David was provoked by Saul. A king’s daughter promised to him was given to someone else. But David lived in love. He refused to react. He thought no evil. He behaved not as a child. His love remained. (1 Corinthians 13; 1 Samuel 18:17-19)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11988
7:00 PM on 11/11/2020

P. Schaller –

The radio, thank you for that. The hearts of people here. Miriam, thank you. Beautiful. To be touched in our
heart for noble things and important things. Precious to us. I heard abut the radio program
today with Kathy Groenewold and Michelle Benoit, and what a good program that is with these
two ladies. They bring home the bacon. They do an excellent job. Right there. The word and the
teaching. Kathy is so comfortable there. She’s in control of the whole world. You’re a great
team. That’s amazing what you do. We feel like, take it over! P. Love, did you hear it? Yes, it
was very good. 1 Coriinthans 13 on the subject of divine love and what that means. Before we start, we
want to give a couple shout outs. I was thinking about our people we work with. Norm Pazda
and Debbie and just Norm. We had a good talk to today about the health of our people and
what’s happening. What an amazing servant this guy is. He’s so precious.

The elders, and this brother down front. When did I see him last? Thank you. Zane’s words in the beginning.
Weren’t they good? To know the gospel every day, the mystery of it. God became a man. He
came for me. He loves me. He speaks to us. He cares about us. He washes our feet. He ministers
to us. He upholds us. He gives us a good belly laugh. I had a couple of those recently. It does
good like medicine. You need a belly laugh. Turn to your neighbor and tell them that. We need
it. We need it. How do you get one of those? How do you get a good belly laugh? I think you’re
around somebody or a couple people and it just happens. By myself, I don’t know if it’s going to
happen. I got to say something. I do think about something. I’m by myself and I’m driving in the
car and I start laughing. That’s a very good sign. I’m okay. I’m sane. I read an article about the
health of the nation. When a nation has a sense of humor, then it’s a sign it’s a healthy
community or society.

A sense of humor. I think it can apply to individuals. If I can laugh, if I can
laugh at myself and life and things going on, it’s a beautiful thing. When we speak about love in
1 Corinthians 13, it’s really about being healthy. A lot of you are mature believers in the Word. Maybe
you know this text, 1 Sam. You are real Bible readers. I read it in another Bible this morning. It’s
1 Samuel 18:17. I got it wrong. He had two daughters. That comes a little later, vs. 19. I can write
her name up here on the screen. Merab. I can give her to David to be his wife. If you were
David, would you get excited about that? Is that a good thing? The king was to give me his
daughter and I’d be in the family. At this point in the family, it’s a good thing. What does Saul
do? He changed direction and gave this woman to another person. Why did he do that? He said
she can be your wife and then he changed and gave her to another man. Vs. 19. And why?
Why? I feel it’s because Saul is a bad guy.

That’s why I think it happened. He’s provoking David. I give you my daughter and then pause. No, I’ll give her to him. How does David deal with this provocation? It didn’t bother him. That’s one of the things I want to bring out. There was another daughter as well, Michal, who loved David. Vs. 20. Saul is playing games, but David
isn’t. Saul is provoking David, but David is spiritual. He has something going on in his heart and
mind and so do you. This is beautiful. You have Christ in your life, and you are learning him and
walking with him and you are not easily provoked. You don’t easily get upset. That’s the
characteristic of God’s love. God’s love is not easily provoked. What could really upset us?
“Great peace have they which love thy law, and nothing shall offend them (Psalm 119:165).”
There will be people that play games with you. They’ll try to provoke you. I’m going to give you a raise at work and it never happens. I like you. I’m going to do this.

Great peace have they that love your Word and you’re not easily provoked by people. Isn’t that a good point? I realize you kind of have to read the text a few times. I’m not saying it, “thus saith the Lord.” Provoking
people happens. 1 Samuel 1 two women in the same household. One has children and the other
has no children. The woman that has is provoking Hannah. Vs. 6-8. This is the woman that was
not having children. The woman in the house that was having child after child provoked here.
Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! “Fooey” on you. You don’t have what I have. Let’s go to the point.
That’s what Zane said at the beginning. If I could relate to this great gift of God, Roman 8, if I
understood what I am part of, if this was growing in my heart. As we worshiped, I was thinking
how does this really work? Our fellowship? It’s faith. It’s faith. Psalm 47:1, what does this
mean? Get going. Get worked up in it. Get into the body language of what it is. Vs. 1-2. This is
the greatness of God. This is the majesty of God, the greatness of God. Vs. 3-4. Reality of the
Jewish people and them inheriting the earth one day.

The reality of the church and the church being new garment, new wineskins, new wine, new piece of a garment on a new garment. Totally new economy different from the Judaistic economy of law. We have now the economy
of grace and we have new wine and new wineskins. The people are put under our feet. This is
Psalm 44. 2 Samuel 23, Psalm 47:6-7, four times sing praises to God. Sing praises. Get ahold of it.
Realize it. Relate to it. Embrace it. Clap your hands and sing praises. Understanding grace,
understanding faith, understanding the promises, understanding how we relate in this world.
Not being provoked by evil men but being worshipers of a living God. Vs. 8. I was thinking of
our Conventions and in my heart P. Luigi. I was thinking of Conventions here in June and the
French and Africans and Hungarians and Fins. How many years. Years after year after year and
decade after decade. Every year, all the time and the spirit of understanding. The spirit of
praise. We believe we are to go into the highways and byways. The belief I go to Bible college
and learn to concentrate.

The folks online month after month and listening and concentrating
and worshiping in your home and trusting and believing. The Spirit of God being with us and
we are all together in the Spirit of God. We are rejoicing and singing and clapping our hands and
shouting and embracing and believing and one day we will see him. We will see Christ one day
and what love is in this present time. I was thinking about border crossings because I was
sentimentally thinking of the past and asked God to bring things back to my mind. Border
crossing in the Ukraine. I had to get back to Hungary by myself from the Ukraine. I could only
take the train so far and had to walk and then hitchhike. Then I go to the border and I
remember a filthy bathroom. A barn is cleaner. And then walking through the Ukraine border
into Hungary. I made it to a McDonalds in a Hungarian city called [?] and it was like Paradise. I
sat in the McDonalds and had a sandwich. It was an amazing experience. I never had a greater
vacation. I’ve never been in a nicer hotel.

I was starving. I don’t remember the whole thing, but it was fun. Leaving the city hitchhiking to get back to Budapest. I remember the brothers, Chris  Moore and the Hungarians and the joy and the faith and our mission. We will not stop until we go to [?] the furthest city in Russia. It happened in 1991 and 1993 year after year going with the
gospel. It’s what Zane said. It’s real. It’s faith in God. Nobody is any greater than anybody.
Nobody is excluded. Whosoever will. I noticed something. When Saul says you can have my daughter and snickering in his sleeve and takes her and gives her to some other guy, David says
that’s fine. I’m good. I got love in my heart. I’m not easily provoked. I can handle this. I got God
and the Spirit of God. We’ll read the chapter and refresh our hearts and minds. You precious
people coming in Jesus’ name tonight to listen to the Bible speak to us. 1 Corinthians 13:1. I speak in
tongues and have a lot of noise. I have a gift, but do I have love? Do I have love? Can I handle – I
can say halleluiah and go out in the parking lot and have a flat tire and curse God in the parking
lot. Bitter water and fresh water cannot come from the same place.

Thorns and fruit are different. Curses and blessings are different. I cannot curse people. I must bless them and pray
for them and have love in my heart. Vs. 2. How many men and women of God understand the
Bible so well. They could teach it from the front to the back. They could be professors at
seminaries, pastors in pulpits. They can understand a lot of things and have all knowledge, but
do they have love? I was with P. Mati once in central Asia. I saw him look out the window and a
tear came. We were doing missions work in central Asia in ‘93 ’94, ’95, ’96. This was in
Kyrgyzstan. I looked out the window and saw a man going through the garbage can. That’s all I
saw. I saw P. Mati tear up. He cares. He saw that and it touched his heart. Paul said that about
Timothy. Timothy I remember your tears. I thought of this recently. I read in a medical book. I
got to double check it. I really shouldn’t say this right now because I haven’t double checked.
But I believe when you have tears of joy it has a certain chemistry.

When you have a tear of sorrow, it has a different chemistry. Isn’t that amazing? I’m pretty sure I read that, but I got to double check that. Actually, I didn’t care if it’s true or not! That’s like Susie! [laugh]. Susie
Veader and I have a little joke together. I told some story and she said, Is that true? I go, I don’t
really know but it had such a great effect! I remember, Timothy, your tears. Where did
Timothy’s tears come from? Was it tears of joy? Was it a tear of seeing someone go through a
garbage can? Was it a tear of sympathy? Was it a tear of pain, like he got hurt and started to
cry. Was it emotional? I mean it’s emotional of course but was it from a broken relationship?
Many tears, many reasons but I’m saying love has tears. Love has tears. Not just knowledge and
understanding the Bible like a machine. We have to touch the spirit of the Bible. We have to
weep with Jeremiah and feel what God feels about Israel. That’s how I’m reading the Bible. And
I’m sure you are, too. I get the feel of what God feels in the Bible. That’s love. That’s our new
life. This mystery of Christ. It’s hard to package.

A steward must be found faithful, and we are stewards of the mysteries of God. Paul said pray for me that I would make known the mysteries of Christ. Ephesians 6. This is what love is. I love this fellowship of love. I love the love I see in P. Butch Veader. He and Jackie, aren’t they amazing people? I see the love in Randy and Jenny. These
people are awesome. I see the love in Kathy Ryan. Come on! Come on! Let’s bring it on. Come
on! Come on! I see love. Look at Mike Toppi and his daughter there. Come on! Look at them.
This guy loves. He’s serious about it. It’s amazing. If I say more names, you’re not going to think
I’m serious if I say more names. Vs. 2. I don’t need you to remove a mountain. I just need you to
love me. I don’t need something fantastic just to sit with me. Don’t correct me and tell me what
is wrong. Just sit and love me. That’s what I need. You know what is great about grandkids?
There is nothing greater in the world for a kid to have a grandmother.

Let’s pause for a moment. Right that on a t-shirt. A kid with a grandmother that loves him and her or a grandfather. It’s an amazing gift. What about us here? Isn’t this a gift we have each other and
love each other? Isn’t this a gift of God and we can sit quietly and love each other and be
together and love each other in our heart. It’s one of the best things we have in our lives, isn’t
it? The Body of Christ. Vs. 3. You can give a lot of money away, philanthropy. A lot of money
away and even sacrifice. Didn’t a Buddhist monk in Vietnam in protest of the war pour gasoline
on him and lit himself on fire and the whole world saw this man in the street burn to death to
protest the war. Yes, we saw that. What an act of sacrifice, but is there love there or is there
bitterness? What is it. We are not anyone’s judge. A sacrifice doesn’t mean there is love. And
giving money isn’t evidence either. By the way, this is the offering! Give all your money to the
church! Thank you very much! In Jesus’ name! On your way out, give all your money please! v.
4. Days, hours, oh no! Years.

I counseled someone, can you wait five years? They are looking at
me like five minutes is my capacity. Five minutes. When we had our church problems, we went
to Chicago and we said give us a year. Oh, no! Oh, no. Give us some time. Let’s work together.
Let’s pray for each other. Let’s fast and pray and give some time. Can we suffer for a while?
Sometimes we can’t. We can’t but sometimes love is beautiful. How many missionaries gone to
the field and no souls, no fruit for 8 years. William Carey, Adoniram Judson and nothing
happens, nothing happens but they love the people. They just stay and love the people. How
about our ministry? Why are we here? Why are we doing this? What is going on? I don’t know. I
just I feel it’s God. It’s God’s Spirit, mind. God loves people. God loves people. He will never
stop. That’s a beautiful thing. Vs. 4. And is kind.

Really kind. Kind words, kind spirit. Don’t provoke. Don’t provoke. Have you ever thought like Saul did? He was trying to provoke David and get him upset and fight. David is in another place. Even Saul throws a javelin and David
thinks it’s kind of a mistake. He overlooks it. It doesn’t bother him that much. You can read it in
1 Samuel 18 and also 19. It happened more than once. So that’s love. Love. Vs. 4-5. It’s kind of
like the regular guy in the crowd. Like the regular person lives in the neighborhood. It’s kind of
like a person quietly going their way. Those people are very attractive to us. The person that is
not boasting, not talking a lot, not provoking you. They’re kind of mellow and going along. The
motivation isn’t that they are trying to avoid getting in trouble but in our teaching tonight it is
simply the nature of love. Jesus is there and you couldn’t even identify him in the crowd it looks
like in Isaiah 53.

There was nothing about him attractive naturally. He was blending in. He was a
root out of dry ground. Who had believed our report? Who would even believe this is God in
the flesh. Who has believed our report? To whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? He shall
grow up amongst us as a tender plant, as a root out of dry ground, and there’s no comeliness in
him that we would be drawn to him, but he is love. He’ll be there with you. He’ll be there
talking. He’ll be there ministering. He will be there with you. He will love you. He will not fail
you or provoke you. He will look for the best for you. He will minister to you. He’ll say the truth
but does it in love. This is a beautiful picture and a good message. Closing. A few more. Vs. 5-6.
It’s okay, Saul. She’s your daughter, Saul. You do as you please. It’s okay. Don’t worry about
me. I am good. His other daughter loves David and that happens. What else was it? David is not
thinking so much of himself. He is not thinking evil. Vs. 5.

No jealousy, no animosity, no competition. He is not thinking evil. He is thinking love. He is satisfied. He is in fellowship with the second floor of the house. He is being filled with the Holy Spirit. He is being helped in a
crisis. He is being comforted in times of difficulty. He is finding Jesus when he has a problem in
his relationships with people. He’s giving people room. He’s kind of giving people room to work
their things out. Love is very patient, very kind and looking at the bigger picture. Love is to
thinking evil. It’s not focusing on criticism or complaint. You are seeing things in love the way
God must see the world. How easy he could be upset with us and how patient he is with us.
When he looks at this world, he loves us. He so loved us he gave his Son to the guilty and the
ones that had no interest and the ones that did not understand and the ones that did not know
anything about what was happening, but he did it because he loved us. He invested in us. He
cared about us and is today praying for us. He is loving us constantly.

Everlasting love that never fails. That’s pretty cool. Vs. 11. Ever see children fight over toys? Ever see children throw a tantrum in a grocery store? Ever see a child have no idea of what is happening? Ever see a child
want a candy bar? Ever see a child that behaves like a child and speaks like a child? vs. 11. I
stopped it. I stopped being childish. I was in the church. How did you do it? I was around people
who have love in their hearts. I said to my granddaughter the other day, marriages are
beautiful. Marriage is a beautiful gift. It’s a precious thing. There are so many marriages in our
church that are great examples. I mentioned the Colban’s and Hadley’s and went through a list
of people and I said the Taggart’s and then I said the Taggart’s and I ran out of names and said
the Taggart’s. Pappy, you said their name already three times! The Taggart’s! I’m joking. There
are some people that have a childish way of thinking. We all do. When we find Jesus as a habit
by faith, I don’t mean lightning coming from the heaven.

I mean the Spirit like dew on the grass. Just the Spirit of love. Peace and quietness and patience. When we find Jesus in everyday living like a glass of water. I need a glass of cold water. Thank you, Lord. If Jesus is something like this happening, every day in our lives then you put away childish things. You can be provoked for
sure. Something you and I are growing in as a way of life and it’s a precious gift to us. We have
it with each other. We are sisters and brothers to the end. We are learning love to the end. We
are people that are growing in Christ to the end and beyond. We are people that have found
our family and it’s so precious.



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