God’s grace comes all the way down to us. Some do not know how to praise. Why? They’ve been kept from the honey. Legalistic rules have stopped them from tasting and seeing that God is good. People do wrong things because they are hungry for the honey, for the spiritual life that truly satisfies. (1 Samuel 14:24-32; Psalm 146:1-2)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11784
7:00 PM on 11/13/2019


P. Schaller –

Praise God! Amen. Praise God. There is such a joy in being with worshipers in church and in the Body. Isn’t
it good? Wow! It’s great. Praise God. Focus on God and worship God. In heaven, what is
happening today in heaven. Revelation. 4:8, Revelation. 5:12 riches, wisdom, strength honor and glory and
blessing. Revelation. 7:12, I’m thinking in heaven when we see God, we say these words and these
words are packed with meaning.

Glory, honor, power, wisdom. Now we are on the earth and we see God through a glass darkly. Our life is a life of praise to God when we can’t see him. Blessed are they who believe but don’t see me. You don’t see me but believe. How many sense the blessing in your life from Christ? You sense the blessing. Praise God. I am a blessed man
because of God. I’m not so smart. I’m not so great but I have God in my life. I think to be able to
do it on the earth while in these bodies is a great honor.

To see it and believe it and relate to it. Psalm. 145, 146, 147. These are the praise psalms at the end of the psalm 148, 149, 150. Let’s look at 146. Vs. 1-2 why don’t we praise God? Why is it we do not praise God? We are
burdened, troubled, and we don’t feel it. We are weak, frail, and discouraged. We have
diabetes, financial problems, sickness and disease in our body. Why don’t we praise God? We
have a car accident, child is sick, I’m discouraged.

I’m depressed. Why don’t we praise God? It’s very normal, very realistic. Vs. 2. How can you do that? By the Spirit of God. vs. 3-5. If we have strength in our body and able to do it in our heart and mind and praise God for his great grace. If we have found grace, and live by faith, praise is comely for the upright and righteous. We
enter into his courts with praise and his gates with thanksgiving. How much do we have to be
thankful for in our lives. Vs. 5-10. 1 Samuel 14, we’re going to do the message in a little different

You’ll have to do a little work with me on it. Vs. 24-25. That’s what we want to speak
about. Honey on the ground. Honey on the ground. Not everybody could see the honey. They
were told not to eat anything. They heard the king and his command and were afraid to eat the
honey on the ground. The honey on the ground represents God’s grace being there with us on
the ground. Grace comes all the way down to the ground.

The honey is not common. It’s not everywhere but it is there on the ground. God is a God of grace and cares about you and me. Have you found any honey on the sidewalk, in your bedroom, in your family, at work? Have you
found any honey with your best friend or enemy? Somebody might say you can’t eat any. The
religious world says you have no right to the honey. No right to the grace of God. You have no
right to eat it. That’s why there isn’t any praise.

Because people have not found any honey. There is no get up and go in the Christian life because they are not allowed to eat the honey. Who said it? King Saul. Who was he? An enemy of David. A king with authority but no grace. A king in charge and in control but didn’t know God. He tried to destroy the man of God, David.
He made a rule nobody is to eat anything. The natural man doesn’t know grace, God, the Bible,
prayer; he doesn’t know what it is to have honey on the ground. Vs. 26.

The honey dropped. Halleluiah! Evar, the honey dropped. You have no right to eat the honey. Dale has a right to eat
the honey. Bill Alexson has a right. Every teenager, every mom and dad. Saul says don’t touch it,
but heaven has it dropped. Have you found any? Some folks here would say I haven’t found any
for a long time. I haven’t had it. I even said to my wife this morning, honey, do we have any
honey? I haven’t found any honey, honey in a long time. In the church, in our relationships,when we read the Bible, at the sidewalk, at the working place, on the Beltway, in your meditation, in your prayer life.

Have you found the honey? Vs. 26. You know how it goes. I have no right to win. I’m a loser. I’m afraid. I have no right to be different or victorious or boasting in God. I’m a guilty person. I’m a sinner. I fear the law. The law says you are guilty and unworthy. Law says you should not be forgiven. You should pay for your sin. I read a piece from Albert
Einstein. He said a couple months before he died that debt seems like an old debt I haven’t yet
paid, and I have to pay it. Amen. We’re going to die. Have you felt it? Have you felt getting
older? Have you been in a nursing home?

Have you sat in a wheelchair? Do you know you are losing your powers? Can you feel it? I got to pay a debt called death. It’s a paradox. I feel it in my mortal body but in my spirit I say I have found the honey. Where was it? On the ground. God comes to the mud. My soul cleaves to the dust and so does the honey. That’s so good. My
sin is real. And so is the blood of Jesus. Amen. You might say the grave is real. Yes, it is but so is
the empty tomb. So is the God that gives us victory. Oh grave, where is your ______? You can
fill in the words. Oh death, where is your ______? Vs. 27 sometimes it’s good to be fat, dumb,
and happy.

I thought we were supposed to receive grace. I went to the church and heard we
are not supposed to receive grace. I’m supposed to behave this way and this way. It happens in
our hearts. We have no right to touch it, believe it. Paul said be strong in the grace that is in
Christ Jesus. Eat the honey. Receive it. It’s the only way out. Vs. 27. We have the word the “rod”
again. Moses had one. You and I have one.

Maybe the rod is Christ. Could be. I get the honey through Christ. Vs. 28. That’s the message. You got it. That’s amazing. 1) A lot of people don’t know there is honey on the ground. It’s not everywhere. They can’t find it. A lot of people don’t know there is honey on the ground. They don’t know how good God is. In our trouble, we don’t
have the sense there is honey on the ground, close to us. Not on the second level of the house
but in the darkest places, in prison, in hell.

If I make my bed in hell, God is there. In my unbelief, fear, insecurity, physical problems, bad marriage or troubled life, God is there. Isn’t he? 2) If you do find it, there is a message. Don’t touch it. You don’t have any right to it. Paul called these apostles false apostles, angels of light to keep us away from grace. If anyone preaches
any other gospel of grace, let be accursed. King Saul you are wrong. The people are faint
because you are not allowing them to receive the grace.

Jonathan had a heart like David. Jonathan realized this is a gift. Praise comes by realizing how good God is to everyone of us. He ate it and it says in vs. 29. That’s why I left my sin. I tasted a little bit of the honey. Remember
when you were saved and born again, you walked away from your stuff. Things weren’t
necessarily a bad thing, but it just wasn’t useful. Remember when you started to get focused on
God and the Bible. I need to learn how to share my faith on the university campus or at the bus
stop or at work and tell them there is honey on the ground and eat it. Wow.

I think there are many spirits in the world. 1 John 4:1, There are many spirits in the world. Could you talk to your
neighbor for a second. There are many spirits in the world. What kind of spirits have you
discerned in life? Have you met someone who is____. Fill in the blank. 1 John 4:1 are there many
spirits and do you discern the different spirits that say don’t eat anything. You have no right to

Unforgiving spirit, bitterness, hatred, revenge, spirit of passivity and indifference, laziness,
slothfulness, anger, hatred, many spirits. P. Steve said grasshopper spirit. We can’t get into the Promised Land. Manipulation, selfishness, no compassion, hard heart, indifference, busyness,
workaholic. They can’t stop working. They don’t have peace. They are working and working and
striving. Materialistic spirit. I got to have. I got to have. Judgmental.

Always judging people. No humility. Proud spirit. Always judging and putting down people. These spirits do not praise God. They do not have praise. They haven’t found honey. They get faint and troubled in life as
people. They go to bed every night like we do but there is no praise. It’s not childlike. It’s not
simple. It’s not the filling of the Spirit. They are not filled with the Holy Spirit They are not encouraged
in life. They are not able to take life and enjoy it and be in it and active and proactive and
ministering. The Holy Spirit does that in us.

The greatest thing in our life is to be Spirit-filled. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, faith, singing, praise, thanking God. This spirit is the spirit in the church. We drink the same spirit. We have found the honey. It’s dripping and coming to the ground where we are. Let it be your – that’s very important. You don’t have to go up to try and
get it. It is ours as sinners who have found grace. If I fail, God will never fail. If I lie, God forgives
me and teaches me truth.

The Spirit is a spirit of truth. This is our new life. Vs. 30-32. You know
why people do wrong things sometimes? Because they are spiritually hungry. Why do they
commit adultery? They don’t have a spiritual life that is satisfying and building them up and
giving identity in holiness and satisfying them with honey that drops down from God. The
spiritual life is fun.


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