There’s no greater thing than for a human being to know how to stand still and see God make a way for us. He opened the sea for the children of Israel and closed the waters over the Egyptians. Be real with Him in your prayers and let Him lead you. He shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace. (Exodus 14:10-18)

Let God Swallow the Psychic Enemies


Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11780
7:00 PM on 11/6/2019

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P. Schaller –

Praise God. Praise the Lord! Monday night I returned from Budapest…. P. Gary Groenewald and I
traveled. Thank you for your love and prayers. Today is a day of prayer and fasting for Greater
Grace worldwide. Did you pray today? You didn’t fast today. The day is not over. Seriously,
prayer affects people and it’s real and God uses us, and we are people of prayer and faith. Let’s
take a few minutes. What could we pray for?

Let’s say Las Vegas is a beautiful group of believers. Let’s pray God doubles the size of the congregation. Let’s pray someone in Las Vegas is physically healed of some sickness. What else could we pray for? Chicago, P. Wheatley. Miami, Ken Fyers. Europe. United States. A whole spirit of revival. Just say one or two tonight. I was on the
phone with P. Matti this morning. He told me about one of our sisters in the Lord who passed
away in a car accident in Azerbaijan. I was sorry to hear it. A friend of mine in Finland passed
away. And I heard P. Guy Duff passed yesterday.

He was in this church for decades and serving in the missions office. We were talking how we are getting to that age where this is part of our, you know! He was saying his aunt or mother the first place she would turn to in the newspapers was the obituary. That’s the news she was interested in. For us, passing into eternity is an
honor, an upgrade. It’s business class. Economy class to business class! From an airplane to the
moon. I returned Monday night and last night, Tuesday night, my wife and I got a call from my
daughter who was crossing the street on York Road and was hit by a car.

The paramedics came and an ambulance. I was riding in the back of the ambulance with her. She’s okay. She got banged up a little. Praise God this is good news. You never know what a day will bring forth. That’s the
end of the message. It’s Proverbs. 28:1, you don’t know what a day will bring forth. Exodus. 14:10, that’s
a good thing to do when in trouble. There are two parts to this text. Vs. 10 -18. In this piece of
history, we see the Jews very frightened and troubled. They are being pursued by a powerful
army. They have no way to defend themselves.

When that happens to you, you have a lot of internal language going on. This message is simple but maybe helpful. My prayer is that it is. You live in the house representing a natural life and a spiritual life. The spiritual life upstairs you can’t see it. I hear it but can’t see it. It’s normal in every situation of life that the immediate
reaction of life is natural. Pharaoh’s army is coming after us. We are scared. You have the
eternal. The army is there and the internal there is something I have done wrong. I am afraid,
guilty. God is punishing me. I’m going to die. I can’t see it any other way. Moses, did you lead us
out here to die because there are not enough cemeteries or graves in Egypt?

Their internal thinking is dominating their world. Our internal thinking – why did this happen to me? I know
why. I’m not a good Christian. I know why. There is something in my life. I know why. This is and
on and on. Vs. 11. I’ve said those things before. How about you? I know why this bad thing is
happening to me. I know why Egypt is after us. They are going to kill us and wipe us out. I know
why this is happening. I know why we ran out of money.

I know why I was in a car accident. I know why my girlfriend left me for another guy. I know why I got a divorce. I know why my kids are acting up and misbehaving. We are filled with this sense of guilt and being wrong. I need
help because God is not saying those thing to me. I need help to hear and understand that God
is my glory and the lifter of my head. God is my shield and my help in time of need. I need help
to hear and understand that God did not make me to crush me.

He made me to love me and show me his grace and nature and his will and his love and his salvation. Vs. 11b. Why Moses have you led us into this trouble? Why have you done it? Sometimes we say it to the leader.
Why have you done this? We also say it to the church. Greater Grace, why have you done this?
First Baptist Church of Orlando, Florida, why have you done this? Use another church name.
Bible, why have you done this?

Church fathers, why have you done this? Ultimately God, why have you done this? This self-talk is the strongest you hear, and it is strong. It’s against God. It’s against faith. it’s against myself. It’s against what God is doing. Notice something. We all know the story. God is doing something with these Jewish people. They didn’t know that. They didn’t know this. Vs. 12. That’s their gospel. These people all of us have our own gospel. Do you know
what it is? Serve the Egyptians.

Didn’t we tell you Moses it would be better if you left us alone and we could stay in Egypt and serve the Egyptians? Leave me alone. I’m depressed. I’m not going anywhere. This is how we live in our family. In our family we are alcoholics, or we gamble. Leave me alone. These are me and my friends. This is our gospel, our world. Don’t meddle. I want to be a simple guy from upstate New York. I want to live and die in my hometown. I’m a
sinner and that’s the way it is. Leave me alone.

Have you ever heard it? Vs. 13. What? Stand still, don’t fear and I want to put it this way. I know all the noise going on in your brain. Listen to me. Moses isn’t out of the woods himself. He got questions and doubts but he’s in faith. Be still and don’t fear. There is something going on here that is huge. You’re going to see the salvation
of God. Stop it and be quiet. God is going to tell you. Even if you don’t believe. Be still and you’ll
see the salvation of God. They have no idea.

There is the Red Sea, the Egyptian army, and there is fear inside. I got this constant reference to my old life. I wish we would have gone back and been normal regular people. Moses is saying, No. You are not made for this. You are made to get out of here and see God. Psalm 68, even Sinai is moved at the presence of God. In a few
minutes, the Red Sea will be moved at the presence of God. Even our flesh is moved by the
presence of God. If you can believe me even in the craziness of life. I know when I was riding in
that ambulance last night with my daughter and her hand is shaking and she’s traumatized by
what happens.

I was saying I know what this is. This is an ambulance. These are real people.
This is flesh and blood. I can see it. Thank you God. Your work is amazing. Your nature is perfect.
Your grace is sufficient. Your promises are sure. Everything works together for good. You are
present with us in this situation. Ever present help in every time of need. Psalm. 3, there be many
that say there is no help for him in God. Elohim is the common word for God. The people of the
world say there is no help for him in God.

It’s like a general word. David said but the Lord is my strength and he uses the word Yahweh. They say God in a general way, and we say Yahweh in covenant way. That’s the name of God as the God of our covenant. Do you know the difference? People talk about God. God can’t do this. They said Jesus trusted in God. It’s that
general word. I don’t remember the word, but the idea is oh he trusted in God. Let God save
him. It’s this common idea. God. Then Jesus is teaching us as he is dying, that’s what I want to
say tonight. It takes some effort to hear the truth.

It takes some effort in our hearts to bow before him and say there be many that say no help for me in God. You are my glory, my shield, the lifter of my head. You will guide me all the days of my life and if I make my bed in hell,
you’re there. Psalm. 139. If we look at it one way the first floor is like Psalm. 79 and this floor is like Psalm.68. If you want to do an extra Bible study at the end of the message. Let’s go to the text and
finish here. Exodus. 14:14, could you memorize that verse. Let’s say it three times. Stand still. Hold
it. Stand still.

The Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace. (3 times). Lord, I can’t
pay my mortgage. Go get a job. The Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace.
People don’t love me anymore. Learn to invest in them, forgive them. Be friendly. One guy in
this church left after 30 years and said I don’t have any connection with anyone. After 30 years,
you don’t have any connection with anyone in a church like this.

That’s weird. That can’t happen. Moses says stand still. Quiet down and hold your peace. The Lord will do it. I’m not
making fun of anyone. I’m making fun of ourselves and our sin nature. I don’t care about that
culture or upbringing. God is the one you need, and he will show you the upper floor of the
house and have a bigger life. People are held back into stupid ways of thinking that are not
healthy for any of us. Vs. 15. What does that mean in English? Why are you whining? Why are
you praying to me? Get moving.

What’s your problem. Our Father who art in heaven. The Lord is saying, if you can’t be real with me in your prayers, if you can’t be real with me in life, if you cannot hear and follow me in what I am doing, I don’t care about your religious posture. I care about you moving out of Egypt so get going. God is saying stop crying unto me. Vs. 15. Get
moving. I remember when we lived in Sweden, we would have little meetings. We drank coffee,
Swedish coffee. We like the coffee. We would sit around and talk about how to reach Sweden
with the gospel.

Read our Bible and have some prayer and talk more about it. Then God is
saying, move along guys. It’s not going to happen by your talking about it and reading your
Bible and saying your prayers and drinking your coffee. Get moving. Practice what you are
talking about. Go out on the streets and reach Sweden. Go forward. Vs. 16. We’d be in Sweden,
yeah want another cup of coffee? It was fun and we did a lot. It was great. I’m kind of telling
you how we are as people.

All of us are prone to interpret life without this faith. All of us can be
lazy. Not disciplined, not hearing, not focused, not moving in what God is doing. Find out what
God is doing and get in it and get moving in it and do his will and we will see it. Lift up your rod.
Vs. 16-17. Egyptians, the Jews are going into the Red Sea and the Egyptians are saying they
should have stopped. This is a trap. Is the water going to stay like this for a long time? Ah,
Pharaoh raises his hand and the chariots stop.

Hold it! All perish in that water if we go. No, they were happy about it. They were seduced. They were drawn. They were running after the Jews and they were destroyed. I want all my psychic enemies to be gobbled up by God. All my psychic, upstate New York, my flesh, sins, condemnation to all be swallowed up by the voice of
God. I want God to speak clearly to me. All my enemies, I can say to them take a hike. Get lost
in the lake. Long walk on a short pier. It’s over. I don’t believe in you, follow you or embrace
you. I’m listening to another message.

That’s the gospel of Christ and the victory of the word of God over my flesh. If that happens, there will be worship. No greater thing than have human beings stuck in the mud to become worshipers of Almighty God. David wrote Psalm 3. Thousands are encamped around me. I will sleep. He gives his beloved sleep. A conspiracy is taking over his kingdom and he’s out in the wilderness sleeping like a baby. Ahithophel is plotting to destroy
David but he had another voice. Sometimes it’s tough to hear it. Sometimes I wonder if it’s true.
Other times it’s crystal clear. Sinai is moved at the presence of God. He sent the rain in Ps 68:8-9.

Send is like the water is windy, raining on the Jews in the wilderness. It’s blowing horizontally
this way and that way and he’s covering the Jews with water. He’s saying showers of blessing.
These are my people. When we make progress in Christ, we are showered with his truth, the
blessings of God. Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me, bless his holy name. You
have redeemed us out of the hand of our enemy. You heal us of all of our diseases. Amen. Let’s
finish vs. 18.

There is another message I want to share with you sometimes. It’s about Eli and
his sons. Something in that story that Eli couldn’t correct his sons. I was thinking about that how
hard it is for the people we love to deal with in our family. Moms and dads dealing with kids
and with each other in the Body. How hard it is to live in truth in that measure. Even king David
had that problem with Absalom. Jesus doesn’t have that problem. He doesn’t have the psychic
noise of guilt or fear in his mind.

I think that’s it. Clear and simple. Amen. When you wake up in
the morning, what are you going to say? I feel lousy. I am tired. That’s reality. Okay, why don’t
you step into faith. How about step into faith. Let God be true. God quickens my body. How
about all things work together for good. God so loved the word that he gave his only begotten
Son. When you start hearing from God, the Red Sea will open up. Your life will change. Be
careful how you speak to yourself and others. Change it. It’s mystical. Praise the Lord. Did you
get anything out of that message? Okay. I want you to say yes.


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