Christ the Son came into our world, in our likeness as a man to serve as a slave and to die the death of the Cross. He conquered death and hell. He came to overcome hatred so we may live in love for neighbors and enemies even. (1 Timothy 6;4-5; Philippians 2:6-9; Revelation 5:1-8)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 12658
Time: Wed 7:00 pm

P. Schaller –

We had a devotional the other morning. Tuesday morning. Somebody ask if I could share what we said in
that devotional. So just for an introduction, turn to 1 Timothy 2. Yeah. This is on – Paul is writing to
Timothy about the problems on the outside in the ministry. Also, on the inside in the
congregation and also – in the world and then in the nature of people there can be a lot of

I made a list here of these words in 1 Timothy 6. So, if you just turn there for a moment. 1 Timothy 6.
This is King James. He is proud. Knows nothing. Obsessed with disputes. In the King James
doting about questions and strifes of words. So, he’s describing a kind of activity that’s
happening in the church with proud people. Uh, so, that’s the context.

And then, there’s 11 of these descriptive words here. It says “whereof comes envy, strife,
railings, evil surmisings.” So, this is a description of the nature of man. If we just let man be man
in the church and then of course in society, then we see where man goes with his mind and his
heart. So, these are really strong descriptive words. Strife of words. Envy. Railings is like
arguments, fiery arguments. Evil surmisings. Suspicions. And then this next one, vs. 5. Perverse
disputings of men of corrupt minds, destitute of truth. Supposing gain is godliness.
So, I don’t think that you came to church tonight to hear all this bad news about people, but I
love it that Paul is able to hit, to hit it head on and just talk about the hearts of people and what
happens with us.

I read recently from Jonathan Edwards. I got it in that manila folder there. Just this interesting
word. Oh, no. I don’t have it there. Here. I got it right here. He said, “How many men who live in
ways that are not agreeable to God and yet, and then they are blinded and if a man lives in
envy, then that will blind his understanding and he will approve of it.”

“The man who hates his neighbor, the more he will be disposed to think that he has a just cause
to hate him. So, you have hatred growing in that his neighbor is hateful and deserves to be
hated and that it is not his duty to love him.”

So, I have that in the back of my mind as we speak tonight about Jesus Christ and what Christ
has done to equip us to live in a world where you have this activity that is very common to
people. Let’s look at it again. Pride. He thinks he knows but he doesn’t. Obsessed with
disputes. Strive of words. Envy. Railings. Evil surmisings at work, in a family. It happens. Really
arguments and there isn’t any truth and then they suppose if you have money, then that’s
godliness. To be rich or successful or have a good career. But those things are so shallow
compared to what God gave us when he came into the world and gave us Christ.

When Christ comes into our hearts and what that means and how powerful Christ is. So, that’ll
be our message tonight. How powerful Christ is. That’s the main heart of our message. How
powerful Christ is. That’s beautiful. Okay.

So, we’re praying for that to happen and then turn to that portion, 1 Timothy 2:8. So, I want to
illustrate that. So, uh, I get up in the morning. Within a short time maybe or in a few minutes or
right away or within 20 minutes or whatever I can pray.

So, I can do this. I can just go before God and I’m not asking him anything but all it says is I lift
up holy hands. So, are these hands holy? Yes. Yes and no. They’re not but because of Christ
they are. They’re holy hands. So, you lift up holy hands. Like do you literally lift up holy hands?
That’s what it says. Lift up holy hands.

I’m by myself or my wife is in the bedroom. Wherever I am but I just want to be conscious of
God. I’m not asking him anything. That’s not where I’m at right now. I’m not asking him
anything. I’m just, I’m a waiter. I’m waiting on him. I am trusting him. Very simple, but there’s
two things I don’t have when I have to lift up holy hands. What are they?

Without wrath. What’s wrath? Anger. But anger is like inside. Anger is not always in my mouth.
It might be in my throat. It might be deep in my heart. It might be really deep inside me, but I
might have anger. Anger about life. Anger about God. Anger about my family. Anger about
people. Angry about my boss. Angry about my car. Angry about the country.

Angry and by the way, anger is a good thing. You know, if you are a spiritual Christian, you will
be angry, Mark. 3:5. Jesus was angry because anger is a reflection of love. If you don’t have love,
then you won’t have God’s anger. But if you have God’s love, then you have God’s anger. What
does it mean? Not angry at people, but those ideas that are lies that contradict God.
But in this setting before God, I’m not angry. I am subject to him. I am at peace. I am waiting on
him. I believe in him. He is a good God. We enter his courts with thanksgiving and that’s just
how it is. We lift up holy hands without wrath and the second one is without doubting. What is

Well, that’s in my heart, too. I doubt. I question it. I doubt. But this is a prayer. But there’s
nothing said. It’s only an attitude. And it might last a few minutes. It doesn’t matter. I’m not
talking about how long it is or what I’m trying to say is that what it is, is powerful cause you are
waiting on God.

When you go to a restaurant and somebody orders something, I’m the waiter and I’m there
with my pencil and my pad and what would you like? I’m waiting for them. What would you like? I haven’t decided yet. Okay. Then, you go to the – they’re in charge. I’m not in charge. I’m
waiting on them. They decide when and what they eat. It’s up to them.
That’s like when we’re waiting on God. We’re waiting on God. He is in charge. He is in charge of
my day. He’s in charge of my life. There’s not a lot of noise going on in my heart. I don’t have
anger and I don’t have doubt. I’m just there before him with holy hands waiting on him,
listening to him.

And we have the Word, the Word of God that we are receiving here and reading on our own
devotional life. We’re reading Proverbs, one chapter a month. Five psalms a day. You can do
one chapter of Proverbs a day. There’s 31 chapters. I mean, yeah. You go through the book in a
month. You go through the psalms. You can read the kings, the prophets. You can read the
minor prophets, the Gospels, and just quietly and wait on God and see what he orders.
I say, what do you want? I don’t know yet. Well, I’m quiet. That’s fine. We don’t have doubt.
We’re not angry. We’re just waiting on him and that’s how we live. And you know, any time in
the day you can do that. Any time.

Here he says in 1 Timothy 2:8, what are we praying for? Kings in vs. 2. Kings and all that are in
authority. Vs. 2. So that’s it. That’s a beautiful thought.

Okay. One last, one other point. Turn to Philippians 2. I want to show you something about Jesus and
what Jesus did for us. Chapter 2:6. I’ll make a list here. Jesus is God.

#2. He thought it not robbery to be equal to God. It means he did not grasp for being God. He did not grasp for being
God. Meaning you are God, Jesus. Yes, I am. Why don’t you behave like God? Why don’t you do
the things that God would do? Why don’t you exercise all your rights and all your authority and
all your knowledge regarding God? I’m not grasping for that. I can go low. And low and low.
There’s seven of them here in this text.

Look at chapter 2. It says he did, was not equal with God, vs. 6. But made himself of no

#3. No reputation. He was silent. He didn’t need to blow a horn in the street. He
didn’t need a publicity campaign. He didn’t need any of that. He wasn’t here for that. He wasn’t
promoting himself. He was just obeying the Father.

Vs. 7. Took upon him the form of a servant. #4. He became a slave. The word is actually slave.
No rights. No property rights. No voting rights. I mean in the meaning of that word. But
transpose it onto Jesus. Jesus is saying I’m not the master. My Father is. I’m submitted to him. I
came to do his will. I want to do his will. This is where the power comes. This is how he ripped
into the world. This is how he tore the devil to pieces. This is how he takes us and gives us a
new life. This is how Christ came. God gave us the greatest gift.

He himself came into this world. He lived this life and the authority and the power and the
victory that we have in Christ Jesus is incredible. It’s absolutely unbelievable what it is.
Now, the world is dancing around with all their disputes and their envyings and railings and
there’s foolishness but you and I don’t care so much about that. We have the living Christ who
came into this world. He totally overcame this world. He put our lives in order. He exalted us in
a kingdom. He baptized us into himself. He made us his bride. He fills us with his Spirit and he
gives us his mind.

Now, when he went to that cross, that was not small potatoes. That was a huge thing. That was
incredible what he did. So, that’s what we’re going to go at here. Go to the next part. It says he
was made – he was in the form of a slave and made in the likeness of men. He was just like a
man. If you walked by him. You would not mistake him for anything other than just a common
man. Even his identity in a crowd wasn’t clear to people.

In Gethsemane, they needed someone to kiss him to identify him. He could blend into a crowd.
He had the likeness of a man. He did all the things that we do. We sweat. We eat. We live as
people. We are tired. We sleep. We bleed. We get hurt. We bruise ourselves and so on. He is a
man. He was humble. He was humble because #1, he’s God. He’s God and then he’s in the
likeness of a man.

Vs. 8. Number six is death. He died. Now, when he died, he died like this. He didn’t die the way
you and I would die. We go [deep breathing]. We’re trying to live. We don’t want to die. We’re
fighting to live. We’d be sucking air. We’d be fighting to live. To breathe more. Jesus didn’t. He
breathed out. He died. Different. He had no sin.

He didn’t have to die in one sense. He had no sin but the Father judged him as a sinner though
in him he had no sin, but on his body was our sins. And the blood atoned for our sin, so he died
but it was worse than that. He died the death of the cross. The worst. Ripped apart. Torn to
pieces. Beaten to death. Crucified. Nailed to the cross. God did that. That’s what we’re talking

If we could grab a hold of like who we are because of him, what we did, what this means to us
that we are so encouraged. We are so edified. We cannot even believe. We’re touching just a
little bit.

Turn to Revelation 5 with me, please. So, we have this humility and obedience to Christ. Are you
obedient to God? No. Yes. Yes and no. But no. we can’t do it. He did it. He became a man. He
was obedient. Now we are given that obedience. We are blessed for that righteousness. We are
anointed of God. We are in this world and we understand how beat up we can be, but I just
want to say if we could understand the extraordinary nature of this.

Look at chapter 5:1. Revelation 5:1. That’s God. God is sitting on the throne and he has in his hand the
title deed of the Earth. What the Bible commentaries say because the scroll is what’s opened up
to bring all the judgments on the earth. The seals are broken but who can take the seal? Who
can take the scroll? Who can take the scroll? Who could even be in the presence of this
unbelievable event? Vs. 2-3. There wasn’t anybody even close.

What about Abraham Lincoln? Albert Einstein? William Shakespeare? How about anybody else?
How about a prophet? How about Moses? How about anybody? Any man? Anybody? Is there
anybody who could open this?

And this event is just speaking to us about this mind behind this Christ that came into the
world. The mind that says without him we would have lost the Earth. Without him, we would
have lost the human race. Without him, there would not be a kingdom coming on the earth.
Without him, there would be no one to go to the earth as the King of Kings. Without him, there
wouldn’t be anybody who had any right to this great event where God is saying I have a title
deed. There’s somebody who has the rights to the Earth and who is it?

And of course, in heaven John wept much. Vs. 4. Two times. Neither to look there on. They
couldn’t even look at it. Not even close. Vs. 5. This is amazing. This is amazing. There is
somebody. The one that hung on the cross. Wow! What? The one that hung on the cross. The
one that the centurion pierced. The one that was nailed. The one that was bleeding. The one
that was beaten. The one that came from heaven. Born in Bethlehem. The son of Mary. The one
that came by the prophets. The one that rose from the dead. The Christ. The one that was on
the cross and overcame. The one that humbled himself so much that he goes all the way to the
very bottom of the human race.

How far will God go? If you make your bed in hell, I am there and my right hand will lead you. I
will lead you. I have somebody that overcame death and hell. I have somebody that ripped the
world to pieces. The world, the evil world of lying and disputing. The world of arrogance. The
world of ignorance. The world of pride and chauvinism and arrogance and racism and every
other -ISM. The world of man. The world of fallen man.

I found that interesting. When I start to hate my neighbor, that hatred blinds my mind and I
start to see things about my neighbor that I hate the way he brings the garbage can out to the
street. Like I just hate it. Just hate it and I actually hate him. and then I heard him talking and it
just bothered me. I hated him. How did that hate go? How did that work? How does hate work?
Well, in history it happens. Remember Germany with the Jewish people. They just taught them
hate. Hate. Hate that blinds the mind. Now, I find reason to hate them. And I find another
reason to hate them. And I hate them and that hatred grows.

Well, are you kidding me? Yeah. That’s the nature of man. He will hate the church. He’ll hate
the brother. He’ll hate the Christian. He will hate his mother. He’ll hate his brother. He'll hate
life. He will hate his job. That’s the nature of man.

We say God, if you leave us to ourselves, we will destroy ourselves with hatred. It’ll grow in us.
And you know in our country, I don’t like to believe that hatred is growing but I believe in the
hearts of some people it is. And the only answer to that is this person that came into a hated
world and we hated him and crucified him. And he overcame it and came into our hearts. We
don’t have. We love and forgive and we sow seeds of love.

My neighbor is awesome. He’s made in the image of God. My neighbor has many troubles and
problems. Maybe I can help him. My neighbor is confused and sometimes he says bad things,
but I am here in the, in this world waiting upon the living God with a victory over myself so that
I don’t live in hatred, but I live in ministry. I live in love. I live in care. I live in investment. We
have this now in this lifetime. Okay.

Let’s finish up. It says, vs. 6-12. I feel so honored. Let me finish up my message. I think we’ll do 1
John 5 and turn there with me. I spent the afternoon here today just in prayer and thinking
about tonight. I have so many things to share but I think this is good. And let’s see if we can hit
the point here in a few minutes. We did already but to say it again.

1 John 5:4, you have overcome the world. You are born of God. Act like it. You have overcome the
world. You are born of God. You have the greatest treasure that we could ever have is in us,
with us, speaks to us. He is here. He is in your life. He is in your life.

Here’s a good warning. In this list, you see how God goes like this. He goes real humble. He’s
always going and for us like he can humble himself to the very bottom, the cross, the death of
the cross. Who are you? Mocking him. Why are you? You are nothing. If you are the Christ,
come down. Ha Ha Ha! Who are you? What a joke. What a fool. What a misled rabbit. We have
the power. We crucified you. You are nothing. You’re nobody.

But we just read what’s going to happen in heaven. He’s the one. He’s the one who overcame.
He’s the one that’s coming. He’s coming soon. He’s the one that came into your life. When you
are on drugs or alcohol or pornography or deceitfulness or pride or arrogance, he’s the one that
came into your life. How did that happen? How could Christ come into your life and make you a
saint, a king and a priest? How could God make us a king and priest unless he himself overcame
this world at high price, high cost, high, high value. Huge value.

Well, how did that happen? Who am I? We don’t even know what the soul of man is. How
valuable is the soul of a man. How valuable is the life of the teenager. How valuable is a little

child. How valuable is an old man or an old elderly lady. How valuable is the soul of a person
that God would give his Son so that person would have eternal life, be forgiven and their name
put in the book of life? How could that happen? How could it happen?

How could the grave one day – all of the graves of the Christians be empty one day? That we go
up in the air and we meet Christ in the air? We’re going to meet Christ in the air? We’re going
to go up and meet Christ in the air? How could that happen? The power of what God did for us
in humbling himself and coming into this world to save us and to give us this gift of eternal life
and give us the guarantee of a resurrection and give to us the presence of angels and the
presence of the Spirit and the walk of faith and give us victory over our sin nature, so that we
don’t live foolishly like we would generally do. Generally, we would be foolish. Are you foolish?

You want to turn to your neighbor and say I’m foolish sometimes. And I think you are, too.
Yeah. Foolish. I can give you an example. I am so foolish I can give you examples of my
foolishness. But what does God say about it? Though what? Though you sin and the sin
abounds, grace does much more abound. You cannot take the blood of my Son and discredit it.
You cannot remove its power. It is forever. It is everlasting. The believer is secure in the mind
and the heart of God for we’ve been bought with a price, 1 Corinthians 6:20. We’ve been paid for by
the blood of the Lamb, Malachi 3.

We are his jewels. We are special to God. We are the apple of his eye in Zechariah 4. We are precious. Of all the Father has given me, I have lost none Jesus says. Lord, where did you get this power? Because I humbled myself and obeyed my heavenly Father.

Therefore, he has exalted me. I have all authority in heaven and in earth. I give that authority to
you. That you are people on the earth that have the authority of the Son of God. How did you
raise the dead? In the name of Jesus Christ. How did you have a new life? In the name of Jesus
Christ. How come you got joy every day? In the name of Jesus Christ. How do you know you
have eternal life? Because of Jesus Christ. How do you know the kingdom is coming on the
earth? Because of Jesus Christ. That’s the answer and the price he paid.

We ripped him to pieces and he ripped this world to pieces. We went after him with all of hell
and he came to us with all of heaven. He faced the death and then he give us resurrection.
When do we get it? Now. “I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ lives
within me. The life I now live, I live by the faith of the Son of God…” It’s all him. The victorious
Christian life is him. He did it.

When we go to heaven and this whole thing could happen again. I don’t know that it will, but
when John was in heaven, God showed him there wasn’t anybody who could even look on the
problem not to mention solve it. And then the angel said weep not. The lion of the tribe of
Judah, right? The seed of Judah, the seed of David, he has overcome and he is here and he has
the right to that.

So, I’m encouraged tonight. I just want to give you a punch, a good punch. Just say, hey! It’s
Jesus that did it. What we have is incredible. We have his name. We have his nature. We have
his Spirit. We have his purpose. We have his throne. We have his body. We are members of his
bride. We are to be built up in the reality of it and actually feel it sometimes and sense it and
dance on the devil’s grave. Dance on the enemy’s head. Dance in your victory and say, no! No!
Like no! I don’t, I’m not into that. No! I’m not taking it. No! I’m not eating that. No! I don’t
believe that. Amen.

And you go before God like this with your, in your spirit and attitude and you aren’t anything
but you have holy hands. You don’t have wrath worked up fighting angry about stuff without
doubt. And you wait upon him. He will renew your strength. He will fill you with the Spirit again
and again and again. He’ll speak to you. You’re start to read this book and get things from it and
you’ll get to talk to your brother and sister. Not with these kinds of things happening in the
church: proud, knows nothing, obsessed with disputes, fighting and talking about things. No,
not this way but instead he’s got these 11 things.

But instead, the follow up part is he flees these things. He follows righteousness and he fights a
good fight. It’s just a short outline. Turn to 1 Timothy 6 and we’ll finish right there. Chapter 6. Thank
you for being here tonight. God bless you.

Look at chapter 6:11. Let’s have a little fun with that for a minute. But thou O man of God.
What a – thou O man of God. Say it with me. But thou O man of God. Man of God! But you!
Man of God! Woman of God! But you O man of God. Is that good. Drink that in. But thou O man
of God. What does he do?

Look at it. vs.11. Flee these things. Follow…fight. Oh man of God! Come on! Flee these things.
What things? These things in the context. These things that are put up there. Flee these things.
You don’t have to deal with all this stuff, this stuff that you see. You have people angry and
hateful and fighting and arguing and all that stuff that happens. But oh no! you man of God.
People know you are quiet, wise, loving, kind, tender, generous, gracious, and you flee these

Run away. Don’t get in a fight. Drop it. Love. Pray. Believe. Worship. Be salty. Be wise. Have a
message cause Jesus has changed our lives. Jesus has done that. He’s changed our lives.
Okay. So, to your neighbor just now for a moment we’re going to – it’s the end but we, okay.
Turn to your neighbor and you say, but thou O man of God! Thou O woman of God! But the
woman, the person next to me is a woman. But thou O woman of God! Flee these things.

Oh, it’s good to have flight in us, isn’t it? Honestly, oh it’s good to have some fight in me. I got it.
I got it. I don’t know where it came from I got a fight. I got a fight in me. Oh, I feel I could do it. I
could deal with it. Jesus is so – what did he come for to give us? The fight in our spirit. Give us
fight in our spirit. Are you dilly dallying around playing with fire? How about Prov. 6? Don’t put
fire in your bosom or else what will happen? You will get burned.

Why do you play with snakes? Why? Why do you play with fire? Why do you fool around with
poison? Remember P. Teplov’s story about putting a screwdriver in the electrical box in Russia.
His apartment. The lights went out. He goes in the hallway. Skull and bones on the cover of the
box. Duh! He opens it up. Puts a screwdriver. He’s blinded. But oh, P. Teplov. But thou O man of
God. Flee these things. Why play with fire? Why play with lust? Why play with gambling? Why
play around in life and play with something that is destructive? Why lose your money? Why
lose your integrity? Why lose your faith? Why lose your Bible knowledge? Why lose your church
life? Why lose your friends? Why lose your fellowship with Christ. Christ. Powerful. Man. He is
powerful. Christ overcame this world. It’s nothing.

It’s nothing. It’s dust. It’s chaff. All that stuff. No. Flee it. Follow after righteousness and then
fight a good fight and you got it. We have it. You got it. You’re out on a Wednesday night
because you’re hungry. Because you learn. It gets in a habit of learning. Getting a good word in
season. Being with our sisters and brothers. Being built up and I love the worship. I missed the
first song tonight. I lost track of time, but I missed the first song. Man! I love singing in our
church. I love the worship. I love the fellowship. And I just want to say to you don’t
underestimate who you are and what you got. What you got is amazing. Walk in it and take
ahold of eternal life.

You know, if you got a million dollars in the bank and you don’t know about it. You can’t take a
hold of it. If you got something over there that’s all ready for you. It’s yours but you don’t take a
hold of it, you’re not living your life. You’re not living your life. You take hold of eternal life, but
thou O man of God. Amen. Would you pray with me. (Prayer).

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