Jesus was greater than Solomon, He said so. But we see this in how the heart of the Savior was given to saving the world. Solomon’s largeness of heart got him many wives and also much trouble. (1 Kings 3:9; 4:29; 11:1-4, 14-15; Proverbs 16:7)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller, Pastor Brian Lange
Sermon # 11631
6:30 PM on 2/17/2019

P. Schaller

Before service, I was thinking of having the Bible college students come up on stage. Why? I guess because we want to see you. Would you do that? Be relaxed up here. We won’t ask much from you. Just come up.
I asked P. Eugene to say a couple words to you. We love you and are behind you. What a great thing to go to Bible school. What price did you pay to go? What price? Thank you, Jesus.
These young people and old people, too. All kinds of people. Jesus is real. That’s the bottom line.
Is that Mark over there? How many years? A few years. Good to see you.
Jesus with them. Are you folks praying for us? We’re praying for you. We have Jesus in common. What gifts can he give these folks? What guidance and direction and the Spirit in prayer and love and faith and trials and unbelief and doubt. All this is no problem with God. (Prayer).

P. Eugene

Today in my meditation, Acts 12, Peter is in prison and the situation doesn’t look good. Think of this in Bible college. Situations you find yourself in a prison, your mind in a prison. Your past is speaking to you, your failure, your sin, your struggles, but prayer was made continually by the church for Peter. Peter thinks he is alone but the Body is praying for Peter. This is our communication to you as pastor said. We look at your faces and we pray. You are precious to God, to the vision and to us. In the days and times when you are struggling and you don’t understand and it will happen, and the days you don’t want to come to Bible college and it will happen, know the Body is praying for you for your families, marriages, dorms, and situations. Be encouraged in the battle.
The beautiful thing about Bible college is the foundation God is laying in your lives. 1 Thes 5:24 faithful is he who has called you. It’s settled that you are called. When no finances, you’re called. When you are sick, you are called. When relationships aren’t working, you’re called. When your parents want you to come home, I’m called. Faithful is he who has called you and he also will do it. It may not be in four years, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 – he is faithful. He abides faithful. We love you. It’s awesome you are here. Just dig ditches in the classroom of faith.
Let’s pray for these amazing young people and older people as well. (Prayer).

P. Schaller

P. Brian is with us from Hungary. To say a few words about him and Paula. Just about every square foot of this property has been touched by his planning mind and administration skills. The day school plan, the entry way, many elements.
Scotty Dubay and the team that has really upgraded this stage, this room. The new color is in the back hallway. That’s the new color we want to put in here. There is a group of people that are color choosers. We’re going to do a face lift in here.
P. Brian has been really used of God in a great way in France and Hungary as we worked together there for many years and back here in Baltimore for 10 years and now he is living in Hungary. He’s here visiting. He’s going to take the offering for us.

P. Schaller

Halleluiah, halleluiah, thank you, Lord. Praise you, God. I was thinking today.
1 Ki 11, I’ve had a day of prayer. My day has been a day of prayer. I heard great preaching this morning. Being in the Body is so beautiful. Craig had a birthday party. I got to see my mom. She sends greetings. I got to get her out and have her come. She lives here in Baltimore. I don’t know how this relates to anyone.
This is a faith message. I’ll go slowly and maybe the text will speak for itself. We’re reading the text. I want you to make sure to start with Jesus is greater than Solomon. We’ll talk about two: Jesus and Solomon. A few words for Jesus: wisdom and understanding, prudence, and largeness of heart. Did Jesus have largeness of heart? Yeah, he did. How do we know that? Because he had all these people in his heart. He had the Father in his heart. He cared about the world that was in his heart. On the cross, he said forgive them. He had largeness of heart. He loved his Father’s will. He had largeness of heart. That’s what happens to us, too. Your world gets larger because of your heart. This is God’s work amongst us that we would have largeness of heart.
King Solomon, let’s go to his story. 1 Kings 11:1, go back to 3:9. He got wisdom and understanding and then in chapter 4:29, he got largeness of heart. Thank you guys for working the screen. You guys are good.
1 Ki 4:29, that’s amazing that he had such a big heart. He had a big kingdom. He had a big grocery list.
1 Ki. 4:22-23 do you know who he is feeding? For one day, how many hundreds of – I don’t know. In one day.
vs. 24. He was feeding an army. His house was full of people. He had administrators. He had his goal, his vision. He was a great king.
Of course the follow up on this is a bit of a mystery because he had written about women in his Proverbs, chapters 5, 6, and 7. He realized how important it was to be careful with women. But I see some parallel between largeness of heart and having so many women in his life. It may sound strange but I think to have people you can help. To have people that want to understand, that want counsel, people looking for some answers, people attached to his power. I think the women were part of his foreign policy diplomacy to marry the women on the outside of his borders to extend his country.
He did this contrary to what the Scripture says in De. 18 that the king was not to multiply wives or horses or they would go back to Egypt; or gold which was a false security.
He did this in chapter 11:1-2. Now, we have this wisdom, largeness of heart and somehow it’s changed but he has the capacity and love that he’s clinging to these women in what we could say natural, horizontal, relationships. Maybe he has a false confidence that he can control this. He has this capacity for this. He believes he can handle it. When we got to Jesus on this side, he has largeness of heart but not for women. It’s really for the world and his Father, isn’t it? I always do my Father’s will. I delight in my Father’s will. The H.S. has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. Jesus, can you be poor? It’s fine. I have largeness of heart and I have wisdom and understanding. People are drawn to me for the right reason. I’m not feeding into their flesh. It seemed he had the power, the dignity, and the money and the women were able to reinforce that. He was able to meet their need and he was meeting their need in a fleshly relationship of support. This is a strange thing. It started to go and kept going and he wasn’t corrected. It kept going and this is called chain sinning. It’s a mentality here that he had. It’s explained here in principle.
They turned away his heart in vs. 3. As the third grade Sunday school student said, he had 300 porcupines! He had 700 wives, 300 concubines. When we read this, I know we laugh and are amazed. I have no idea what that
means. I want to be more serious. Once I get into that error, that error leads me into the error and I accept it as normal. It could be if Solomon was confronted with truth, he would say what? I don’t know what you are talking about. This is normal for me. This is fine. Why are you laughing about it? What do you see about it? We should be able to understand this. There is this possibility of me growing in my error with my gifts and my ability and my position to lie to myself, to accept something normal that isn’t. It’s way off the chart. The man is so wrong. This error has led him into idolatry.
I want to compare it with Jesus. When Jesus’ mother and father met him at the age of 12, they said to Jesus, where have you been? He looks at them and we get the idea he’s going, don’t you know I must be about my Father’s business? Haven’t you gotten that yet? Don’t you know who I am mom and dad? I’m called. I have something deeply serious happening in my life. I am here and you cannot imagine how large my heart will become and how much I will love and forgive and what I will do in this world. I will. His first miracle in Cana, they ran out of wine and his mother came to him. The woman, the mother came to Jesus.
With Solomon, the women came to Solomon, and it was a relationship that – I don’t know. I’m just talking to you. I don’t know why he couldn’t handle that. Why couldn’t he say, I’m very sorry. I have nothing to do with you. Go find your counselor. I’m not your counselor. You’re from Moab. Go back home. You’re Pharaoh’s daughter. I’ll send a letter and congratulate him on having a fine daughter, but I don’t have anything in my heart for you. We all know this. We know how we slide. We know how soft we are. We know how we feel and how people can pull our strings and push our buttons. A man knows what pornography is, what seduction is, what money is, what a good position is. We all know these things.
The funny thing about the paradox between the two is that this one is the one who gave him the wisdom and largeness of heart that became the vehicle by which he had this attractive ability and developed a bad habit of getting women around him in the hundreds. I think you can hear me. I’m not saying anything toxic about women. Women are awesome. Abigail and Deborah and the bride of Christ. Christ wanted a bride. That’s us. He doesn’t play a game with his bride. Remember Adam and Eve. Eve eats the fruit out of deception and offers it to Adam. It’s too strong. Adam has to go with Eve. I’m throwing my money down on this one. I’m going to eat this. I’m going with Eve. I’m going to eat it too. I’m drawn to her. I’m sold out on this. I’m going for it.
All that I’m saying is Isaiah 30, there is such a thing as chain sinning. We go into it and all of this blessing that we have and our design as people. You’ve got to have someone to say, hold it! Someone praying for me. Someone saying Jesus, come on Jesus. Open his eyes. Stop it. Go with the largeness of heart for the mission. Largeness of heart for holiness. Largeness of heart for truth. Largeness of heart. Largeness of heart. We just had a marriage getaway and we have seen through the years how complicated it can be when someone is pulling in this direction and the other spouse is pulling in this one, wanting to go this way. The other spouse is going this way. I just bring it to our attention.
Chapter 11:14, there is two more in the chapter. He’s got this whole thing going on and now comes someone out of the blue.
Remember when the shah in Iran was overthrown and the ayatollah having camped out in Paris, France… when the shah was overthrown, the ayatollah came and took over. He had been some decades in Paris. This guy had been out of the picture totally.
When I follow God, God keeps my enemies away from me. It’s true. When we follow God and do his will, somehow we have the same troubles. We have trouble in the plan of God, but there is a truth here. When I go away from God, the Lord will stir up an adversary. Now he has my attention. Now I humble myself and seek him if I can. I seek him with all my heart and find the way. The Spirit will lead me and I can cry out and he can deliver me out of my trouble. I’m not saying we should analyze our life all the time.
Prov 16:7 when a man’s ways please the Lord, even his enemies are at peace with him. Beautiful. What can we say here about this? Let’s be people of the Spirit and follow the Spirit. If he says no to that thing, that’s the end of the story. I don’t bring it up again. It’s not in the play book. I don’t look again.
Remember Balaam? The Lord said some people will come to your house tomorrow but don’t go with them. They came to his house and they had a talk about money and cursing Israel and he asked God, could I go with them? You know what God said? Go with them. Go with them. He shouldn’t have asked. He went with them and goes with them again. He wants to curse Israel and he can’t. He’s a man that is double minded and doesn’t know what he is playing with. He should have stayed away from the thing. He’s cursed and running in error. His error is so great a donkey is talking to him. He’s beating the donkey. When the donkey crushed his foot, that wouldn’t stop him from running in the way of Balaam. A talking donkey couldn’t slow him down.
Some men are so after their lust, you can’t stop them. Stop, turn in, believe, humble yourself, believe, follow God and he will enlarge our hearts. Enlarge it in prayer and worship and in our imagination and in our possibilities. Enlarge it in our gift sets, in our family. I can’t handle my kids but maybe the Holy Spirit will enlarge my capacity. I can’t handle my teenagers but God can give the wisdom of Solomon, even a better than Solomon who can enlarge our heart. I can’t handle church life and God can enlarge my heart. I can never be a missionary.
Maybe God will enlarge my heart?…Isn’t it possible that God could enlarge our heart so we are able to do things that are a lot better than what Solomon did and a lot less painful and troublesome that what Solomon did.
Which life I choose and what we set our hearts on is important to us.

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