Knowing God is the issue of our new life. The Spirit causes us to stand. The axe of the Cross deals with the root of sin in our lives. New heart is given to replace our stoney hearts. We feed on the Word. (Matthew 22:37-38; 3:10; Ezekiel 2:1-2; 3:1-3; 11:5; 36:26; Hosea 6:6; John 12:24-26)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Dennis Hulett
Sermon 12726
Date: 2024-05-29
Time: Wed 7:30pm

P. Schaller –

We’ll have a lesson. Bible lesson. Theology lesson tonight in the beginning. Yes. Matthew 22:37. Love you guys.
Praise the Lord! Convention coming up! Yes. Prayer on the patio in the morning and at home
wherever you are. People coming in. P. Dennis and Jayne came in from Albania. We’re going to
hear from him a little later. I’d like you to – if I could get the iPad up here and draw a picture.
Let’s look at Matthew 22. Well, I’m happy tonight. I don’t know. I really am. I’m happy. I’m really – I
don’t look like it. I don’t sound like it but I am. Thank you, Lord for just where we’re at in life.
What a blessing that you have the grace of God in your life and the new birth.

Vs. 37-38. So, those two go together. Loving God and love in your heart and then it, then you
love your, you love people. You love people and because you have the love of God in you. But
how can I love God if I don’t know him? Isn’t that a good question? If I don’t know him. Who
does not know God? Who does not know God? In the Bible? All of our thoughts are going
through the Bible, right? Who does not love God? Yeah, Satan. Lucifer who fell did not have it.
If he had loved God, if he knew God, he would not have fallen, but he didn’t know God as he
could have known God. He didn’t know God.

Who was the next one? Adam in the Garden of Eden. Did he know God? Yes, in some way. But
when he was offered to eat of the fruit which was forbidden, what did he do? He ate from that
tree and so then he hid himself. And did he know God? In the meaning that we have here
tonight that man does not know – this is Romans 3:10-18. Let’s throw that up on the screen. Rom.
3:10-15. Vs. 11. Why don’t you see after God? Because I don’t know God. If you knew God, you
would seek after God.

Who knew God? Jesus Christ. He loved God with all his heart, all his mind, all his soul, all his
strength. How about you and me? How about us? Yes, why? Christ is in us. We are born of
Christ. Christ is born in us. Christ knows the Father. You have the Holy Spirit. You know God.
And do you love him? That’s the first commandment and great one is to love him with all our
heart, mind, soul, and strength. Okay.

So, let’s draw a picture here of a tree. Maybe you know this picture ’cause we’ve done before. This
is a tree and this is the fruit of the tree. What do we call the fruit? What’s the fruit of the tree?
Sins. What’s the tree itself? Sin. And what’s the roots? Iniquity. Is that up there? Okay. Iniquity.
Where was iniquity first found? In Satan. Where? In heaven. Oh, my. In heaven there was
iniquity? Yes. This is a mystery. Where did it come from? We have no explanation. It was in his
heart. It was found in Satan, in Lucifer. Iniquity. Basically, it is I don’t trust you. I don’t trust you.
I don’t trust God. I don’t believe you. I don’t trust you. That’s what iniquity is. It’s our sin nature
is rooted in that.

Why don’t I love God? I don’t trust him. I don’t know who he is. I don’t understand him. I don’t
seek him. I don’t know him. Romans 3:10-18. And the results is sins.

Let’s make up a sin tonight. Okay. I’m a businessman. I have an opportunity to make a lot of
money. All I have to do is lie. One lie. I can make a lot of money. If I don’t lie, I lose a lot of
money. If I don’t lie, I’ll lose a lot of money. If I lie, I’ll make a lot of money. That’s temptation.
That’s what we do.

But behind it, behind the sin on the tree, behind the sin is what? It’s iniquity. It’s my sin nature
which is basically replacing God. I can make the money. That’s me in control. All I have to do is
lie. I’m in control. I can make the money. I want the money, so that’s what I can do. But behind
the sin is a deeper problem. Do you know God? Do you know God?

If we know God, what happens? Yeah, we don’t sin. We sin in the sense of – I’m not saying we
are sinless. I’m saying in that situation, I can make a decision that I love God. And I can’t do that
cuz I have the love of God in my heart. I love righteousness. I know God. I make a decision. I
make a – I believe. I know who God is. God will take care of me. I’m believing in God. That’s the
issue of our new life. It is who is God. It’s not like fighting with our sins. It’s a deeper thing that
God has done for us.

Turn to Mt. 3 and see what John the Baptist said about this. Matthew 3:10, he’s talking about the
Messiah coming and that he would, you know, – where are we in context? He’s baptizing
people. He is telling them they are a generation of vipers. Vs. 7. The wrath is coming. He’s
telling them to repent. But I have to be – mean, we have to realize something. People don’t
repent because they don’t understand that – they just say oh, I shouldn’t have lied.

Yeah, you shouldn’t have lied but there’s a deeper issue. Do you know who God is? Do you
know who Almighty God is? Do you know that God made you? Do you know the nature of God?
Do you know the holiness of God, the authority of God? Do you know what this is? Do we
realize this? And unfortunately, as Christians, sometimes we don’t get it. But the purpose of us
assembling is that it be rehearsed in our hearts, in our minds. We think about it and relate to it
and make some decisions in our heart about it.

Matthew 3:10, look at my tree up on the screen. Is that tree coming down? That’s what he’s saying.
The Messiah will take this tree down. That’s what he’s saying. Now is come not pruning. That’s
our society takes and prunes the trees to try and make a better world. But our Messiah says
you cannot make a better world with these trees. The tree has to come down by an axe and the
axe is the cross. The cross is where we are crucified. Not remedial medication. Not remedial
reformation. Not social reformation. Not government. Not money. But the axe goes to the root
of the tree. That’s the Messiah. That’s the new life. That’s what happened to us.
We are born again. The Spirit of God came into us and gave us a new life.

Let’s look at Ezekiel 3 for a subpoint here that relates. Ezekiel 2 actually. Ezekiel 2:1, I want to put in
there, I want to interject here. I can’t stand on my feet. God said to the prophet Ezekiel, stand
on your feet. And we could all say, I can’t. I can’t stand on my feet. What am I going to do about
it? The Lord says, stand on your feet. And you counter and just say, what? What? What are you
talking about?

Look at vs. 2. What happened? The Spirit did it. The Spirit caused me to stand on my feet. How
do you know God? It must be the Spirit. That God saves you and now you have the Spirit in you.
Look at chapter 3 same principle. Chapter 3:1, What did he say? Son of man, eat the scroll.
What is the scroll? It’s the Scripture. Eat the Word of God. Eat the scroll. Eat the Scripture. Well,
people don’t eat paper, right? We don’t eat paper but look at what happened.

Vs. 2-3. He became a prophet by eating the Scripture. Well, how do you eat the Scripture? The
Spirit causes you to eat the Scripture. How do you stand up? The Spirit causes you to stand up.
Well, how does your life change? The axe is laid to the root right here in our picture here. It’s
like the tree is taken down. We are born of God. We have found a new life. Now you can, you
got a phone call. You can make a lot of money. You can lie but there’s something else now in
your life. I can’t lie. Why? Because of God. I found God. God is real. God is my Savior. Jesus is
real for me.

What did Jesus do? Turn to Ezekel 36:26, how can you change rebellious people? How can you
change Israel? How can – there’s a great verse, Ezekiel 11:5. I want to draw your attention to it.
Put that up on the screen, please. Ezekiel 11:5, I’m going a little fast here but I think you can
catch it here. Okay. Vs. 5. That’s God saying to Israel I know every thought that comes into your
mind. I know every one of them. I know the idolatry. I know the whole thing. I know everything
that comes into your mind because God is all knowing.

Well, God, what are you going to do about it? We are sinners. We are consumed with our sin. I
just have to – I just tell a lie over the phone and I make a lot of money. I mean, what am I going
to do? And God says, do you know me? And I – do you know that I take care of you? Do you
know that I am the Almighty God? Do you know that I am righteous? Do you know my nature?
Do you have love in your heart for me?

Many of us can say, yes. Yes. If not all of us. We can say, yes. I have, I have sensed it. I am
drawn to you. I am drawn to your love. I want to follow you. I want to believe you. Instead of
my sin, I like to know you. What a great model that is. Instead of sinning which is easy to do cuz
we are sinners; instead of saying run a risk. Take a dive. Make a decision. Believe in him. Trust
him. Go by faith.

Look at what Ezekiel 36:26 says. That’s fun. It’s not fun to have a stoney heart. It’s fun to have a
heart of flesh, isn’t it? It’s fun to feel things. It’s fun to have feeling.
I remember one of our people in another country said he hadn’t – he’s a professional guy, but
he was pretty tough guy and a serious guy. And he said he hadn’t had any emotions I think for
17 years. He hadn’t had any emotions. Could care less about people, care less about things. But
he’s just dead. He said I’m just, I’m dead. He’d been dead. He told me this story and he said
when I accepted Jesus, I just started crying and I was so happy that I had feeling. I was so happy
that I had tears. It was the first thing I had felt in like 17 years.

I hadn’t had any feelings. God gave me – my words – God gave him a heart of flesh. He could feel the love, the affection, the joy, the holiness, the peace, the new life. That’s what God did. God did it.
Who saved you? God saved you. How did it happen? He took an axe to the tree at the cross. He
gave us his Son so we could come alive and we could love God. And on the phone I can say, I
can’t lie. I’m a Christian. I can’t lie. Yeah, you can lie. It’s easy. Just don’t worry about it.
Everybody does it and everything and say, yeah, yeah. But I live before a holy God and I am
trusting in the nature of God, the God that made me. The God that put me on the earth.

This is what Adam and Eve couldn’t do. Adam and Eve, they just say, you know, hey. We could
do that. Our eyes will be open. We’ll be like gods, you know. Let’s go for it. And Jesus would
say, no. I’m not doing that. Jesus would, did say, I delight to do my Father’s will. I delight in him.
I do always what I see him do. I’m saying what he says. I’m following him in my life. And if he
slay me, I will trust him.

And in Gethsemane he said, take the cup away, please. Take it away. Remember? And the
Father did not. And he just said, your will be done and he did it. And we see him being highly
exalted above every living, everything in the whole universe as we know as our Messiah and
our Savior.

How about us? Can we taste of that? Yes. It’s the first commandment. The main thing that has
affected our life that we love him and actually we know him in some measure.
Turn to Hos. 6, please and we’ll read it there. Hosea 6:3, If we follow on to know the Lord. P.
Dennis and Jayne have lived 16 years in Albania by faith. They gave everything up to Jesus like
so many people we know. So many people we come together every year. We have fellowship
with each other. Nobody’s better than anybody. Somebody working, living in Rosedale.
Working at a job. Faithful. Raising a family. Or however we are living.

We’re not comparing but I am saying there are people amongst us who have said I don’t know
how this is going to work but I want to live not for my clothes or my money or my house or my
family. I want to live for Jesus. I want to follow on to know Jesus. And whatever he will give me,
he will take care of me. He’ll bless me with my family, my mind, my heart. He’ll bless me with our ministry. He’ll bless us in our mission. He’ll bless us with the work of grace that he does ’cause
he causes it to happen. Stand on your feet and then the Spirit came in Ezekiel and he stood on
his feet. Eat the scroll. He caused me to eat and I did eat it and it was sweet and I am amazed at
who God is and taking care of us in our lives.

Look at vs. 3. We will see what he’s doing. Going forth. We will see what he’s doing. Vs. 3. He
will come to the earth but as the rain comes to the earth. He will come in your life like rain
comes. Like gently falling. He will come. You will know him as you go on to know him.
Let’s turn to John 12, please. One last text here. John 12:24.

The Greeks said we would see Jesus and Jesus answered and said this. It was a very interesting answer. You know, the Greeks came to see him. Maybe to talk to him, find out about him. But he said, vs. 24. So, there’s a
death there. Death. Remember the rice? There were grains of rice found in an Egyptian
pyramid. Grains of rice. They estimated those grains of rice – they’re very dry. They didn’t rot.
They didn’t germinate. They were very dry. In the Egyptian pyramid, I heard it, read about it
and they were 2,000 years old. And they were planted, and they grew. Imagine. If it doesn’t die,
it doesn’t bear fruit. It abides alone.

There are a lot of people – this tree up here, the tree of sin, is a tree of loneliness, complication,
confusion, guilt, etc. It’s not a good tree. It’s not good fruit. It’s not a good tree, but if it dies, if
an axe is taken to the tree, if the grain of wheat dies, then it bears fruit.

Look at vs. 25-26. Let’s go back to the sin. What sin could you make up? What story could you
make up about sinning? Have a good time. Just go out and sin. Have a good time and go out
and sin. Have pleasure. Or cheat or do something. What could we do? We all are sinners. We
know about it. We all know about that, but what if, what if we surrender and we say God, I
know I can sin. I’m a sinner. I’m good at it. I know I can sin. I can convince myself but I miss you.
I don’t have you. I miss you. I want to know you. If I follow on to know you, I will know you and
you’re going forth as the latter, the early rain and the latter rain. I want to know that.

And then Jesus says this – look at vs. 26. And you keep following Jesus. Let’s close with that.
You just keep following Jesus with all your heart. You just keep at it and follow him with all your
heart and you are. I mean, you’re great people. And we’re here because it’s in our hearts. And it
says here and where I am there shall also my servant be. If any man serve me – which I think is
a message in itself, isn’t it? Where I am, you will be there. Where I am. I’m on the cross, you will
be there with me. I’m in the tomb, you will be buried with me. I’m raised from the dead, you
will be with me. I ascend up to heaven at the right hand. You will be with me there. Where I am,
that’s where you will be with me. You will be with me in the dark alley way or in the ghetto or
you’ll be with me in the poverty.

Some brother said to me today, he said nobody said my life had to be great. I go, could you
repeat that? In all my counseling, I don’t ever hear people say that. He goes, yeah. Nobody said
my life had to be great. So I have trouble. I have trouble, but that, you know, I have God. It's my
word in it. We have God. My life doesn’t have to be great. We’ve got God and where he is, we
are with him. We have God. We have the Almighty God, the meditation of God, the nature of
God, the contemplation of God, the worship of God. We are submitted to God. Isn’t that good?

Let’s finish here. John. 12:26, you hang up the phone. I told the truth in this case and that’s all.
You go to bed. You lost a lot of money. Things don’t look so good. That’s how I live. I got to see
what happens. What happens cuz I don’t know. But it’s more fun. It’s a better life to honor God
in our heart and love him with all our heart, our soul, and our mind and learn his ways and trust
him in our lives and do the right thing. And he will honor us in our lives. He’ll honor your prayer.
He’ll honor your footsteps. He’ll honor your life. Your short life of 70 years. He honors your life
and you greatly glorify God because you have decided that I could live in sin and make it my
way or I can put my trust in him and do it God’s way.

I’d rather trust him and go on and know who he is and have his presence in my life and have his
Spirit in us and cause us to do things that we would not do. Stand up. And he caused us to stand
up. Eat the scroll. He caused us to eat the scroll. Follow me. And he caused us. Follow me. I will
make you – he caused us to be a fisher of men. He caused us to have an impact in Albania. He
caused us to be in different places. He caused us to be in Baltimore to make an impact. To have
graduations like we had the last two weeks and fellowship and encouragement and a life of

I’m not saying in any way we are perfect people. I’m just saying God put it in us a desire to
follow him and to know him and to love him and trust him in our lives. Amen. Amen. Okay. God
bless you. Let’s do the offering, Avery.

P. Dennis Hulett –

Just for a couple minutes, I just want to talk a little bit about what’s
happening in Albania. I just wanted to make sure they took the sin tree down. Because the
angle of vision might put me as a fruit up on one of those branches. I don’t want that. I don’t
want you to know me that way actually, but hey. This is Convention season and yeah. We have
a map of Albania. You have a map of Albania. Yeah, I don’t think I told you that. Yeah. There it
is. All right. There we are. Yeah, I wanted that. We’re geography people, right? yeah. We’re
learning geography all the time. Okay. Thanks, pastor.

Many Americans don’t know where Albania is. It’s right on the Adriatic Sea. It’s beautiful. It’s in,
it’s Mediterranean climate. Palm trees and all that stuff. It’s a beautiful country. Great
coastline. Great mountains in the north. All of those countries you see there, we’ve done
mission trips in. Montenegro, Kosovo. It used to be Macedonia. Now it’s North Macedonia.

Bulgaria and Greece. And this year, we’re going to Greece and we’re going to spend a week
following Paul. I may have to adjust it ’cause you were right this afternoon. He did go by sea from
Berea down to Athens and I thought he went by land. We’re not going to go by sea but we’re
going to travel with Paul through his second missionary journey from Philippi through
Thessaloniki, Berea, and all of those. It’s going to be a lot of fun if you want to join us for that.
We really appreciate your prayers for these things. We have two conferences. One in the north.
One in the south this summer. You can see all of that on I don’t want to walk away
too much from that message I just heard. That was amazing. That was something that I need to
hear continually. I need to be connected to Baltimore and that’s really what I was considering
as I was sitting there and P. Schaller asked me to speak about the beautiful country where we

Each spring, we try to get down here for Convention and you are Baltimore. And I was thinking
how when Jesus went into Jerusalem for that last week in John 12, it says he went to Bethany.
Now, it seems like that’s where he slept those nights that he was in Jerusalem that last week of
his earthly life before the crucifixion. But he would always go back to Bethany.

Now, he had his 12 guys and he ministered to them and he loved them and he taught them and
he had the multitude that he was teaching continually. But he had Lazarus and Mary and
Martha and it says that he was his friend. And it says that he was the one that Jesus loved. And
that’s Baltimore for us missionaries. That we come here because you know we can take the
armor off but not take the, you know, not take the spirituality I suppose off. Not take the
ministry off.

We often turn to Psalm 133. But when we read it, it’s fresh every time because that’s us. That’s the
unity of the brethren. That’s how beautiful, how precious it is. And we’ve started. The ball has
begun to roll from GGCA to MBC&S. and now into Convention and the missionary is going to be
coming in off the field and they’re going to be coming to the house of Lazarus. They’re going to
be coming to Baltimore to, you know, eat at people’s homes and fellowship with people they
haven’t seen in way too long. And it’s so refreshing to come back to this place and be part of
this one more time and hear messages like that one. I mean we listen to messages online and
on YouTube but there is something about being here.

So, I just want to thank you. Again, we are going to have a missions trip if you want to talk to
me about it. It’s going to be very missionary oriented. There’s not a whole – I don’t have a lot of
details. We’re just going to jump in a van. We’re going to go to Greece and we’re going to do
street preaching and evangelism and looking at places where Paul walked and just have a great

So, if you want to be part of that, we’d love to have you. I think I’m going to be with the rap
tonight, so if you have any questions on that. So, that’s all I wanted to say was we love you. We
appreciate Baltimore. Keep Albania in your prayers. In the other countries where the
missionaries are, look at the missions website and pray over the different continents and the
different pastors and teams and churches. Okay. Love you. (Altar call).

P. Schaller –

Before we sing the last song, we’ll do that in a minute. Would you just kind of
share with your neighbor for a few minutes only something that you heard from P. Dennis or
the message. Just kind of enjoy that meditation for a few minutes.
Let me repeat one part. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden were tempted and the thing that
they lacked was to trust God. So, they could say, you know, the devil, you will be wise like God.
This is good food. This is important. You will not die. You will not die. That’s the lie and they
went with it.

The other way to live is I trust God. I might look foolish but I trust God. I might lose. I might
suffer something but I trust God. I want to know God, I want to know the nature of God. That’s
our blessing and that was what our message is.

So, every temptation we have in life is really not only the sin on the tree but the issue is the
tree itself. Where you say I can do this myself. I’m making my decisions. I’m living my way. I’m
doing it my life my way. Change that cuz Jesus came into your life. Now you say, if I die I die but
I believe God. I’m trusting God. I might look like a fool but I am trusting God. I want God’s will. I
want to know God. And God promised us, God promised us that we would know him.
“If any man do my will, he will know the doctrine,” right? He will know the doctrine. If any man
does – John 7:17. Okay. So, there we go. That’s the meditation. So, just before you get out of
your seat, just kind of put some words in your mouth and in your neighbor’s heart and mouth.
Talk for a minute about it. ‘Cause maybe some of this you should say it with your mouth and have
it stick in your heart.

When you go home and they say, what did you learn? You got it right there. You can tell them.
You’re at work tomorrow. What did you learn at church yesterday? Who says that? I don’t
know but go ahead. Take a minute or two and then ladies come on up.


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