There are things that are locked away inside of us and they need to be brought out. We are made for triumph; we can put our feet on the necks of the things of the flesh. (Joshua 1015-25)

Speaker(s): Pastor Schaller, PastorMark Minichiello, Pastor Justin Schaller
Sermon # 11282
6:30 PM on 6/18/2017

P. Justin Schaller

Prov. 24:6, Josh 10:16, this is the story of the children of Israel going into the Promised Land. There’s enemies in the territory, people living in walled cities. Jewish people have a word to go into the land and take it. It’s been given to them by God. God chose them because of their weakness not their strength. They do not have military experience, weapons or strength. God has given them a word. This is the land I have given. There are 5 kings that come against the children of Israel and deceive them. The Jewish people go after them.

vs. 16-20. The children of Israel go out and defeat the enemies.

vs. 22-25. The first verse we read, vs. 6, by wise counsel you will wage your own war.

We are coming from different places and walks of life, ministries, different relationships and coming to a place where we hear wise counsel. God is going to speak to us. He’s speaking to us in a personal way. Maybe my own struggle or failure or weakness, my own burden. He is really speaking to me so I can wage war.

Life is not passive, indifferent, smooth sailing down the road. We know life can be very hard and filled with many disappointments. In place of wise counsel, I will teach you to wage war. Not mighty or strong. He has not chosen the great or wise but the weak to confound the wise. The Jewish people are the weak things but marching into enemy territory and God gives them victory and wants them to put their feet on the necks of the enemy and declare who he is, show the strength of who he is through a weak vessel. We are weak vessels but we have a great God. They have overcome and conquered by the blood of the Lamb.

Are we going to hear self- help, to make yourself better or declare our great God and what he has done for us? All the battles I’m going to encounter are battles God ordained to have the power of God so I can put my foot on the neck of that situation. Whatever it is, we all have a war we wage in God. He says don’t do it by your own strength or wisdom. Do it by the blood of the Lamb. Christ has died and made me clean. He has given me a communication line to my heavenly Father. I love this picture that these Jewish people are going into this land and putting their feet on the necks of these great kings. This little Jewish man is so weak, no sword or spear or knife but by the power of God he puts his foot on the neck and says how can this be? It’s by the strength of God.

Why does God use us? To glorify him. We need to know our God is a God that will fight for us and has already finished the work and won the battle. Faith comes by hearing.

I believe for all of us and me personally I want to hear something that will speak to my heart and say you can have victory in this area. God is more powerful than the flesh, the world, the devil. He has given us the victory and all we have to do is walk in it. How are we dwelling in this land filled with so many enemies? This is so easy because God is working for us.


P. Mark Minichiello

We usually do our time of prayer and praise on Sunday nights after the service. Tonight we will do it during the service. If you have children in the nursery, don’t be nervous about that because we will let you know when the service itself is finished, and you can get your children. But the time of prayer and praise will continue on after that. Just an encouragement about this time of prayer and praise. I’d like to share a few things.

First, a few practical things. It’s not a time for preaching or for personal testimonies or a personal prayer that is not so relevant. But it is a time to really come before God as a Body of believers to pray for things, to pray for big things, and to believe them. I’d like to encourage you tonight. Maybe you are someone who struggles with reading your Bible. If you’d like to just get on your knees and read your Bible the whole time, you’re free. If you are someone who struggles with stillness, if you’d just like to make it a point that God would touch your heart and allow spiritual affections to awaken. Just to quiet them and gaze upon him, please feel free to do so during this time.

Ps 66 if I regard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear me. But verily the Lord has heard me. Blessed be the Lord. He has answered my prayer. If there is sin, if there is a lack of forgiveness, if there is a problem of defilement, lust problems, secret things, pornography, pride, a driving spirit, this could be a wonderful time of confession. Because what could be better to enter into our Convention then confessed sin and to have a spirit that is unhindered to receive all that God would have for us to receive this week. Those are some practical encouragements.

I was thinking of Rom 8:5 in terms of this time of prayer and praise which says those who live according to the flesh, mind the things of the flesh. They set their minds on the things of the flesh. They set their affections on the things of the flesh. But those who live according to the Spirit, set their affections, set their minds on the things of the Spirit.

It goes with Col 3:1-2. If you are then risen with Christ, seek those things which are above where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your affections, set your minds on the spiritual things, the heavenly things because our life is hid with Christ in God. Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the heathen. I will be exalted in the earth. The Lord didn’t reveal himself in the time of Elijah in the earthquake, the whirlwind. There was a still small voice. We know it’s the anxieties in our hearts that choke the Word of God, that choke that plant from growing into fruition. This could be a wonderful time to confess anxiety, to cast all our cares upon him for he cares for us. With that in mind, you might find yourself ready for battle, not wrestling against flesh and blood. P. Justin just explained it very well. And against principalities, powers, and against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Further on in that passage it talks about resisting Satan steadfastly in the faith, to continue praying with all prayer and supplication for all saints. Many of us notice the battle isn’t getting easier. The times are getting more intense, and therefore it’s not a time for carelessness. I think it’s a time to be sober, be vigilant. The adversary, the devil, what is he like? He’s like a roaring lion seeking those whom he may devour. May we come before him tonight in one sense with a light heart rejoicing. In another sense, with the seriousness of urgency about the reality of hell. Men’s lives are at stake. Ministries are at stake. Spiritual leaders are at stake. We will have a microphone here in the front if you have a prayer to pray for.

Pray from your heart to God. I’m also happy to bring the microphone to you. We have many pastors serving God from around the world visiting.

I’d encourage you to say a prayer that would encourage our faith, to hear you bring your request before the Lord. Once again, if you would just like to be still tonight , if you would just like to arouse spiritual affections to awaken maybe for the first time or maybe for the first time in a long time, please feel free.

(We had a time of prayer and praise after this).


P. Schaller

Just a few thoughts that came to my mind as we are worshipping Christ and bringing our stuff before him. Dragging a king out of the cave and just saying, the kings go running in the cave and you catch them but it’s not over. You have to kill them. You catch them and kill them. You might say I did that when I first became a believer. God gave me victory over sins in my life and I had this amazing victory. Now years later, I don’t have any kings anymore. But I want to suggest a few of them.

As I get older, do not get offended by what I’m saying but I want to make you think with me because our churches around the world must be Spirit filled. Our churches must be anointed. Our pastors must be anointed. The Bible has to be anointed of God and the congregation. We are not here to entertain people. We are here to lead people to Christ. We are not here just to maintain, have the same old same old for hundreds of years. And the whole thing is just the same, the same. It cannot be. It has to be God, amen! I have to do some business sometimes with my flesh. I have to do some business and I have to face it. Two categories just to think about it and then we can pray and worship.

As I get older, do I change, naturally speaking? Spiritually we grow in Christ. We hope so. What are we doing here if we are not? We are growing with him. We are associated with him. He is the head. We are the Body. But he has things to say to us. As you grow older and you get more vocal in your language about your opinions and you start to run things, and you are confronted, you and I need to be humble. And say yes, pastor. Thank you, pastor. I’m shooting off my mouth. Thank you, pastor. Thank you. I’m going to try and behave. You get older and get opinionated about the carpet, the windows, the lighting, the songs, the people, this guy, that guy, the parking lot, the tires on the car. You get grumpy and opinionated and talking about everything and everywhere. Stop it. Go in the mirror in your bathroom at home and talk to yourself about it. Let God deal with you and fill you and become a sweet, humble, gracious, edifying, kind, sensitive, Spirit filled man and woman. Amen. Ok, that’s enough of that. Drag that guy out of the cave and say, you’re history. OK? Is that true? I know I’m saying something.

How about this one. You never hear this preached about in the church. You want to hear it? Man, I don’t even dare to say it. Let the women be quiet in the church and when they got a question, they go home and ask their husband. Why did he say that? Why did the H.S. have that recorded in the Bible? I don’t know but I have seen it happen. I have. Women are not running the church. The Holy Spirit is running the church and God appointed apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and we are led by God. I know that when the men fail, and we do, the women want to just rise up and say let’s get this ship in order. Let’s get things settled and get them straightened out. I believe they have an amazing portion in helping us, but I’m also saying it as a man. I get loose with my mouth maybe, and I cannot afford to do that. Pray for each other. Isn’t that good? Take that guy by the hair right out of the cave, kicking and screaming and say, come on. We’re going to make progress.

The second category are the young people. This is what I want to say to you. Maybe your mom and dad have been in the church. Maybe your grandparents have been in the church and now you are in the church. I have seen so many Spirit filled young people get raised up by God and do an amazing job. We are so thankful. But I also want to say you got to learn to get it on your own, too. You have to learn to be alone and get it from God. You got to learn to seek God. We are with our friends and that’s amazing, but our friends may not be the answer for my spiritual life. Sometimes they are but sometimes it’s got to be me. And when the church gets in trouble, and sometimes churches get in trouble, and the leaders start fighting with each other. There’s a lot of carnality that happens. And young people are disappointed and there’s a lot of confusion and a lot of pain happens.

There has to be a remnant of people that say we are going to pray and fast. We’re going to seek God. God is going to visit us and heal us. It might take a year or two years but we are going to seek God. And we’re going to find God. Young people, one day the older people may fail. We hope not. We don’t plan to. But there needs to be men and women of God on every level. There has to be men and women of God all through the church that are learning how to find God on their own. You have to drag out of the cave that little demon that is still living inside. He’s inside and saying we’re still alive, guys. We’re the kings. We’re still alive. And I know when I get out I can negotiate. I’m good at that. I can talk our way out of that. We can win. I have a castle full of gold. Before they could even open their mouths, their feet were on their necks and it was history.

Let’s do that on these next songs. Meditate with me on it.

(More prayer and praise).



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