Ahab was an evil king surrounded by 400 lying prophets. They got their lies from the devil, and Ahab wound up dead from an arrow shot in a battle. One man spoke truth, but Ahab did not heed his story, one that came from God. We are heartbroken over what’s happening here and now. But God has His Spirit at work to make us salt and light in the midst of the lies. (1 Kings 22:19-38)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon 11836
7:00 PM on 2/12/2020


P. Schaller –

We are people of faith and we have gathered here tonight by faith and are looking to Jesus Christ our
Messiah and Savior, our King, our God. Wow.

I want to share the word tonight and go right at it for a few minutes and then do the offering and a song. We are not in any hurry. Praise the Lord. I’m happy to be here tonight. Look at your neighbor and say man you look beautiful! I don’t know if it is appropriate for you to say that to your neighbor!  I got to get you occupied with something while I do my homework up here for a minute. We’ll have our service and then we’ll be done, and you can go on your way tonight.

You’ve been in God’s house and our prayer is the Spirit has ministered to you and you have a slice of bread, a spiritual meal. 8:10 or maybe or 8:00 we’ll be done. We’re not in any hurry because we are a Spirit-filled assembly. Psalm 40, God doesn’t care about our sacrifices. Regarding the Messiah, sacrifice and offering you would not
but you dug out my ears. Does anyone have wax in their ears and the doctor cleaned it out?
Jesus had ears that were dug out and he heard, and he became the obedient Messiah, the
sacrificed one that always pleased his Father.

Sunday in the morning message we said – God gave us a great time on the throne ministry of Christ. His gospels but then he ascended and sat and has a throne ministry. In Israel, it was one by one or a thousand people. They say Jesus ministered to maybe 20 or 30,000 people in the gospels. But when he ascended up into Heaven and sat at the Father’s right hand, how many millions and billions of people does he minister to. He sent the
Spirit of God into our hearts who is the same as him.

We are living in troubled times. I don’t want to start my message yet. I have to get you to do something for a minute while I get ready for it. Would you have a prayer with your neighbor or by yourself. Say a fervent prayer. Pray a
righteous prayer. Does anyone watch the news lately? Anybody notice anything in our country
that has changed in the last 20 years? A lot has changed. I have statistics. Researcher and
cultural analyst David Kinneman concludes, “the highest good according to our society is finding
yourself and living by what is right for you.

Even church members reflect this view. We wring our hands about secularism going through the culture. Many church going Christians have embraced corrupt “me- centered” theology. The morality of self-fulfillment is everywhere like the air we breathe. We are told of something or someone stands in the way of my fulfillment,
that obstacle must be removed. That person represents the enemy, the embodiment of evil.
71% of Americans now believe divorce that is morally acceptable.

68% of Americans now believe that sex between an unmarried man and unmarried woman is okay. 63% of Americans now believe that cohabitation, living together outside of marriage, is okay. 63% of Americans
believe it is okay to enjoy sexual thoughts or fantasies about someone other than one’s spouse.
63% of Americans believe that gay and lesbian relationships are okay. 61% of Americans believe
it is fine to have a baby out of wedlock. 69% euthanasia.” I lost the other page. I didn’t get that.
You get the idea.

We are in a moral decline. I think everybody understands and believes that. “Increasing numbers of people live their lives based on the vile dictum you can have your truth and I can have my truth. The pursuit of pleasure seeking continues to escalate at the expense of righteousness. People will continue to manifest little or no concern for immoral living in the face of a future judgment. Heterosexual sin, premarital and extramarital and porn based
fornication continues to escalate. Homosexual sin will continue to escalate, and same sex marriages will continue to spread globally.

There will continue to be relentless murders of the unborn. In the last days, these are difficult times.” I don’t think we need to say much about that. I think we all see it and recognize it in our society. That is not the primary part of my
message, but this is. 1 Kings 22 we have an interesting story about a King named Ahab. He has
murdered a man in 1 Kings 21, an innocent man. He wanted his vineyard. He organized the
murder. His wife Jezebel actually did, and the man was murdered. There was a prophet named

I’m excited about preaching this message because I have spoken about it in the past. I
think it embodies something interesting for us about our world. Our world is a world without
God. John 1:10 we had a good high school class today and we did it Monday night in the Bible
college on John. 17. Jesus said I pray not for the world but for these. Jesus didn’t come to save the
world but came into the world to save people in the world.

This one and that one. He said to the Father yours are mine and mine are yours. I have manifested to them your name. They know your name. They know your character. They know you are righteous they know you are true The world doesn’t know. Mark 15, I read in my study when the soldiers gathered around people it says they gathered a great number of soldiers around Jesus. They were mocking him and bowing down and laughing. I could feel how easy it would be for me to not recognize this is the Christ. He looks foolish, he looks weak and we are strong and
powerful, and we can mock him and make fun of him, ridicule him, and put him down so easily.

The world we live in is a world of trouble and lying and deceit. It’s a world where they call good
evil and evil good. It’s a world like Ahab had. If I needed a vineyard, I could murder the man and
go away and be happy about it. There is a day Ahab has to answer to God. God is in heaven and
talking to Ahab about this court. 1 Kings 22 revealed by Micaiah the prophet. Vs. 19. I hope you can
hear me. I’m going to slow way down. I think it takes a little time for us to get it, for the Holy
Spirit to teach us.

We are in a world that is wrong in many ways. It’s right in some ways but not
in the most important way. It can be right in survival and being good but can’t know God, the
mind of God, the Spirit of God. It doesn’t know God. So, we crucify Christ, mock him, ridicule him
and laugh at him. It doesn’t change. If we could pull back the curtain of heaven and see what God is doing with
Ahab. He got his stuff. Vs. 19. Let’s stop there. Can you read those words? Can you see it? It’s a
staff meeting. Vs.19 is a staff meeting in heaven.

I saw the Lord sitting on his throne and all the host of heaven standing by his right hand and left and he has a whole audience. What is the host of heaven but angels. Maybe also the spirits of just men made perfect. I don’t know. He
had a group of intellect creatures around him and thinking about Ahab. Vs. 20. Let me draw a
picture of Israel. Sea of Galilee, Jordan River, Dead Sea. Where is Ramothgilead? Where is
Samaria? Where is Ahab’s palace? God is saying how can I get this guy to go over here? What
would you answer if you are in God’s staff meeting?

I would say: Wait a minute. You are God. You are powerful and you can bring this man to here. You can bring someone from Baltimore to Philadelphia. God is saying how can I get Ed to go to New York? We would say you are God. You can do that. That’s not hard. The story goes this way in vs. 20. That means they were open to
talk in front of the throne of God. When God has a staff meeting, you can talk in the staff
meeting. That means they are not afraid. They feel they have the liberty and the freedom. In a
way, you can’t be wrong. There is a freedom in the throne of God. There is a freedom before
God, the nature of God, the Spirit of God. That’s beautiful. Do you see what we are saying here?

This world, we could say U.S.A. is in moral trouble. This world has something going on and God
is in heaven and he’s talking about it. What should I do with the United States? What should I
do with? He gets counsel. Why? He loves people. He loves the angels. He loves freedom. He
loves wisdom. He loves righteousness. That’s the way we should operate as an organization, as
an organism. It’s when your sons are not afraid to talk to you. Your daughters are not afraid to
talk to you. Your wife is not afraid to talk to you. You are not afraid to listen to others. You don’t
shut people down.

There is a freedom before the throne of God. Some worm came up in the
picture. Vs. 21. There came forth a spirit. Is that an angelic spirit? What spirit is it? Vs. 22.
Angels do not lie. God does not lie. God does not have fellowship with liars. He hates liars in Psalm
101. He loves righteousness and hates iniquity. How could a lying spirit come before the throne
of God? That’s a good question. Was that meeting in this atmosphere? Was a lying spirit
allowed to go before the throne of God? We have no real definite answer to the question.

We just know God’s ways include using evil tools for his purpose. How can I get Ahab to go over
there? This is before God. God is saying how could I get him to go from A to B? The devil can do
it. The devil can get him to go over there. God is saying, how? I will be a lying spirit in the mouth
of false prophets or the mouth of the prophets. How many? 400 prophets will have a lying spirit
visit them. A lying spirit will be in their mouth. Ahab has 400 prophets telling him to go to
Ramothgilead. What is that all about? That’s called the world.

The world is lying to people every day. The world is misleading people every day. The world is speaking. Let’s change the word “prophets” to radio stations. 400 radio stations. Let’s change it to 400 university professors. 400
university professors are saying things with a lying spirit. He is allowing the world to be
misled by evil. He is allowing demons to influence people in large numbers, even in huge
numbers in different parts of the world if not everywhere in the world. 400 movies.

400 movie producers, 400 movie writers, 400 TV programs. How can I get this man to go from here to
there? I’ll do it. In our country, where is this going and how much decline and how will it be
working. We will say there is a lot of energy in Sodom and Gomorrah. There is a lot of activity in
Sodom and Gomorrah. The story is fascinating because it’s not over yet. Because The Lord is saying if I
can get him there, I have an arrow with his name on it. I will shoot the arrow, but I need the
devil to get him from here to there.

It says he shoots the arrow into the air and that arrow has, my words now, Ahab’s name on it or it’s intended for him. Who did that? God did that. God did that. How did he get there? The devil did that. How? By lying and telling him you will come back as a hero. You go out and your victory is sure; you will return. Ahab also had the benefit of a prophet of God. You know the story. Micaiah. Micaiah was different. He didn’t have a lying spirit. He was like
you and me in this world. Micaiah had a fellowship, a word.

Micaiah said something the 400 radio stations are not saying, and the 400 movies and 400 this and that. They are all saying the same thing. But not us. When Jesus came, he was killed. They hated him. John 17. The world hates
me. No, they hated him. It wasn’t just they didn’t like him, or that he was a little bit awkward socially, no! They hated him. They murdered him. Wow. I don’t know. I’m just concerned about this and I love it. The world has taught all of us. The world teaches us. It’s taught all of us. What does the world teach you? I can do it. I’m good.

Leave everyone alone. Don’t worry about it! You don’t need God. God is everywhere. Whatever you believe. The
world is teaching and teaching but there is a spirit we have, and the Holy Spirit tells us the truth. It’s sometimes incredible when you think about it. That truth hits you in your heart, in your spirit. It has different effects on you. You start to say in your heart you become a worshiper of God. Truth becomes important to you. I want the truth. I know what the world is saying but my big concern in our fellowship is I see sometimes – remember Hang-up-the-phone

You know that story. I see others with a similar struggle. They want to be on fire. If I could
be on fire. Pastor, I just want to be on fire for God. How could that happen? How could I be on
fire for God? I don’t want to wrestle with my temptation, my flesh. I don’t want to fall away
from my faith. I want to find it, know it and experience it. I want the Holy Spirit to make it clear
to me. There are many ways we address the issue.

I remember a 28-year-old man in Lenox loved P. Stevens. This was a long time ago in the 80’s. I met him and was talking to him. He’d drink three months solid. A binge drinker. Totally gone. He’d sobered up and go through
withdrawals, shaking and sweating. Come back to the church. Sit and want God. And he would
do it for some months and go back again and gone for three months. Hard drinking. He died. 28
years old, he died. Alcohol poisoning. Gone. How many have I seen? I’ve seen too many. How
may overdoses have I seen? Too many. How many have been in and out? Too many.

What can we do? I don’t know. We’re here tonight. That’s crazy in the world. You went to church
Wednesday night? You go to church on Sunday? Sunday twice? Three times? Are you out of
your mind? Yeah, hopefully, I am. I’m serious about it. I believe we are the people that are able to say
something about this life and I don’t apologize at all about the world and what they are saying
and how I disagree with them. Get used to it. I’m different. I’m like an Amish person. I live on a
farm and don’t use electricity.

I am not like you. I have a horse and buggy. I am different. I am not following the 400 lying prophets that are running the whole country. He goes there and God goes thank you very much. Now it’s my part. Elijah said to Ahab, dogs will lick your blood. He got a mortal wound. Blood runs in the chariot. They take the horse and chariot and wash it
in the pool and the dogs are drinking the water out of the pool just like the prophet said would happen. I believe there is a judgment coming on our country. I believe there is a judgment that comes on evil and wickedness. I
believe God is very patient.

I believe God has an arrow prepared for somebody. It’s not a joke. There is
something that could happen, and the greatest thing could happen to Ahab is to fear God and
not listen to the 400 but listen to this one preacher over here. Turn and you will be healed. Turn
and you will be saved. Turn and you’ll be filled with the Spirit. Turn and believe and you’ll be
changed. That’s it. Vs. 22. He was resisted by a man named Zedekiah in vs. 24. He’s afraid it
might be true. He puts on the common clothes.

There is an arrow, vs. 34. Not even aiming. Vs. 35-38. It’s an amazing story. I have a burden on my heart for the lying that is happening in our culture. The foolish lying. There are false apostles, another gospel, another synagogue, the synagogue of Satan. Another set of values. It’s all about me and my life and it’s flowing in that
direction. You have to be prepared to be different more than ever before. One time in Finland,
one of our ladies worked in a lawyer’s office.

The lawyers asked her on Happy Hour to come out with us. No, I’m going to the church. On Friday night? Yeah, on Friday night. I’m different. I talk different. I think different. Ever happen someone hears what you say, and they say how did you learn that? At my church. I went to the Bible school. I got friends. I got a Bible that speaks to
me. I can do sports and do chess and read the literature, but I got an edge. I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I’m not such a smart guy but I got something that Jesus said seek first the
kingdom and his righteousness. If Ahab thought of righteousness, he wouldn’t have died. He
would never had gone over there.

He would have heard the man of God say don’t go. You’re going to die! He couldn’t hear because he wasn’t seeking righteousness. You see righteousness now because that is your new life. It’s protecting you. Psalm 16, at his right hand are his pleasures forever. I might get hurt but God will bless me. It’s a testimony to the angels. Look at my people. They are righteous. They seek righteousness. I am honoring them and blessing them. Angels are coming
and going on those that fear God and respect him and do his will. Wow! That’s a beautiful thing. I said something in the pulpit about homosexuality and I met someone at the door, this young person. I can’t believe it!

I have friends that are homosexual! I said calm down. We love people. She had no capacity. I am
concerned. There is a falling away in the church, falling away from truth. We are falling victims
to the lies in our culture and our society and even in our hearts. I’m saying this to say I
appreciate when God visits us and speaks to us and leads us. I appreciate how long we can live
maybe because of God. How powerful we can be because of God. How much prayer is
answered because of God. How much help we get because of God.

God respects people who make those decisions. 400 people are saying like this but I’m not hearing them. I got something else. Thank you Lord and help me. Turn away from your stuff, your flesh, your bad habits. Make
a decision in your heart tonight and say God lead me and guide me. I know you don’t have an
arrow with my name on it. You’ll protect me from evil. You’ll lead me and guide me. When it is
my time, God’s way, I will find that valley of the shadow of death and fear no evil for thou art
with me.

Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. We don’t die like the wicked. We die like the
righteous. We don’t die like people in rebellion. We die in humility and submission to almighty
God. There is dying grace for the believer. Grace that saves them. Grace that keeps them. Grace
that he grows in and grace that he dies in. Amen.

I’m so heartbroken about people. Another overdose that they are gone. Maybe there is more to what we said tonight for each of us. Carry it with you. Read that chapter and work it and think about it. I feel the Spirit spoke to us. If you
want to stay here you are welcome. You can go.

God bless you.


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