The Lord lights our candle, makes us leap over walls and run through a troop. He strengthens us. When we are weak, He remains with us and makes us triumph. (Psalm 18:28-44; Judges 16:18-22)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11355
7:30 PM on 10/25/2017



P. Schaller

(Ps. 18) Powerful verses we will read as we speak tonight about being strong. Being weak and also strong.

The other morning I woke up and looked at my wife sleeping next to me and I loved her. I studied her as she was sleeping and I loved her. I counted it an amazing blessing, my wife. I say one more day Lord. Thank you. One day later, P. Ray’s wife has a seizure at work in a room and fell and hit her head and when they found here she was gone. One more day. It’s a gift. It’s a gift. One more day. Number our days. Amen. Wilson is there. Sid Root is there. Laura is there. And you and I are going there. Come, Lord Jesus, come. We’re going to go.

While we are here in this world, we have periods of weakness and also periods of strength.

Ps 18:28, The candle of the Lord is the spirit of a man. The Lord lights our candle. One candle. You can see it seven miles away. One candle. Here he will light my candle. In Bible college, I have times of weakness. I remember being weak as a believer and distracted and so on. Then God lighting my candle. That’s all it was. Just a candle. Not much. Being weak but God lighting the candle.

vs. 28b-29. Remember the cowboy and Indian movies running through a troop of tomahawks. If you made it to the end. Running through a troop or fortress… running through an impenetrable fortress. Running through by God.

vs. 29b. You might not feel like that tonight but you’re only a short distance from that happening because our God is with us. God is with us. God has saved us. That we would have times when we would be very strong and capable.

vs. 30. Even Joseph in prison in Egypt. Even there – remember the story. Joseph is a victim. Joseph has been betrayed by his brothers. He doesn’t have much of a future. Then Joseph interprets two dreams. He’s actually strong. When they get out of prison, the one that was to live, [Joseph] said remember me to Pharaoh, and it says he forgot. Joseph has God with him. God is for the oppressed. He is there for the victims. He is compassionate. He hears the cry of the prisoner. He loves to put strength into his people.

vs. 30b-32 Girding is an ancient word. You put your belt. That may be the closest. They wrap themselves with a girdle. The cowboy put on the holster. Girding myself, God girding me with strength.

vs. 32. Have you felt the strength of God in your life? Have you felt the joy of God, power from the Holy Spirit? Have you felt I can do this thing? Have you been refreshed in your life? Saying where does this come from? God is giving me the strength to be solid, confident, believing.

Ps 18:32 if you looked at my way it would be zigzag kind of making my way in life but not really. God ordering your steps and bottling your tears in the smoke. God is with us in every step. Remember the video of the sheep hearing the voice of the shepherd. The sheep being weak and yet being God’s people.

vs. 33. I understand horses can’t run very well on rocks. But these animals can bounce off on the edge. We had a U-Tube video remember it with a hinds feet message. These mountain goats are running down these cliffs. The world gets afraid of the edge. We do too in a sense. We can walk on the edge of death and talk about death every day. When I grew up, we never talked about death. Stay away from the subject maybe. In the world, they don’t talk about death. You wash it, perfume it, and do everything to beautiful the ugliest of it. Like in Haiti this color blue is painted on the tombs, pastel colors. We can be there where the devil is living and say move over. There is not enough room for you and me here. We are strong, convinced, crowned with honor, in the presence of God. Also as you have experienced it the reality. Make my feet like hinds feet like on the edge of a cliff. In the presence of doubt and questions. In the presence of intellectual arguments. On the edge and be comfortable. The sheep even sleep on a precipice relaxed. 800 pound mountain sheep and they just stand. Their feet are there. Who could do this? God. God makes my feet like hinds feet. What about your money? I’m on the edge. What about your relationships? I don’t manipulate or control them. David, whose heart is after God, had so many friends they made him the king. He had the heart of God. You have David’s heart. You have Christ’s heart. You have a new heart. You have feet like hinds feet. We are sometimes remarkably strong and capable people.

vs. 33-34. Impossible for me to break steel, to bend it. For me to break it with my arms.

vs. 35-36. It says God is slow to anger. I understand in the Hebrew it means God has a long nose. He is slow to anger and has a long nose. You figure it out. The nose is representing anger. It can flair when someone is angry. God is slow to anger. But he does get angry. Maybe we could read it sometimes on God’s anger. Maybe not so edifying unless it’s understood in the context of HESED, mercy, lovingkindness, kindness. He got angry with Moses, but it took a long time.

Judge 2:20 God got angry with Israel but it took a long time. God got angry with Solomon because of his idolatry.

God got angry with Balaam, and in 2 Ki 17 with Israel. God was broken hearted. How could God be angry? When there is a marriage made in heaven and an adulteress affair with one of the parties, is the innocent party angry? Because of the broken relationship, they are angry. R anger. There is also mercy. God is angry but slow to become angry.

He was angry at times Mk 3:5 Jesus was angry with hypocrisy and injustice and oppression and then he was so merciful and dies on the cross. His anger could not last so long. He would say please come to me. I give you plenteous mercy and abundant grace. Great forgiveness and the great nature of God. We wake up and say thank you God, the sun came up today like you promised. Thank you. I got something to eat. Thank you my loved ones are alive. Thank you for all your goodness. That you light my candle. You give me strength in my arms to break steel. Your gentleness makes me great. I think we put on God, we change his image at times. We put him…it’s refreshing in our mind and understanding how good and gracious he is. It is important to us. Renew my mind.

vs. 36. Enlarge my steps. Here’s my step. Enlarging it would be like a snow shoe. Under my foot is a big area, a big area enlarged under my foot so I don’t slip. You could slip and you catch yourself. That catching yourself is the enlargement of your step. Even if I slip, I will not fall. Even if I get upset and I’m upside down and worried and troubled, God will enlarge the step under your foot and you will land like a cat with nine lives, though I don’t really like cats!

Remember dogitude and catitude? You feed a dog, serve a dog and wash and take care of it. The dog thinks my master is amazing that he would do all of this for me. What does the cat do? The cat when you do it to the cat, the cat says of course you would do this for me. I’m the center of the universe!

vs. 36-37. What happened? Remember in our Civil War when Lincoln heard Robert Lee was going north to Harrisburg and General Meade was heading to meet him. Lincoln was concerned because the war was so hard, defeat after defeat. He kneeled in his bedroom and prayed and had a sense it will be ok. That was the battle of Gettysburg. The confederates retreated…over the Potomac and back into Virginia and Lincoln was saying go after them before they cross the Potomac. Destroy their army. We had a tough battle in Gettysburg and now destroy them. We didn’t. Lincoln was so disappointed. He said it could have ended but it went on two more years.

vs. 37. Not only did I go after them, I went after them. After I got beat up, I went after them again. I would not stop, I would not stop, and I went after my enemy and defeated them and consumed them. What is Christ like in this world? He’s on the offensive, not a compromiser, loving and kind. There is a strength in every one of you where the Holy Spirit wants you to know. Don’t water it down with your flesh or compromise with excuses. Believe what God has said is true. Embrace it and be built up and walk in it. This is who we are. It’s not like I’ll be like that. This is who we are.

vs. 38-39 when you think of people, shift it to demons. We are not battling against people but lying spirits, deceptive spirits, corrupt spirits, sexual spirits, and alcohol addiction spirits. They are under me. I am girded with strength. No power over us. Lying, filthy, unclean spirits.

vs. 40-41. God is on my side.

vs. 42-43. This is written by David.

vs. 44. Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. Let’s go to the last part. Samson.

Let’s go to Judges 16:18. I love it when people share their hearts. He shouldn’t have told Delilah. That was the wrong person to talk to.

Women are very gifted. Women are very powerful and effective in certain situations. Women international spies and how affective they are with men for men will share all their heart with them.

Judges 16:18 the Philistines came with money of course.

She made him sleep on her knees, vs. 19. He was a Nazarite. A Nazarite vow was not to drink the fruit of vine and not have a haircut. It was a picture of sanctification, being set apart for God. Samson was set apart for God and by that he was spiritually powerful. God wants us set apart in prayer, in the Body, in obedience, in doctrine. He wants us strong like Samson. We are holy, sacred people. Like these guys from Teen Challenge in the first two rows. What happened? He got a haircut.

Judges 16:19, she began tickling him, poking him maybe. His strength left him. Strength from God leaves my life. My sense of calling, my purpose, my determination and focus like I can pursue my enemy and I will get him and destroy him. That’s gone from me. I’m afraid in my room. I shut the doors and windows. I’ve felt it and I’m sure you have. Have you felt alone, weak, tried, defeated? I’ve been to the place where I said I can’t believe I ever got on an airplane. They are so dangerous and I’ve been on hundreds of airplanes. Hinds feet on high places. But when my strength is gone. How did I read the Bible, stay in a prayer meeting, forgive an enemy, and think the right way? This is what is happening here.

vs. 20. Shake myself like a dog. Ever see that a soaking wet dog shake himself? It dries right out. Samson is saying I’ll shake it off. I can do this thing. I can make it happen.

vs. 20. He didn’t know the Lord was departed from him. Maybe he got used to it. When it’s gone, it’s gone. It might be one of the best things that happens to me. I have lost in my experience, not salvation, not God’s grace, I just lost that experience, that confidence, that strength from God.

vs. 20. He needed God’s strength.

vs. 21. The devil is targeting us in Job 6:4. His eyes are on Job. Job is targeted. Do you think Satan targets the men of God that are giving a message and helping people and standing for right and wrong and standing up and saying that is wrong? The devil would love us to lose our moral consciousness. Not defend the poor, the innocent, the babies, the disadvantaged. Become hard and cold and calloused. The devil wants to destroy the family and rip it apart. He puts out the eyes. He wants Samson’s eyes out.

vs. 21. Let me show you the prison house. It’s the mill and there is a stone and usually a donkey pushing it. They put Samson in this thing. He’s blind. They put him here and he’s in bondage. It’s like me going around the beltway every day. I feel like I’m in the mill house and have no options. I’ve lost all my options. I’m in a prison. I’m very weak and I’m in bondage and in trouble spiritually. I want you to get used to these two ideas. We are strong but also think about this happens, too.

Then the great message is vs. 22. How the hair began to grow again. His hair is coming back. Look out. His hair is coming back. Meaning God has not left Samson. God is not finished with him. You and I, as long as we live here, we might get hurt to the point where we are so much abused by the enemy and taken advantage of but our God is not like their God.

Our God comes with his great mercy. Our God forgives us of our sin, visits us in the night season, and hears the cry of the prisoner. Our God is close to us, lights our candle, gives light in darkness and says my gentleness will make you great.

Again he gets this strength back. He pushed the house down. A huge miracle. These miracles were made permanent. Ancient stone pillars like 19 ton stone and he’s able to push it down because God makes us strong.

He makes us strong. He does. Don’t you believe anything else. He does. He fills us with the Spirit and we are strong. We are strong. Say it. I don’t care how you feel. God makes us strong. When you get it in the H.S. and he speaks to you. Maybe I interpret a dream or know what to do. It may be I’m interested in learning things. That’s a gift. That’s strength.

I want to learn about it and package it and understand me and live in it. I have a desire to follow God and live in the reality of God, glorify God and bear much fruit. I have a desire to see that God will give me hinds feet on hinds places, light my candle, make me great by his gentleness and take good care of us.



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