The lies about the Resurrection goes on. It was paid for and perpetuated to this day. Jesus came and endured shame and bullying really. He went to the Cross to rescue us from shame. His empty tomb speaks of the life He lived. The devil stirs the lies because he knows the victory God accomplished. (Matthew 27:63-28:15; Galatians 6:14)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor John Love
Sermon 12070
11:00 AM on 4/4/2021

P. Schaller –

Let’s turn in our Bibles to Matthew. 27. Good morning. We are so glad to have you and the visitors here today. Easter.
Easter. I have a very short introduction thought for you to meditate on in the beginning. Matthew. 27. I
want you to think about one of the elements in our world is lying. Lying. Telling a lie.
Propaganda. Information. Misinformation that happens. It’s part of life. This is a great story
about the resurrection of Christ and also lying. So Matthew 27 gives us the context. The Jews were
concerned that the disciples would steal the body of Jesus. vs. 63. They have it in their mind.
Did they hear Jesus say after three days I will be raised from the dead. Did they understand
that? Yes, they said that to Pilate. This deceiver has said after three days he will rise again. Did
they say that? That’s what we just read. They were afraid that might happen. They were afraid
that might happen. Did Jesus said he would rise three days after. Did they hear him? Did they
understand that was his teaching? Yes, they said that to Pilate. Is that clear?

They said to Pilate that they were concerned so put a guard at the tomb. vs. 64. What are they thinking? Under no
circumstances can his body disappear. We have to make this tomb sure. We are afraid that this
deceiver that somehow it might happen. It cannot happen. If it happens, it’s worse case
scenario, worse situation than we have now, so that cannot happen. Pilate said, vs. 65-66. The
seal was a cord that went from one side of the tomb to the other with a Roman seal saying this
is Roman property. Hands off. Don’t touch it. You cannot break the seal. There’s no way and
then they had soldiers guarding. What happens? On the third day, this is Sunday. The Jewish
day starts at night. So a Sabbath day starts Friday night, runs into Saturday and ends on
sundown on Saturday. We are in Sunday. The Sunday day started at night so we are twelve
hours into the day. Sunday is the third day and we are twelve hours into it when the sun comes
up. Some time in that time there was an earthquake.

An angel came and rolled the stone away and sat on the stone. The guards go comatose. The guards are in shock. Did they witness a miraculous event? They did. Where did the body go? The body was gone. The tomb was empty.
The soldiers saw this. How do we know this? Matthew. 28:1-6, He is not here. He is risen. What did
the soldiers see? Did they see a stone rolled away? Did they see an angel? I mean there’s an
event happened. When they go and tell the Jews this, it doesn’t change their mind. They paid
money and they said tell the people that the disciples came and stole the body. Where’s that?
Matthew. 28:11. What do you think the watch – I’m sorry. I don’t want to go too fast here but I don’t
want to be too long. I want to get to the point. What do you think the soldiers said to the chief
priest? I think they would say, we have the seal. We were guarding.

There was an earthquake. The stone rolled away. An angel was there. We went unconscious. When we woke up the tomb was empty. We’re saying this is incredible. The stone rolled away and an angel sat on the stone.
Do you think they said that to the priests? What are they going to tell the priests? If they didn’t
say that, what are they going to say? It says it in vs. 11. What was done? The stone was rolled
away. There was an earthquake. The stone was rolled away. What are they going to say? Are
they going to say the disciples came and stole the body? No, because that’s not what
happened. What happened? The stone was rolled away. An angel said, he is risen. He’s gone.
The tomb is empty. What happened? The Jews should have said something like this: Oh, my
God! Forgive us. He is the Messiah! He said he would be raised from the dead. Oh my God!
What have we done? Shouldn’t the Jews have said that? Do you think so? I mean, come on.
What happened? What happened? But you know, if you believe, if you start with your narrative
this way, and you just are convinced it has to go this way, this man is not our Messiah and this
is now bad case scenario.

Now what do the liars do? They continue to lie. They’re not humble. They’re not broken. They’re not repentant. They continue to lie. And look at what they do. vs. 12. Oh, money! What’s money got to do with the truth? What’s money got to do with the truth? Come on! Talk back to me. What’s money got to do with the truth? They gave large money so
the soldiers would lie. Why do they lie? Because I’m a liar. Because this man Jesus is not the
Messiah. He’s not the Messiah. He’s not going to be the Messiah. He’s not the Messiah. And
they stole his body. No, they didn’t steal the body. An angel came down. There was an
earthquake. Rolled the stone away and the tomb is empty. You know the stone wasn’t there to
keep Jesus in. The stone was rolled away so that we could go in and see that it’s empty. He
was gone. Maybe he walked through the stone. Nothing could overcome him. But when you are
a liar, you might just keep lying and shelling out money and covering up your story and you’re
not facing Christ and God and truth. That’s what happened here. They just pulled out the checkbook.

We’re going to give you big money. And this is what you are going to say. vs. 13.
Guards cannot sleep on duty. And the Jewish leaders say if it comes to the governor’s ears, we
will cover for you but just say that you slept. They didn’t sleep. They did not sleep. They are
Roman soldiers guarding a tomb. They are not sleeping. It was a miracle. The tomb was empty.
That’s for sure. That man didn’t do it. God did it. God did it. But if you are not humble enough to
believe it, then the lie that you started with is a lie you may perpetuate and propagate with your
money and you buy your way and you lie and you pay for your lies with your money. What a
story. Do you think that is happening today? Do you think people are paying money to cover
up? Do you think that governments pay money to buy votes and cover up iniquity and cheat and
lie? Do you think that we as people can do that? Yes, we can. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Be humble
and admit the fault and say I have sinned and I have failed and I am wrong. And the thing stops
now. It stops now. I face reality.

I face God. I admit it. I confess it and that’s where it stops. But here’s the story. It doesn’t stop. The lie goes on and on. Justin said it at Federal Hill this morning at the sunrise service. He said even in the time of the Apostle John who died in 96 A.D., the lie was still in Jerusalem that the disciples stole the body. And the lie is told in 33 A.D. And 60
years later, the lie is still being told and it’s still being told today that the disciples stole the body.
That’s the world we are living in. There are lies – the devil is the father of lies and money is a
part of the thing and covering up and lying and that’s not the way we roll. We have to face truth,
accept it and benefit from it. Be saved by his grace and find a real living relationship. vs. 14-15.
Lies. Lies. Lies. The world is filled with them. The theory of evolution I believe with all my heart
is a lie. I believe there are many lies in this world, in the scientific – quote unquote – the scientific
world is not a perfect world. It can also be a world of lies. Historically, it has happened.
Governments use it. Much happens in this world that comes through money and lying. But our
Christ, God has given us an empty tomb as a testimony of his reality and when he overcame
death, so did you.

When Christ overcame the grave, so did you. And when Christ was raised
from the dead, so were we. And we have the Holy Spirit as our teacher. He is the Spirit of truth
and he will guide you into all truth. Amen. Thank you so much. How did Jesus get to where he is
today? He was highly honored by his Father because he went to such a low place in his life not
as a sinner but in his suffering and his obedience he was very humble. In Philippians 2:7, “form” there
meaning not in external form but in actual reality he was a servant. We will see that in a little bit.
This is God who made the universe and holds it together, is a humble servant and endured this
shame and judgment for us. vs. 8. Not just any death but the death of the cross. We could say a
shameful, torturous death. Last weeks, I have been reading the Gospel chapters and taking my
time and thinking of his death and his suffering before dying but on the cross, before that and in
Gethsemane. It’s touched my heart thinking about what he did and what the Bible is saying
regarding that. vs. 9. Do you have a hard time thinking about Christ coming the second time and
establishing his kingdom here on the earth?

Do you sometimes imagine what will it be like when he comes in the clouds, when he comes on a horse, when he comes with an army of saints, when he has spiritual power coming out of his mouth and he puts evil away and establishes a manifestation of the kingdom on the earth? Do you have a hard time thinking about it and
processing it? I do. But I’m growing in it and it’s becoming a very much a part of my worldview. I
actually believe that’s going to happen. In 2 Thessalonians 2, Revelation 19 we see it described in certain
detail. But now we do not yet see him that way but he is at the right hand of the Father and has
sent the Holy Spirit into us. Have you seen that? Do you know what it means to have the Holy
Spirit in you and be filled with the Spirit, be anointed by the Spirit? Are you seeing and
understanding what God is doing in history, has been doing and what he’s doing today in
Baltimore City in you, with you, through you in the assembly as we gather and are learning. One
of the things the Spirit does is enlightens our eyes, Psalm 119:130. Gives us deeper
understanding (Ephesians 1:18-19) and that is incredibly important in the days we are living in
because this is an age of deception. Matthew 24 teaches that.

This is a world of false teaching, false leaders, false messiahs, false prophets, movements, doctrines of men, doctrines of demons (1 Timothy 4:1), strange teachings, strong deception in many levels in the secular world when a little
girl says I’m a boy and everybody embraces that idea. That’s ridiculous, non-common sensical
yet being embraced by our leaders. It’s an age of deception. But you are not deceived. This is
important. You are not to be deceived. You are to be Spirit filled and you are to live by every
Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God in Mt. 4:4. And so by our learning, quietly, patiently,
studying, a workman that are studying that are not to be ashamed (2 Timothy 2:15). We are students of the Word with concentration and worship in faith obedience. A man that hears my
words and does them is like a man that builds his house on a rock. And when the storms come,
it is not destroyed. Isn’t it good your life is not to be destroyed? Maybe let’s park there for a
second. Your life is not to be destroyed. Would you turn to your neighbor and tell them that?
Your life is not to be destroyed. No. It is not to be destroyed. No. No.

That cannot happen. No. Now our lesson. Matthew 27:27. There’s one more verse. I forgot to preface that one with Gal. 6:14 and then we’ll get going on our message here. I have a glory stick over here. It’s nothing more
than a 2 X 4. I put it down there this morning. I wonder if you can all see it if I put it here? Okay.
This is a measuring stick for glory. Maybe I will. If it goes down, it represents something. Jesus
took up the cross and there is something about the glory. When man glories or boasts or has
honor, confidence, he glories or he has an identity based on some kind of honor. We look for
honor in different ways. Maybe my pedigree, my family is well known. Or my degrees at the
university or school. The honor I look for. I glory in many things. As Americans we are good at
that. We glory in maybe what part of town we live in. Maybe what job we have. Maybe who we
know. Have you ever been with people and they drop names? I was with the man who walked
on the moon the other day. Yes, I do know him.

We look for those things in our circle of influence and people and we have these kinds of ways of talking because we are looking for some kind of honor. We need it. We need it. But Paul said and he had a lot of reason to glory.
He actually used sometimes his suffering as a way of glorying in 2 Corinthians 11. He had a great list.
He said I write as a fool, but who has suffered like me? I’ve been shipwrecked. I’ve been stoned.
I’ve been buffeted. I am a Jew. I’ve had stripes above measure. I’ve been shipwrecked. I’ve
been floating in the sea for a day and a night. I mean at a party, with Paul in the center, he could
tell stories that would make your head spin. He could say yeah, I floated in the ocean. Yeah, I’ve
been shipwrecked. I’ve been arrested. Yeah. I’m not small potatoes here at this party. Me. I’m
the Apostle Paul, right? This is how people are. Let me share with you what I want to say today.
When Jesus came, he went to the other end of the stick. What is at the other end but shame.
Shame. It’s written here in Matthew 27:27. this is where they could play around with him. They could
fool around with Jesus. Kick him around.

Have a fun time like sharks circling a raft in the ocean, like kids getting around a disabled child in the public school and the kids can smell and feel. They can destroy a kid. They can be mean. They’re strong and the child is weak. That’s like the world we live in. The cross means shame to the natural man. But Paul said I used to glory in
myself. I was of the tribe of Benjamin. I had a pedigree. I was a Pharisee. I was blameless
concerning the law. I was respected by my peers. I was at the top of my game. But when I found
Christ, I counted it nothing because I found something else. I found him. I found his message. I
needed it. By the way, we do need the shame in life. We do need to get beat up and be
embarrassed and be guilty and be ashamed. Do you know we are not good at shame. I don’t
know that we are. I heard someone say that. They said Americans are very good at success
and efficiency and image and being polished or professional and having it together, but they are
not good at shame. I took that sentence and I’m thinking about it with you today.

Jesus showed us something and remember he’s God. And he is saying, follow me and I’ll show you something.
Life is not to be superficial. It’s to be deep. Life is not to have a nice car and stand around the
car and the car is your identity. That’s what you got in life. You got a nice car. That’s all you got.
Take your car away and you’re an empty person. Give you a car and you got something to glory
in. Or your clothes or a job or your family or whatever it might be. And these are good things.
They are not necessarily bad things but they can steal away from me something deeper and
more important and that’s the Holy Spirit anointing, the depth of understanding, the fellowship
with God, and the ability to keep my life together because I’ve given my life to God and God has
given me this power, blessing, Spirit. So let’s see what happened to Jesus as he goes to the
other end of the stick there. They gathered a band of soldiers in the common hall and I think
psychologically this would shake us to the core when we are now going to be a victim of abuse.
I’m waiting for the phone to be answered! [phone ringing in the background]. So they gather in
the hall and then there is a band of soldiers.

This may have been 300 men. Maybe. We don’t know. I haven’t been able to really define the number but it’s a lot of them. It’s their common hall and he’s thrown in there like bait. They stripped him in vs. 28. They stripped him. This is God. The scarlet robe is like an officer’s robe. The scarlet was like an identification clue for the officer
and they could grab one of those or an officer may loan it to them as they were playing a game
with Jesus and making him important though it’s all a mockery. They don’t believe he is important at all. They’re playing around with him. They enjoy it. It’s fun. It’s like in a bar outside a
bar in a parking lot and a bunch of guys are there half drunk and they take a guy, a victim, and
they start throwing him around and hitting him and making fun of him. But this is of a higher
degree. This is maximum ridicule. They strip him naked. They put the scarlet robe on him. vs.
29. Here comes, he’s the king. Ha, ha, ha! Big joke. Give him a crown of thorns. I always think
of the piercing of Jesus. His hands pierced. His feet pierced.

Like my hands need to be judged. My feet judged and my mind judged by God and then finally my heart is pierced with the spear at the time when they checked to see if he was really dead. He is pierced like all of us should be
because of our sin. vs. 29-30. In Jewish teaching, the spit makes you unclean, by the way. To
spit on a person is major offense. They do it and took the reed and smote him on the head.
Another gospel says they blindfolded him and then punched him and then said, prophesy unto
us. Who punched you? All of this he is like a lamb going to the slaughter. I see in this story
shame. That means a lot to us. Because in many religions, God is like at the top part of the
stick. God is mighty, powerful, glorious. God is great. God is strong. Like in Islam. God is great
and strong and a sword will convert pagans with bloodshed and strength and muscles. You
know when men go to prison sometimes they turn to Islam because in Islam, you can be strong.
It’s like a gang thing. You become part of a gang and you become a Muslim because it’s about

And you are weight lifting and you’re strong and you’re righteous. You’re righteous,
you know. You’re righteous and you’re strong. But this story is at the other end of the stick. It’s
shame. It’s why? Because that’s where we really are. This is an empty glory. It’s fading in our
life. The beauty turns to old age. Your check isn’t enough. What people say about you is empty.
Your life is more hollow than you could ever imagine and God is coming into this world to go
where we really are. We really are there because we have sinned. Because we’ve lost God.
Because we’re afraid. We’re embarrassed. We’re ashamed. We’re hurting. We have lost. We lost
the Garden. We lost sheep. We lost a coin. We lost a son. We lost a friend. We lost our hair. We
lost our teeth. Our health we’ve lost. Every day we’re losing. We’re losing. We’re losing. And our
God has to come where we really are and say I am here. I will take the hit. I will take the hit. I’ll
be everything that you are in the worst case. I’ll go there. I will be there. They will abuse me.
They will spit on me. They will beat me. They will forsake.

They will kill me. They will pierce me. Because I am so strong I can be so weak. I can go so low because actually I am so high. I am so awesome that I can do anything except sin and be like you. I cannot be a sinner but I can be
a righteous man suffering on your behalf and I will overcome death. And they will bury me but I
will come out of the tomb. When I am raised, you are raised with me. I give you a glory that is
not of this world. I give you a kingdom not of this world. It’s not about money or image or
prestige or what people say. It’s what I say. What I say about you. You are my child. I will never
leave you and never forsake you. I give you the Holy Spirit so you will understand more about
life. By the way, some come only on Easter to church, and I’m so glad you come. But I also
would like to give you a word of encouragement. You don’t realize how much you need a diet of
the Word. You need a spiritual diet of what God says in his Word. It will help you. It will help you
in life. It says it will help me from sinning, Psalm 119:9-11.

The Word is life. Holding forth the Word of life. Make it a habit of your life. Make it part of your life. It’s two hours. The service is an hour and fifteen minutes. Come. Be here. Some of us like it so much we are here all day. And
you are welcome too. Actually, there are hours in the afternoon we are not here but you can be
on the deck out there! I’m trying to say something more than our schedule. I want to say He
loves you. He loves you. Did I tell you I lived in Hungary? I don’t remember. Did I say that in this
service? In the 9:00 service. I used to live in Budapest, Hungary as a missionary and we had a
lot of people coming to Christ. We had rap session after service with 150 people in the center of
the city of Budapest. I asked that group one night, how many of you are smokers. Smoking
cigarettes is a bigger thing in Europe than here. Eastern Europe especially. You’re smoking
cigarettes all your life. How many of you have stopped? And 33 hands went up. I said how did
you do that? How could you stop smoking? How could that happen?

Jesus did it. That’s what they said. How does my life change? How can I love my wife even when we come to the end
after 7 years of marriage. The average period of time is like seven years and then you hit a wall
or it comes to an end and there’s no love there anymore. How can my life, how can I love my
wife? How can it keep going on and so on? Paul said I don’t glory in anything except the cross
of Christ because this is the power of God. This is what gets me through. This is what fills me.
When I think about it and I follow him and trust him, and the Father exalts and honors us in our faith. We find a new life. You say, not my life. You don’t know me. I understand but we know him
and what he did and he’s saying come unto me. Everybody. Come unto me. Learn of me. Learn
of me. I am meek and lowly. I’m not a muscle bound God. I am like unbelievably. But I am a
humble God that sits with you in your sorrow. I’ll be on the raft with you when the sharks are
circling. I’ll be with you in the common hall. I’ll empower you. I’ll help you. I will forgive you. I will
empower you. I will speak to you. I justify you. I’ve already done all of these things. I’ve got a
short list here.

Justified us in the book of Romans. Sanctified us in Corinthians. Gave us
freedom in the book of Galatians. Oneness with Christ in Ephesians. Joy in Christ in Philippians.
Fullness in Christ in Colossians. And in Thessalonians, glorification in Christ. All of this is ours.
Learn of me. Learn of me. And yeah, thank God for your car or your job or those things that you
kind of feel good about. Enjoy them. But when they are gone, you are there. You have
something the world cannot give you and the world cannot take away from you. I got something
that the world can’t give and the world can’t take it away [song]. Hey! I got something that the
world can’t give, and it keeps me day by day. Ohhh! It makes me sing and it makes me shout –
hey! I got something that the world can’t give and the world can’t take it away! Amen. Come
back for part 2. Alright. Pray with me, please.


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