God has given gifts to us — pastors, leaders, teachers. They are here to edify and encourage and exhort us in the faith. Let us be submitted to God and submitted to each other. (Ephesians 4:8-13; John 15:19)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11407
7:30 PM on 1/24/2018


P. Schaller

Who has led someone to the Lord in these last few days? Who has talked to someone about the Lord this past week? Why don’t they get saved? Why? Who has brought someone to church in the last few months? We are looking to God and the moving of God and what he is doing. He really cares about people. He takes their sin away. He fills them with the H.S. He gives them a new hunger and they get a new direction in their life. We have the Midnight Express vision. Can we bring the microphone to Pastor Ray? The Midnight Express made a voyage tonight.

P. Ray: We got all loaded up this afternoon and this couple accepted Christ on Saturday and they are our first passengers. Which is awesome! They’re historic! We’re so thrilled. Great things are going to happen. Lots of passengers coming in, too. Everyone keeps bringing in donations and they all go to the right people. And people are making soup. The whole church is coming together with it. I’m totally blessed. Thank you for your vision.

You’re the guy. Before Pastor Ray was in our church, he was doing it out there by himself. Then he’s here and learning grace and the Spirit leading him and teaching him.

Two Gideon’s came to visit us today. One was from Carol County. I asked them, do you know Wilson Lippy? Oh, yeah. He’s a friend of mine. He’s gone home to be with the Lord. What a great man. What a man on fire. Then he tells me about the beads. I know about it already of course. The beads going into the world. Even the border of Burma. A peasant working there had a bracelet on and Alex, one of our people from Thailand, was doing missions there and he stopped and asked the peasant what it means and he said it’s about believing in J.C.

God is on the move. Say that to your neighbor. We have many things we can pray about. Friday morning we do an early morning prayer at 6:30. If you want to join us you are welcome. Prayers are being answered. Deep encouragement in our hearts for what God is doing.

What is God doing in Silver Spring, P. Shibley? God is doing good things. We’re on the cusp of making a deal on a building. We are seeing souls come to Christ. We don’t see a lot of people receive Christ in the meetings but in the last month we’ve seen six or seven. This is a secret. Don’t tell anybody! I’m not working at my job right now. I told my wife we have plenty of money! The church is paying me some money. On the side – don’t judge me now – I’m driving a little bit of the lift thing and picking people up and making money that way. One Sunday back in early December, I go visit some people after church. A man in our church passed away and I went to see his wife and daughter and I was dressed like this. So afterwards there was four hours between the service here and me being in Silver Spring. So I turned on the little ap. I want to take advantage of this. I picked up this young lady and talked to her for a while. I told her how great she was. She was really sharp. I talked to her about the Lord. Dropped her off. She took my card and then three weeks ago we talked again. She came to church two weeks ago. Very excited. Then she said I have to come back next week. She came this week and she got saved. 27 years old. She had never been to a Christian church before. She’s Vietnamese origin, half Chinese and half Vietnamese but totally American. It was so amazing.

In Jn 4 Jesus at the well. I think of what he said. He said I have food you know not of. He was no longer hungry for food because he was so excited about winning someone to himself. It’s so exciting to win someone to Christ. It’s overwhelmingly exciting. You don’t know when it’s going to happen.

When you lead them to the Lord and they come again – there was some folks at church and wanted to have lunch with them. I ran up and this girl was there and I promised to get her a ride. I said why don’t you come to lunch with us? She said I’d love to. So she jumps in the car with the people….We are in line at the restaurant and she said, do you go to church? You should come to this guy’s church! Pastor, give him your card! She gets his number. She said you’ve got to come. It’s amazing. Jesus said you have food you know not of. It’s so worth going out spreading the seed.

You don’t know what’s going to happen but you know one thing: the gospel is being preached.



P. Schaller

One last point. P. Fred Ellis told me today he went to the gym today. Ever gone to the gym and I’m not really evangelizing? You get on the elevator and you think I’m not going to evangelize today. It wasn’t like he went in the gym thinking I’ll evangelize but he said God if you want to open the door, you got to have that person. He’s in the sauna, and an elderly man was in there and sure enough they started talking. Sure enough he saw the answer to his prayer. Lord, I don’t think I can evangelize but you could bring someone my way and they could start talking to me and ask questions. This is what happened in the sauna.

It spoke to my heart. I could say Lord, lead me. Open my mouth that I might know the mystery of Christ. We want to know the mystery of Christ. Not the frozen image of Jesus. I would like to know the living Christ. Open our mouths as preachers and pastors and Body members and we would have bread they don’t know about. We are talking about something very real. We’re part of something so awesome and important and good. I praise God for every one of you.

On Saturday’s we meet at Fellowship Hall. You say I don’t do that. Well, do it. You can do it once a month or once in a while. Pray about it and as you do it, you find yourself doing it. He that winneth souls is wise. We want to see God bring in people and touch people.



P. Schaller (main message)

How many of you feel like you need a pastor in your life? How many are raising your hands because you know that’s the right answer?! We can bury the workman but the work goes on. He that sows is nothing but God gives the increase. I need someone who will speak from their heart and God’s heart truth even if I am offended by it.

I want you to turn to Titus 2. We’ll speak a little about pastor-teachers and our relationship with them. We benefit from the ministry of pastor-teachers.

Titus 2:15 here is Timothy and he is a pastor-teacher and he’s ministering. Paul says you need authority, clarity and you can’t back down or be afraid of people or the opinions or the culture or certain individuals or be influenced by erroneous teaching.

2 Tim 3:15, we have Pastor Sam Muhima here from Uganda. How long are you here? Three weeks. Good. We will listen to you share.

vs. 15. Remember Timothy was half Jewish and his dad was a Greek. He was a follower of Paul. Paul put his eyes on this young man. He realized what his potential was.

I know the pastors here in the Bible College, – we started our semester. It’s not too late. Come. I teach tomorrow night wisdom literature and the psalms. Friday morning is P. Love. We are really making an effort. Put our eyes and hearts on people.

Paul did this with Timothy. He said you have known the Scripture. This is more important than your personality, private ambitions, knowing the Scripture and God speaking to your heart and leading you in doctrine and establishing you in the faith. The church has no problem with the eternal things. What I needed is the deep and personal and the impartation. There is a period of time when there is an impartation in a church. A moving of God. When you come here on a Wed. night like you are doing. When we are going through a period of time, maybe it goes away.

I remember Pastor in Lenox saying we might be out of here. We were in Maine and I had a period of time in my life there. It was imparting and God was using him. Then Finland and that was a period of time. Then in Lenox and then in Baltimore and then Hungary and so on. I can say there were times when I could feel God was moving and stirring my hearts in these words. Helping me, us.

This is a period we are in today. Like the song said. Might bury the workman. I didn’t think that would ever happen but it does. I have no plans of leaving but it’s true. When Timothy was a child, he got the Scriptures in his heart. I don’t hesitate to say to any young person come to the youth meetings. Go down to the Sunday school. A young man coming in, get focused and concentrate. God gives these times.

vs. 17, 4:2 all longsuffering and doctrine. Time will come when they won’t endure sound doctrine. I believe we are in that place. I read about 30 new diseases since the mid-1970s that have killed millions of people. There was an amazing pandemic in 1918. I forget how many people died in that one year. This is what scientists are saying because today we travel so much and get on airplanes and cross over worldwide. If the same thing happened, we would be talking of even a billion people dying. Like the AIDS virus, bird flu, swine flu, all kinds of various diseases. Science is working to stop it as much as possible. Jesus said end times there will be pestilences. They get their flu vaccination and in weeks it mutates and people get the flu anyway. Not my field of expertise but to say a man or woman that gets grounded in what the Bible says is not afraid of being rebuked or exhorted no getting easily offended. Able to endure it. I want to hear what the Bible is saying. The time comes when people will not endure sound doctrine. They don’t want to hear about the Cross, the finished work message, the total depravity that P. love shared at that service for his mom. We say man is bad and everyone says man is good. Of course until you scratch passed the layer of civilized living and he’s a barbarian. Civilized life being for the benefit of me and the whole so let’s be civilized. You don’t have to be regenerated to be civilized. You just have to have a little common sense.

vs. 3. 2 Tim 4:3-5, Eph. 4:8-9, Christ is ascended up into heaven and gives gifts to men. He gives gifts to men and women and to us as Body members. Ears is a great gift. Our new hearts, our new society, our new fellowship, a spiritual home with godly convictions. Someone gets offended because we say something about a sin. We say adultery and someone doesn’t like it or homosexuality or marijuana or heroin or stealing or lying. Come on. Loosen up. Get biblical. Get wise, and don’t get easily offended. We are not perfect. Prophesying is in part. There is no full and complete message. There are bits and pieces. We are here to fear God and hear what God says. My inner man is saying amen. I am sorry about the world hating me.

Jn. 15:19, love the world. Was it David Bowie, a British rock star and he died? I was at an airport at Europe and there was the news about his death. I was seeing how much the world loved him. You could have a saint of God that dies and look at what it says.

vs. 19. Therefore the world hates you. We got to put that in our pipe and smoke it. I got to put that in my heart and realize the world is not going to love me. If the world knew my message and the will of God in life, whenever we carry that spirit with us there is something about us that the world is saying – by the way, I think this was this Rolling Stone magazine. You’re going to think I’m a rock and roller in my private life! Mike Jagger and the devil meeting him and saying give me your soul and I’ll give you the world. He went off the charts. Can the devil give someone the power? Can the devil give you a bone and lead and guide you? I’ve been reading the history of Hitler and the attempted assassinations. Finally Elder Spear at the end of the regime realized its Germany’s destiny. There were 41 attempts and they couldn’t get rid of him. The devil is so powerful he is beyond flesh and blood. I don’t think I can go anywhere to find the kind of fellowship where God is moving where you have men of God, God ascended and gave gifts unto men. What do those gifts do?

Eph 4:11. That is what is happening to us in part. We are maturing and there are some men and women here who are extremely focused in their hearts and mind and concentration. Stay on target. God wants to use you. He is perfecting the saints.

vs. 12. Pastor Chuck H. and his family goes over to Ghana for the work of the ministry. P. Chris Arman, P. Stan Collins, Tina Reeves, Jim Shirmer. Many names could be given through the years. Roger Robbins Jr. in Izmir with Matt Laflame and Morgan. When gifts are given, we are there with those gifts and they have an influence on our lives. Paul said you better be teaching with authority and exhortation and rebuke but don’t let anyone despise you. Do it in such a way that you are not hammering them. Do it in such a way that it is clearly from the Spirit to build us up in our inner man and to guide us in R and his way. If I’m here as an international student, I want to redeem the time and be as focused as I can. Be in the library as much as I can. Be in every prayer meeting that I can be. Be in every rap session that I can be in because I’m gone. I’m back to my home country. There I will go back and I will impart what I have received because I have received in the plan of God. We need to pray for that with our sisters and brothers. For the edifying of the Body of Christ. I love when the meeting is over and we linger in here. You can go anytime you want. We are hanging out an hour later. Get out of here [joking]! I want to believe it’s more than being good friends. There is an impartation that happens. I have a nugget for the rest of my week. I got motivated or stirred up in my heart. We live from faith to faith. This faith we are living in goes into more faith. We gone on from faith to faith. You never leave the world of faith. Us folks on the road for a while we cannot stop living form faith to faith. It’s not copilot it’s living from faith to faith in all the areas of life.

We do this until vs. 13. In a couple weeks we’ll be in Warsaw, Poland and that group of people from Turkey and Geneva, etc. and all the members. We can taste heaven. We are gathered in his name. This is how we will live until we come into the unity of the faith. Believe me there are strategies of the enemy to drive me away or to be easily offended or get in trouble somehow.

We get up again and live by faith. We hear again and we are submitted. Submitted to God and then easy to be submitted to each other. We can be sensitive to what God is saying to each other. We can be submitted to each other because we are submitted to God.


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