God burdens His people for this world. It is going a certain direction, but we have authority with Him. He knows us and hears us. (Luke 7:31-34; Genesis 18:16-28)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11359
7:30 PM on 11/1/2017


P. Schaller

The Bible says rejoice in the Lord and again I say rejoice. He says rejoice always so let’s laugh right now! Doesn’t it say laughter does good like medicine? Laughter to a heavy heart is like a crackling of thorns. When you are depressed and everyone is (laughing) it doesn’t help you. But this is spiritual fellowship and we are learning faith and prayer and a spiritual fellowship. A lot happens by faith. Even my mood can change when I live by faith. If I live natural, my mood may govern my life. If I live by faith and decide, I decide to rejoice and put on the Lord Jesus Christ. I might find the Holy Spirit say amen. Go for it. Clap your hands all ye people. Greet one another with a holy kiss. I’m going over there and planting one on Pastor Steve. Does that help? God is with us.

Someone said Dr. Chung and Natalia are here. You want to say greetings to us? Dr. Chung and Natalia live in Tokyo. He is a surgeon for the U.S. military and a missionary there also. Great to have you here.



Dr. Chung

Great to be back. Natalia and I are excited to be here. It’s beautiful to worship with you and participate in that sacred moment of being in the presence of God. We do watch online, but it’s not the same. It’s great to be back. We are experiencing exciting things in Japan. We have several Bible studies going on. We are excited about what God is doing. The last time we met we had these Japanese who came and they are interested in learning more about who Jesus is. This last time we were studying John in chapter 6 and talking how Jesus fed the 4,000. This young boy brought 5 loaves and two fish. We were talking about the fact that these are not just regular loaves of bread. Barley loaves. Smaller loaves. They are more like muffins. That’s why this boy, most likely poor, had brought these muffins and the two small fish. Jesus used these muffins to feed thousands. We had gone through that and explained it. Jesus is telling I am the bread of life. At the end, we concluded the study and the host who had prepared some food for us and the daughter who had come, had brought barley loaves not even knowing what we were talking about. Here we were eating barley loaves of bread and there was plenty of leftovers. Here’s Jesus in our midst still giving barley loaves with us. It’s great to be back.



P. Schaller

Today is a day of prayer for GG work and missions and church planting. A church contacted us in the last couple days saying we have a dying congregation and we heard your seminary prepares young men and women that serve God and preach the Gospel. Could you come and help us? We need a pastor. Isn’t that good. On one hand, wow. Where are the laborers?

Mt. 9. On the other hand, praise God for anybody that can hear what God is saying in their heart and leading them in faith. Friday morning, early morning at 6:30, we will have a prayer time at the prayer room. I’d like to do it ever week. I’m planning on that. It’s 6:30 if you want to come. Prayer. This is powerful. How many have felt God is moving in that area of your life? That you’ve gotten some answers. You are excited in your heart regarding it. Turn in your Bibles to two parts. One is short.

Luke 7, I want to praise God for P. Gary today. You’re quiet and wondering why. This is the H.S. I know you’re serious and thinking. There are so many people God has brought. P. Scibelli returned last night. Great to have you back home. God has brought you and has moved by his Holy Spirit in our hearts. We are people of faith.

Remember that little illustration when we were little and mom put something on the top of the refrigerator. We knew the cookies were there or jelly beans. As you got taller you would reach and when you touched it, you pushed it back further.

I believe this world is something like that. God has given us something and it’s out of our reach. It’s just out of our reach. What God has given us is ours. Only way we can get it is by faith. That’s why you come here on a Wednesday night by faith. I believe God ministers to us on Wed. night in a unique way. Many things we learn and use, we learn on Wed. night. Sunday and Monday and Tuesday and so on. The Lord is good to say these words to us.

Luke 7:3. I remember we don’t say the M word around here so much. I said that once and they said money, marriage, Monopoly, movies? I say millennials. This generation and our generation and older one, four or five here. And we all are something like this.

vs. 32. It means the sound which is the music does not fit the action. Like mourning at a funeral and the children are playing. My kids used to play church. They would take offerings and someone would sing. If they suddenly changed the game, they were like children with a vivid imagination. This generation doesn’t have a handle on the spiritual Christ is saying. This generation is playing around.

vs. 33. He’s ascetic. He’s disciplined. He’s living in a desert. He’s not eating and drinking. He’s fasting and you say he has a devil.

Then I come and you say vs. 34. Martin Luther said the world is like a drunken man on a horse. He falls off the left side and put him up and he falls off the right side. He can’t find that stability. He can’t find what he really needs to find. It’s like someone saying the church is in a strip mall. I’d go if it was a big cathedral. And they go and say no, I wish it was a strip mall. Or no, I wish it was non-denominational.

Ge 18. I think this generation is amazing. I’ve seen our young people because of what we are going to say now. God fills us with the Spirit and God puts us reaching for something up there. I know that I could play games with what is down here but I know there is vision and admission and calling and a purpose. This is why I’m excited about the prayer meeting in the morning. We’re praying and thinking about Owings Mills and having a full church out there. Starting small and growing and having a vision. Many said I want to be involved and be in the game. My fickle or double mindedness like the Lord said regarding the people he was living in the midst of. Yes, we are fickle and undecided. We are not persuaded in areas of life. Abraham was told in this chapter that his wife would have a child.

Then in vs. 16, I like it when we go to visit someone’s house and in some parts of the house when it’s time to go, they go with you out the door, out the street and send you on your way. I kind of like that. Abraham took these and one was the Lord and two angels and brought them along.

Ge 18:17-18, Shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing? On the top of the refrigerator when we live by faith, he didn’t know God said you’re going to have a son. That delivers me from the childishness down here around us. I’m not satisfied with this or that and that happens to us as people. When God shows you something and you get something going on in your life, God shows you what he is doing…that’s like living there with this refrigerator, what’s up there as your food and sense of direction and value. Your mission, usefulness, calling, purpose. You have to find in your life of faith like Peter walked on water and it must have been an amazing thing. When he got back on the boat what that was like. Did you see that? That was amazing. They’ll say what happened? Go to the next part.

vs. 18-19. God is saying I know Abraham. I know he’ll teach his kids and grandkids. I know he got ahold of something that is bigger than these little things down here. Doesn’t matter if I got my way this way. It might be I won’t be satisfied anyway. I remember in Finland I thought of going back home. I remember Pastor saying if they went back to Egypt, they’ll want to get out of Egypt. I am like this generation that is not satisfied with John the Baptist and Jesus Christ and this or that. I am like this generation except for the reality of Christ in faith and we get ahold of that amazing mission and purpose that God called us into.

Reason I mentioned P. Gary is he is edifying. Jason Moore, Bob Pekarek and the family. Let’s take a moment. Bible college. Amazing. Donna Parsons in Mexico. Tina Reaves…Avril Plunketts just flew to Finland to do a women’s seminar…these are amazing works of grace. P. Scibelli worked so hard preaching the whole month maybe at five different conferences. God says can I hold back and not tell Abraham what I’m doing? Put your name in there. Can I not tell Scott Chatin what I’m doing, Sandy Lightsey, Yvonne Miskomin.

We’re reaching around. Yes, Lord, you can tell what you are doing. What is your mission? How can we lead people in the Spirit? The Spirit will lead us like he is leading us. Someone asked about reaching our neighbors with the Gospel. I said with my neighbors I can have a one year or two year plan. I can care about them. I can introduce myself and talk to them. I can be kind to them. Offer my services. Get to know them. Listen to them. And put value in them. 97% maybe they disagree with me on all kinds of things but there is three percent we can build on. There will be a day coming when they have something going on in their life and don’t have anything on the top of the refrigerator. They don’t have any passion or deliverance or freedom. They are suffering and very vulnerable. We’re here as their ministers. That’s like Abraham in the story.

vs. 19. The Hoffses’ family over here. Amazing. Theresa teaching and the children growing up in the faith. This is a beautiful thing.

vs. 19-20. Maybe God would say that about the U.S.A. He is burdened and caring. Sodom and Gomorrah because their sin is very grievous.

vs. 20. I cannot take the burden God could have for America and live in that burden. It would be too much for me. I could stand before God and carry something. God, what is on your heart? What are you caring for? He can impart it to me.

vs. 23-26. When we live by faith in prayer and God is ministering and using us in prayer. The Spirit of God like on the top of the refrigerator idea, there is a gift, a ministry, the unction of the Spirit, the heart of God for what is happening. We are invited into that and that is part of our life and we carry it. Sometimes we need to be putting our cares aside and wait on him and listen to him and then pray. Pray a fervent prayer. God, this has to change. God you have to save people. Our evangelism has to be more than a mechanical thing. It has to be touching the heart. It needs to be the power of your conviction also. Bring conviction at our working place. Prepare them at our investment. Then God will lead you. There is a time to speak to a person but maybe not now. I will put value in that person. Yes I go on the street and talk to whoever but there is a part of my life I get to know some people. Particularly in my neighborhood. I’m involved in the community somehow. That is the future of our church, new people and people outside of our fellowship. There is something more. All those activities out there whether PTA or some society or organization or community or college fellowship or activity. Whatever it is, you are saying I am going to be fishing. I am putting value in the person and it’s not now but I’m praying. I care about them. I have to decide that by faith. God cares about them. God loves them and so do you and I. Lord, Sodom and Gomorrah, what are you going to do? What if 50 righteous? What if 40, 30, 20, 10? What is he praying? The H.S. is doing it.

Years ago P. Stevens said 250 countries by the year 2000. Always a goal, a vision, a direction beyond ourselves. I don’t know what it is exactly. I’m living by faith but maybe I would walk on water or see someone healed of cancer or a marriage devastated be healed or prodigal son or daughter come home. God answers prayer. He brings them home and he does it. We are the intercessors. Then the Spirit moves and you kind of get a feeling in your spirit. I’m not going to think negative or in unbelief. I want to see God do it and I’m going to live by faith in it. We would have prayer meetings in Lenox. I only care about the past in God. I’m not sentimental. God has done, is doing it, and wants to do. There will always be like John the Baptist, he shouldn’t have done that. And then Jesus, he shouldn’t be that way. These people are so fickle they can’t get anything done. Paralyzed by their temperament and judgmental spirit. God, Almighty, fill me with your Spirit and lead me in faith and prayer. Then he does it. He can do so much. God is answering prayers. He’s doing a lot. He can do a lot more.

Our world is going in that direction. You can’t maybe stop that. I want God’s will. I know he wants to save out of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Lot and his wife. I don’t know if his wife was a believer, but she never got the world out of her. She sinned the sin of physical death. Three words: Remember Lot’s wife. Shortest words. Lot’s wife is important. Don’t forget Lot’s wife. Don’t turn back.


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