Modern people can figure out so many things — weather, biology, astronomy, etc. Few understand the sign of His presence. Wake up, it is time to pay attention and be alive. The stage is being readied. Israel and the nations, the falling away of the faithful, the Middle East focus, and global initiative points to the time of the end. Be encouraged, be of good cheer for Christ has overcome the world. (Matthew 16:1-3; Acts 1:6; Romans 13:11-12)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11872
6:30 PM on 4/19/2020

P. Schaller –

We had a great day today in the Lord. Thank you, Daniel. Appreciate that. And Paul Nye with the drone. And
Sebastian, Cody with the camera. I want you to keep these brothers in prayer as they work so
hard to keep everything up and running. Thank you, Paul. Maybe he sees me through the
window back there. Did I miss anyone? Anu and Jeremy Cannon. Absolutely. I talked with
Jeremy today. All the singers and the worshipers. Servants. Security, Ray Jones and David
Wiles and Josh and Russell Hoffses. This is the Body. Jason Moore and the ladies that do –
Rachel Yanosky that does the ladies’ study on Monday nights on Zoom.

There was a Cincinnati conference on Zoom with P. Bob Swartz and P. Steve Devries P. Ken Fyers and others. I’ve been very much touched by what we see and very excited in my heart about what is happening. I
want to share tonight something about the times we are living in. Matthew 16, this is an end times
message in a way. You’ll see. In my heart I have something to share. Thankful so much. I was
with P. Justin and Zane and Zoe and Tommy Yanosky today at Justin’s house. We had burgers
and fellowship and talking about Fed Hill and the ministry and what God is doing and the times
we are living in. P. Scibelli gave an amazing message this morning at 9:00. I thank him for that. I
thank the Lord for the answered prayers.

On my phone today after the service I received from India, Finland, Hungary, from somewhere, a different place. I forget now. Text messages, emails and people are connecting. We are. Praise God for that. It’s amazing. Thank you Lord. These are good times. Testing of our lives and hearts. Here’s the principle. Matthew 16:1 in the rap tonight
right after, no break, is P. Scibelli. I think Sebastian, Charles Weyer and P. Jim Hadley. Vs. 1-3.
Modern man is able to figure out so many things. He can read the weather and anticipate what
is happening if he wants to. If he reads the weather – this is ancient world. They didn’t have
satellites, but they could tell the weather. If it’s red at night or red in the morning, it meant
something for the day.

We have been able as people to know about nuclear fission, biology, cell division. We are able to know the universe, satellites, moons, meteorites, distances from the sun and we are able to figure out so many things. Look at what it is we know. But there’s something that these people were missing and that was the sign of the times. They were talking to the Messiah and they didn’t know it. He said you know this, but you don’t know this. You
don’t know the time and you are looking for a sign, but you have had many. You know the
signs. There have been many. Many prophets have come and many specific prophecies
regarding Bethlehem, the time of Daniel, the Isaiah prophecies in Isaiah 53, Psalm 22, Psalm 68, Zechariah 12.

Many prophecies regarding – Bethlehem, Micah 5:2. Many prophecies. You have seen me heal
the blind and cleanse the leper and you are asking for a sign. You don’t want a sign. You don’t
want me. You are not listening. You don’t care. You don’t have it in your heart. You’re not
seeking God. You don’t know what you are doing. Yet I am here. I am the Messiah. Period.
Wow! Compare that with the book of Isaiah 6. God would give them eyes that could not see,
heavy hearts that they would not understand and that’s a curse on those people when they
should be very alert and very awake.

Now, much of the Bible in Jesus’ ministry is about the coming of the kingdom. Many of his teaches are about the times, the times he was living in and then later with the coming kingdom, but before the kingdom comes the trouble that would be on the earth. We have a timeline here, the cross and 2,000 years. This is our date, 2020 and it’s incredible what has happened in the last 2,000 years on many levels. He’s speaking in the
Gospels about the Coming. Acts 1, the disciples knew exactly what the prophets had
prophesied. You don’t know what I’m going to say tonight. Stay in tune with what I want to say.
It’s not the normal. It is normal but I have something to say and I haven’t said it yet. Acts 1:6
this is after the resurrection of Christ from the dead.

This is the period after when he’s with them after the resurrection. Vs. 6. Will you bring the kingdom on the earth and Israel is the headquarters. That’s their anticipation. They are thinking of the time. They are anticipating.
God made the world and told us he made it. In the beginning, God made the heaven and the
earth. There is a time coming when it will be perfect. This was good. When he made it, it was
good and then was very good, but he’s not done. He’s going to perfect it. It will be a world that
will happen. The day is coming. How do we know it? He didn’t make it in vain. The average
person has no idea about the future.

They only know very small, their lifetime but they can’t see beyond. They don’t have a message They don’t know Bible prophecy. They are not born again. They have no idea. They hope they won’t die one day. They are going to die. They will die but they don’t know where they are going. They have no message we have. We have a great
one. Here is the world and all the people in the world. There is a group of people in the world
that are different. We’ll draw a little house here. Those people are different. How? They know
the times. How are they different? They have a heavenly Father. They have the Holy Spirit. They
don’t have the same kind of worry. They don’t have the same confusion. They don’t have the
same fears.

Please, I can be a Christian and have all of that and be worried and afraid just like
unbelievers but that is not God’s will. God’s will is for me not to be. Romans 13:11 knowing the
time. That’s what we’ll speak about. What time is it? When we have in our calendar, in America
we have Thanksgiving. When Thanksgiving, comes we know Christmas is near. Once
Thanksgiving hits, now it’s Christmas’ time. One Bible teacher said the Rapture is like when that
day comes, then we know there is a set time for the coming of the kingdom. The kingdom will
come on the earth.

When Thanksgiving comes, we know Christmas is exactly these number of days after. We are waiting for this Rapture to happen. But until then, it says in 13:11. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Do you know the time. Yes, you do because you’re in the house of God and the Spirit is teaching you tonight. We are learning and we got our Bible open. Now it is high time. It is near. When you go into like in high school when we had a high school play or here in GGCA we have our play and ten minutes before the lights are going down and there is a
shuffling going on behind the stage and it’s getting ready. That’s where we are. We are at a
time when the stage is getting prepared. We are watching in the world.

There are five things. The stage is getting ready and we can hear in the background a chair is moving, someone is
speaking on the microphone. There is a little rustling going on in the crowd. The lights are
dimming out. It is high time. It is high time. Something is happening that we have never seen
before in the world of the Jewish people. Romans 13:12, Wake up! Wake up America! Wake up
church! Wake up Europe, Africa, India, China. Wake up! Have you read the prophets? Do you
know the Scripture? Have you found the Messiah? Do you know the empty tomb? Have you
had a Pentecost in your life?

Have you been filled with the Spirit? Have you been broken before Almighty God and feared him and trusted him? Have you been born again? This morning is our drive-in service. I heard about a man who raised his hand for salvation in a car and accepted Christ. He said that was a great service. We thank God for that. We’ll be doing it every week. Mark it down and plan on it. It’s a beautiful assembly. I see the Body. We are enjoying it. We
are awake. It says wake up and forsake not the assembly as you see the day approaching. What
assembly? The assembly in this case in the parking lot. What assembly? The assembly in the
cellar in China or in India in a village.

Don’t forsake the assembly of God as you see the day approaching. What kind of day? The stage is being set and we are getting a feeling of what can happen very quickly. Vs. 11. I want to say something about Bible prophecy. We have a lot of conspiracy theorists. I don’t mind. I like to think out of the box but sometimes it is
sensationalism, and everything is a sign. One writer said when everything is a sign, then nothing
is a sign. You see the Antichrist in your neighborhood. Every president elected is the Antichrist.
It’s sensationalism. The second mistake is to be a scoffer in 2 Peter 3:4. Some will be scoffing in
arrogance like in the book of Jude.

We don’t have time tonight, but the book of Jude seems to me to be just before Revelation for a purpose. I think the book of Jude describes for us the times we are living. There is a departure from the faith. There is an arrogance amongst people and also church leaders. There is a departure from the salvation message and the deity of
Christ. Also there is immoral living and the promoting of immoral living. We see that in Jude.
They run after the error of Cain. They will kill their brother because he is righteous. Cain is evil,
of the wicked one in 1 John, 3 but he murders his brother like they murdered Jesus. They run after
the error of Balaam for money and convenience and Korah because of intellectual arrogance.
They go after the apostolic teaching of the faith.

That is why we have to be very solid in our Bible college to train men and women to be really true to God’s Word and broken in their heart as a way of life. These people have not the Spirit but you brethren, building yourself up in the
most holy faith and keeping yourself in the love of God. Some save with fear plucking them out
of the fire and hating the garments spotted by the flesh. Wow! Let’s go to it here. Romans 13:12, it
means there is a day that is coming. There is darkness now, but the day is at hand. Vs. 13. We
are in the night but let’s walk like we are in the day, in the presence of God, in the presence of
Christ, the day of Christ. Let’s walk in the day but now we are in the night. Let’s cast off the
works of night. We are not of them like in our picture here. These are people that are
understanding the times.

The geography of the sketch isn’t accurate. They are everywhere in the world, these churches, houses, the assemblies where they have this understanding that we are talking about tonight. What are the signs of the times? This morning we talked about the subconscious mind. P. Scibelli preached about the two disciples on the road to Emmaus and knowing the Lord. Even though we are living in the night, we put off the works of the night and
we are living in the day. We are living in a spiritual day. We are understanding. We are edified.
Not forsake the assembly. Don’t forsake the Body of Christ. Continue to be edified in the truth.
Let the Spirit saturate you in your inner man. It’s in the inner man where we really live.

It’s not difficult. It is easy. The yoke is easy. It’s not hard to be a light shining in darkness. I don’t worry
like other people worry. Someone said recently their mother, they went to see their mother
and their mother said stay away from me. I’m going to get the coronavirus. The son said, mom,
what’s wrong? I’m afraid. I’m afraid. Well, are you watching CNN 24/7? Are you watching the news all the time? Are you feeding on that? How does that affect your subconscious mind?
What are you believing as you receive that information? How is that affecting you? There will
be another problem over here. The finances by the way. If you are one of those families and
you have been out of work. This is incredible what is happening, and I understand it.

Five weeks without work. The finances and the challenges. I want to say something to you. Please follow
me. I love you and I care. God wants the truth to penetrate into our hearts and in our
subconscious mind. Wait on God. Be edified by a word of faith. Call your brother up and be
encouraged. Hear messages. Kind of listen to messages on the website. Be connected and
edified and quiet before God. I have not seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging for
bread. Will you be homeless, without money or food? I don’t believe that. I may fear that could
happen to me one day, but I’m not giving a place to that because it’s not true at the moment
and why would I entertain it?

Why would I have it? Maybe I would entertain it with an emptiness in my heart and gravitate to the fear. My sin nature gravitates to worry. Jesus said do not be anxious for anything. Consider the birds of the air and the fields that are so beautiful. My heavenly Father will take care of you in Matthew 6. Maybe yes I will be at the food bank. Yes, maybe I’ll have to knock on a neighbor’s door. I can do it with the inner life is where you live. The mind
renewed in Romans 12:2. We are living in interesting times. The signs are there. They are simple
signs: 1) Israel and what has happened in Israel. I have some statistics here. In 1881, do you
know how many were living in Palestine? 25,000 Jews. In 1914, 80,000 Jews.

1939 before the war, 450,000. After the war 650,000. Now 2009, how many people live there? 5.4 million Jews
live there. They say by the year 2030, more than 50% of all the Jews in the world will be living in
Israel. How did that happen? They were scattered over 70 countries. They lost their language.
They were out of the land. Jesus said when you see the fig tree budding, know that the time is
near in Matthew 24. When the Jews went back and became a nation in 1948, that’s a sign for us.
That’s a time of the Messiah. That’s the time when the kingdom will be coming. The prophets
said before the time of the Messiah’s coming as the king, there will be a time of trouble called
Jacob’s trouble, the 70th week of Daniel.

Before the Millennium, there will be tribulation. Before the tribulation, there is the Rapture. What are the marks, the signs of this happening? Jewish people coming. 2) We have the Roman empire and we must have ten nations. This will be for the tribulation period. We see the EU in Europe. The EU is a confederation of countries.
The number fluctuates at different times but it’s a good size number. It is broken up, but it’s
together like the iron and clay toes of Daniel’s vision that Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of this man,
this image and at the bottom in his feet clay and iron mingled together. Nations that don’t
really mix but they are united, packed together.

There are ten and eventually the Antichrist will rise to power and replace three and then another stage will be he will be the ultimate guy. This is a sign. This is what Daniel the prophet said. It is a sign that is a sure one. 3) We see the falling away of the faith. The apostasy of the Christian faith. A falling away. Isn’t it obvious to us that
the western world has walked away from the Christian faith. In Europe where I lived for about
20 years, I saw on and off the churches empty. Churches are sometimes turned into restaurant
and mosques. They have a Christian heritage. I know the subject pretty well. I see it in our
country here in the U.S. There is a new kind of arrogance we have in our culture, kind of a

mocking and an arrogance and a promoting of an immoral lifestyle. We see this because the
apostle Paul said that the Spirit shows me very clearly in the last days there will be seducing
spirits and doctrines of devils. What kind of doctrine? Forbidding to marry. That’s strange. What
other kind of seductive doctrine? Peter tells us that they will say he is not the Lord. Jesus is not
the Lord. It’s just the spirit of Jesus of some kind that all kind of religions have and such kind of
heresy that has no apostolic endorsement and violates the truth revealed to us clearly in the
Scripture. Jesus is the one that hung on the cross and took our sins.

The devils say no. Jesus is the one that came out of the tomb, and the devils say no. Jesus is the one that quoted from the Bible and said it is as God has said. You have heard in old times it was said and I say unto you.
He said, verily, verily I say unto you, you must be born again. This is Scripture. The demons say
no to the Bible, no to the Scripture. There are lies, many of them. The world is filled with lies.
They deny Christ. They deny the Bible. They ridicule the church. They deny godly people. They
ridicule righteousness. They say we are bigoted and narrow minded and whatever phobic you
want to put in there. They say all kinds of derogatory things, but this is okay.

It’s a sign for us. At the same time, I’ve enjoyed this period of time with this pandemic because it has brought
people to the reality of choosing life and death, choosing Christ. I find it in America many many
places. Yes I believe. Yes, I do. And in their manner and confession, I believe most of it and I
rejoice it in. At the same time, we know about this falling away and it will increase. We will
increase also. We will find disciples in these times. We will find people that want to hear the
truth. We will find people that say I want to have Jesus in my life. Does it make any difference?
Yes, it does. Get on the ark. Get on Noah’s ark.

Believe in him and you are saved from this generation. Another one of these is the sign of the time is 3) the coming peace, the desire for peace in the Middle East. Every president I can remember is always talking about Middle East
peace. They want to be the one to bring peace in the Middle East. Whether it’s Jimmy Carter,
Ronald Reagan, President Nixon, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush. No matter who it is, President
Trump. They want to bring peace. It’s in the newspaper every day, peace in the Middle East.
There isn’t. The Antichrist is the one that will bring it. He will speak to the Jews caringly,
compassionately, brilliantly, intellectually and the devil will allow a peace treaty to happen
between Israel and that leader, that man that will get it done.

Nobody will get it done until he does it and when he does it, the nation of Israel will be deceived into this agreement and will consider him to be their answer for their political problems and calling him their Messiah. It’s a
trap. That’s a sign of the times we are in. These are rock solid signs. No sensationalism. 5)
Globalism. We read in the book of Revelation there will be international communication. All the
world will see the two dead prophets on the streets of Jerusalem for three and a half days. All
the world will see it on CNN and Fox News and any news network all over the world. You can
pick up the phone and call anywhere in the world.

You can see satellite everywhere. It is possible in the world. We hear these things about the chip and the vaccine and the chip going into the vaccine and GPS on you wherever you go. The government having all the information
on you about your life. Anytime you went through a red light, any time you bought medication
in the drug store, anytime you had you name in the newspaper or Facebook. They know all this
information exists and can be packed and this is worldwide. You see the times. Here is the point: Look at this picture. I see the times, but it doesn’t trouble me. It excites me. Encourage
one another with these words. I’m not worried about it. We don’t worry like others do in 1
Thessalonians 5. We know where we came from. We have a family.

We know our heavenly Father takes care of us. We have a Messiah who is the real Messiah. He goes deep inside and satisfies you and gives you peace. Be of good cheer. I have overcome the world. These words have a spoken
unto you that in me you might have peace. This is not good platitudes or positive thinking. This
is the reality of Christ in you. This is where you fellowship. Don’t get worried about things when
you hear them happening. Wars and rumors of wars and pestilences. Don’t get worried when
the governments are collapsing and fighting. Don’t get worried when the earthquakes are
happening and there may be another one and another one and another one.

Wait a minute. I don’t want trouble. But isn’t our faith able to face the storm? Aren’t we made to be loved and
built up and encouraged and released and be worshipers and walk with God. Share our
message. Share our message. This is a great time to be alive. Awake thou that sleepest and
arise from the dead. This is a great time to understand the times and share that. I think some of
you, your relatives are listening to you more than ever before. Some of you your friends are
curious about your faith. I think some of you could sit down with a Bible with some of these
dear folks and talk. I believe some of you have some divine appointments ordained of God in
his great plan to be able to open you heart to people and share your message of love with

This is our time. It’s a great time. We see the signs. We know the times. We don’t know
when. We got a feel of it. We can hear the motion in the auditorium. The lights are diming.
They are getting ready in the back. The curtain will fall and that’s the time when the Antichrist
and the work of the devil will increase because we will leave the earth. We will be gone. P.
Steve DeVries shared it yesterday. P. Fyers in 2 Thessalonians 2. We will be gone. And the stage is set. It
will roll on. Seven years. You don’t want to hear about that tonight. We’re done.

They’ll be seven years and it will increase and increase, and it will be nothing compared to what we are
looking at today. Thank God for our love and peace and safety tonight. Seven years and then
after that he will come back with ten thousands of his saints. Yes. Millions of them


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