One day this life will be done. We are those brought out to be called by His Name as His Bride. Who knows what changes will be for us to see? The happily ever after shall come. Let us taste the glory. Kingdom shall come. Fear God. This is the word for every generation. The City shall have God Himself as its Temple. The presence shall fill all in all. (Revelation 14:6-7; 6:9-11; 7:13; 19:10; 21:1)

Speaker(s): Pastor Thomas Schaller
Sermon # 11503
6:30 AM on 7/8/2018



P. Schaller

As many of you know, one of our dear brothers Ray Korowski went to be with the Lord yesterday. He was pushing his motorcycle out of the garage to go on outreach with Pastor Butch and he had chest pain. He told his son call 911. He lied down on the couch and that’s the short story. He went to be with the Lord yesterday and then this morning and Diane his wife and Katie were here this morning at 11. We had a beautiful fellowship in the café.

I want to share a couple things in our worship tonight that are coming to my mind. I feel it would be amazing if the Lord would open our eyes more to the reality of what we are in. What we are part of. Do you believe in angels? What is an angel?

Rev 14:6 we are hospitable to strangers because sometimes it may be an angel.

Heb. 13:2. They are so glorious. The presence of God may come through the ministry of angels. They have power, spiritual power and power over material things like fire. The angels shut the mouth of the lions in the lion’s den. Do you believe in angels? The angel came low and proclaimed God as creator, not redeemer. Men do that. We declare God as redeeming, that’s the glorious Gospel.

vs. 7. He saw heaven and earth made by God and the sea and the fountains of waters and that’s what angels declared. The second thing I want to say: in heaven or intermediate heaven or heaven waiting for. When people go to heaven do they have their glorified body. The material body is in the sea, ground, and biosphere. The material body is not yet glorified until the last trump.

They are in heaven and look at Rev 6:9, this is a category of people. How are they categorized? They are the ones martyred, slain for the word of God. P. Mark mentioned ISIS beheading the Christians on the seashore in Egypt some time ago.

vs. 10 how long, O Lord? There is heaven and Ray Korowski went there yesterday. Praise God! It’s amazing to think about it. He left his body and flew away, Ps 90:10. He left his mortal body without sin and went to be with God. You don’t have spirits and souls floating around.

He has a body, 2 Cor 5:2. In heaven in the presence of God with great peace there is a focus and concentration on planet earth. Why do we know that? Because this is the way it is written. They are martyred in heaven and asking God how long? Means people in heaven have some emotion. They have some skin in the game. They know where this is going. They are anticipating the coming of Christ. Christ came the first time and is coming again.

They are crying it says in verse 10. They cry with a loud voice. Can you feel it? In a little bit of a way, I can feel it. I’m saying also when is the rodeo over? When is the circus over? When is the devil put away? When is the bride completed? When is the marriage of the Lamb? When is the kingdom coming on the earth? When will there be the end of poverty and injustice and murder and thievery and debauchery? We have a sin nature. These people in heaven do not. They are anticipating.

Look at what they do in vs. 10. They cry out with a loud voice and this is a category of people. You’re in heaven. Do you believe there is diversity and variety in heaven? I’ve seen artists portray heaven like a military rank and file saints all in the same form in rows. Ever seen it? I don’t see that in this world. I look around in this room. The biggest mix of messed up people you could see! Everyone’s retina is different, face, fingerprint. One man said will I recognize my wife when I go to heaven? I don’t think when you go there you will be any more dumb than you are in this world! You can recognize her here; you’ll recognize her there.

John was in heaven and he said in chapter 7:13 when you go into the grocery store and look at a variety of vegetables you can say what are these? Your mother says those are kiwis. What are those? Eggplants. In heaven, John saw a group of people and he said, what are these? These are those who came out of the Great Tribulation. There is something different about that category. I also believe there is something as amazing as we said this morning. This earth is God’s footstool and he has a throne. That throne is going to be in the city of God. That city’s dimension is given in the Bible. 1,500 miles wide, long, square. Deep, long and wide. Huge city. Sometimes it’s called the bride. The angel said do you want to see the bride? He said yes and took him to a high mountain. This is in heaven. I’m learning with you and leading you in thinking and believing what the Bible is saying. We are only pilgrims passing through. We are going somewhere. The angels are one category. We have fallen and we have been redeemed. We have been demonic, saved, translated into the kingdom of his dear Son. Now we are the bride being presented. The Father is eager to give the bride to his Son. It’s happening. It’s being prepared. The bride is being prepared out of every nation, kindred and tongue. Angels are amazing. I’m sure. The mediation of angels. I can imagine being in the presence of angels. Being overwhelmed with the godliness, the glory.

In Rev. 19 that when John saw one he thought it was God.

Rev 19:10. It’s a brother not an angel. Imagine a brother in heaven that is so glorious and incredible that John thought he was God and he bowed down to worship him. He was not God. He said do not worship me. I am a brother. It does not yet appear what it shall be. When we see him, we shall be like him. The angels great in their power. Why not say to yourself this summer I’ll be at the beach on a lawn chair and why not read the Book of Revelation through. Read it seven times, twenty times and God will teach you.

Rev 6:10, holy and true. They knew God is not a liar. God is not a deceiver. God is not unrighteous. They knew this because they are in heaven in the presence of it. I believe people in heaven are talking to God. I believe people in heaven are reflecting back to God his holiness and truthfulness. We are doing that on this earth. If you receive the word in your heart, you pray with that truth. We move in that reality and it has an effect on the world we live in. We are also angry about some things.

The Quaker said the problem I have with that guy is he doesn’t hate right. We are to love righteousness and hate iniquity. We do not hate people. We love people and pray for people but we hate iniquity whether it is in you or me. It is wrong and it hurts people. The people in heaven are occupied with the earth. This is where everything boils down to. The issue of Christ’s victory. If he is victorious, then bring it here. If Christ is the king, then bring the king. How long? This is what they are saying.

vs. 10. Our blood is not avenged. The same demonic spirits that murdered us are murdering others. The same demonic spirits that are lying when we were alive in the first century are wreaking havoc in the world. Will there not be a judgment coming into this world? See this yearning. It’s not wrong to feel these things, to hate iniquity and anticipate the coming kingdom. It’s not wrong to look for it and anticipate it.

vs. 11. It’s okay. It’s coming. Nobody knows the hour. In heaven, they don’t know. The Father knows and he did not tell the Son. If he told the Son, he could have told the disciples. The angels in heaven do not know. The Father knows in his sovereign will. The Son knows because he is God but as far as his humanity, he is not saying it. We are here in this time fulfilling a purpose that comes from God. We are here for this reason to be a part of a local assembly and walk in simple faith like our brother Ray. He had gone through a nightmarish trial with his family. Somehow understanding it, it drew a wedge between him and God. He had some kind of root of bitterness, something that troubled him and couldn’t resolve it. He was not here for 10, 15 years – I don’t know the time frame. When he came back, he said I must be here. God is speaking to me. After a long period of time and in his own way and his suffering and trouble and God took it away. Plucked it out of his heart. Took the root of bitterness and the pain away. This brother was here at least the last 13 years. Those that knew him knew the sweetness, the clear sound and knew his heart attitude, watched his face, and saw his simple ministry of trust. We loved him so much. That’s a lesson for all of us. People that are here and that are not here that should be here. Every believer needs a local assembly. I don’t care about your troubles. The kingdom of heaven came here and the manifestation of that kingdom is through J.C. One day we will be with him. The suffering we go through in this life is small compared to the glory that will be revealed. We will not be ashamed. He that believes will not be ashamed.

Rom 10:13 you get over your craziness by faith. I’m talking to all of us. I just show up. Whatever those things are, those feelings and ideas and complexities. There is a chair in this room with your name on it and you need it. Nobody knows the day you and I are going to be gone in a minute. How many days do we have left on this earth? Who knows? I love reading about it in this book. There is something much greater that is coming and waiting for us in heaven. God will say well done my good and faithful servant. You just showed up. Lord, I wasn’t much but I showed up.

P. Martel said it years ago. He said Lord there are thousands of others who could be doing what I’m doing and the Lord said amen. That’s for sure. You happen to be the guy that shows up. That’s all.

None of us have anything to glory in. Somehow we took it seriously. The Spirit led us in our weaknesses and troubles. Many times showing up we would say what is going on here? I could have read a book or something. The Lord said no reading a book or listening to a message at home or saying a prayer in your prayer closet but to show up in the local assembly and make it a part of your life. This is the plan of God. We are ordained of God to be part of a local assembly. We are ordained to learn the apostolic doctrine. To say prayers as a Body and to break bread. Sometimes the bread is broken and the eyes are open and we see Jesus.

Abraham and Sarah are there and two angels and God himself. Christ comes and visits Abraham and says you will have a son. Sarah laughed about it. God speaks and we can’t believe it will be true. The angel says to Abraham I heard Sarah laugh. She says I didn’t laugh. Check the text. You did too. Guess what? That little boy was born nine months later and what did they call him? Laughter. God has made me to laugh. I laughed in unbelief and after he was born, I laughed in faith. One way I don’t believe it and another way I do believe it. God is humorous. God there is laughter on both ends. Did we finish that?

6:11, there are more killings that will happen. The evil hasn’t yet been filled to the top. It’s only this far. More murder and killing. More of the work of the devil is going to happen. Here’s a white robe and there is a time coming. They are being counseled by God in heaven. There may be times when they are watching in heaven and this enlightenment of heart and mind and recognizing the depth of what is happening. Realizing the history of what is unfolding. Now here we are in this world and we are making these things known from this book as we see through a glass darkly. I feel like there is us here and those there and those there are really- I don’t want to say on the edge of their seat but much more alive than we are. They are much more aware and eager. They are much more anticipating. Thank you God for your unfolding plan. There is no anxiety there or restlessness. They are participating in what is happening by being in the stadium and we are on the field. We are running a race of faith. We run our race of faith. It’s about faith in God. We are living by faith in God. We are sharing our faith with people by faith. We go to church by faith. We participate in it by faith. We pray for the sick by faith. We pray for missionaries to go out by faith. We pray for the harvest to happen and we live all this life by faith. We believe in angels and the saints and our church. Churches of God around the world. We believe in it. We don’t see so well but we see better than most. We see something. We have a little bit of an idea. How can you ever figure out that man on that cross on that dirty day in a dirty county in the first century is God himself dying for the sins of the world, raised from the dead and preached tonight in Baltimore? That person sent the Holy Spirit into our hearts and we are talking about these things that we have not seen. Blessed are those who have not seen me but they believe. Our families are blessed, our physical bodies, our minds are enlightened. We are on a journey. We have a living God with us. One day we will not be ashamed. Thank you God it was and is like you said. I got to repeat what I just said for a few minutes. Imagine. It’s just amazing. We are going to heaven. It’s amazing. It’s our comfort, our way of thinking. We are going to heaven. Thank you Lord, we are going to heaven.

Rev. 21:1, I saw a new heaven and new earth. This is a sequence and this is not yet but because this is the old earth and the old heaven, there is a new heaven and a new earth. There is a city and that city the builder and maker is God. We have been looking for that city. No police station, no hospital, no cemetery, ambulances, jails, bad press, no slander, no lie, no deceit. It’s amazing. This is a community. A huge city by its measurements given here in the Scripture. Sometimes you could feel coldness when you think of a city or confusion. I think of a table with my friends. I think of communion with people that is so transparent and so pure and holy and yet it is you. It’ really me. It’s the real me and the real you at that table. Maybe there is a small number and look again and 3,000 or 3 million. Jesus is present and you are so close to each other in the reality of God. It is what we are made for. In that day when this crazy sin nature is no more and the curse that came on the human race is no more and there will be a community and a sense of God that is so rich. The enlightenment, the blessing, the honor, the power, the glory. These are the words given in Revelation. Great words. Now this is the worst it gets. This life. It’s the worse it will ever get for you. In this 70 years or whatever God gives you and whatever you go through in this life.

Marvelously we are told he will not give more than we can handle, 1 Cor 10:13. Our light affliction is for a moment. We can always find people who have suffered more than we have. We marvel at them and pray for them and love them. It doesn’t get worse than what happens in this lifetime. The closest we get to hell is in this life. The curse on our sin nature, the blasphemy, the unbelief, the foolishness and lust and passion and desires. It is the worse it will ever get in this life. When we leave our body, we are out of it. We are not going to a place where there is a curse. Nothing except the pure enlightenment of the nature and person of the living God who loves us and made us in his image. We are made for it.

Maybe it is sooner than we realize. For Ray I think it was sooner. It’s over for him. He ran his race. Halleluiah. Beautiful. He’s done.

Then he’s not done because there is more and more. I think we will be an unusual race of people in heaven. We came out of this cursed place. We’ve been bought with his precious blood, elected by our heavenly Father and crowned with glory and honor of the Son of God. In the wedding of the bride with Christ, there will be no difference. We are one. We are called by one name, Christ’s name. We are the bride of Christ. We will be there and we will be saying Lord when do we go? When do we go on our honeymoon? When are we going on the earth? When will the earth have the glory of God like the waters cover the sea? Who knows maybe animals will talk in the millennium. I’m not saying that. Who knows about the changes that will happen?

It almost sounds like a fairy tale. Somehow it resonates in our hearts. Fairy tales are what we are made for. Once upon a time. Then the villain came and the curse and then the hero came. The hero made it right and they lived happily ever after.

That’s what I’m for. I throw my lot into that game. That’s what I want. You just want a cemetery with a pile of ashes and there is no more. You can go for that. I like to believe that Christ is raised from the dead and changed us so we would not be guilty and afraid and ashamed. The reality of being loved personally by our heavenly Father. You did not chose me. I chose you. I am God and I can do as I please. I got a free will but thank you so much for making this happen to me. The kingdom is coming one day. Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name. The fear of God. The angel came down and preached the everlasting gospel. He said fear God. Fear God. This is a good word for every generation. Are you a smart alleck? Think you know everything? Fear God. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. He won’t share his wisdom with people proud and arrogant. Fear God. That is what we need. Fear of God and trust in him. He will show us and reveal his secrets to us.

There is a heaven and a city. In that city God himself will come and there will be no temple there. God himself will be the temple. There’s an upgrade all the time. You come to that ultimate place where it can’t get greater. God dwells in the midst of his people. The unfolding plan and the revealing of his grace and the mystical working of his nature and character in us. You want to see the bride? He showed him a city. I don’t know what it means. The city and bride go together.

You and I are wired for this. It seems so incredible but why wouldn’t it be? Ever see a fish in the sea? It’s incredible. Or bacteria growing or a plant come out of the ground or stars or Milky Way. God made us to talk and think the way we do and the reason you talk and think the way you do is because I made you like me. When your stomach is empty, it says there got to be food here. I don’t believe in food. There is some reason your stomach is groaning and you are hungry. There must be food. When man is made in the image of God, it’s like we are groaning for God. There must be God and heaven and better world and eternal life and a more excellent way. There must be something I don’t see or understand by heart but this book is saying it. If we fear God, these things fall together. We can bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to people who never heard it before. Bring it to people that desperately need to hear about a living God that cares for them and restores them and gives them eternal life.

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for your prayers. I know we all feel this way. Lord, be with us in this work. Don’t make the Finnish conference anything less than your visitation there. Move in Finland. We need your presence there and all these places here. You’ll be in conferences and on the street soul winning and we are praying for them. Thank you for the prayers. They are powerful.


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