Joseph and Jesus were tried in their lives. They were in fetters in some way until the Word came. God did as He pleased to reconcile us to Him and make us the Bride of Christ. Psalm 15:17-19; Colossians 1:15-20

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11984
7:00 PM on 11/4/2020

P. Schaller –

Well, praise God! P. Manny is hitting a new level, isn’t he! That was awesome pastor. Also, you are starting your
work in Glen Burnie. He has a building and they are starting a church in January and he’ll be the
preacher, the pastor and looks like the song leader, too! We just love. – hey, Joe Lavoy! Got to
say your name because P. Scibelli is watching. And your son Alex. What an interesting time.
Who won the election? What is going on? This is a good context for a message tonight on Colossians 1
and Psalm 105. I believe the Spirit has something to say to us about life, about our life that we
have been living here these last months, 9 months or so and then the election and our country
and what’s happening and what we are called to. This is a great opportunity because our
spiritual understanding is at the very heart of our life. It’s not simply what is happening on the
outside that is important in our life, but how I react to it on the inside is the important thing in
life. What happens on the outside, who knows? That will be one of our subjects tonight. Who
knows? But then we read in this amazing book.

There are two things I want to bring out. One is Joseph and his life, and the second part is Christ and Colossians 1:15-20. Several things I want to point out. When we are done, the Lord will minister to us to open our hearts and minds to understand more deeply. What we are witnessing now in a way doesn’t go away from us. It will
just be a another set of circumstances. Remember in John. 11 when Mary and Martha were so
disappointed with Jesus. They were so disappointed their brother had died and indirectly said
it’s your fault for that. My brother died because you were not here. Joseph’s life is a long period
in our Bible. When you read your Bible and find a long block of biography, Genesis 37 – 50, 13
chapters. Who gets 13 chapters of the Bible written about you? I definitely don’t got it! Who
gets that, besides Jesus in the Gospels and all the real estate that he has there. Thank you, Lord.
There are two people, Joseph and David. Both of those people are very important in our study.
God is conforming us to the image of his Son.

This is the plan for you and me. This is what this is about. Who won the election or who is going to win it? I don’t know. That’s on one level but then we relate to God. When my brother dies, I want to relate to God. When Joseph is in prison, he needs to relate to God. This will be our little lesson tonight. I’ll get the iPad up here
to draw one of my third grade pictures with the crayons and the little stick men! I’m not going
to draw it now. You’ll be so disappointed you’ll stop listening to the message! Psalm 105, it’s
precious, very precious. Thank, you Lord. Vs. 17. I think I want to read one more and preface
that with Psalm 115:3. It’s a memory verse for us. Say that with me. Our God is in the heavens.
This is a memory verse. If we say that five times, it will be good. He has done whatsoever he
pleased. Our God is in the heavens; he’s done whatever he’s pleased. Notice if you read it
through, he’s talking about idolatry. Here’s a stone god in the garden like in Nepal.

We were in a little house and outside the bell rings in the morning and you look out the window and see
the god there in the parking lot. Their god is there, and they come with flowers and incense and
food for their god. Their god is in the parking lot, but our God is in the heavens and he has done
whatever he has pleased. Our God is in the heaven. He has done whatever he has pleased. Who
will win the election? I don’t know. But our God is in the heavens and he has done whatever he
has pleased. There is a word for this. Sovereign. He is sovereign. There is a little two and a half
page piece, I couldn’t find it in my library. It’s by Arthur Pink on the sovereignty of God. Why did he make an angel that lives forever and an insect that lives for 6 weeks? Why does a child live
for 2 years and another human being for 102 years? Why is one disabled and another is not?
Our God is in the heavens and he has done whatsoever he has pleased. Why does a child have
cancer and another one has none?

Why is one smart and has everything it seems in many ways and another one, no. Our God is in heaven. He is sovereign. Why is one saved and one is lost? I do not know. Our God is in heaven. He has done whatever he has pleased. The sovereignty of  God is so refreshing. We are believers living in a world where it is very easy on this level to react to the things that happen in life, and don’t take enough care to realize who Joseph is. Who is
Joseph in the Bible? What happened to Joseph? The Bible is written so you and the Holy Spirit
leads you and puts you in the shoes of Joseph. This is fun. When the Holy Spirit has me in the
shoes of Joseph and I go through his life, I realize our God is in heaven and he has done
whatever he pleased. What do you mean? He was highly favored by his father. He thought it
was a cake walk. He’s got a great life.

He’s 17 and has a dream and he understands some things about his family and his father. But in his shoes he’s going to find it’s not going to be that easy to make it to that place God wants to bring him. It’s not going to be easy. God is going to teach him. This world is about God teaching us. This world is about us learning to live in the shoes of
Joseph and realize – this is my diagram here. Here’s Joseph. He has an idea of this is where he’s
going. What do we mean by that? He believes his brothers will bow down and respect him. He
believes somehow by the dream he had that life will go in his favor. He realizes on this level
how it should be and go. I’m reading into it a little but trying to say something that is true.
Joseph didn’t really understand what was going to happen in his life and that there was
something even more. Even though he would end up being more favored than he could ever
imagine, he’s going to be exalted and promoted much more.

Even all of Egypt is going to consider him to be the prince. He didn’t understand the magnitude of where this was going. It was something he really didn’t realize and that was how God had a purpose for him to work in
him to injure him, to hurt him, to work in him something deep. God had a plan for this man that
this would be working in him. I think when we look at what is happening in the world around
us, it’s a very good lesson for us to realize there is something a lot deeper and much more
important than my linear plan from A to B whatever that might be in your life. You know how it
goes. What my plan is, what I want for my job, my life, my long life, my happy marriage, my
family or career or health, whatever it might be. It’s so easy to have those ideas and plans.
When you get into the shoes of Joseph, we’ll see something.

Psalm 105:17, I don’t think he had that in his mind that he would be sold as a slave and that his brothers would do the selling. I don’t think he had that in his mind. In a way, there would be a betrayal. He’d be forced out of
his country. He’d be down in Egypt as a slave. I don’t think that was in his plan, his dream. I
don’t think he realized this is how this is going to go. We must realize in this amazing life we are
living in this time in history and we have certain challenges in our life, and we haven’t yet seen
where things may go for each one of us. Nobody can predict it. Nobody knows how this goes.
Nobody understands what ultimately we have to face in our future, but we are called and this
higher thing to be the bride of Christ. These words are mind blowing. They are so incredible
that we hardly know what they mean. We will be the bride of Christ one day. We are betrothed to him with an eternal purpose. Our sufferings are not in vain.

Pain is part of life. How I relate to it and learn to walk before God with a good spirit. One of the things we can say about Joseph when you compare these two, where he thought he might be and what he would become – he
didn’t really see this one. He really didn’t know but he was learning, he was learning by the
things he was suffering, Hebrews 5:8. He was learning to live in faith. I walked in the parking lot this
afternoon for a few minutes just to go for a walk. I saw the plaza and thought about something
precious to be upon the little hill and look at God’s people and think about what Balaam said.
Balaam said God is not a man that he would lie. When he has decided to bless, he blesses, and
no one can change it. I was thinking of the people of God. Not simply in this property but
throughout the country and what we are looking at in regards to our future. We are a blessed
people. We are a spiritual people. We are a rich people.

I was thinking of how Balaam could look at these people because he went up on a rock if you read the texts in Numbers 22 and 23. He got a view of the people. This by the way, I read in another source that the people of Israel, there’s 2 and 3 million people group of camping and the diameter was 25 miles. I used to live in Belair,
Maryland and that is 25 miles from here. From here to Belair, Maryland a big circle of Jewish
people that are camping in a huge camp was the size of their came and Balaam went up on a
rock and looked out to curse them, but he couldn’t. This is the spirit we have also. Joseph has
challenges but he is not a cursed man. He’s a blessed man. If you stand in his shoes, you can
feel the pain. Let’s read it now. Vs. 18. What do you mean? Well, just Joseph refused to sleep
with Potiphar’s wife. She is not my wife. She is your wife. I don’t do that. I’m a Jew. I have God. I
don’t do that. I resist the temptation. I’m a Jew. I don’t do that. I have everything in this house
except that man’s wife. I don’t have his wife.

She’s not my wife. So what happened to his feet? They were put in chains. How does that relate to Joseph being blessed? It’s a good question. He’s a blessed man, but it doesn’t look like his feet are. It doesn’t look like he has blessed feet, but he has. Yes, he does. He’s a blessed man because he’s there for righteousness sake. He’s
put in pain because he believes in God. He’s in trouble because he believes in God. He’s in
fetters because he believes in God. Jesus is on the cross because of God. God put Jesus on the
cross because he’s a righteous man. Precious. This is part of what we are talking about tonight.
Some could be disappointed. Some could have some bitterness growing in their heart. Some of
us may, God forbid, get a phone call one day that would shake our world and put our feet in
fetters spiritually speaking. Why did you do this to me? What happened? What did I do wrong?
Why did my brother die? How could this be?

Paul could say to Timothy, don’t be ashamed of my chains. If you are an apostle, why are you in chains? Maybe I’m in chains because I am an apostle. It’s a meditation for us tonight. Vs. 19. Until the time that his word came. I want to
hold the Bible up like this. Until the time that his word came. The word came. Which word? It
sounds like the Word of God, doesn’t it? Could it have been the word of the king that said take
him out. I need my dream interpreted. Could it be the word of the butler? The baker died and
the butler lived, but the butler forgot to tell about Joseph. He forgot. Joseph says in jail when
you get out, you’ll live and the bakers going to die, when you live, please remember me. It says
clearly the butler forgot about him. He forgot about him until the time that his word came he
was in fetters until the time. That sounds like time, doesn’t it? It sounds like a year or two. It sounds like time. When will things break open? When will my situation change? When will I get
an answer from heaven?

When will God release me from this bondage? When will I get what I am really looking for. Jesus could say, what are you looking for this one or this one? It’s clear. Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be taken care of. I will conform you to my image. I will reveal my Son to you. My Son is the head of the church. He will speak comfortably to you, Proverbs 30:5. Lord, don’t make me so rich that I would forget you,
and don’t make me so poor that I would steal my neighbor’s bread. But feed me with food
convenient for me for your Word is pure. How does that relate? Poverty and wealth in the
context of your Word is pure. That’s what will feed me, so I don’t live in forgetting you and I
won’t violate your law by stealing. Thanks for your love and your prayers and your hearts, your
faith. Things are precious in the kingdom of God because of Christ. We’ll look at that in a few
minutes. Psalm 105:19, maybe until the time the Pharaoh’s word came, the Word of the Lord
tried him. Is the Word of God in the furnace of earth being purified seven times. Psalm 12:7
What’s a furnace of earth? That’s like you and me.

Your body is like an earth vessel and the furnace is the trail and the Word of God is in the furnace of earth and being purified seven times. When you say the word, it’s pure. Maybe that’s what happened to the preachers here in
the ministry and in history through generations. When they live with the Word of God in the
furnace of earth and the Word is purified then when they say the word, it has some weight. The
Word. Where did that come from? I remember I was preaching in Budapest, Hungary and there
was a police district captain of district 22 I believe it was, and he wanted to see me. I went to
see him. I didn’t know why. He said I would like to have, I would like to speak like you speak.
He’s Hungarian. I’d like to have the authority that you have. I don’t know this man. I don’t know
how he heard. I think he came to a meeting or two, but he wanted, he saw that. He saw that
and he was fascinated and drawn to it and he wanted me to tell him how he could do that. He
put way too much honor on me.

Believe me. I don’t know what I’m doing but God does. That’s what I told him. I said it’s God. I don’t know what happened with that. It’s something you have. You have the Word when your feet are where? When your feet are in the fetters, that’s when the Word of the Lord tries you. That’s when you need the word of the Lord. It’s when your life is in the hospital, in prison, in trouble, in the basement of your home at the end of yourself.
You’re staring at the hot water heater in the cellar trying to figure out what life is about. It’s
when your feet are in fetters. When you are in trouble, when God tries you, when the heat is
turned up. It’s when things are not – how did I get here? You know that phrase people say, “I
didn’t sign up for this.” No, I don’t think God asked you to sign up for anything. He didn’t ask for
volunteers. He is in heaven. He has done whatsoever he pleased. It’s good for us to learn this. I
want you to understand me. I’m not saying these things with some arrogant attitude about it. I
don’t know. I don’t know.

I’m just reading the Scriptures and understanding it this way. I’m as frail as anybody. I’m as immature as anyone. I do not know. I’m very interested in this. The Holy Spirit is drawing me. I’ve very interested in this subject. I think it’s amazing. I think it’s eternal viewpoint. I think it’s where we have to live. I think if you ask any theologian or any pastor or any Bible teacher, they would say amen. They would say I think this is where we must learn to
live. I think this is what our calling is. We are being prepared to be the bride of Christ. When he marries us on that day, there has to be some content in us. There has to be something he
worked in us when our feet are in the fetters. There has to be something going on in our life
more than just – you know what I mean. More than I can’t believe. Oh I got the pay check. I
can’t believe. The tax. They didn’t withdraw this. And the phone call. I can’t believe this. Come
on! It’s precious. It’s an honor to be alive and God is in heaven. Let’s put our hand on our
mouth like Job says. Ecclesiates. 5:2 it says keep your foot when you walk into the house of God and let
you words be few for thou art on earth and he is in heaven.

Isn’t that good? How can I learn this? I can start point zero right now. I can have a great fear and respect for the sovereignty of Almighty God and ask him to fill me with the Spirit and teach me how to think. This is our
calling. The depth of God’s Spirit and heart for us is very great. He loves us but he doesn’t want
us to be cheated. He wants us to know him. He doesn’t want us to substitute him with
something on the earth and something so small and insignificant that we are cheated. Vs. 20-
22. We know the story of Joseph. He got the key to the prison. The jailer. The jailer is saying –
I’m making this part up – the jailor is saying on a Friday night I need to meet my girlfriend.
Joseph, could you do me a favor. I know you are behind the bars over there but here is the key.
Make sure everything is here when I get back, okay? The prisoner becomes the jailor, the
keeper of the jail. That’s not enough. When he gets out, he’s made prime minister and then
more and more. You know how the story goes. What I see in the story, is when he forgives his
brothers and that’s a whole other part of the story.

His brothers and his relationship with them and how he works with them because he’s provoking them. He wants them to search their hearts. He wants them to feel the heat. He wants his brothers to get it. He wants his brothers to
realize what is happening. He wants them to realize God is in this life. Joseph found God and he
wants his brothers to find God. Then of course, he has forgiven them. It’s not even on his radar.
He’s way above. He’s very different. He’s like Christ. And so you and I have that same calling.
We have a calling to forgive like Jesus forgives. We have a calling to be a solution instead of a
problem. We have a calling to suffer. We have a calling to have pain in life. We have a calling to
be misunderstood. We have a calling to be patient. To be something like Joseph. To go to God
and get the dream and understand things on a spiritual level and be a dreamer. Joseph is called
a dreamer. That’s what I’m thinking about today, too.

I’m a dreamer. What about our church? I can dream about it being filled with people, happy people. Zechariah says the Jewish adults will be sitting in the street with a cane, the old man with a cane, a staff, and the children are
running around playing and laughing. I lived in the school in Hungary up above with the Lange’s.
I loved to hear the pitter patter of children coming into the school. I love to hear the sound of
children kind of squabbling with each other and running around and laughing and playing jokes
with each other. Well. What does it mean? When Joseph realized and he knew, and he forgave,
and he loved, and he served, and he knew. This is the way God wants us to be, like children. Mt.
18:2 he wants us to be dreamers like children. When you grow up, what are you going to be? I
want to be a fireman. I want to be an NFL football player. What are these kids doing? They are
dreaming. I dream about our church. I dream about salvations. I dream about new churches in
other places in the world. I dream about men like Jesse Fryers and other young men becoming
pastors and learning in trials of life when our feet are in the fetters.

This is part of it and God will send his word and do his deep work. Colossians 1. This is just a few minutes here on this part. This is the most amazing text. I asked P. Renaldo today who is sitting down here who was on Grace
Hour today doing a great job. I love that guy. He’s an awesome brother. I asked him what to
preach about and he said making Jesus big or something like that. P. Steve, making Jesus big. I
think that’s great exercise for us because right now in our country, what is the point. Election is
one thing, but I want Jesus to be big. I want Christ. I want to see Christ. In this text 1:15-20 lists
seven things about Jesus that are huge and awesome. I want to go right through it, but I want
you to remember it. Vs. 15. He is in heaven. No man has seen God at any time but the Son of
God, the Son of God knows him. The Son of God is the exact image of him. When Jesus Christ
came, that was God that came. The exact image it says in Hebrews 1:3. The express image of his
person. This image is a very good word for this.

Exact print. If I see him, I have seen God John. 14:9. He is the image of God. Vs. 15 “firstborn” is not a good translation. It’s the first. He is the one that did create. We read later in vs. 16-17. He is before everything. He is the eternal God. He is before everything. When God said, “let there be light” and there was light. That was Christ
that said that. God created the universe and God holds it together. This is Jesus, the humble
man. Jesus, the one you can touch. Jesus, the one you could crucify. Jesus that thirst and
needed water and food. Jesus, who was alone weeping. Jesus who was in Gethsemane. He is
God the very image of God, the first born of every creature. Vs.16-17. He is the one that
created everything that are in heaven and earth. Visible and invisible. Vs. 17-18. Our God is in
heaven. He has done whatsoever he has pleased. We have here he is the Creator. It is through
him, instrumental clause, he was the instrument through which everything happened. Vs. 17.
He’s holding it together by his own power.

It’s different from a deist view where God winds up the world and leaves it alone. Christ is holding everything together moment by moment. Every single thing existing by his own authority, his power. He is holding it together. From him, through him and for him are all things. 1 Corinthians 15:22, Hebrews 1:3. Christ. When we look at this
sketch about Joseph, we say, Joseph, aren’t you disappointed? I would be but I believe Christ is
holding it all and he’s organizing and determining and put my feet in fetters, for God is in
heaven and he’s done whatsoever he’s pleased. I believe he has a word, a purpose. I believe my
life is not in vain. I believe I could rejoice in him. I believe I could sing a song like Paul did in Acts
16 in jail. Paul said don’t be ashamed of my chains. It means I can accept certain things that
happen in my life and have peace that passes understanding and love that goes beyond
knowledge. Because our God is not like other gods, not like people.

They’re not small. God is great. Vs. 18. This is now something very relevant to us. We have the most incredible verses. 15, 16 and 17, regarding him as the Creator and holding it together and now an incredible
upgrade for you and I. He is the head of the Body. We are the body and he is the head. Who is
the head? God. Who is God? He’s the pleroma, the fulness of God. He is the head of the Body.
That’s us. We are the Body of Christ. Yes, we have some confusion in the election process or a
pandemic or a bad phone call here or there. Yes, I understand. Yes, I know. He is the head of
the Body. Does that mean anything to you? Yes, it does. It does. Does it mean anything? Yes it
does. Have you failed? Yes. Have you failed? Yes. How much? 7 X 70. There’s a lot of failure, a
lot of disappointment. Yes. Did your brothers sell you down in Egypt? Yes.

Were you nailed to a cross? Yes, I was. What’s the meaning of life? It’s not those things primarily. They are in life. It’s
how I react to it. How I digest it. We’ve said it so many times in the last months. It’s how I
process my life. It’s how I relate to life. What spirit we are of. Jesus said it to his disciples many
times. How is it you don’t understand? How is it you don’t understand? He’s dragging them
along and wanted them to get it. It’s my Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. It’s
what my Father wants to do. Pentecost is coming. I will send my Holy Spirit. I will do much
more. I am the head of the Body. Vs. 19. Christ is the first born from the dead meaning the first
one that got immortality. He was resurrected from the dead not to die again mortally. He goes
from mortality to immortality never to die again. He is the first one that gains that status. He is
the first one raised with immortality. He is the one now, the human being we relate to. He loves
me. He is for me, not against me. He speaks to me.

He leads us. He is our counselor, our comforter. I was reading about the word “comforter,” the paraclete, the one that calls you aside. And Timothy Keller says something like when you find a word translated different ways in
different versions, you find comforter, helper, – you find these words – it means that the
original word is hard to translate. And actually maybe a better word, the legal way, Comforter is
a motherly sound, a family sound. Helper is like a helper. Advocate is like a legal term. He is on
our side. He is the paralegal, paramedic, the one alongside you. The one who is your advocate
who is on your side. Isn’t that good! Marty said the other night we got your back, pastor. That
was a precious word. There is only a spiritual mindset or what Joseph had where he found a
promotion that is way beyond people. He found God was with him. That’s the purpose of the
church. The church to America, we were 100,000 of us in Washington D.C. at the prayer rally
before the election and all those precious people that represent thousands or more.

There are millions of people in the country, and we are praying and have prayed, and we are praying. We
are saying there is something of a magnitude where the church simply cannot be conquered.
We are more than conquerors, where the church is in a realm that is like very hard for people
naturally to understand. Oftentimes people think of the church as an institution of social and
natural consequence like, but this is so beautiful. It isn’t. It’s God. God is the head of the church.
What God has blessed, you cannot curse. What God is doing developing us in our walk, in our
calling is precious. I have two or three more and we’ll finish up. Vs. 19. This is the word
pleroma. It pleased the Father that in Christ all the fullness of God would be in Christ. It pleased
the Father that the fullness, and it means this, it’s a word that has just that meaning. It’s used
for fullness of time and fullness of Godhead in Colossians 2:9. That means that there was nothing
lacking in Christ regarding God. Everything of God was in him. It pleased God that all of God
would be in him because of course he is God.

In the administration of the Trinity, he is playing the second role. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and all of God is in Christ. Vs. 20. He’s the reconciler of all things. That means everything saved. Unsaved things are not reconciled to him. It says things in earth and in heaven. In earth are the saved people and the things in
heaven are the angels and everything else in heaven he has reconciled unto him. That which is
not reconciled is demons and the unsaved. The unsaved are lost. They go to hell. They are not
reconciled to Christ. But everything else is reconciled. The universe is reconciled to Christ. The
church has been reconciled to Christ. Everything pure and holy is reconciled. Anything that has been lost that God has in his wisdom and hi ways. God is in heaven. He has done whatever he
pleased. He has reconciled that in his Son to himself so all things will be subject to him. Even his
enemies will be made a footstool. Everything subject to him and everything reconciled to God
Let me make a point on reconciliation I think is a beautiful point. .

If you have two parties and they are enemies and there is a distance between them, there is a reconciliation where you make compromises and this one comes this way and this one this way and they are reconciled
in the middle. They make an agreement. They are reconciled. There is a Greek word for that.
This isn’t the word. It’s this word. We are here. We are enemies of God. Here’s God. He comes
all the way to us. All the way. He reconciles and doesn’t leave us there in our state. He changes
us and brings us all the way to him, and we are reconciled to God. Do you see that? What
happened? I was lost and he found me. What happened? He found me and put me in himself.
How did he do that? He is God. God did that. God saved me. God redeemed me. God reconciled
me. God loved me. God gave me his Son. God gave us grace. We are reconciled to God.
Sometimes we get the idea that reconciled means you go to that person and stay there with
them in their stuff. I’m reconciled to them.

I’m with them in their stuff. They lie a little and I understand that, and I am with them. God is saying, no. I can’t handle that. I can’t stay with them in their stuff. I got to redeem them. I have to reconcile them to me. They must be like me. If they marry my Son, if my Son is the bridegroom, and they are the bride, they must become
like my Son. They must become holy and perfect and without blame. They must be redeemed
by the blood of my Son, so he purchases a wife for himself. He will not be like them, but they
will be like him. That’s what happened. All of this is said with joy and thanksgiving and
appreciation. I am in shock of what we are a part of. I am in shock at the reality of this. I can’t
believe we talk about these things. I can’t believe these things are real I’m amazed that the Lord
is good to us to show us and open our Bibles.

I’m amazed at the spirit we have. I’m amazed at the blessings and benefits of it. I’m amazed we can dream like in this context. God will get me out of jail. Maybe he will do that. Maybe the butler will tell him. Maybe he will tell them.
Maybe God will bring it back to his mind. Maybe God will show me. I can dream and think in
terms of our future. Do not be a Christian that gets buried in the trouble of the fetters and the
negativity, the unbelief, the fear, the worries of life. It’s ridiculous. Our joy is our strength. Our
testimony is our authority. Our confidence in truth is our healing. People need it not just in our
country but around the world. People need a message. They need a living Christ. They need a
Body. They need fellowship. They need insight, understanding, joy and say that our God is in
heaven and he has done whatever he pleases, and we praise him for that. He is good. He is
good. He is good. He is good. He is great. He is good, Jesus.



Please enjoy these sermon notes from the messages preached at Greater Grace Church in Baltimore. These notes are provided to aid in your study and understanding of the Word. Note that these notes do not represent complete, word-for-word transcriptions. Also, they may contain omissions as well as some errors in spelling and structure, etc., as we attempt to provide them as soon as possible. Our hope is that these notes serve as a way to help you search and connect with messages on related subjects and passages. Thank you for your interest in the ministry of Greater Grace.