People saw Mary and Paul as wrong. She broke an alabaster box and poured ointment on Jesus. There was scoffing, but she was right. She is spoken of to this day. Her offering of love answers for her. Paul was said to be weird and out of his mind. But he could not help but tell the truth of Christ and His resurrection. He talked for himself of the truth he knew. (John 12:6-7; Acts 26)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11824
7:00 PM on 1/22/2020

P. Schaller –

Tonight, we are really thankful for the young people in our church. I want to use the night with the young
people, I mean the people that sang, the people that went to Ecuador, Ryan and Nick. Psalm 111:2
say it with me: the works of the Lord are great. Are they great? Have you seen any works of the
Lord in the last week or two weeks or last month or year? Have you seen any works of the
Lord? Any answered prayer? Any manifestation of God? Any word of encouragement? Are the
works of the Lord great?

Could I ask the group that went to Ecuador to come down front and stand as I talk for a few minutes. This is a work of the Lord, these young people. Are they great? I don’t know about that, but God is great. Psalm 111:2, we are looking for them. Are you looking for the work of God? Anybody? Are you looking for the work of God? If the works of God are great, then also they must be sought out. Something great happening in the earth and they
need to be sought out.

I believe that’s why you came here tonight. And why we had P. Ramir share about the Philippines at the lunch rap, to hear about the work of God that is great. Turn to your neighbor and get them involved. Say are the works of the Lord great and are you looking for them? Some of your neighbors will say leave me alone. I don’t want to talk to
anyone! Sought out. Sought out of all them that have pleasure therein. You look for something
you have pleasure in.

You look for something that you enjoy it. That’s like Convention and New
Year’s Eve service and Christmas and maybe in our neighborhood or in my family or Bible study.
Get in the operation of seeking out the work of God, looking for the work of God. That’s like
listening to a Christian radio station. I want to hear what God is doing. That’s like reading about
missions. I want to hear what God is doing. These are popcorn testimonies. Something small,
something simple, something great.

Ryan –

I’m Ryan and a few months ago, I had this idea come into my head about let’s go to
Ecuador with some young people. I didn’t know where this is from. I talked to people in the
missions office and they said talk to P. Stan. I sent him a text super randomly and he was like he
was thinking about it too. Let’s go. There was originally four of us plus him, and then we grew
to twelve. It’s amazing to see how God really anointed this time and built a team and built up
people and encouraged people and raised the money. Just amazing things happened, and it’s
incredible to see it after and leading up and in it. God’s hand was in it and I didn’t even now it.
It was really awesome.

Seth –

It was an amazing trip. So much God did and even in my heart and all of our hearts. I
was thinking today about it. I was reading Psalm 17 and at the end of the chapter, David said
people in this world have their portion in this life. In the next verse he says I’ll be satisfied when
I see your face in righteousness. That verse came to me that whole week. What we do is so
crazy to the world and to people who haven’t seen the face of God. On that trip, our portion
wasn’t in this life but seeing the face of Jesus. God showed up and we did see his face. It was so
amazing to see how much God will give you when you are in his presence. We have our daily lives and so many details we go through but having that time set apart for God, gaining his
presence intentionally. I was amazed how much God kept giving me. It amazes you. This is a
taste and I want more and more. I was so blessed.

Samantha –

It was really beautiful. Everyone asked how was it after? There weren’t words to
describe. Everything we did was so anointed and being with P. Stan was a huge blessing. In 10
days, he was my pastor. It was so wonderful watching God plant seeds in each person’s heart
about specific things. And watching him plant seeds in people we spoke to on the street and in
believers in Quito. We had so much hope that there is going to be a church there in that city.
We just have so much hope. God placed it in our hearts for that. We’re just praying for those
people who are extremely precious to us. God imparted so much so quickly that we didn’t
deserve to have imparted into us and love for these people.

Stephen –

Two things I’ll never forget. First one, P. Stan talked about unity. He described it as
being like this: unity stems from love. When you have love, you have unity. But what stems
from love is humility. With all three you have unity. The second thing that was big for me is on
the plane ride back, a super special time, the whole week was filled. Like, some said it was
anointed. Not one second where you didn’t feel God’s presence there. But for me, I got on that
plane, the last flight back and sat next to this couple. I don’t remember the guy’s name. The girl
was Robin. She asked me where I was coming from I told her I was on a missions trip. She said
wow that’s amazing. She said last time I was on a missions trip was to Haiti. This is going to be
cool! I started talking about the trip and she was telling me how big it was we planted a seed in
Ecuador. It was interesting to me when we were talking we had unity, this person I never met
before. We showed love to each other. We were both very humble about it. Amazing trip.

Jesse –

We went to this place called Bayas and went to this park and singing songs and
worshiping, some songs in Spanish and some in English. When we got back to the hotel,
Stephen pointed out to me one man came up and he didn’t speak English. He didn’t know the
words we were saying but told P. Stan he felt the grace of God in that presence even though he
didn’t understand what we were saying. Shortly after, this family came up and there was a blind
woman there or two. You could tell she also felt it. She started singing with us and translating
Seth’s songs and singing in Spanish while he sang in English. It was a perfect example you don’t
need to hear or see who is there. They just felt it. They didn’t understand us but still felt the
grace of God. She didn’t see us but sang with us and worshiped. It was pretty amazing.

P. Schaller –

I know it’s Wednesday night. How many worked today? Are you uncomfortable
sitting down? I was going to say stand up but then I thought oh, if you’re comfortable there. I
know you would stand up, no problem. John 12, this is a personal testimony about something on
my heart today thinking about the ministry and what we do. Remember the people on the
cruise. They are out to sea somewhere. I’m sure they are having a great time.

P. Scibelli has one more week. He is in Togo, Africa. Others at different places at different times. John 12:5, we know why he said it. He was a thief. The point is why do you do what you do? You are wasting something.
The things people think about that we are wasting is time, money and talent. You are wasting
something. I want to put here, you are wrong. Have you ever felt that somebody, the world,
maybe relatives or your friends say “you are wrong”.

Are you doing the same thing? Are you still with the __? Are you still reading the Bible? Do you go to conferences still? Haven’t you found hobbies and found your profession and your future? I don’t understand exactly why for so long you are wasting. If Judas says it and you say he said it because he was a thief, but everyone else
is thinking it too. In another gospel, it says the disciples agreed with Jesus. The church people
also agreed. It doesn’t say that. It says disciples thought it. That’s our subject.

Isn’t it a positive theme? Doesn’t it stir you up? I am going to ask you to stand in a second. I’m sure you’re going
to do it because it would be embarrassing to disobey the pastor tonight. Vs. 7. Let me add. She
is right. You say she is wrong but actually she is right. Have you ever felt that you are wrong?
Have you felt you are doing something wrong when you are doing something right? Has it ever
happened to you.

Ever felt I’m guilty and don’t know why. I’m going on the homeless outreach
and giving out toothbrushes with P. Ray and feel there is something wrong with it. Give out
toothpaste or towels or blankets. Did you know last summer, someone donated to the
homeless ministry a couple bicycles. He put them in back of the van and drove out into the
woods to meet homeless people.

He’s talking and they are angry and frustrated, and they said someone stole our bicycles. Don’t you think God could provide new bicycles? Let’s have a prayer. He said come with me and he opened the van and gave three bicycles. Somehow I feel I did something wrong. I gave out some bicycles. Or told someone on the street that Jesus loves
them. Why do I feel I did something wrong? This woman poured out a box of ointment on Jesus
Christ and they said she was wrong.

She wasted it. That could have been sold and given to the poor. Jesus said leave her alone. She has done what she could. She did it for my burial. When you folks get around to bury me, I won’t be there because the tomb will be empty and she’s right on time. I’m just having fun. You’re looking at me like? Stand with me and have a good
attitude. God is good. You are not wrong. You are right. You went to church tonight. You are
not wrong. You are right.

You are in a good ministry. You are not wrong. You are right. Right now you’re not talking much, and you don’t know what to say and are interested in saying more. Acts 26, this is the personal testimony part of the ministry. I want to give you a context for what I want to say. 1972 – 1975 I was in a word of God revival. Where was it? In Maine
under P. Steven’s ministry. It changed my life. I was a believer one year before I met P. Stevens.
He introduced me to the Bible, and we had a Word of God revival.

God moved. Something happened. We got new values. We broke the box of ointment. We wasted something, our time, talent and money. We wasted our future. We wasted our opportunity for the future and so on.
1975-1981, I was part of another Word of God revival. Where was that? Finland. The people
today and some of them are here. They say those years were special. Those years, something
happened. God moved. We were right when we gave our life to Christ.

We believed God. The world says we are wrong. You are wasting your time, talent and money. You could be a
professional person in Finland. And they are anyway. The world, society says missionary, Ecuador, P. Stan. There is something wrong in that picture. What is wrong with it? It’s weird. It’s
weird. There is something wrong about it. 1981 to 1987, I was part of another Word of God, the
same Word of God revival in Lenox. 1987 to 1990 Baltimore. 1990-2003 another one in

I talked on the phone with one of the Hungarian pastors yesterday and I said those
ten years in the 90s, he said it was exceptional. It was wrong. We lost time and money and
talent and young people made decisions and they did something outside of what society says is
right. What society says is right is what we are so careful to do. It happened in those years.
What does it mean? Even now there is some Lenox website with photos from those years.

They are not in this ministry anymore. They are following God or whatever they are doing. God
knows. It’s none of my business. It’s their lives and so on but there are people who remember
Lenox like, wow! Why were we on fire? Why did we to use this young people group, why did I
love P. Stan. Why did I get on an airplane and my heart burned inside my heart. Why did I talk
to the person next to me and something was going on in a spiritual way.

Why did I read Psalm 17:15. I know I will be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness. But the other people have their
portion is in this world. Why does that happen? You know why. From 2003 to 2020, which is
where you are wrong. You are wrong. It will never stop in this world. You are wrong. You are
wrong. I’m saying no, I don’t think so. I want to be really calm about it, not rah, rah. I feel very
quiet about it. We can use the text in Acts 26.

This is going to be a short – I always say that! I want you to see something Paul is told he is wrong. He stands before Agrippa and he says in vs. 1. We’re not going through the whole chapter, but I want to show you something in the context of what we are saying tonight. Agrippa said you are permitted to speak for yourself. Thank you.
I can speak for myself. Paul is wrong and the king said you are allowed to speak. Paul is saying
thank you. I want to say it this way. I will speak for myself for what I believe.

When I break the box of ointment and pour it on Jesus, I will speak for myself. When I decide to leave college and
make that decision, I will speak for myself. We will stand before God at the bema seat and we
will be able to answer for ourselves. It looked like we were wrong, but we were not wrong. We
were right. Thank you for this lady that had the courage to clap! It’s true. It is like that. Agrippa
said you are allowed to answer for your life.

You are allowed to answer for what you have believed, what you are believing. We know the answers by our Bible verses and our lifestyle. I feel this is something to say to us as a church. I don’t feel like apologizing to anybody. I’m not a perfect person. I’d stand with Paul and those listening. Don’t you know the prophets said this
would happen? Don’t you know a man would be raised from the dead? You know this was not
done in a corner. Don’t you know what the prophets have said? Don’t you know what the Bible
has been saying all along about the Messiah and you say I am wrong.

When he appeared to me mid-day, oh king. He called me to turn people from Satan to God and from darkness to light. That they would receive forgiveness for their sin and be sanctified by his grace. O king, I was not
disobedient to this vision. Just to make this short. Paul, you are permitted – he said listen to me
patiently. Patiently. I love that word. If you want to know about Mary breaking the box of
ointment, listen to her patiently.

Don’t judge her. She has reason for what she is doing. We are
not the only church in all the world. That’s ridiculous to think we would think that way. That’s
ridiculous. We are very confident about some things. When we decide to have a good diet of this book and the Spirit moves in our hearts and these young people – young and old, we are all
the same. I don’t see any generation gap even male and female. Same life in those young
people is the same life in us.

We are growing together. It is kind of crazy how we live, to be honest. When they heard Paul speak like this, Festus said in vs. 24. Paul, you are beside yourself. Paul, you are insane. Much learning does make you mad or insane. You’ve been in the library too long! You’re weird. You’ve been in a cave. You’re a monk or mystic. You ate too
many mushrooms! Paul you are out of your mind. Oh, no. He answered in vs. 25. It’s beautiful
you can look crazy, but you are so sane it shocks. You are so together, much more together
sometimes than our accusers.

Sometimes I am so encouraged when I reflect on all the very intelligent men of God through history -the theologians, and servants and pastors, and the women of God who are so smart and way beyond us, I mean me, in our thinking. They are amazing people. Augustine, they say he wrote. And how they wrote in the 4 th century papyrus
and the quilt pen, 1 million words. I don’t even think 1 million words! Festus, most noble, I
speak the words of truth and soberness. I’ve been serious about what I believe regarding Christ.

I’m serious and it will affect my friends. It will affect the church I go to. It will affect how I use
my free time. I get a girlfriend and honor her with dignity. I’m not sleeping with her. I honor her
with dignity and want our marriage to be blessed of God by his grace and faith. You are weird.
You are wrong. You are weird. Get used it. And decide in your own heart. Thank you I am
permitted to answer for myself.

Oh king Agrippa, listen to me patiently. I have a number of arguments. I learned about this subject if you have the time and patience and hearing ear, you will listen to what I say. You’ll be impressed. I’m not stupid. Even if I’m stupid, I can be stupid and right. It’s possible I’m not stupid. It shakes the group. They are listening and it shakes them.
Agrippa makes a decision he can go free. Nothing he has done wrong here. Nothing illegal, no
criminal violation. He can go free. Vs. 30.

You know what that means in my language. He can go free, but he is still held to be wrong. He’s still kept in jail. He should go free, but we are not going to let him go. He’s still wrong. I want to say tonight, there is something about the ministry that is so awesome. We win souls and preach the gospel. People can sit at our doorstep and say
if it wasn’t for you, I don’t know where I’d be. I don’t know how many times I have heard that
around in different countries. If people hadn’t come, where would I be.

I can say the same thing. If it wasn’t for the man of God, that God raised up to bring a revival in my life, where
would I be? Where would I be living? What would I be thinking? I know where I would be by
looking at a vast number of the population. The world would look at that and say they are right,
and they look at me and say you are wrong. It’s in the atmosphere. It’s in the papers, the TV,
and novels that people read about missions and men and women of God.

We carry that with us. I can answer for myself. I consider it an honor that you allow me to give an answer for what I
believe and what I am doing. You know this box of ointment doesn’t mean anything to me in
the light of Jesus Christ. I give him everything. I will let God deal with my family. I will follow
Jesus with my heart and let him take care of my family. I’ll live by faith in God and let him take
care of what he is doing.

All his ways are right. His spirit is right. His heart and mind is right.
Don’t underestimate the value of your precious faith and don’t let anyone steal it from you.
When you go to bed, be quiet in your heart before God. I believe you are worthy of everything. The world will say I’m crazy, but you and I know I’m not. The world will mock and ridicule our
commitment. Through this commitment, we can love, forgive and touch people.

It’s happening. GGCA is packed with kids. I did the senior class today. What a precious group of young adults. I
think these kids are awesome. We look at the Bible college starting in ten days from today. P.
Ben coming this week and P. Ben will say P. Schaller and the team that came to Finland, it
changed my life. They will say you are wrong. But looking in the face of P. Ben and as we do
every day here as a body, we look in each other faces and encourage each other.

There’s a little bit of a thing in the background that we are weird. We are strange. We did something wrong.
It’s crazy the way you live and what you do. We say can I answer for myself. I have a family. I
got a job. I own a house or rent an apartment. My boss likes me. I go to church. I have a
thousand friends…what do you have? What does the world have? Los Vegas and Hollywood and
movies and entertainment and restaurants and adultery and betrayal and broken hearts and

We have that, too. We’re not any different that way but we are different. Don’t
apologize for it. Just learn how to answer it. Say basically, why is it strange to you that God
should raise the dead? Vs 8. It’s what our fathers said. If he is raised from the dead, then
everything in my life has changed. He is the center, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning
and the end. He’s the Word. He’s the Word incarnate.

You and I are the Body. We have an anticipation for our Convention coming in June 2020 and Eurocon March 20202 and we know there is a big convention coming one day in the year 2027 or 2052. I don’t know when it will be,
but it will be. There will be a convention and the Lamb of God and the lion of the tribe of Judah
on the throne. We will be in the midst of that amazing, incredible person and on that day,
nobody will be saying we were wrong.

It will be heaven saying, you’re not perfect but you are right. Have you ever been told you are wrong when actually you are right? Yes. That happens in the world we are living in. But know it. And say back to the atmosphere, yes, I know you say I am wrong because of the waste of my money, time and talent but I know whom I have
believed, and I know all that I have given up I will not be ashamed. In my heart I know my
redeemer liveth. I will not be embarrassed or ashamed for breaking the box of alabaster
ointment and trusted in him. Actually, we are right on time for his burial.


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