What are we learning just now? There are enemies about us. We are be assaulted by things designed bury us with fear. But let us learn Christ in these days. The Church is what’s needed. We have to stand and fear God and fear Him alone. (Exodus1:15-21)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Thomas Chung
Sermon 12007
6:30 PM on 12/13/2020

P. Hadley –

Do you know what the devil hates? This. This. This. What’s happening tonight is what he hates. Glad to see you.
Glad to be here. Halleluiah. Halleluiah. Thank you, Lord. This is a special moment tonight
because we have an ordination. Dr. Thomas Chung. Dr. Chung would have been ordained in
June but couldn’t be here. I’d like to have a few thoughts regarding ordination specifically to
him and all of us. First thing related to him. Dr. Chung is a surgeon, one who cuts. I know we
don’t like to think about that. If you’re going to get cut, make sure it’s sharp and sterilized. 2
Timothy 2:15 we are to study to show ourselves approved, a workman needeth not be ashamed
rightly dividing the word of truth. Rightly dividing means to cut straight. It means to cut straight
like the first time. It seems like in our studies we are patient. We do the research. We meditate.
We study the languages, and we study the original languages and that’s where we wrestle with
it but when it comes out, it’s straight.

No prophesy came of any private interpretation. No writer of the Bible said I think I’ll say this or that. No interpretation of the Bible is whimsical that way. That’s the surgeon part. But then he’s also a naval officer. We’ll mention three ships. Everyone on board? First of all is son ship. No one gets attacked like the preacher. We need to
remember sonship. Behold what manner of love. It’s a love not known on earth. Behold what
manner of love the Father has given to us that we should be called sons of God, daughters of
God. That’s a heavenly kind of love we behold. When we get shaken and things come against
us, we remember this kind of love, this sonship love. The next ship is kinship. Galatians 6:10 we are
family and we are the family of faith. We are brothers and sisters one of another, members of
the Body of Christ. We are not going this alone. We have kinship. We are members of the
household of God, Ephesians 2:19.

Look around tonight. This is the family of God. As sons and daughters of God, we are not to be alone. We are to remember sonship in the kinship. There is one more, the fellowship of the kinship under the sonship. If we are not taking advantage of the kinship that is every joint supplies. Every family member has something I need. I have
something you need. If we can stay on board through this journey of our pilgrimage on earth,
we’ll come out just fine. With that, Dr. Chung, would you come forward and the elders so we
can lay hands on Dr. Chung and pray for him. What if we call Natalya up here to stand beside
him. That would be Natalya and Daniel.

Dr. Chung –

Good evening. Well, just for the record. The California governor said a stay at home
order. Officially just prior to coming here, we are here at home. We are following the rules. On
behalf of Natalya and I and Daniel, we’re so grateful for the opportunities to stay connected
from morning devotionals to missions Monday and Zoom raps and services and all of the
people behind the scenes like AV and sound and we know this is all a work. Thank you. With
that, we’re in different times now and we have no idea where we are going as far as next year.
I’m going to say a prayer for this church. I’m excited to say we still have a Bible study with
Japan. This pandemic we have it via Zoom and P. Schaller has joined us on a few occasions and
others. We are loving Japan. We are going through the book of Luke and emphasizing the
importance of Jesus Christ. Why Jesus? There are so many religions out there and the Japanese

question why would you say Jesus is everything? We emphasize it’s not a religion but a
relationship. Knowing how much God loves you. No other requirement except just accepting
him. It’s not a works based faith but a Jesus faith. Think of the state of man without Jesus
Christ: 1) You’re poor. Poor meaning you don’t have that true joy. You haven’t received the
eternal riches of heaven. You may think you are wealthy on earth. You might be a millionaire
but not experience the true wealth of Jesus. 2) You are heart broken. We talked to Bible school
about the heart ultimately broken until Jesus comes in and fixes it. Without Jesus, we have
broken hearts. 3) You are held bound by sin. We unfortunately have a sin nature and it’s held us
in bondage from which we are in need of deliverance, aren’t we?

Thank you to Jesus for delivering us. 3) We all live in a prison of selfishness and fear. There is so much fear going on right now and the scare tactics of the government. There is no fear in God’s love. We just need
to help people be not blind to the truth of God’s love and grace. There was an ordination exam
question that said describe the Old Testament Scriptures that prophesy of Christ’s birth, death,
resurrection and mission. I thought of that question and loving that question and made me
think Jesus Christ had a mission all the way back. If you turn with me to Isaiah 61:1, vs. 2. What
does the acceptable year of the Lord mean? Reference to Leviticus 25. It was a time when all of the
captives were set free. It was after 49 sabbatical years and the 50 th year is when captives were
set free. It was a time of deliverance. Debts were forgiven.

It was a time of God’s grace. Isaiah is prophesying now that there is a day coming when this is going to happen the acceptable year of the Lord. Luke 4:16, Jesus is now here. He’s on earth and started his ministry. Where does he
come? To his home of Nazareth. He was in the synagogue and asked to stand up and read. Vs.
18. What does he read? He reads this. He specifically read those verses as a fulfillment of the
prophesy given in Isaiah. Vs. 19. Wow. Vs. 21. This day this is fulfilled in your ears. He is saying I
am the acceptable year of the Lord. I am the year of jubilee. I am here to set the captives free,
to heal the brokenhearted and make you rich in Christ and heavenly riches which you can’t get
on earth. Jesus was on a mission to set us free. We talked about the wise men this morning
with P. Love. They came and worshipped Christ. They got it. they gave gifts of gold because he
was a king; frankincense because he was our high priest, and myrrh, an embalming agent. Can
you imagine if Mary and Joseph didn’t know what was going on.

Here is some formaldehyde for your baby. They got it because they understood Jesus Christ would ultimately be the Savior of the world to pay the sins of all mankind. Jesus finished in Revelation 21:4. He talks about
there not being any more tears or sorrow or death or pain. Vs. 5. He sits on the throne. He says
behold I make all things new. That is what his mission is all about to transform our lives and set
us free from ourselves. Vs. 6. He says it is done. Mission accomplished. He has fulfilled his
mission in our lives. We do have hope. This Christmas season we can celebrate knowing we
have been set free. So many people are looking to the hope of God from themselves or maybe
their friend or family, some hope that they will get out of this situation. So many things going
on in our country and the pandemic. The government is not going to set you free. A doctor, a
medicine, the vaccine isn’t going to set you free.

The prescription you need, and this is coming from a doctor, is Jesus Christ. That is the prescription. I was a medical student rotating at a prominent trauma center in Portland, Oregon. We got called in the evening and an 18 year old got in a head on collision by a drunk driver. He had his face broken, both lungs collapsed, blood
in abdomen, fractured legs and arms. He was sick. Rushing into the operating room. I was a
medical student so observing. They opened him up and had bleeding from his spleen, liver,
intestines, etc. After several hours of working with this young man, this surgeon was the
director of the trauma center. He had plaques all over his office. He had all kinds of diplomas
and awards and recognition. I remember at one point he got the labs back on his blood level.
His PH came back at 6.68. 7.4 is normal. He was acidotic. He was about to die. He’s really tall by
the way. He packed the abdomen and did the best he could to get it stable.

He took off his gown, surgical gown and gloves. I followed him and he went outside the operating room and I
saw him get down on his knees by the scrub tank. He said, Lord Jesus, please help this boy. He
got up, scrubbed back in and was able to get the liver bleeding stopped. That boy walked out a
month later. Just talking about what P. Hadley shared about the surgeon. It’s not about your
ability, your skills, your degrees and what you know. All you need to know is who has it all and
that’s Jesus Christ. It’s the power of Jesus Christ in your life that makes a difference and he
came with the mission of helping people know that. That’s what he wants you to know. He is
there to be your Advocate. He is there to set you free from yourself and to provide love and
grace to all of us. That’s what we celebrate now. Amen.

P. Schaller –

Could we do the song at the end? What a touching message. Wasn’t that good?
What a touching story. I’m going to preach a message in a minute. Let’s stand and be quiet or
talk to your neighbor or whatever. Move around. Psalm 68:1 let God arise and let his enemies
be scattered. Dr. Chung, P. Chung. Let’s practice that for a minute. He mentioned fear and how
fear is a strategy of the devil. In these times we are living, I’m feeling. I was at a gas station and
someone was waiting on me to get an oil change and the tension that was there. Maybe it was
abnormal, but I feel it in stores. I feel it with people. If you think about what we are looking at
today, and we realize that we are all in a school. We are in a school. I want to direct you to a
screen. This is from one of my experiences years ago. That’s Finland and across the water is a
country called Estonia which was part of the Soviet Union.

Back in 1976, 1977, 1979 we were invited to preach there. We went to Tallinn, the capital. This is Soviet times, Communism. P. Ben and I went. We have many stories about it. I want to describe something to you. We were
invited by the [?] Baptist church, a historical church in the city. There were laws in the Soviet
Union like this. Nobody under 18 could go to the church. Another one was no foreign visitors
could speak in the church officially. What were we doing from Finland and also an American
going to that church. They had a game that they played. The police were there. The
government was there. There was an underground, not literally, but I would go to the official
meeting, which was run officially meaning the government oversight, the pastors, and then
there was the meeting with us. It was packed with maybe 100 people in a small room
downstairs and we would go there and undoubtedly there were undercover policeman there
and watching it go on or write down my name.

I had a growing record. It was in the newspaper in Tallinn, Estonia that I worked for the CIA. Anyone who had contact with me were suspect. I am preaching in Uzbekistan and we were walking towards the meeting and someone meets us in the woods, and we can’t go. We turn around and go back because the police were there. I
was preaching in Azerbaijan and P. Mati is sitting on my left. He comes over and says you have
to stop preaching now. Stop immediately. Take my Bible and walk out the door. Body members
follow and we go to somebody’s home. The meeting was canceled. KGB said it has to stop
immediately. I told P. Mati. He came and told me. What world people live in. What is happening
in our country? This is a school. What did those people learn in Estonia and what are they
learning in different parts of the world in the school called life.

We always think it’s over there, but it is here. It’s coming home. I don’t mean to dramatize or frighten anyone, but I want to bring some of the feelings we have about waking up. If a church has been closed for 10 months,
what are they doing? You want to say, hello? What do you believe? What do you believe? What
is in your spirit? What is in your heart? Before I started, I should have said, I wrote down a short
list of what happened this past week. Avery Powers and the Nativity scene ministry. 25 people
with P. Jason caroling Friday night. Band concert tonight. Our schools open. Basketball games.
Kids have youth ministry. The ladies and their activities. The café and the things we do. I love
your face, by the way. Wait a minute. The Bible says greet each other with a holy kiss. Have you
done that lately or are you afraid? Are you afraid? Judges 7:2, the devil’s work is fear. It’s fear. I
didn’t preach this morning because I’m so emotional.

And I am. I don’t know if it’s my age or background. Pray for me. Pray for me cause, wow. Judges 7:2, you’re dismissed. You’re afraid. Fear is contagious. Fear is contagious. What is happening in home with children. I almost wept this morning when I thought about a 10 year old kid not in school. No names. That’s wrong. I
called to Europe and said are kids in school? Yes, schools are open but not high school or
university. Schools are open for the children. Are you angry about it? Are you angry about it?
Wow. Fear grows. Do you know that people that haven’t been to church for the whole year do
you think they will ever go back? Is there something about fear we might get it in our childhood
or in a bad marriage. My dad is a alcoholic and kicks me around the room. The psychologist says
it sticks with you. It’s unhealthy. There are things that are wrong. There are things I have an
issue with. I want you to know a couple things.

I’m amazed at our church. I’m blessed. I’m blessed more than anything. We have a great spirit, heritage, background. We have great direction and mission. “We have a great pastor!” Go to two more portions in Exodus 1:15. Thanks for your prayers and love. How did their strange names get in our Bible? Puah. Is the Bible
forever? Heaven and earth will pass away but not their names. Did God know the name of the
king of Egypt? I know you not. I don’t know the name of the king of Egypt, but I know these two
women. vs. 16. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. You better learn to change your
language. We are obedient to the authorities, but the church is not some little subset of
society. The church is the church of Christ. The headship is Christ. It’s the spirit of God. It’s not
the world. Here’s a hospital, police station, university, school, health club, rotary club, and then
by the way. Oh yeah, by the way, like the governor of Virginia said. You can worship at home.
We know we can worship at home. We know that. But you’re not telling me to stay home.
You’re not telling me to stay home.

The king of Egypt I don’t even know the guy’s name. I don’t have any respect for those kinds of comments. Now you know why you have to pray for me. Chuck Coulson said it in one of his books. I copied it this morning. 1977, was also the governor of Virginia. I don’t have it here. Maybe it’s better. Here’s the church. It’s a nice group of people.
Just stay in your place. You’re a church. Sit down. Okay have your prayers. You’re not in charge.
You’re the church. You’re the church. That’s all you are. You’re the church. This is how they
draw the diagram of our society. That’s how they think of it. How do you think of it? We have
all these great functions, but the church is different. The church is not of you. The church is not
of your spirit and mind. The church is not you. The government is not the church. How many
decades have we heard separation of church and state. How many decades? We are obedient
and we pay our taxes and do our duty and we’ve been through this thing a long time this year.
I’m not good at lying or misrepresentation of what I am thinking or feeling. This is the way it is
by God’s grace.

Thank you, Jesus. I am so angry. I am so angry about a church with a rainbow
flag. That’s not a church. Thank you for identifying yourself. I hope you empty out, lying, false
doctrine, many things. Vs. 17. But the midwives feared God. That’s something you don’t hear
about in society, fearing God. Why don’t you drop that around at work or different places. Fear
God. How about in the church and each one of us. You know. It’s amazing. It’s amazing he lets
us be here. He’s so kind and loving and gracious. They fear God. You fear losing your pension.
You fear losing your reputation. You fear losing your health. You fear dying. I don’t get it. How
can we live a life when we are afraid of death? Hebrews 2:14-15. The devil has authority by the fear
of death. Fearing death. It’s ridiculous. We all fear death. I don’t mean it that way. The fear of
God is more important than the fear of death. That’s the key to our life. Fear God. The king said
they feared God. The king said kill the baby boys and it says they feared God.

The devil is afraid you will fear God and not him. And fear the government and our society and rejection. He
wants us to live in fear. This ten year old boy what is he doing every day? There is anxiety.
There is fear. He can’t see his friends. Ever see them outside playing baseball or running around
on bicycles? Are we afraid? Are we people who are fearing and breeding fear? Are we afraid of
losing something and communicating that? Mom and dad we are afraid of the corona. What? I
do think I might need a good walk through a corona ward with people on respirators. It might
be good for me. We’ve had covid. Hello? Is there herd immunity or something. I was at the
health club today and swam just to get released from my stuff. I said in the locker room I met
the first time, Keith. I said, have you had covid? I said, I have. You did? When? Of course. This is
what this is all about. It’s a real thing. It’s a pandemic.

Come on. We are in December. We have a vaccine on the way. Is it time for relief? Let’s back up. What if one day you are in Estonia or Uzbekistan or Russia. Or one day your life is on the line. By the way, Coby Westera has a great story when she was a young girl in the Netherlands. Five years old or six, seven or eight. Is that
right, P. Pete? You are both worried what I’m going to say! In the Netherlands, when the Nazis
came in and they took over, the Dutch people have a lot of fight in them and strength in their
heart and mindset. The Nazis come in and were arresting people. There are Dutch people hiding
Jews. Allied service men shot out of the air and go into hiding in a Dutch home. Everyone is
quiet and not talking because they don’t know who they can trust. When the liberation armies
rolled in and people started coming out of their house and learning from each other, you had a Jew to? I hid one. And they talk and guess what? If you are in that school of life and you walk
with God and you find a person who has the same, took the same risk.

They went out on a limb. They did something contrary to the government. They did contrary to what the Germans were doing, and they weren’t afraid. I’m sure they were afraid. They also found who the snitchers
were, the other side were also. Have you learned a lesson? Where are your loyalties in life?
Where am I landing in these things? What am I believing about my sisters and brothers? Where
am I at in regards to where I am in this world? God knows. He sees and in this chapter it says
that. Vs. 17. The Nazis of Germany let me put in there. They do not as Stalin in Communist
Russia all about tattling on their neighbors. This is not good. This is not good. It’s rooted in fear.
It’s rooted in a society that somehow is going wrong and fear is at the heart of it. If our children
are afraid and a restaurant owner and a pastor and pastor’s wife are afraid and my friends are
afraid, where do I go to get my release?

Doesn’t the church have the spirit that releases me in love? I learn who God is and love casts out fear. That’s why our spirit of liberty in our heart and worship and activity is very important to us. I will not cross the street if I am afraid. I will not start a school if I am afraid. I will not be a missionary if I am afraid. I like to be – I’m not asking
a protest. I’m not talking about a protest. I’m talking about something deeper. Have you seen
the enemy? We are in a school. It’s dangerous. There are so many foolish things being shoved
and talked and propagated by big tech, social media and arrogance and stupid the hearts and
minds of uneducated people. Don’t educate the people and keep them afraid. Keep them in
their little world and there will be demonic activity. Do you know how much vodka they drink in
a week in Russia? The average age is 56 of a male in Russia. I’ve been there. I know it. I’ve seen
it in eastern Europe. I lived there 13 years. I’ve seen men like me and you, day after day in fear.
If I live in fear, how will I get a release? Vodka.

Have fun. Laugh. Talk. Wake up. I’m afraid of life. I’m afraid of the king. I’m afraid of what is going on. That spirit cannot be in us. That spirit is not of God. When you become a man of God, – Billy Graham, 1963, Los Angeles. We heard the message Thursday night. He’s talking about America. It was so amazing his passion and
fervency. It was an excellent message. You will not have a Billy Graham, or an audience packed
with people. You won’t have a preacher with any conviction. You’ll have people afraid. You’ll
have a rainbow flag and foolishness. But if you fear God, you’ll be like those Dutch people
hiding the Jews and not fearing the king. Vs. 18-19. I want to throw in there a parallel. Those
women are not like other women. What does that mean? Those believers are not like other
people. Those believers at Fed Hill are not like other people.

Those believers at Havre de Grace and Brooklyn, New York and Chicago and John MacArthur in Los Angeles is not like other people. I like that guy. I like him. The first amendment protects us. And without it this is who we
are. When the powers come, we are the first to go to the camps and prisons. Please don’t
misunderstand me. I’m not talking about us this time. I’m not a conspiracy theory guy. I’m not
in the news a lot. This is just in me at the moment. Maybe it helps you. Wow. I feel strongly
about it. I’m so angry. I’m so angry and it’s not going away. If it’s from God, it’s not going away.
I’m so angry. Where are the men of God? Where are the pastors preaching like this and
ministry to people? We are going to meet Jesus Christ one day. No, we’re closed down. Our churches are closed. Wow. What are you? Wow. Stupid. Stupid. Wow. Kids. Stupid. Restaurants
closed in Baltimore city. Stupid. Churches closed. Stupid. A lot of stupidity.

I’m fed up with it. Don’t even talk to me about it. I’m so angry about it. For the last 10-11 months, we teach the
fear of God. We live in the fear of God. I’m preaching to the internet audience and anyone
hearing me. You guys are awesome. I’m so glad you are here. Don’t even push my buttons. You
know what I mean. Vs. 19. Let’s say that to each other. The Hebrew women are not like the
Egyptian women. They are lively! Any single guy get married to the Hebrew women? Vs. 19.
What? God dealt well with the midwives. He honored them. He showered them. Sometimes
when you read about some old saint of God, 93 or 100, how did they live? God did it. Of course
he did it. God dealt well with them. It can happen. Didn’t he give them houses. He made them
houses. God built them condominiums and stuff! Vs. 21-22.

I wonder how many Christians would do that. I wonder how many that know the Bible enough to say and know God enough to say even if the king said that I will not do that. How many Christians know enough to say I want
to have joy. I want to have purpose. I want to evangelize. I want to serve. I want to love the
brethren. That’s it. What are the three things we learn in the school that we are in: 1) We learn
who our enemies are. I need to know who my enemies are. That’s one. 2) I want to learn Christ.
I want to follow him. I want to learn worship like P. Love said this morning. The wise men went
and worshipped and Herod the king murdered innocent people. We have to learn Christ in life. I
lived in Hungary. I heard the story that one neighbor his neighbor got a new motorcycle. This
neighbor was jealous. He saw the guy with a new motorcycle, so he called the tax office to tell
the tax office he got a new motorcycle. Did he pay the taxes on it?

Really? A neighbor. A neighbor. Jealousy. Fear. What society, what will we have. What will we have without the
church, without correction, without satisfaction. If I don’t worship God and in our service we do
some singing, listen, love each other and make a joke and see God. We get released in God. You
love me. I love you. We need it. Children are not getting it. Adults are not getting it. Teens 400%
suicide increase this past year. Is that an empty, lonely life afraid? Yes, that’s what it is. What
school are we in? We are in a school and the Lord has put us here. Maybe it will get worse.
Maybe things will get really bad. Maybe there will be so many bankruptcies and broken hearts
and marriages and lives. You think you can survive without God? You think this world is your
friend? They don’t care about you and me. The psalmist said no one cares for my soul. That’s
what he said. God does. Have you heard God whisper in your spirit or say to you, have him talk
to us. And act in it in faith. Acting by faith.

Moses parents saw he was a beautiful child. By faith they put him in the river and gave him up to God. He goes down to Pharaoh’s daughter. His sister Miriam is watching where he goes. She says do you want me to get someone to feed the child? Yes, so she gets the mother and she gets her son back. That’s God and this is the school we are in. It’s about God. That’s the school we are in. It’s not about the fear. It’s not about this
stuff. It’s about God. That’s the story. If we fear God, we will not fear evil. What is our future? I
don’t know. Some of us may be in a bread line one day. Or the country collapsing. They are
saying all kinds of things. We are the church. We are Christians. We have a spirit. We fear God.
We believe in God. We have conviction. We have a mission. You can’t stop it. That’s that.



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