When the presence of God comes in, the lies have to fall down. Lies are only powerful when we believe them. Agree with the throne of grace about who you are in Him. Boast in the Lord and don’t feed the monster of pride and deception. Step on the liars and their high places. (Psalm 68:1-2; Deuteronomy 33:29; 1 Samuel 5:1-5)

Let God Arise, Step on the Lies

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon  11770
11:00 AM on 10/20/2019

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P. Schaller –

Morning. Thank you for the prayers of the church for our pastor’s retreat. We just returned yesterday, last
night. Two days together as pastors. Maybe 100 GG pastors and we met and had prayer and
fellowship. I’d like to ask those visiting pastors that were there to come up on the stage just for
a minute. We got P. Chuck Brookey from Clearwater, Florida. Pastor Fyers from Miami. Ron
DeLouis from Pittsburgh.

P. Barry, you want to come? Baltimore, too. Come on up. We had a
great time. P. Doug Pearson and Bethany are here. Do you want to come up for a second, both
of you. We are sending them to Cambodia on the mission field. How many are going to be with
them in prayer? This is a big thing they are going to Cambodia. You tell us how we can think and
pray for you and when you are going. To these gentlemen, you got a minute or two to say something, okay? I trust ya. The Lord will, really, take the service. Thank you.

P. Doug –

My wife Bethany and I in a couple weeks we will be going to Cambodia. P. Ryan Raina
is there waiting for us and his team in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. They’ve started a
church coming from Thailand and being raised up as disciples in the Bangkok church under P.
Walsh. A lot of disciples going from Thailand to Cambodia.

They started a new GG church in
Cambodia. My wife and I want to go and be team members and help them out. It’s a great
opportunity to reach a lot of people who don’t know who Jesus is. Pray for us as we head out
there and also pray for these men too.

P. Schaller –

Would you pray with me for this couple going to Cambodia? Turn to your neighbor
and say, what do you know about Cambodia? Where is Cambodia? South east Asia. Is it next to
Vietnam? Yes, next to Vietnam. This couple is going to live there. They have lived in India for
ten years and then Cambodia a short time and then in Vietnam. They lived there to work and
minister the gospel.

God has put it on their heart to join that team. It’s a great decision, a huge
thing. This team will be blessed by this couple. It’s going to be very good. We need their picture
on our refrigerator. Amen! When you go to your refrigerator, you need to look at them and
pray for them. You guys will make that happen. Who wants a magnet picture? We don’t want
any small stuff. We don’t want a photocopy.

Do whatever you can! We want a big poster in our living room! Let’s really, really pray for them. This is Doug and Bethany Pearson

prayer: Father these are your servants bless them, order their footsteps. When they open their mouths fill them with your words. Help people in Cambodia with the gospel to be changed, healed, encouraged, wise, bless. Bless pastor Ryan, Reina and his work. Amen.

We’re giving these men an opportunity to say a few things about the pastor’s retreat. Go for it guys. Come on. We’re with you.

P. Ken Fyers – (Miami)

We had pastors from all over. One thing that we learned here is what we
are going through in Miami they are going through in Massachusetts. It seems we are all
experiencing the same things. This is why we appreciate your prayers so much. We learned so
many things. One of the greatest things I’m going to take away from this time was to flee,
follow, and to fight. There was a war in heaven and that war came down to the church. We are
in warfare. This is why we need the prayers of you people because – and we know when you are
praying for us. We thank you so much.

P. Chuck Brookey (Clearwater, FLA) –

we just had a great time at the pastor’s conference. There
was really great messages being preached. The depth of the word and really the love of the
Body there and the love of all the pastors there. It was a demonstration of Christ. It was Christ
being manifest. It really was. All the unity of all the believers, all the pastors from all over. It was
such a great time. It was awesome.

P. Barry Quirk –

visiting from Belair! Thank you! It’s really awesome to go and see the years of
labor in the room. I think you could go there with some preconceived idea of what it will be like,
yet your capacity is expanded again and again. P. Schaller spoke a little about how we are
commissioned to be healers of the soul.

How we do that and point people to the word and
prayer and the person of Jesus Christ.. We don’t go there trying to learn methodology like at a business
conference and try to correct all those things, but we are refreshed in what it means to draw
people to Jesus Christ and as a result of being in the presence of Christ, our lives produce fruit. It was
just an awesome manifestation of that and getting to see guys like this guy, P. Ron DeLouis who
has been doing it for a season. To be edified together and to see the faith he has, and other
men like him. It’s really an awesome blessing.

P. Ron DeLouis –

Thank you for the introduction, P. Barry! You go through things as pastors. Like
to look at me you wouldn’t know I’m 37 years old. Why do you laugh!? It wears on you
sometimes. These times of getting together with one purpose, to focus and see God. To touch
God and to enjoy him in every single portion that is there. The wisdom that was in that room
because of experience.

A lot of guys have been on the field for a long time. I was also thinking
about something. It just left me! How they could be doing a lot of other things. They are
tending these flocks. They have gifts and talents and at the same time all the details of life like
any other man has. Dealing with paying the bills and not feeling so great. Pastors, leaders,
fellow believers, let’s pray for one another.

Paul said pray for me. Pray that I may open my
mouth and speak boldly as I ought to speak. If there was something you could pray for me, that
would be it. Pray for me that I would know the mind of God and speak the mind of God. That
we wouldn’t be weary in well-doing knowing we shall reap if we faint not. We appreciate your
prayers and are so grateful for this ministry and P. Schaller and all the Body here. Thank you.

P Schaller – Wow! What beautiful offering that was with P. Hadley. What a good word that was.
Wasn’t that good. That was great, and pastor’s testimonies. Curing souls. Good subject. Curing
Souls. I’m going to act out a mood and an attitude and act that out. I’m not an actor but I’ll give
it a try. That will be part of the message and the text is Psalm 68:1-19.

There is a principle we want to explain to you. Christ is real in this world and wants your life and mine to be changed. That’s a very good question. Does God want your life changed? And in what way? What does that look
like for God to become real or be real in my life. Isn’t that good. Would you stand with me for a
minute? You’re a great audience. Have a good attitude. I’m a Spirit filled person. What did you
say, P. Hadley? When I look at my neighbor I say it’s nice to see me. It’s nice to see me. Have a good attitude. Praise the Lord. Stir up your neighbor and say it’s good to see you.

God bless you. Hold it! God is going to give us a good message. Huh? Okay. While you are standing let’s
read the first verse of Psalm. 68. Let’s say it together. Let God arise. Let’s say it dramatically. Let
God arise! What will happen when God arises? His enemies be scattered, vs. 1-2. Read verse 2
with me. Go like this, get the smoke away. Someone smoking next to you. Get the smoke away.
That’s the enemies getting away from God’s presence.

That’s the enemy being scattered. Let God arise and his enemies be scattered. In your life sometimes the enemies are there in your life and they stick to you. They stick to you. The enemy sticks to you. Now comes the acting
part. I’m a little boy. I get in trouble in school. I go to my room. And I pout. What am I thinking?
I’m a little boy. Let’s say sixth grade. I got in trouble in school. What are some sentences I say to
myself? You’ve been there.

You know the story. What are some of the things I say to myself.
What? Why was I the only one that got in trouble? I know Johnny and Jimmy did the same
thing. How about, nobody loves me. Why did this happen to me? Nobody understands me. I
don’t want to see anybody. Hey, Eddie. Come out and play. Ever met adults that live in their
emotion? They internalize, and their identity is based on these moods and these emotions and

It happens to believers. We also are good at denying reality and sometimes the little
boy. Hey, Ed, you got to go see the principal tomorrow. I’m sick. My stomach hurts me. How
about you? When something truthful comes your way, you don’t want to face it. It happens to
us. Here’s some examples. It’s a short list. You’ll be fine by the end of the message. It may be
tough. How a mother excuses her son on drugs.

She says he’s a good boy, and so on. Of course
every mother loves her son but maybe she loves her son in her emotion and somehow hiding
from reality. I don’t want to face the problem. Alcoholics do it all the time. They are known for
it. They deny they have a problem. I’m not an alcoholic. Yes, you are. No, I’m not and don’t talk
to me like that. What did the verse say we read in the beginning? Let God arise. Let God arise. I
want to say something.

Sometimes in your life you are not promoting God. Your emotion and
your circumstances are usurping God’s place. They are taking priority. It’s not God. But you say
you can interview this young kid or adult. Interview him and he’ll say I believe in God. That’s
over there. Right now you don’t understand me. You don’t know what I’m facing. You don’t
know what I’m feeling.

You don’t know what I’m going through. Another one: A father justifies
the rebellious behavior of a son. A wife excuses her abusive husband. The horrors of
prostitution and the sex slave industry are justified with me feeding or women feeding the
industry and saying it’s natural or normal. These are lies in the lives of people. Wow. Let God
arise. Let God arise and his enemies be scattered.

This is what this chair is meaning. I’ll tell you about it in a second. Deuteronomy. 33. I hope I’m hitting the target. Pray for me and this church. We are growing and moving and believing and seeing God. We heard it from the pastors this morning. We’re feeling it and believing it. We are saying to each other and learning what it is that God
does with his people. He really wants us to grow up. He wants us to move from there to a place
where I say God, I may not like it but go ahead.

I know if you arise, of course he is on the throne. We are saying in my life I want to agree with the throne. I want God to have his rightful place in my life. I want to face the music or relate to truth. Deuteronomy 33:29 thy enemies shall be found liars unto thee. Your enemies will be found liars unto thee. Before reading the next part, I want
you to work on that a little bit. My enemies will be found liars unto thee. Like, this little boy in
his bedroom in a way, in a way he’s living in a lie.

Why doesn’t anybody love me? You are loved more than you can imagine but you don’t feel it see it or know it. You feel you are mistreated. You feel like you have lost. But it’s not true. But you feel that way. Remember the movie the
Wizard of Oz many years ago. Wizard of Oz, if you know the movie. There is a scene in there
when they get to the big city, Oz, there is a big room with a whole big screen, and this is the
powerful wizard of Oz.

And there is a little dog in the story and goes and pulls the curtain back. There is a little paranoid, schizophrenic man running the machine. He says through the big machine, pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The dog pulls the curtain back. It wasn’t what you thought. It was a lie. It wasn’t what you thought. It was a lie. By the way, in the communist world they outlawed that movie because they believed Hollywood made the movie
portraying them, the communist empire.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. We are controlling the masses by fear and by lies. We are in the western world but it’s the same thing. There are lies to you and I. God promised the Jewish people, if you trust in me, you will find our enemies are liars. You will tread on their high places. Vs. 29, Let God arise and what will
happen? Let his enemies be scattered. Where did they go? They’re gone. Let me tell you a few
lies. Do you want to hear them.

Napoleon Bonaparte was Chinese. What kind of power is there in that lie? It’s a joke. It’s a joke because you all know he was French. If you didn’t know, I could lie to you and believe a lie. You could live your life saying Napoleon was Chinese. It doesn’t matter if he was French or Chinese in one way, but I’m trying to say something to you. Lies are only powerful when you believe them. And when you find they are not true; they lose their
authority. That’s the whole meaning of our Bible.

Our whole meaning of the H.S. being our teacher is because he will show us truth. The whole meaning of the Holy Spirit sent into the world is that God would arise. Not little Eddie’s – you know – funk that he’s in. Eddie’s
miserable attitude or rebellious heart or understanding about life. The little boy has to grow up
and so do we. The promises when you find out that some of these addiction you have are just
persistent lies. You can’t live without it.

Yes, I can. Let God arise and my enemies will be scattered. I will tread upon his high places. I don’t know if I’m going to break this and you’re all nervous about it, but you’ll get over it. (He’s kneeling on the chair). I walk on the high places of the liar. The lies are – the enemy was living here. He was telling me, but I found God and when I
found God and followed God, I found that the lies that were controlling my life are no longer in
charge. I walk on their high places.

I find myself in a spiritual freedom. I find myself free from myself. My things. I find myself growing up. I find myself being able to initiate. I find myself being able to live in freedom. I can minister to this young man. Ed don’t worry about it. Come and follow me. What? What? He comes and he’s with you and you are having a good time. Ed,
this is what life is about. God will help you, Eddie. God will lead you. Let God arise. Ed, let me
teach you about God. When Jesus said about life.

Jesus is the primary example of a man coming into our world and showing us the lies and leading us into something greater than ourselves. We find praise and thanksgiving. We are still human beings, but we are different. Lastly, 1 Samuel. 5. One story that is beautiful when God shows up, what happens? That’s a good word. It’s not
going to be a long sermon. Just a good punchy one to take home with us. What are you going to
take home from the living room that God gave us, the mess hall that we are feeding in today.

I came to church to get a piece of meat. Halleluiah! We are babes and need the milk
of the word of God. Halleluiah! My Old Testament is just as good as my New Testament.
Halleluiah! I got the Body of Christ and the Spirit of God sent into the world so that we may not
live as immature Christians hiding from things. Like my son has a problem – he doesn’t, thank
God. Let’s have a moment of silence for that!

But my son has an addiction and can’t get out of it. I got to face it. I believe God is the answer for my problem. I’m not going to hide from my problem. I’m going to face them. We can face them because of God. Here’s the story. 1 Samuel 5:1, oops! The Philistines took the ark of God. Not a good idea! Because when you bring God
anywhere, look out. Something is going to happen. When you put God in the presence of a lie,
look out!

Okay. Vs. 1. This is in the Philistine territory. The Philistines were enemies. They were
pagans and idolaters. They had a god that was – you know the mermaid in our history? The
mermaid is half fish and half woman. Dagon the god was half fish and half man. And he was a
god of the Philistines who were seafaring people. They lived on the Mediterranean Sea. They
got the ark of God and brought it into the temple of Dagon. Vs. 2.

Oops! Halleluiah, halleluiah, halleluiah, halleluiah, halleluiah that’s what you folks are doing. That’s what you and I are doing when we show up by faith and step into the presence of God in our walk of faith. That’s what
life is about. That’s it. That’s amazing. Vs. 3. Fallen on his what? He’s half fish and half man and
he didn’t fall backwards on his head. He fell on his face before God. On his what? On his face.
Humiliation. You’re nothing. You’re a lie. You’re nothing. People worship you so you can catch
fish. If we worship Dagon, the god of the sea, we will catch fish.

God is saying, really? Let me
show you who your god is. They come into the temple. Hey, why didn’t you secure the god? He
fell over. Maintenance guys, what are you doing? The god fell over. You better help him and put
him back up. Lord said go ahead. I’ll see you tomorrow morning. Vs. 4. This is the next day. The
head of Dagon. You get the idea. Boast in the Lord. We boast in the Lord, Psalm. 44. Why do you
and I set the lie back up and we say no, God.

No, no. This is little Eddie. He has real issues in his
feelings and experience and everything. God is saying don’t feed the monster. Don’t believe the
lie. Don’t believe that bad habit, that addiction. If you are a thief but in the presence of God,
you are not a thief. The presence of God he will say to you, you are not a thief. I have set you
free and your enemies are liars.

I am your glory and the lifter of your head. You are made in the
image of my son Jesus Christ. I am with you. Many times people say no you can’t believe. We
say let God arise. Let God arise. Quote the Scripture. Prayerfully believe it. Let God arise. I used
to be the, I was a pastor in Budapest, Hungary some years ago and we had 4 or 500 people in
our Wed. night meeting. God was moving.

These people had had an atheistic, communistic background and also there were Catholic as well and some Protestants, too. A lot of lies in life. The way I was brought up, what I learned under communism, the pain of my family life. A lot of lies. Addictions and different problems people have. When God arises and people are
courageous enough to face it and are able to say to God, I believe you. I don’t know what is going on, but I believe you. The H.S. does this work. He does. And this thing is down.

They couldn’t put it back up because the head was cut off and also the palms of his hands. He had no
feet because he’s fish. You know what it says in the Scripture? Those Philistines did not go back
into that temple again. They didn’t cross the threshold. It was superstitious, magical, mystical.
Something they didn’t understand. They realized the ark of the covenant. They sent it down
there to Gaza strip.

When the ark went down there into Philistine territory, the people got sick.
They got emerolds. And they suffered. You can read it in that chapter. They got sick. God is
saying to the Philistines, send me back home to Israel. Send me back to Israel to the people. I’m
the answer for those people and they know who I am because God has sent me. God has sent
me. In a similar way, the world cannot receive God, but you can.

You can receive God. The world doesn’t want God. He just causes trouble. When you know God, you walk on your high places. Oh, God. I love God. He set me free. Wait a minute. God is the answer. Let God arise and
his enemies be scattered. Wait a minute. The Jewish people, we are afraid of them, Josh 5:1-2.
Why? Cause we don’t know. They came out of Egypt. We don’t know how they came out the
Red Sea. They are dangerous.

They come into the Promised Land. The walls of Jericho fall down
when they walk around it and blow a trumpet. What happened? Let God arise and his enemies
be scattered. That’s all. I’m so glad you came out to church today. That’s the end. Pray with me.
During the prayer, I remembered what I wanted to say about being in Hungary. I said there
were a lot of lies.

We had a congregation meeting and then a rap session with about 150
people. I asked them how many have been delivered from smoking cigarettes. I never preached
about it. 33 hands went up. How did that happen? They said God took it away. I couldn’t do it. I
tried many times. When God arises, your unbelief also goes like the smoke is gone. Honestly.
You have a new identity in him.

When God arises, he shows you and it’s real. The month of
November is a beautiful time in your life of faith. Don’t be careless about what we are saying
today because God has a plan for you and your life and it’s for real. We’ll be going into the
Thanksgiving season. We have a beautiful program planned and then the Christmas season.

God has something for you personally to help you, lead you and you’ll be changing as
you grow and make these decisions in your heart before God which we will be speaking about
more. Take the hand of the person next to you and say may God bless you this week. May I pray
for you this week. How can I pray for you this week? Okay.


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