Confusion in society leaves people looking for God. Departure from the faith and vain thoughts cripple our world. People are perplexed. Mordecai cried out and lived the truth. He imagined God as the commander of the host, the One who will make all things new. (Deuteronomy 22:1-2,5, 22; Micah 3:9-11; Proverbs 29:2; Esther 3:8-4:1-3; 10:1-3)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller, Steve Andrulonis
Sermon # 12672
Sun 11:00 am


P. Steve Andrulonis –

All right. Good morning. Great to have you with us today. This is a word of introduction for you. We had
a great service at 9 and interested to hear how pastor continues on that. I’m going to read a
passage here. (Prayer).

All right. End of Genesis 3, I’m going to talk about Jeremiah and Ezekiel. But here’s a passage that’s
tragic. It’s tragic what happened in Genesis 3. This is the man and the woman had entered into self-
definition. They had taken, they had ignored the definition from God not to eat at the tree of
knowledge of good and evil and they took from it.

It says here at the end of chapter 3:23-24. So, consequences. Consequences. This is the essence
of the meaning of wrath. If you go through the book of or the longest psalm in our Bibles which
is Psalm 119, you’ll see again and again that the writer of that psalm talks about a number of
things. One, it’s good that I have been afflicted that I might learn to live by your precepts and
statues and also it will help me to understand your decrees, your determinations.
This is, I’m talking about – I’ve been reading through in my Bible reading Jeremiah,
Lamentations, Ezekiel. We know this is a very torturous time for the people of Israel, the chosen
nation. They turned from their purpose to be priests and speakers of the mind of God to the
rest of the world.

Now, this is what God chose to do with this people. I’m going to give you my words. You are
going to serve as priests. There’s supposed to be priests and then by being priests, they would
become servant kings. Because they were to announce to the world that there is a God that can
be known, because the God that met Moses in the wilderness gave Moses his name.

Remember, Moses is a killer, right? He was a killer. That’s why he’s out there. He was a killer
and he’s an exile. And the fiery bush appears to him and he draws near and he gets the name of
God, Yahweh. Now, I read this passage because I’m thinking consequences. Adam and Eve met
the consequences. Consequences. Wrath of God. When we read what happens in Jeremiah and
Ezekiel. Jeremiah and Ezekiel preach and preach, and they say this is coming. This is coming.
This is coming. This kind of disaster is coming. Sword, famine, exile, plague. All of these things
are coming. Wild beasts. These things are coming to you. Why? Because you’ve turned from the
one who gave you his name. Consequences.

Remember before Bob Barker did “The Price is Right,” he did a show called “Truth or
Consequences.” Probably you who are under 45 do not know what that means. But there was a
show called “Truth or Consequences.” Consequences or truth. Consequences are constraint and
what God is preaching through Jeremiah, through Ezekiel, to his people is I gave you a name. I
drew you to myself. You can read Ezekiel 16. It’s beautiful. It talks about how God found Israel.
How God cleaned her up. How God perfumed her. How God garmented her. Gave her garments and then jewelry. It’s probably a good thing for a marriage seminar. How should you treat your
wife? But then it says it got captivated. Israel got captivated by her beauty and then turned
away from the one who loved her so much and had drawn her so close.

When you read through Ezekiel and Jeremiah you see that God is constantly announcing
himself not as the Almighty, not as the all-powerful, not as the omnipotent one, not as even the
all-knowing one. He’s announcing himself as the God who loves you. I am Yahweh. I gave you
my name because I wanted intimacy with you. Consequences when they are allowed to
progress, when the wrath of God is allowed to because God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man
sows, he shall also reap. The seeds that we sow in life, the wrath that accumulates and affects

But there is mercy. There is mercy for every morning there is mercy. Jeremiah writes that in the
middle of his Lamentations. Ninety percent, ninety percent are just grief, grief, grief, grief and
then this I call to mind. Great is your faithfulness. Your mercies are new every morning.
Mercies. They must be received. God has given mercy. How has he given mercy? How has he
given mercy?

He’s given mercy through his name. Here’s the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is that
the consequences that Adam and Eve set forth – I don’t know why God had to set a flaming
cherub there to guard the way to life. There was something that in their sinful state if they went
back in there and partook of something in there, then they are locked into something.
There’s a theological explanation but it only goes so far. It can’t satisfy. Like the person who’s
totally devoted to having everything logically and reasonably explained, he’s a God of mystery.
Michael Card used to sing that questions tell us more than answers ever do. So, we have a God
that can’t be comprehended.

But we do have a God who came and took on a name, Jesus. And he lived among us. Yahweh
with us. And then, the fruit of all the consequences that were set in motion including the
separation from God in the Garden, they were all concentrated, concentrated, concentrated,
concentrated at the Cross. There’s no God like that. There’s no Savior mentioned in any other
document or faith system. There’s no Savior. Whatever faith system that is. Even if it’s a faith
system that has no Deity in it. It’s a faith system.

You believe that these things are going to happen. We believe that the consequences of what
happened in the Garden and the accumulation of those consequences in our separation and
our sin, they were focused and concentrated in a space of time on a cross outside Jerusalem,
and that Jesus was lifted up. Why? To draw all men unto him. Yahweh, Yahweh, Yahweh. All of
the consequences of wrath are to draw us to the One who has his name to give us and his name
to put upon us. And so we see in the Scriptures that there is no other name on earth by which men might be saved. It is the name of Yahweh, Immanuel, God with us. And so, consequences can come, but the truth of the matter is, is that person of God in the person of Jesus Christ absorbed all consequence.

All of it. He knows exactly how it feels to be battered, beaten, stepped on, spat upon, and separated from God. He was forsaken for those moments on the cross, and now there’s a narrow way to enter into the presence of God and to enter into the life that Adam and Eve knew before to have presence with him into a Garden.
There was that Garden. Timothy Keller preaches a great message. There was that Garden.
There’s the garden at the – in the new age, there’s going to be a glorious time and another
garden in Revelation. In the middle, there’s the Garden of Gethsemane. And all of consequence
of wrath concentrated on the person of Christ so that we could be – let’s keep it going –
consecrated. I know that’s a lot of C’s to understand. Consequence and then concentration and
then the consecration that is for us. We are made holy in him.

So, call upon the name of the Lord. Receive his mercy. It’s available to you every morning, every
day. There is no other message. There is no other message. There is no other message that will
roll back and let the garden gate be unguarded. Garden gate does not have to be guarded by
cherubim anymore because Christ made a way into his presence for us. All right. That’s it.
Who’s coming? P. Eugene? All right. God bless you.

P. Schaller –

Okay. You may be seated. Turn with me to Psalm 119. Thank you for that message, P.
Steve. It was the Gospel message. So good. Wow. We can really listen to a lot of teaching and
tonight there’s also free food I think. We have a mission – people dressed I think in different
mission clothes and from different country and food. Up on the screen there on the wall,
summer harvest. So, tonight we’re going to have a celebration in here with our service and then
in the other room. I think it’s in the other room, is it? The family center is the food and just
being together and talking about missions.

All right. Psalm 119:113, “I hate vain thoughts; but thy law do I love.” So, we have a lot to say this
morning. I think I just pray that the Lord will direct us. (Prayer). I have a short outline here I
made last night. I did a lot of study in the last couple days. I have a lot to say but to kind of put it
in an outline. #1. We will look at the book of Esther. Maybe we should turn there now to get our bearings.
Turn there with me to Esther 3. I’m changing now again! Micah 3. I want to show you
something about bad government. Micah 3. My prayer is that my message will be good and
edifying and say something. Micah 3:9-11. We might have that idea in our society. We say God
bless America. God bless America. And then we do things that contradict God’s heart, God’s

So, turn to Proverbs 29, please. Vs. 2. You know, when a king is righteous – I lived in Europe for
about 20 years, and I know a little bit about countries there and their histories through the
centuries just common knowledge. I don’t know a lot but I know in general. When a king was a
godly man, it effected the society. There weren’t republics like in the 17 th century, 16 th century,
15 th century and earlier, but a king could be righteous.

Where do we find that in the Bible? David. When David was a righteous man, the people
rejoiced. He was. He had a rough patch, and we read about that in the Bible, but we also read
he was a man after God’s own heart and so was Solomon. He changed. So was Jehosaphat and
Asa. Men of God. The Bible says when it’s right, when there’s judgment, when there’s
righteousness, when there is wisdom, when I love thy law, I hate vain thoughts. That’s a whole
message in itself. What are vain thoughts? Thoughts that don’t go anywhere. Thoughts that are
all about me. Thoughts that have very little meaning in the big scheme of things. Like what’s
really going on? What’s happening here? What’s really going on in life?

My belief that our confusion in our society leads people to Christ. I believe that. I want to
believe that. I want to believe that the problems that we have – now, there’s much to say about
our problems. Just in a few words, there was a Jewish holocaust survivor, Victor Frankl, he’s
somebody you might want to read about. Very interesting about meaning in life. I think it’s L.
Frankl. I’m not sure there’s a Y in there. Victor. You can find it.

He said in the United States there should be a statue of liberty in New York and a statue of
responsibility in Los Angeles. If we have freedom, we should also have responsibility.
Responsibility. Somebody to talk to me about how things should be. Where will I find it? Where
will I find the moral law? Where will I find the spiritual understanding? Where will I find the
food that I need for my life to live a life.

So, because there is – here’s my outline. Downward spiral of moral teaching in our society. I
want you to notice something. Deuteronomy 22. What did the psalmist say? I hate vain thoughts but thy
law do I love. Let’s read a little law. Some Christians say I don’t want to know about the law. I
want to know about grace. Now, you don’t understand. You don’t understand. The law is our
delight. Because the law is about love. The law is about God.

By the way, how many laws are there in Moses’ teaching? 623 of Moses’ laws. What are they
about? About food, cleanliness, defilement, sacrifices, priesthood, temple, tabernacle, Ten
Commandments, and then what we’re going to read here now. Deuteronomy 22:1, I don’t know what that
means. My neighbor’s sheep go astray and I look the other way. I don’t want to get involved
with my neighbor. He has a problem. His sheep got out. Farmer John’s goats got out across
Route 150 the other night. The state police went and did something about it.

Back in these days and today when you see that your neighbor has a problem, do you turn away
or do you care? Yeah. The Bible is teaching me to meditate on that. Why? Cuz it’s God’s mind.
It’s his heart. It’s love.

You see, people – you don’t keep the law to get saved. That’s the Gospel. You cannot keep the
law. Nobody can keep all these laws. Even though in the Gospels Jesus talked to somebody who
said I have kept all the law from my childhood. You know the story. Oh, really? You have? Not
really. No. The law shuts our mouth. The law teaches us we are not able. The law draws us to
Christ where we need his mercy and grace.

Now, being born again and the nature of Christ being born in you, you love the law. You love
the law. That’s why you read it, meditate on it. It doesn’t condemn you. You rejoice in it. But in
our society, how do people think of the law? We’re even now, even the baseline civil law isn’t
enforced. So, you have a lot of freedom and we talk about human rights and our freedom to be
and to do whatever we want and God is saying, no. You are my people. You are different. You
love my law. I hate vain thoughts but thy law I love. I love the Gospel. I love my new birth. I love
the doctrines and I love these laws.

Let’s read another one or the same one, vs. 2. I got your sheep. He’s in my backyard. I found
your cat. I found your dog. I found – I remember in Finland there was a pair of gloves at the bus
stop and somebody dropped their gloves and they just put their gloves there at the bus stop for
somebody to find them, right?

But there’s something about us. I turn the other way. I don’t know anything. I don’t know
anything. I’m not helping anybody. I’m staying out of trouble. I’m not doing it. Remember back
in the day when we were young, we were hitchhiking all over the place? We got a free ride.
People would pick us up and drive us. I hitchhiked a lot. Probably a lot of you did. Even across –
I didn’t go across the country but I had friends that did it. It was like a way of life. People in
America would pick you up. Now, they don’t dare because they might get killed. Hijacked,
kidnapped, murdered or raped. Wow. What happened? What happened in our society?

Well, there’s some statistics here. “Anxiety grows among Americans as crisis after crisis spirals
out of control. Inflation. Mass shootings. War. Pandemic. American people have been left
feeling like so many things have spiraled out of control and those charged with addressing them
can’t or won’t fix them.” Please fix our society. Please help us live a better life.

Now, here’s point #2. Poor leadership is a problem for us. Micah 3:9-12, Ecclesiastes 10:5-6. You came to
learn the Bible, right? Wait a minute. Go back to Deuteronomy 22. I want to hit you with this one. Chapter
22:5. Did you read that? What’s that called in our society? Is there a word? Cross dressing. A
man dresses like a woman. A woman dresses like a man. What does God say about it?

It’s an abomination. What do you think about it. Yeah, I’m asking you. What do you think about
that? I hate vain thoughts but thy law do I love. Do you love it? I don’t know. You got to deal
with that. Isn’t that a great question to ask the church? It is. We are a grace ministry. We know
that we must be born again. We have the Holy Spirit of God in us and we know that this is his
Word. And do you love it? I want it to offend me. I want it to challenge me. I want it to speak to
my heart. I want it to direct my life. I want it to correct me in any way that God wants to. I don’t
know what I’m doing. I want to know what God thinks. I want to know what he says. You get
the idea of what I’m saying, right?

Okay. So, how about this one. Deuteronomy 22:22, look at this one. Put away evil. There’s a saying about
the wild West, there were horse thieves. When you hang horse thieves, they didn’t have many
horse thieves when they hanged them. What about that?

You see, our society is so liberal. Our society doesn’t understand. I’m not saying capital
punishment. I’m not getting – this is capital punishment. But why? To control society because
evil has to be put away in Israel. That’s what he said. Isn’t that amazing? It shocks my liberal
kind of human rights nerves, you know. We are human beings. We have the rights to do as we
want to. That’s the way people – we’ve been living that way now for whatever it is. Stronger
and stronger.

Where does it go? What happens to people? I’m saying I think it draws people to God. I think it
also does something else. It destroys people. It destroys what’s normal. It destroys families. It
destroys children. It destroys education. It destroys our sense of integrity, our kind of design as
people. We’re not made to live like pigs. We’re not made to live irresponsible. We’re not made
to live lying and cheating and hurting each other.

I see nothing. I see nothing. I don’t know anything about it. And I’m not made to be a liar. I’m not made to be afraid. I’m not made to be a coward. I’m not made to be irresponsible. I’m not made just to live any way I dam well please.
If you live like that, you will have vain thoughts that will bring your life to an empty place.
This paper says this. This psychological association, this doctor says “not just the long list of
stress-making issues themselves but social media and ongoing apocalyptic news coverage that
puts Americans in such a heightened state of anxiety. We are not meant to live under this
degree of fight or flight.” We’re not.

So, let’s go to point #3. How does poor leadership in government effect the general population?
I think it makes people turn to God. Look for something different. Look for an answer to their
problems. I think – there’s a list of questions. #1. Existential meaning of life. What do I do when
my life crashes? I have a friend or friends that are Christians. Maybe they can help me. What is
the meaning of life? Who can tell me.

There is this teacher Carl Sagan. Maybe you know him. He was an astrophysicist from Cornell.
I’ll put his name down here. He believed that the universe, the material world always has been,
is, and always will be. And that was his message. There is nothing more. We are all here by
accident. The material world has always been, always is and always will be. It sounds like he’s
looking at the material world where we look for God. We say this, God – not the cosmos – God
always has been, is, and always will be. We are subject to him and seek him. There are many
people when you seek God, you will find him.

#2. People have theological questions about the judgment. Will God make right everything that
has been wrong? Every lie? Will we stand one day before God? Is there a heaven and is there a
hell? That’s a good question to ask people when we’re talking to them.

Hey, the world we live in there’s something not right about it. Why? Why is there something
missing? Why is there something wrong? Why are so many worried? Why are we afraid? Why is
there anxiety? Why? The answer is God. But there’s something about that answer and it is it
takes imagination. I’ll write the word down here. Imagination.

I’m surprised Carl Sagan who believed there’s civilizations out in the universe that are beyond
us and he actually believed they are out there beyond us and they would help us get beyond
our technological adolescence. Really? I’d rather turn to God. I’d rather believe. I’m hungry for
meaning. I’d like to know why are we here? God is telling us in his Word that what we are
seeing happen in America happened in Israel. They turned away from God.

When we read in 2 Thessalonians 2, that’s happening at the end. 1 Timothy 4 I tell you the Spirit speaks
expressing that in the latter times people give heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. I
want to go that way. I think there are people asking those questions.

My faith when I came to Jesus, I was not a believer. I was not a believer. I was a skeptic. No, I
was not a believer. I had to fight. I had to find it. I had to prove. I needed to know is it true? I
questioned it all the time and I found it. I never collapsed. My life by God’s grace, my faith has
not collapsed. My faith has not been thrown away. My faith has not been destroyed. It has not
been shipwrecked by ideas of other people because I got so serious about it. I asked every
question you could possibly ask. I went through everything.

Also, since then I’ve been to many countries, studied many – I understand different religions
and the way they think and so on. I’m only saying this because you, our sisters and brothers, are
in a time when there is a great departure from the faith. Churches are empty. Pastors are
walking in gay parades. There are rainbow flags. Churches are empty. They are being sold.
Church buildings are being sold to become apartment buildings or mosques. There’s a
departure from the faith in the Western world. I’ve got to ask these people in Europe and in the United States and wherever you go, what are you believing in? What is your message? What do
you have to say? How do you live?

We can do whatever we want to. Haven’t you learned that if you do that you’ll end up in a very
big mess? Haven’t you learned that if you live like that it’s empty? I hate vain thoughts the
psalmist said. But I love your law. I found Christ, right?

All right. So, there’s other questions. When I see perverted judgment or wrong judgment,
Mordecai became the minority but he also became public. He was a public minority and he
stood up and pushed back. Let’s draw a picture and turn with me to the book of Esther 3:8.
What do you mean? Well, they can’t eat smoked eel. They cannot drink blood, animal blood.
What other laws? They can’t cross dress.

What other laws did the Jews believe? They have a priesthood. They offer up animal sacrifices.
They have a God you cannot see him. There is no God. The Jews are strange people. Diverse
from all the people and my advice to you king is to get rid of them. Get rid of all the Jews. So,
here we have this picture.

Here is the kingdom and the millions of people from India to Ethiopia and in Persia and there is
– that just represents the population – and there is the culture. The culture is saying by a
leader. The leader is Haman. You have the king and his name is Ahasuerus and you have his
henchman, his right hand man, Haman. What does he say? Get rid of the Jews. Bad
government. Yeah. Bad government. Look at the end of chapter 3. “But the city Shushan was
perplexed.” Vs. 15. There is to be a genocide that stretched from Ethiopia to Persia in size and
all the Jews are to be killed.

What would you do if you lived in that country? What do you think about that when the
government is so? What do you think about it when the culture is contradicting your way of
life? For me, for us, we have a way of live that’s from God. We have our tradition. We have our
teaching. We have our family. We have our moral values. They may contradict our culture. The
culture might come one day and say get rid of these people. Their laws are different from
ours…We don’t want them here.

The king says, okay. I agree. Stamps it. Camels and donkeys and horses go out. They bring the
news and so vs. 15. Let’s have a drink. But the city Shushan was perplexed. Not peaceful. Not
peace. It’s not good when the king is a bad guy. It’s not good when a bad guy and there are
plenty of them. A bad guy’s in charge and what are you going to do? I’m going to delight in his
law. I’m going to meditate in his way. I want to know God in a personal way. I want to be in
fellowship with God’s people. I want the Spirit of God to be teaching me and helping me, giving
me peace deep in my heart. I want the Bible to be open to me. So, this is what happened.

Chapter 4:1, when Mordecai perceived all that was done, he hid himself? No, no, no. vs. 1.
That’s like us. When something’s wrong, can you say it? When they’re going to kill you, can you
do anything about it? Is it in you? Yes. Cuz when you live with God way before that day
happens, when you live with God and you meditate on his Word, you have a life with God, Spirit
of God, then you’re not afraid. You have love.

Nor are you argumentative. Nor are you combative. You just know when something isn’t right,
you cannot tolerate it. You cannot accept it and say I’m looking the other way. I don’t know
anything about Jewish people and by the way, I’m not a Jew either. Really. I’m not a Jew. Hide.
But he went out in the public. He went to the White House. It says he went to the gates of the
city. Look at vs. 2. That means the place of government. He did. You cannot go to the king’s
palace in sackcloth, but he did. And he’s making a fuss about it.

The purpose of my message is not that we are making a fuss as much as saying that I believe
there are people that are unhappy with the way things are on an existential level. That there is
no God. Could somebody tell me there is God? That hey! There is no God. You can do whatever
you want. Thank you very much but I did that already. I’m not happy about it. I don’t like it. Is
there anybody else?

I got – somebody says I’ve got a message. I’ve got the reality of God. He is in this world and
have a little imagination about the reality of God. Because the Bible says there was a prophet
and they were surrounded by a Syrian army, and he had the servant and the servant said we
are surrounded and the prophet said, no. We are not. God open his eyes. God opened his eyes
and there were angels everywhere. Angels everywhere.

Is it true? Are there angels everywhere? Are there angels that come and go? Remember Jesus
said, if you deny me, I’ll deny you before the angels. And we don’t understand what that means
to be honest. I don’t. I have an idea. I’d like to think that if I could stand with God and in truth,
that the angels will be told go and help him. The angels will be coming and going upon us. John
1:51, Jesus said to Nathaniel because I knew your name and I saw you under the fig tree, you
think that’s amazing? You’re going to see angels coming and going upon the Son of man the
next three years. The angels will be coming and going upon us in the next three years.
You know what? The western world is in a crisis because they have forsaken the faith. They’re
so smart. They have lost their imagination. They can’t imagine Christ coming back in the clouds.
Can you? I can. I can imagine a world better than this one. I can imagine a world with my mom
and dad. I can imagine a world where there is food and joy and fellowship and happiness and
longevity. A world where you live and live and live.

I once asked a taxi driver in Moscow, if you could have one wish, what would you wish for? He
said I wish to live in Western Europe. I said I’ll give you another chance. What would you wish
for? I wish I had a new taxi. I said let me help you. Do you love your family? Yes, I love my
family. Would you like to be with your family for a long time with all the food you need and
everything you need? Would you like your family to be perfect without any mistakes or any
errors or any disease? Would you like to be with your family forever perfect in the presence of
God? Would you like that?

Why would – why could the man say yes? Why? Cause he has an imagination. I could imagine. If
I could be with my family for a year with happiness, then couldn’t I imagine being with them
forever with happiness. Yes, you can. You say that’s not reality. I challenge all of us to say wait a
minute. Didn’t Christ come and say I go and prepare a place for you, and if it wasn’t so, I would
tell you? I would tell you if it wasn’t so. Yeah, because we’re made for a better world. This
stupid message of atheism.

Talk to an atheist. Tell me your story. Go ahead. I got it right. There is no God, right? No God.
Okay. There is no heaven. No nothing after death. We’re here by accident, right? Right. I’ll
never see my mother again. Right? There isn’t any better world. Is that correct? That’s right.
Your message stinks. Thank you. That gives me warm feelings all over. Are you kidding me? You
believe that garbage? That’s your choice. That’s your choice. And I lived in it. I lived in it. That’s
why I can say it. That’s why we can say it.

I want to put another spin on it. Okay. That’s your call. I respect you as a person. You can
believe whatever you want to. But as for me, I’m looking for something. By the way, the
Buddhist that says you die and you’re like a drop of water into the ocean and you lose your
identity, my mom when I was born she called me Thomas. And when I see her, I want her to call
me by my name. I want to exist. I want to be me when I die.

You might say that’s egotistical. Yeah, it is. We’re made with an ego. We’re made to have an
identity. God made us and designed us to be an individual. And when you are an individual in
his mind that’s only the beginning of something even greater as an individual. For Simon,
Simon, your name shall be Peter. And you’ll have the keys to the kingdom. And when you live
this life you did your own, but at the end of your life another one will gird you and you’ll be
with me at a table forever with Jacob, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We’ll sit down at a table and
we’ll be together in the kingdom of God forever and ever.

Now, like it just drives me crazy when I think about the way this world is going and there’s no
Mordecai screaming and yelling about how bad it is. He’s screaming and yelling and dressed in
sackcloth. And he goes, no, no, no. And he's a fighter. He’s got it in him. It’s like Jesus and Jesus
in you and me. Yes.

I don’t think we’ll win the battle in a sense. That’s not my concern. My concern is that you will
finish your course with joy. I don’t know where America goes or where the whole thing will end
up and nobody really knows except it will get worse and worse. There will be the coming of
Christ, the Rapture, and his coming in the Millennium. You can learn those things in eschatology
and understand the end times. We can do that maybe this summer as teaching, but I want you
to know that your life, your modesty, your attitude, your relationship, your personal fellowship
with God in your heart will keep you in a bad time.

We can be quiet in a bad time, Amos 5:12. There are times when we are harmless as doves,
wise as serpents. Watch a serpent. Serpent’s in the grass. He moves like this. Then he stops.
He’s there a long time. Then he moves and he just goes quiet. You can’t hear nothing. It’s just
quiet. Then he just stops. He’s just like that. Wise. That’s like us.

But I want to bring out in the story that this guy is serious. Look what happens. We’re going to
finish. Chapter 4:3, so there’s a real concern with the Jewish people. We know their history
generally. Love them. I sympathize with them. I love the history. I love the whole phenomena.
The Jewish nation and these precious people and the reality of God and God using them to tell
us that God exists. Thank you, God for what you have done for us through the Jewish people.
Thank you so much. Thank you, God.

Finishing with a story, Chapter 10. At the end of the story when it’s reversed and things change.
Esther 10:1-3, that’s like us. I like to think of it like that. Made a big fuss. Fought a good fight of
faith. They won. Things were changed. He’s next to the king at the end of the story. And he’s
seeking peace amongst his nation. There was a blessing. A great blessing.

And I think this story should be told everywhere. I think we should get a grip on it in our own
hearts and understand what it means to us. I think we need to be people that have something
going on in our lives. And that we would be loving, building up each other and sending out
missionaries and doing summer harvest. Reaching people with the Gospel and doing it right
here in our neighborhood.

I hope in the future the coming months that we’ll teach and help you talk to your neighbors.
Help you share. I’ve never seen so much interest as I see now. They’re interested. They’re
listening. The world is on fire. We’re in trouble and we need Jesus Christ. We don’t need
atheism. We don’t need liberalism as it’s defined in our culture today. Do whatever you want.
There will be no policing of it. No penalty. Everybody go on your way and do whatever you
want. That’ll be great. That’s crazy. So, we’re in a different place. Okay. Amen. Would you pray
with me. (Prayer)


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