The Song of Songs is love. The context of your life is health. We grow from faith to faith. The sense of mission grows in our hearts. Start loving people and pray that God will send laborers. Love awakens our hearts and so we move and seek and search. (Matthew 9:36-37; Song of Solomon 1:4; 2:8; 3:3; 5:2-6)

Speaker: Thomas Schaller, Randy Smyth
Sermon 12706
Date: 2024-04-24
Time: Wed 7:00 pm

P. Schaller –

Let’s start our service tonight by a minute or two of prayer. So, would you just in your seat or with your
neighbor for a few moments just have some prayer.

We have a very special service tonight because our theme tonight is on missions. World
missions. Especially to parts of the world where they never have heard the Gospel. If we say
this is the world – is that up there? Not yet. Okay. So, there it is. Oh, that’s the world. Okay.
Isn’t that beautiful? It’s for sale after! You can buy that picture. All right. So, half the world we
can break it up this way that this is the Christian part of the world and these people live near
these others that are not Christians. So, here in Baltimore, we have Arabs at the university in
Maryland. We have people from other Buddhists and others but they live in our culture, in our
Christian culture.

But half of the world is not living near any Christians. Half of the world is not, doesn’t have
exposure. They don’t know about it. Well, there may be scattered people here and there, so it’s
not, it’s only a general picture of what we want to think about tonight in our service tonight and
the meaning is that some need to travel to go to parts of the world cause’ if nobody goes, they will
not hear. And that’s something in our hearts.

Something to think about and to just recognize. So that’ll be our theme. We’ll carry on in a minute or two but would you pray right now like for a few minutes for the Lord to send laborers into the field. The verse is Matthew 9:36. Let’s – did I get it right? Yeah. Vs. 36. This is Jesus. He was moved with compassion. Why? Because he knows
that God can change somebody’s life. He knows that God can cast demons out of people. Jesus
knows what God can do. God, Jesus knows the power of God in the lives of people. Jesus knows
this. And he has compassion cause’ they don’t have it. The devil is there lying to them.

By the way, in our culture have you ever noticed that people don’t believe in God but they
believe a lot in the devil? I think there’s research on it actually that I think there are numbers.
People believe in the devil but they don’t believe in God. Does that make sense? Of course, if
you are the devil, that makes sense. The devil is promoting and propagating his message and he
is a liar and he says there is no God. But we know what Jesus says about it. Isn’t that true?
Okay. Let’s read the verse.

Now, tonight in the Bible college chapel our guest, Randy Smyth, he is from Ethnos 360. An
organization that used to be called New Tribes Mission and many of us know about that
ministry from years ago. And their organization has this in their hearts to network with
churches. To send laborers out to train them. And them out to parts of the world where people
do not have the Gospel.

They don’t have the Scripture in their language. They don’t have access
to churches. Maybe they’ve never, they never met a pastor before. They’ve never seen in a
congregation. They don’t know about the grace of God, but they may know a lot about the
devil. And we just heard about that and there’s a lot of videos and a lot of material that he has on this whole subject. And I really know, I know and I believe that many of us in our hearts are
very much caring because this is also how we live as an organization, as a church, as a Body.

And we actually care about people and as Jesus had compassion, high priority. Christ had high
priority on other people and of course he came to save us, to die for us, to give us a new life, to
change our hearts and our minds; to stop cursing and start blessing, to start believing, to be, to
repent of our sin and find righteousness and peace and joy in our lives. To call on the name of
the living God, the living God. Isn’t that amazing. We have the living God who answers our
prayers and is a righteous, Almighty, immortal, eternal, invisible God. The only wise God. Who
are the other gods? They’re dumb. They’re foolish. The only wise God. He’s the only wise God.
Isn’t that great?

Let’s look at it, vs. 36-37. Really, Lord? Yep. It is. It’s plenteous. It’s everywhere. The harvest is
everywhere. In every part of the world. Harvest is everywhere. Some of these dear people that
work in this organization that Randy is a part of, and he was a bush pilot in New Guinea for 17
years. And his family when he was a young boy, 8 years old, packed up, sold their dream home.
Packed up. Moved to Irian Jara or New Guinea and lived there with the snakes and mosquitoes
and bugs and everything else. And God used them. It’s a great story.

Who would make such a decision? Vs. 37. If you go to the airport and you say there’s a lot of
travelers, but are there many laborers? There are a lot of tourists, but are there laborers?
There’s a lot of business people, a lot of vacationers, but are there laborers? Well, it’s great to
be a labor. It is. You are laborers. You’re learning that. You’re learning and growing in it and you
have something in your heart from Jesus. We’ll talk about it in a minute.

Motivation. All right. Let’s look at this for a second. Motivation. You know what a bad
motivation is? What was a bad form of being motivated by what? The world. What? Fame.
Okay. Fame. Fear. Money. The one I want to write down here is guilt. What motivates you to be
a missionary? Guilt. Like I have something. They don’t have it, so I need to go there because it’s
not fair and I feel guilty about it and I should do this out of guilt. But it’s not a good motivation.
And because of your new birth, you have a whole new kind of motivation that God plants in
your heart and that motivation is love. And that happens to us. It grows in us just by coming to
the church and being around. You kind of catch it. Just by being Spirit filled. Just by saying to
somebody I love you or I forgive you.

Or I care about you. Just to start caring about people. Caring about other people and it grows. You start loving.
We have love that comes from God that is in our hearts and as we walk in love, we end up
actually walking in love. And we start thinking about these people that Jesus said pray that God
would send people that love to them. And they would labor amongst them and be with them
and listen to them and pray for them. Get frustrated with them but the love endures. Have difficulties living somewhere but be able to forgive. Be kind and caring. Pray to the Lord of the
harvest that he would send laborers. Okay.

Our message will be from Song of Solomon tonight I think. And just take a moment and say a
prayer that the Lord would send laborers of love to the harvest fields that are plenteous. Oh,
and we need a nursery worker. One nursery worker. Any volunteer? Anybody like to do it? Just
go to the nursery. They need one worker. Okay. So, just in your seat or with your neighbor,
have a moment of prayer.

Randy Smyth –

Well, thank you for the privilege of sharing tonight and for praying. To God
being the glory. He is worthy of our glory. What is glory? Well, it’s recognition of who God is in
his character. It’s recognition that he is worthy of praise and honor and that he is worthy to be
proclaimed as if he were our highest treasure.

To love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength is about loving our
neighbors because that’s who God is. God is love. And why would we not tell them about him?
That just takes all the guilt out of it. You know, it’s like God you would allow me to be a vessel
to proclaim your glory? Wow! Isn’t that amazing? Ambassadors for Christ. Yeah.

Now, if people don’t give God glory, there’s two reasons for that. One is they don’t know about
him. Or two, they’re rebellious. They don’t believe. You know, God’s not too happy when
people call him a liar. Hebrews 11:6 says that. Vs. 6. What is this faith thing? Hebrews 11:1 talks about
that. Right? There’s substance and evidence to this thing, and that substance and evidence is
God, his glory. If we know him, then that is what we want people to know, right?

If you look in Luke 11, Jesus rose again from the dead and he appears to Mary and some of the
other folks and then these two guys are walking down the road to Emmaus and they’re going
like um, Jesus walks up alongside of them. He’s asking them questions like where were you? Did
you miss it? And he says – Jesus, the first thing he did in vs. 25 of Luke 24. There’s that word
again. (Glory). He’s revealing his glory through the Word of God and he chastised them for not
knowing that. That’s what we need! We need to be in God’s Word so we can see God’s glory and that is what we have
to share with other people.

You know, one third of all the world – some peoples numbers are messing, but anywhere from
a third to half of the world has no access to the Bible. No access to a Christian. Wycliffe Bible
Translators says there’s 1,268 languages that have not a single word of God’s Scripture in it. So,
you couldn’t share John 3:16 with them if you wanted to.

Well, those are the people we are wanting to reach with the Gospel because they have no
knowledge of God’s glory and God is worthy to be proclaimed among them. He is worthy of
their glory. He is worthy to be proclaimed and they need to know him.

You know, the best gift one person can give to another is the knowledge of God’s glory! 2 Corinthians
4:4 says the enemy tries to hide the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ. In vs. 6, it says the
treasure we’ve been given is the light of the knowledge of the glory of God.

So, how do you do that? How do you proclaim God’s glory where people have no knowledge or
you’re going to have to go where they live. You’re going to have to go live with them long
enough to learn their language and learn their culture. If they don’t trust you, they won’t teach
you their language.

And so, you’re going to have to learn their language to a high level of fluency because you don’t
just want to tell them what God said. You want to put God’s Word in their hands so they can
read it for themselves. You’re going to have to teach them to read. So, you’re going to have to
learn it to a high level of fluency so you can translate the abstract truths of the Bible into their
language and culture that they understand best, so that God’s Word isn’t ambiguous to them
and it’s clear. And they can apply the truth to their lives and give glory to God because he’s

And so, learn their language. Learn their culture. Translate the Scriptures. Where do you start?
The Bible’s a big book. Well, Genesis 1:1 is a good place to start. God’s glory! In the beginning,
God created the heavens and the earth! Who was there in the beginning? God was. In the
beginning God created. Well, what else?? Who else was there? Nobody else. And he created.
What did he create? The heavens and the earth! Everything I see. Everything I know, God
created that. You start unpacking that verse, it is just loaded. That’s the foundation of the
entire Bible right there in the very first verse of the Bible. And the rest of the chapter starts you
expounding that in case you missed it, right?

So, God’s glory is what people are missing and so we need to teach them who God is starting in
Genesis. Laying the foundation of God’s character. That he’s worthy of worship. He’s the
Creator and owner of all things. He is the one who life we have who is the one who has given us
life and he is worthy of our worship and our praise and our obedience!

And then we go into the story of how Adam and Eve being in a perfect garden had the choice to
believe God and they didn’t. And we’ve been just like them ever since, not believing God. Not
having faith. Not giving God glory.

And so, the antidote to that? Well, God provided a son in Genesis 3:15. God promised the seed of
the woman who would come and crush the serpent’s head. Then, we follow that scarlet thread
of redemption showing how God had a plan the whole time to crush the head of the serpent.
And giving us different verses like Micah 5:2 where Jesus was going to be born. Emmanuel, Isaiah 7 talking about God with us. Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting
Father, the seed of David, the seed of Abraham.

And then we will be by the time we get to the first early parts of Luke, we start to realize just
like Anna and Simeon. Emmauel! God with us! God has provided the Messiah. And when they
go through the New Testament story of who Jesus is, they begin to see God’s glory as Jesus
walks through with his disciples. And then they realize that he was the one who has died on the
cross for their sins and that he is the God who is risen again from the dead to provide for each
one who will believe in him the perfect clothing in his righteousness. That they might stand in
the presence of an eternal God without condemnation. What a gift to give to people! What a
precious gift and so that’s what we give to people.

And then we’re going to walk them through the Old Testament again showing them how Christ
is revealed in the Old Testament and then we’re going to get into Acts and Romans. By the time
you get into Acts, you’re going like okay. Well, why is everybody persecuting me? Why do I have
to stand up in front of these people and respond? And how am I supposed to do that? What is
the role of the Holy Spirit? How does a church work? You know, by the time you get through
Acts, they’re going like well, I’m still sinning. Maybe, does God really love me? Well, Romans
talks about knowing that you’re dead to sin. Reckoning it to be so and then yielding yourselves
as instruments of righteousness unto God.

Romans 8 says what can separate us from the love of God? There’s no condemnation to them
which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh. And so, by the time you get through
Romans, they’re going like okay. I got that foundation but I’m still sinning. Maybe I need to
work for it. That’s what Galatians is talking about, you know. What? You received a gift and now
you’re going to work for it?

And so, we’re walking these people through the Word of God and to exercise faith in what God
has written in his Word to give God glory in the way that they live so that their thinking is
renewed. Be not conformed to the world but being transformed by the renewing of their minds
as they work through the Word of God and ultimately we’re going to equip them as
ambassadors to proclaim God’s glory to the ends of the Earth.

To the next language group who doesn’t know anything about Jesus. To come alongside of us as partners, as co-workers to proclaim God’s glory.

Now, that doesn’t happen all by yourself. You can’t just go as a missionary and do all that by
yourself. It’s going to take a Body of Christ sending you to be a missionary to go to the ends of
the earth and proclaim God’s glory. It’s going to take the Body of Christ to sustain you while you
do all that work over 10, 15, 20 years.

I met P. Wells tonight and I know his brother real well, Yan Wells in Papua New Guinea. I
worked as his pilot for many years, and the Lamogai people of Papua New
Guinea! now after many years of hard work and sweat and tears and trouble have the whole
Bible in their language. Praise God for that! Now, they can see God’s glory and proclaim the
whole of God’s Word to other people. That’s exciting to see. That’s what we want to see in
every tongue, tribe, people and nation. God’s glory proclaimed because he is worthy. That’s
what people need to know is who God is.

So, it takes the Body of Christ to do that and so that’s what the missionary doing the stuff out in
the jungle is doing. He’s translating the Bible. But if he can’t stay there by himself, you know, if
he’s all alone, he’s going to have to come in and out of the jungle just to get his groceries and
stuff. And so if we went to keep him in there, it would be really nice to have an aircraft. And so,
if you live in the ends of the earth, it really helps to have an aircraft to get there.

And so, that’s what I did for 17 years in Papua New Guinea. I flew airplanes to take missionaries
in and out of the jungle. A minute in an aircraft saves a missionary over a week, over an hour of
surface travel. An hour in an aircraft saves a missionary over a week of surface travel on average and
he can’t carry on his back for a week what I carry in an airplane for an hour. Now we’re using
helicopters. The price of helicopters has come way down and the cost to fix wings has gone way up,
and so one of the most efficient ways to do the work of the ministry is to get missionaries in
and out by helicopter and then after the missionaries are long gone, we have believers who are
ambassadors for Christ who want to go into other areas. Guess what? We can provide aviation
services for them.

You know, missionaries have school teachers. They teach their own kids. A lot of them are
homeschooled. But sometimes those kids needs to be taught by professional teachers, so we
have school teachers that help all these missionaries to stay on the mission field. And so, we
have people who buy the supplies to make sure the supplies are in the country. And so, the
guys like the pilots can take them out into the jungle and give them to the guys that need it to

And so, we have guys who are medical people. Right now, we’re looking for a career doctor to
work overseas to support all the missionaries who are doing medical work and all the other
tribes that we’re working with in Papua New Guinea. We’re not just in Papua New Guinea by
the way. We’re in 36 different countries around the world because wherever the Gospel has
not been proclaimed, that’s where we want to proclaim the Gospel.

And so, it takes the whole Body of Christ with all kinds of skills to have a part in proclaiming
God’s glory where his glory is not known. I have a table out back with all kinds of information
on there. I’ll have some memory sticks out if I remember. If you can pick up some videos and
take a look at those. If not, just contact me and I will send you that stuff by email and we’re going to have a rap session I think afterwards. So, thank you very much for praying for us, and
pray the Lord would send forth laborers.

P. Schaller –

Appreciate it. Thank you, Luke. Good word. Song. Thank you. Praise the Lord. Turn
in your Bibles please to Song of Solomon 1, and we’ll look at a few verses here. And the context
that I want to share is this one that you have you as a new, as a believer, you have a context
and it is your new life in Christ. You have a context of, in a word we could say “health.” Not
physically necessarily but you are a healthy person. You are uh in the New Testament we would
say if any man lack wisdom, let him ask of God who gives liberally and upbraideth not. So, faith.
You are growing in your faith from faith to faith. That’s being a healthy person.

Matthew 18 to forgive people and forgive them again. Luke 17:5, forgive them again and again
seventy times, seven times for the same offense. This health isn’t something that automatically
happens. It’s something that grows. It’s sanctification. It’s the growth of the believer in his faith.
One of the elements of being healthy is the motivation that you have in life. Your motivation in
life that you drawn to use the word in Song of Solomon 1:4. Draw me. Draw me.

So, you have God that makes us healthy and he draws me. Draws me. Are you drawn to God?
Yeah. How did that happen? How were we drawn to God? How could that happen? We are
sinners. Actually, Romans 3:10-18 says we do not seen him, do not know him, di not understand
him. In other words, we are really kind of sick. We are sick in our lives. We are sick where we’re

What it is that we are doing? We’re kind of lost. Not kind of but we’re lost as people left to
ourselves, but the Song of Solomon which is called the Song of Songs like the ultimate song. The
great song. The song that we sing is one of love and we say to God that loves us, draw me. I will
be drawn. If you can draw me, if you can speak to my heart, if you can draw me to yourself, if
you can love me so that I will love you, that’s the first and great commandment and that’s the
key to our new life. It’s that love that draws us.

So, what does that have to do with missions? A lot. Because mission is at home and abroad, but
it is really spreading around health. It’s spreading around health. It’s spreading around words.
It’s spreading around motivation that touches hearts. Touches children, teenagers, people, lost
people. If we are healthy, we have a contagion of health. We have a ministry of health and
that’s what happens with us.

It doesn’t mean we don’t get sick sometimes. It doesn’t mean that we don’t lose our
motivation. We do sometimes. But our prayer is Lord if you draw me, if you could speak to me,
draw me, love me, then things go in a good direction.

Look at vs. 4. Draw me. We. Notice this pronoun. Draw me. And then it says we will run after
you. We’re not alone. We’re in the Body of Christ. We will run after you. Vs. 4. So, where does
this happen? This happens in our hearts. It happens over or in a process. It’s a – salvation is a
gift immediately received. Imputed to be righteous. We are righteous immediately by God’s
grace. We are saved. Saved and we are secure in God our Father. And he is never leaving us and
never forsaking us.

That security is so important in your spiritual life that you are always constantly loved by God
and he cannot change it. You can never do anything to improve the love. There could never be
done anything that would disapprove or cancel or diminish the love because the verse is Malachi
3:6, God does not change. So, his love it cannot change. And his relationship with his Son – you
have the Father and the Son with a perfect love. As the Father has loved me, so I have loved
you. Continue in my love Jesus said in John 14 and John 16.

So, we can’t add to the love. It is there. It is the nature of God. And all of God has been given to
us. All the Godhead is in Christ and we are in him. The fullness of him is in us. God has not held
back. Has not given us the Spirit in measure. But has given us himself. And he that spared not
his own Son how could he not with him freely give us all things?

So, let’s look at this. A couple elements. Chapter 2:8, so we have the relationship, healthy
relationship, and we have this word, “voice.” The voice was walking in the Garden of Eden
when Adam and Eve were there. Voice walking. That’s interesting picture. A human being
walks. Christ walking in the garden with Adam and Eve and it was the voice that taught them.
The voice that they heard because love is connected with voice cause’ when God is loving you and
drawing you, he speaks to you cause’ he is the God that talks. The God that communicates to our
hearts. This is how we live.

This is what happened in this Song of Songs. There’s like a short sequence here. Stories of the
woman being drawn and being loved and God teaching her faith and teaching her how to live
and come away, come away from behind the veil. Come away with me and I think of this world
as and my sin nature as a veil. It’s almost like a curtain that blinds me to God. And the dear
people out in the world that don’t have the knowledge of God.

You know, Jesus said in John 4:22 to the woman at the well, you worship but you don’t know
what. How many billions of people are worshippers of God, but they don’t know who or what
he is. But the voice. That’s the Word of God. That’s our Bible. The voice of God. The Spirit of
God in the Word of God that brings health to us. The spiritual oneness with God.

So, the voice it says, Song of Solomon 2:8. In a way, he is saying that this creation is not a problem to me. I
am above and beyond every mountain, every earthquake, every storm, every bit of death,
every disease, every sin. I am God and I’m above and beyond it all. And he’s skipping. He is

victorious. He’s not hindered. He’s not diminished. He’s not hurt. He’s very healthy and he is
the one that loves you with an eternal love, an everlasting love and that’s the voice that Job –
Job 23 is an interesting chapter because he’s crying out. Oh, if I could meet God he would not
crush me. He would put his strength in me.

But I cannot find him. I look on the right hand and he is not there. I look on the left and he is
not – underneath me, behind me, above me. I cannot find God. Oh, I wish I could find God. So,
that’s good for us to know cause’ when Jesus came, he was there for us to touch him, listen to
him. John put his head on his bosom at the Last Supper. Beautiful picture. And then he writes in
his Gospel, he writes about the disciple that Jesus loved.

When he draws us, one thing we pick up is that he loves me. I am the disciple that Jesus loves.
One thing we pick up when we are listening tonight, we are drawn because we want to be fed
by love. We want to be encouraged in our life by grace. We want to grow in that grace. We
want to learn about love because it is the best motivation.
Let’s look at chapter 3:3. Here is the resistance. Song of Solomon 3:3, there’s no answer. So many of the
people in the world don’t understand us. So many people in the world don’t understand our
faith or our religion. So many people in the world don’t understand our Bible. Many people in
the world don’t understand our conversations. Many people don’t understand our motivations.
Many people don’t understand us.

So, we say to these watchmen in the city, have you seen him whom my soul loves? And then
there isn’t any response there because they don’t understand it. And then she said, vs. 4.
Maybe we pass from where the world is at. We kind of talk. They don’t get it. They don’t have
any ministry. They don’t have anything to say. They’re not encouraging us. They don’t
understand it. But it’s a little bit when we pass from them when we find him.

I think that happens to us. I might not find Jesus in the crowd. I might have to pass from the
crowd and find him. I might not find him at the university, but I might find him in a small Bible
school. I might not find him in a big church but I might find him in a small fellowship. It might be
I don’t find him at the mall but it might be on my way out. It might be somehow not in the
broad way but somehow something in my heart.

That’s why sometimes we go for walks in the woods or we spend a day in prayer or we read our
Bible for some hours. Or it’s a little bit that we pass from them like the status quo and we find
him whom my soul loves. What a blessing, isn’t it?

Lastly, is in chapter 5 and what I love about this, this book is it’s not hide and seek but a little bit
like that. It’s a little bit like people don’t understand us. It’s a little bit like ups and downs. It’s on
the farm, in the vineyard. It’s under the stairs. It’s at night. At midnight, the stars are shining.

It’s in the garden. Some difficulty comes up but then she comes back. It comes again and again
this love.

And so, she says in chapter 5:2, Sometimes the Spirit can move in your heart so strongly that
you’re totally awake in another way. Like I sleep but I’m somehow totally awake in another
way. Like regarding the things of the world. To be honest, be careful with that. The things of the
world and the troubles in the world. Don’t you know we are in the end times. Don’t you know
there will be fears. Don’t you know there are rumors of wars, nuclear war nowadays. Rumors.
Talking. Don’t you know that the economy can collapse? Don’t you know that things can go
upside down? Don’t you know that? You and I could get a cancer one day? Don’t you know that
these things happen in the world that we are living in?

I am aware of those things and in a way, I sleep regarding them. But I’m awake regarding him.
Don’t you know that we are in trouble as a nation or as globally or whatever? Yeah. I know and
I am awake about it. I know about it, but there’s sometimes when I sleep but my heart is awake
because of God. Because God is in the room. Because God says peace be unto you. Because I
am the God of all peace. Because I am the answer for your life. Cuz I am the voice that you need
to hear. I am the one that you build your house on this rock and when the storm comes, your
house stands. You don’t go crazy.

You got an anchor. You got some stability because God draws
you by his love so that we can be healthy in a sick world. He draws us by his love so that we can
talk about love to people and love them. And you know, the devil’s got all these words out there. Transgender. Homophobic. Whatever.

All these. I don’t know the – we know all those words. All those words are – that is one aspect
of reality. I’m not denying it, but in a way, what is that to the voice that is skipping on the hills?
What is that in your heart? You love people. You love people that are different from you and
me. We love people. We are the agents of love. As the Father has loved me, I have loved you.
And go ye into all the world as he sent me, so I send you. You are my disciples because you love
one another. That’s beautiful.

The story goes, Song of Solomon 5:2. I remember if you ever had a study time where you were kind of weary
and tired. Then, you took some couple hours and the Lord spoke to you and it stirred you just
like this says. He knocks. It’s the voice of my beloved that knocks at the door of my heart and I
found Jesus again. I found Jesus again.

You know, I said to the high school today, I said you know, be careful of this. I was just talking to
the high schoolers, the seniors. I just said you know, let me tell you a story. I went to a little
Bible college up in Maine on 224 Main Street. South Berwick, Maine. A small Bible college and I
studied there for three years. And that place was sacred to me because God was knocking on
the door of my heart. God was knocking on my heart and speaking to me and that’s how it was.

So, years later, 30 years later, some of the people that went to the very same school mock it.
They mock it. They discredit it. They think it’s nothing. Waste of time and all of this. That’s how
they talk. That’s a way you can look at life. I said you can meet an old person – I met an elderly
person yesterday on the walk with my wife, and she’s, I think she was 90 years old. And she said
don’t think about being old. You’re not old. And then we’re just talking like this and she’s giving
out little things. And she said be positive. Be optimistic. Always think good, you know. Like be
thankful for everything. Always spread it around. Like be good. Be positive. Be optimistic.

That was basically what I said to our high school seniors. When you leave our school, have it in
your heart that this was a school of excellent people, excellent teachers, excellent – people that
cared about me. People that prayed for us. And never get in – you can do it, but that poison
and it’s not about us. It’s about you, your hearts. Because the voice is knocking at the door for
you to rediscover the one that loves you. And not tear him down. Not mock him. Not discredit
him that some people do regarding the Christian faith.

By the way, if some time in the future this church falls apart or something happens that’s
terrible, you never leave your faith. You never leave Jesus Christ. You never leave the God that
loves you. You never leave God Almighty who speaks words of life to you. And the voice of God
is skipping on the hills. Come on! You never do that. That’s a recipe for disaster. You never do
that and you don’t party with the people that do that either. That’s ridiculous.

So, I got off a little bit on that but it relates. So, I’m going to finish here in a minute. We’ll go to
chapter 5:2-3. Well, really? Come on? How do I put my coat on? I mean really. How should I put
– I got my pajamas on. I’m tucked in bed. I got, my feet are clean, you know. I got to get on the
floor. The floor is cold. Are you kidding me? I got to get up out of my bed. Yeah, I’m going to get
out of my bed. How am I going to do that? How will I do that? Well, this is about motivation.
What happens to her? What happens to her? She hesitates. She’s got the reasoning. We all
have it. we all have it. And there’s no, there’s no hurry here. She can process it. you can process
your life. There isn’t any hurry but you do want to get it right. I might stammer, stutter, stall. I
might, I might not be, you know, right on target. I might not, you know, might not look so pretty
but I get there.


Cause’ this love is God’s love and it’s the thing that you and I need more than anything in life. This
love will get you to be old and happy. This love will have you go through trials and troubles, but
you will survive. You’ll be okay. This love will heal you. This love will never fail. This love is the
mind of God. This is the key to our lives and our life is short. And it’s over pretty soon for some
and who knows for others. Who knows. Who knows for all of us. Who knows?

But we can say that mission is really based on health and health is really based on love. Let God
love you and be strong in that love. Let God love you and speak to you and help you in your life.

He’ll lead you along your way. Some people may be missionaries out abroad far away someday
somewhere. And the whole thing is no different from where I am today. It’s about love. And
this is what you and I have been given. Again, it doesn’t always look so good. She’s slow

Let’s read how it goes. She said, vs. 4-6. That’s okay as long as I’m on the trail, you know. I’m on
the trail. I’m a blood hound. They have a thousand times the power of smell that a human being
has. A blood hound. And she’s got the direction. Can’t see. And also, blood hounds don’t see
too good but they can smell really powerful and we can’t always see God but we can, we can
kind of somehow saw that’s the sound. That’s the voice. That’s what I’m looking for. I don’t
know what it means exactly, but I’m going to keep at it. I’m going to trust. I’m going to follow
and we’re going to find. And we’re not going to be ashamed. We’re part of his people. We’re
part of the whole Body and we’re thankful for what we got. Very thankful. Okay.

So, Randy, bless you and the work and we want to be partners with you guys in prayer. And
also, you maybe not everybody caught it but Bert here, P. Bert. Do you want to raise your hand
for a second? His brother has been working for them for how long? Twenty years or 30 or
something? Forty years. And they’re great people. Grace people. Thank you, Lord. Amen.
Would you pray with me, please.


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