The big problem of life is the “I” we all live with. Psychology of today has people talk without end about their troubles and where they came from. Do we have room for God? We have so much to say. But there are other thoughts, thoughts from above. As Christ was rejected, He understood us and received us. Death was necessary. We do not like it. Self-life doesn’t control me. (Galatians 2:20; Philippians 3:3)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Bob Colban
Sermon # 11698
11:00 AM on 6/17/2019




P. Schaller

Would you stand with me please and have a good attitude. Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Halleluiah! Have a good attitude. I don’t have a good attitude so just change the attitude. Is that a choice? I’m going to be thankful today. Praise God! God loves me. Say GOD loves me. God loves ME. A workout here, a spiritual workout.

Are all things possible through Christ? Yes, they are. All things are possible. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring. That’s a proverb. Prov. 27:1, why not? Here it is. Why not? This is fun. You’re kind of cautious. You don’t want to make any mistakes publicly. Boast not of yourself of tomorrow. You know not what a day may bring forth. You don’t know what tomorrow may bring. What can we boast in if we can’t boast in ourselves? We boast in the Lord, Ps 44, all the day long. We can boast in the Lord all day long but I can’t boast in tomorrow. What else can’t you boast in? Good question, isn’t it?

Php. 3, I just realized we could do Bible study this way all day for our service. Wouldn’t that be good? Maybe yes. Maybe not.

Php 3:3, circumcision. In the Jewish law, that was a circumcision in the flesh. Our lips are circumcised and our ears are and our hearts are circumcised. There is a knife that cuts our mouth, our ears, and our hearts. We are circumcised but not in the flesh. We are circumcised a different way. God has put a difference between us and the Egyptians. We are not of the world. We are of the Spirit. We are not of the world. Isn’t that true? The rest of the verse says, vs. 3.

We really love Christ. Rejoice in him. We can do a dance. Can you do a dance where you are standing? Why stop? No confidence in the flesh. Boast not of tomorrow. Why? We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. We don’t boast in the flesh. How smart I am. What other thing? Who I know, what I own, how important I am, having confidence in ourselves in the wrong way. Our boasting is in the Lord all the day long. I want to explain that to you in a few minutes and teach it from Galatians. Is that all? Is that it?

I want to give a shout out to the folks here from different countries. In the 9 a.m. service, we had India, our two pastors Guru and Neal. That’s one guru I would go to right there! He’s the only one I know I would go to for counseling and yoga meditation! P. Plunkett is here from China. Anybody else? Evi Altonen is here also. P. George Arman and Carol are here from Malawi. You are our heroes. Really. The Matthew family from Puerto Rico. P. Post and Diane from Nepal. P. Stephen Stein from Berlin, Germany. You would do me a favor because I’ll miss people. Stand if you are from another country or you are a missionary or Greater Grace pastor from another place. Did we get everyone? Thank you so much. We are touched by your lives and your message which we want to share just now.

Gal. 2, I was in Utica, with Luke and Brian and P. Renaldo and Omahie and James Bryson. A group of us in Utica. We had a mission’s conference there which is the area I am from. I got to go to Rome to visit my brother who is in a nursing home up there. That means a lot to me. It was touching and important to me and him. We came back yesterday. We were in the car going through proverbs and talking and fellowshipping and very much encouraged in our spiritual fellowship.

I would like to say a few things here from Gal. 2:20. I hope they are God speaking to us. This is God’s word. The word of God is a sword. It’s very sharp. It speaks to us. Gal. 2:20, we’ll read it slow and bit by bit. I am crucified. There it is. Just the three words. I am crucified. What is wrong with this world? The first word in this sentence, “I.” What’s wrong with the world? Them? I. Biggest problem I have in my life is me. A lot of meaning in that word. We can say I and everybody has a different portfolio, profile. Sinful people, guilty people, dying people. I. I was abused as a child. I grew up in poverty. I was betrayed, wounded and hurt. I. Adam and Eve sinned in the garden and they are relatives.

Somebody asked me yesterday about my genealogy, where my family came from. I said from Adam and Eve and I have a real problem with that! I’ve got to talk to them when we get to heaven! My relatives probably were horse thieves and crazy people and sinful people and done terrible things as I have. I have an answer. I am crucified. That’s amazing. I am crucified. Woe! Really? I know that’s in the Bible. I know you believe that and I know but you don’t understand me. I know. It’s true.

Man is so complicated. He can talk for hours and hours about life. Ever read one of those big philosophy books about 800 pages long? I never have. The psychology of today. There is no end to how people talk and feel and are hurt and wounded and troubled and complicated. This is amazing. I am crucified. I don’t know. Instead of believing this, I’d rather talk about myself and live in the real world. My stuff, my stuff. And it’s a big wagon load. Huge room full of me. That’s the world of today and has always been this way. You know how Styrofoam if you put it in water, and have a Styrofoam piece of installation and push it down and it goes to the top. I sink. One writer said the devil fell from heaven from his own gravity. That’s not necessarily theologically correct but I like the idea when I’m wrong, that wrongness pulls me down. I sink under my own weight. I don’t need other people. I am the problem. I have these moods, these feelings, complaints, these problems.

When God looked at us, he knew this. He came. Let’s slow down here. When God looked at us, he knew he would have a long conversation with us that has no end. It would be about me and myself. Not much room in the conversation for God. We don’t have room for him. We don’t necessarily believe in him or know him or understand him. We have our own way and thoughts. God knew it wouldn’t be a dialogue with us but these words. I am crucified. That’s what that cross is. His opinion about you and me. That’s the conversation that is there. I cannot talk with you and you cannot hear me. You do not follow me. You do not believe in me. You do not trust in me because you don’t know me. I’ll show myself to you and come as a humble servant. I’ll be abused by you, rejected by you, spit in the face by you, hair plucked out of my beard, beaten with stripes and crucified. As you were rejecting me, I was receiving you. As you were hating me and ignoring me, I was understanding you and talking to you from there. Forgive them. They don’t know what they do.

It’s a profound Bible verse, vs. 20. I am crucified with Christ as if it is the only thing that would work with us. Death. Death. We don’t like it. Death. I was speaking to a psychologist yesterday, a Christian counselor going for his PhD in Christian counseling. I was learning from him things. How do you counsel people? I differentiate. When I counsel someone and listen to them, I have a detachment between them and me. I hear them but not in a personal way. I hear them. I’m listening to them. What is the second thing? Then I identify with them. I listen to them and the third is I paraphrase what they are saying. I repeat back to them what they are saying to me so they understand I relate to them. The fourth thing was I speak to them in the third person and lead them. But they may not accept what I say. As I lead them and I’m listening to them, they realize there is a message I am giving to them that is in my mind powerful. What would you say to someone in some of these cases where you refer someone? Someone has a deep problem beyond what I can share and I may refer them to someone and try to help that person.

vs. 20. I can imagine somebody not hearing that as good counsel but it is. I need a capacity to hear that and believe that. When I believe it, the H.S is my teacher. He will say to me, you are crucified. I will say I think I am. I have died. My self-life doesn’t have the power. It’s not controlling me. All that talking and feeling is seeming to be without authority and power. I live but not I. My name is Tom. I have been crucified. I died. Tom lives. Yet not Tom. It’s kind of like I’m a different Tom. I’m the same person but there is a difference because I died. The good news is it’s not just a Bible verse we may quote. It’s the word from the mouth of God from the Holy Spirit that tells me the most amazing truth I could hear and experience. I am alive. But it’s not me. It’s me but not me. But it’s me. You hear what I am saying.

Enoch walked with God. It says he was not. I always wondered what that means. Enoch walked with God on the earth and it says God took him. Enoch walked with God and he was not the same as he was before because he walked with God. The Holy Spirit. Have you seen the Holy Spirit in your life? Have you sensed the Holy Spirit get ahold of you in your life? Have you sensed the Holy Spirit in your faith? Have you sensed the Holy Spirit in a conversation, prayer, in fellowship, in the Body, in quietness, in kindness? Have you been surprised how compassionate you can be or want to give mercy to someone? This has happened to me many times. I think of a person and see more and have compassion on the person. I love that person. They don’t even know me. I know them. Quietly in my heart, I love them and have compassion and pray. Tom died. That old guy. The selfish guy, Tom Schaller. He died and now Tom lives but not him but him. That’s who you know when you look in the mirror of God’s word and he tells you who you are. I am crucified with Christ and I live but not I. At times, I see that clearly. It’s Christ that gives me the desire, the passion, the direction. It’s Christ that baptizes me into the Body of Christ and I see you as my sister and brother. I’m not caught in the vortex like in the bathtub. Getting caught in humanity or the flesh and the nature of troubled people. I’m not caught in the vortex of a troubled world. Jesus wasn’t there. He was with the Father and helping people out of it. Pulling them out of the vortex of the trouble, the addiction, the lying and the superficial life.

Many of you are hungry for the depth of the Spirit in your life, hungry for a fresh slice of heavenly bread or a good, long drink of the everlasting, eternal water where we don’t thirst like the people of the world. You know what it is to get caught in addiction and a man can’t get out of his pornography. He’s guilty but at the same time enjoying the pleasure of it. He can’t get out of it. Look at the verse. I’m out of it. Halleluiah. Is there anything better than that? Yeah, the life of the Spirit. Wisdom, freedom, joy, peace, purity. Purity is better than sin. Power, love, seeing further. You know how you can see only so far in our self-life? We are so limited. When we are caught in our self-life, how superficial and empty it really is. It’s up to you to find that out on your own if you agree with me or not. There is a way that seems right but the end is death. It’s not life. Crucified is death so we can have life because of the Holy Spirit glorifying Christ.

Every time you see a Spirit-filled person – we have seen them in Africa, India, China, and Baltimore. We see Spirit-filled people and every time it is the Holy Spirit saying Jesus did it. The H.S. is in you saying Jesus did that at the cross. He is glorified. The Spirit is in the world pointing to Christ and what he did. This is what we boast in. We can boast in this. Not in what is going to happen tomorrow though we wish good will for everyone. These things are not guaranteed what will happen to us this summer or in a year or decade. This is guaranteed: our spiritual life, our freedom, our joy, our peace, boasting in God all the day long.

vs. 20. This body of ours, this life I now live in the flesh. Now, I live in my body and I’m living in the same body I had before I was saved. It hasn’t changed. I live in a body of death. My body we know is going to the grave. As I live in this body, Christ lives in us and we live by the faith of the Son of God. The faith of the Son of God. Even the Spirit gives us the faith of the Son of God. The H.S. dwells in you and you have faith. It’s the faith of the Son of God. It’s God dwelling in you. The life you live you live by faith. The Spirit is saying you have died. I say amen. I have. The Lord says do we have anything to talk about? I live by the faith of the Son of God. The Spirit is my teacher. I don’t live in the denial of a child abuse case or a man who has gone to prison for 20 years or whatever is in his past but that thing doesn’t have the authority. It can’t take him down. Let the Styrofoam go. It will go to the surface. I’m trying to say by that illustration that the H.S has something to say to us all the time. He wants us to understand this book in a beautiful way. The Spirit wants to speak this book into our hearts. The Spirit wants to show us and lead us in our freedom. Then we will be walking around here and encouraging each other and knowing no man after the flesh. We have that skip in our life. We have a light hearted sense of humor, a spirit of thanksgiving, a joy, looking beyond the things seen. Not heavy and weighty in our personality and style.

People are different but I am saying the Spirit speaks and teaches us. Php 3:3, three things. Can you say them with me?

1) Worship God in the Spirit,

2) rejoice in Christ Jesus,

3) no confidence in the flesh.

You know, sometimes I plan things but I don’t have a lot of confidence in my flesh. I know you are the same way. You say God you can do this. I tackle a thing and go at it somehow, and I know Lord you can do it. You can make it happen. You can lead and guide us. We boast in you. Now in our new nature you hear our prayers and help and lead us. Our lives are new. We are worshippers of God. We rejoice in Christ and have no confidence in our flesh. We are people of the Spirit and we see it and hear it and recognize it. Amen. I’m so happy to be here today in the Lord. We rejoice in him and every good thing he is doing. We are going to have a great couple weeks together.

God is going to speak to our hearts and lead us in faith. Praise you God. Thank you for this kind of anointing. There are many kinds: joyful, preaching, meditative, an anointing of authority, casting demons out; taking over the atmosphere with the authority of the Holy Spirit.

We have an anointing here today touching our hearts as we listen in quietness and trust.





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