In Christ, we are seated above all the things that we live among. We are as high He who sits at the right hand of God. In His love, we bear all things, hope all things, believe all things. (1 Corinthians 13; 2 Kings 1:2-3)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11287
7:30 PM on 6/28/2017


P. Schaller

How many of you have a highlight from the Convention this past week? There was something you saw, heard, some act of kindness, some kind of service that happened, an old friend you met. How many have a highlight? Maybe an answer to prayer? I want you to share it with your neighbor for a moment.

Php 4 This is how I feel about our church here in Baltimore.

vs. 1. The first word is “brethren.” That’s who we are. The next one is more endearing, “dearly beloved.” When I think of us hosting all these brothers and sisters that come here and this church has a spirit of joy, simplicity, transparency, freedom, truth, God’s love, then it’s an honor to be able to see and then the Body we are drinking the same Spirit. Then he says “longed for.” These are the Philippians. Wouldn’t it be amazing you say I long for that church, my brothers, I long to be with them. Then he says “my joy.” This is the result of the love we have. People picked someone up at airport, opened up homes, fed someone, gave $10 here or there, served or loved the brothers and sisters. You really are my joy. And then “crown.” We have five titles there. That’s amazing thing to think about regarding a church. This is the work of God’s grace amongst us. Then he says stand fast in the Lord. Then he says “my dearly beloved.” He loved these people.

I could ask a couple of people to come up: Pilvi Kraama and Evi Altonen, Andy Valaitis from Lithuania, and then P. Jeff McKeon. [They shared the highlight from the week for them.] I want to get one more batch up here. [He had more people come up and share their highlight from the week]. Could AV put up on the screen the slide on love?

2 Ki 1. The team is in Michigan [he named some of them] and they are up there ministering to the Finnish Americans up on the Upper Peninsula. We’ve heard some news from there and want to keep them in our mind and prayers. P. Gary has worked out a plan for summer harvest in the month of July and will share on it on Sunday night.

2 Ki 1:2 sometimes when I read the Bible, I go slow word by word and think about it. Ahaziah is a king in Northern Israel. And he fell down. Where do you see falling down? The big one is Lucifer. Where did he go? Like lightning. Adam and Eve walked with God and what happened to them? They were kicked out. Were they brought to a lower place? There was death and a curse. Falling down. Can people fall down today? What kind of heights are there? What is that high place people are at? How do they get high? What kind of high place are people in? Some are in the NFL…high place. Money, position, prestige, importance. Can they fall? You go high, high and you can fall. This king was up in the balcony.

vs. 2. He fell down through a lattice. These strips of wood that crisscross. A lattice wall, fence, railing. He fell through it. What was he trusting in? Maybe the story has many thoughts we have regarding it. This is all I want to say about it.

vs. 2. Maybe when he fell that is what caused his sickness. Maybe he broke his shoulder or neck. We don’t know. He had a question, will I die? vs. 2. Who is that but an idol?

vs. 3. The angel of the LORD is J.C. Is also translated messenger of the Lord. People in the 21st century fall and get hurt. Their fall is not only a physical fall but a psychology fall, a practical fall, a fall of position, of failure, catastrophe, and disaster. Where will they go? To a fortune teller, to play the lottery? Will I live or die? What bar room will they go to? What casino? They will go to the gods of the world. Elijah said isn’t it because there is no God of Israel here, meaning where is the prophet, the message? We would say where is the church, the security, the truth, the answer for my fall? How do I get healed? How do I find a solution for my life? Jesus comes and all of these fallen people meet Jesus and touch him and they have a future. Now do they go to an upper room? Does a believer go to an upper room, a place where we can never really fall? Is a believer brought to a place of a new kind of security? Not latticed where you could crash through it, but some security where though I fall, I will not utterly be cast down. If I mess up, underneath are God’s everlasting arms. Oh death, where is your sting? Grave, where is your victory? Who can tell me these things? There is a God of Israel.

Wasn’t it fun to hear P. Obed on Sunday morning? He was in the Taliban, he was in the soccer stadium and they were beheading people and hanging people on the cranes in the soccer field. It was a public place where people were executed. He told the story. He said a missionary doesn’t bring God some place. God is already there. He said I saw three times in my life as an unbeliever. He told the story of a man had a right to behead the man but the executioner can raise his sword and give him mercy. And he said in this case the man did it. He said mercy! All the spectators rose up with joy. Mercy! Mercy! And the man was released. He said that’s when I saw mercy is better than judgment.

People fall in this world, but there is no God, no message. They don’t hear it. Where do they find it? Sixteen things there (on the slide).

1 Cor 13. I’ll say a few things about what love is.

vs. 4. Then there is a pause and Paul writes on what love is not. We preached on that the other night, what love is not. There is one point in this teaching that is very important. It has to do with our desire for justice and for things to be right and correct. We have a desire for that for things to be right, correct, and so on. But in life when you fall from the balcony, through the lattice, and it happens whether you are right or wrong. When we fall and are hurting, we need something more than right or wrong. We need love. We need God and God is love. We easily become self-righteous. We have it in our nature to be right, and love what is right. It suffers long with people, MAKROTHUMIA, an amazing amount of patience with people, and is kind. Then rejoices. I think it’s kind of new for people. Really rejoicing. There is something in our heart we love, something we have going on in our heart. If we look for only what is right, we might find what is right but can’t find the way to get back. Where is that place? The king was up high in a balcony. I believe that’s where we want to be. We want to be honored, we want to be loved and exalted. In our nature, we want to be recognized, successful, blessed. But where is the high place where you can’t really fall. Where you are actually secure. It’s in God. He is my glory and the lifter of my head. He is the one who puts truth in the inner part.

Ps 51:6 this is what we enjoy about being together. The Bible says we are seated in heavenly places. We are actually in God. We are so high we can’t be any higher, for in the Son of God we are as high as He.

Eph 2:6 says that. The good news is Lucifer was in a high place and fell and the believer in a high place in one sense can never fall. I cannot fall out of that place, you and I. We can backslide, live in carnality, live in unbelief but we are sealed in him, secure in him. For us to learn about being in that place of honor from God means we can also go very low. But when you go very low you are not hurt, you are able to serve. It’s like Christ. Christ was so high but when came was able to go so low and able to serve, love, and able to bring light into darkness. He was able to manifest love. Love rejoices in truth. It doesn’t say rejoices in what is right, though that is honorable. It’s more than that. It’s truth. What is truth? Truth is a manifestation of God’s mind where God is saying though you leave me, I will never forsake you. Though you fall, you will not utterly be cast down. Truth is saying to Zacchaeus, salvation has come to your house. Truth is saying yes the world has rejected me but I came to seek and save the lost. Truth is amazing. Truth from the Bible. Then there is a little sequence here. If you take these six phrases, this is emotional in a good way. In our heart we rejoice in truth. The Bible speaking to my heart. Loving to hear these testimonies. Rejoicing in what God is doing. Rejoicing in forgiveness, in giving mercy. Then it says bears all things. This word is this idea of shelter. It has two meanings. The covering like a roof, underneath like a foundation of a house bearing the house and also like a vessel in water. You put a submarine down and able to bear the pressure. Here is a mom or dad or missionary or pastor or a believer who is at trouble at work or ends up in jail like Paul or Joseph, and they are able to bear. If we go a little weak on that one, believes all things. He could say I don’t know if I can handle this, but I believe God can handle this. I believe God will help me. God will be with me. Let’s say the believing goes weak, it goes to hopes all things. Even if my faith is weak or failing me, I have a hope that God will strengthen me or take care of me even if my faith fails. Even if my hope gets weak, you go to endures all things. This is an amazing truth that this love, even if I’m zero, a big zero, I’m able to have that single belief that I’m here and enduring. This is where I stand and this is what I believe. Do you have much faith? No, not much faith. Are you hoping all things? Yes, behind it I have a living hope. I’m going to be there and can’t explain it because love endures.

Jesus on the cross, rejoices in the truth, bears all things under the pressure, believes all things and even if that gets weak is hoping all things, Is 42, and enduring on the cross. This is love. And it simply can’t fail. I fall from a high place but love doesn’t fall. Love is never failing. I fall, love never fails. Love is there. Love upholds us. Love is the bottom line for our lives. God loves you. God never fails you. God is faithful. The only one that can be trusted. What did the God of Ekron say? What did Beelzebub say? Who cares? He doesn’t know anything. Do you know why you go to the god of Beelzebub, because you don’t go to the God of Israel? That’s like people in this world go everyplace except the God of Israel. And he loves us. In our hearts we find this love, we learn it and I like what P. Satellite said, it will go on and on if it is love. People will hear about it, drawn to it. Everyone is falling down. Everyone falls from that high place. Everyone loses a job, their money, their status, their health. We all, but where am I at and if I was to fall, who is my God. When I fall, I will say to God what do you say to me. He will say I will never leave you. I am your glory and the lifter of your head. I am the God of answers, life, and peace. I am the living God and follow me. I will honor you, help you, and heal you. The church at Ephesus were very good at doctrine, works, services but Jesus said you have left you first love. You have left this love. When you fall and you’re sick, this one and you’re looking and God is saying come unto me. Learn of me. I am meek and lowly. I am love. Lord, I am looking for justice. The Lord is saying, I’m looking for love. Lord, I want things to be right. God is saying, I want things to be merciful. I expect you to give out mercy and learn love. Love is the most amazing thing in the world. It will heal me, help me, teach me how to think, how to share, how to process my trial, help me in my marriage or in my single life. Keep me out of trouble. Build me up. Love is the most amazing thing in the universe and God is love. How important it is and what it is. Another time we will see love is not those things. What it is not. Two mountain ranges, what love is and what love is not and they go together. I can know what it is and what it is not. He wants to make it clear to us. Only way I can live in it is being Spirit filled. Do you know what the antithesis of love is? It’s not hatred. I don’t know but the thought I had is pride. Pride is the opposite. Pride is a mentality of self-importance. We are filled with pride.

When we learn God we learn love and our self-life goes away. We learn how to love as God loves. That H.S. humility, wisdom, edification. Lastly, gathering. Some people are scatterers because they are proud. They are proud in their attitude and thinking. They scatter and scatter believers and express knowledge and maybe what is right or what they feel is right but I don’t care what is right always. We are looking for something more. That is love. What if God dealt with us on the basis of what is right in his eyes. We would all be in trouble. He deals with us on what is merciful, love, truth.

Pascal said there is reason that reason knows nothing about. It’s a great principle. Those are some thoughts.



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