Full salvation is coming to us. Our mortal bodies shall be quickened because of the inheritance given to us, this is the reality with anticipate, even though trouble and heaviness are part of our pictures. (1 Peter 1:1-9)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11718
11:00 AM on 7/21/2019




P. Schaller

I wanted to give a short report. Praise God. Good to see you this morning. We had, as many of you know, a group of our teens, 26 of them who went – I think 110 teenagers from here and Europe – met in Georgia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia. Uzbek, Kazak, Hungarian, Polish, French, Finish and they met in Georgia. The capital is Tbilisi. They came back. Give God a hand. Praise the Lord. God used P. Love and P. Pete and others, the folks that minister. They had an amazing time.

I want to say, and I was in Finland. We had our summer convention. Sirpa was there and others from different parts of Finland. We went to Hungary and had a conference with the Hungarians. We came back, too. That’s amazing. I want to thank this church Body.

I have some information here. During the Convention time, P. Jason gave me a report on this. What kind of families, what did we do? We had more than 100 visitors hosted in our different families. We had 65 host families we knew of and a lot of people made arrangements outside of this material. I was thinking of the rides people got and the guests and the food and the different things served to our visitors who come from different countries for our June convention in Baltimore. P. Jason said Maggie Lockhart wins the queen of hospitality. She housed 4 people and two other guests. She did a lot. Maggie, we love you. Thank you.

I think for us to pause for a moment on a Sunday morning and say Lord, you brought our young people all the way to Central Asia and back. You brought people from different countries in the world to come here and worship with us and we served them. They were blessed and went back with a message fresh in their hearts. Allison was in Hungary and Mary and P. Gary and five or six went to Hungary for a week before I came. They were like John the Baptist going before except I wasn’t Jesus coming after! They were so blessed. Good things are happening here. God is answering prayers. God is using you and we are learning and growing together. I want to take a moment of praise to God for doing all this great stuff. Praise to God for people. Praise to God. Praise the Lord. Praise to God for an airplane that gets off the ground and comes back on the ground. Thank you, God. Thank you, God for every dollar that goes through our hands and every message God gives. The good stuff that is going on.

Later this morning, I’m going to share this sentence. People say we are in a “no win” situation. Ever heard that? Turn to your neighbor and say we are in a “no win” situation. We are in a “no lose” situation. Say that to your neighbor. How is that possible? I’ll explain it to you later this morning. God bless you. We are going to have a great service today.

Today we are going to teach from 1 Peter 1:1-9. And our subject is hope. Lively hope, not just any hope but a real hope. We’ll explain that. I’m in a “no win” situation. I’m in a “no lose” situation. That’s important to learn and grow in our understanding. What are you doing here today right now? Why did you come here? Worshipping and learning. Why did you come here? My answer is that life happens on the first floor of the house and the reason I come is so I can get established in the whole house. I can get rooted and grounded in my faith and have a lively hope that will never disappoint me. A lot of things we hope for. A lot of things in life I desire and hope for and it might not happen. We can’t be sure. We don’t know what will happen. I don’t know if I’ll live tomorrow. I don’t know if I’ll graduate from high school. I hope one day I’ll have a boyfriend or girlfriend or get married or have a job or own a business. I hope so. We call this in our ministry, if you’ve been coming here, we talk about the life having two floors of the house. First floor is the natural man. The natural man, the typical nature man lives to survive and achieve. P

. Frank and Kathy Corbiere are here. Great to have you here. How long are you here for? Till Wednesday. Good to have you.

So 1 Pet. 1:1-9 are written so that we would get orientated to a lively hope. Here we have hope in this level. And some of what we hope for in life might happen. It actually happened in my life many times. The things I wished would happen, happened. It’s amazing. But I can’t be sure. Job 1 is an example. He’s a man of God, a good man of God and God takes notice of him. He has a big family; ten children and he’s concerned about all his possessions and family members. His sons went and feasted in their houses. Vs. 5. According to the children he had, he made burnt offerings. It might be that my sons have sinned and cursed God in their hearts, so I will offer an offering for them. It says this Job did continually. He was trying to cover any bad stuff that would happen in the lives of his sons and daughters. What happens in the story? They all die. The thing he hoped for didn’t happen. He hoped for God’s blessing. That’s amazing. His hope was not a bad one. That’s a funny thing about it. It’s a good hope.

Many hopes people have are rooted in selfishness. I would hope I would win the lottery, have a lot of money and wouldn’t have the problems I have now. How many would agree? Sounds good to me. It’s so unlikely; I wouldn’t waste a dollar on it. A ridiculous hope. Some read the horoscope and look for something to hold onto. I know someone who went to a fortune teller to find out about their future and came away with a demon. I don’t recommend fortune tellers or séances or any of that dark stuff. Why is it happening? People are looking for hope and their future and something to have. I asked you why did you come here? I want you to be in the whole house and would like you to get rooted and grounded in what you can’t see. You can’t see it but it’s there and very real. We will read about it in this text of Scripture. 1 Pet. 1, it’s great to read the Bible. This is Bible learning in the summertime in Baltimore, Maryland with 100 degrees and 1000 percent humidity. This is the way to spend our summer, learning our Bible.

Vs. 1. These are foreigners, living alongside pagans in the Roman Empire but from another country. They are from heaven. We are strangers in this world. We are strangers and foreigners in this world. We are in the first floor of the house, but we have a citizenship from heaven. We are scattered throughout the Roman Empire, mentioning areas there (he read them). We are elect. Vs. 2. These are believers, likely some of them are Jewish Christians and they are scattered, and they are elect. Elect, chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the Father. This is a mystery. Of course, God knows all things. He has chosen us. We are chosen by God. You can explain it any way you want to. I like to enjoy the fact I am chosen. No one else will enjoy it. We made up a team in the summer and two guys are picking their teams and why did nobody pick me? At the end of the selection time, everyone looked at me standing by myself, the odd guy out. You can have him. No, we don’t want him. You take him. He’s a liability to us. In that context, I enjoy the fact that I’ve been chosen. I have value and so do you by God’s great counsel in the Trinity. Vs. 2. The Trinity is in vs. 2. Meaning the Holy Spirit has come into you and made you separate or holy, separated unto God for his purpose unto obedience. That means you have become obedient. You have a new nature, one of obedience to God. Do you know what happens when you are born again? You become desirous of God and obedient to God. I love God. Abba, Father, Gal 4. This happens by virtue of the blood of Jesus.

Vs. 2. Sanctifying of the Spirit and obedience and sprinkling of the blood of J.C. This is the Leviticus picture where they sprinkled the blood on the people. Moses did. They are set apart and now a worshipper of God. I become a worshipper instead of a judge. That was one of our messages in Hungary. Vs. 2-3. Begotten us again. We have this phrase in the Greek, again. Born again. We are regenerated, indwelt by the Spirit, the nature of Christ in us. This is real. This happened to you. The hopes we have in this world and Job had a good one. He hoped his children if they cursed God would be forgiven and blessed and live a long life. Of course, that is what he was hoping but it didn’t happen. He’s very troubled because the thing hoped for didn’t happen to me. Some people are shipwrecked in their faith because they have misguided hope.

A woman goes to buy a new car. She has it in her heart to get this nice new car. That’s the one I want. God, give me that car. She walks around it and sits in it and looks at it. She decides that she will pray, and God will give her what she hopes for. She lays hands on it. She tells the dealership she is going to buy it and signs the paper. A year later, she is in financial trouble and they repossess the car. She got what she hoped for and it wasn’t a good result. She is heartbroken, disappointed, losing her faith. I prayed, believed, and this thing is turning into a disaster. Why did it happen? Why did you come here today? I want you to get rooted and grounded in a lively hope, one that is sure and guaranteed.

God is teaching us something. We need to be rooted and grounded and not totally disappointed. We get hurt and disappointed, but we have a context for it. Maybe that wasn’t wise, Lord. Maybe it was more about me than your will. I’m going to get readjusted and think with you regarding my life. How about Job. All his children are dead. He’s devastated. How did this happen to me? After a while, Job realizes this is too much about me. I need to know God. I would like to know God. I erred by thinking there are certain things guaranteed me. It’s more about me and my desire. One friend of mine wanted to get married and the woman he was looking for was the perfect woman. I said that person doesn’t exist. What kind of wife do you want? Miss America and a lot of money so I don’t have to work. I don’t know about that. Maybe your hope is misguided. Maybe you have something in your mind more about you than the plan of God. We all have to get our sense of the most important thing we relate to is lively hope. It’s a guaranteed thing like we are reading about in this text. It says you are elected, begotten again in vs. 3. That means there is something sure about this hope. There is something coming.

I have to show you something that’s amazing. I can read it to you. Haley’s comet. There is a comet about a mile wide of debris, ice, water, gas, burning, etc. It goes 3 billion miles in a path, travels 3 billion miles away from earth and comes back. Seventy-five years from the time we see it and it’s gone; it comes back 75 years later. This was Isaac Newton, a mathematician and astronomer. He had a friend named Edmond Haley. He understood this comet. In 1682, he saw it and he was a mathematician and astronomer also. 23 years after Haley deciphered his logic and predicted it’s return in 1758, he died 17 years before he could be proved right. The return of the comet was a sensation. It made him immortal…he was the first to understand it.” Wow. I was thinking a lot about this guy. He understood this thing and did his math on it. I don’t know how they do that, but he was right. It could be used to illustrate something about us. We have embraced something true, yet we haven’t seen it yet. It’s coming. Christ is coming back. I cannot be sure in my flesh regarding the things I hope for. I know the things I’m hoping for is a lively hope, a sure hope. It’s happening.

Vs. 4. This lively hope is an inheritance. Do you see that? To have an inheritance you need to be a relative. We are a relative of God, the children of God and have an inheritance. It’s not about the first floor of the house, a car, good looking wife or beautiful children. It’s about something I have not yet seen but is sure. It’s incorruptible. It means moths cannot eat it. A thief cannot steal it. It’s an inheritance undefiled. It means it can’t be soiled or dirtied by anything unholy or satanic or wicked or evil. It can’t be polluted or mixed with something of inferior quality. It is pure, undefiled and doesn’t fade away like a flower. It’s reserved in heaven for you. You have an inheritance God has for you. It’s sure. When I was in Bible school, I was a young man and had my first-floor life. I would listen to the preaching and not understand what that means. I want to go buy a truck. I don’t know how that relates. I kept going to the church and gradually it started to get a hold of my heart and I became a worshiper of God. If I didn’t get what I wanted, I could be a worshipper of God and fellowship with God, his peace, his righteousness, his truth. And it started to grow in me. That’s what I want to see happen in your life. Grow in your faith and in what is important and sure.

The things I might have – I wrote down a couple. There is a misguided hope by mystical or magical Bible reading. They flip through it and hope it will lead and guide them. This is unstable, immature, and an unreliable way of living my life. I need to understand more of the context of what we are talking about. There are false hopes that people have, magical thinking. If I read my Bible every morning, then my life will be blessed the way I think life should be. There is some kind of magic in there and I’ll live an amazing life and get the things I want and what I’m hoping for will happen. No, that’s not what this is saying. I read the Bible a lot. Every morning, I am a student of the Bible for hours a day. This is what I do. I want you to read your Bible also. I want you to understand this is not magic. Like Job is saying I have to offer offerings because maybe someone has cursed God in their heart. God says to Satan; you can have them. Satan kills all of them. What is going on? The thing I hoped for hasn’t happened. God is saying, yeah, but this world is not about you but me and my wisdom, my nature, my plan, my work. Don’t get angry with God if life goes bad. We are not in a place to get angry with God but in a place to learn and grow and become like him.

Vs. 5. Just like Haley’s comet comes back at a certain time, so Christ is coming. At that time it will be revealed more what we are a part of, what we have been born into and inherited. Until then in vs. 6, for a season if need be. I looked up the phrase “if need be,” and it’s not necessarily so for all of us all the time to go through trials. There might be a believer who goes through very few. It might be another goes through many. In the face of Roman persecution, it might be you are in heaviness. Vs. 6 that means sorrow through manifold trials, many different trials.

Let’s take a break for a minute. Ask your neighbor what are some trials that you can go through or have been through. What are some different trials or temptations you go through as a believer? It might be for a time I am in trials, temptations. It might be like Job lost his family. It says it might be. It might be. It doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed you and I will always be going through trouble, but it might be for a time. What are some of them? Financial, physical, children, death, unexpected death, losing something valuable, broken heart, divorce, separation, slander, what people are saying that are not true. It might be for a season and it might be there is sorrow. The word before sorrow, you rejoice greatly in your inheritance but there might be a period of sorrow. Human hope might not happen but if it doesn’t happen, I’m grounded and rooted in that which is unshakable. Why am I here today? I want to get rooted and grounded in what is unshakeable. Life doesn’t have any guarantees for me in a way. Only thing sure in life is death and taxes. Taxes are sure and the grave is true. We can answer there is something more sure and that’s this inheritance that the Trinity gave us. The Father elected, the H.S. sanctified and the blood was sprinkled on us. We are born again into receiving an inheritance and this is a lively hope, a hope that can’t be foiled or destroyed or deteriorated or faded away. The trial of your faith is more precious than the gold that perishes.

Vs. 7. Always make your adjustments to faith. Faith is vertical; hope is horizontal. Hope is what is going to happen in time. What am I hoping for? Faith, hope, charity and the greatest is charity. Likely in heaven there is no need for faith or hope. It will be more clear to us. What is clear, you don’t have doubt. When you don’t have doubt, you don’t need faith. It’s all done. It’s clear. You live in the assurance and the confidence and reality of what it is. Vs. 8. It says having not caught a glimpse of Jesus, we love him. We have not caught a glimpse of his physical body in Israel when he was walking here or at the temple, or on the cross. We haven’t seen him in his physical body, though we haven’t seen him we love him. Vs. 8. Where does that joy come from? The blessed hope, the lively hope, the assurance of the Scriptures. I love this thought. There will be a day when it’s so clear to us that everything we have been believing God and our inheritance has proven to be true. Christ returns and we know the full salvation. Now we know it in our theology and in our spirit but haven’t fully experienced it in our body. Rom 8:11, but our mortal body will be in the grave deteriorating. It will be gone. Worms will eat it like Job said in Job 19. The power that raised up Jesus will raise up our body. When that happens, we will know full salvation, vs 9. We will know our salvation more fully when we meet Christ. It doesn’t yet appear what we shall be but when he shall appear, we shall be like him.

We still bury our loved ones and they go to the grave. We don’t see their salvation. We see it in our spirit, in our Bible. We see it amongst each other. We are the Body of Christ and the presence of Christ dwells here. We are anticipating a fuller revelation of Christ. When our bodies are glorified, we will say glory to God in the highest, the Mighty God. Seven words mentioned in Rev. 7 or 5 or 6! Let me read them to you. Saying amen, blessing, – this is what we will be saying in heaven as worshippers. Blessing, glory, wisdom, thanksgiving, honor, power, and might be unto our God forever and ever amen. I cannot imagine the content of those words when we are in heaven. We will be saying these words with this amazing sense of reality we are anticipating. If this is a lively hope, why not be built up in it. Come to church and hear God’s words and drink the Spirit. I got something that the world can’t give, and the world can’t take it away. Why not become a listener of God’s word and eat it up. Okay I didn’t win the lottery. If I bought a ticket from the mega lottery, if the tickets were stacked from here to the moon and I get to pick one, that’s the odds of winning. What is it that I hope for, that I live for? We are human beings and we need to have our hopes and desires. Hope deferred makes the heart sick. Many people are disappointed, and their lives are shattered by unfulfilled hope.

Let’s get strong in the lively hope. I don’t know how this whole thing will go but I got this lively hope happening. That’s how I’m thinking and living and become a worshipper of God. The other things will find their place. Blessed is the man hungry and thirsty after righteousness; he shall be filled. Blessed is the man who is poor in spirit…blessed are the meek; they shall inherit the earth. We will have joy unspeakable though for a season we have sorrow. It is only for a moment and works for us a greater degree of glory. Here we go. That’s the message. Halleluiah! Haley’s comet comes. The guy is dead. He’s gone but he could say I told you so. Well, I like Haley, but I got something we know that is right on. It’s happening. We got it.

A man is no fool to lose what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. I got something I can’t lose and that’s our calling and our joy. Some people have an unbiblical view of prayer and think they can lead God around; an improper view of the Scripture. How healthy it is to get established in what we got. 






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