Speaker(s): Pastor Muhib Kalfahla, Pastor Chris Arman
Sermon # 11511
6:30 PM on 7/22/2018



P. Muhib

Thank you P. Eugene for the message this morning. It’s amazing when you speak about trouble, I’ve been troubled. We have objective truth and God speaks to us in the midst of trouble. 85% of the Bible was written about the Israelites. These are the people of God and Paul spoke about them. God entrusted them with the revelation.

2 Chron 9:23, in another place we read also that all the people sought the presence of Solomon. They came to hear his wisdom.

2 Chron 10:4, we have a situation here. We have King Solomon who had all the wisdom. God gave him wisdom. People would travel from far away to hear Solomon, even kings. Kings and queens would come to see his wisdom. Maybe they had questions they needed answers for. Solomon had some problems, some issues. Chapter 10 the people are coming to his son presenting a case. I was under the impression when reading that chapter that the people were in the wrong. After examination the people had a case. They had a heavy burden and yoke. Solomon with all that wisdom from God, it seemed he had a blind side that people were under a yoke, represented in heavy taxes and physical labor. To his credit he didn’t enslave them but put them under heavy taxes. When hurt your pocket, it hurts. These people had to wait until Solomon passes away. That’s a long time. Maybe there was some air between Solomon and the people, some fear. That’s not an ideal relationship. Solomon had wisdom, could be a pastor or leader or husband or wife, you have a position and people seek what you have. That could be us. No spot in God. We have a state or position. Spotless but in our experience we can have a blind side. I saw no evidence Solomon was putting people under a burden. I could live a whole life putting someone else under a burden and not know it. He or she maybe doesn’t have the capacity. That kind of relationship can take place. This is written so we can learn something. God is saying I don’t want this for my people. If there is a yoke or trouble, I want people to have the freedom to come to one another and express love.

This is my conclusion from Col 3:13-14. We have Solomon sitting here and the people here and space between them. We have so much respect for David. We’ll let it go. The guy is saying no, I want to speak about it. I want to be like Paul and write a letter and express yourself in the Lord. Don’t hide things under the rug.

The N.T. is giving us beautiful answers in Col 3:14 above all things put on love. This is how I go to Solomon. I put on love. I’m not coming to condemn him. I put on love. It’s the simplest answer. We put on love which is the bond of all perfections. What love does is cast out fear. Now I don’t have any fear from the confrontation. Me facing the people and speaking the issues. Love cast our fear. We think best of people. You don’t come to them suspicious or with condemnation. I can imagine the Israelites, the united kingdom -not England -people coming to Solomon saying you are a wise king. They are no longer afraid of him. We have the courage. Love gives us courage to face a situation. To face my shortcoming. We can think of Solomon this way. Maye God will speak to us. I have the wisdom from God and God shows me. I also have short comings and put the yoke on the people. Solomon is saying in his heart, I’m going to accept the admonition of the people. I put some yoke on you. Let’s work it out. What is the result?

Col 3:15. We want the peace of God to rule in our hearts. We don’t want the air, the space. I don’t have to wait until Solomon dies. Sleepless nights. We need this amazing love. The result of that love is peace, peace ruling in our hearts. I know I am being loved by the people I live with. There is love that has been put on and the result is peace.

In Christ’s name embrace one another and let us put love. God, give us the courage. Let love cast out the fear so we can approach one another. We have a short time here and too short to waste it in nonsense. We have a problem let’s talk about it but with the attitude of love.



P. Chris Arman

Ps. 126:6, it’s been a full Sunday. The face to face service was so beautiful. Great message, P. Muhib. What you said about putting on love and that love producing peace is the essence of missions. Maybe you know this verse but read it like you never read it before. This verse struck me. I was thinking about what to speak on. I believe the H.S. brought this in. Thinking about what missions is. It’s a mission to come in the rain. Many of you came once today and to come a second time on the same day, that is either crazy or spiritual. It’s amazing to see all of you here. It’s edifying. We are hungry. We have put on love and it produces a peace in our heart. I remember when living here saying I need to be here. I love this verse. I broke it down in eight different ways. It says 1) he that goes forth. Missions is simple. God doesn’t call like in the Paris video, the crème de la crème. He looks for someone available. Many were offended with the disciples. These guys are ignorant fisherman but had been with Jesus. God uses us. I think of the boy with five loaves and two fish. God didn’t call like a catering service, Mission Barbeque, to feed 5000. It was a little boy and God took that one lunch and fed maybe 15,000 people. I don’t think any of us are independently wealthy. He uses the little we have and blessed it and breaks it. He feeds the whole world through our church. God wouldn’t have it any other way. We won’t turn down billionaires who want to donate but God uses little things. We go forth by faith. I would never thought I would go on the mission field. By faith I took a missions trip and went to a conference and got a passport. By going, it all goes like P. Scibelli preached. I had a problem and went on a mission’s trip and then forgot the problem. This is just like in Malawi (the power started to go off). Someone did that to make us feel at home! Weeping. Thunder. We might have candles here in a little while. We may be weeping. Maybe the call of God is not always easy. In missions, you are leaving your comfort zone. You go with few people and are believing God. You may be weeping because you don’t know what to expect. You believe God will bring people. You leave a Body and God uses you. A new Body is built. When the same Body life we talk about here gets transplanted, when you graft a part of a plant into another tree and it produces fruit. You take Body life from one church to another country and same kind of life comes out of it. It doesn’t happen without weeping. No power or water. Hopefully it doesn’t happen at the same time. That’s part of the call of God. You see beyond that. The trouble we heard about this morning. We see beyond the trouble. We look at things from an eternal perspective. What does this look like 50 years down the road? That’s how God looks at us. He doesn’t look at us when we are failing. God says give him 50 years. Give Moses 40 years and then we’ll see what happens. He’s in the 40-year Bible college plan in the back side of the desert. Dr. Moses four times over. God waited that long for him to be ready. That can be part of missions. He goes forth and 2) he might be weeping 3) bearing. Our calling is simply wherever we are. We just bear. We show forth Christ. It’s not complicated. We lift up J.C. in whatever situation we are in.

Jn 12:32. I work a little while I’m here in the summer. I work with a different person every summer. We are driving in a truck for long hours. God give me opportunity to share my faith. This year this was a young guy. He brought in some Bible trivia. If you get nothing out of Bible college, you can answer any Bible trivia question because we learn the Bible here. He thought he would stump me. How many can you answer? I said maybe 75%. They were simple. As I was answering the questions, one was why did Cain kill his brother Abel. Simple answer was Cain was jealous with Abel’s sacrifice. I brought in the blood sacrifice and how God killed the lamb and that was a picture of Christ. He said I don’t want to ask any more questions! That’s part of missions. God gives you a door and you walk through it. It’s a joy. Using things and asking God for creativity on your job. God would give you a creative moment to share your faith. You can bear J.C.

Paul said in Gal 6:7. I bear in my body the marks of the Lord J.C. People see the suffering we have gone through. They see the doctrine we have been receiving year after year. Bearing precious seed. What we bear. That seed is J.C. Christ is the precious seed.

1 Pet 2:7, if someone would just say yes to J.C. Christ is planted in their ear and they are born again. We don’t know where our seed will land. We don’t know the result. One guy in our church his name is Kelvin. When missionaries tell the same stories and they get mixed up with other stories and people say you told that but in a different way. Young man, 25, we gave a tract to someone on the street. He put it in his back pocket, and then when he went to bed he took his pants off and put them on the shelf and his brother saw the tract. He read it and he came to Bible school and is part of the church. His brother wasn’t so interested but he saw it and he was interested. Maybe you don’t know what to say but you just give out a tract. This person was the first one to be on the radio. He gave us the idea for us to be on the radio. They were interviewing him. Why can’t we just stay at home and watch church on television? Can the television hug you when you need a hug, he said. Can it put its arms around you and love you? That’s why you need to be in church. That’s a great definition of Body life. If you are able to be here on a dark and stormy night.

SS 5:16, that’s J.C. when he speaks to us. He edifies us. The words he says. We have never seen Christ in the flesh. We have his words. The way he spoke to the woman caught in adultery, he said neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more. He is our beloved and our friend. This is what missions is. Walking through the door God gives you and bearing Christ to people. Shall doubtless. What we doubted before was so much but God doesn’t doubt in you and me. The gifts and calling of God are without God changing his mind. God is doubtless. God says you are a new person. God, you know everything. Are you sure? God says I’m on the Moses plan. When you get to heaven, you will be perfect. You can trust in me. I believe. I am doubtless and you can have the same faith as I have.

The man who wanted his child healed and Jesus said if you believe in Mk 9: 24. I believe but help my unbelief. God says you will bring precious seed. Maybe there will be weeping. Doubtless. What happens after it? Doubtless you will come again. God brings an increase. I remember the story of Jacob.

When Jacob is leaving, backsliding and running away from the Promise Land in Ge. 28:15, he gave him a fivefold promise. I will be with you and bring you back to this land. That is the beauty of convention. People come back with stories. You will go but come again. Maybe you go and go in failure but you will come again. Christ came as the suffering servant but will come again as a king. This is missions. We go and we come again. The Body of Christ and how you serve us as missionaries. I was telling P. Jeff so many little things given to us as a family. Not just for missionaries but for everyone. My kids going to soccer camp with Coach Lynch. It’s with such joy it fills us so much the kids talk about it the whole year. Convention and being with other kids in the Body. I grew up in the Body here and some of my friends we are still in touch. Some have supported us in Malawi. We come back here and get loved and people put on love and share that love with us. Camp life, the stories that happen my children talk of the whole year. Other missionary families hear and say, what is this Camp Life about? My children talk about it all the time. That’s part of coming again. He calls us to edify us and build us up. A lot of missionaries stay on the field 2-4 years and they say you can fund a 401K with all the times you come back here. We say it’s not an option for us. We need to come again. We need to hear it. How can we give out unless we are an overflowing cup? Come again with rejoicing. Rejoicing.

I always think of these two verses: Php 4:1 and 1 Thes. 2:9. these verses say Paul is saying to his disciples, what is our joy or crown of rejoicing? It’s you. We are our joy. To see each other is joy. What are the rewards we will have in heaven? Paul said you will be my crown in heaven. I will spend forever with you and J.C. and we will be together. Don’t let the devil steal your joy and isolate you where you are not part of the Body of Christ. You want your joy to be full. We have great joy.

Heb. 12:2 this joy is what sustained J.C. on the cross. Did he like to be on the cross? He despised the shame of being on the cross. For the joy set before him, he endured it. What was that joy? It was us. This is what missions is. God uses us to reach out to someone. Maybe it’s someone you talk to at work and they get saved. Forever they will be in heaven. That’s our crown of rejoicing. What a privilege to be involved in that process. Bearing our sheaves with us. God breathes on it. Some of us sow and some water and God brings the increase.

Is 55:11 the seeds we sow will not return void. God will bring out their intended purpose. Continue to be faithful, given by faith, visit. Take a vacation in the mission field if you take a vacation. Purpose given vacation. It will bless your children as a family. We have a beautiful lake in Malawi. It looks like you are at the Caribbean!

Short term missions might lead to long term. We were living here and I said let me do a quick mission trip back to Zambia. My wife and I came back here and had two children. I promised them I’d be there for their 4 year graduation. The overwhelming presence of God was so much to say you need to move back here. A short term mission trip turned into a long term one. How can I convince my wife I need to move back when we bought a new couch? What do you think about moving back to Zambia? She said ok. What about the couch? We’ll sell it. We sold it on Craig’s List in four days. God opens the doors and we go forth by faith and we come back bearing our sheaves with us.


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