What side of eternity are we on? Hosanna is what the church says. The earth has grown quieter. All of the worldly means that people use to deliver us shall not work, Jesus was very gentle to the poor. Embrace the Messiah. He is the Answer. Let us love righteousness. Children shout perfected praise. (Amos 2:6-16; Matthew 21:12-16)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Gary Groenewold
Sermon 11863
9:00 AM on 4/5/2020

P. Gary –

Humility is so important. His yoke is easy. Why? Because he’s meek and lowly. Christ derived his miraculous
power on this earth through obedience to his Father, through listening to his Father. When we
have a voice speaking to us from heaven, we have this ability to become meek and lowly. We
become extremely secure. We can go to small places and weak places, places where we don’t
have our own strength because we have a voice that is speaking to us from heaven. This is what
we see and there is this power.

This can happen in anyone’s life at any time. They are shouting “Hosanna!” Matthew 21, this is where Jesus went in and cleansed the temple after he came into Jerusalem. Vs. 12. This is a picture of us, of how we could pervert or mismanage God, how we can have preferences and idols that are incorrect. Our worship becomes askew. It misses the mark. Vs. 13. Look what happened immediately in vs 14. This is the beauty of Christ bringing
order to our soul. This is the power of the Word of God, rhemas of God. This is the power of the
Holy Spirit in our lives. This is getting rid of what is not right. This is God shaking the things that
can be shaken and these things get thrown away.

Now there is an incredible atmosphere in the house of God. Finally, finally, they can see Christ face to face. He heals people. People walk up to him and they are healed. Vs. 15 The most sensible beings on this earth. Mt. 18 how do you become great? This isn’t where he talks about serving. He speaks about becoming like a child.
Not having our mind corrupted with the wisdom of this world. Not corrupted with thoughts
that the world has put in them. To have the ability to actually think with God. There are these
little children singing praises unto God saying Savior, Savior, Savior. Everything has reversed.
The children become the heads in this situation.

They become the ones doing the right things in the world. The world says don’t let those little kids approach Christ. Don’t let those little kids near him. They don’t have wisdom. Now Christ is – they have an understanding, this wisdom. They become the heads and the priests and scribes become the tails. Their wisdom came to
nothing like it says in 2 Corinthians 3. Finally, we have order. When Christ has his entry into our lives
like that and we become like little children. This is why God gives us this amazing grace, this
greater grace to the humble. There is an ability of forsaking your own wisdom and seeking the
wisdom of God.

The wisdom of God is so beautiful. It’s so big. It’s so loving, so encompassing,
so cleansing, so perfect, so righteous, so right. The wisdom of God. So powerful that these little
children, that’s us on the earth, turning the world upside down. Praising God and saying
Hosanna. The priests and the scribes are jealous. They are saying this is wrong. They were sore
displeased. It bothered them. It’s not the way it should be. Thank God for this. These reversals
that the Holy Spirit illuminates in our mind. How he offends our habits and puts his finger on
our comforts.

How he illuminates our own wisdom and says it’s worth nothing. Vs. 16 They are
doing the right thing. They are the right ones. They got security. They got peace. They got joy.
They are responding to the right atmosphere. They are sensitive to the things of God. vs. 16.
There it is. This is repaired. God has the ability to repair our lives to bring us back, that song, to
the heart of true worship. God has the ability over and over and over and over again. He refines
us. Sanctifies us. We are these little babes saying Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna. That’s perfect

This happened on Palm Sunday. We are so grateful the the veil has been rent and we
can go into a holy place with a holy God. We can say there is now no condemnation. I have been justified by faith and I have peace with God. My sins, the reasoning I have is in the book of
Isaiah. I’m white as snow. I’m white as snow. We can go into the presence of God and live
there, and this is the amazing message, the power of the Cross on this day when Jesus came
into the city of Jerusalem. It has the ability to turn everything upside down in our lives and
make us true worshipers of God.

P. Schaller –

That was awesome. Thank you, P. Gary. Christ was officially accepted on that day
of Palm Sunday. Hosanna, hosanna. He was officially accepted all his life by the Father in Psalm 22.
Even on his mother’s breast and also when he was in his mother’s womb, he was in fellowship
with his Father. All through his earthly life in communion and accepted by God. Very unusual,
very different. When he was baptized in the Jordan and the voice came from heaven: This is my
beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. We know that in the history of man, there has never
been a man that was accepted so thoroughly and completed and godly and holy relationship
except Christ. Christ was the one.

This is Easter season. We also want to recognize the fact that
the governor of Maryland has allowed drive-in services. We’ll experiment on that next Sunday
Easter. We’ll have a 9:00 online and 11:00 drive-in service. We’ll be out there on a cherry picker
preaching and broadcast on FM radio. You can’t get out of the car, but you can put your
windshield wipers on, toot your horn, flash your lights. That will be great and a different thing.
Jesus officially accepted as the Messiah. Hosanna, hosanna. Salvation, glory to God in the
highest. He is accepted by God. He’s the one.

He’s the one. Get your eyes on him. In the back of my mind, I think of New York City and what they are facing. I think of God speaking to all of us everywhere. This is a bit different from 9/11. I have a map to make a point. 9/11 happened in New York. It affected the whole country. All of us. It affected parts of the world when 9/11
happened. A terrorist attack on our country. What we are looking at now is a bit different
because it affects the country this way. Everywhere there are pockets, communities through
the country and in the world everywhere. This is unique.

This is something we are realizing as a people. We cannot help but say when these things happen that we ask why. We have science but we know life is more than science. It’s more than politics and money. We are made in God’s
image and made for eternity, Ecclesiastes 3:11. In our hearts we say God in our hearts. We say the word
“God.” We say “God, help us: or “oh my God” or “God.” When Jesus Christ came, we did not
know who God was that well around the world as Gentiles. We had many gods. Even the Jewish
people who knew God or were to know God and that God is the God that brought them out of
Egypt and called their father Abraham.

One man alone was called. Isaiah 51. And the whole story of his family and the Jewish nation. This is God doing this. They reverted to paganism. They went to other gods repeatedly. Even Abraham’s father Terah was worshiping idols Joshua 24:2 even at the end of his life. Abraham was different. He was somehow able to hear from God and
realize God is the God of grace. He’s very patient with us, longsuffering, very kind. The wisdom
of God revealed to us. We did not see it, understand it. Many did not pay any attention to the
Bible. Some did understand the Bible, but some understood it the wrong way. When Jesus
came, they used the Bible and related to the Bible as their reference as an enemy to him.

The children cried out as Pastor Gary said. They knew. Which side of truth am I on? Another way sometimes people say, what side of history are we on? Are we on the winning side or losing
side? I like this phrase, “what side of eternity am I on?” Am I officially accepting the Messiah or
am I rejecting him. We could say to the New Yorkers, we love P. Sterling and the church and all
the churches through the country. The church is but not all the churches, the Spirit-filled
churches, the churches seeking God. When we seek him, we find him. We are not self-righteous
about it. Romans 10:2-3. We are not the only ones that are right. We are not totally right or
thinking that highly of ourselves.

We are looking at the Messiah and saying get on the ride side of him. Embrace him. He is the answer. He is the answer for everything in this world, for my hard heart. He is the answer for my waywardness. He is the answer. For my loneliness, he is the answer. For my fear, he is the answer. For my lostness, he is the answer. For my craziness, he is the answer. For my foolishness, he is the answer. For my bad habits, he is the answer. For my
sinful habits, he is the answer. For my arrogance, he is the answer. I didn’t know grace even
though it was in the very beginning of the Bible. When God saw Adam alone, he was alone. He
said it is not good for man to be alone.

Everything he had made was good. When he made man,
it was very good. Then he said it is not good for him to be alone. He is the ultimate psychologist.
He understand the soul, the psyche. He knows the man. He knows man by himself will get
himself in some kind of trouble. It’s interesting the sequence. God gave man this intelligence
and gave names to the animals and it seems man could not find anybody amongst the animals.
God said it’s not good for him to be alone. He needs someone like him. He put him to sleep and
out of his side came someone like him.

God is the God of community, diversity, grace. God is the God of psychology in the highest meaning. He understands us and knows us and cares. He made a woman for man because of grace, because of love. He put us into the Body of Christ so we would relate to each other face to face. He made us to be like him and we would be able like Moses to talk to God face to face in Exodus 33. Moses talked to God as a friend. He was a friend
and he spoke to him face to face. Why do we reject the Messiah? Amos 2, this is an amazing
portion of Scripture.

Israel, the northern kingdom, is apostate. It has gone away from God. I
would say regarding our nation that this is largely happened in a segment in a part of our
country and God has kind of awoken us up. Not by a world war but by something more
gracious. He has gotten our attention. He has disturbed us to the core. He has shut things
down. He is speaking to us at this time. He is caring for us. He is the God of communication.
There are gifts in the Spirit, gifts in the Bible we read about that are gifts of communication.
You can be alone, and you and I are alone more than in a long time.

We are able to live alone and be quiet but yet we need someone. We need a phone call, a face, a communication, a
connection. I was reading emails and thinking about people. P. Ray, who does the homeless
ministry, said in the last week they have led 12 homeless people to the Lord. The ministry goes
on. I heard Linda and P. Scibelli did an app in their neighborhood. I think it’s called, Next Door.
They had 36 neighbors on the app in prayer. It was the first time they ever have done it. A
group went out porch to porch and just greeting Body members and saying hello and how much
we love seeing each other face to face. This is a great time for God to speak to us. To be alone
and to be together.

Those two words are in our New Testament. Alone, Luke 6:12. Alone, Acts 9 when Paul was converted, and three days Ananias was there. He wasn’t alone in that way but alone in a deep way and personal way. Some people cannot handle being alone. They must be entertained or run around. We are alone before God. This is a blessing to us. To be in the presence of God in our home, in our closet, in our hearts. To love God. To be loved by God and
love him. God loves you. God loves you. God loves you. God cared about Adam. He said it is not
good for him to be alone. He made a wife. There they were in Paradise and it was beautiful.
Being together 50 times in our New Testament. We have this prefix, “sun” sunergeo, working
together, fellow laborer.

There are many of them being together. We have Jesus. He is the
Messiah. Hosanna to God in the highest. We take whatever we can. We grab tree branches and
take our coat off and lay it before the donkey and make the pathway for the King to come in
Jerusalem. It’s the right side, the correct side. Amos 2:6, They sold the righteous for silver. Does
that sound familiar? Was Jesus sold for silver? The poor are sold for a pair of shoes. You take a
poor man; a poor person and you sell them like a slave for a pair of shoes. There is something
not right. The righteous are sold. The righteous man is thrown away. The righteous man is
looked down upon.

He’s talking about Jesus. We can’t have any of that. The righteous man is
sold. The poor is sold for a pair of shoes. People take advantage of people. There is no
righteous. This is what God is caring about. Where is the righteous? The Messiah healed the
blind and raised the dead. You know what? Why do you reject him? Why do you reject him?
You can’t you see the grace of God. Wake up America! Wake up church! Wake up Christian
believer! The Messiah is here.

Respect him. When you go to the Cross, be careful when you go
to the Cross in your heart. Be careful when you walk there and take your steps before God
Almighty and you submit yourself to his judgments, his word. Killing babies is a sin. Taking drugs
and spending all my money, gambling my money away. Smoking marijuana and lying and
cheating. I say this not by way of self-righteousness but by the way of saying Messiah is here. Be
careful when we come before him at the Cross for God will speak to us. We will say God is right.
I am wrong. God is correct. I am wrong.

God forgive me. I am a sinner. God forgive me. You gave your Son. You came. God forgive me. Help me, restore me, save me. It gets really good here. vs. 7. Dust on the head of the poor. Many of us have been in third world countries and seen the dust on the heads of poor people. Meaning here I like to see the poor oppressed,
people put down, people discredited. I like to see the dust on their heads. I like to see them put
down. Turn aside the way of the meek. I see people that don’t have any rights and I can abuse
them. I see people disadvantaged and I can take advantage of them. Jesus was gentle with poor
people. He would not quench a smoking flax.

A frail human being who has nothing. He is extremely poor. Different Greek words for poor and one is totally abject poverty. Not even food, no clothing, no place. To take advantage and not care. This is Messiah and I know he
cares. The God of all grace cares. God. God. Not our arrogance or feeling we are the answers for
our problems or feeling we are so smart and strong and able. No. I understand the governor of
Maryland has asked at noon today that whoever would want to have prayer for our state and
our country. Turn to God in humility. The Messiah came. Look at how he is rejected. Nobody
cares. No fancy banquet hall for him. There are palm branches.

No yellow brick road, no gold bricks on that road. Just clothes taken off and made a pathway for him to come on a donkey, not a white horse. Vs. 7. A man and his father have sex with the same woman. This is amazing.
God is saying this happens in Israel. We could say this happens in America. What other things
happen in America we don’t know about or realize. It could happen with any one of us because
we are sinners. Nobody is above anyone else. We are all sinful and capable of all sin. The one in
whom the father has great pleasure has been given to us that he would dwell in us. We would
be born again and have a new capacity and love righteousness. Get that in your heart. You love

This is a new beginning for us. We look for righteousness. We look for meekness,
humility, truth, long suffering, love, grace, an open Bible, fellowship, face to face, holiness,
purity. We are made in the image of God and called together in the Spirit and together in his
mind and what he is doing. I got to go a little bit here. This is amazing. I’d like to spend time on
each of these. Vs. 8. I can’t help but think that there is something totally wrong with this and
what they are doing. When they laid the clothes down when Stephen was stoned at the feet of
the apostle Paul, and they did wickedness.

They stoned a righteous man. I read a story in 1853 a little boy with a cow outside of Chicago. He came to a stream. He was a Christian. Bad boys in a river drowned him. They used their power. They were motivated and wanted to play a game. They baptized him and made fun of him and held him under the water and drowned him. God
sees these things. God does not have pleasure. God sees what is going on. He speaks through
his Son. We realize we have done something wrong. We get caught. I have done something
wrong. I have killed an innocent man. I have slain the Son of God. I have committed sins. That’s
what’s needed. What we are thinking about this morning and saying what is needed is God to
search our hearts and speak to the church.

We may be small in number, but we are salt and light. We might be little in number, but the quality is we say Hosanna to God in the highest. The world is yelling, “Crucify, crucify!” a few days later. It seems their voice is louder than us, but it isn’t. Heaven hears ours. Hell is saying, crucify him! Crucify him! God is seated in heaven and in
a way he laughs in Psalm 2. You don’t know what you are doing. This is about you, each and
everyone of you. Your life is a vapor in James 4. It’s a swift weaver’s shuttle in Job. It’s a swift
ship that passes in an hour or two.

Your life is a vapor. It will be over soon. What we have in our lives by God’s grace is maybe we have long life. I feel that way. Psalm 91 is a reality, God protecting us in the shadow of the Almighty and secret place of the Most High. We can run through a troop and run through a wall. Shield and buckler for us. We have a hunger and thirst like a deer after the water brooks. Psalm 63, we run hard after him in vs 8. These wicked and unrighteous
things we read in Amos. We will have communion today and it will be communion in your
home. You get a cracker from your cupboard and something to drink and whatever you can do.
In your home you have communion.

You will be doing that in your home. We will do it from here. Amos 2:9-10. God is saying I did things for you, so many things for you. I have done so many things for you. I have delivered you so many, many times. I delivered you on the highway from diseases, from cancer, from an accident, from falling off a cliff, from getting lost in the
city, from meeting the wrong person. I closed the door and you couldn’t open it. I opened
another door. I have done so much for you. This is what he is saying to these people, but they have gone their own way. Vs. 11-12. Let me explain this. Nazarite vow – they drank no grape
juice, wine or fruit of the vine. They didn’t cut their hair.

It was a special separation from God. This is not Jesus from Nazareth. This is a Nazarite. This is a person who took a vow from his parents. You know what these people did? They gave wine to the Nazarites. They made a joke
of it. You’re a Nazarite? Have some wine. Here, cut your hair. It doesn’t matter. In Jeremiah,
there is a family you read about. Look it up please. It’s beautiful. This family would not violate
the Nazarite vow and God said I will honor you and your family from now on. Forever. I don’t
remember the exact word. I will honor you because you honored that thing. These people make
a joke about our Bible, about our faith.

Oh you went to Christian school? Oh, you are a pastor? That’s a joke. That’s the spirit of it. Crucify him! Crucify him! This is an evil spirit. We are careful when we come into the house of God. We are careful when we see the Son of God. We are careful when we open our Bible and approach the holiness of God. We are careful when we
think of our sisters and brothers with great high regard for our sisters and brothers. High regard
for people that have precious faith like Janet Bell and Matt and Talley and Randy Rollins and
Ginny and Bruce May and Sue, and many others.

The Arsenals and the Braganza’s and many others. You can go through this church and say name after name. What do you feel in your heart? Respect. There is respect for truth and God and for Christ the Messiah. Hosanna to God.
They said stop it. Tell your disciples to stop it. They said if they did the stones would cry out.
This is reality. You are on the wrong side of reality. Now God is crying out to you by your
troubles and pain and fears and your guilt and stuff. Please come to him. Trust him. There’s one
more part. We have time. Vs. 12. Don’t talk to us. Don’t preach to us. Shut the preacher down.
Do not preach to us.

To the Nazarites, break your vow. It doesn’t matter. No, a young man might say I have a vow to celibacy. You are celibate? That is so crazy. We’ll see. I’m not crazy. I decide. How do you live? That’s your call. I think it’s so amazing when the Spirit of God makes you a holy man and woman of God. You are careful to keep your body for your wife or husband, that day when you get married as a virgin. Being saved you are made a virgin in Christ. 2 Corinthians 11,
the church is called that, and we have a new beginning in him. It’s a powerful thing and
beautiful. Vs. 13. I have a hard time handing this. I have a hard time bearing up under this. I
have a hard time carrying this burden.

You people, this is God. He is so patient with our
weakness. He says I am pressed under. I can handle it. I’m God, but I’m speaking to you
anthropomorphically like a human being. You understand what it is to bear up under, have a
long time of handing this stuff. …. stop, turn around. It’s about time God would say to the
whole nation humble yourself under me. I met so many believers in the last week so precious in
their faith. We have power in our life. It’s a time of evangelism, preaching, sharing the message.
The day is coming we will be in the Inner Harbor with a sketch board and tracts and do our
creative connections with people.

Our calls and our online activity. Vs. 14 a man that runs fast will not get away. That’s like the opposite. The smart man is dumb. The rich man is poor. The mighty man is weak. It happens. Can you feel it. This happened to Jesus. He was brought down so low. No man has ever been lower. He was brought down to nothing, but he has God. That’s what God is saying. I’ll take the strong and powerful. P Ralph was saying there is a scientific group that studies the vibration of the earth. They say the earth has gotten quiet now.
The…..seismic tectonic shifts of the plates. The moving. They are listening and they are very
sensitive. They say the earth has gotten quieter. There is not construction. There is not the
same travel and buses and trains and subways.

Not the same movement and activity on the earth. The earth has gotten quieter. I hope we can get quiet in us and come before God who made us and speaks to us. And get really quiet and humble before God. I’d like to say this word to the world. All the arrogance we have. Shut up. Shut up. Be quiet. Who are you? Who are
you? You and I crucified the Son of God, the Messiah. Who are you? Let our voice bring forth
praise. Let’s praise him and wake up and realize we have been accepted in the beloved. We
have been given eternal life. We will one day see him. I want to finish with this. This is long but
you are home and okay. There is a story in Mark 14.

After Gethsemane, they all forsook him. There was a young man who was naked and covered with a linen robe or sheet and no name is given. They caught him and …vs. 15. They are saying all of these means you have will not work. The horse and the bow and we can add the idea of the sword, the newspaper. All of these
devices. Everything you have, you cannot put your trust in them. Vs. 16. I think after
Gethsemane, that man might have been a courageous, young man. That man fled naked. Why?
Because that coat he had wasn’t enough to deliver him. He was a naked man like us. We take
alcohol or a bottle of something as a coat.

When the hour comes, and they catch you and you flee away, we find out who you really are. You are a naked man. You don’t have the courage, the fire, the wisdom, the power, the ability. You don’t have Christ. You don’t have a
resurrection. You don’t have a Pentecost. You don’t have the Holy Spirit. You don’t have the
doctrine that will save you in your hour of trial. There is only one thing that makes it and that’s
our Messiah. He did it. Now you don’t flee away naked. You stand as a humble servant, a
righteous man. Even if you were physically stripped naked there is a content in Jesus Christ. He
was stripped naked so we would never be.

He was forsaken so we would never be. He was wise so we would not fall by our foolishness. He was strong in his Father so we can be what is needed. I want to give a shout out for the rap today to say to the moms home schooling, dad’s parenting. Love happening. Do not underestimate the value of your prayer, of your sweetness,
of kindness. Don’t underestimate the value of being connected. Don’t underestimate the value
of a word in season. One day we will be gathered back together again in person face to a face
and until then, we are being edified. We are being encouraged and we are being equipped.


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