Understand the bigger context of life as seen in Palm Sunday moments. Learn Word and connect with the invisible world. Promise came that One born of a woman would crush evil. Crowd worshipped Him. Seed of devil sought to destroy Him. Donkey carried Jesus without objection. Creation awaits the true King. We look for this King. (John 12:12-19; Psalm 118:22-24)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Date: 2024-03-24
Sermon# 12688
Time: Sun 11:00am


P. Schaller –

Before the message, in prayer – I’ll pray from here – but before we do, would you pray if you feel free to
do this. You could have a prayer with your neighbor. Whoever you came with maybe to the
church or you’re sitting next to somebody you don’t know. You can have a prayer with them for
a moment. Pray this way that we will be able to listen to this message today. Okay. Have a
prayer with your neighbor.

Praise the Lord! Yes, praise God! Turn with me to Psalm 118. This is the message on the entry of
Christ on the donkey into Jerusalem. There are many parts to our message and one of them is
how important it is to know the Scripture and understand what God is doing. There’s an
invisible world and then the visible world. We would like to know about the invisible world.
How about you? I’d like to know about the world of the Holy Spirit. The world of faith. Heaven.
I’d like to know about heaven. Angels. Promises. Israel. The Messiah.

In this text Psalm 118:22, Anybody know what it’s speaking about? The stone which the builders
refused. When we were in Israel. We looked at the Wailing Wall and down below. In the
centuries earlier, even 2,000 years ago, we went down there by staircase to see the road where
Jesus walked along the wall of the temple. There we saw stones the size of a bus. The size of
this scrim here, 300 tons and more. And these stones were fundamental in building because
everything squared off by that stone. But the stone had to be tested. Christ was this stone
tested by men and discarded. He’s not the Messiah. He’s not the Messiah.

But God has accepted him as the Messiah. And on this stone he has built a house and this is
marvelous. Vs. 23. You know, our eyes – another way of saying it is amazing what men have
rejected, God has accepted. Because God knows the Messiah that he’s without sin. That he’s
perfect. He is humble. He is wise. He is the building, the foundation stone for a temple that God
builds not made with hands but made by God. Which temple we are.

There’s different ways the word is used. One is your body is a temple. And the other way the
Body of Christ made up of many members. Not only the people in this room, but all believers
throughout history. People that have already gone to heaven are members of, living stones in
this temple. And it is amazing in our eyes.

I want to show you some amazing things about the entry of Christ into Jerusalem on the
donkey. We have four parts. One of the people, the crowd, the city, the donkey and then the
king. So, that’s our brief outline, but we have to say some things to bring us up to speed
regarding what we’re talking about.

So, look at vs. 24-25. That is what they cried out when he was riding the donkey. Blessed is the
king, the Messiah, that comes in the name of the Lord. Not everybody was crying that out. Not
everybody was shouting in the streets of Jerusalem, Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord. We don’t know how many. We know that Christ was popular. We know that he had done
a miracle just recently by raising Lazarus from the dead in Bethany, a small village to the east of
Jerusalem. Christ’s popularity was undoubtedly profound. He had done many miracles. They
knew about him. He had been teaching in the temple and he is the one that is being accepted
by the crowd that is waving palm branches.

Like they are so spontaneous and so much under the influence of the Holy Spirit that they immediately recognized and started to worship and wave palm branches and recognize him as the Messiah.
And they said, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. I want to talk about the crowd
that’s waving. The crowd that’s recognizing it, what the event is. If you turn to John 12 where P.
Eugene read in vs. 12. They’re quoting from Psalm 118.

You see, it’s important for you in your mind to have understanding regarding the big context of
life. There is a context for your life and it’s bigger than your 70 years. You’re born on this day.
You will be dying one day in that short period of time. You have a context and the context starts
all the way back in Genesis 3:15 where we have the first prophecy about the Messiah, that the
Messiah would be born of a woman and that the Messiah would crush the head of the serpent.
Now, the serpent is the one that deceived Eve in the Garden. The serpent is what we recognize
as the devil. The serpent in the Garden and the promise that the seed of the woman would
crush his head. If you crush his head, if you crush the head of a serpent, you kill it.

So, there’s a context but until that head is crushed, that serpent has seed. It has seed. Not like
biologically like snakes that are born and snakes are – it’s a spiritual seed. It’s evil. It’s a spirit of
evil that comes into the lives of people and we know in history that there are antichrists. There
are liars, murderers, destroyers on a huge magnitude. Not just a simple guy in a garage
somewhere in a local neighborhood. He could have the seed of the devil but there are, they
may be leaders of millions of people that are the seed of the devil.

But when Christ came, he came to be king and to put everything evil under his feet. In doing
that, he bruises his heel. Meaning the pressure on the head does affect his heal. But it doesn’t
break a bone because it says in the psalms none of his bones are broken. It doesn’t affect his
heart, his vitals. Like he’s alive. He’s overcome the evil. He crushed the serpent’s head when he
died on the cross and he put death and hell under his feet. He is the King. But not king could
crush the head of the serpent.

Actually, sometimes, unfortunately kings are the seed of the serpent. Kings are sometimes. We
pray for our leaders that they would not be evil people. But they might be. But we’re talking
about something the context of our life is from the beginning of the human race all the way
into eternity. At the end of our Scriptures, we see a new heaven and a new earth, a new
Heavenly Jerusalem. We see a king. The King of Kings. And we see a perfect world. Not only that but everything wrong that’s made right. We see evil removed from the world. We see the
authority of this incredible plan.

Now, I want to say something about this book. If you can learn it, it’ll help you relate to reality.
You relate to God’s world by faith and you’re connected with an invisible world. If your world is
only the visible world, it’s very limited. It’s only your life. It’s only your visible world. You’re very
limited cuz the key to life is more than what I can see. It’s how I think and how I think in the
context of what is revealed, what is being taught here, what is being said, what are we
believing. We are believing in God. Believing in God is the beginning – fearing God is the
beginning of wisdom.

Wisdom is having the right proportions in life. I want to explain that for a minute. What do I
mean? Insane people use that word. And people insane don’t have the right proportions in life.
Unimportant things are important and the important things they don’t get it. They don’t see it.
I read an illustration about that from a preacher. He said, you know, he had a sick tree in his

The tree was diseased and he was thinking how to help it and how to keep the tree
alive. And what to do about it. But then, he had a sick child in the house and he realized very
simply – it may be silly for you to think, but it might help you understand – insanity is when I
lose my grasp of reality. And that the tree would be more important than my child. Insanity is
when I cannot – reality is escaping me and I maybe even invent. I think in terms of things that
aren’t true. Things that don’t matter. Things that are not valuable. Things that are not

And the point of God in your life is that he doesn’t want you to be messed up in those things.
He wants you to hit the right target. And he said it in many ways in the Gospels. Like seek first
the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these other things will be taken care of for
you in Matthew 6. Make sure your eye is not evil. If your eye is evil, your whole body will be filled
with darkness. Meaning like don’t see the wrong thing or the thing out of proportion but get it
right. And God helps us. And by the way, when the crowd was taking, when the donkey was
coming in and they put their coats and their cloaks down on the ground, and on the donkey
before Jesus got on it, and they are doing this and they are getting it right. They’re way ahead.
They’re right there with God in what God is doing.

I would like to be like with that group and I know you are. And we are hopefully, but you follow
what I mean ’cause I think it’s a dynamic thing in life that we are somehow walking in the Spirit.
God is renewing our mind and we’re saying, no. Wait a minute. The tree is important to me. I
love that tree. I don’t want it to die. But I got something bigger, something more important. I
got to bring my child to the hospital where I got to take care of him. I got to put money into
helping. I need help for my child. My child is so important to me.

So, how do I get the right, proportions in life? Follow Jesus. Jesus knows. Jesus knows. Another
one would be somebody’s money might be more important than people. What’s more
important? Like people that have needs. Poor people. People that are in trouble. People that
are looking for help. People that need faith. People that need the Gospel. People that need to
know that Jesus is real. But we could be very much occupied with things out of proportion with
what God is thinking and what God is saying to us.

So, this story about the donkey going into Jerusalem with the king riding on him that some
people are getting it and they are understanding this is God. This is the seed of David. This is the
One that’s going to crush the serpent. This is the real King. This is the answer for life. This is the
One that I worship.

Now, so we have the first point is the crowd and the Spirit anointing them. I believe that they
didn’t know exactly what they were doing. And it’s written there. Let’s put it up on the screen,
12:16. They didn’t know exactly what was happening.

But it says in Zechariah 9. Let’s put that up there please. Where is it? Verse 6? Sorry about that. I
have a little senior moment maybe! Zechariah. 9:9. Thank you. Thank you. Now, how could, how
could you be in that group? How does it happen that you are with him and the Spirit is moving
and he’s coming, riding into the city to fulfill the messianic promise. Not only of Genesis 3:15
but 2 Samuel 7:28 the king, David was told his seed would sit on a throne forever.

Now if you’re a human being, you know that kings don’t last forever. How can a man sit on a
throne forever unless he is God? I once asked some orthodox Jews on the airplane coming from
Europe, I had a talk. I said can I sit next to you? They were young guys and they were sweet
guys. And we were talking. They were kind of cautious but we had a nice talk and I said what
about, tell me about the Messiah? Who is he and so on. And we talked a little bit and I said, I
have one question. Is the Messiah God? And they were like and they look at each other and
they’re whispering back and forth. And you know, they don’t want to get tricked I think by, you
know. I’m not making fun of it. I’m just saying it’s a very good question.

But it’s so clear in the Scripture. A son is given, a child is born and his name shall be called
Counselor, right? Mighty God, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace. He is God and Messiah.
How could David, how could David say to his son, the Lord said unto my Lord sit thou at my
right hand? How could Yahweh say to Adonai sit at my right hand unless the seed of David is
God. He is. And they stumbled at this stumbling stone.

So, we have the first group is the crowd and I like to think that you and I are in that crowd. I
want you and I to be in the crowd recognizing him as Messiah. I want you to know the Spirit of
God in you. I really want you to have experience with God. That’s very important in your life. I
want you to sense the life of God, the peace of God, the joy of God, the love of God in your heart. That’s very important. I want you to be waving palm branches and going nuts and saying,

Hallelujah! Hosanna to God! Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord, right? I want
that. I want you to have that in your life. If you don’t have it, wait upon God and get it. God
gives it to you. You believe him and walk by faith in him and it will happen in your life. It will.
It’ll happen in your life.

You’ll know Jesus and Jesus – you just say we don’t know exactly what is going on here. The
disciples said that. It says that. They didn’t know exactly what it meant and what was going on,
but later after the resurrection, after he had a glorified body, they remembered it. That’s 12:19.
Is it up there? 12:16. Okay.

Next point. The city. The city of Jerusalem. The people in charge. The Pharisees. Religious
institutions. The priesthood. The Levitical priesthood. The blood sacrifice of the Passover. This
city. They’re going along their way. They’re on their route of religious action and behavior and
the city is filled with people. Pilgrims that came up for the Passover. They don’t get it. They
don’t know what’s going on and even to the point where some leaders had decided on this
event because of this and the raising of Lazarus from the dead, the whole world is going after
Christ. And they have to kill him. That’s in chapter 12:19.

There is the spirit and the seed of the devil that wants to destroy him. The contest is starting to
emerge. There is the world there. The city. We can call it the city of Jerusalem and the religious
order and the pride, the activity, the knowledge and actually the traditions that are in Orthodox
Judaism. The traditions. And they are precious. I’m not saying anything about it, but I want to
bring your attention to something.

When the city has a temple and they have a priesthood and they have blood sacrifices; when
Jesus goes into the city and he sees it, what do you think he’s thinking? What is Christ thinking?
He could think this way. You see that temple? It’s not enough for the whole world. It’s not
enough for the Koreans and the Russians and the Indians and the Africans and the Latinos.
That temple, that building is not enough. I am. I am the temple. I am. I am the actually I am the
one. That all is built on me. I am the rock or the cornerstone that God has ordained. And upon
me, there is a temple that is built, made up of people throughout all time. And I am. I am the
answer. It sounds very proud or arrogant but it isn’t. It’s just the truth. Christ is the temple.

He’s now, he’s standing in the temple. Then, he looks at the blood of the sacrifice. What does
he think? That blood of the sacrifice. That blood of animals is not enough. It’s not enough to
save a soul. It has to be my blood. I am the answer. Then, he looks at a priest over there to the
left. He’s in the temple and he’s looking around. ‘Cause it says it in the Scripture. He went in and
he looked around. What did he see? He saw a religion that in effect is dead. But he is there as
the fulfillment of it. He is the priest that is going to go – where is he going to go?

Where is Christ going to go as a priest? Into heaven itself. How does he go there? He goes there with his
own blood. What is he building? A temple that has no end. He will sit on a throne that will have
no end. He is the answer.

For all that Judaism presented and all that it is in itself, it was not enough for the world. ‘Cause it
was only a model for us to follow to understand the deeper reality that is invisible. Where the
blood of Christ is not visible to us today. It is invisible but the effect of it is real. The kingship of
Christ is not visible today but his authority is real in our life. And he’s an intercessor and a priest
for us. The city didn’t know this. The city didn’t know and he wept over the city in Luke 19:41.
And he understood that these people don’t get it. Out of proportion.

They’re out of proportion that they’re saying – you know, this is like we do it in our own religion. We might say burning a
candle is very important. And God will say give me your heart. Walk by faith and trust me.
We might say you know my good works in this way is critically important for me to go to
heaven. And God say you never go to heaven by good works. You need the blood of Jesus to
justify you and save you and give to you the Holy Spirit is what we need in our life. And
salvation by grace and understanding grace. That’s the key. That’s the right – there’s
proportions there that we think to. We think about and relate to. Okay.

Third one. The donkey. You know, animals don’t like you to get on top of them. Did you know
that? When I was a little boy, I got on top of a dog. He didn’t like it. How about get on top of
like any kind of animal. Like animals are like get off of me. Get off of me. Horses included.
Donkeys included.

And by the way, when Jesus got on that donkey, it says in the Scripture that donkey had never
been ridden before. And I want to act that out a little bit. When they put Jesus on that donkey,
the donkey goes, I’m with you. Game one. Let’s go. It would be so easy, get off me. Everybody’s
on me. Nobody’s going to get on me. Get of me.

No, he didn’t because the kingdom of God – I said it. Now, listen. It’s invisible but it’s very
practical. It’s invisible but that doesn’t mean it is meaningless. It’s meaningful. Christ has
authority over that donkey and otherwise he would throw him off or put up a fuss or kick and
whatever they do. Hee haw! Whatever. I don’t know.

But they are not like – animals don’t like it but you know the authority of Christ in your life is a
real thing that he can give you. Peace. The authority of Christ in your life. It has an effect on
you. That you would worry at night but you don’t anymore. God, the authority of Christ, he is
the King of Kings that knows where you’re living. Knows what you need. Is able to overcome
every instinct, every bit of anxiety, everything that we fear.

Christ is this Holy Spirit power is a very real thing and when that, when they’re coming and the
donkey is going like, I mean, I like to think that the animal kingdom recognizes. And there are
historical stories about Francis of Assisi talking to the birds and the birds coming and landing on
his arms and I like to think of animals and how much they are afraid of us.

George Whitfield said something like animals are afraid of us because they know that we are
against their master. Their master is God. And we are an enemy of God. And they don’t trust us.
You know, I like to play around with that idea. I think that the natural world that we live in is a
real thing that God has the authority over. That he sends angels to deliver us. He helps us with
an anointed life. We have peace when other people are in trouble and despair and are afraid.
We have some relationship with the world that we live in where we are ministers of Christ. We
help. Ministers of Christ. We diffuse problems. We love. We learn to edify and help and even
the animals may recognize that. That’s what the donkey means to me, to us today.

Fourth and lastly, the king. No King like this one. There’s nobody like him who’s humble. Who is
God. One hundred percent God and one hundred percent man. The seed of the woman. The
seed of David who has this authority and is recognized by God the Father as the King, the crown
of his creation. The crown of all things that have ever existed. The highest, most noble.

The greatest thing that could have ever happened was that he was offered up for us so that we
would be God’s children. And that God would continually give us favor. Never fail us. Never
leave us. Always know us and always care for us. How low could Christ be as a king. So weak
and so low, but that’s the one we’re looking for.

That’s the one that we discern and recognize to be the one that will reign and rule over the
whole universe in the future and in that context the beginning all the way to the coming of
Christ. We know that when he comes back, one writer said he will come back in the air with the
saints and it’ll take time as he passes in the atmosphere, maybe circling around. Every eye will
see him. The world will recognize because the world will come near to destruction.

But in his coming back, he will save the human race from total annihilation and every eye will
see him, even those that pierced him. And this all sounds too fantastic but it isn’t. It isn’t for
me. I mean I’m learning to enjoy it. Appreciate it. Recognize it and also anticipate it because in
my heart, I want a king.

Do you know a lot of people in our society, like kings aren’t in. Like kings aren’t – we don’t want
to have kings like Europeans can have kings. And Asia can have kings. But we don’t. We’re
Americans. We don’t want a king. But then, when have them. They’re called celebrities,
professors, athletes. We want people to be big, powerful, important. They are billionaires.
Americans have kings. We are made for honoring somebody. Somebody better than us.

Somebody bigger than us. Somebody richer than us. Somebody smarter than us. We’re kind of
made – we like to see who is that? Who is that?

I don’t think many of you have those in your life, because you got the greatest King and you’re
happy with him. You got somebody that’s worth worshipping. Amen. We got somebody who
didn’t just talk about it, but he did it. We got somebody who came into this miserable world
and looked at it all right in the face and said I will take you on. He crushed the serpent’s head.
He rose from the dead. He hung out for forty days teaching and bringing to their minds
everything that is written in here about the Messiah. And there are hundreds and hundreds of
them if not even thousands of things that relate to the Messiah.

And he said I’m going to go and you guys are in charge. I am with you. Lo, I am with you always
even unto the end of the world. Command. Teach them everything I have commanded you.
And preach the Gospel to everyone and I am with you in it all.

Do you feel that? This is a good question. Do you ever feel this that you’re on the right side of
things. Like the whole city is against this thing but we’re not. Do you ever feel that in your spirit
and in your heart you got it right? The Lord got it right for you. Actually, this is true that he is
the Christ. He is the Messiah. Do you ever feel – I hope you do.

And if you don’t yet, keep on and keep on. You will feel it. It will come stronger and stronger to
you cuz God wants you to know. And then afterwards, you might recall it in your mind and go,
yeah. Hey. Remember I was on the right side of things in that thing. Remember that? I went to
the church and this is what happened. I went. I did a mission and that was amazing. Or I said, I
called up somebody and said please forgive me. And I was on the right side of things in that
thing. And I found Jesus in my heart alive and I found that this is the kingdom of God is on the
earth and amongst us today. Beautiful. Amen.

Pray that that will happen this week in the play [someone raised their hand for salvation]. All
through the week and for the altar call. And they’re urging of people. Urging people to believe.
Believe and trust in Jesus. Walk by faith in him and pray to him. He will answer you. Thank you
Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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