Former things shall pass away. He makes all things new, He recovers all, This is a world In which we lose. We feel the loss in sex, drug, and alcohol that promise much and deliver little. (Revelation 21:1-5; 2 Kings 6:5-6; 1 Samuel 30:18-19; John 6:10-11)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11620
7:30 PM on 1/30/2019



P. Schaller

Have you lost an axe head in the water? 2 Kings 6, if you understand the story. How many understand the story? Have you lost the Garden of Eden? We lost the tree of life. We lost the axe head. We lost the sheep, lost a son. Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel and Abel was murdered. They lost a son. Have you lost time? Have you lost a girlfriend? Have you lost a boyfriend? Have you lost a job, an opportunity, a dog, a cat, a mother, a sister, a house, a ministry, your way? Do you know what man is good at? Losing. We’re pretty good at losing. How man loses and the ultimate reality of God always is recovering. God always recovers. We’ll look at that in the Scripture tonight. The colder it is out there, the warmer it is in here! We are people who tend to lose and God knows this. He’s at his best recovering and giving us grace and teaching us who he is.

Could we put that picture up and tell a short story? P. Ray sits down here with the folks, the team. The other night, one of the homeless overdosed. P. Ray arranged a vigil and all of that man’s friends could come together. They lit candles and P. Ray preached. 72 people. P. Ray was preaching the Gospel and some of them with tears said I want Jesus Christ. Some of them are here and come and go and this is a great work. I want to praise God for that and for people that want a changed life. They do. They do whatever in their hearts. This is our prayer. We thank God for that work and what God is doing with these people.

Rev. 21, set the premise for God recovering all. We’ll go back to man losing and how easy that is. How much we feel that. We’ll talk about what that is. Then we’ll go back to God recovering all. God recovering all is at the end of the Bible. The beautiful words that ultimately wrap up the whole picture of human history. This is undeniably happening in our future.

Rev. 21:1 what God had done in the beginning, he saw it was good. He made man and saw it was very good and made woman and saw it was very, very good! Ever hear the joke God made man and said I can do better and made woman! Women are smarter generally, intuitive, awesome. Thank God they exist. I lived with men at one time in my married life. My wife and I had a dorm of about 20 men. No spice, no fire, no joy, no worship. No wonder Jesus wanted them around! He had 12 disciples and needed those ladies who showed up at the tomb and broke the box of ointment and knew what was going on, amen? That’s pretty dull amen from the guys!

vs. 1. The world is going to really change in the eternal age. This is the end of the millennium, the new period of eternity, the glorification of the cosmos and God moving the third heaven to planet earth. This is where he did his ultimate, glorious, profound work. This is where he showed his strange act. Who has believed our report? To whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?

vs. 2. Do you think when the church is raptured on the way up the church will be on a respirator? Do you think the church will be feeble, weak, carnal when glorified and raised? No. It will be spotless, without wrinkle or spot, beautiful, the ultimate marriage of God and the church.

vs.3. this is coming. We think about it. We read these chapters. We dwell on them. The spirits of just men made perfect. We’ve come to the holy city, the New Jerusalem and an innumerable company of angels, blood of the mediator that speaks from heaven, the glorified nature of the saints, the transparency of God with men and nothing is lost. Everything is recovered.

vs. 4. No more sin. No more lying. No more deceit. No more fallen nature of man. The human heart in the nature of Christ, the heart after God, the glorified human body. The former things will be passed away. In this life, we lose and we feel the pain of it. We lose and we’re troubled. We ask questions. How could this be? Why did this happen to me? God, do you love me? Are you for me? I feel the loss. I sense it. It’s so strong.

I feel it in my health, my soul, my spirit in Ps. 77. My spirit made diligent search. I could not find him.

vs. 5. Halleluiah, halleluiah. There is a day coming when nothing is lost. There is a day coming when no more pain, sorrow, crying. Halleluiah! I make all things new. I take the old and make it new. You will know me and see me. My name will be written on your forehead. No more darkness. No more of that pain, that loss. No more sense of guilt.

It will all become so clear God has done everything perfectly, Deut. 32:6. We will see God. Amazing, perfect, sound, solid. True, wise, glorious. We will say in this world I questioned God and his love. In this world, I missed God. I didn’t see God. I was so troubled with myself and my world and my life I never found God. I was saved by God’s grace. The Spirit came into my life and sealed me and he never left me or forsake me. But all my life was filled with trouble. All my life I was wrestling with what I lost. I said words like why did I get that damn parking ticket? Why the hell did that guy mess with me? As a Christian, I’m swearing and feeling the frustrations of life. Because it seems I’m losing. I’m at the bottom rung of the ladder that goes to heaven. Jacob saw the ladder and the angels are coming and going and some Christians are on the bottom of the ladder. They believe there is a heaven but it seems so far away. Wow, that’s amazing they get up to the second and it seems it’s not real for me. It’s not working. I don’t understand this. I don’t know if I’m saved. I have real strong feelings.

Part 2 is 2 Ki. 6:4-5, let’s say if you go back to the previous verse, “for it was borrowed.” Life in a way is borrowed. I don’t own it. It’s much better to think another way. My life is borrowed. I only have 70 years. I have a mind and a heart. Sex, alcohol, and drugs. What do they all have in common? What do they do to people? Sex, alcohol, drugs. They’re addictive. How they affect you. It’s immediate pleasure. This is why people do them. Immediate pleasure. Within five minutes or an hour, I have a good time. Right now this is what I have. This is what I want. You know what happens? There is a loss there. In our Bible Psychology class this semester we’ll speak about it in some detail. I’m fascinated by the subject. There is a great lie in this world that we live in. It is my life is mine. This is my life. It’s for me. The heart of man is really thinking this way. My heart is saying me essentially. My happiness, my pleasure, my life, my way. As I live my life seeking pleasure within an hour or a day of my pleasure I have to ask myself a far more serious question and that is God. Most people don’t. They go from one thing to another and lose the axe head in the water.

vs. 6. The iron floated. Iron doesn’t float in water but this did. A stick cast in there is something the world doesn’t know about. The world thinks of pleasure and the pain of losing. The pain of losing the axe head. Or the pain of losing another day, week, year or even these 19- year-old party goers sometimes have a 39-year-old party goer. An old guy still partying when he’s 39. It’s weird. A 39-year-old guy hasn’t grown up. Hasn’t found, hasn’t discovered. He doesn’t know much more than seeking his own animal instinct or pleasures or desires. There is a lie in our world. It is live for you. As we live for ourselves, the iron sinks. We lose. Man, we lose a lot. I lose my thoughts. I lose my ambition and desires. I lose my creativity. I lose my friends, my family, my job, my future, my money, my enjoyment, my hair, my teeth, my blood pressure, my footsteps. I lose a lot in this world. God is not the God of losing. He is the God of recovery. At the end of the Bible, this is what he says to us. I recover all. I get it all back. Everything.

1 Sam 30, we’ll wrap it up here and make the point. It’s a good one. 1 Sam. 30:18, vs. 19. There was a raid. A raid on the camp. And the Amalekites came and took everything. David encouraged himself in God and he went out after it. It says twice he recovered all.

Jn 6:10 about 5,000 sat down to eat. That’s a lot of people. Can you imagine? 10,000 eating and busting full food. Jesus is multiplying the food and it keeps going and going. Reminds me of P. Duane George in Uganda. He made a pot of food and everyone was coming. Duane said don’t look in the pot. Just keep dishing it out. There are times you don’t look in the pot. You just keep going. The axe head floated. God was in it. When these 10,000 people ate, they could say pull in the dumpster. We have a lot of stuff here.

vs. 10-11. It says fishes but I couldn’t say that! Fish. Fishes.

vs. 12. There it is. Pick up the garbage. Nothing is lost. I’m not the God that loses. I’m the God that recovers. You can talk to me all day long about how much you lost and I’ll talk to you forever about how much I recovered. You can talk to me about the pain but a day is coming when there is no more pain, no more sense of shame, no more fear. We will be in heaven with a living God in this troubled world of losing dogs and money and houses and opportunity. I am not the God that loses. I am the God that recovers. I bring it back to you. If you want to live with your sex, alcohol and drugs every day, you will feel loss. I’m having a good time but feeling the pain. We have to say. Hold it. Aren’t you ever sick and tired of feeling the loss? Don’t you want to get your mind in a place before a living God and seek God? You’ll find God and get showered with his increase. His blessing. He’ll fill you with his Holy Spirit. Come on. Do you believe me? Yes, Lord. You give me two talents. I believe you can give me five. I believe you are the God that will show me my trial is more precious than gold that perishes. In this world, we feel the pain of losing so why not live with God in this world and manifest the nature of a living God who heals us when we are in trouble and increases our joy when we have sorrow visit us in the night season and gives us the word and the Spirit and truth and fellowship. The wine gets better as the party goes on.

They said to Mary we are out of wine. It’s a shame. It’s bad, Mary. The master said we’re out of it. She goes to Jesus. They are out of wine. What do I have to do with you? She said do whatever he says. It didn’t offend her. Whenever there is a loss, do whatever he says. When lose the axe head, do what Elijah is saying. Lazarus is dead but do whatever he says. He is the resurrection and the life. If he says follow me and knock it off with sex and alcohol and drugs and I’ll show you a better high. A high not just in emotion but in the Spirit.

I got peace like river. I got righteousness like the waves of the sea. I have life like Christ. I have God as my Father. I have a future by his grace. I have hope when my hair is falling out and it’s not a joke. As my life is falling apart, my life is not falling apart. There is rock solid love and presence. Jesus said to his disciples, gather up all the fragments that nothing is lost. I’m exploring that in my heart.

Didn’t you lose souls, Lord? Yes, but you have not seen the whole picture. Though souls are lost in hell and Satan goes to hell to the bottomless pit and the lake of fire, you will see I am the God that loses nothing. Even the wrath of man glorified me. The human nature that lives in instant gratification instead of looking beyond and seeing the world God has made for us.

This is what we want. The world that God has made for us. GGWO has a universal message that fits for every person in the world. It’s not Greater Grace; it’s the Gospel. We have carefully followed this book and what it is saying. We believe in the nature of God and it is above and beyond the human mind. The human mind can hardly understand this kind of love.

Gather up the fragments. Nothing is lost. I will show to you who I really am. In this world you will see me come and say to you, I did not make you to be lost. I made you to be found. I show you my humility and sacrifice and nature of love. I am better than the sex, alcohol and drugs. I’m better than your way. Your way is not my way. If you find me, you will find my way and my way is the living way.

We will gather at Eurocon in Poland. Our pastors come from Africa and Asia. They come to Warsaw and in a spirit of the meeting we’ll have the same spirit. God will say gather up the fragments and nothing will be lost. Gather up the broken heart, the marriage, and the pastors having a hard time. Nothing is lost with me. Of all the Father has given me, I have lost nothing. Every disappointment can be turned into something hopeful. The Valley of Achor is the door of hope. I’m a God that makes a saint out of a sinner. I’m the God that saves the soul, raises the dead, restores the soul, and comes into your trouble. I am the God that loses nothing. I recover all. That’s beautiful. That’s what we believe tonight.

If you are addicted to something, we are encouraging you there is a better way. Stop. Confess it to the Lord. Trust him with all your heart. Start reading this book. Come to this church or a church like it. This is the best one. I don’t mean the best one. I mean the best option. Get your heart and mind to start to listen to the messages. Get high dosages of truth in your heart. You’ll be built up.

In the church there is life, love, prayer. In the church, I have a new way of thinking. A new heart and mind.

At our Convention coming up in June, and people will gather together and say there is revival going on. Is it something new? No, it’s the old pathway. The old rugged cross. No jazz, no lot of words, no long intellectual explanations. No jazz or this or that. It’s only me naked before Christ at the cross saying I need you. I need you. If you leave me to myself, I will lose. If I can follow you, I will be gaining. As I’m losing, it looks like a second hand store behind me. Pieces are falling off. As I am going, it looks like I am losing but I’m gaining the real thing. I’m gaining the most important thing. I’m gaining Christ. Our outer man perishes but our inner man is renewed day by day. I’m so excited about it.

I believe it’s the message for people in the Middle East, India, and the third world who say I have a card table here on the street in a country highly polluted. Exhaust fumes. A little guy with a card table with coke a cola for two cents apiece and this is how I live. This is my life. What can you say to me? We say seek the kingdom of God. God is not the loser. He is the winner. If you follow him, you will know. He will fill you with the Spirit.

I’m counting it all. I’m recovering. I’m giving you the Holy Spirit. You’re living before me. You have treasures in your life. Others have so much of the external and are so poor on the inside. We have found another way. That’s the way we are learning. Amen.


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