God opens our eyes His way in His time. His wisdom leads us on in life, even though we are seemingly fools. His sound doctrine makes to walk in truth. (John 9;1-7; Isaiah 35:8; 2 Timothy 3:16; 4:1-4)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11325
11:00 AM on 9/3/2017

P. Schaller

You are in Bible school when you come to church. The adult Sunday school this morning is before the service. Service is at 9, adult Sunday school at 9:30, the 11 service, and then at 6:30.

Jn 9:1-2, we have a lot of questions in life. We would like to know why is there suffering? Why is there sickness and disease and war? Here we have a sensible question. A man is blind and the disciples are with Christ who is so refreshing to listen to. Christ doesn’t speak like the scribes and Pharisees. He tells stories, explains things, and has good answers that resonant in the heart. If you have God resonating in your heart with his life and wisdom, it builds you up with muscles.

Remember the two German weight lifters, Hans and Franz? Pump you up! (a skit).

Be built up in the inner man. Sometimes some of the questions we have in life drag us down and we get hurt and troubled. They had an opportunity to say to Jesus why is the man born blind? A lot of pain and trouble in life does come from sin. Whose sin and how does that work? This is what we described in our services here in the past. Many of you are familiar with the house and the two levels. On the first floor of the house there are these questions and some answers but they are limited, like a fish in the aquarium. The fish is swimming but it’s not the same when it’s in the ocean or river. Man is something like a dog on a leash or a fish in an aquarium or an animal in the zoo. His sin has limited him. He is troubled by many unanswered questions and a lot of emotion. A lot of abstract thoughts that don’t bring him anywhere. Like following a rabbit down a rabbit hole and not going anywhere.

Jesus is going to give us some wisdom, vs. 3. In a way it doesn’t seem like it answers the question. Yes, this is part of the plan. Explain it to me. Watch what happens. This is where you and I need to go in our life. It’s a life of faith. You are and I am made to be more than just the first part of the house. We are to be in the whole house. We have been joined to God.

For he that is joined to God is one spirit, 1 Cor 6:17. Holy Spirit. Jesus was here and he was with God and in fellowship with God and living in the whole house. He understood suffering. He understood people and what life was about. He understood life is spiritual and love is the key in life. He understood who God is and God is with him and he’s able to minister on the earth not with pills and therapies and the ways of men and counsel of men and money and manipulation and trying to get someone to do something. He was blessed of God. He was a mystery. He was Christ on the earth. He shows us another way.

Jn1 4:6 he says I am the way, the truth, and the life. The man that is going to be healed in the story is going to enter into this.

Jn 9:4-5 We could say Jesus is really in the whole house. He’s saying as long as I’m here, I’m the light of the world.

We that follow him walk in the light of life, Jn 8:12. What we see is what we are hungry for. Real answers, real H.S. doing something. H.S. leading us beyond the ways of men. It’s the same everywhere. Every century that ever existed with the human race was this floor and the limits of it versus the connection with God who brings us beyond it.

vs. 6. Saliva and mud on the face. Want to do that after church? Try it! Go out there and spit and make a clay and put it on your neighbor’s face. He would feel it rubbed on his face if he was blind. What are you doing? Why are you doing it? What are you doing? Where are we going? When? Where? How? As we live in something more than the answer to those things, we don’t have answers but live in something more. What is it that Jesus is saying, doing? We are listening to Jesus. What about this? Jesus has a word and that word is our food, our meat. That’s why we love our Bible. It gets us out of the stuff many live in and they can’t get out of it. Where do we go to find the skill of living in daily life? It takes skill to live every day. Probably if you are here, you are one of the ones who has learned the skill. You got up, made breakfast, started a car or got on a bus, tied your shoes and came here. I’m not making a joke out of it. Some have lacked the skill for daily life and they suffer. They can’t get things done and they suffer. Where do I go to get the skill for living a daily life? Good question.

vs. 7. Having been in Israel and knowing where that pool is…the muddy face and then the pool he had to go to. Being blind he somehow knew how to get there. He had been blind since birth. But he went. He could have asked why? When? Where? What? How? Why did Jesus do this? What is going on? What is my future? I have to wash my face. Go wash in the pool. I would have said go wash in the pool, and you will be healed. Jesus dropped that part. Life is faith. I remember becoming a believer and learning with others to pray. We would pray and kneel down and raise our hands. I wondered why? Lift up holy hands in prayer the Lord said in the Scriptures. That’s all I know so by faith I would lift up my hands. You can’t get to the rest of the house without faith. You can’t get very far with your dirty face asking why. You can’t go very far without him. He says trust me. Faith.

vs. 8-9. Where are those people living? Those people are on the first floor of house. Where is he? You’ve been healed. Where is he? A blind man is healed but the people in this world oftentimes are blind to the real issues. They are blind to the deeper things, the important things. They should be falling on their face and say you are blind and healed. They should say in a sacred tone who did this? This is amazing. You are blind and now you see. Speechless. Amazed. But the world is numb, calloused, and overly analytical, sometimes wrapped up in the burdens of first floor questions. They don’t have child-like praise and worship. His name is Jesus. Where is he? Who is he and where is he? I don’t know because I never saw his face when he put his hand on me and muddied my face. He’s here. He’s visiting people. He’s God. He’s the Messiah. When God speaks to your heart and in a church like this it is our prayer, how can I get the skill for living everyday life? This way. This is how it works. It’s the fear of God is the beginning of W.

Is. 35:8, I enjoyed Bible college this past week. I feel the holiness of God in the classroom, the purpose we have. We have a high and holy calling in the work we do. We have Body life. Ever notice after church is over 1 hour passes and people are still here and together? I tend to believe those conversations are godly and those are edifying words. We love each other in many levels, in practical ways. Lose my job and looking for a new one. Having my house, my neighborhood. Fixing a car, selling something. The gifts in the Body are for our edification. We hear a message from the pulpit that stirs me up in the whole house living.

Is 35:8 it’s a highway, a literal one in history coming in the millennial reign but for application we are on a spiritual highway. It will be called the way of holiness. The hard way of the cold hearted Pharisees, of always complaining, of always finding myself guilty for something. This is another way. The unclean shall not pass over this highway. Where is that way? How do I find it? By faith. By faith in God and Christ. The unclean or the unbeliever or person who has no interest in God or any fear of God or any interest in the things of God will not pass over it. The wayfaring or traveling man. What does it mean traveling people? This is not my home. We are pilgrims and sojourners passing through this life. We’re coming back and it will be our home but just now we are in a foreign country. We are citizens of another. We are wayfaring men and this is the part I like, though fools. Thank you, Lord I got in there. There are people who are very clever and very capable of living this life on the first floor. They can do everything. They love the aquarium. They cross their T’s and dot their I’s. One brother said they tip toe through life hoping nothing wrong will happen until they make it safely to the grave. They are people like that. They are capable. I don’t really care about this point but I want to say something: I’m living a unique life and so are you. I didn’t do it. A life way beyond my capacity and I’m enjoying it and it’s not because of me. It’s because of the person, J.C. He gets all the glory. If anything works in my life, God is the reason for it. I’m serious about it. I could not do it. I’m a sinner. I will mess things up. The people who look like they got it down, let me tell you their secret. It’s fluff. It’s an empty suit. The best that man can be is vanity. No one has a corner on this thing called life. If you come to Christ, he gives you the whole thing…all these first floor questions rain on the party. The blind man could say why are you talking like this? Any idea what it means to be blind your whole life and your eye balls are open and I have to look at you people? The first time looking around. These idiots are saying I had fourteen chocolate bars in the drawer; now there are 13. The window is supposed to be open. Now it’s closed. I want answers. Who closed the window? If you are a fool like me and you fear God and say I need help in this thing called life, he puts you on the highway though a fool you won’t err therein. Something about your life that is unexplainable. Some desires you have toward God. Prayers you pray that are answered.

2 Tim 3:16. Hold up your Bible like that for me. Do you realize that this is given by God? These are words. Have you ever noticed animals can’t talk like we can? God gave us this book knowing we need words. These words change things. These are words of God. This Scripture is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in how to live in R. I need that instruction.

vs. 17. “Perfect” meaning complete or finished. Means he is capable because he has the word of God. Though a fool yet living in the whole house because the Word brings us there. We would live not by our feelings, wounds, pains, own analysis of life, we would live by faith in the Word of God.

2 Tim 4:1-2. Have the Word in your home. Preach the Word into yourself. Preach the Word. I remember in our Finnish mission, we started Bible college and I gave an assignment in homiletics they had to go preach in the forest. They also like to be alone sometimes. They still tell me about it. They had to learn to share, to preach the word. We had moose in our area in the forest where we were living. I remember Hanalie, the moose were on the move. They had their hormones going on. She had to walk home on the road so slowly because there were two moose there. It took her 1.5 to walk a half a mile. Preach the Word. What word? The rhema Word. The living Word. Some don’t want to go to church because they don’t want to be rebuked. They don’t want to be told adultery is a sin. Lying and cheating is sin. About our convictions about babies. They do not want to hear it.

vs. 3. The time will come, 2017, when they will not endure sound doctrine. I don’t want to go there or listen to that. What happens? I’m on the first floor of the house and living the way I want to live my life. Then you are free and no one here is a judge of each other. People are free to come and go and do however they want to live. When they said about the blind man who did sin. Jesus said I’m going to show you something. We’re not talking about what caused this guy’s pain. I’m going to show you God. I’m going to open a door you haven’t been to yet. If you want your adultery you can go and live in it. The whole house, the ocean of God and R and his joy and peace. We have found an answer for the problems in this world. We have found the Holy Spirit filling us and this book that is like a knife or razor that will cut right through and say I know you, care for you, love you.

2 Tim 4:3 how does it work? After their own lusts. What will the lusts do? Their lust will drive them in getting the teaching they want. Their lust will say I will find another teacher or book or philosophy so I can live as I want to.

vs. 3. Based on their lust pattern and sin nature, they will heap to themselves, not just one – king Ahab had 400 false prophets. Jehoshaphat said do you have one more? He said yes, but he never tells me what I want to hear. That’s the one I want to hear. They will heap radios, movies, TV programs. By the way, before a Christian holiday Time magazine, the December issue, will bring in some study and say something to raise the question about Christ. He was born in Bethlehem and they will have some archeologist who is studying today. Well, actually there was two Bethlehem’s. I’m making this up but this is the idea. We have certain evidences that show that Jesus was not really born in that Bethlehem and we wonder if his name was Jesus at the time. On and on it goes. And people are reading it. Christmas comes and passes. You do research on that and it’s disproved by other archeologist and professors. It was all propaganda. The game they play. And for Easter they do it. A month before. It’s every year. Hello? Do you realize you can heap to yourselves all kinds of teaching that will tell you whatever you want to believe? If you don’t want to believe in Jesus, you can find a million people who give you the reasons why they don’t. How about you? Have you found it? Have you found that H.S. edification? Fellowship where there is a clear sound. It really is Jesus who said wash and I came away seeing. All I know is I was blind and now I see…I’m sold out on it. I have found it. I looked and thought about it for more than 40 years. The time will come when they will not endure that message that goes against my way, my own ideas and life. If you can take the rebuke, if you can be serious about your faith, if you can hear from God. This is the way I’m going God come hell or high water. I’m believing this. You did not make this so I would be destroyed. Praise would be a part of my life. Faith would not be unusual for us. Faith would be the very thing that changes our life so we can skillfully live a daily life with eternal value to it.

vs. 3. They will not be totally satisfied. I have to do it again. I have an itch. Next year it will be something else. It’s not an itching ear for us. It’s a satisfying ear. It goes deep into our ears. For us to grow in understanding more and more. They shall turn away their ears from the truth and turn to fables. It is a great verse to end on. Any kind of thing but don’t put J.C. in it.

You can believe you are a bowl of cornflakes but don’t’ talk about Jesus. You can believe aliens are visiting every other weekend but don’t talk to me about Jesus. These tabloids, “Cat had astronaut on the Moon.” Believe in Elvis is alive but do not get serious with this book and have J.C. and obey him. The blind man came back and said I got it. Those who don’t want to will be turned to fables, lies and stories and so on.


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