We come to church to hear what’s needful. This good part shall not be taken away. Jesus emptied Temple of the distractions. Worship allows the Lord His place of authority in us. We can avoid the venom of the world in sensuality and see the Light of life. Matthew 21:12-14; Ephesians 5:14-16; Luke 10:38-42; 1 Corinthians 6:9-15

Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon: 12581
11:00 AM on 09/17/2023

P. Schaller –

Good morning. Wow. That was beautiful. Yeah. That was great. One word for us this morning from just as an
introduction. Our theme is worship. I’d like you to look at Luke 10:38-39. Now, worship is when
in our attitude, a certain attitude of respect and fear of God is in the atmosphere. It’s in our
hearts and it’s in the atmosphere.

Let me say one thing about it. There was a time in Jesus’ ministry when he went into Jerusalem,
and he looked around at the temple and the courtyard and he became angry. Remember he
said this is a den of thieves and robbers. Remember that text? Thanks. Thanks. What did he do?
He turned the tables over. These weren’t card tables by the way. They’re like stone tables.
Permanent part of the furniture. He was powerful. He was angry. Cause the atmosphere of
worship was not right. The atmosphere was more about money than it was about God. It was
more about business than it was about concentrating on the sacredness of the privilege of
coming before God in worship.

I want to say that I feel in our church through the months and the years that we appreciate very
much that atmosphere of holiness and respect. When we start our service with the singing, and
we step into it with our joy and our attitude of faith, and we prepare to listen to what the Lord
has to say. That is happening in this house with this one woman. There’s only one woman and
she’s worshipping. She’s sitting at Jesus’ feet. Imagine.

That means to me that you could be home alone and have the spirit of appreciation and respect
and listen to what God has to say to you in your heart, because there’s nothing between you.
You’ve dealt with it or you’ve admitted it or you’ve confessed it or you’re coming before him
with an open heart and you’re a worshipper. It’s beautiful. This is how your life changes.
But let’s say at home I do that, but I don’t do it that much or I need to learn about it, so I come
to the church because this is also. This is public worship. There are people here and they don’t
distract you. They shouldn’t distract you. They may not intentionally be distracting you. You
may be distracted in your own mind. That happens of course. You start looking at people and
different things and so on.

But this is not happening here in this story just now. It happens in life, but I just want to draw
your attention to it. It’s vs. 39. Now, when you listen to the Word, you are listening to more
than just the sound that’s going through the air. You’re listening to what the Spirit says. You
hear what the Spirit says in the Word. How am I hearing it? how am I hearing it?

Now, I’ve listened to messages from Dr. Stevens, and I listen to the message again and then I
listen again, and I go, I didn’t hear that before. Now, I’m hearing it. Now, I’m hearing it. that can
happen in the ministry of course. Cause this is a living Word. The Lord maybe says something
else to me and to you. Become a listener because listening to God and worship go together. It’s one of our – it’s one of the things that happen in worship. We begin to hear. We really begin to
hear. And we start to hear it and embrace it and believe it and it changes our lives. It also feeds
us, builds us up in the inner man. Our new identity. Who I really am in Christ. God is speaking to

Vs. 40. She was distracted, and of course that’s part of life for all of us. We get distracted doing
other things. Vs. 40. What would the natural response be? Mary, go help your sister, Martha.
You’re not helping her. You should go help her. That could have easily been said. Martha, thank
you for sharing with me your burden. I agree with you. Your sister should be helping you. So,
Mary, go help your sister Martha. She’s got a lot of kielbasa to make and a lot of bread and a lot
of pizza in the oven and a lot of things going on.

You’re a Christian, so you should go help her. But he didn’t say that. He didn’t say that. Not every need out there necessitates my attention. Not everything that’s happening in your family requires your concentration and attention. Not
every trouble that is happening out in the world means that I have to show up and help out.
Not everything, every knock on the door has to be addressed by you and me. We have
something else going on. They go together, too. When you get hearing from the Lord, then you
are led by the Lord, and you’ll be where you should be by God’s grace. We hope so. He orders o
our steps. What do you think about that? Give an elbow to your neighbor and just say, that’s
good. That’s good. How did you hear that? What do you think about that? Huh? What do you

Listen. The devil wants me – he wants me to make an error in two areas. Either I’m too busy or
I’m not busy enough. I’m falling asleep over here. I got nothing. I’m slothful or lazy or
indifferent or I don’t care. And the other one is I’m caring too much about the wrong things.
Too much going on. Everybody needs me.

I remember when I got a pickup truck, they said they’re going to be knocking on your door.
Everybody needs to move. They want to borrow the truck and all that. It didn’t really happen,
but I understand what they are saying and that is people need you. They need your help. They
need your attention.

But Jesus said this, vs. 40-41. That’s a verse for the kitchen. Put that up in the kitchen! You are
worried about so many things. Worried about so many things. Worried about so many things.
Worried about so many things. We got a lot of things we could worry about, but one thing is
needful. So, reduce your life to that one thing that is needful, and have a good time
worshipping Jesus Christ. Have a good time relating to him in your heart and learning the
Scripture and quoting it and responding to God and building up yourself in the faith. And
learning to walk by faith.

This is one subject I never learned in college. I did not learn that in college. They don’t teach
that in college. They do in Bible college. In Bible college, they say there’s one thing needful, one
thing I desire, one thing that I want, one thing that I need, one thing that is of utmost
importance and that is him and relating to him and he’ll take care of you cause he’s your
Heavenly Father. How about it? Wow! What a good congregation today. Praise the Lord! Praise
the Lord! Yeah.

Look at the verse and we’ll finish up. Vs. 42. She has chosen that. It’s a choice. I decide what
goes in my mind. I decide what I do. I have one paragraph I want to read to you. This is maybe
going to turn into my message. I didn’t plan it like that. I don’t know. I don’t know. Here we go.
This is interesting. This is from C. S. Lewis. “Chastity is the most unpopular of the Christian
virtues. There’s no getting away from it. The Christian rule is either marriage with complete
faithfulness to your partner or else total abstinence.”

Now, this is so difficult. This was written in 1944 I think and we’re in 2023. But he’s saying “this
is so difficult and so contrary to our instincts that obviously either Christianity is wrong or our
sexual instinct as it now is has gone wrong.”

Do you know what he’s saying? Marriage is the only time, the only place for sex. Marriage. If I
have no marriage, then I have no – I have total abstinence from it. I don’t have any sexual
relations outside of marriage. I don’t have any. He’s saying this is totally so difficult in the world
that they say there’s something wrong with Christianity. And then he said or there’s something
wrong with my instinct. And because he’s a Christian, he says I think it is the instinct that is
gone wrong, the drive, the appetite. Feeding the appetite.

We read in Romans 1 if you feed that appetite, it will become perverted. Hello? Has that
happened? Imagine the kind of perversion that is happening in our society and everybody
jumping up and down and running around and saying it is normal. It is acceptable. It is okay.
What’s your problem. We say, what is our problem? What is your problem? You have a
perversion. You are pedophile. You are a homosexual.  You are a transgender this or that. I think there’s something wrong.

The instinct has gone wrong. When it’s right, it is so beautiful when a man is married and a woman. They’re married and they live in a godly and sacred way and what it does to their mind. What it does in their heart when they set God at the center of their lives. They will become – the Holy Spirit will make us a unique kind of person who is not
driven by a twisted appetite. An appetite that is proper and in its place.
Another thing the world propagates this idea that you have an instinct for food, so you have an
instinct for sex. No. It is not the same. It is not the same. Now, I got to teach it. Turn to 1 Cor. 6.
I am just, man, okay. This wasn’t even my message, but it’s on my mind. I guess I just want to
share it. Look at 1 Corinthians 6:12. He goes through a list of sexual – look at vs. 9. This is King James.

Effeminate refers to the homosexual. Vs. 9-11. It’s a miracle. These Corinthians had a changed
life, and their appetites changed. They were that way, but they changed. They were
regenerated. They were that way, but there is something that happened by the grace of God.
This new image that is in us, born in us, is an image of loving God, loving righteousness, loving
truth, loving God’s holiness, loving the nature of God and the nature of God in us. We are
made in the image of God, so we go together. God and us.

We go together. Now, we have an instinct to eat food. We eat food and we enjoy food. I’m getting hungry as I’m talking about it! Food is one thing. But sex is another thing. And this sex – you know, a man can live all his life
and not have any sex, and he’ll be fine. But you cannot live without food. You have to have
food, or you will die. You don’t have to have sex and you know that. It’s an instinct that is
designed by God. Did God invent it? God created it. He created it. He didn’t invent it. He
created it. He created it. Is God awesome or what? God is.

But look at what he says here, chapter 6:12. Like no appetite, no appetite is going to be
controlling my life, but meats are for the belly. The stomach and food go together. The belly
and food. They go together. Vs. 13. We’ll have a glorified body. The body is not for fornication.
The body is not for fornication, but it is for the Lord. And the Lord for the body. But you have to
have food. Yes, we must have food, but both will be destroyed one day. They will go to the
grave. The food in the belly and the belly in the grave. They both will be destroyed.

Regarding fornication, the body is not for fornication. The body is for the Lord. And in that
worship, then God gives me the authority over my instinct and my drive. This is the teaching
here and their experience also. We are not perfect but at the same time, we don’t come under
the power of our sin nature. We are coming under the power of God’s nature. And God has
raised up the Lord and will also raise us up by his own power.

He’s not done. Vs. 15. He’s talking to – do you know how liberal the city of New York City is? Do
you know how liberal it is? You know how woke it is? Do you know how people run around and
how they live? There’s not a lot of marriage in New York City. A lot of lonely people. A lot of
single people. There’s studies on it. a lot of people are not married and so on, and they live a
Corinthian kind of lifestyle. The Corinthians were like New Yorkers. This is what Timothy Keller
says. It’s interesting.

Vs. 15. Does he literally mean that? Yes, he does. Shall we take our bodies and go with
prostitutes and have a sexual life, an immoral life? Should we do that? He’s arguing, no.
Corinthians, no. You used to be that way, but Jesus’ changed you. And this is the better way. It’s
a better way. Is it harder? Maybe sometimes it is. It is a struggle. But don’t we have God, and
can’t God kind of lead us and teach us and train us how to think? And how to relate to people
and love them and honor them. That’s not honoring people.

A man is not honoring a woman just using her. That’s not love. And the other way around. That’s not God. God’s not in that. That’s not from God. We are different. We have another kind of way of living, and this is connected to worship. That was the theme. I went in that direction, but it was good, wasn’t it? I
think it was good. Yeah. There’s more to say about it but we’ll finish.

Vs. 16. By the way, I personally believe that all this sexual activity outside of marriage and all
this way of living and thinking is because they’re looking for God. They don’t know that, but you
need God. The mystery of being joined to God is the key to my hunger and my activity and my
moving around and my hitting on people or flirtatiously or living and thinking and lusting and
fascinated and imagining is because I’m spiritually empty. I need Jesus Christ in my life. I got
Christ in my life, he will help me. He will lead me. He will satisfy me. He will control our

But if you let your appetite control your life, you may end up in a lot of trouble one day. I’m not
kidding you. Not only will you face God, but you might find in this life time yourself in a lot of
trouble. Cause it is not the way to live. It’s from the devil. It’s from the world. It’s from your
flesh. It’s not the answer to your life. The world says it day and night. Hollywood movies. Day
and night. All the time. Everybody. Advertisements. Every motorcycle has a girl on it. Everybody
trying to sell a car has somebody on the hood of the car. Everybody that’s selling a show has
some scene in it.

It’s all the time, but you and I have become something else by worshipping and getting our
mind and our hearts before the holy God, and he says through Jesus Christ I will take care of
you. I will satisfy you. You will be joined unto me. When you are joined unto me, then you have
fellowship. You’re not joined unto a harlot. You are joined unto me, and he that is joined unto
the Lord is one spirit.

And that is our joy. That’s where our peace comes from. Our good health comes from that. Our
attitude about living. Our respect for people. And by the way, isn’t it nice that you have sisters
and brothers. Not weird, weird relationships. Weird like does she like me? Does she like me? Or
some, I don’t know, atmospheric, telepathic connections. Washed in and saturated with lusts.
Worldly ambition and ego. Isn’t it amazing to be Spirit-filled and love our sisters and brothers
with purity in heart and be in a safe place where there is a lot of love and respect for people
because of God who made it possible because he loves people and made us holy before him.
Amen. Okay. That’s all. Okay. Good.

Hallelujah. You took me out of my Egypt. Okay. How many “Egypt’s” are there? How about your
Egypt? Did he take you out of your Egypt? Huh? Today, at the door, somebody said my Egypt
has been myself. I’ve been wrapped up with myself. The Lord took me out of my Egypt. And she
had a lot of joy and was excited about it. she showed me her notebook and she said this is what
I got out of the message and God took me out of my Egypt. I want you to have a moment of
encouragement with each other, and just say to your neighbor, God took me out of my Egypt.

How about you? Are you stuck? Is Pharaoh your king? Is Pharaoh in charge of your life or has
God taken you out of your Egypt?

All right. Our text is Matthew 21:12. Tuesday night, make a note of it. Tuesday night here in this
chapel, we have a special guest, Mark Demoss. He’s going to minister to us. He’s a professional
guy who has done P.R. for Hobby Lobby and Chic fila and Billy Graham and Liberty University.
He’s well connected and understands. He wrote a little book called “The Little Book of
Wisdom.” He’s our guest for the day. So, he’ll be with us in our staff meeting. At 11:00 in the
morning in here, he will be doing the podcast in this room. At night, here in the Bible school,
6:00 to 8:00. Yeah, for that block of time. So, if you can, break away on Tuesday night and come
and be with us. You are so welcome.

Let’s read chapter 21:12. I want to help you today. I’m glad you came. The Lord wants to help
you and me. Thank you for all your prayers for me and the family, the church, and I’m so glad
that we’re here to worship the Lord. Chapter 21:12, when you go into the house of God,
remember Psalm 84:2-3, the psalmist said I saw that the sparrows have a place in the house of
God. The lonely birds. The birds have a place in the house of God. If you are lonely, you are one
of the many Americans. I think 30% of them say that they are lonely, that people are lonely but
there is a place for you in the tabernacle. How amiable are his tabernacles.

And Jesus went to the temple. He looked around. Vs. 12. These are religious businesses. These
are people that use – they say, I heard this story about a brother. He wanted to do a Chinese
restaurant. And then he thought, I could do used cars. And then he thought, well, I could start a
church. So, he did that. It was a business plan. Imagine. I don’t think you could imagine that. I’ll
start a restaurant or sell used cars. No, no. There’s a better way. I’ll start a church. Can you
imagine? Well, that is so foreign to us, because we got here by the trail of tears. You know, we
got to where we are through the cross. We got here by the spirit of joy and love without money
in the picture.

But when Jesus looked at the house of God, imagine it’s a den of thieves and robbers. He’s
quoting from Jeremiah I believe. Jeremiah said that. He sees it. So, what about worship? When
we come to the house of God, I know you. I know you. I know you. You are coming with faith
and a pure heart, and you want God in the meeting. Not to grieve the Spirit of God.

Sometimes, we leave things at the door when we’re coming across the parking lot or in the car.
I remember being in Israel. One time, we went to the tomb. And some of you folks – I think
Thelma was with us. We went there in Jerusalem and the tour guide was a godly man from the
U.K. And he had a few minutes with us. He talked to us before. He said we are going to go into
the tomb two by two. If you are a family, you can go in there as a family.

I was sitting outside watching our people go into the tomb where Jesus was buried. Allegedly,
he was buried there, and the tour guide said when you go in, leave something in there. There’s
something in your heart, something in your life. If you’re a family and you have problems with
each other, go into the tomb together and leave something inside. Leave it there. That was a
beautiful thing. I saw some people come out weeping. And afterwards, without detail, they said
we did. I left something in there. It’s over. It’s over. I’m not bringing it out. It died with Jesus. It
was buried with Jesus. It’s over.

That’s the way you and I – that’s why we go to church because we are worshippers of a holy
God who took care of our stuff. He took care of our stuff. This is where Jesus is saying my house
cannot be a bingo parlor, a psychological counseling center. My house is not a place for
gathering money and people’s ego and power struggles and this is mine and this is mine and
this is about, you know, me. No. Worship is without Egypt.

Remember Moses said to Pharaoh you got to let my people go. We will go out in the wilderness
and worship God. Pharaoh said, who is God? Exodus 5:2. Who is the Lord? I don’t know him. I don’t
know him. You got to go back to work. You better work harder. You’re wasting your time. You
got time to think about God? Now, I’m going to give you more work to do. You cannot think
about God. When you are in Egypt, it’s not about God. It’s about Egypt. It’s about Pharaoh. It's
about you being a slave. Get it out of your mind. You’re not worshipping. You are not

That’s the devil. He doesn’t like it when we worship, when we find Christ. So, he fills the church
with thieves and robbers and liars and all kinds of stuff that can be filled up and hard labor and
legalism and emptiness and boredom. It’s like, are you kidding me? This is the greatest thing
going on the earth is the worship of God. The angels do it day and night in heaven. Why do they
do it every day all the time? Why would they do it, but it is the nature of it.

When we we see the reality of God, we are in awe. When we see the reality of the God that made the
heavens and the earth, we are just overwhelmed by the reality of God. That’s the thing that’s
missing in the human heart. That he doesn’t know why he is here. He doesn’t know why he’s
been made. He doesn’t know who his Creator is. He doesn’t know the mind of the Creator.
And when Jesus went and he saw this, he was angry, and he turned the tables over. These were
not card tables.

These were not little wooden tables like these things. These are stone tables.
These are a permanent part of the fixture of the temple furniture. This is serious. This is in the
courtyard, not inside. Jesus didn’t go inside because he wasn’t of the tribe of Levi. He was of the
tribe of David. He didn’t come to be that kind of priest. He became this kind, that is, in heaven
today on our behalf representing us before the Father in the holy of holies not made by hands,
but is made, that is God’s place. You and I come before God Almighty as worshippers of God.
That’s why he’s saying this cannot be.

Vs. 13. Back in the days of the Communist empire, the Communist world, we were living in
Finland. We crossed the Baltic Sea to go to the Soviet Union and got in a car that was waiting
for us. This is when it was illegal. The churches were persecuted. No one under 18 years of age
was allowed to go to the church. We did sometimes. We went to this house out in the
countryside for a prayer meeting. It was all day prayer. All night and all day. I was there for
some hours. I was in the presence of these Soviet Russian people in this secret prayer meeting,
and the house was filled with people that just came and left for prayer. It was sacred. They
were there because they wanted to do it.

They were there because they wanted to meet God. They were there because they were lead. They had the hunger and the desire, and God did not fail to satisfy them. He was there answering the prayer and answering the cry of the heart for
God. This is a hunger when you and I meet Christ and we walk with Christ. There is that hunger
that we have that is normal.

At the beginning of our service, I said something about sex. That can disturb people. That’s a
good thing for us to be disturb in this lifetime. I’d rather be disturbed in this lifetime then to
suffer loss in the next one. I’d rather get it straightened out and find the living God who is able
to control my appetite, than to cut my hand off here and gain eternal life than to lose
something very precious and important to us all.

Vs. 14. What? When was the last time somebody blind and lame was healed in the church? In
the temple, when the whole thing was straightened out and Jesus is there. People’s needs get
met. People get to hear the Son of God. People’s needs. Their lives are changed. Blind and the
lame. What’s the lame person? They can’t walk so well, right? They can now run. The blind
can’t see, but now they see. But this was literal.

But we could say it figuratively that we also can’t walk very well. We are able to run, and we
can’t see so well, but now we are seeing the important things in life. Where did it happen? In
the house of God. God has prepared a table for us in the presence of our enemies. God has a lot
to say to us. God is our teacher. God is a lot to reprove us and correct us and instruct us in the
way. God has something for us to fill our hearts. You don’t have to run around from one thing
to another satisfy that emptiness that is happening in the heart. But we have found the living

Okay. I’m reading from one of Pastor’s booklets, one of P. Steven’s who was the founder of our
church 50 years ago. Many of us discipled by him and the Body during those years. He says,
“Unless there is a revolutionary change in Christianity throughout our country, the years ahead
may be called the years of the cobra and the viper. Many will be infected by the venom
transmitted by the serpent, Satan. It doesn’t have to be this way. God has promised to prepare
a table for us in the presence of our enemies. For some, the next few years will be the years of
feasting at the table of grace.

Years of serving and brokenness, humility, meekness, and obedience. God wants us to hear every single word from the Bible so we will not live in preoccupation with ourselves, presuppositions about people or presumptions about the past.” What does he mean about the venom of the cobra and the viper? I think he means that in our
society we have a lot of lies, a lot of venom, a lot of propaganda, a lot of messages like we said
it in the introduction. But if I have a table that’s prepared by God and if this is our table, and if
this book is at our table, and if the Spirit is bringing out of the book the things that I need to
hear that prepare me for the day I live in, then we’ll do fine. We’ll overcome the enemy. We’ll
have an antidote for the venom.

A serum for the venom that can infect us and turn us away from God. But we have found that Jesus is saying like he comes into the temple, and he goes, no. This cannot be. Clean it out. Let’s become hearers and embrace it and follow the truth. I think when we do, it gets better and better, Psalm 36:9. “At his right hand are pleasures
forevermore.” I really believe that. That the Spirit will anoint you. You will sing. Let’s look at
another closing part. Ephesians 5 about worship. Vs. 14. I’m going to close here in a minute. Don’t be
condemned. Please, don’t condemn yourself. Don’t be condemned. Be built up. Jesus Christ is
for you no matter what. Be built up in grace. Grace is able to build you up. Be strong in grace.
Be strong in your new identity. You are not your sin, Romans 7. No, you walk – rise from the dead.
Christ will give you light. He will give you light, Psalm 119:133.

The entrance of your Word gives light, understanding to the simple. Vs. 15. Now, how do you walk? Circumspectly is that word “AKROS” and we have that English word acrobat. You think of an acrobat walking along an
edge. An acrobat. He has to walk accurately. He hs to walk circumspectly. He has to be aware of
what he’s doing, and he’s able to do it because he walks correctly.

It's the same way with us. When you and I become worshippers of God, we don’t have time or
place or space in our mind or heart for the foolishness of our sins. We walk accurately or
doctrinally and hear the Word that is able to deliver us and cleanse us. The Word is able to
build us up and teach us how to live. This is connected with the worship here. Watch. It says
redeeming the time. Like using the time. Could I say one thing here? I know I can. It’s just a
phrase I use. I got to change it.

Listen. When I started to go to church, I came to this church, and they said you go twice on
Sunday. I go, wow! If I go once, can I go to heaven? If I go twice, what’s the – what happens?
No, three times. You go on Wednesday also. I go three times a week we go to church? Wow.
Yeah, but I used to run around with my friends three times a week. I went to the bar room
three times a week. I would goof around and play monopoly, play cards three times a week.
Watch TV. Wild Kingdom. That was one of my favorite shows when I was young. Wild Kingdom.
I would watch that. I watched I Love Lucy, My Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver. I would
watch those shows.

Now, I say I’m not watching TV but I’m going to church. I would kind of wait it out. I said I’ll give
it a try. I just started going to church. And I went to Bible school. That was even more hours a
week. My parents would say to me, what are you doing? I’m going to church. They go every
time I call you, you’re going to church. What are you doing? I go all the time.

I go every day. I go all the time. Why would you do that? You’re not a religious person. I go I guess I became one. I
don’t know what happened. It was my new family. It was a lot of fun. We jumped in the car. We
went places. We evangelized. We went swimming. We get in trouble. We went to the dump to
shoot rats with our 22’s in Bible school. That was our entertainment! After Bible school class,
we’d go to the dump where the rats were, and we would shoot them with our 22’s. We’d come
back like heroes! I had so much fun in Bible school. I did the secular school thing. I done the
TVs. I’ve done the movies. I’ve done all that stuff. And then I found Jesus Christ and he guided
me in a life of adventure and faith.

Now, listen. Many of us have lived in other countries. How did you get there? Jesus did it.
Where did you live? I lived in four countries. How did you do it? What happened? Weren’t you
lonely? No. It’s amazing. Jesus was with us. We witnessed to people you had no idea. We had
the president of Hungary come to our apartment with the security guys and we had a team
meeting with the president of the country in our apartment. Yeah. Can you imagine that? Many
other stories we can talk about. Things that happened.

My point is not that. My point is this: Is this God that we are talking about? Is this the one that
loves you? Can we give him some time? Do we redeem the time or make good use of our time
when we are following him and trusting him? Yes, you can go fishing. Yes, you can do this or
that. But God will do that. God will lead you and show you how to use your time. God will help
you and make you fruitful and productive and bless you in your ministry. Yes, your ministry.
God has called you that you and I would have a table in the presence of our enemies and that
God would use us in our life of faith. He does. Amen. That’s the end.


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