We have life in a dead world that knows nothing of what it worships. Christ can only be comprehended by the Spirit. We need living waters drawn out by Him. John 17:2-6; John 1:10-12; Acts 17:20

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12306
11:00 AM on 5/22/2022

P. Schaller –

Let’s turn to one verse in Acts 17. Good morning. Great. Thank you to the brothers that sang just now. And the
one brother with the little guitar. Did you notice it? The little ukulele. Okay. Gary Toft. Thank
you, Gary.
Yesterday in our graduation, Julius quoted in our pre-graduation words that the intellectuals of
the day are looking for what is new, not what is true. So, I got the quote here. It’s from an
Austrian economist. “The intellectuals value the new idea over the true idea.” Read Acts 17. It
sounds like what they said at Mars Hill. Vs. 19. Paul is preaching about the resurrection of the
dead and they want to know more about it. vs. 20-21. In our culture, people are talking about
new things. Some of them we never heard of before that are absurd or crazy. But we are called
to something higher and more noble and that is not what is new but what is true.

Just by way of introduction for today, I’m going to ask you to explain that to your neighbor who
is sitting next to you and do you understand it. The people that are in our world many times
they are looking for what is new rather than what is true. Which is more important? What is
new or what is true? Okay. Go ahead.

Now notice something. There are new things that happen. There are new things but actually
the book of Ecclesiastes says that there isn’t really anything new under the sun. But then Christ
comes into the world and Christ ministers and this is in fact something else. Wednesday night
we said that the woman at the well is something like – the woman is in a frame and the frame is
she has been married five times. The man she lives with is not her husband. She feels alone.
She’s not understood and so on. Then Christ came and reached into her life and gave her a new
life. And she started to live beyond the frame and realized that God is real.

But unfortunately, people that are in the world – and if we say the world, that is our theme this
morning. The world is like this frame. It’s a frame without God, without truth. Without truth in
the sense of absolute truth in the sense of God and his person. The world doesn’t know God.
The world operates without God. The world does not have personal relationship with God but it
seeks for something new. Really when it finds what is new, it’s really the same old. It’s the sin
nature and it’s something misleading. It’s not satisfying.

When Jesus said to the woman at the well if you knew who was talking to you and you asked
me for water, I could give to you and you will never thirst again. The existential question of the
meaning of life is answered by Christ. Once you have him, the question is answered and you are
satisfied. You have found him, the way, the truth, the life. So, in our message this morning we
want to show you from the Scripture that there is a great difference between the frame which
is the world and you as you live here but you’re alive and you have the knowledge of God that
satisfies you. The search is over. You found him. He answered you. You found God and he
satisfies. Amen.

We have an announcement. Right now, in our church, we entered into our graduation period.
Yesterday, we had our high school. This coming Saturday we have our Bible college graduation.
You’re all welcome. The night before on Friday there is a special dinner. You might want to
come. It’s kind of business casual dress. It’s affordable. Registration is online. It’s right here on
campus Friday night. The advertisement for it is on the video screen. Look up at the screen.
Turn to John. 4. Go to John 1 actually. I want you to read very important words here. Are you able
to follow me and listen to the message this morning? Are you able to concentrate and focus on
what is said? If you follow me in the first few minutes, it will carry you through.

Do you remember two years ago we were on the rooftop over here? With our cars honking horns.
Praise the Lord! Windshield wipers would go like this. We were up on the platform, up on the
roof and people were listening. What a joy. We are not of the world. Are we of the world? No,
we are not of the world. How did that happen?

We were of the world but look at John. 1:10, who? Christ. He was in the world. The word
“kosmos.” The word “world” is translated in the Greek. We have four words for world. We have
this word “kosmos” which is commonly used by John. We have 187 times in our New
Testament. Kosmos. It means ordered, arranged, systematically arranged and put in order like
the physical universe, the solar system and all parts. It is in order. The opposite of the word
kosmos in the Greek is the word khaos which is where we have our word chaos. Kosmos is
order and chaos is disorder. In the world, we have an organization without God.

Though when God made the world, it was good and when he made man he said very good. Give
yourself a pat on the back for that! Man! Wow! Look at this! Man was made originally with this
incredible potential but he didn’t get there. He did not get there. He was very good in his design
but because of sin, we lost God. We lost God. We are in the world but without God. The world
was organized without God. Okay. This represents in kind of a simple way just to keep your
attention and to think about it. What comes to your mind is the fact that the world actually
works. It’s our civilization without God. It really works. People buy and sell, get married, babies
are born. There are fisheries and science and universities and all of it that happens. People may
believe in God or not believe in God but it's not important in the world. Yes, believing in God.
Okay. That’s fine but don’t be in connection with the real God, the living God. You can have any
god you want to.

Remember the woman at the well. Jesus said to her, you worship but you don’t know what.
Wow. Vs. 22. A lot of people are worshipping today but they don’t know what they are
worshipping. They don’t know what they are worshipping. It’s just nothing more than just
something from the capability we have to comprehend and think about God. But do we know
God? That’s why the woman at the well was a worshipper but her life was a mess. It was.
There are people that go to the mosque and the church and the synagogue and they do their
various things and the temples and so on but where is God? Read it with me, John. 1:10. Did it

know him? No. Why? Because the man that is here in the world doesn’t have the Spirit of God,
the mind of God. My thoughts are higher than yours. My ways are not your ways God says in Is.
55. Cause a man is intelligent, emotional. He can make decisions. He can live his life without
God. Adam, Adam where are you? God said. Remember? Adam, Adam, where are you? Even
when Satan came before God in Job 1, God said to him where are you coming from? Well, God
is all knowing. He knows the answers to those questions. Adam, where are you? God knows
where he is. He is saying something else. Where are you? I don’t know you. And you don’t know

Therefore, we must be born again. God does his great miracle of salvation. We believe and he
imputes to us his righteousness. Let me show you something. It’s a side point but it’s very
profound. Here's God. Here’s man. Some people believe that God gives to us imparting – we
call it imparted righteousness. Imparted. And it is true. He imparts it to us. My handwriting is
terrible! He gives it to you 10% righteousness. You grow in it. You get more. And if you get good
enough, you finally make it to heaven by imparted righteousness. Denominations teach that.
That’s maybe what you believe or think. But it’s not the gospel. It’s not very fun to think that
way. And it’s not the gospel. The gospel is something else.

The gospel is what is called imputed. Imputed righteousness. It’s when you believe, God gives you 100% righteousness legally. Wow! Legally. You are declared in the mind and heart of God declared to be as righteous as the Son of God the moment you believe. This is called justification in our Bibles in Romans 3 and 4. You are
justified by faith. Romans 5:2. You are standing in his grace. You have status or position.
Automatically you are a child of God. God declared it. Now you are saved. Now being saved,
you are secure and that security is very – it affects you. God loves me. God will not forsake me.
God is not disappointed with me. He’s declared me righteous.

But my life is a mess. Well, get grounded in the Father’s love for you and understand that he
has loved you and accepted you. Now you walk by faith in him cause he’s a good God, a
gracious God, a merciful God. And you’ll experience this growth of imparted righteousness. You
will live from faith to faith. This is the gospel. Wow. That’s amazing. That’s good news. We are
saved now. Let’s walk with him cause he is so good. He is so gracious to us. The world doesn’t
mind if you have religion. Just don’t find the gospel. The world doesn’t mind if you talk about
God or you believe in God. Don’t find the nature of God, the reality of God in your life.
How do we find it? He finds us and he comes into our hearts and we are born of God. John. 1:10,
12, there are four words for the word “power” in our Greek and one of them is legal power.
That’s this one. He has given you the right.

Like when you go to the MVA with your documents for your driver’s license or something, you got the documents. Show me your papers. Or when you travel, do you have your boarding pass with you. We could call this legal power. You have that with God because you receive Christ and he’s given you the legal right, vs. 12. It’s done.
You have it. You have it.

I think of an old man who can hardly write. He’s very old but he has a pen. The lawyer puts the
pen in his hand and he writes his signature and he passes out. I mean he was legally capable of
doing it but so weak. But a transfer happened. There’s power in legal documents. There’s
power in signatures. There is power in this world and it’s not muscular power. It’s legal power.
When God declares you righteous, you are righteous. When you are child of God, you are a
child of God. And when he calls you by name, he puts your name in the book of life. If your
name is in the book, bottom line, we are good to go. That’s the way God rolls. God said I gave
you my Son. Now, I want you to enjoy him and know him. Alright. Let’s go now to John. 4. We
have the woman at the well just to make another subpoint.

Vs. 9. Again, I’m making a big deal about the frame. How come you being a Jew are talking to
me a woman from Samaria? The world frames our life and in that you have the sound of racism.
You have the sound of misogyny, sex/male female preferences and so on. You have a frame
that is in the world and we all live there. But Christ is going to break through. Christ came into
the world to change our lives. But not by men. Not by the sin nature of man. Not by the work of
the world cause the world cannot comprehend him. Very important. The frame cannot
comprehend God. The world we are living in doesn’t understand us.

Rudy, I thought of you this morning. I thought am I going to see Rudy today? Good to see you.
The world doesn’t know. Look at it. follow it with me. Chapter 4:9. Oh really? Yeah. It’s in our
history. The Jews and the Samaritans don’t get along. I lived in four countries and I have seen it
everywhere I go. The Hungarians and the Romanians. It’s a joke with the Fins and the Swedes.
The Fins and the Russians. The Polish and the Ukrainians. The Polish and the Russians. The
Slovaks with the Czechs. The Austrians with the Germans and so on. The Danish and the
Germans. The Danish and the Swedish. It’s the story of the human race. That verse is repeated
everywhere in the world every day. It’s everywhere. It’s in the world.

The world is like saying now in America we are being told this all the time. Okay. I understand it
but is there anything out of the box? Is there anything? What do we really need? We need
something more than just like a human form of social justice. So that is valuable but we are
looking for the woman who needs help. And she doesn’t need the world to be her counselor.
She needs Christ. Vs. 10. Let’s write it down cause it’s too precious to go quickly.
#1. If you knew the gift of God. Do you know what? The world, they don’t know God and they
don’t know the gift of God. They don’t know it. They have weird ideas about God. He’s hard.
He’s a hard taskmaster. Weird ideas about God. Stay away from him. Stay away from the Bible.
Stay away from those Christian people. Stay away from belonging to any of that. Stay away
from there. That’s not – there’s nothing there. But Jesus said to the woman if you knew the gift
of God.

#2. If you knew who I am. If you knew. You would say give me to drink.
#3. You would talk to me. You would say. You would talk. You would talk to me. If you knew.
We get kind of stuck here in this world. We don’t know if there is anything more. Jesus says if
you knew who God was you would talk. You would reach out. You would say give me to drink.
You would say I need help. You would say I’m bored. This world is tiring me out. I’m empty. I’ve
been around the beltway 50,000 times. I’ve eaten lunch 100,000 times. I’ve had pizza 10,000
times. I have washed the dishes. I have gotten my paycheck. I have lived my life. And here I am.
Jesus said if you knew, you would say to me, give me drink. Watch this. Vs. 10. Look at what the
woman says in vs. 11. Let’s write it down.

The woman said nothing to draw. What is she thinking? She’s thinking of the well. He was sitting on it. And she’s thinking he’s talking about that well. But he’s not talking about that well. He’s talking about that well (pointing up). He’s
talking about another well. You can’t see it. she said like in her context, you don’t have anything
to draw with. You can’t bring up anything out of that well. You can’t do it. Jesus is like outside
of that world and he’s saying if you knew, I would give you water out of another well and yes I
have something to draw it with.

My heavenly Father hears me and I can pull from him everything. He’s given everything into my
hands. I am the Christ. He’s given me life. He sent me into this world so I could give eternal life
to you. He sent me into the world so I could redeem you of your sin and atone for your sin and
wash away your sin. He sent me into the world so I could give you the Holy Spirit and you would
be satisfied.

Vs. 11. You know what? #2. Deep. The human heart is very deep. I can’t go there. The world is
so troubled by this whole thing, isn’t it? the world is saying you don’t have anything to draw it
with. The well is very deep. We don’t have any answers for you. You don’t have anywhere to
go. This is the way life is. Christ is telling us exactly the opposite. He is saying oh no. I can draw.
Heaven is deep but I can go there. I can bring out of heaven the depth of God and bring it into
your heart and you’ll never thirst again.

The existential question about the purpose of life is answered in Christ. Believing in Christ and
you are satisfied. I am the way, the truth, and the life. I am the answer for every inquiry. I am
the answer for the hunger you have with your eyes for beautiful and your ears for beautiful. I
am the beautiful. I am fairer than ten thousand. I am altogether lovely. I am the answer for the
inquirer of your heart. I am the one you are searching for and the world cannot give that to you
but I give it to you. I am not of this world.

Okay. Let’s go to the last part. John. 17, you take it and read it all week. Why not read John 17
many times this week for your devotional and take it apart and think about it and what he is
saying here in his prayer. He is the high priest who has gone before the Father. It’s only he and the Father in this prayer before the cross. It’s like the high priest going before God by himself in
the holy of holies in the Old Testament with the blood. He goes before God and the holy of
holies with the blood on behalf of the people. He’s for the people. He’s going before God.
That picture is exalted to degrees beyond our comprehension.

For God himself sent Christ to be the priest that would go before God on our behalf so we would be accepted by God. We are righteous. We are accepted. And we have already this eternal life. When will you get eternal
life? The moment you believe. Do we have it now? Yes. We are living in mortal bodies but we
have actually the very presence of God dwelling in our spirit and we are bought by him. We
have been bought with a price in 1 Cor. 6:20. We are owned by God. I know I could speak a long
time on this. I want to jump around in the chapter.

John. 17:2, we have been elected by God the Father and we have been given to the Son of God as
a gift. The Son of God has received us as a gift from the Father. This is Psalm 2. The Father said to
the Son, ask of me and I will give you the heathen as thy inheritance, Revelation 19. We are the bride
of Christ that is given to Christ in heaven. We are the bride and we are given to him as a gift. It’s
Christ. There’s Adam and Eve. There’s Christ and the Church and we are one. We are called by
his name in Jeremiah 15:16. John. 17:3, sometimes when we say this is life eternal if I finish the verse I
would say, this is life eternal that we would live forever.

But it doesn’t say that. This is life eternal that they might know thee. This is live eternal that we
might know thee. Life eternal is intuition. It is the knowledge of God. It is to know God. This is
life eternal. The nature of eternal life is the union of the Spirit with God so we would know God.
We know God. We have the knowledge of God. We know God.

Remember at the Last Supper, Philip said show us the Father and Jesus said, “have I been with
you so long and you have not know that if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen the Father?” That
means to me that we don’t know that we know God. Sometimes we are very careful in saying if
I know God or not, Hosea 6:2-3. If we continue on, we will know him. John. 7:17, if any man do my
will, he will know the doctrine that it is from my Father. He will know the doctrine is from my
Father. Vs. 3. This is what the world does not know. It doesn’t know the true God and Jesus

One of our brothers was at coffee with a bunch of older guys at Dunkin’s Donut coffee. They
meet Monday morning, Friday morning. They just talk, a bunch of old guys. One of them, the
believer said, do you know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world? One of the other guys
said, no, no. Jesus Christ was a Jew. The brother said to me, he always shut me down. When I
say something, they just shut me down. They don’t know what I’m talking about. They don’t get

I said yes, I understand. This world does not know. Jesus Christ was a Jew. Okay. Do you know?
No. They don’t know. They don’t know. Jesus is praying now and he’s saying, Father, thank you
that they know. What happened to us? Somehow I don’t even know why I did it. I just started
going to the church and then I was just counting the tiles on the roof and the windows and not
paying attention. Suddenly, I started to listen.

As I listened, I started to hear it. I turned in the pages and I got a pencil and started to – I went
home and started to think about it. I would go to bed at night and thinking about Jesus Christ. I
would think about Jesus Christ. I would worship him in my heart. The Holy Spirit started to work
in my heart and I woke up. I came alive.

I wasn’t so much interested in what the world was saying because they are crazy anyway. They
are not satisfying my heart. They are changing all the time. The trends and fashions and ideas
and the wisdom of the world and the spirit of the world is not of God. I did not love the world
anymore. The love of the Father and the love of the world they are different. If any man love
the world, the love of the Father is not in him.

There are people that love the world. They just love the world. This is what they got. This is
what they hold onto. They just love the world. They’re entertained by it. They are promoted by
it. The world gave them a great reputation. Remember the devil said if you worship me, I’ll give
you the world and everything that is in it. You will have it. The world. The Bible says the world
passes away. It passes away. Jesus said to the devil, “it is written.” What is it? You shall not
tempt the Lord thy God or worship any other God but only God. I’ll have no other gods before
me. I am submitted to the Father but if I perish, I perish. This is not interesting to me. If you kill
me, you kill me but this is not interesting to me. Three days later, I will be raised from the dead
and overcome the world. Because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. Cause
we have a kingdom that is established by Christ. Not by what is new but by what is true, what is
righteous, what is wise, what is from our Father, what the Father gave to us by his great grace,
by his name. The name of God. The world doesn’t know it. Wow. Okay.

Go to the next verse there. Jump down to vs. 6. Peter, aren’t you a fisherman? Yeah, I’m a
fishermen. What do you have now? I can go fishing but I have something more. I got the name
of God that’s been revealed to me. I have it in my heart, the name of God. Yeah, but you have
to pay attention to your fishing. I will. That’s fine. That’s a job. It comes and goes. My boat, it
comes and goes. My fish are there and they are not there. I understand what it is to be a
fisherman but my life is more than a fisherman. I have the name of God. That’s important.
We have a job but we have more. We have a calling. We have a place to live but we have more.
Our habitation is God, Psalm 90:1. I have a life but we have something more. Our life is hid with
Christ in God. You cannot figure your life out. Life is more than the calculations of your finances
and the mileage of your car and the payments that you make and the people. That you know.
Your world is more than that. It’s the name.

Look at vs. 6. You gave them me and they have kept thy Word. vs. 7-8. Do you believe I came
from you and that you sent me? This is the preciousness of the doctrines of Christ. The
preciousness, the sacredness of our lives that are embracing this teaching that Christ came
from God that he is God, but he came to show us God. Our hands have handled him. Our ears
have heard him even as in the Greek it brings out our ears have heard him and it’s still ringing in
our ears what he said to us. It’s still resonating in our hearts.

Fifty years ago, I went to Bible school in 1972. I went to Bible school and I can say that things I
learned in Bible school are still resonating in my ears. That’s not about me. That’s about us.
That when God has spoken to us and we begin to live by what he has said. It resonates in our
life and didn’t he say in Luke 10:48-52, didn’t he say Mary has chosen the good thing that will
not be taken from her and that was to sit at his feet and listen to him. It will not be taken from
her. That’s us. The world can’t do it. The world can’t make you into what Jesus Christ makes
you. The world can’t do it. It can destroy us. It can lie to us. It can take away the preciousness of
our faith. It can take away our sacredness. We could even say virginity, innocence. Maybe take
away from us our desires, our motivations, our sincerity. It can make us cranky, sarcastic,
cynical. It can make us caustic and nasty and angry.

We should be aware of that and say I think that God has done such a great thing for us that if I
can walk in what he tells me, believe and embrace what he said, then I will be a partaker of his
name and his nature. He will revive us. He will quicken us. He will help us. He will speak to us.
He will guide us. He will lead us. He will teach us. He will keep us. I believe seven times in this
chapter Jesus prayed to the Father keep them. Keep them. Keep them Father from the evil that
is in the world. I leave them in the world. Look.

Last thing. I pray not for the world. I pray not for the world but I pray for them that you gave
me. Keep them as they are in the world. Keep them from the evil that is in the world. I believe
our local church helps us walk with God. When of our seniors yesterday said thank you to the
church for helping to teach me how to walk with God. Then we went to some barbeques
afterwards. I so much appreciate the hospitality and the generosity of these families. What a
beautiful time it was.

And the same thing this weekend with our Bible college graduation, but I rehearse in my heart
and in my mind how much we need to walk in what we have. Let the world be. The world is
what it is. They are looking for something new instead of what is true. But we aren’t like that.
We’re looking for what is true. We will benefit. We will be satisfied. The well is deep that way.
It’s deep that way. it’s deep that way. If I could have which is deep that way (pointing up) it will
help me a lot from going deep that way (pointing down). Amen.


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