Proverbs provides instructions for life directed to sons, children. God forms us as lively stones in the place where He abides. We know so little. Get the principle thing. Jesus gives correction. He marvels and astonishes to bring us out of foolishness to wise ways.

Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Mat Gehret
Sermon # 12649
Time: Sun 6:30pm

P. Schaller –

Let’s uh, let’s just, um, okay. Let’s just put quietly, put our trust in God with all our hearts and I know we do that,
but we just pray that this song Lord with our hearts we could sing it and praise you. (Prayer).
Say this with me. There’s nothing that God could not do tonight, and that God could minister to
us tonight. That God could heal somebody. (Prayer). Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.

P. Mat Gehret – Good evening. Welcome to church. I’m here to give an introduction and to talk
about Bible college because that starts tomorrow. Tomorrow. So, let’s start if you are teaching
this semester, if you are teaching a class this semester, could you please stand up so that
everyone can take a gander at you. Awesome. Thank you. Okay. Everyone. You guys. Okay.
Good job. All right. I was already standing, so I was, I wasn’t gonna.

Okay. Hey, let’s pray and then let’s go back to Proverbs 9 and talk about something we heard this morning. (Prayer).
So, a few quick bits about the semester starting tomorrow. The first week, Monday through
Friday, the 15 th through the 19 th , that’s Open House week meaning if you’ve never been to a
class, you are welcome to join us for any of the classes running Monday, Tuesday, 6:10 to 8 –
uh, 6:10 to 10:00 p.m. – and then Thursday, Friday, 6:20 to 10 p.m. and then we have morning
classes Wednesday, Thursday, Friday morning from 8:30 to 10:20 now throughout the
semester. Morning classes are always free to attend, so if you have time in your schedule on a
Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday morning to come out to a class and be built up and edified, I
highly recommend. 8:30 to 10:20. No better place you can be.

Thursday evenings Foundations, also a free class to sit in on and Friday night Church Planting
with P. Scibelli. Another free class to sit in on. All the other classes, you would sign up for
regularly. If you haven’t done so, you can talk to me after service or you can stop in our office
sometime this week and we can get you set up. Okay.

So, Proverbs 9 is the text. Proverbs 9. And we spoke about, well, P. Schaller spoke about quite a
bit in Prov. 9 this morning and my task is to try to relate this to Bible college and see if we can
connect some dots here and make it, uh, make it make sense. So, let’s start with Proverbs 9:1.
I’m just going to read the first three verses. Vs. 1-3. And then the message follows that. What
she cries out. But the phrase that caught my attention was right there at the very beginning
“Wisdom has builded her house.” Does anyone know off the top of their heads what the first
house that wisdom built in the Bible is? Metaphorically speaking house. What’s the first house
that wisdom – wisdom dwelt with God, Proverbs 8:22 before the foundations of the world. Wisdom
is a way to describe Jesus Christ. Without Jesus Christ in John 1:3, there is nothing made that
was made.

So, what’s the very first thing – someone just said it. What is it? Eden. The Garden of Eden. The
Garden of Eden is the first place that God built that he actually dwelt in. It says in Genesis 2, maybe

it’s vs. 8, that he built it and then it says in Genesis 3 after Adam and Eve fell, it says they were, they
heard the Spirit of the Lord walking in the Garden. So, he was there. That’s the first dwelling
place that God had outside of his heavenly throne, this heavenly home. He had the Garden of
Eden which he created after the fall. God needed a new way to dwell with men.

Does anyone know what came next in the book of Exodus? What did God ordain to be built or
created that he would dwell with them? Tabernacle. Very good. Very good. You guys got it.
You’re on point. Here we go. The tabernacle. He had very specific dimensions. You can read
about it starting in Exodus 25 and go through like seven or eight chapters everything about the
tabernacle. Everything exactly the way that God wanted it. Why? Because his presence was
going to dwell in it. it had to be just as perfect in a sense as Eden was for him to be there.
Okay. Then, we get passed the tabernacle. A few kings begin to reign. We get to 1 Kings 6 and
something else is built where God’s presence would one day be. What is that? Solomon’s
Temple. The first temple. The temple of God. Okay. That’s 1 Kings 6.

There’s a really interesting verse in that chapter that talks about how all the stones were built
outside the temple and placed perfectly in its place so that there was no work done to the
temple as it was built. It was just placed perfectly. I like to think of you and I as the stones that
were worked on and worked on and hammered and then placed perfectly into the Body of
Christ. It’s like a unique picture.

This is where God would dwell but then what happens? Jerusalem gets sacked. Who comes in?
First the Assyrians. Then, the Babylonians. Then, the Persians and the temple is eventually
destroyed. So, where would God dwell then? What would happen next? Well, wisdom has
builded her house and actually in the Hebrew, wisdom is plural. Wisdoms. Wisdoms has built,
builded her houses. Many. Starting from the Garden of Eden. Tabernacle. Temple to John 1:14.
Who has come to dwelt amongst us? Jesus Christ. He has come to make his dwelling place with
us. Wisdom has built her house.

Then, it says in John 14:24, – you don’t have to flip there. We’re going to go back to Proverbs 9 in a
second. John. 14:23. He will dwell with us. He will tabernacle with us. He has made a house.
Wisdom has builded her house.

So, then Jesus walks the earth. Lives perfectly. Does no wrong, is cursed, is threatened, is
beaten, is mocked, is scorned, is hung on a cross and killed for our transgressions. So, then
where will God dwell then? Where will God dwell then? Within us. Within us. Does it say this in
our Bibles? I believe it does. Let me find it. Hold on. Is it 1 Peter? Let’s check. Oh no, no, no. I
know where it’s at. Hold on. Hold on. Revelation 21. This is actually at the very end but I’m just going
to jump ahead because it’s the best part. Revelation 21:3, there’s a new heaven. There’s a new earth.
Vs. 3. Do you know that we all actually are, 1 Kings 6, rocks that have been placed into the building of God according to 1 Peter 2:15. 1 Peter 2:5 says you also as lively stones are built up a
spiritual house, a holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God by Jesus

So, let me ask you something. If wisdom has builded her house and that house went from
heaven before time, before any of us could even comprehend; to the Garden of Eden to the
tabernacle to the temple to Christ being amongst us to Christ being in our hearts to the new
creation where he is the center of everything and the light of the entire world. Where does he
dwell right now? In this place with us. Wisdom has builded her house in us.

So, where do we gather apart from church? Here it comes. Where do we gather apart from
church? Bible college. Hey, all that spiritual talk to say come to Bible college. Come to Bible
college. Let me say one more thing. Prov. 9, I could talk about it a lot but I just want to keep it
really, really simple. Proverbs 9. There’s actually two messages given here in Proverbs 9. There’s the
message of wisdom and what wisdom has done, where wisdom dwells, what wisdom says.
Look at the verses 4-6. You could break that down into years of Bible college if you want. Your
first year, whoever is simple, come in.

Turn in here. You know the first thing you learn when you get to Bible college? 1 Corinthians 8:1-2. Knowledge puffs up but love edifies. As soon as a man thinks he knows anything, he knows nothing the way that he ought to know it. That’s the first thing you learn when you come to Bible college. I didn’t know a thing the way that God would have
us know it through love not through knowledge. Not through vain glory. Not through being
puffed up. Through love, humility, and growth takes place from a very low place of learning to
rely on Christ. Okay.

The other message at the end of Proverbs 9 starts in vs. 13. It’s depicted much the same. Wisdom is
depicted as a woman. Vs. 13. A foolish woman. She also sits at the door to her house and also
calls out to people. Vs. 16. She says to him a different message. You have wisdom dwelling in
you calling out to you, speaking to you through pastors, teachers, preachers. Whatever the case
may be. Bible studies. Prayer times. Whatever the case may be. And it has a really particular
message. It’s full of grace and full of truth because that’s what Christ was full of when he came
to the Earth, and that’s what we are filled with as he fills us.

And the other message is deceit, dishonor, stolen waters, bread eaten in secret, temporary
pleasures that don’t last for more than five seconds maybe. There’s a proverb that says as soon
as you take it to your mouth, it turns into gravel. As soon as you partake, it turns into gravel.
And then you got to be the one to swallow that. Good luck with that.

So, what are we doing here tonight? What are we doing in church? We’re being filled with the
Word, the Word of God. What do we do at Bible college? We get filled with the Word of God.

What are we doing here at church tonight? We’re fellowshipping with the Body. We’re learning
to continue with Christ.

Wisdom has builded her house and set her table for us. We can do that wherever we are
surrounded by other believers. So, I encourage you. If you are not signed up in any way, shape,
or form, you do not have to sign up. Come to the Open House and enjoy what you hear and
how you’re taught. Okay. In Jesus’ name.

P. Schaller –

Wow. That’s great. Thank you, Cedric. Beautiful. Yeah. All right. I’m going to call on
somebody just spontaneously, so this is what I’m going to say to you. I’m going to say to you
just do you have one short word. Okay. Do you have one short word that’s edifying and builds
up people. Okay. So, turn to your neighbor. Do a trial run on that. Do you have one short word
that is edifying? Okay. Cuz I might call on you.

Okay. So, when you give an answer, I know I might not be able to hear you so say it loudly.
Then, I’ll repeat it. Okay. So how about P. Pete? What have you and Debbie been talking about
right now? Okay. How about Giovani? Everybody has a gift, and the gifts are people, for people.
For people? Everybody has a gift, and the gift is for people. Wow. Good word.

You know, somebody said that jealousy is that I’m looking at people above me but one way to
deal with jealousy is to care about the people that are below me or the people that are around
me. I don’t think they would think of above or below, but I think you get the idea. You’re
jealous to somebody greater but that’s good that they are greater, Hebrews 7:7. But the best way
to deal with that is to care about others that don’t have. You know. Okay.

Another one. Darryl Jones. Whatsoever things are true, think on those things. Kathy
Groenewold? Power of the blood of Christ scatters the demons in the atmosphere, right? They
flee. Yeah. The Jewish people, the Lord said if you obey me, two will put a 100 to flight, right?
And 100 will put 10,000 Philistines to flight. The proportion is extraordinary. You add believers
and the authority we have in the atmosphere is phenomenal. Okay.

Sirpa? Wisdom is the principle thing, Proverbs 4:8. Therefore with all your getting, get wisdom.
Yeah. Get wisdom. So that was our theme this morning. It was on the subject of wisdom, and
we’ll do it again tonight for a few minutes. We’ll teach on that. That’s very good. Okay. Jesse.
You have something. God goes before us and encourages us, Exodus 34:6 where we are at.
Okay. How about one of the ladies here? Cheryl? The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and
his ears are open to their prayers. Is that Psalm 34? 1 Peter. Okay. All right. How about P. Andrew
Gardner? Beautiful. He was thinking of love. Love is the greatest gift. More excellent way.
Loving, loving the lost. Loving each other. What a great gift that is.

Love. Wow. Beautiful. Love. Love edifies. Knowledge puffs up but love edifies. In my Father’s house, right? In the house that wisdom built. And did you catch that part of chapter 9 where there is another one out in the
street calling, and they’re calling and saying stolen bread is sweet and what is it? Stolen waters
are sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant. Or stolen bread is pleasant. And could you
ever get twisted and the thing that is evil is something you enjoy like stolen bread is pleasant?
Like cursing is pleasant. Lying and cheating is pleasant. I enjoy being deceitful or hateful. I enjoy
jealousy. I enjoy division. I enjoy hatred. Could that happen? It can cause we have a sin nature.
But we are learning something else.

Okay. So do we have one more? Let’s see. One of the – how about Maggie Lockhart? The Lord
will perfect that which concerns me. Wow. He will perfect that which concerns me. Wow. Okay.
How about from Culpeper, Viriginia. Which one is it? Michael? Pastor Tom, is that Michael?
Okay. We can either put it on you or on your pastor. You can decide. Beautiful. We were not
redeemed by corruptible things like silver and gold but with the precious blood of Christ who
bought us. He bought us. We belong to God. Wow. We are his jewels in Mal. 3. We belong to
God. He owns us at great price. Great price. He gave his Son. Very, very expensive. Turn to your
neighbor and say, you’re very expensive. You’re very expensive. It cost a lot to save you. P. Carl,
good to see you.

P. Carl, do you have a word? Romans 8? Yet all these things what? Romans 8:37 isn’t it? Nay, in all
these things we are more than conquerors. Yeah. All these things. Lead us a sheep to the
slaughter. I heard that when you bring a pig to slaughter, it squeals. It squeals like hell. It just
makes a big fuss, but a sheep doesn’t even make a sound. Baah! Like that. Maybe. It makes a
sound like that. So we are people, Psalm 44, we are people brought to the slaughter. But even
when it looks so bad, we are sheep that go to the slaughter, but we are more than conquerors
when we are going to the slaughter.

When your enemy has authority over you, and you go to the slaughter. You are persecuted or
murdered, tortured, destroyed, even then nay in all these things we are more than conquerors
because we have overcome the world, overcome death. We’ve overcome our enemies because
Christ did. Because Christ did. It’s imputed to us. We have this status that we are more than

It may not look like it, but I am more than a conqueror. This momentary affliction is only
momentary, and it works for me a far greater degree of glory, right? Romans 8:17. What a
treasure that is. Okay. Let’s go to our message now.

Turn to Proverbs with me. By the way, P. Mat, that was awesome message. Wow. That was so
good. And I want you to just notice a couple points here. Proverbs 2:1, Proverbs 3:1, maybe throw
these up on the screen. Thank you. Chapter 4:1, Chapter 5:1, Chapter 6:1, and then chapter 7:1.
My son. What is the point here? It’s a manual. The book of Proverbs is an instruction book for
children, young men. It’s an instruction book on life. How to navigate in life.

Because as we said this morning, there are things in our society that we don’t learn. That in our
world we have houses. We have houses of science. We have houses of morality like religion.
We have a house of good behavior. We have a house of religion and so on. We have all these
schools, all of these universities. We have all of these communities. We have LGBTQ whatever.
All kinds of movements and ideologies. We have Communism and we have all kinds of ideas.
We have families. We have tradition and so on but where do we get wisdom? Where can we
find wisdom?

Wisdom has built her house, hewn out seven pillars as we said this morning. So, we put down
some pillars here in this house. You know how I like to draw, so bear with me. So, we have the
question, what are those seven pillars actually? Are they foreknowledge? Is it a pillar of
predestination to be conformed to the image of Christ? Wisdom will finish the work like Maggie
Lockhart said. The Lord will perfect that which concerns me. Is this house – can it be destroyed?
Is this house firm and solid? And yes, the chief cornerstone of the house is Christ.

Then in a practical way, how do I get it? Well, there’s a school of wisdom and there are certain
elements to enter into this place where you gain wisdom. Our mentors, our fathers in the faith,
the saints of God that have taught us to be faithful. The saints that have learned to walk with
God, make decisions in their suffering, in their confusion, in their trouble. They found, they
knew God. They knew how to walk with God. They found God and they walked with God.
So, we said that – actually Timothy Keller, one of the things he said he said 80% of our
decisions, our problems are things we have to decide, are not found in science. They’re not
found in morality.

Like for example, you know good and bad. Good and bad. Good and bad. We
all believe we should be good people, but when I have to make a decision about where I live,
the answer could be many places because it can be good to live there. It could be good to live
there. But I need wisdom. Good and bad cannot give me the guidance that I need.
What career do I go into? Who are my friends? Like will I get married or not? How do I handle
my money? Do I give my money away or do I find money? I look for money. I’m driven by
money or the lack of it. Poverty.

Poverty is a difficult thing. How can I get wisdom, so I am able
to navigate with these problems. Or sickness like cancer or the death of a loved one. How do I
navigate? I need wisdom. Where do I get it? In a school, the Body of Christ, my mentors, rabbis.
Rabbis would teach their people to the young people you need me. You need a rabbi. You need
a teacher. You need more than one teacher. You need counselors. You need to make decisions
with wisdom. There are people around us who will have wisdom.

We can find wisdom and find it. There’s a way to get in and find it. It’s by the Spirit of God. By
the Spirit filling us. When we come together, we are leaving our things at the cross and we’re asking God fill us with the Spirit so that we can hear and receive what God has to say to our
hearts. Cause my heart is an important part of my life.

Like wisdom, it’s like saying to Jesus, Jesus touch my heart. I’m cold. Touch my heart. Move me.
I want to repent. I can’t repent but if you touch my heart and draw me after you. I want to be
drawn by a person. Wisdom is a person. And that wisdom in you and with you and this
fellowship and then we repent. I repent. I don’t like that thing anymore. I don’t want to do it
anymore. I’m done with it. I’m finished with it. I repent. I stop it. I’m not interested. I’m going
after God and he’s touching my heart and filling me with his Spirit. I’m drinking, desiring the
sincere milk of the Word. I heard it tonight at the beginning of our message from different
people in the audience. How they know the Word or live by the Word, or they make decisions
with the Word. That’s a beautiful thing. I’m finishing in a minute here.

I want to show you something where there are people that do not enter into that house and
why they don’t. I’ll show it to you in Matthew 22. We have the – there’s a number of stories here in
Matthew 22 from vs. 15-40. We will not read it all, but you’ll get the idea what we want to say. Vs.
15. Wait a minute. This man is the greater than Solomon. He’s greater than Solomon and you
want to entangle him in his talk? Yes, we want to catch him in his talk. Wait a minute. You have
a religion. You see, they’re in one of these houses here. They’re in one of these houses.
But their house cannot navigate in life. Their house cannot navigate.

They don’t fit. And when Jesus comes, in their house they are thinking how they can catch him not how they can be
submitted to him. They want to destroy him. They want to catch him. They don’t have humility.
They’re not interested in God. They’re not broken. That can happen to us as believers. The way
you enter the house is with humility. But these people are not that way.

Look at the story, vs. 16. What’s that called? That’s flattery. That’s hypocrisy. They are lying.
They are deceitful. They are baiting him. They are baiting wisdom. Can you do that? It’s foolish.
But let’s make a point here about this. A foolish person is wrong, and they don’t know it. They
don’t believe they are wrong. They don’t believe they are wrong. They are thinking we can
entangle Jesus. It’s like are you kidding me? You can entangle Jesus? Yes, we can. They are
foolish because they don’t know how wrong they are. They don’t see it.

But a wise person is the opposite. He believes he is wrong. I believe I am. And I need God. I
can’t live this life. I can’t live this life. I already know that. I learned that a long time ago. I don’t
know what’s going on. I need help. I need help. It’s simple. How do you get wisdom? It says
trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.

But that’s what a foolish person does. They lean on their own understanding. They say I got
this. I got this. I can do this. I can live this life. I got a lot of money. You don’t know who you are talking to. I’m at the top of my game. I got it covered. I got the whole thing down. Don’t worry
about me. I can do it. That’s a foolish person.

But a wise person is another way. He’s not demeaning himself. He is in a good way knowing he
has talent, he has ability, he has something, but he knows it’s not enough. He knows he doesn’t
have what he needs to keep his marriage together. He knows it doesn’t have what it takes to
have something go in the right way. There are so many CEO’s and leaders of big companies and
everything and they’re very skillful and very smart, but why do they go home to an empty
house? Why is their teenager not talking to them? Why have they lost friends? Why do they
have everything working in a great way in one sense, but the big question about life isn’t that
you have a big bank account, or you have a lot of power, the big thing in life is have you found
the meaning of life, the reality of God?

Have you found love? Are you humble. Have you found Jesus. Have you found the meaning?
Can you navigate in a world that cannot be figured out? Do you think people think they can
figure it out? Yeah, I got it all figured (out). No, you don’t. The minute you get a cancer report,
your world collapses. The minute you fail in some area, your world – I’m not happy. I’m not
gloating in that. Nor am I talking down to anybody. I’m just trying to help us understand.
This book of Proverbs says wisdom is the principle thing and with all our getting, get it. It’s
better than gold or silver. Better than rubies. It’s better than anything you can imagine. It will
make your life work. It will make our lives work. It will help us.

Let’s go to the text and we’ll finish up here. Matthew 22:16-18, bam! Bam! Wow! Is Jesus refreshing
or what? Is he free? Jesus is free. Why is Jesus so free? Cause he has no sin. When you have no
sin, you have real liberty. When you have no sin, you’re not afraid. When you have no sin, you
can tell the truth. Jesus is the only one who had no sin, but he had this liberty, and he could tell
it like it was and he discerned it.

Okay. These people are missing it. And watch what happens to them. Vs. 19-20. Now, you can’t
get that kind of wisdom. You cannot get that wisdom from just anywhere. This answer is from
God, and he silences these people, and they go away. I wonder how many were corrected by it
and how many continued in their hypocrisy? We don’t know.

Our prayer, our hope in life is that we will be corrected when wisdom comes our way. I hope in
our life we will be humble enough and submitted to it and say I need that. Go ahead. Tell me
Jesus. Talk to me. Look at what happens in the story. Vs. 21. I’m not focusing on the answer, but
I’m focusing on those people. Those people that need him and they don’t have him. And what
happens? Vs. 22. They marveled at it. That was amazing.

There is two ways you can say. That was an amazing answer and he’s an amazing teacher.
We’re going to go back and listen to him, and I’m submitted. I’m submitted. I’m going to get
that. I want that. That feeds me. That builds me up. That is spiritual wisdom. I receive it. Jesus, I
apologize, or I repent for my attitude. Thank you. Others, no. They just decide they are blind,
and they go their way. Isn’t that interesting.

Another story in the same vein is – there’s three of them in this chapter but we will not read
them all. It’s the Sadducees, vs. 23 down through vs. 33. We’ll read vs. 33. Another story where
they had this impact of this ministry of wisdom to the heart. My son, my son, my children, it’s
so important and the way to enter into it is to be Spirit filled. And what we must do like here –
maybe the point here in this slide here is we have to realize we are foolish so we can become
wise. We have to realize I don’t know how to buy a used car. I don’t know where I should live. I
don’t know if I should get married and who I would marry if I have the choice or not. I don’t
know where I will be ten years from tonight if I will be alive or not or be with God. I do not
know how to navigate in this world.

Even though I am saying these things and I’m the pastor here behind the pulpit and I am saying
these things, I know that I cannot figure life out. Why are people massacred in the Middle East?
Why do children die at a young age? Why are families broken to pieces by the devil? Martin
Luther, the German monk – I’ll finish with this story because it’s very touching to me. In his
village, there was a little boy ten years old who hanged himself. He committed suicide. Ten year
old boy. And the Catholics refused to bury him in the cemetery because he had committed
suicide which was an unforgivable sin in the Catholic teaching.

Martin Luther protested. He goes, no. He should be buried in the Catholic cemetery. There’s nothing wrong. He is a victim. Martin Luther said if you go into the woods and you’re robbed by thieves and you’re beaten to
death or you’re beaten badly and they rob everything, are you to be blamed? Are you to be
blamed for that? So, he’s saying that ten year old boy didn’t know what he was doing. We don’t
know why he did it. We don’t know what got into his mind. Why would he do such a thing? He’s
a ten year old boy. So, he kind of vindicated for him if you follow the story.

I’m bringing up the story to say something. When you think you and I think we know about this
world, it would be good for us to get really humble before God and say Lord, I know so little. I
don’t understand why the devil would beat and destroy and pillage and steal and murder. The
devil is a murderer. And why that would happen I do not know but it happens to us. I do not

One time I had this idea about Spirit-filled Christians and just thinking of their victories and
everything they do kind of being so victorious and so on, and then I lived a little longer and I
realized that I do not know God’s ways. And I need him and his wisdom and help us Lord. I think he will give it to us. We will be surrounded by people that will help us.

The Word, the Spirit, the Body, and help carry us with humility and a life that is fruitful and joyful.
And when you get hit hard, when something messes you up, when your life is messed up; when
you get hit hard in this world that we live in, that’s fine. There’s God. And don’t get it in your
mind that your life has to be this way. No, suffering is used by God to make us deeper. Suffering
is used by God so we can comfort others who need comfort. No, suffering is part of life. It’s
ordained of God, and we can find God’s heart and God’s wisdom in life. You cannot say, you
cannot package it and say I got it. I got it all figured out. No, I cannot. Ask the Apostle Paul. He
would say I cannot.

But no, in all these things we are more than conquerors and we’ve gained wisdom from God in
his plan and in his mind and his way and his ways are not ours.
So, let us be really humble before him and gain what we need to live and finish our course with
joy. Okay. Amen. Pray with me. (Prayer).


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