Our feet need to be shod with the Gospel. The covering of God goes on our toes. We able to march and walk nimbly through a world of un-grace. (Deuteronomy 29:5; Luke 15:2)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11307
7:30 PM on 8/2/2017

P. Schaller

I want to talk about our feet and shoes tonight. Turn to your neighbor and say golly! I need a message about my feet. I hope it will be good! Let’s pray for the pastor!

De 29. If you’re going to be in Bible college in the fall, a teacher, please stand up.

De 29:5, Luke 15:22, grace is important. Grace is a gift. Grace is the relationship God has with Israel and you and me. We learn all our life phrases like this. We were taught to succeed in the world of ungrace.

“The early bird gets the worm.” “No pain, no gain.” On the muscle bound guy. “No such thing as a free lunch around here.” “Demand your rights.” “You get what you pay for.” “I know these rules well because I live by them.” “I work for what I earn.”” I like to win. I insist on my rights.” “I want people to get what they deserve, nothing more nothing less.”

How many are familiar with these ideas? We all are. It’s how the world operates. It’s how the swimming coach talked to Michael Phelps and he succeeded and won many gold medals. It’s how you raise your kids.

When Christ came into the world, he knew all of this. He was a man that knew the law. Mt 5:17 and he kept it. But people need grace. People need something new. People need what they don’t deserve. People need the Spirit of God. The God who made the universe and all these great gifts, we need him to pour it on and forgive us over and over again and wash us clean with the blood of Jesus. The blood of Jesus is the reason we have the grace. You are guilty, you are judged, and we are in a lot of trouble. Low and behold God took the beating. God paid the price. God shed his blood. Grace comes in and the Spirit of grace, the H.S. You don’t deserve this, but I love you. What God is giving you is based on his nature and character. God is so angry with Israel in the O.T. prophets. What shall I do with Israel? He turns and says Ephraim, I cannot give you up. You are like a silly dove. Isaiah – he says to Israel where is the bill of your divorcement? In the O.T., Jewish men could divorce their wives easily. God is saying to Israel where is your bill of divorcement? I loved you with an everlasting love. I cannot forsake you or leave you. I am a faithful God, a merciful God. My mercy is new every morning. Great is my faithfulness. Think of the sun coming up every day…it’s the human race that is the problem because of our fallen nature.

vs. 22. He is unworthy of it, but I am the Father and I give grace. I make him new. I change his heart. I know he does not deserve it. He’s spent all his inheritance but that doesn’t change my heart toward him. The love of a mother for a child is the closest parallel to the love of AGAPE in nature. A mother will burn in a fire for her child. Even giving up a child in adoption, the mother will constantly relate and refer to that child. This is not a mother. This is God. God said will a woman give up her sucking child? She might but I will never give you up.

vs. 22. I have a couple pictures here. It’s bare feet. I went to church tonight and saw a pair of bare feet. Do you think God made us to live in this world with bare feet? Apparently not. In the wilderness, he said to the Jews your shoes did not wear out. Neurologically they are connected to our body. Go some days without shoes and you know what I mean. Maybe swimming is the only place it’s better to not have any on. We are made to have shoes.

Eph 6 it says we are shod with the preparation of the Gospel. vs. 15. Shod. Some shoes could be too tight on your feet or too small. You may not know the size of your foot. When God made us as his children, he gave us something the world doesn’t have.

The world has either no shoes or high heels (picture). I’m not picking on women here. The world has these kind not because they are stylish but they are inappropriate for the walk, my temptations, my challenges the fire and water we go through in Is 43:2. There is a walk we have in this world and it’s not a fancy twinkle toes down the hallway walk. It’s death, disease, temptation, a friend, a job, our hair, teeth. It’s a walk where we need our real shoes. Something more than what you would natural choose. People walk in this life either don’t have shoes or they are not appropriate for life. Maybe good party shoes or last a week or to. We had a Chinese market in Budapest and the shoes lasted a couple – not because it was Chinese – shoddy goods and my shoes falling apart. Has it ever happened where your shoes were falling apart? I believe our news and culture and many things outside this type of assembly meeting tonight. This is a certain kind of meeting. The movie theater can’t do this. Hollywood, philosophers, professors, teachers, where are my shoes?

Where are the shoes that God gives me? Where are the shoes that work, that will make it and can go through the fire and swamp and the big cities and countryside and loneliness? Where are the shoes where I can stand against the devil in the hour temptation?

There is a Peanuts carton of Lucy and Linus looking out the window at a steady down pour of rain. Look at the rain, Lucy said. What if it floods the whole world? Linus said in Ge 9 God promises it will never happen again. The sign is a rainbow. You take a great load off my mind, Lucy said. Linus pontificated. Sound theology has a way of doing that.

What are these shoes? Sound theology. Not flimsy flamsy flip flops…these shoes are solid. Sound theology establishes us and establishes our hearts.

My one goal in Bible college this year, I’m praying about every day and I have enjoyed this summer with times of praying and meditating. I said I need to go soul winning this morning. After the lunch rap, we went to the Travel Plaza. People coming through the country by bus. Maybe we will meet a prodigal son. A whole busload of Pakistanis and Chinese people came and we were handing out tracts and talking. God help me have a passion. I know you put shoes on us. This church needs the right kind of shoes. They are shoes where we are thinking. We are not embarrassed.

I was in Sweden and I went up to a guy to hand out a tract. I said it’s about God’s love. He said, Oh, bull and then he said the next word. I want to say it so bad! Then he got in his truck and I understood him. I have no problem. We are in Sweden and he is swearing like a trooper. In my heart I said it’s fantastic. Then he repeated it. I saw he was upset and he drove away. I’m so happy that I believe this. I don’t worry about the unbeliever. I’m so happy it’s part of our nature. It’s like the shoes we are wearing. It’s sound theology. They pick up shoes here and there.

John Bunyan said in Pilgrim’s Progress, “Christian in the palace beautiful. The next day they took him. Had him in the armory and showed him all manner of furniture…all prayer and shoes that would not wear out. There was enough of this to harness out as many men for the service of the Lord as the stars of the heaven for a multitude.”

Humanism wears out. Anger and jealousy wear out. We are forgiving people. We have shoes that we say are solid. Here’s the last picture. We can climb on high places, tread on serpents, shoes that can take on the enemy and go and go and go.

In Hungary…they couldn’t go to Auschwitz and Poland with the Jewish victims. They forced walked them to Austria. It was one week of walking. I was thinking of the shoes the women and children were wearing. If you fell, they shot you are on the spot. That tragedy is written in our history.

The Spirit of God is in our Bible school, in our hearts. One thing I want to teach you, I want to teach you not only to read your Bible but it would come off the page in your heart. I want you to learn to teach and preach the Bible, talk the Bible, and have a word in season that is fresh. These shoes are fresh, today tomorrow and the next day. These shoes work in the furnace, in the den. They work when Jesus is on the Cross. These shoes prepare us to meet God. These shoes are forever and ever.

Was I born with a shoe? No. I have to be born again to get the shoe. Is this coming on my foot when I had my birthday suit that day? No. I had none. But when you are born again, you are given shoes to walk in a rough world, a sad world, an unforgiving world, a world without the H.S. and J.C. throbbing in the heart and moving in our spirit and mind. They keep going and going and gracious and forgiving…

The early bird gets the worm. These shoes were late but right on time. No pain no gain. Jesus paid the pain and we get the gain. You say that’s not fair. That’s what you need. It’s actually fair but you don’t get the idea Jesus took the penalty and did it so in God’s mind he gave it to us through the justice he gave his Son. They are excellent for our foot hold. We are able to march. We have wonderful protection. They are pleasant to wear. They can adapt to hard work.

Let’s look at the barefooted people around us and sit by their bedside. Let’s sit with them when they are troubled. Talk with them about a new way, another life. Be prepared to share the reason for the hope in us. Active to share our faith with others. Let’s do it fervently and beautifully…He’s got to have those shoes.


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