before someone who really knows who we are and really knows what we’ve done and can still
find a way to love us anyhow. A lot of people can’t do that but God can. Every other estimate of
who we are, other people making those evaluations, they’re all superficial compared to God’s
estimate of who we are. Why? Because of 1 Samuel 16:7. Man looks on what? The outward
appearance. That’s all he can see. That’s how he makes his evaluations.

But God looks on the heart. And what he sees, he wants. Think about it. And I think it’s
impossible for us to know who we really are until we understand who God really is. To me, that
was one of the greatest revelations. My soul was – cause I never really, I never had an identity. I
can remember reaching that age in high school, junior, senior, and I can remember some of the
pressure I was experiencing at school, at home. What are you going to do with your life? What
direction is your life going to take? And if I could have said it, if I could have articulated it, I
would have said, listen. I don’t even know who I am. And you keep asking me what I am going
to do. Wouldn’t it be better if I discovered who I was before I set out to do anything. But I didn’t
have an identity. Once I found my identity in Christ, everything changed much to the displeasure
of some people. They said, what are you going to do now? I think I’m going to go to Bible
college. Oh, great. Not only are you crazy, but now you’re going to be institutionalized!

But Hebrews 4:13 says there is tremendous relief to know that in God’s presence you don’t any
longer have to pretend. All things are naked and open unto the eyes of him with whom we have
to do. He beholds the evil and the good in Proverbs 15:3. So, why bother hiding? Why bother
concealing? Maybe we’re tempted to do that because we’ve done it so long in front of people
that we think it works with God. But it doesn’t work with God. He sees it all. He knows it all. And
there’s something liberating about that knowing you can come into his presence and you will not
be turned away. You will be loved and accepted and forgiven and then cleansed on top of that.
Because with that diagnosis comes what? The prescription of God’s grace. Wow! That’s the
message that we get. We get the message that tells us that our value is derived from the simple
fact that we are loved by God. Imagine that.

Martin Luther said this. He said, “God does not love us because we’re valuable. But we are
valuable because God loves us.” That’s our value. You know. God didn’t look at us and say, let
me see if I can find something valuable. If that were the case, we would have an empty chapel
tonight. He might not find much value. But once we are the objects of God’s love and we
respond to that love, we find ourselves being so valuable. You say, how valuable? Apparently
worth the death of God’s Son. That God would not spare his only Son but deliver him up for us
all. Another way of saying it is grace makes us valuable in the eyes of God and it changes our
motivation. It gives us the strength to take heart. You know, to face another year. Maybe as P.
Schaller mentioned a moment ago, maybe your year did not end on a good note. Maybe it was
troublesome. Maybe you spent too much time with your family at the end of the year. It’s hard to
say! We don’t know. There could be a lot of reasons why, but, but God says I got this grace
waiting for you to start 2023. And I got a brand new outlook for your life. You can hope. You can
take courage.

Despite your struggles, despite your setbacks, despite your sinful habits that you might have
been wrestling with throughout the year, God says I have more grace waiting for you. Just
humble yourselves in my sight and receive it. Because everything that we have, we’ve received
from him. Haven’t we? We learn to love, how? Because we have been loved by God. We learn
to forgive. How do we learn to forgive? Because we have been so greatly forgiven by God. We
learn to give mercy to people. How? Because God has been so merciful to us. New mercies
every single morning. That’s how we learn.

That’s how we keep growing. We’re never, you know, we’re never doing any of these things to become something. We are doing these things because it is who we are. It is who God has made us. We are now merciful people, forgiving
people, kind people, gracious people. All of it and so much more because God’s picture of us in
his mirror is so different from the one that either we painted of ourselves or others have painted.
And knowing that, this is an interesting thought. God liberates us from our need to maintain a
false self. Let me say it again. God liberates us from the need of maintaining a false self.
Because we are so prone to do that. To create this person that we want others to see when in
reality, that might not even be who we really are. God says don’t even bother.

Don’t waste any time, any energy, or any resources attempting to do that. Just be who you are. Know this: I love
who you are and that love has the power to change who you are. Derive your identity because
you are the object of my love. And you have that great value.
I remember reading the story. It happened in Great Britain. It’s a true story. There was a young
boy. He couldn’t have been more than 9 or 10 years old. And the most tragic thing happened.
Somehow these boys were playing and the older boy got angry and he struck the little 2-year
old and he was killed. And the boy was taken into custody by the police as a 9-year old. They
kept interrogating him and asking him all of these questions.

He kept repeating it over and over again. I didn’t do it. I didn’t do it. Until finally, they got no where until finally they brought his mother in. He looked at his mother and he said in tears, I’m telling you, I didn’t do it. His mother
simply looked at him and said, you are my son. And I promise you I will love you no matter what
you have done. Immediately, he broke down in tears and said, I did it. I did it.
Why could he make that confession to his mother and not to the authorities, to the police?
Because that kind of unconditional love like the unconditional love that God gives us, gives us a
safe place. Reminds us that we can tell him the truth about anything and everything. And we
can confront the reality of who we are and what we have done. It’s almost as if grace
guarantees us that honest self-exposure is not going to destroy us, not in the presence of God.
Not with the nature of his great love. It’s just not going to happen.

So, our real identity is bound up in Christ. Not how others perceive us. Not the evaluation of
even our parents. And again, I’d like to think that everybody had great parents. I think I had
wonderful parents. Were they perfect? No. Did they say some harsh things? Yes. When I made
it clear that I didn’t know what I was going to do with my future, maybe I did hear somebody
whisper, well. You’re probably won’t amount to anything. And sometimes you can latch onto that.
That can be your identity. Or a teacher in the classroom could say, you just don’t get it. You must be stupid. Or a coach that says, listen. You’re never going to be able to play this game at the
level that the other teammates are playing it at. On and on it could go. Those things stick with

But when Christ comes, he gives us the identity that we are looking for. The real identity. And it’s
bound up in who he is which is why when God spoke to Moses and he said, Moses, I’m calling
you. I’m recruiting you for this once in a life time mission to deliver my people for their bondage
in Egypt, and Moses was so overwhelmed. And he says that proverbial question, Lord, who am
I? And I think it’s astonishing how God answered him. God did not say well, you are Moses. You
are Moses. You are saved. Don’t you know you were brought up in Pharaoh’s home? You were
raised by Pharaoh’s daughter. You were snatched out of the river, and you know who you – no.
He didn’t try to convince him. He said to Moses, I AM that I AM. In other words, Moses’ question
which was, who am I was answered when God told Moses who he was. Because our destiny,
our identity is bound up in Christ. And the more we know him, the better we understand
ourselves. And the more we understand the nature of his love, the more valuable we
understand that we are.

That’s why we don’t have to be worthy to receive God’s grace. That’s one of the things that
grace does. It cancels out the whole business of worthiness. The question of worthiness is
banished forever in light of the grace of God. And then we live in the reality of 2 Corinthians 3:18. That
passage basically says you’re going to become what you behold. If we keep looking into the
mirror of God’s glory, the mirror of God’s grace; if we keep looking into the mirror of the glorious
face of Jesus, guess what? We’re going to become just like him. It might take some time but it
will happen. God promises us. He’ll conform us into the image of his Son.

A humorous story about St. Augustine. Before he was a believer, he lived an ungodly life, a
promiscuous life. And after his salvation, some time after his salvation, there was a woman. She
was on the other side of the street. He was walking down the street and she started to cry out,
Augustine! Augustine! It is I. And he saw her and he began to run. And she ran after him. She
said, it is I. It is I. And he just turned around and said, it is not I but Christ who lives in me. In
other words, you got the wrong guy. I’m not that person anymore. And neither are we. We are
not the person that some people thought we were. We might not be the person who that teacher
proclaimed we were or our parents said.

No, we are who God said we are. That’s our identity. That’s our value. That’s our position. And
we just – and the more we keep looking at him and we all as Paul said “we all with an open
face as in a glass beholding the glory of the Lord, we are all changed into that same image.”
From glory to glory, from faith to faith, from grace to grace, from strength to strength. It’s an
ongoing process. The final chapters of our life haven’t even been written. And there’s some
good chapters that are lying ahead of us. We just have to keep trusting God. Forsake the lying
vanities so you can keep responding to the mercy of God. What the world will tell us is nothing
short of a lie, but what God tells us is always the truth. And like Jesus said, the truth will always
set you free. Amen. Amen. Let’s pray.

P. Schaller –

Isn’t that good? It was so good. Wow! What a good message. Beautiful. Would you
rehearse a couple thoughts from the message with your neighbor for a moment just to walk out
of here with something in your heart and mind? And then also P. Renaldo is going to do the rap
tonight in the cafe. Would you work on that for a moment. I love that message. That is amazing.
Liberated from trying to maintain my self- identity. Liberated from it. Good word. Go ahead for a
minute or two. And do we have a closing song? I got to do it myself? Do we have a volunteer
who can close in a song? Come on up here. I’ll talk to you for a minute. But then, do your
talking. Volunteer, come on up. Song leader. Come on. P. Manny. Go ahead. Keep talking for a

Wow. We’re going to have a great year by God’s grace. Amen. I was touched by the message
very much and thinking about it and the two salvations also. And just praying today. Thank you

so much, Lord. I just want to see salvations in our church meetings, don’t you? Come on, Lord.
Give us salvations in our meetings. Amen. Amen. Alright. Let’s stand up and close with a song.


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