There is none we could know who is like Jesus, the Son. He did all He did to please the Father. He gave us words so right so that we might be disciples, words that make free indeed. He came to this world but never became part of this world. He overcame the world. (John 8:9-32)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Adam Speedy
Sermon  11751
6:30 PM  on 9/15/19







P. Schaller –

Thank you
Jesus. Let’s praise him. We’re so blessed. We thank you. Thank you, Jesus. Just praise him and
thank him. We have no God before us here in this assembly hall. Only Christ. All forces and
demons and wickedness and unbelief and the things of this world are on the outside. We are in
the holy of holies where Christ is. We are in him and he is in us. Let’s say his name a few times.
Jesus Christ. Halleluiah. Jesus. Jesus. God you are our healer. We want you to visit us with your
healing power. You are our deliverer. We want all wickedness to be gone. We put on the new
man and by faith we come boldly to you. Praise you. Praise you. Praise you God.

For all the assemblies through our country and around the world, everywhere where we are privileged to
call on your name, we take territory. Every place where our foot goes is ours in a spiritual way.
The devil has no part. Resist the devil and he will flee. All lies about us in our inner man are
under our feet. We proclaim in faith who we are. We are a mighty people. Though we are weak,
we are a mighty people. Conies are a little folk but dwell in the rocks. We dwell in Christ. Praise
him and thank him one more time. Halleluiah! Halleluiah! Thank you, God. Halleluiah! How
about a good fervent prayer for this week that God will do great things this week on many
levels. We want to be bold in our faith tonight. (prayer), High five your neighbor. Halleluiah.

P. Adam Speedy –

Galatians is one of my favorite books. It was my staple diet I decided to read
weekly along with Romans during Bible school. It’s so fundamental to understanding grace. Gal.
1:10 that word is fitted or adapted to men. Vs. 11.

We heard a great message on Thursday night in Owings Mills on the grace of God with P. Renaldo on Eph. 2:8-9. We continue on this message. The gospel of grace is not unto men. It’s not based on us. Praise Jesus! It’s not based on us.

Heb 1:3, I love that “by himself” part. He didn’t need you or require anything from us. He
said I got this one. Vs. 3. He did it by himself. He decided that salvation was too important. He
didn’t want to leave anything up to us. Praise him in this place. If there was any part we wanted
to have it, not only would we glory but we would be insecure, not confident of who we are and
where we are going because we would have something to do with it.

God said I have this covered. At salvation, we received the benefit of a perfect work. Something changed in our
hearts. I got a new Father, a citizenship, a new family. I didn’t get a new conscience. That takes
time. My identity…there’s nothing for me to do. Sometimes Catholicism has frontloaded the
gospel with requirements of human performance to receive divine benefits. Protestantism back
ends it. Gahazi came and wanted requirements afterwards. Some kind of pay back. We can
never pay back God. He doesn’t want it. That which proceeds from man is not the gospel.

The gospel preached by me is not according to man. It wasn’t human or man centered. It’s not
based on me. It’s outside of our natural thinking. That which comes from the flesh is flesh. Jn
3:6 everything I could do, oh no. Please, everything we can do that which proceeds from the
flesh is flesh. All that man can produce is natural and summed up as requiring execution. That’s
embarrassing, isn’t it? That’s our liberty. That’s our true liberty. The burden is not on us. Praise
the Lord! He who the Son sets free is free indeed. Free not to sin and…. the power not my own

to enjoy an effortless victory over it. Praise the Lord! I like that. We have a tendency towards
self-centeredness. False gospels are always about man, improving man, by man and for man.
This gospel of grace is not human. It’s not a racial thing. It’s not about man. It sees no
distinction. It says I want to do something on behalf of man, 2 Cor 5:14.

Praise be to Jesus a gift has nothing to do with the receiver but everything to do with the giver. Praise the Lord!
Something was done on our behalf. A meeting took place. It was about you but didn’t include
you except as a beneficiary. I’m excited about it. This thing is not about man except for man
being a beneficiary. We are not the subject. We are the object. What frustration comes in when
people think of themselves as the center…. Daniel 2, one day this thing is coming down by the
stone that will knock it down.

P. Schaller –

Wow! That was great. That’s so edifying. That was awesome. Thank you. Wasn’t
that good? That was a good word. Wow. That was awesome. We’re of the same mind. He’s
speaking and I’m excited about what he is saying. It resonates in my heart. It’s so good. Thank
you, Lord. It’s amazing. This morning we had a beautiful service, both of them.

At the 9:00 I spoke about the same subject but used Rom. 9. The sermon went a little long, so I dropped it in
the 11. I’d like to show it to you tonight. Rom 9, I want to say the same and go on with it a little
bit more what we want to say tonight. York, PA is in the house. Would you stand up if you are
from the boonies? Thank you for coming.

First time guests we want to treat you really well and then the reality comes later! We want to treat you very well and say thank God you are here. We want to build you up in your faith. There is a gift card. Turn to Rom. 9 with me. This is a very good text. Vs. 30-33 but I just changed my mind. Jn 8,

I’ll share with you from my heart something that touched me yesterday when I was reading the gospel of John. Did you ever say I feel like I’ll read the gospel of John or Mark. Has that ever happened to you? You start reading
and the Spirit is ministering to you. This happened to me with the gospel of John. I read to John
8 and then went back to chapter 1.

I want to share with you a couple thoughts about it. We could look at Jn 1. Look at the word “know.” If you want to read this on your own later this week. Who are you? Look at chapter 1 in vs. 5. Darkness did not know the light. Did not know. Vs. 10. The world knew him not. Didn’t know. Isn’t that shocking. We don’t know God. Christ
comes and we don’t know him. John the Baptist comes, and we don’t know him. Vs. 21-22.
Who sent you? Who are you? They don’t know who he is. This is touching.

Through the gospel of John, you see Jesus coming and I’m touched by the fact he is in the world and we don’t know
him. I’m touched by that. He’s in this world and it’s a terrible thing when someone doesn’t
know you. You don’t know me. Even if you tried to find out who I am, you can’t find out. This is
the Son of God, but they don’t know him. Jn. 1:31 32-33. Knew him not. Then in chapter 2 he
goes to the wedding and his mother knows him but not really. She says do everything he says. I
don’t really know him but do everything he says.

Let’s see what will happen if we do every he says. Nicodemus came at night in Jn 3. I know you are a teacher from God. Nobody could do the things you do unless God is with you. Nicodemus, unless you are born again, you can’t see the kingdom. I can add to that. You can’t see me or know me but if you’re born again, – Jn. 4, the
woman at the well, come and meet the man who told me all the things I have ever done. Who are you, a prophet? I know the Messiah is coming. Jesus said I am he.

Then skip to Jn 8 and read this text. Vs. 14. It’s touching to think of the courage Jesus had and the alienation and distance between him and people. I know where I came from. You don’t know. I know where I’m going.
You don’t know. Here I am talking to you. In one way, I shouldn’t be talking to you. You are
idiots. You don’t know anything, but I love you.

My Father loves you. But I love you. I’m here with you and if you seek me you can find me. If you are willing to believe. Are you hungry and thirsty? You will be filled. If you are humble before the living God, you will know. Vs. 15. You judge me by the sandals I wear, the people I hang out with, by the flesh and by things I say. You
don’t understand. You are quick to judge me. You have an opinion about me, but you don’t
know what you’re doing. vs. 16. The Father sent me.

Thank you Father. He sent him. Vs. 18. We have taught about the Father and Son and Holy Spirit on a boat. They are in fellowship and communion and they love each other. The Father and Son are loving each other, and the Spirit
is the love and the person between. The Spirit is saying – these are my words – I go into the
whole universe to draw people. You are love. By the way, if you have one God like in many
religions there is one God but not three persons.

You have some natural questions to ask about one God. If he’s a person, is he alone? And the answer is yes. It’s only him. How can I be sure he loves? If he is alone and you say he is love, how do I know that? Who is he loving forever and ever? He has been alone. It’s not very convincing. When God is one in that way. Is he merciful?
If he is, who does he give mercy to? If he’s a God of relationship, why is he relating to. This is
fantastic. Jesus said the Father. When he says Father, it encompasses his whole mind.

The Father. I love the Father. You can’t even imagine how much I love the Father. Eternally,
infinitely the Father and I share the same glory from eternity past. When you see me, you will
see the Father’s heart. He’s a God of relationship. He loves me. He is a God of mercy and he’s a
talking God. He’s a thinking God. He’s a ministering God.

He’s an everywhere present God. He sent the Holy Spirit into the world. In our blindness and lostness, we would find God. We can’t get it. We don’t see it. He goes on and says it this way in vs. 19-23. Nobody has ever said these
words that I know of, vs. 23. No human being could ever say these words. These can’t be said
by any sane person. You are from beneath and I’m from above. You’re from this world and I am
not of this world. We are touching what we are hungry for. We are touching what we want. We
are of this world. We are from beneath. He is from above.

He came because the Father sent him. The Father sent him so we could touch God and know God. You don’t know me. You don’t understand me. You can’t relate to me. Where I came from, you don’t know that. You don’t
know where I’m going and when I leave, you can’t follow me. He’s serious with these people
and they need to hear it. Vs. 24. We could pause there and weep for a moment. You shall die in
your sins. It is true. People die in their sins. They die.

They are from beneath and they go beneath. They die in their sin without Christ and faith in their sins. They die in their sins. Their gravity takes them down and they are lost people. Christ is the courage, the truth, the pluck,
the reality. He is the shining and incredible evidence and testimony. He’s not forcing himself in
some evangelism. It is who he is. He is declaring reality. I am from above and you are from
below and you will die in your sins. Vs. 25-27. They get it all messed up. They can’t get it. They don’t have the Holy Spirit. They can’t get the clarity of it.

There is no authority in it. It’s not changing their life. It’s not resonating in their spirit. They are arrogant people and…. A rabbi from the far woods. They have no respect for him. They have no reality resonating in their
heart, and they will die in their sin. This was my meditation yesterday. It’s in my heart. Vs. 28-
29. Can you imagine that? The Father is so pleased with the Son. He is not alone. When he goes
to sleep at night, the Father is with him.

Angels are coming and going on the Son of Man. He is without sin. He knows what he is doing and saying. He knows the people think he is nuts. He knows that. He knows he could back off and be a normal guy. He has no interest in that. He didn’t come for that. He can’t really be that way because he is without sin. He pleases the
Father. He’s on a mission. He is the anointed of God. He is the word of God incarnate.
Everything about him is the reality of heaven.

When you don’t know him, you can’t speak like this and he lets us get away with our foolishness and live in it. We have this Spirit of God and when we hear that clarity, it builds us up. You can’t find it at the bowling alley. You can’t find it in politics or philosophy or religion. You can’t find that clarity and authority of that person who
resonates in our lives through the Holy Spirit and says to us these things. We are with you. We
are your children. We are with you.

We had a day together, a Sunday in September, fellowship with God, the eternal God and it has a benefit, a blessing, some impact in history. It has a resonating influence. It moves a mountain…. builds us up in our inner man. These things are unique and special. Vs. 29-30. As he said these extraordinary words like from another planet,
another dimension, he spoke them like he does because it’s real and true. He just said it. Many
believed on him. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t have any real huge fireworks going off in
your life, spiritual fireworks. That will happen. Hunker down and be a believer. Follow him and
honor him and you’ll find things will go away.

This morning at 11, I enjoyed it particularly a lot. I talked after with John Clark and I said some things are habit forming and just stop doing that and do this and your life changes. Do as a habit for six-weeks and it grows in you. The wrong bad habit and repeat it and repeat it and that’s what
I become.

Honoring Christ, a learning by habit, revenge disobedience when your obedience is
fulfilled and find this growing in your life. I get in the habit, good habits. P. Tom Smith is here
from Virginia. Awesome family. Thank you for coming from Culpeper. Vs. 31. It will start
growing in you. You’ll start making sometimes exciting decisions. Sometimes it’s dull, tough. Do
it by faith and it may not be easy. I just go.

P. Adam just gave a great message about grace. How much grace is in our life. How God does it. How God does his work. I told that story about my wife. We went to a drug store and we pulled in the parking lot. She said go in. The drug store is open. I said no, it’s closed. She said no, it’s open. No, Lee. It’s closed. Do you want to get in an
argument about it? You picked the wrong guy! I’m meek and humble and obedient! I get out
and go toward the store. I’m thinking it’s closed, and I’ll prove her wrong. The electric eye
opens the door. I feel her eyes. It’s a bad situation for me. It’s humiliating. I learned this long
time ago. Turn around with a lot of confidence.. It’s open! I got it! Thanks! Don’t worry about it.
It’s open!

Vs. 31. The word affects our life practically and in our attitude. How we get up in the
morning. How we think about our future and our past and our friends and about each other.

We hear words …we follow him as a disciple, and we follow his word and become his disciple.
What is a disciple? Someone who is speaking from another. Prisoners can’t talk but tap on the
pipes. Morris Code. The prisoners in the prison.

God is tapping on the pipes and we are hearing what God is saying to us when we live in this world. The message we get is not the message of the world. They don’t talk about eternal life, forgiveness of sin, going to heaven, the living, loving heavenly Father who sent Jesus into the world, but we do. We speak about it. We believe
it and in vs. 32 you shall know. There is that word. The woman at the well knew. You shall know
the truth and the truth shall make you free. Okay. Amen.

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