Speaker(s): Pastor Glen Cannon, Testimonies from the congregation
Sermon # 11366
6:30 PM on 11/12/2017


P. Cannon

This is such an honor and privilege to stand here. The beautiful testimonies. We’re going to have a memorial for Delores also. This time in the service is my favorite part. I’m spiritually always hungry. It’s amazing how well fed we are, but even being well fed, when I come to God’s Word and expect something that is supernatural and it is going to touch me and go on the power of 40 years. Is that a verse? 40 days, 40 years.

De 8. These were my devotional thoughts this morning. It helped me and so praying it will minister to you also. I heard a testimony of an Englishman who strayed from the Lord and wasn’t walking with God for many years and God brought a crisis in his life. I heard the character for crisis in Japanese means trouble but an opportunity in the trouble. This wayward believer was in a crisis and looking to God for direction. He was working in Egypt. He went to an Egyptian church, the only one in his town. Egyptian speaking so couldn’t understand a word that was said. He said I was never more miserable than I was. What am I doing here? I can’t understand a word. In the middle of the sermon, the pastor quoted a hymn both in Egyptian and English. “I may not know the future but I know the God who holds the future.” This was the turning point for this man. He realized it was a God problem. His future wasn’t the issue but God was the issue.

De 8:2-4, So 40 years. When I read that this morning I’m coming up to 40 years of walking with Jesus Christ which is quite amazing because I’m such a young man! 40 years. Life can be wilderness like. We can all identify. We have a table in the wilderness. It’s almost like this relationship with God is like so sustaining and fulfilling but it is hard. Life is hard. We know that. God says I want you to remember something. Thank God for remembrance. I was thinking of familiarity. Some demons called familiar spirits. This is probably the greatest danger. P. Stevens used to always warn us. This verse we shall not live by bread alone but by every Word. We read something that we’ve read many times and can become bored or dull with it. Some things God wants us to remember.

How he led us all the way in vs. 2. Maybe another 40 years for me, I don’t know, but at least we can know we are not alone. He will give us what we need. That gentlemen backslidden in an Egyptian church heard a word from God and that rhema was what he needed. This is why we come. We are looking for what we need. I led you to this place to humble you and test you. The greatest thing, the longer I serve him the sweeter he grows. God knows what is in my heart. One thing I’ve learned is my heart is wicked. My heart is deceitful and desperately wicked. That’s so good to know. It’s like P. Schaller’s sketch. It’s not about us doing better. The more we fail or fail others, this revelation of our being nothing but everything to God. He loves us. He became like us. This humility of being human. This wilderness all the way led by God, if you can learn this lesson God is saying to test us. We know what is in our heart and whether we will keep the commandments or not. Will we trust him? This is the giant lesson of life. Will we believe God’s Word? He humbled you, he allowed you to hunger. God on purpose in the wilderness will keep things back. We’re being weaned from this life which we call by bread alone life. Bread alone life is first floor living. You meet someone who used to be in our church and hasn’t been for many years. Hopefully they are going somewhere else. They say are you still going to that church? That’s so interesting. What was I trying to say there? The word was by bread alone. Maybe there are brothers and sisters that forsook God in this wilderness walk and their mantra, maybe they wouldn’t say it but it’s by bread alone. God created us with this insatiability, this wrestleness, this longing we have. I long to be with him and nothing satisfies except for God. God allows us to hunger. He works the details of our life in his providence. All things work together but he allows me to hunger so I can realize this amazing truth. He might make you know man shall not live by bread alone but man lives by every Word which proceeds from the mouth of God. That is the story of my life. One word from his lips.

I was thinking of the day I got saved. It’s still fresh in my memory. The thought of being cleansed in my sin. Once an enemy, now a friend. On my knees in my bedroom alone. 40 years ago.

It’s still why we do the things we do and took time to come here. We are hungry for his Word and want the Word. We have forsaken the first floor. Thank God for bread but it’s not enough. We need the second floor. We need the relationship.

vs.17. When I look at you, the church of Greater Grace in Baltimore, we are overcomers. God says I’ll give you hidden manna. Manna is so interesting. What is it? We can’t even say what it is. It’s bread from heaven.

Ps 78:24-25. Heaven’s grain. Food from heaven, angel’s food cake.

God has set a table here tonight, Ps 36:8-9, we are feasting in the abundance of your house. We come to God’s house and it’s a feast. You give me drink from your river of delight. Back to Eden, back to walking with God. God has resources. We are so weak we hunger. God says I have food from heaven and it is my Word. I’m going to send it. The manna will be there.

Rev 2:17 I will give you hidden manna. In eternity we will feast from these words from God. It’s our life, our source, it’s Jesus Christ. He is the manna. We have communion. We take the body and blood and assimilate it. It gives us strength. It’s supernatural. It’s manna. This is how we live. I’ll go with you all the way and be with you in your wilderness.

Let’s live by every Word that proceeds out of God’s mouth. Not be familiar with it. Let’s come like children. I don’t know these verses. God humble me and test me and show me what is in my heart. The greatest life is a life that lives by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.


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