Peter denied the Lord. Still, Jesus found him and forgave him and brought him back to his purpose. Christ will never stop coming after us. Learn the big thing called love. Have you fallen? Get back up like a just man loved by God. (John 21; Proverbs 24:16)

Speaker(s): Thomas Schaller
Sermon 12459
7:00 PM on 2/15/2023

P. Schaller –

Praise the Lord! Yes, thank you, Jesus. Wow. (Prayer). I just want to share just a short word in the beginning
here from Hebrews 8 that we are forgiven. Hebrews 8:12, that phrase, “will I remember no more” is so
important. God, does he remember our iniquity and sins? And the answer is no. I do not.
Doesn’t God know everything. God knows all things. God has infinite knowledge but he cannot
remember your sins.

But wait a minute. Isn’t God Almighty he knows the end from the beginning? He knows
everything absolutely, right? Everything. Everything. Your thoughts, your motivation, your sins,
your iniquities. And what does he say? I remember no more. I don’t remember.
Now, here is the tendency for all of us. We remember them. But God does not. Now, what do
you do with that contradiction. I remember them but God doesn’t remember them, so what are
you going to do? I’m going to keep on remembering them. I’m going to remember them and
regret it and live in pity and disappointment and beat up myself, and I remember my sins, my
failures, my weaknesses. That’s what everybody. No, not everybody. Not you. Nor me. We say if
God doesn’t remember them, then I do not either. I cannot remember them.

I do remember I was in Egypt. God says that in Deuteronomy and Ephesians 2. Remember you were
without Christ. That’s important. There’s a difference. Could we just flip to Ephesians 2 for a
second and read that. Ephesians 2:11, in other words saying you remember you were pagans. vs. 12.
Do you remember you were without Christ at one time. Huh? It says that. Remember you were
without Christ. Do you remember that? I do. I remember I was without Christ. Do you remember
that? But do you remember your sins? No, I don’t remember my sins. I remember I was without
Christ. I remember I was lost. I remember I was in Egypt as a slave to my sin, but he has
forgiven us of all our sin.

Now, what about your sins yesterday? Gone. P. Duke is in the house! They’re gone! Okay.
Amen. Good to see you. Wow. What about your sins this morning? What about last week? But
aren’t you are Christian? Yeah, I’m a Christian. But am I still a sinner? 1 John 1:10, we have a sin
nature, but don’t we overcome our sin in Romans 6 by being obedient to the doctrine that was
delivered to us, and we have found a new life because we are a new creation and the old things
are passed away and behold all things have become new? And that we have a new identity and
our new identity is saying to us in our hearts, you are righteous. You are filled with the Spirit. You
are living in faith. God is for you. And he doesn’t remember your sin anymore. It’s a good word,
isn’t it?

I know you are following it with me because you’ve been to the church for decades? And you
know the finished work, don’t you? But do we need to hear it? Yeah, we need to hear it again
and again. We need to understand this. Now, here’s the thing. If you sinned this morning and
you confessed it, what happened to it? Okay. Wait a minute? When Jesus died, did he die for all
of our sin? How about the sins of the whole world? That’s something that needs to be explained
at another time, but 1 John 2:2 he is the Advocate as the Holy Spirit is the Advocate.

What’s an advocate? In the legal world it’s like a lawyer who is representing you before the
judge. He’s the advocate or the lawyer that is for you. He advocates for you. So, the Father
could say he is guilty and Jesus the Advocate stands before and says, yes, sir. But I would like
you to understand I am representing him and this is what has happened. I have become guilty
on his behalf so he could go free. I am his advocate.

And you have two of them. You have Christ and you have the Holy Spirit. What is the Holy Spirit
saying regarding your sin? God says you are guilty of violating my law. You are guilty of sin. You
have willfully disobeyed. You have willfully sinned. You know you should not do it but you did it.
You are a sinner. And the Holy Spirit says, yes. But we cannot do double jeopardy for Christ was
judged for that sin so he goes free. I am here to give him the peace and the witness that he’s a
free man, that he’s a child of God, that he’s righteous and that you cannot remember his sin anymore. These are simple words to explain an incredible concept that is true and important for
us as believers. So, we confess it.

It says, “if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins.” Wait a minute. Just?
Yes, because of Christ. He cannot judge you if he judged Christ. He is just and he is faithful. He
is faithful and just to forgive us of all our sins, of all our unrighteousness. All of us. So, he did
past, present, and future by Christ in experience as I sinned this morning for example. I confess
it and I walk in the freedom of the new creation. Walking in the Spirit and not remembering our
sins. It’s gone so I isolate.

It’s gone. Where is it? The deepest sea. Did they ever find that airplane that went into the Indian
Ocean some years ago. Remember? They never found it but a wing I think was washed up on
the shore in Sri Lanka. It went down but they never found it. The sea in the ancient world was
the undiscovered, unexplored part of the world, and actually in a way continues to be so today.
Where are your sins? Where they cannot be found. They are behind God’s back. They are gone
forever and he does not remember them. That’s so good. He cannot remember them. He has
decided to remove that knowledge from his mind, and he does not remember our sins. Come
on! No, he cannot remember our sins. That’s the way it is.

Now, here’s the second part. When Peter denied Jesus, did he sin? Yes, of course. He said he
would not. He would even die with him. Peter denied the Lord. Did Jesus remember Peter’s sin?
Jesus on the resurrection day met Peter that afternoon. There’s no record of what was said. We
only know that they met. We don’t know what was said. I repeat that. Jesus for sure – cause the
angel said, “go tell the disciples and Peter that he is risen.” So, Peter had a special notification.
He is risen. Now, Jesus comes along in wherever it was and he meets him. What was said?
Surely it was restoration. Surely it was grace. Surely Peter, I love you. Peter, we’re moving on.
We are sure.

Now, was it a week later or was it Peter was up in Galillee fishing. Jesus, this is the third time he
appears, and Jesus is making breakfast on the shore and Peter is fishing. And he said, who is
that man over on the shore? And John who was fishing with him only to about 50 or 100 yards
out off the shore and the story is beautiful in John 21. Then, Peter knowing it was the Lord, dove
into the water. And he swam to the shore. And what did Jesus say to Peter? Do you love me?
And when he cannot remember your sin anymore, what will he say to you? I don’t remember
your sin anymore. Peter, I don’t remember your sin. You are a great man. I have called you. Do
you love me? I found you.

Do you love me? I went to a gambling hall. I found you. How about
revival in Kentucky that’s going on. It’s so fascinating to follow it and think about it. I found you.
God finding souls. God knocking on doors. God caring about people. God I found you. What
does God say to this man who walked with him for three years, who had him as his teacher,
who explored his heart, who told Peter what was in his heart. He knew the guy inside and out
cause Christ is God and he says to him, do you love me?

You know, maybe a lot of times we beat around the bush and we don’t know about that
question. We kind of avoid it. Do you love me? You know, maybe in the religious world have you
obeyed me? Or maybe in the religious world have you practiced your faith or have you read
your Bible or said your prayers. Or maybe in the world psychologically, how are you feeling?
What’s going on in your life? What have you discovered about yourself?

There’s a lot of things we could say to each other. When Christ meets you, he goes for the
jugular. He’s so profound. Simple words. Simon. What does the word “Simon” mean? What
does that name mean? Why did he say Simon? Son of Jonas. It’s his birth name. It’s his original
name. He’s the fisherman. Simon, son of Jonas. It’s his origin my nature. Simon. Yeah, you.
Simon. The common guy. The fisherman. He’s saying not Peter.

He calls him Simon and he says, do you love me? Do you love me? Is that what it’s all about? It
is. It’s that simple. Who cares about your crummy, little life. Who cares about your stuff. Who cares about your little, your shortcomings, your disciplines, your simple life of our struggles, your
feelings and everything. Who cares? Your little crummy life is so important to you. Let Jesus talk
to you. When he talks to you,…hey, hey, you. Simon. I forgave you. You denied me three times.
He didn’t say this but this is the context. You denied me three times. You followed me around for
three years. You promised me you would die with me. Yeah, you Simon. I’m not talking about
that. I’m talking about me forgiving you and loving you and asking you, do you love me? I’m
talking about what I did for you, how much I care about you. Put all the stuff away, the silly, little
chatter that is so common amongst us as people.

Like isn’t Valentine’s Day a little bit like that? Like my wife said to me in the morning, Valentine’s
morning, it’s Valentine’s day. I go, oh, oh! I forgot all about that. Where’s breakfast? I’m busy
right now. Okay. So, Valentine is a fun holiday, a beautiful, little celebration of some kind. But to
use it to say I love you. And for us to like hit that in our hearts. Hit it in our hearts. I love you.
Isn’t that good?

And of course, we had that exchange in my family and perhaps you, also. And if you didn’t, this
is the good news. Jesus comes to you and I don’t think he’ll ever stop. I don’t think he’ll ever
stop making breakfast for you and caring about you and washing your feet and showing up
suddenly on the seashore and saying, here I am. And Peter, Simon, Simon, I got so much good
stuff for you. And you just got to knock it off. Follow me. Believe me. Love me. I love you. Do
you love me? That’s the key, isn’t it?

And don’t compare yourself with other people. That’s a very good word, too. Don’t compare
yourself with other people. Everybody has their own walk. Some are walking this way. Some are
going that way, but we are God’s people and we are learning the big thing and that’s love. And
that love will never fail you. That love will always be there for you. That love will always pick you

I’ll finish up here. Turn to Proverbs 16 is it? Or is it 24. Yeah, it’s Proverbs 24:16. Yes. Trucker Dan
called me one time and said, I’m not a just man. I said, why? Why do you say that? He said
because I’ve only fallen three times. And the Bible says a just man has fallen seven. I said, if
you live the next 24 hours, you’re going to hit seven! vs. 16. What does he do? He gets up
because grace, because God, the living God is there meeting you. He’s there with you down in
the mud. You fell down. He’s down there. He saves us to the uttermost in Hebrews 7:25. We kind of
put it in there to the guttermost. We kind of say it that way. To the uttermost. He saves you to the
guttermost and lifts you up. He is there for you.

Peter. Simon. Simon son of Jonas, do you love me? You know I love you, Peter said. The Greek
has it this way. Of course they were not speaking Greek. They were speaking Aramaic. But
that’s not the point as much as what the Greek text is saying as what God wants you to know.
And that is that Jesus says, do you love me? This is the word, “love.” And Peter responds with
PHILEO love. He’s saying I love you and it is as we have studied this friendship love. I love you.
You’re my friend. You’re the guy that is there for me. You are my friend. I love you as a friend.
Here’s the thing. Please, get this. When you are a Spirit-filled Christian, you are going to find a
quality that transcends the friendship. You’re going to have friendship but you are going to have
a quality where you have a loyalty to God. And even if your friend tried to take you away from
God, it doesn’t happen because you’re AGAPE love is discerning.

You’re AGAPE love is focused on him. Do you love me? Christ said. Do you love me with all your heart, all your mind,
all your soul, all your strength? Yes, Lord. Peter said PHILEO.
So, Jesus said the second time – it’s three times said – Jesus said AGAPE again. Do you love
me? And Peter answered again PHILEO love. And Jesus the third time, Peter, do you love me?
And he said PHILEO love. Do you love me? He said, yes I do. You know all things.
This point teaching in the text has value because we are understanding that human loves have
their limitation. And Jesus is drawing Peter in a conversation that has utmost importance to us.

We would say, I like Jesus. I mean he’s such a good friend to me. Yes, but when there is on
your face in holiness in the Holy Spirit speechless worshipping him as Almighty God, then
PHILEO love doesn’t cut it. He is much more than just a friend like that. He is our God, our

So, I think I said what I want to say tonight. No, I didn’t. vs. 16. I didn’t get to that part yet. Proverbs
24:16, the just man falls seven times, gets up, but here it is. But the wicked shall fall into
mischielf. You have a righteous man, he falls down. He gets up. He falls down. He gets up. He
falls down. He gets up. He falls down. Actually, maybe it’s like this. He’s making progress. He
keeps learning grace. He keeps confessing his sin and forgetting it. He has a new identity. He
keeps going in faith.

Simon, do you love me? Yes. Soon it will be, it will be extraordinary love coming out of Peter.
Soon it will be Peter hanging on a cross upside down as the legend or tradition has it and Jesus
prophesied it. When you were young, you girded yourself. You girded yourself. When you were
young, your mother said, time for school. And you got up and who dressed you? You dressed
yourself. And when you went out, how did you go? You went your way. And you lived your life.
You did it this way when you were young.

But when you are older, another will gird you. Another one. You will live another kind. You will
not go your way. You will go where I send you. You will live another life. You will have the Holy
Spirit governing and it will be AGAPE love. But not without suffering, not without failure, without
disappointment. But my love I remember your sin no more. My love will uphold you. My love will
sustain you. My love will speak to you. My love will never fail you. My love will always be there
for you. My love – you could deny me again, but my love will be there for you. I am for you. I will
pray for you like it says in Hebrews 7.

Now, watch. The wicked – I wish I could change this word a little bit. Soften it because it’s too
strong for – people say, I’m not wicked. You are but I want to change the word. The wicked.
They go along and then they fall into mischief and where does that mischief lead them? It’s just
more mischief. It’s called chain sinning. You fall and now you’re, now you’re depressed. Now
you’re drinking. Now you’re saying bad things. Now you’re living in fear and unbelief. You’ve
fallen into mischief. Are you a wicked person? Yeah, in the sense that we all are, but you simply
are depressed. The depressed person falls into mischief.

Depressed by way of self-orientation. Like who is that on the beach over there? That’s the Lord. I don’t want to see him, right? I’m ashamed. I’m done with the whole thing. I don’t care. Just look the other way. Peter didn’t do
that, did he? He fell. He was restored. He’s back fishing. He sees him. He dives into the water
and swims the 50 yards or whatever it was and then Jesus hits him right between the eyes with
the big thing. Not where were you? What happened? How do you feel? What’s your problem?
Are you depressed? What can I do for you?

No, he’s a man or a woman. It doesn’t matter but a grown up person saying to him, do you love
me? This is the key to your life? I love you. Do you love me? I found you. Do you know me? I
am for you. Do you know how much I am for you? Come on. Trust me. That’s the top line and
the bottom line is I’m sorry to say many Christians are in the bottom line. They fall into mischief
and they cannot find their way out.

Can I say something to you when you get depressed and discouraged? Show up at church. You
say, I don’t want to. I could care less. Do you love Jesus Christ? Is he for you or against you?
Are you willing to follow him and believe him?

One brother I hadn’t seen him for four years. He fell into a lot of trouble and he did bad things.
Maybe you know who I’m talking about. But I gave him a phone call. He hadn’t heard from me in
four years. He said it’s amazing you called me. I said I want to see you. I said – so I met him
and I said, can you ever see yourself coming back to church? And he goes I cannot. I am so, I
don’t think so. I don’t think I can do it. I said, I’ll meet you in the parking lot and I’ll walk with you in here. Once you step inside, everything will be okay. You are okay. God loves you. God gives
you grace. God is for you. God forgives you. Remember you sin no more. It’s over. It’s done.
God is for you. That literally happened.

I went out there and I met him and walked in here with him and man, he had a party. He had a party. He had a spiritual party. He had a party! Now, don’t get offended by what I’m saying. I’m trying to help people. I’m telling you. I’m telling
you. There are believers that are in that bottom thing. And they say, I don’t even know. I don’t
have, I don’t have, I’m just so discouraged. I fall, I’ve fallen into this swamp of living, and Jesus
will go into the swamp and say to Peter, kind of pull him up and say, do you love me? Yeah, I
don’t care about anything else, but do you know how much I love you and do you love me? Isn’t
that good?

Peter is there not really knowing. He doesn’t know. He’s like a new believer. He doesn’t know
really, but he knows he loves Jesus. And that’s where we are at in life. Okay, so that’s the
message I guess. Amen. That’s a good message for us. So, that’s it I think. You know that I got
one short – I got to say one more thing. One more thing.

Turn to Deuteronomy 13. This is, I love it. These pieces of spiritual food. Deuteronomy 13, you could read the whole
chapter maybe sometime tonight or this week. But look at what it’s saying. vs. 1-3. How about
vs. 5. That was one of the parts of my message that I had thought of tonight. I wanted to share
that but the message went a different direction. vs. 6. Let’s go get our palm read down on Route
40. Let’s go after other gods. There’s a new age movement over here. There’s a rock show over
there. Rock and roll or whatever it is. I’m dated, I know. I don’t know what these things are
called. But they say let’s go after other gods. Everybody’s doing it. Let’s go after other gods.
Let’s go. And what does the Lord say about it? vs. 8. You don’t protect him. You don’t spare him.
vs. 9. Wow. Look at that.

If you say we do not wrestle against flesh and blood and we’re not in the habit of killing people
who disagree with us. But your hand shall be first upon him. Wow. But if you transpose that to a
lie, to a demon. Do you have anything to do with demons? Do you have anything to do with
lies? Are you separated from them? Are you separated from the lies? Is separation a part of
your life, or do you always go along with the crowd? And it doesn’t matter. It’s really cool. It’s
really great. We all do it. Everybody does it. Let’s go. This is what we are going to do tonight.
We’re going to party tonight. We’re going to go along and do what we do. And we’re with the
crowd and do it.

Can you be separate? Can you separate yourself? Are you different? Are you different? And
how does that happen? How does it happen that I’m different, that I don’t agree. In our world, we
would ignore the lie. That’s actually written there. You will not fear the false prophet. I believe
that’s in Deuteronomy 10.

But I want to finish. I feel there’s a revival in our country. I feel that this assembly, we are
excited. We’re quiet. We’re serious. This is a holy congregation with joy and different things
going on in our hearts, in our minds. I believe we’re in a very important time in history. I believe
we have a great opportunity to be different. But I’m not different for difference sake. I’m different
because Jesus has found me and talked to me and said, do you love me? I said, I do. Then, he
says, I’ll tell you. I’m with you. I’m going to take care of you. I’m going to carry you. I’m going to
uphold you. I’m going to anoint you. I’m going to visit you in the morning. I’m going to talk to your
heart. I’m going to help you. I’m going to take some of the sins away. I’ll take them all away if
you let me. You follow me and trust me. I’m going to deliver you. I’m going to help you. I think
that’s – I pray that that would happen in our communities.

And by the way, Billy Graham Association contacted us. Franklin Graham. And they want to use
this hall for training their counselors because at Timonium, they are going to have an outreach
and we are going to help them and participate with them. And we are laboring together. But
here’s an interesting thing. They said you know what? Because – how was it? P. Jason, help
me. Churches don’t join in with Franklin Graham now because – what was the reason? Oh, yeah. Their politics. Their politics are too conservative so churches don’t want to join in. Isn’t
that amazing? Yeah, of course. Of course, that is how it is.

Of course, it is. But what about – what about the gospel? What about endeavoring for unity? What about Jesus
said, do you love me? Feed my sheep. What about the reality of the finished work? What about
the grace of God and Franklin Graham and Billy Graham doing the best they can by the grace
of God and you and I aren’t any better than anybody. But we are called to follow Jesus and
embrace him and do everything we possibly can and see God save people from a miserable life
into a much better one. Isn’t that fun? So, that will be happening in March and in April and we
want to be part of it to help them and pray for them and of course the whole big picture. So,
we’re excited about it. Alright. Will you pray with me while we finish here. (Prayer)


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