Love slave to the Master is what Jesus came to be. He was pierced to be devoted to His Father’s will. We should have our minds conformed to His mind. This mind is not blown about and tricked by sleights and craftiness. (Philippians 2:5; Exodus 21:2, 5-6; Psalm 40:6; John 20:20)

Speaker: Justin Schaller, Thomas Schaller
Sermon: 12578
6:30 PM on 09/10/2023

P. Schaller –

Thank you, gentlemen. It’s great. We had worship a week ago, wasn’t it? Remember. Sunday night. Yes, we
had beautiful worship and Word. It was so good. We have P. Justin’s going to share tonight.
Yeah, that’s great. We have, we finished one week of Bible school. Or two weeks? Two weeks.
And we had a beautiful service this morning. I want to just say a few things about it here.
Turn with me to Ephesians 4. I’m just so thankful for the elders and the trustees and our affiliation
and the love. The humility. Patience of the brothers and sisters here and world-wide. Many
places. I know that P. Scibelli does Zoom meetings. I do one tomorrow morning for India or in
the afternoon. The high school, GGCA, the teachers. P. Barry. It really is amazing. P. Butch with
the motorcycle guys and Patrick.

We were knocking on doors, Randy and Sturge and I, and this man in the backyard said, yeah. I
met this guy with a motorcycle, a green motorcycle. I think his name was Patrick. That’s him
right there! So, you know, Patrick, do you live here right now? That’s great. Good to have you.
He lives here. So, now, we’re all in trouble! Patrick lives here! It’s good.

The newcomers – you know how people come into the church and they’re new. Like some
people they just need to get a Bible. They’re really new. They just start reading the Bible and
they’re learning to pray. The newcomers – we have P. Roger Robbins Jr. doing the newcomers.
Is it Tuesday night? Tuesday night. So, we’re going to start that up in the café. We want to help
them learn and grow.

So, we said this morning that there’s so many misconceptions that people have about God.
There are so many things. The devil doesn’t want you to know God. He’s talking all the time in
our culture by all means to prevent us from finding God. The devil blames the church, blames
people. The devil says God is too hard. The devil says he’s going to steal from you. He lies.
Remember in the Garden of Eden. What was the lie? That you can eat of that tree, and you will
not die. What a lie. If you eat of that tree, you will not die. You will become as a god. And the
tree looks beautiful. So, there were temptations there. The beauty of it. Human reason and
putting it together. They were wrong. They were wrong. They didn’t have the right concept of

So, we drew this picture this morning. If this is God, of course it isn’t. I mean really. Come on!
Did you think it was? Did you think it was! So, the world can have their own concept of
something of who God is. They cannot even get close to who God is. But the believer finds who
is God. And this is not perfect, but actually Romans 12:3 says that your mind is renewed so that
you may know the perfect will. Let me get it right. Romans 12:2 it is. Sorry. Vs. 2 The world will tell
you, they will tell you, they will talk to you. They will lead you. They will give you information.
They will persuade. They will convince. You will be conformed to the world. Wow.

That’s a message right there. Be conformed to the world. I wonder how much of that happens to us. But be transformed. There’s a secret in that word. There’s something there that’s not in the word
conform. Conform is SCHEMATIZO. It’s like a plan. A floor plan for a building. Like a scheme. A
plan. Get conformed. But transformed or be transformed is internal change in my mind where
we got God. God is with us in our heart. He’s the right God, the real God, the true wise God.
God. I found God. This is Jesus said, “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”
That’s the evidence of God is the liberty. The liberty. The knowledge. The freedom from sin. The
worship. You got God.

Vs. 2. The world is always kind of phony. Cause you copy. You copy it. You just go along with the
group. Everybody does it. You just copy it. But it’s not there. It’s not God. It’s not read. You
should have discernment about what church you go to. I’m happy to say that. You should have
discernment that that man and we pray for these men and women that minister in whatever
capacities. But we pray that the Holy Spirit would use them, and you discern the spirit of the
ministry. You know a tree by its fruit. You know the message. You got the Bible to prove, to
listen, and to hear the voice of the Spirit leading us in holiness.

One of the things the world doesn’t have, and the devil does not have is holiness. They don’t
know righteousness. This is God is righteous and he is holy, and he is love. Good words. Devil
doesn’t have any of that or he has it in a phony way. He doesn’t have it in his nature. In him is
darkness. In God is light and no darkness.

Let’s finish up here. Vs. 2. So, we have, you know, to use our diagram. I’d like to say that Jesus
said I’m leaving. I’m leaving. I’m going away. No, where are you going? No, we’re going to go
with you. No, what do you mean? I will send another. And another who is like me. he will guide
you in the truth. So, it means that you and I have the Holy Spirit so we could know God in the
sense of the witness of God. The Spirit of God. The truth of God. The nature of God. This is one
thing that the world does not like about us. Honestly. You think you know God? What? You’re
the only one that has the truth? What? You think God is – he loves everybody and so on.
There’s many messages. Many messages.

Now, turn to the closing part. Ephesians 4:14. He’s given the prophets, apostles, evangelists, pastor-
teachers for the church to be edified. Vs. 12. Edifying the Body. There’s nothing greater than
spiritual edification. It will carry you in your life. Spiritual edification. You look for it when you
have it. You look for it. You have it. You get edified. You are built up. You are believing. You are
loving God. You are receiving. You are learning to be a servant.

Another thing about knowing God is this word, “servant” which is not in the world. Jesus was a
servant. I mean really. Not just like when the television cameras are rolling. He’s a servant all
the time in his nature. He came not to do his will, but the will of the Father. He was a servant.
That’s when you know God, you actually end up with a spirit of a servant. Cause the same Holy
Spirit that anointed Christ and the nature of Christ is now revealed to us and we learn what it is

to be a servant. And we enjoy that. We learn it. It’s easy. It’s our joy. It’s hard for the natural
man, but it’s a joy and a privilege for us.

Look at the vs. 14. So, beware that as things develop in our world that they don’t like the
doctrine. They’ve already got rid of the doctrine, the whole idea of absolute truth and doctrine.
And we are those that are embracing the doctrine. We enjoy it because it is spiritual. We are
not carried about with every wind of doctrine.

When somebody, when a little boy says he’s a girl and the teachers agree, that is so confusing
to that child and it’s so wrong. In my opinion, it’s a form of child abuse. In my opinion, those
people should go to jail that are propagating it and doing it. In my opinion, it’s absolutely, it
totally violates our understanding of what it means to be common sensible, rational,
reasonable, sensible people.

But it’s God turning us over to evil imaginations and we’re voting
for these people to go into office. Shame on us. We’re putting them in power, and we’ll suffer
for it because they will make decisions for us cause we are voting and putting them in power.
That’s like unbelievable.

But are you tossed about like they are? And the other side of it is in our country, there are
people that are standing up. And in our country, there are people that are not being tossed
around. And in our hearts, we’re saying I cannot lie. You can play your game; I cannot play that
game. I want to protect the children in my family and in my community as much as possible.
You know how it goes. You understand what I’m saying.

This is real warfare, and the only way I see that we have any way of making any change is by the
gospel, by people getting rooted and grounded in their faith so that they are not misled. They
have an open Bible, and they are getting the concept of God more or less. They are getting it
correct in their hearts. Really correct. They are.

Look at vs. 14. They are not tossed to and fro by the sleight of men. You’ve heard the phrase
“sleight of hand.” You know the guy shuffling the cards or he’s got the P is under one of them
and they’re doing the thing. Or the guy is a robber and he’s, hey, hey, hey, and over here he’s
kind of stealing your wallet. He’s making noise over here, distracting you, so he can pluck your
wallet out of your pocket. By the sleight of men. They are lying. They are lying. All men are liars.
They will deceive our whole society. But the church. No.

If we have the Holy Spirit showing us the nature of God, and we’re enjoying it, then we have
something that is so satisfying. And it resonates in our heart, so we can live our lives in the
presence of people in a Communist society, in a Nazi society, in any society. In a Hindu society,
an Islamic society, wherever you put us if you know God. Daniel in Persia. Wherever you put us.
And we have our fellowship, then we will do fine. Cause look at it. It’s the nature of God that we have found. It’s not political. It’s spiritual. And it has a political effect but it’s not primarily that

So, the young lady who won the U.S. Open yesterday up in New York prayed at the end of the
tennis tournament, and some ESPN commentator said she’s like appreciating in her heart. Tony
Dungy said, no. She’s praying. She is praying to God. She is worshipping God. The world doesn’t
like it. The world can’t get it. The world is – the world is run by another spirit. And I’m just saying
this because I don’t want you and I to have any other mindset than that God is a living, real God
who cares about us and loves us more than we could ever imagine. Life with him is better than
anything you could ever find anywhere. You cannot be tossed around by what the world is

People go, I can’t believe you people. I cannot believe – do you understand that? Do you
understand that there are people that don’t agree with us? Do you understand that they are
afraid? Do you understand that they don’t understand what it is that we understand? We do
not have – these words that bug me. This whole thing is such a joke. It’s so ridiculous. But I am
afraid not for myself in that way, but I am afraid for the church in the United States that they
cannot handle the persecution. That they cannot handle what is being said. That they will cave.
They will compromise with the world. They will look for saving their megachurch.

I got to save the megachurch, because the world is saying this, and I have to save. We cannot
lose the megachurch. We say, yeah. Maybe the megachurch needs to face some persecution
and we need to find out who God really is, and God is not a homosexual. And God is not
confused about the issue. God is righteous. God is not an adulterer. God is not a liar. Have you
found God? Have you tasted God? You will not find God if your God is your emotion or if your
God is like the peaceful party in the garden party where you just want to find favor with the
press or favor with people. You have a rainbow flag?

Are you out of your mind? That’s not a church. What is that? I don’t know. It’s a candy store. What is that? I do not know. That is not the place where God visits his people and anoints his people and trains them. Come on!
Another good thing about this is we got to realize we got to toughen up. We got to say we got
to realize this is serious. They will eat your lunch. They will cancel you out. They will cancel your
bank account. They will cancel our website, GGWO. We will pay taxes. These people are after
and especially in the next election if they find their way, they will say the Christians are the
problem. The Christians are the problem.

And on the other hand, our government is so cool. It’s so precious, because our government is
we hope it will protect our rights and we will be able to – but I don’t know about the time we
are living in. I’m not sure. I only know that my focus, our focus as a Body has to be something
like this. If we can get that right, you’re on fire for God. You go through things, and you just say I trust God. God told me this could happen, but I trust God. God is filling me with the Spirit, and
I’m finding we have the power of God amongst us.

Vs. 14 says don’t be carried away. Don’t be deceived. Vs. 14. Okay. Amen. Okay. That’s good. I
got to say that. I don’t know. That’s good. Praise the Lord! This past summer was a great
summer. God moving in Baltimore, Belair Edison, all the areas here. Then, there was the foreign
work. It was excellent. Not everybody got to see the video that we played this morning. Anu put
it together which was like I didn’t get a count on all the different cities, countries that our
people went to. Serbia, Argentina, Bolivia. Many different places. I just wanted to play the video
one more time. We’ll play that right now. I also thank you for that.

P. Justin Schaller –

Good evening. That was great, wasn’t it? Have you noticed that when you
know something well, you appreciate it. Now, I don’t know saxophone, so I don’t know what he
just did right there. It sounded good to me. But I’m sure that there’s musicians out there that
heard that, and they go that man knows what he’s doing. True? Robert? Yes, that man knows
what he’s doing. It was glorious. Glorious. Okay. So I’ll share for a few moments. We’ll see how
this goes. Let’s pray first so God can lead us. (Prayer).

2 Corinthians 3, I just want to talk – we’ll see how this goes. I won’t talk too long. 2 Corinthians 3:18, this is a
verse that we know very well, but I just want to pull out one principle. There’s one theme that
runs through the Bible, and it’s this theme of the glory of God. You might see it where it would
be stated this is for his name’s sake, Psalm 106:8. He has saved them for his name’s sake. “Name’s
sake” means all that God is, his character. Everything in the universe is for his name’s sake or
for his glory. And he saved us so we could be vessels of his grace to showcase who he is.

That’s an important principle, because the whole universe is created to reflect the holiness of God,
and the glory of God is just the outworking, the showcasing of that. That the person who has
the ability to play saxophone but never unveils that ability is holy. He’s set apart from all others.
But when he unveils it in front of us, his holiness is unveiled, and his glory is unveiled.
God’s desire for us as believers is that he wants us to live a life that reflects his goodness. He
wants us to live a life that we would even give our body over for his purpose and his will
because he is that good. If you were to give your body over for the sake of who God is, that
would reflect his goodness. Would it not? It would reflect his glory.

Matthew 5:16 says “let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Your conduct, your life, the way you speak, the way you act, the way you live your
life is to glorify God. And you are a vessel of his glory because the Holy Spirit is inside of you.
And it says in 1 John. 2 that he has forgiven us for his name’s sake, for his glory. It’s almost as
though we are still in these body’s of sin and death, and we still fail just so his grace and his
glory can be on display in our life.

So, the goal of life is to live for his glory to show the world how good he is. And we know that.
But this verse says that the glory for us is unveiled in the face of Christ. We see that. When we
look at Christ, we see his glory. And how do we see his glory? But we look at his glory in the

Let’s look at Philippians 2. Have you ever noticed when you watch a football game – maybe some of
you watched the tennis match. I watched the end of it last night. It was amazing. And when you
see great feats especially if you played the sport before. I’ve never played tennis, but you can
imagine when you see these people do these amazing feats, it’s not that they don’t have the
ability to do it. It’s just that they are unveiling in front of everybody. We go ah, that’s amazing.
Nobody could pull it off in that situation.

And at the end of the match, they always come up to the quarter back or the running back and
they say, what were you thinking at that moment? And I always love it in the NFL with the
young guys. They’re like kids, 21, 22, and they’re trying to find out what to say. What was I
thinking in that moment? Uh, I grabbed the ball, and I ran as hard as I possibly could. And yeah
but what else? What were you really thinking in that situation? Uh, I saw a hole and just ran
really fast! It’s great. The reporters are always looking what is the mindset? What is the

How is God glorified? Is he glorified by the running back or the quarter back? But what is God
glorified in? He’s glorified in the mindset of Christ. Philippians 2:5, when you become a believer, you
all of a sudden have the mind. You think the way that Jesus thinks. Isn’t that amazing? Jesus,
when you were healing those people, when you were dividing the bread, when you were going
to the leper, when you were raising Lazarus from the dead, what was your mindset, Jesus? Look
at what he says. I emptied myself and took on the form of a servant. That’s what I was thinking.
I took on the form of a servant.

Now, the word “servant” and I preached on this this morning. This is an amazing thing. This is
all I want to say tonight. The word “servant” is an amazing word. This is a word that’s used by
the apostles. They loved to be called bond servants. James calls himself a bond servant. Peter
calls himself a bond servant. Paul calls himself a bond servant. Do you know what the Greek
word is? The Greek word is DUOLOS for bond servant. It means slave. That Christ took on the
form of a slave. If you look in Philippians 1:1, Paul calls himself and Timothy “slaves of Jesus Christ.”
Now, in our connotation of slave, that’s not a good thing, is it? But to get a biblical
understanding of what the word “slave” is, we need to go back to the Old Testament to
understand what slaves are.

So, turn with me to Exodus 21. I want to pull this out, because this is
where his Father was most glorified that he became a slave of the Father. Exodus 21. Now, the book
of Exodus we understand that they were slaves in Egypt, but they put the blood on the
doorpost and they walked out through the door of their house out into a whole new dimension.

Do you know what that dimension was? They were no longer slaves of the Pharaoh but now
they are servants of the living God.

And right after they exit, God gives them the Ten Commandments. After the Ten
Commandments, you know the first subject matter that comes up? How the Israelites should
treat their slaves. You know what God says? You should abolish slavery.
In Israel, there’s two kinds of slaves.

Are you ready? The first one is an indebted one. Meaning
the slave owed someone money, so they couldn’t pay them back. So they became an
indentured servant. God says in Exodus 21, he lays it out in vs. 2. So, God says he will serve you for
six years to try to pay back the debt, but on the seventh you let him go free even if you don’t
think the debt is paid.

So, the first slave is the one who owes something, and he gives himself over to the master. He
serves him. God says on the seventh year, set him free. But there is another type of slave in the
Old Testament, and this is a love slave. This is the slave – look in vs. 5. So, this is the slave that
served the six years, but loved his master so much that he says I want to stay with you master
for life. Can you imagine that? How great is that master? He says I’m going to trust my life to
you. I know that you love me. I know you will care for me. I want to be your love slave for life.
Look at this in vs. 6.

Then the master will agree to it. This is a strange imagery for us as
westerners. So what this is saying the slave is going to say to the master I want to be with you
for life. I give my service to you for life. The master agrees to it, and he brings him to a
doorpost. Weird. Vs. 6. Isn’t that amazing. He’s going to pierce his ear. So, the slave would
come, put his ear on the doorpost, and the master would pierce it right through. And that
would be a representation that wherever that slave went, they knew he was owned by that

In the ancient world, the Roman centurions where the soldiers would have tattoos or piercings
to represent who they belonged to, what platoon or what general. Tattoos are really just a
mark of where you belong. And with the Jew, the piercing of the ear was an indication that I am
a love slave. Not an indebted slave, but I am a love slave. There’s a difference. The indebted
slave didn’t have it, but the love slave did. It was out of love. The slave was saying I love you,
master. I don’t want to leave you. I want to stay with you.

But isn’t this interesting. You have a piercing of an ear on a doorpost where there might be a
little bit of shedding of blood on the post. Look at Psalm 40. This is a Messianic psalm. This is
amazing. In Psalm 40:6, this is Christ. Now, follow this with me. The translation is not the best.
Open ear – open in the Hebrew is KUR. It means to be, it’s a cutting action. It’s a stab of the
flesh. It’s a piercing with a dull instrument. Christ is saying that you have pierced my ear. Father, you have prepared for me a body in Hebrews 10 when Christ quotes this. You have prepared a
body for me so that I will be pierced. It represents that I will be a love slave to the Father.
Look at what he says in vs. 7-8. Father, you have pierced my ear which is a representation that I
have become a love slave to do the Father’s will.

When the slave was giving his ear, he was giving his ear so he would listen to the commands of his master for life. In Hebrews 10, it quotes from Psalm 40. But it doesn’t say “ear.” It says you prepared for me a body. When you give the ear
to the obedience of the master, you’re giving all of yourself to the master. We can see when
Christ came, he lived in perfect submission to his Father. And then, he was put on the ultimate
doorpost, and he was pierced through with the hands and the feet to represent his submission
to his Father’s will.

Look at this in John 20. Look at what Christ does. I don’t want to lose you guys cause I know it’s
Sunday night. I don’t want to lose you. Look at John 20:19-20. What was he showing? His wounds.
What was he showing? That he was a love slave to the Father’s will. How is the love of God
shown to us? By Christ showing his submission to the Father to go to do the ultimate act of
giving his body in full submission for our penalty.

The shedding of the blood for the remission of our sins. Christ is our example. He is the perfect love slave to the Father. But he was not indebted to the Father. He didn’t do it out of guilt. He didn’t do it out of shame. He didn’t do it
out of his own volition, but willfully he submitted himself to his Father’s will and through that
he showcased the glory of the love that the Father has to the world through his willful
submission. That was Christ’s mind.

Jesus, what were you thinking when you went to the cross? I was thinking I want to glorify the
love of the Father showcased through me sacrificing my body, so the world can say how great is
the love that the Father has toward the Son and the Son has toward the Father.

But look in Galatians 6. This is why Paul in Romans 12 like we just heard; Romans 12 give your body
over which is your reasonable duty. You know, Romans from chapter 1 all through chapter 11 is
an amazing layout of the reasons why Christ died for you. The reasons why the Father
showcased his love through the death and resurrection of his Son. And then he gets to chapter
12, and you know what he says? It is your reasonable service to go to the altar so your ear can
be pierced, so you will now see Christ as your master. He showed us. He was the example. He
had the mind that glorified the Father. Now, he is saying to us, this is the mind that glorifies the
Son. That you take his mind and become a humble servant, and you make yourself a living
sacrifice in Romans 12.

And then, Romans 12 is amazing like we just heard. But there’s a flow in the argument to it. But
you have to make up your mind that you are not doing it because you are indebted. You’re not
doing it cause you have to, but you willfully submit yourself because the love of the Master
constrains you to do it.

I love that we don’t serve Christ because we are indebted to him. We’re not. We don’t do it,
because we have guilt, and we feel like we should try to earn his favor. We’re not. The six years
is over. You’re set free. But the love of the Master is so great that it constrains us to the point
that I say where else can I go? I want to serve you. I don’t want to live according to my own will.
I want your mind, your will, so I can glorify you like you glorified the Father.

So, look at what Paul says in Galatians 6. This is to me last night just kind of – I love going through the
Scripture, and you see these things. I’ve never seen this before. Vs. 17. Paul says this and the
word is very interesting. Vs. 17. Now, the word “marks” is a Greek word that means stigma. It
means to prick. It means to cut. It means to scar for a service. I mean what is Paul saying? He
goes, do you see the scar of the stoning? Do you see the lashes on my back? That is me giving
my ear to the cross, and he pierces through and that shows who I belong to. He took pleasure
in it. Not in the suffering itself, but what the marks represented. Because his marks showcase
his love for Christ. It wasn’t that he loved Christ, but it was that Christ first loved him. He was a

Now, are we always willfully submitted? Absolutely not. None of us. But look at in closing, Php.
2. You’ll see that over and over again. Paul says we are bond servants of Christ Jesus. Do you
see this mark on me? That is me getting a piercing in my ear to showcase who I serve. But Paul
says in vs. 6-8. Jesus, how can you showcase the extreme value and worth and love of your
Father? By giving myself up to the point of death. How could you show like if you really valued
something, how could you really show to the ultimate? By giving your life.

I can’t do that, but the mind of Christ can. And he’s calling us, vs. 8-9. Through his suffering, through him becoming
a servant, through him being obedient, God’s name is highly exalted above every other name.
That’s an amazing thing. That’s what he’s called us to, to be servants. Not so people can point
to our glory, but people can point to the glory that’s in us.

In closing, this came to me. Is that good? Do you guys follow that with me? There’s a
documentary. Maybe some of you guys remember. I don’t know why. Sometimes you see
something, and it sticks with you. There was a journalist. He was in the Middle East. He was in
Syria. He was captured. He was from Boston. A New England guy. And he was late 30’s,
something like that. Maybe some of you guys remember the story, but he was captured. The
Taliban or ISIS. I don’t remember what terrorist organization it was. He was captured.

They would capture journalists who were on the front lines, and they would take them in. they
use them as obviously chips or value or trading options, right? So, he’s there for a year, and he’s
with I think ten or eleven other journalists like Germans and French and English. This guy was
an American guy. I believe he was a believer, because it talks about his faith, but you know how
they can be in the sense of maybe portraying someone’s faith.

But he was captured, and he was in the prison for a year. They would come in, and they would
beat these guys like every day. And they called the group of the guys who terrorized and beat
them on a daily basis “the Beatles” because they were actually British guys. They spoke with a
British accent, so they called them the Beatles. Here comes the Beatles.

The Beatles would call out each individual. They would go, and they would just beat them. And they would charley
horse them. They talked a little bit in the documentary about how they would beat them. And
then, they would all get thrown back into the prison. But they were earshot from hearing their
cell mates being beaten, knowing they’re the next one up. Just imagine that.

As the year progressed, the nations – England and France and Germany and the Netherlands –
they worked out deals to release their citizens. But all there was left was a Danish guy and this
American guy. The Danish guy was going to be released the last day, so they made sure that
they beat him as well as they possibly could. The American guy – his name is James Foley – he’s
in the prison and he’s listening to him. Okay. Okay. So, he’s listening to him. And then he goes,
and he gets beaten. And then they get thrown into the cell. So, both of them are on opposite
sides of the cell. And they’re just in the fetal position. They said when they would get beaten
that bad, they would go into the fetal position and they just could not even – they didn’t even
know what to do other than just scream, hold themselves, and just try to wait for the pain to

So, the Danish guy is cursing and he’s angry. And James comes in, and he’s over there and he
can’t even walk. They would charley horse them so bad in the legs that they couldn’t even walk
for hours. So, James crawls over military style over to the Danish guy. And the Danish guy’s like
get away from me. Stop it. Don’t say anything to me. And James just goes, are you okay? And
the guy’s like just get away from me. I want to get out of here. Don’t talk to me. And James
goes, hey. It’s okay. You’re going to get out of here tomorrow. Don’t worry about it. You’re
going to be okay. And then he went back over, and he was in pain.

The next day, the Danish guy was released. James was the only one out of that group that
wasn’t released, and he lost his head the next day. But – it’s a great way to end a sermon, right?
But the amazing thing that touched me about it – and the Danish guy says it in the
documentary – was when I realized that he was in much pain as me, but he didn’t look on his
own needs. He looked on the needs that I had.

That’s the mind of Christ. That is the mind of Christ. The mind of Christ is not doing my own will, but it’s doing the will of the Father. And it comes through where Paul says I’m beaten. I’m beaten. I’m stoned. I’m shipwrecked. I’m all of
that. But those are glorious marks to showcase that even in my suffering, I have an enduring joy
to take me to a place where I can look upon someone else’s needs in my own suffering. That’s
the mind of Christ.

So, what are you thinking about Jesus when you go through all of this? There’s tribulations.
There’s trials, but there’s a joy. That joy is that my Father’s name will be glorified through my suffering and through my ultimate death, so that many can see the goodness and the greatness
and the love that the Father has for the world. Amen. Amen.


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