Our flesh, our sin nature, remains with us. That part of us cannot be fed. We walk in the Holy Spirit and in hatred, variance, and emulation. Live rather in peace, the Word, and church life. Galatians 5:13-21
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Speaker: Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12561
11 AM on 08/13/2023

P. Schaller –

Praise the Lord! We have some visitors here, because Camp Life starts tomorrow, right? Monday. Anybody here
for Camp Life? Going to Camp Life? Any old people going to Camp Life? Camp Life. How many
want to go to Camp Life? Okay, so we have some. We also have Kathy and Frank Corbiere,
right? Very good. Good to have you. Earlier service, a couple folks from Romania, a country in
Europe, have come for Camp Life up in Pennsylvania. It will be a great week, so keep that in
prayer. Buses will be leaving with young people to go to Camp Life, so what a beautiful thing.
Today, we’re going to speak about walking in the Spirit versus walking in the flesh. So, living in
the flesh or walking in the Spirit cause we want to help people. We want to help people live their
life, an amazing life. Jesus has given us new life. Wow. Great theme. Beautiful.

Bible school will be starting up in a couple of weeks. The Christian day school here will be
starting in a couple weeks. I’m just excited about the summer that the Lord gave us. I’ve gotten
videos from France and let’s see, Serbia, India, Argentina. There’s a group going to Bolivia
tomorrow. They’re flying down there. A lot of good stuff is happening right here in Baltimore.
What a great summer we had.

Yesterday, we were evangelizing. We were at Sam’s Club in the parking lot handing out some
literature. One young lady said, is this the church that meets outside? I do, yeah. I think it is!
She goes, I drive by and I see you on Wednesday night outside, cause we do the raps out
there. So, we have a service inside, and then we go outside and we have a time together in the
Spirit. In the Spirit.

Can you say that to your neighbor for a moment? In the Spirit. In the Spirit of God. In the Spirit.
Love, joy, peace, in the Spirit of God. What a way to live. I want to learn to live in the Spirit. Isn’t
that a good word? I’d like to help you, and we want to help each other live in the Spirit of God.
What do you think? It’s good.

Are there any gossipers here today? Let’s line up the gossipers. Line them up right here, and
just have a word with them. What would you say to them? I want to talk to the gossipers. What
would you say to them? What? Let’s see. You would say to them, listen. We love you. We love
you. But I want you to listen to me. I want you to change. I want you to change, and God does
that. God changes you. God fills you with the Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not gossip but people
do. And they compare and all that. That will be our message today.

But you say to the gossipers, Jesus saved you so can be edifying in front of people and behind
their backs. You be edifying and loving. You be praying for people. Loving them. Not jealous.
Not envious. Not divisive. Not gossiping. But Jesus change your heart that you would love
people. Isn’t that beautiful. That’s what we would say. Of course, there’s none here. I’m sure
there’s no gossipers here! That’s what we say to these people, these imaginary people. Okay.
So, we’ll have a good morning. Welcome, P. Matt Gehret. He’s the head of the Bible college
here and we love him very much. [Talked about Bible college starting and introduced some of
the students.]

Okay. You may be seated. Turn with me to the book of Galatians, chapter 5. Many of you are in
such a good habit of listening, and we are hearers. Remember Mark. 4:24, be careful, pay
attention to what you hear. Luke 8 is how you hear. And then be ready to hear is Ecclesiastes 5:1. To be
ready to hear. To have an attitude. So, today, we are going to look at this text, and think about
the Spirit of God affecting our lives.

You know, it would be so easy to have a religion, but it really doesn’t work in my life, you know. I
have a religion, but I have that as a tradition. It might do me a little good. It’s nice to have a
religion. To learn to be kind and polite and those things. I need more. I don’t know about you, but
when I became a believer, I was really needing it to be real. That it would work. Does it really work? Is this real? I mean Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday and summer time and winter
time. Young. Old. Good days. Bad days. I mean is it real? Right. That’s what we’re interested in
reading about here.

So, turn to chapter 5 and we can start reading from vs. 13-21. And there will be some teaching
needed for our understanding here from other Scriptures. vs. 13. Liberty. A big word, liberty.
Liberty. Really big word. Inside, internal. Liberty. Not political liberty or liberty to do whatever I
want to, but another kind like God is free. God has liberty. God doesn’t contradict himself. God is
not in any bondage. God cannot lie. He can’t contradict himself. He’s infinitely perfect in every
way. That liberty that is in God is given to us spiritually. We have the Holy Spirit. We have been
born again.

Let’s go back one step. There was a time when you were not born again. Let’s draw a picture
here. Is that up there yet? Is it? Okay. That’s you and me. We say OSN, old sin nature. Greek
word SARX. In English, flesh. Our flesh or sin nature. Flesh means also meat, right? Flesh.
German. The actually flesh and bones. But it also has another meaning. It’s our old sin nature.
That’s the nature of Adam, the first Adam. That nature we should learn about it. There are ten
words for sin in our Bible. So, we have ten words. Transgression. We have the word sin. We
have evil. We have wickedness. We have ungodliness. We have ten different words. That’s
another subject, but the point is we have a nature. Our nature is sinful.

When we came to Christ, we were born again. So, that means you were given a new nature.
Christ’s nature. Christ in you. You are born again. You have a new heart. It isn’t that God takes
your old man here, the old sin nature, and changes it, morphs it little by little into a new creation.
No, he doesn’t. Your old sin nature stays your old sin nature. It doesn’t change. It’s a sinful
nature, and it’s part of your life. You have an old sin nature, and it’s there in your life. It’s here.
We have two natures. We have one that sins and we have one that does not.

But I am a sinner. I am. But I also have a nature that does not sin. Listen. Galatians 2:20, what do you
mean? I live. Not I. Not I but Christ lives within me. vs. 21. That’s a new nature. That’s not an
amalgamation of Jesus plus my sin nature. It’s totally divorced. Romans 6 says I died with him. My,
when he was crucified, I was crucified. This regarding my sin nature. Me. Tom. A sinner. Tom.
Yeah, him. He died but he lives. The life that he now lives, he lives by the faith of the Son of
God. Not even his own faith, but the faith of the Son of God. The new nature that is without sin.
So, um, when we read this, we read that there is really a conflict between two natures.

There are two that are alive. One is legally dead and dealt with by God in God’s mind. We have died
with Christ and now we live. We’re a new creation. But in our practice, I actually know that my
sin nature is there ready to roll. My sin nature is there in my life ready to roll. Yes. My sin nature
is ready to sin. It’s there if I feed it, if I live that way.

Now, let’s say a couple things about a Christian living in the flesh. Here is the old sin nature of
the Christian, and here is the new nature of the Christian. And there are people like you and I
that wake up in the morning and just say I can live my life. I can live my life. Yeah, I believe in
God, but I don’t really need him right now. I got it covered. I’m going to drive my car. No
problem. I do it a thousand times. I don’t really need God. I don’t really need God, you know. I
can live my life. And have my job. I’m good at my job. I’m a nice guy. I live in the neighborhood. I
belong to a group of, a club. I’m part of a club. They like me. I’m a good guy. I’m living my life.
And do you need God? Okay, yeah. I got this covered. I got this covered.

That’s my flesh. That’s my flesh. My flesh doesn’t need God. My flesh is not relating to God
primarily. My flesh has God like, you know, like a credit card in the side pocket. God is there, but
he’s not really – I’m good. I don’t really need him. That’s the way many Christians live. It’s not
what Jesus would say. Jesus would say I always do what my Father wants. Jesus would say I
am trusting in my Father. Jesus would say God is the author and finisher of my life. I need God
in my life. I need God. I want God in my life. I trust in God. This is the new nature. This is how
you want to live. You want to live like this. You and I want to live in the Spirit of God.

Proverbs 3:5, trust in the Lord with all your heart, and don’t lean on your own understanding. In all
your ways, acknowledge him and he will direct your paths. This is living in the Spirit. Okay. Let’s
say a couple things about it. I talked to an airplane pilot one time, and he told me a simple
airplane is flying in this direction. This is it’s destination. It’s going here. But when it’s off one
degree here in the beginning or somewhere in the flight, it’s off one degree and you’re not
paying attention. When you’re flying 600 miles an hour, you’re way off target. Though you
started only one degree off, you’re hundreds of miles off from where you should be, because
you didn’t correct yourself. You weren’t correcting yourself, so you’re way off. That happens in

Ten years later, a Christian could say how did I get here? How did this happen to me? What
happened? I don’t know. What happened? We’re saying we understand this. Let’s have
something in our life that we would be corrected and challenged in our life, cause we want truth
to direct us and guide us. And Jesus said I sent you the Comforter, and he will guide you into all
truth. And the truth goes into the inner part. Not on the outside like the flesh is real good at the
outside stuff. See my new clothes. See how good I am. Do you know how polite I am? I walk
into a room, I can win the crowd. I can serve food. I can buy friends. I’m real good at it. I’m at the
top of my game.

You’re in the flesh. I mean you don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t know who you really are.
You don’t realize how bad it is. On the outside, you got it all covered. But on the inside, you’re
miserable. You don’t have any joy. You don’t have any liberty. You don’t have any authority in
your heart. You end up sleeping with somebody. And you go, how did that happen? How did that
happen? Well, we’re telling you. This is the fruit of the, the work of the flesh. The work of the
flesh is to live with this confidence and sense of getting, having the ability and be able to live
your life, but you have no idea what you are capable of in your sin nature. The only answer is to
be living in the Spirit.

Now, there’s an example of this error of what went wrong in the book of Ezra. I will not read that
for you. It’s a good Sunday afternoon read. I’m sorry. Ezra is 10. A similar chapter, Nehemiah 13.
So, here’s what happened. There was the house of God that had been rebuilt. I’ll put a bird’s
eye view of the house of God. And there was a storage room here for the sacrifices like wine
and wheat and food for the priests that were serving in the house of God.

Well, a bad guy had a connection with the high priest. His name was Tobiah, and he took over
the room. He took over the room. And the room wasn’t supplied with stuff for the priest. It was
taken over by a guy that shouldn’t even be connected. He shouldn’t even be involved in the
house of God. He’s an enemy of the Jews. An enemy of the Jews came into the picture.

Weasled his way in, and took over a room for his stuff. That stuff should go out on the sidewalk.
That stuff should be gone, so Nehemiah went in and he did house cleaning. And he corrected it.
He was very aggressive about it. He was very adamant about it. He had purpose in it, and it’s in
our Bible. It’s an example of how things morph little by little and we’re way off target, and it
happens little by little by people who are not Spirit-filled. They are not Spirit-filled.

Let me tell you another short story to illustrate it. In Brooklyn, New York, there was – I can’t draw
it. Here’s Brooklyn, New York! There were hundreds of churches back in the – what was it – the
1920’s, 1940’s. Packed with thousands of people. These churches. Big buildings. Big churches
packed with thousands of Christians. That actually happened in our history. And it was
Christianity, and the teaching and there were men of God. This was in Brooklyn. Now, these
churches are empty, but they have big endowments. So they can keep the buildings running, but
they just hire a pastor or a group of people. They have a few people that are running the
building, but the building is empty.

Why is the building empty? Cause the only reason why I would go to church is that the Holy
Spirit would be filling. The Holy Spirit would be speaking. The Holy Spirit would be correcting
me. The Holy Spirit would be helping me to live the life. If Jesus will change my life, I’m in. I’m part of that. But I need somebody to tell me the truth. I don’t need to go way off and end up ten
years later saying how did I get here? What happened to me? Well, did you get what you
needed from Jesus Christ?

The reason he came was that we would be different. We would be
different. We would have the Holy Spirit in our lives, and be filled with the Holy Spirit and it
would affect our words, our hearts, the way of thinking. And we say, no! Can you say that? No!
Come on! Come on! No! I’m not doing that. No! I don’t believe that. No! No! Get used to saying
the word, no. It’s part of your life.

Okay, so, let’s go to the text here. Galatians 5. Are you guys with me? Is this good? Come on. Bear
with me. Come on. You’re okay. Come on. God’s grace is there for all of us. We are saved by
grace. I mean, come on. We’re good. Amen. Yes, we are. The Holy Spirit is in us and for us.
Let’s read chapter 5:13. How can I help you? How can I serve you? I need to make a phone call.
Encourage someone. Sometimes I think about that. Lord, who could I call and just encourage
them. There’s so many people that we could call that we know and it’s a big thing. I need help
from God, but it’s in our hearts we want to help each other. We want to serve each other in the
Lord. It’s in our hearts, isn’t it? We love each other. We serve. How can I help my brother and
my sister? It’s a beautiful work of God. It’s love. Love.

vs. 14. You know, sometimes people have different views on different things. I want to bring it
before God. I had some thing I could bring to the insurance company and make a claim. I don’t
remember what it was, but I remember the spirit of it. They’re saying, get all you can. Get all you
can. Then, I’m thinking – I’m not talking about anybody here. I don’t know anything. I’m talking
about myself. I’m just thinking, Lord, what do you say? And he was like I don’t need that. I don’t
need to go after money. I don’t have to go chasing. I don’t have to.

Really. God’s taking care of me. I believe in God. It doesn’t mean you couldn’t. I’m not saying that. I’m telling you I’m talking about the spirit of our lives. The world says go after it. Go get all you can and everything. We
have another spirit. We are filled with the Spirit. Our live is different. We are not looking for the
world. We are not looking for what they say. We are not living the way they live. We are different
people. And again, I’m not making a judgment for you. I’m just telling you I want to be prayerful
about things. It says don’t lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him
and he will direct your paths. How about that? Come on! Woe! I’m getting happy suddenly. Woo!
I love that. That’s a good word. Let’s go. We better end the meeting right now, cause we’re going
to get in some real deep yogurt here!

Where are we? vs. 15. Now, that’s a weird phrase, isn’t it? We’re not biting and devouring. But if
you think about animals eating each other. And go on YouTube, and have a moment of
recreation and see how animals will fight each other. How two bears in the garage. I saw one
video on that. It was on the news. They ran into each other in a garage. They broke in. One had
and the other one had too and they met each other. And they went at it! Two animals. How
about – maybe that’s enough of that! You get the idea. I mean can people fight like animals?
Can people swear and cuss? Can they fight and go at it and yeah, this is the way we do it in our
family. We go at it with each other. Well, it’s not about how you do it in your family. It’s about
what does the Holy Spirit say? Is he grieved? Is this from God? Is this the Holy Spirit. We don’t
do that.

And you can say in your family we don’t swear. You say to your kids, we don’t speak dirty. We
don’t talk like that. We don’t do that in our family. And what other things that you might say? We
are respectful to mother. Always respect your mother and your sister. You treat her well. And you
behave. You can have fun and chide with each other and fight a little bit. Maybe that’s good for
you. But not this way. It’s got to be in love. You have a good talk and so on. You follow me.
Okay. Everybody goes silent! It’s like. Very good. Very good. Thank you for that.

vs. 15-16. That’s a different thing. That takes some sensitivity to God. We’re made like that.
We’re made to be sensitive to God. Walk in the Spirit. We are. When we grieve – what does the
word “grieve” mean? To grieve the Spirit. To make him sad. To hurt him. The Holy Spirit of the
Trinity. The Father isn’t touched by any of it. He’s the Father. I mean he is God but then Jesus

the Son of God came to live here. And he was grieved and he was hurt and saddened and the
man of sorrows.
And he’s gone. Of course, he’s here, because he is God. But it’s the Holy Spirit that has been
sent into our lives and he is saddened by this, the world, the life we are living. So when he is
saddened, we are saddened by it. That’s why when you go back to sin and live in sin or practice
sin or you go in your flesh, you can sense the grief of the Spirit. He’s grieved. You know it. You
know it, but you wait. You’re off but you go on days, weeks, even months, years and you’re off.
You’re off. You’re way off of where you could be.

An enemy is in the hen house. A weasel got into the hen house. A wolf is in the midst of the sheep. Lies are accepted as doctrine. Ways of life are lived out by Christians who grieve the Spirit of God. They are not being corrected. They
do not know why the are so angry, sometimes depressed and frustrated. They say, yes, I’m a
Christian but, but. And they go on their fleshly explanation and their way and their arrogance,
our arrogance and our thing.

We are feeding the flesh, and the flesh becomes the dominant force in our life. And we grieve
the Spirit of God as a way of life. And we’re not being corrected. Then, the Lord loves us and
prays for us and gives us grace. And he says, here I am. My arms are stretched out, and saying
to the Father, forgive them. They don’t know what they do. They don’t know how they are
destroying the life they could have.

You know you could have somebody that you hated. I’ll draw a picture here. I have hatred,
actually hatred. It sounds maybe for many of us, it’s very far away from our hearts. But it may
not be for some of you. There’s somebody you hate. There’s somebody you detest. If their name
is mentioned, you feel sick. You hate them that much. Imagine that kind of hatred. This is old sin
nature. All of us have it. All of us can imagine that. That cannot be. That cannot happen. That is
not from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not have that hatred. He does not live like that. He
does not think like that.

The Holy Spirit is saying Jesus died for that person. That person is made in the image of God.
Leave it alone. Just kind of forgive them in your heart and pray for them and love them, because
you cannot live with hatred in your heart. That’s the old sin nature. You can’t do that. It doesn’t
matter what they have done. Just remove them out of your – just by dealing with it before God.
Let it be. You don’t have to go on summer vacation with the person, but you have to deal with it
in your heart. You say Jesus you love them. I’m going to leave it at that. I forgive them, and I
pray for them to be blessed by you. That’s the Holy Spirit. Who could do that? That’s not man.
This is called the Holy Spirit. He’s the one.

Go to vs. 16. By the way, if you and I don’t deal with the hatred and I’m grieving the Holy Spirit,
then a sin that you can’t even believe you did. You stole someone’s money. I can’t believe that I
did that. Well, it was rooted in your flesh and your sin was the hatred, but now your flesh is now
stealing from someone who is your best friend. How could that happen? Or adultery or some
other – how could that happen? That’s your sin nature. That you are feeding your sin nature,
and you think you can control your sin nature. Yeah, maybe to some degree. But look out!
You’re playing with somebody deceitful and desperately wicked and you can’t know it in Jeremiah 17.
You think you can control it but you can’t. You need God. We need God, right, to control our life.
So, we must live this way and not handle it this way.

Vs. 17. They are really at odds with each other. You might say, yeah, but isn’t the flesh
crucified? Yes, legally has died. It does not have authority, but if you are not living in faith and
reckoning your flesh to be dead, Romans 6:13, then he will take over. He will live. He will express
himself through you, cause the sin nature is connected to your mortal body. As long as you have
a mortal body, your sin nature is present. If you feed your sin nature, if you allow it to live, then it
will live. And it will take over. It develops mental thought patterns, the words, the actions, the
behaviors. But if we reckon it dead and live by faith, then the sin nature doesn’t have the
authority. The new man does. And actually, we’re surprised when we live in the Spirit how easy
life is. Really. Honestly. Matthew 11:29, my yoke is easy. Is it easy? Yes, it is easy. Someone says the

Christian life is hard. I would say, yeah in the flesh it is. Real hard. But not in the Spirit. The yoke
is easy, the burden is light. You overcome. You leap over a wall, run through a troop. You do
valiantly, Psalm 18. you and I. Wow! It really is like that. Which one do we feed?

vs. 17b. One would exclude the other one. One would exclude the other one. You know those
electrical buttons, you push in the top button and the bottom pops out. You push the one in and
the top one pops out. You can’t have them on at the same time. They exclude each other. A very
simple switch. One is on and the other isn’t. It’s that kind of very simple thing. And in a similar
way, if you and I are in the Spirit, then we are not in the flesh. And the action of the flesh isn’t
there. It isn’t there. We are under the control and the authority of the Spirit of God.

vs. 18. You really don’t need the law to tell you how to live, because it’s in your heart. That
sensitivity is beautiful. I feel I should go talk to that person. I want to go express something to
them. Encourage them. There’s no law telling you to do that. You are led by the Spirit to love a
brother or sister. You are led by the Spirit to care about people that are far away from us, that
are in trouble or people that don’t have the gospel or people are being persecuted for the faith.
Maybe somebody in my neighborhood.

Maybe there is a single mom in my neighborhood with a
lousy car that’s always breaking down, and you are aware of that person. You know that person.
You think about them and you may pray for them or you may talk to them and say your car’s
always breaking down. I’m so sorry about that. What could we do? Is anybody helping you?
That kind of kindness. That kind of love expressed to people we don’t know. We know each
other, the love we have for each other, but then there are the people around us that need help
like the homeless folks. The people that maybe are different from us.

We are very, I’m amazed at how people talk about the race and ethnic diversity and all of these
things like they are problems. That these are problems. I don’t have those problems. And you
don’t have them because you’re Spirit-filled. I don’t even know what they are talking about.
We’re Spirit-filled people. You are made in the image of God. God made you. You have a heart.
You are fascinating. You are interesting. I’d like to have a talk with you. I care about you. Jesus
loves you. It’s like amazing. That’s the way we are, because we are Spirit-filled people. The
world would like to say that you are this way, but we are letting them talk. Let them talk. They
can talk all day long and that’s okay. That’s not where we live. We don’t have racism. We don’t
have ethnic conflicts. We live together. We care about each other. We have the Holy Spirit in our

Notice here in vs. 19. They become obvious. They become not just things that are on the
outside, but they become things that are evident. You can’t hide them. They become, they show
up. Sooner or later, they show up. You can’t sleep at night. You have a secret voodoo doll under
the bed! You’re putting pins in your enemy. They show up by your words. Like what a beautiful,
nice person you are. And you just think what’s going on? What are they really thinking? What
are they really saying? What is really behind it? What is going on in these relationships with
people? Are they simple? Are they pure? Are they loving? Do we think evil? Are we suspicious?
Are we edifying? Are we confident? Are we joyful? Is it easy? Is it complicated?
It’s easy. It’s simple. It is what it is. It’s clean. It’s fresh. It’s beautiful. We are Spirit-filled people.
We assemble. Hundreds of us.

Actually, thousands when we have our conventions. Actually
thousands of people that are meeting, and I’m sure there are fleshly things and flesh is in life,
but I also see the mentality of love and I hear it and we see it in action and it’s a joy. It’s a great
way of life.

Look at the list here. vs. 19. We’ll finish in a minute here. vs. 19. These are all like sexual sins
and appetites and desires. That’s one part of the list. vs. 20. Witchcraft. Pharmakia. I have a
better definition. The use of administering drugs, poisoning, sorcery, magical arts like potions
and this kind of thing in connection with idolatry and fostered by it. In the ancient world, they
didn’t have modern medicine, so they had witchcraft. Paul is saying we don’t need it. We don’t
need witchcraft. That’s not, that’s a work of the flesh. And so, we can leave it at that.

The next word is hatred. We used that in the message. Hatred. We cannot have that. Variance.
This is strife, contention or wrangling. This is the one word that I would like to kind of talk about
for a minute. Contention. It’s a person bottled up with strife. They just have anger kind of buried
in their hearts. Maybe their ex-husband, ex-wife. Maybe a boss from years ago. There’s
something, a root inside. They are angry. You can’t have a talk so easily. They always got some
issue. They are fired up or they’re quiet but there’s slow-burning strife that’s in the heart.

Jesus could say to that person, come over here. Kneel down. I want to talk to you. I want you to
listen to me or sit down. I want to talk to you. You have something in your heart. You got to deal
with that. I’m not in that. You got to give that up. That’s your self-life. You’re holding on to
something. You’re not forgiving. You’re holding on. That’s poison for you. That’s grieving the
Holy Spirit. And you know, you know if you would quiet down and listen, I’m telling you that you
are grieving the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is you and you can tell that that grief that you have is
because you can’t give it up. You cannot forgive. You cannot give it up. You feel you have been
hurt. You have a right to being hurt. You have a right to this anger. You have a right to this strife.
But everything you say is coming out of that strife.

So, it’s hard to get along with you. You’re not quiet. You’re not at peace. It’s not simple. It’s
always complicated. To talk with you is to talk for an hour and just listen about your miserable
life. That’s all that you can do. You just talk about your miserable life. That’s why people aren’t
attracted to you, drawn to you. It’s not fun to have a simple – we could sit quietly for twenty
minutes and enjoy a cup of coffee and just say it’s beautiful out here. It really is. It’s beautiful out
here on the deck with a cup of coffee. The birds are singing. Isn’t that beautiful.

Why is there strife all the time? It’s the flesh. It’s the flesh. And you’re a Christian. And that can’t
be. You are to be filled with the Holy Spirit and have it as a way of life. It’s a way of life for you to
be filled with the Spirit. Love and joy and peace. But you don’t have it. You need a little bit of –
actually, you need a church. Let’s go to the end here.

We’ll just jump over a couple words. What is it that the Spirit will do? The Spirit will lead. The
Holy Spirit will lead. He leads us. A few words on it. We got great words here, vs. 20. You may
know all of these words. Listen. Somebody could say, I don’t live in adultery. I don’t live in
adultery. Yeah, I know. Okay. You don’t commit that sin. Do you commit this one? That you are,
it’s hard to have a talk with you where you are actually listening and you are actually sensitive.
And that actually are you Spirit-filled? And do you say that you need God? I need God in my life.
I need God in my life. I need the doctrine. I need the teaching. I need God in my life. I want him
in my life. I need God in my life. Do you have that? No, I don’t commit adultery and fornication
and I’m not lying and stealing. I know. Okay, but you’re in the flesh. You’re proud. You’re selfish.
It’s hard. You’re in the flesh.

So, this is maybe a tough message for you today, but follow it with me. It’s ending. The good
news is it’s ending. The message is over in a minute here. If you want, honestly, if you want this
new life, then you must be led by the Spirit of God in these three ways that I want to mention.
Let’s go to the verses.

We can go down to – we have the fruit of the Spirit in vs. 22, 23, 24, 25. vs. 18. I’ll use that one.
You are led of the Spirit. He actually leads you in peace. This is Colossians 3:16. he actually leads you
in peace. You don’t have peace. You don’t have peace. Like the umpire in the tennis match.
Fault! You know the serve goes out of the court, out of line. Fault! Fault! The umpire on the stool
or the high chair – fault! So, it doesn’t count. The Holy Spirit does that in your life. You don’t
have peace, he’s saying. No peace. I go why don’t I have peace? Because the Lord is saying
there’s something – you need to be humble.

And #2. hear. I’ll put the word “hear.” You need to
be a hearer. Quiet down before the Lord. Get real humble before God. Bring your stuff before
God and forgive. When he says forgive, forgive. Leave it at the cross. Okay. And we do that.
That’s #2.

#3. Church life. He leads you to be part of a church. He leads you to be filled with the Spirit in
the church fellowship, built up in the faith, having sisters and brothers, encouraging each other.
He is leading you. He is leading you in that. You’re led to be part of a fellowship. You’re led to be
learning the Word. You’re led to be filled with the Spirit and have joy, peace, and love in your

So, um, I know what it is. I know I’m in the flesh sometimes. And just like I want to be corrected
right away. Right away. My wife tells me. My wife is good at it. She’s like the Holy Spirit. No, she
doesn’t. Sometimes, she might not correct me but talk to me. And we, I agree. I talk to her. She
needs my portion. I need her portion. We don’t fight. We don’t fight with each other. We might
have disagreements. We talk. Okay.

Fighting is like different families have different meanings of it. You can be strong. In my family,
we might be a lot stronger and another family might be more sensitive. People are different how
they communicate. And I’m a guy, I guess. I can be insensitive. Yelling and I don’t know that I’m
yelling or something like that. So, I say that to say there’s no set thing except you should know
sooner or later in the course of a day what Spirit you are of. You should know. Can you say I
apologize? Can you say I am sorry? Can you say Lord, I need you? Can you get alone before
the Lord and bring your stuff before God and say fill me with your Holy Spirit. Because I need

I do believe you do that. I believe we’re learning and I believe that’s a great way to live. And then
you might wake up one day and say, how did I get here? In this good place with these great
people and this good way of thinking and this good way of living. And I don’t have the
temptations I used to have. How did I get here? And we would say cause you’ve been walking in
the Spirit and God did that for you. Okay. Amen. Would you pray with me.


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